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Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference


  • August 3, 2019
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven we ask for a special blessing this morning we're here at Sabbath school there's nothing more holy year about this time than any other time on the Sabbath Day But father we ask for your spirit to inspire us to and transcend this Power Point transcend the ability of the speaker and to speak to us in a way that gets our creativity going that gets unction in our hearts and gets results for the Gospel Kingdom we pray in Jesus name Amen. So we have an ist did not come up with Sabbath school I don't know if that's a shock to any of you we storm this from the evil Sunday people and I say that the pork eating 1st state people and I say that facetiously we love our Sunday brother in name and there will be many saved in the kingdom who are Catholic or Sunday or even not even and have been innocent but we do have this truth of the Sabbath and we took this idea of Sunday school and we brought it into Sabbath Sunday School came from the 1700s before 700 there was no Sunday school there was a guy who saw all these kids running around on Sunday and they weren't they weren't going to church they weren't going to school so he brought them together and he taught them how to take a shower how to bathe how to comb your hair how to attack manner and then taught them using Bible and Bible songs and this was how the early Sunday school started this guy named Robert rakes took upon himself to scrub their faces comb their hair son and the school and I saw they taught basic doctrines prayers and hymns today we have a very big conundrum because 7 school is dying all over the many parts in the in the global north these are missing a logical terms and has nothing to do or directionality but the global north is America North America Canada Europe and Australia and some parts of South Africa OK so I call the global north we don't use the term 1st world anymore because that's no longer politically correct and who knows after a couple years global north global south may not be politically correct global south is everyone knows it's Asia it's Africa and it's Latin America where about right now 93 percent of the world church resides in the global north in 1960 the global north appear was about 40 to 50 percent of the church today it is only 8 percent of the church which shows you the X. strong astronomical growth that's happening in Africa. It's so much that there are more Christians in Africa then there are in America by the way Africa is not a country it is a continent and there are many Christians there the world work is going very fervently and they are now it's funny this is so fine this is so funny so when I go to Korea and Korea like you know when you don't and kids don't finish the play the tumble or the tumble mill and all the you go Edelman crudity I'm on the All Africa crew and so I want to go go and then when I was that I'm like well then Fedex it and send it to Africa like I don't want to eat it and then my mom would yell at me because then it would spoil in the way and we have these logical talks back and forth but when I went to Africa when I went to Africa the continent into Africa 7 times and different parts of Africa I know there are poor parts but the average average African says this OK this is from different cultures different tribes within Africa if you don't finish your food think about those hungry children in Korea. And not in my 1st reactions what will the woman. How do you know you know rich people Koreans are in but they were referring to the north korea right there for into the starving children in Korea so you know my 1st reaction was This is funny how Koreans say Africa but Africans say say Korea so that's just and we so in the global south. Is skyrocketing in the global north it's declining 950 S. and sixty's saddest goal was it was at what its apex Sabbath school parallels Sunday school were no different from any other denomination this is where. Conformist America was really at its apex everyone was black tie black suit they went to church something happened in the seventy's the sexual revolution the Cultural Revolution and in the eighty's and ninety's what happened was people started coming only for divine service and Sabbath school was like an optional thing but before all of the 80 S P. People used to come into perceptive school non administers the common for Sabbath school and didn't rush out because Divine service that's for admin if that's not for us we're not we're not members we're just here for Sabbath school so there's been a cultural shift that's happened on the car read all the stuff in 1008 is a mega church has happened this is when the culture start developing where if you were from a big church you felt like hey how many members are your church of 500 or you must come from a good healthy church how many members do you have 05. Going to church is that whereas before all churches were small country churches everywhere and that was the norm but now you want to go 282000 member 9000 and now the largest church in the world is in Korea a 30000 member church where you go and have your own parking building and you have the 9 o'clock 10 o'clock 11151215 service you get a ticket or you got to wait for your service to come up with very interesting dynamics there in 1997 to 2004 this is where a lot of decline happened today in 2004 to 1710 it's dropped from 40 percent amongst evangelical Lutherans to now almost 8 percent in the United Kate United Kingdom only 5 percent of kids go to Sunday School New Zealand it was at 50 percent went down till 11 percent and in Canada it was at 65 percent now to 27 percent so this is on decline and we are in the process of trying to rectify this if we understand what the purpose of Sabbath school is now many of you have a presupposition you think said a school is you come in $130.00 you sit and you study the Quarterly that 8 Sabbath school OK And so this presentation is to define what Sabbath school should really be all about. This is when the Southern Baptists leader and the Southern Baptist Church is the largest