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2019 Lost in Translation

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • August 31, 2019
    9:15 AM
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Father in heaven we just thank you so much again for today thank you for the promise of the Holy Spirit bless us and speak to us personally and corporately in Jesus' name amen Now I want you to do something before we jump into this message I want you to turn to your neighbor right now and I want you to say these words neighbor. You are right where you need to be. And if that wasn't a pleasant thing turn to the other neighbor and I want you to say that again neighbor you are right where you need. To be. A man now let's serve with this quotation listserver Ellen White says right here because this is going to be the umbrella for this entire message notice what she says here with very 1st language it is powerful stuff there is one great central word. Truth to be kept ever before the bind in the searching of the Scriptures is that the Sabbath is if the sanctuary is that the state of that let's continue crimes and him what crucified every other truth is invested with influence and power corresponding to its relation to this scene in other words there's a greater emphasis and obligation upon that truth as it moves closer in relation to the center which is Jesus Christ I'll continue it is only in the light of the Cross that we can discern the Exalted character of the law of God hanging upon the cross cries was the word. Gospel and I love what she says next this is our message our argument our doctrine our warning to be appended to our encouragement for the sorrowing our hope so for every What. Believe or can you say he meant to that what a beautiful statement and it begins our sort of a reprint word vision to all the things that we believe in that Christ is the center of all things in other words it's not Jesus that leads us to the Sabbath It's not Jesus that leads us to the things sure or Jesus that leads us to the state of dead rather the state of the dead leads us to the bigger picture of who Jesus is the sanctuary leaves us to a bigger picture of who Jesus is the Sabbath leads us to a bigger picture of who Jesus is he is our argument he is our doctrine he is our true and all truth in the interne universe hinges upon the one who is cold though true then that's what's so powerful about Jesus. Take your bible we're going to take a good look at a very interesting story in scripture it's a story in which Jesus gives some parables Luke Chapter 15 Luke Chapter 15 and in Luke Chapter 15 Jesus begins to communicate the goodness of God towards humanity Luke Chapter 15. And let's start with verse one this may be a familiar chapter we're going to dive into the Scriptures and when it comes to the study of scriptures we don't want to be mere complicit readers we want to be conversant readers can you say amen to that in other words we want to be suspicious of the text we want to study it out we want to dig deep we want to let the world of God speak to us Luke Chapter 15 starting with verse one notice what the Bible says right here then all the tax collectors and all the sinners too near here to him to hear him and the fierce even the scribes complain thing this man receives sinners another word receive in Greek actually has to do more than just mere acceptance it has to do when someone brings you into the family that is the way that calm that word is commonly used when somebody brings you close into the family where they become like blood to you let's continue this man receives sinners anything with them so he spoke this parable to them saying and what Jesus does next is that he begins to give 3 pair both the 1st parable is the parable about the last word sheep the 2nd parable is the parable of the lost world corn the 3rd parable is the parable of the lost work the son right and what's so interesting when you study out these 3 parables there are 4 things that begin to emerge from the study of these 3 parables it is the theme of loss this is the theme of being thought it is the theme of being found and it is the theme of being celebrated or celebrating last thought found so abrasion and was so powerful about these 3 parables is that the 1st parable. It is the story of a sheep that leaves before he goes outside the fall the comparables the parable about something that was lost inside the house and the 3rd parable brings together the 1st 2 and you have 2 that are lost once outside the house and one lost inside the house and it's through these 3 parables that God is launching into this in depth understanding of how he really cares about sinners. It's such a powerful thing when you study out these 3 stories. At the end of each one of these parables you get this sort of build up that begins to happen at the end of the 1st parable of the lost sheep Jesus says and all of Heaven rejoices and in the 2nd parable he gets into the parable of the last corner he says Angels rejoice and then the 3rd parable the implication is the one who returns is more than all of heaven more than the angels themselves is the father and not just the father you know who are both you and it's so powerful because in this trajectory Jesus is