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Why I Need AMEN and so do You

Brian Schwartz


Brian Schwartz

Interventional Cardiologist in Kettering, Ohio


  • August 3, 2019
    12:45 PM
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Amen began with actually a group of physicians meeting right here and yes back in 2004 that means just about. 15 years ago when they met. At the side of the following spring there was a meeting at the head of springs and then a 1st conference was in 2004 I believe in San Diego. How many of you were at that very 1st conference. Call a few so very good and I see there and here he was one of the ones and once on getting this started with a meeting that began right here at A.S.I. then a bigger group got together at the head of springs pastor family who was involved with encouraging us right from the start and he met with that small little group and so we've been having an annual conference now for 15 years. Right from the very beginning I was in a point in my medical practice where I was feeling just a bit burned out with the day to day activities of practice I would go off on medical missionary trips to. To go jury to Rwanda to Zambia. That was just really rewarding and I thought of myself as doing medical ministry when I did those things I would occasionally do by daid the station plan to help out with Chip and do things like that at my church but my practice was my practice and my ministry was my ministry and the 2 were completely separate and that wasn't very satisfying leads to burnout. You're just chasing that day after day after day it's not very fulfilling and so this came right at the right time when I was asking the Lord Lord there has to be something else what is it that you want to show me right at that same. Instant. You know I went to a more in depth but unfortunately I did not learn how to pray with patients that were Melinda I did do at rotation at Wildwood with Dr David arose for one and I had the attitude to pray with one patient which was the most awkward. Thing that I ever did and the sight of I was never going to try to do that again the gentleman was very deaf I was yelling at the top of my logs and by the time I got there I couldn't remember his name and all that just so I could sew up a laceration on his ear just wasn't mentored it didn't go well. I thought there might be a role for praying with patients but I did not know how to do it in the end so it was kind of a discouragement and then I worked in a Catholic with a bunch of millennia as a lot of just hip young people that just knew it would be embarrassing to try to pray in front of patients in front of them and so right at the same time that a man was starting I had a case of a patient who had a very critical left wing cornered artery disease and we engaged it with a catheter and immediately the blood pressure just plummeted and so we had to put in the blueprints the porter with a bunch of pressers and quickly try to get over to the O.R. one of our embassies Eola just came in there's 20 or 30 people now in the room trying to get this lady ready to just crash over to the vast as possible in that he just stop and so that everybody can I have a moment of silence I'm going to say a prayer and to my amazement that these young millennial hip people that work on the couch with me all stop and afterwards are like wow did you see that that was he prayed with her that was amazing and I just felt this dagger in my heart thinking I should have done that and I didn't know how to do it so I was challenged by Pastor Finley at that very 1st Huldah springs in the pre pre Amen as an organization but where it was getting going to actually go back and pray with patients and that has radically changed my practice and I don't talk about that today at the Amen copper inside. Actually partner usually when. Pastor family on a seminar just devoted to praying with patients I believe that it is the door to open. The process that opens the door to a spiritual conversation and just had so many incredible stories but we don't have time to do that for a while I. Began thinking that God needs a man that God needs me as a medical missionary there is a small sense of what she'd want but I've come to realize over the last couple of years that that's absolutely backwards and so what I just want to leave you with the point is you can join a man it's not going to be for all the free stuff it's not going to be because we send you all kinds of things you're not going to get that big of a discount to our conference but the reality is that I that that a man needs God and I need a man why because I'm naturally self focused. Naturally bent toward worrying about myself and the last thing that comes into my mind is serving other people. If you guys I want to the minute deep down inside of your heart each of us has self in a self interest we need to serve other people because that's the experience of the cross it's the gospel it's what we're being taught Jesus said that I be lifted up I will draw all to the he's got to be lifted up 1st and foremost in my own heart so that then he can be reflected to those around me in or over and over and John and Luke Jesus says He that takes up his cross and follow me we are called to take up a cross because it's the cross of self denial and it comes in the form of serving those who are not always very desirable. And the people that would otherwise burn me out if I did it day after day but it's been radically transformative to see myself as now participating with God in reaching each of these these people and that's been a radical transformation in my thinking a radical transformation in my ministry and I believe that's at the very core in the Gospel and the hope message coming together is critical and the Gospel is the story of Jesus his life his death his resurrection the Gospel unite and with us is for ourselves. And the salvation of the world I need a man because otherwise I am self absorbed self focused be worried about all my things worried about my vacations not getting disrupted by going a little churches that are out of the dirty you don't want to slow down in them I would be skipping all that stuff if it wasn't for the call of the gospel and a man has given me some practical way is to to push that forward I just want to read one or 2 quotes that I thought were interesting with think about the amount. So. This is the manuscript released by him for Page 427 The word has signified that the missionary health restored of the Gospel shall never be separated from the Ministry of the word the Lord Jesus has in its own example shown us the way in which his work is to be done in