denomination in North America in America and they attribute their growth and their their health to small groups and Sunday healthy Sunday school groups he says this the most effective method in Vangelis of the 20th century is the Sunday school obviously is from the previous century it should be the contact agency of the church all ages and types of people are visited and rolled in the bible school here their hearts are warm with Bible teaching they are then led to remain for worship they are brought into the Bible School worship service Christ and church membership and it's this philosophy that grew the Southern Baptist denomination now Sunday Sunday School or Sabbath school it is an opportunity not only have an academic exchange of ideas but it is a basic fair runner to small groups and small groups and saddest where you interact and we get to know each other and you visit each other throughout the week somehow it's degraded to a merely academic you know exercise where one person is pre preaching before the sermon if you have those of the schools. You have these like the dilapidated Sabbath schools where you sit around the girl it's loaded listen. You know Sunday. OK Will. And Susan will do Monday and Susan Monday is and she's like reading Monday that's not teaching Sabbath school that's not Sabbath school that is a whole way to spend Saturday morning and I hate those kind of sad a school zone they make it a point to tell them I hate it so L.L. White says Here the object of saddest work should be the what of what. It is an evangelist stick activity meaning it should be friendly for non admin ists but usually Sabbath school is like a place for administering hang out it's like the pre avin this hang out before the sermon and the sermon is where we have none of this come out but this should be in evangelist activity and there's a lot of things we've got to reform as one of the greatest instrumentalities to bring souls to Christ and this is from C S S W which is councils on Sunday school were paid 60 and 61 ministry if they were 14 I'm not going to read all this but our churches should be what. Training schools for Christian workers they should be taught how to give bible readings how to conduct and teach Sabbath school classes and other things so church should be an opportunity to teach people how to teach we do not Committee we usually find people who think they know how to teach or people who can teach or people who are just the most talkative right told me my some honest and let's just make him the teacher that's not a good justification for nominee and some of you're not korean speaking so God bless you or you're here a Korean can't meaningfully learn the language we hear we get in this mentality like let's not let's not find how people are called to Bible teaching but just who are more have have a certain inclination to do it and it's not good for the Sabbath schools health in the future so when I do it's out of school I have 3 positions one I am a host of a T.V. show on hope channel it's called inverse it was formally called The Sabbath school university it had negative ratings for some reason and are going to cancel it they're going to go to get it away it was hosted at Andrews University and then I came to a general conference and I like hey he looks like he's a young person I'm like when the youngest people General Conference Everyone's of near retirement age around 60 or older I'm 30 something years old nearing 40 I'm getting older I think but they said hey you're a young person we'll give you the show and say I hate the show I don't even like the title you don't like the set so OK we'll give you a budget will change that will change the format do whatever you. To do with so we call it in the verse so it's like in the Bible in the verse but it's also like in verse like a different. Yeah you getting it meant. Or whatever and then so it's on Direct T.V. not pay channel 368 and by God's grace in the last 3 years it has any hope T.V. is not this giant enormous you know. A mammoth of a network but it is on on on satellite T.V. So my barber who is not a 7th Day Adventist she says she watches Direct T.V. and she watches hope channel I don't she doesn't know I'm having this and she said that I told her about hey can you cut my hair the bit nicer than usual because I'm going to be on T.V. and she's going on T.V. It's on and we've had this and she's a wait a minute you're that Asian guy. And I'm like. Oh Momo is this happening and she's a Kate I'll admit I don't watch you but I remember surfing through the channels and I saw you as I know you probably think of some of the other Asian persons all the people with the same and then she's like no you have like that black person there and a Hispanic person like you know that's that's the we're the only show that we that we did that does that so I was at a Golden Corral one time in the Midwest and I was just minding my own business I had a cap on and just whatever and someone passed by my table and then they stopped and then they moved back in are like I'm so sorry to interrupt you but are you DO YOU ARE YOU LIKE A passer by chance I'm like Oh no yes yes are you are you do you have a T.V. show by chance of money yes. And again Hey I watch you thank you so much God bless you and then they just walk off and I was like what we were in and I was like me is this person angel is this person who maybe they're an admin this I don't know who they are but it's out there circulating and we get a lot of feedback from around the world there are 27 school programs out there called One is sad a school a hoax out of school by a Pastor Derek Morris it's one hour and didactic nature this is 30 minutes long and it's more for young adults in general conference defines young adults as $18.00 to $35.00 scuse me 18 to 35 plus we had that plus in there because some people who are older than 35 who still think they're a young adult and so we make that line a little bit you know you know space some space for that and so we have here one person from different areas of the world they are all American I think they're all American so the host is me and I represent you know I am I am the yellow men and then you have next to me Israel whose face is cut off there he represents Latin America with all my other side a Sikh who she is and Baba when Canadian next to her is Jonathan Valter from Austria he's noster Norwegian from Europe next in misc. Sally she's a normal American person and then you have next to her is Sebastian whose roots come from Jamaica from the from the from the Caribbean and so we all know each other we really make it a point to make sure that we have a good time and really really do and we make fun of each other we argue with each other but the whole point is that discussion about the Bible it's centered about Scripture and we try to do a fast pace and we thought this was a primarily for a global north audience but what's happening is the global south is really embracing this program because they're realizing we can learn really fast current contemporary English American English because we use slang and whatnot and by God's grace it's been a blessing so I was about to recommend if you guys want to watch it we have a pod cast if you don't want to watch it if you listen to it while you're driving and I figure I'm here Kareen can't meeting and because we talk about communitarian communities even though I'm an individuality you have helped me and you are represented here we are all one means you want to get her in the hunger flows through through all of us anyway that's what it is you hope T.V. There's other T.V. shows there and you can go to Facebook where we put all the posts up there my 2nd job that I do is I edit the collegiate quarterly we're changing the creature quarterly it's for 18 to 35 year olds 35 year olds do not want to study something called the collegiate quarterly because they haven't been to college for like a 1000000000 years so we create an ecosystem called inverse the Bible study T.V. show and then also in verse the Bible study there is a current debate whether we should use electronic digital or analog print and this is bad on something really it's going to be digital no digital is from the demons we only go analog and I'm like no either or oh well let's do both will have the same thing on print and digital and so some of us brainstorm and so instead of either or and instead of both how about having to to interact with each other and this goes back to my philosophy is that we all need and we all. Do function on having both media we use digital for the sake of digital but we also have a pen and paper in hand and we have and I use this journal a list from 1917 A sand colored as a 5 I get into my journals I'm really into that and so this this print we're going to print a Bible study with Q.R. codes those Q.R. codes will direct you to another site with a text on there and the studies there the benefit of digital is there is no limitation for space so that you can just keep on scrolling as material material with your material but when you're reflecting and when you're trying to get your spiritual thoughts together you cannot do it with your thumbs Yes you can type with your thumbs Yes you can do the swipe thing but it's very difficult and so we have like a paper format where you get all your thoughts out your prayers are out there's a scribe will spiritual exercise with with writing now MOST lot of you are Generation X. you're like well what's the big deal about writing generations e is now in a millennia as are getting into this art called writing and calligraphy and generations that wow like have you guys tried writing before or like this is amazing like you put it on paper her you know like yes we we had it when we grew up and it's become this resurrection of an art form so we're trying to bring these 2 things together it's called inverse to year 2 quarters of the year if alos the same topic as the adults the other 2 It follows a young adult perspective on business of life on parenting on profound you know your calling professional issues integrity ethics and stuff that we feel that young adults all around the world are really. Engaged with so many of you have kids in this age group maybe you're in this age group however you feel you want to dept it that's for your information and my last project is I'm assistant director for the SAB school department got to travel around the world to international ships about a month and we promote Sabbath school and the global north Sabbath school is dying like I said people are not really interested but I go to global south man people. Or at Sabbath school at 8 to 8 30 in the morning packed house come to church at 9 30 am already late so only at standing room in the back people are active they love their sad a school groups a Sabbath school groups go out in the afternoon and they're doing activity Well what is Sabbath school there is a dare is a different definition of Sabbath school when you go to different churches so I department is to set the record on what side a school should really be all about and its 3 values that you see up there number one you change the world which is through global missions number 2 change or church through fellowship and there are 3 it's changing your heart I mean God's own that can change your heart really through the Word of God through bible study these are the 3 values that we espouse and this is the thing if you just come for divine service you don't get this. And this is where North America is going towards just come to church at 11 he listen to the sermon you pay your tide if you feel like you're a good steward and you go and you eat your your pot luck some people don't even come out for divine service they just come for potluck which is a horrible Sabbath experience because most the public is disgusting but if you come for Sabbath school and you this is where you are supposed to be taught elements of world mission you are not as we talked about yesterday you are not a member of your local church he is not a member of Lombard something administers he is a member of the womb the odd 7th Day Adventist Church his tie than his offerings contribute to the world wide gospel but he was ships in his local chapter at Lombard the church and this is how it works and so I want to present to you here these 3 elements you can find more things than alive or