the restoration of suffering humanity. In the as pastor also already mentioned Jesus spent more time in teaching in the healing they needed in public speaking. There is a work to be done so a few years down the road has we started having conferences and we began encouraging people to begin in teaching their medical practices their dental practices and turning it into a medical missionary The old a you know Vangelis take effort. Really I don't remember what year it was but we got the call from the general conference right after the Haiti earthquake that there was a great need for immediately to have physicians and dentists to go to Haiti and they called a man thing because a pastor marks connection with Rebecca who was the administrative director at that time and then just I think 24 to 48 hours there were a team of members of a man that went to Haiti some of them were there as long as 10 days that had a transformative effect on them and a transformative effect on our thinking that we needed to engage in this sort of practical outreach and so a man began sponsoring once a year an international mission trip and just a couple years farther down the road right around 2012 and they started having the experience of thinking what if we started doing free clinics in the idea of a man free clinics came up right around 2012. A little better. Initially we were kind of a little bit scattered we'd hold the men convention center as would hold them in different places but over the last couple of years sometimes through difficult circumstances like running out of funds we realize that the Lord has called a man to try to fulfill the niche of providing free clinics in local churches and we absolutely believe that there needs to be a connection between a wall called church as a medical center every church should be an evangelist tick center but it should also be a medical missionary center and so a man now is working in partnering with churches as many as 30 per year with our small team to come and in provide free dental care free vision care in free health care and that just has had a revolutionary impact in a couple of ways it inspires physicians and dentists I heard the testimony of one dentist who hadn't been the church in 5 years but he came to an Amen Clinic he got engaged in the Amen Clinic in that resort his confidence in getting engaged with Avon's has them again so it really the news. Our commitment to being involved in the work of the church we need to be engaged in ministry is for us primarily the world secondarily in that they need to see that the other thing that this does is as other Wilson shared the quote This opens the door medical missionary work is the opening was that opens the door to spiritual conversation but through a few brief experiences I think it does even more than that. Lindy had he had the opportunity Wendy and I both were actually the best one was that pathways but we had the opportunity to help out with pathways which is a big free clinic and he and. She was taking care of a late. They were so tired at the end of the day she just barely cared what the lady said but the ladies thought wow this is a pretty nice program that the government's provided when he was tired think a little I don't even know what to say about that but a nurse of what what do you think this isn't a government. And at that point they both explained to her that this was the 7th Day Adventist church members doing this voluntarily and she just broke down sobbing could not imagine that somebody would do that that has even the immediate effect to reach the heart I had a gentleman come into the clinic and after. Providing for his needs he just said why do you guys do this this is Lower 7th heaven to us and Jesus came to minister to us we want to minister to those in need and he just started crying he said I don't know what so that they haven't a star I've never heard them but I want to be a member of your church. So yes there are some things he needs to learn. But the reality is he's seeing the Gospel in action and it is appealing directly to his heart and he wanted to respond right then and there on the spot that is the power of medical missionary work that I believe that God wants to use in these very less the. Let me read one more quote. Testimonies for the troops by and 6 page 289 the medical mission should be a part of the work of every church in our land disconnected from the church it would soon become a strange medley of disorganized atoms have we seen help care work and they haven't this church disorganized disconnected from the church Sadly that's been the case for nearly a 100 years but God's plan is to restore that in these very last days she says it would consume but not produce instead of acting as God's helping hand to forward his truth that would sap the life of force from the church and weaken the message conducted independently it would not only consume tell what it means needed another winds but in the very work of helping the helpless apart from the Ministry of the world word it would place men where they would scoff at Bible truths. If we are not connecting with our patients spiritual way I believe that we are committing medical malpractise. Become more and more convicted of that and as we have been studying this together now this past 15 years. And so I like to. Close with Romans Chapter 6 verse the 17 and 18. But God be thanked that though you are slaves of sin yet. You obeyed from the heart that form of bad turn to which you were delivered and having been set free from say that you became slaves of righteousness as physicians in the dentists and health care workers all of us are at a higher risk of the successes that come with our field. Selfish now so getting caught up in materialism is a particular thing that we have to fight. For your own selfish in the salvation of your families and for the witness to the world I would encourage each of you to become a member of a man or in some capacity engage in medical missionary work we have physicians and dentists are supposed to be doing this work alone we should be leading the work educating our churches training every lay person and I magine what that would be at the very end of time every church and help a place of healing I mean Health Ministry Center every hallway lifestyles that are. Every 7th heaven system medical missionary. That's what God has and has recruits very well. And I believe that he raised up a bit in 15 years ago for that purpose this media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio course or you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio or.


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