gene that says where we put all of our resources you probably see a video with another Asian guy there who looks a lot like me number one is missions in for local and foreign missions air was where to be emphasize we have mission spotlight you remember remember spotlight it went away and we brought in mission 360 We brought a mission 360 people got confused what is this 360 you want my spotlight back so we canceled 360 and now we have mission spotlights back and now the missions by the people who were mission 360 And this is like a perpetual likes you know cycle that we're in. It's not only a time to read the mission story I don't know if some of your some of your salmon schools I mean when I was growing up in my church and actually where were Julie and I used to go kind of we had a period we went to the same church and now is the time for a mission spotlight and you bring out this paper and like Julio is a young man from Mexico he was very sad one day and then you read the mission story and today's offering goes to Julio's family that doesn't let the offering be collected That's a whole they have a mission story. We do have videos now but how I know how mission work got started was the pick us and pet care the boat that went to the islands in the Pacific. Back when 7 the extras was getting started there is a stinky island in the middle of the ocean yes the most remote island in the world and there's At been a spear and they said hey we need help we need a pastor send us a pastor put us about and then the words G C N N The church are so busy because they're doing stuff in Africa and Europe whatever and because of this please on us a pastor in the Spencer So what happens in North America the local Sabbath schools got together and out of their own pocket and his keys out of their own pocket they donated money and this money through the work of a lay people got together and they funded a pastor they bought a boat and then they went to the Pitcairn Islands and the pastor got there so this is the mission spear is bait in the Sabbath school the question is this your local status quo group your whatever class you're in do you have a project of your own volition not 13 is not some you know Major we do that too but your own collapse what does it do for World Mission and today in a global digital life society can find opportunities for that I would surmise that in our Korean American context the largest mission field that we must have in full for most in our minds is North Korea yes we're living in the most prosperous country of the most prosperous time in earth's history and here we are we are Korean American meaning we have American citizenship with a South Korean citizen we have 0 access 0 context 0 connect ability with North Korean but Americans have full contact ability with North Korea at the same time we are of Korean heritage you know North Koreans love Korean Americans they love. And then I know some of you think oh what about that guy who got a rest what about that guy who got beheaded What about that god yeah there are those situations as politicize put politicization of the news but in creating. Americans come over here like ah a last song of North Korea has come back and realize John hanging. I'm almost done a gun with you guys and I just think is a lost son has come back and they love Korean Americans and if Korea could have dollars they love you even more. This is an opportunity for us because no other people group has this accessibility to North Korea yes there is a politics yes there is charm Yes there is you might die yes there's all these things but there's a certain affinity that we have even at the least in our prayers we should be praying for North Korea because if we don't who else is who else is Why is this so important it's not because North Korea is North Korea but as a communist North Korea is the last country where the Gospel formally has not entered into yet. And for the gospel for Jesus to come the Gospel go to the ends of the earth and then Shelby and calm so we can't be waiting out here in and drinking our John produce and go to Starbucks and riding our S.U.V.s and going to our local practices and just waiting for Jesus to come there should be an active mission spirit baked into our Sabbath school and a burden at least for our ancient relatives in North Korea now you don't have to you can have other burdens for other people for example I mentioned the Hickory North Carolina church that Danny and me and are from they have a burden for the monk people he has with among people the the refugees from from Vietnam college has a has a burden for for the students for them to be future missionaries to the world there needs to be some kind of mission burden for some group preferably someone in your local area to impact the world and this is something that our Korean generational parents have not given us that burden for although they have worked very hard and sacrifice for they haven't passed down that burden because they don't want to give more Pluto to the next generation ago stop preaching their case and that's a stewardship we need to look at what happens to your tie and after my presentation yesterday many of you came up to me like well what happens about this and what I thought oh these are things I should be taught in Sabbath school you should know where his finances are going to fund the world work understanding of the world church church growth and so here we talked about the 13 divisions if you get an opportunity on the back of your saddest saddest Quarterly you have a picture of each of the divisions Yes should be praying for these divisions. The cool thing is this the Middle East's here if we call the 1040 a window they are having a hard time with missions that they do not like Americans Americans the white Anglo-Saxon The face is like a target and so the missionaries that are really on the cutting edge Adventist and non admin this mission mission projects are Guess who Koreans. Korea used to be number 3 and sending missionaries out 2 years ago that became number 2 and then by and by next year by 2021 Korea will have sent the most missionaries out to the world even outpacing North America can someone say amen there's something crazy about Koreans Yeah like you know. You know you see me and she going to go in there and so in the Middle East you have like Iraq Iran Cyprus Egypt there's careens where undercover some are working for a Hyundai and for to and for what not in admin this and non Avenue circles and they're funded by their cousins who are in a Korean Americans in Canada and America I guess if you're in Canada you know you're not Korean American you're Korean Korean and within a matter Korea Canadians or whatever some of your Canadian funded so maybe you can't go there maybe you got your whatever but you can fund and you can these initiatives in other denominations especially impressed paternity nominations they have 0.0 mission plans for North Korea meeting at time markers 0.0 when the wall comes down so there's no walls on the wall comes down time point 00 The time stamp starts and they have a mission team a ghost a warehouse X. 95 they pick up these parts and they go to head home fission teet be goes to warehouse 97432 and they go to this area and they've marked out the entire plan for North Korea and in Adventism what are we doing what are the norm what are what are what are Korean Americans doing all of our own volition what are we doing at least we should be praying for them and then our sad a school groups can take initiative and praying for for North Korea. Here you have a mission at this mission Don't worry all the videos are there they're in French Portuguese and Spanish I don't think you'll speak Portuguese France or and it's there if you have all the people that you know that want to they want to speak it all of the videos up there also for those who have kids. Here you have a youth and young adult called Mission quarterly but if you scroll down there is a kid's quarterly for missions so if you have kids you can do your devotions do this and develop a mission spirit for your next for the next year especially for your kids it's beautiful beautiful beautiful stories and the Church places a lot of financial investment into this now this is a long quote not going to all of it but here's the point the prosperity of the what homework that's not that's not suggest OK that's the that's what the work work here the local work depends largely under God upon the reflex influence up on the evangelical work done in countries far off meaning this if you want God to bless your local church you invest and other things out with there the more we invest in mission work out there God will bless your local church and that's a promise that she's running here from God that which is given to start the work in one field will result and strengthen the work in other places so you have this Corinne mentality that says hey we are occurring in the conference is American they don't understand our needs we're going to withhold our Tod we're just going to give the minimum to get our pastor we're not going to we're going to we're not remit all of our finances when you put them to church budget and they're thinking we need to bless the work here it's all up to us it's in our strength if you do that you deny the help of the conference you deny the hope of your sister churches you're denying the hope of the simply administers system but beyond the organizational help you're denying the help of God and you're taking the work into your own hands and so many of these churches you have the elders have been wonderful churches with state of the art audio system the state of the art but pianos and church and chairs and whatnot but nothing is happening in the local field and so invent instead investing in a local We need to take on the burden for the world. If this is clear please seeing then it was a forced him in but I'll still take it. So realize that a school attendance is actually higher than church attendance and some places they have to come by 9 o'clock or by 8 o'clock but in Sabbath school research around the world it showed us that the main complaint that people have when they don't listen to school is that it is routine and boring OK Many people don't know why we should even come to Sabbath school use assistance fix the global south used to be 54 percent but now it is 92 percent the global north is now only $77.00 whatever tourist 77 percent and so we need this is what I'm saying maybe we need to learn from Africa maybe we need to learn from South America because now North America has become the mission you Africa is sending missionaries over here to teach us about Jesus. This is what they do I took the names out and every place the mother names each school group is a potential church plant group so you have the mother church appears called Glenn Valley Central Church that's the mother church now you may be thinking maybe this church is like 200 members 500 members and when we are when we are healthy we will start planting churches but here's the thing they put they say in order to be healthy we need to plant churches it's the other way around so they plant the rental a company that when Valley east church can meet church and Glen might bring Sabbath school but each of these daughters also have the mentality that the plant other churches so these churches are Glendale University Brant Sadler School of the glen value se company and each of these companies are like maybe $1015.00 people when they get started and the one the church splits the mother church gets sometimes even smaller then their daughter churches but they don't care about numbers they care about how many churches there are not how many members that they have. We had this mentality in North America if we had a church plan we split well happen to our A church that means you will have to do more lunatic Amen there's a term called branch Sabbath school how many of your her room member that term OK That term is now antiquated we don't use that term in North America there are any now these new church growth church planting philosophies and I surmise that we have not done an appropriate theological analysis of those methods in their methodology if they allied with scripture in the spirit of prophecy but we see that here in the global south where they do not adopt these philosophies and they do not adopt these corporate versions of consulting for financial fiscal responsibility that here this isn't on the conference level this is on the local church level and if anything if anything every Sabbath school class should be a potential new church in the future whether that church happens or not I mean that's up to how that local. Situation scenario works but at least we have the mentality that our class maybe another church some day. But we don't have that mentality yes or no we just go to my class my teacher we get a blessing and we go back for those of you to put if you know he was going to you're not even with one of the talking about and this is where B.B.'s really with the intersects with with Bret Simon school some of you have V.D.'s as your V B S's are awesome you go all out for a V B S The craziest people at church are the D.B.'s leaders OK so they go out there like they do a waterfall they could create Mt Everest and it's like me just created desert here bring in sand from the you know just in the here and then the kids alike why oh this is a different world OK So then what happens you go all out for 7 days and when the B.S. is done it's done and then everyone like you know recuperates because they've been called out like like like of like the like the teachers of our kids right there going all out for our kids and on Sunday I mean they're going to like the exact Oh right they're going to sleep for like 90 years so here parents you can be approached in no other way or frequently reach through their children 7 o'clock teachers can instruct the children in the truth and they will in turn take it into their home circle but few teachers seem to understand the importance of this branch of the work you get the kids you get the parents yeah that's how you're here. You all get it so some of you don't have kids and God bless you you're here because you really want to be here but the rest of you you're stuck here but your kids wanted to be here OK So this is how church works you get the kids the parents will come so E.B.'s can intersect directly with Siva school somebody like we don't have a good Sabbath school program there's no kids and only only only old people so you go into the community and you take their kids and you bring them through P.B.S. So you go all out Monday all that Tuesday all at Wednesday and Thursday like guys you love. Me let me we love the desert we love the waterfall we low we love those you know Empire State Building that you built to do toothpicks whatever you did and then OK well if I DID YOU LOVE ME Yes we love abs we're going to have V.D.'s all year boys and girls and kids I want you. In the V.B. as leaders alike was what's going on what are you what you talking about well when September rolls around most likely going to go to school some Monday through Friday we can have abs and on Sunday most likely go to church so we can have B.B.'s on so I don't know we'll have 930 to 11 o'clock on Saturday morning and then the B.B.S. teachers should be the same teachers at Sabbath school so there's continuity a facial recognition when the kids come in from the community we did this at a local church and we got like 4 to 5 families I mean if you advertise P.B.S. You have a week long free free childcare for like 2 hours what parent is not going to take that opportunity so we all these community of these kids come in the community with the door hangers free childcare for 2 hours every day for one week. These families come and then on Saturday they're coming and the kids are like oh I remember you know Miss So and So a member Mr L. He was like you stressed the solemn and I remember him and all these things cool so then they they come to become kids' friends with their kids and then the parents are just waiting in the parking lot just waiting for the kids well hey parent instead of you just wait in the parking lot we have 0 special program just for you my you don't want to throw them in like Daniel and Revelation 2300 days prophecy someone out right away but maybe like a family seminar on how to be a good parent or marriage seminar or how to you know what we do you know what it is but you do that and you slowly bring them up and eventually maybe in 510 years they are enrolled in a prophecy seminar and eventually 6 series but we got to be strategic because we the D.B.'s go all out and then they don't do anything for one whole year and they go all out there's no connection there's no. To be evangelistic it is a long quote. The indifference of children in many very many cases is chargeable to the who. If the children are indifferent or if the parents are indifferent and then the children catch the same spirit if the parents show that they attach importance to Sabbath school by giving it respect and prominence the children will generally excuse me copy their example so if your kids hate Sabbath school and they don't like this I would go teacher it's mostly because you are the problem that men are and that very moving on to. Fellowship. Is really in charge of creating the fabric of fellowship for the local church OK for divine service you go in you sit in a game and then you go home there's 0 fellowship but for Sam school it's where you have your small group and you're interacting with them you're nurturing new members you compare pay off and do prayers and some churches potluck is run by each Sabbath school class so $1.00 Sabbath is these guys another and if you go around doing this you have visiting former members yesterday we talked about church discipline and the local church has the responsibility to determine membership or not if by whatever situation and by the way membership is not salvation yes it is a Vangelis to a license it's it's a bonafide membership that if let's say you know Chris is here and he's smoking marijuana and he's doing cocaine or something nuclear weapons that can go in on the side and so we decide to disfellowship he's not a good simply Aves you Avinash should not be selling nuclear weapons the key moment Amen Amen so then we disfellowship him we usually happens is after we disfellowship he's gone he we don't talk about him Koreans or like Elmo and we do all that we do but usually what should happen is savvy school class should go visit him this is when we get closest to him more than any other time we love him and we pray for him and we counsel him please don't sell nuclear weapons to kids on them it's not a good thing Jesus doesn't want you and you open the Bible that says thou shall not sell nuclear weapons to each other and that's what you do visiting this is from sub school a welcoming division when you go to church the people that say hello and you know as if the humble people this is from Sabbath school saddest is the 1st concert for the 1st line of defense are often served whatever you want it wouldn't say is when people come in the 1st impression is Sabbath school but what usually happens to school is that people are coming in 940 or plugging in the electricity. Power Point isn't working they're tuning the piano at 950 and gas come in this is their 1st impression of church especially for those of you who live in the north where the winter is someone should come in early and turn on the heat that's a huge ministry just in that self so welcoming isn't the responsibility of Sabbath school and then discipleship sometimes we baptize people and after baptize we don't care about them we don't talk to them. But one year after baptism should be a systematic discipleship class introducing and weaving them into the fabric of the Agnes Church and helping them understand what is in the is even planned out a whole year of social events and. And get that going so this is a quote in many professed Christians and seeking church relationship think only of themselves they wish to enjoy the church fellowship and pastoral care they want to be members of a large and prosperous churches and their content to do little for others in this way they are robbing themselves of the most precious blessings many will be greatly benefited by sacrificing the pleasant ease conducing associations they need to go with their energies will be called out in church were Christian work and they learn to bear responsibilities so when you are choosing a church don't choose the comfortable big church where you can sit and do nothing. To that rough church which is only like 2 people and then when you join you will be the head deacon the elder the pastor the piano's you will do everything and it's good for your spirituality to do everything yes you will be tired but God will bless you in your profession if you go all out and helping rather than sitting in a pew and imprinting your butt into the pew Christian there so you have instead what Jesus does this is a one year discipleship program that the General Conference has created from the Sabbath school department and it's close to full quarters and it looks like the quarterly for the new administers on how to be how to understand evidence live it talks about haystacks water haystacks it talks about any. Way see all these you know you know all these acronyms that we have and it helps them get introduced into the avenues lifestyle number 3 is Bible study in prayer we have the Bible Alawite notes is another book that we have teaches God and the A.B.S. she otherwise known as the quarterly for Bible study this is 45 minutes. Studies show people say we want more time the more time you give someone the more they can't teach it if you can't teach it in 45 minutes you can't teach it at all so teachers have to be prepared for to teach something in 45 minutes and the more and the more you prepare so look at this this is revolutionary when it says Sunday you need to study it on Sunday which is Monday Monday Tuesday in men this is a kilt is like coming out here Well usually what happens is people study it on Friday night. Right because the Holy Spirit is very powerful on Friday night you are so much on Friday night and Saturday morning and we know this because on the Sabbath school T.V. show everyone watches on Friday night are they watching they're not watching they got a blessing they're watching to teach to morrow morning so we get that we understand and I've been guilty of that as well but we need to not do that so some ideas memorize scripture Amen we talked about memorizing adults should memorize the memory verse not read the memory verse that would be called a reading verse but memory I stop teachers should facilitate as a can do conductor of an orchestra so right now I'm talking a lot I'm very sorry but I'm trying to get through this and we've got to get to divine worship but usually for saddest cool the main person should not be talking. Should be asking questions and should be alike OK flutes flutes OK flutes down. Violins trumpets OK Perko should and often and conducting as an orchestra. Sociological studies show that 6 to 8 members are primed for discussion and in thing less you get too much pressure OK So if this is my status quo class just the 2 of you and I ask you a question there's a lot of pressure to answer the question because it's just 2 of them right if it's more than 8 what happens psychologically is people just shut down and they'll say kind of like as it is does the money session we're like well somebody else will do it so I'll just wait and wait it out until someone else talks OK and that's not good but somewhat 7 is a great and interesting number 7 is a great number of people feel comfortable but also can comfortable to speak 45 minutes and mention that you can use technology if people are not coming out for Sabbath school flip it maybe once a month flip it and in sometimes don't even tell the people. Just flip it so 930 is divine service and 11 o'clock a Sabbath school and people are what's the was going to go on and and they freak out and that's OK that's healthy because people some incorrect methods I'm not going to go through all this but one is lecturing and little white uses the term speechifying which I love that word speechifying I don't know that was even a word but when one person is doing all the talking. Horrible Sabbath schools many of our Korean adults are they LOL of speechifying Yeah they just talk is a monologue it's not good blank answers not good interrogation the quarterly quagmires when you just read do not read the lesson because if you read the lesson you punish those people who study during the week and you really reward those people who did not study during the week so you don't want to do them at all demeaning questions opinion speculation people when you never use the Bible it's not good this quote is awesome as we approach near the end I have seen that there will be less what less preaching more Bible study there will be little groups all over the ground with their Bibles in their hands and different ones leading on and free conversational study on the scriptures and I really feel if you if if we transform our saddest go to this it will increase the attendance of our 7 schools she says don't read it that's what space the saying saddest call rises or falls on who says my job as an editor I developed a study guide we can make it the best study guide but if the teachers are horrible it will still be horrible OK. Don't look at it on Sabbath morning or on Friday night but prepare it all throughout the week that's what she's saying going on Friday saddest teaching the goal of it is for all of us to read the Word of God How to Think Big and learn but biblically but also how to what. Express themselves so in the Korean culture because we live we are from a didactic culture we are like a teacher and we like sitting down colleague Elizabeth we like taking our notebooks out in a highlighter isn't it which is like taking notes or I but it's a this is post big conversational Inter Action rather than a one way and we're teaching people how to express themselves how to talk not also how to top it also how to listen how to work and witness as we mention and also teachers learn how to teach the Sabbath school superintendent is teaching the teachers how to teach better weather than once once they take a video camera and then the actual video camera how the teacher teaches and then gives them instructions Hey you want to do this me and I want to do this and it's making the Sabbath school experience better for the entire church so what how do you do this. Lesson So Peter sermon and it's a sermon but it's $26.00 verses OK 13 of those verses are Old Testament quotes what percentage is that. 50 percent so 50 percent of his sermon is reading the Bible remaining 11 verses are what explaining them yeah and then the remaining $22.00 verses are it's an appeal let's do something this is your basic backbone for every sermon and for every Bible study God The result is what. 3033000 baptisms pretty easy OK so just do that and 3000 people will join your group. So what happens in your Sabbath school class so it's usually we read the quarterly then everyone shares the opinion until the bell rings I don't know if your church Isabelle's my mind does OK. But instead we should be reading Scripture and then explaining it what's the meaning and at the end it's an appeal that appeal does not have to be a mark Finlay Doug Batchelor appeal you have to stand to look to the camera on that won't you come to be tempted Jesus you don't want to do that especially when your spouse will cause it only to people you don't want to give an appeal right here it's just an appeal to action Hey guys let's do this let's be more like about how many go more green more grace for example. Introduction I'm not going to go through this you don't want to say I was just so busy how many of you did your lesson these are bad ways to start off the Sabbath school lesson choose one large body of text and that's my recommendation just read one chapter and study that chapter out boom you're done you don't have to go to all these verses all throughout Scripture OK. I'm not going to do this some offensive responses I changed it to a Korean kid because we're in Korean camp meeting. Teachers who are not listening dangling sonnets response of dismissal. This is what I want to do. Why do not believe feel a deeper more earnest concern for those who are out of Christ why do not 2 or 3 meet together plead with one for the salvation and for some special one and then for still another in our churches let companies before and for service let different ones unite in labor as fishers of men with them seek together to gather in souls from the corruption of the world the formation of small companies as a basis of Christian effort has been presented to me by one who cannot bear small companies small. All teams is God's means of doing service to the world so what do you do on Sabbath afternoon do you go for a late activity do you go to box springs church and spend some time there or do you are you out there and with your satisfy us visiting those members who are sick visiting those members whose maybe kid is sick visiting those members who are having marital problems visiting those members and seeing how they are doing 15 minutes in their home is all that's required hanging out with them praying for them leaving a Bible verse and saying hey are savvy a school misses you and then you get out of there you don't sit there for 2 hours you don't eat there Kareen meal you get out of there as fast as possible because people want to you know that their lives this is what's sad is cool is how many of you want to say Lord I want my saddest cool to be better it's not where it should be maybe some some yourselves schools no one's there maybe some of your saddest cools it's just an academic exercise where people are showing off how many degrees that they have or is it an exercise of Christian service to the community how nice the Lord help me and let's pray. Father in heaven fill us with unction for the world fill us with unction for for mission for lost souls for evangelism Lord These are words that may be foreign to some of us are dangerous to some of us or even painful but follow are our plea is help us to live outside of ourselves and not to be inward focused but outward focused for your glory. Use us to change our Sabbath schools to change the world change our churches and to change our hearts simply by your grace we asked a special blessing to be upon those who said Lord we need your help risen and Rose their hands and that we look forward to how you will change our churches in Jesus name and everyone say. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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