communicating something so amazing about the gospel to every son and daughter of Adam but we're going to be doing is we're going to understand 1st why Jesus gave these parables Let's go back to verse one. Knows what the Bible says right here that all the tax collectors and sinners drew near to hear him and the fear season scribes complained saying this man receives sinners and eats with them now I want you to notice 2 assumptions that the fears he's had the 1st assumption was this that they were not sinners Well how do you know this because they say in their thoughts and in their words this man eats with those kinds of people and those kinds of people are. Sinners which means we are not sinners so they have this ideology that those people are sinners but not us and then the 2nd thing Jesus or the. Sadducees do with this they make an assumption about the nature of toward that goal all would not want to be around sitters and so what Jesus does is he launches into this through fault attack he begins to a bill his trust in parables and parables have 2 purposes to reveal truth to those that are looking into conceal truth from those they have no interest and these parables we begin to understand something about the a mentally and the dimensions of the law of door for every single person let's go back to the scripture Luke Chapter 15 Luke Chapter 15 and we're going to be taking a good look at verse 8 we're going to be taking a good look at the parable of the lost coin the parable of the last coin and that is going to be our focus the parable of the lost coin notice what it says in verse 8. Or what woman having 10 silver coins if she loses one coin does not why the lamb sweep the house and search carefully and tell she finds it and when she has spent on did she call her friends and neighbors together saying rejoice with me for I have found the peace which I have lost Likewise I say to you there is joy in the presence of being tools of God over one sinner who what. You know what's so powerful as I begin to study out this story I thought to myself what a kind of strange parable the 1st parable makes sense right it's the parable of the shepherd that loses the sheep Jesus therefore God was called the shepherd in the Old Testament and the fear says we're supposed to be shepherds going after a lost sheep but then he launches into this strange analogy about a woman who loses a coin and as I begin to study our various commentators on this very subject why in the world did it matter that she had 10 points many of the commentators point out including Ellen White alludes to this as well that both coins were actually her wedding dowry. Her wedding dowry now you're thinking what's the big deal about the wedding dowry the wedding dowry is a symbol that you were united with the husband and you holding on to those things and treasuring those things and appreciating those things and valuing those things was a picture of the symbol of your human in with your spouse and now begins to make a little bit more sense why this woman was so frantic in trying to search for one point. And I know we can get into a lot of question about why that point got lost to the point get lost simply because there was a hole in her purse to get lost because someone stole it but of left it there how in the world did it get lost but the question isn't so much why it got lost but the question is why did it state last for a little bit of time. What do you mean by that now let's continue and I want you to read the clue in the story itself Luke Chapter 15. The quote it says in verse 8 Luke Chapter 15 verse 8. Or woman having 10 silver coins if she loses one point does not lie the what wait a minute let's stop right there she was not well light a lamp now what would be the purpose of wiring a lamp to see now why would you need to see in the house because it became dork in other words the reason why that calling was lost for a period of time is because there was a door inside your house now you know what's so amazing about things when they become dark is that things become a bit uncertain you can no longer visualize what's around you you have to be a little bit careful now I live in the city of Churchill anybody ever heard of the city of child killer 6 of you. And hear about it until a couple years ago but that's where I live and I live in the middle of a normal orchard and I love orchards I love walking through orchards it's like one of those things you see on Instagram and somebody is posing in the midst of the orchards. And maybe their dog is right next to them or something with a bird on their shoulder or their loved one but orchards are very beautiful places I can walk to the orchard and it's like Cinderella the birds come landing on my hands the squirrels come up to me but I'll tell you this when it becomes door both orchards or berry freaky places. It's like when I'm walking through them you can go through these orchards and it's like you're also you're seeing are is there a looking at you who who it turns out to be an owl you think if someone is constantly after you and so what happens is when it becomes Stuart to pick comes a beer rescale replays and what are we beginning to understand. That this woman represented the church it represented God's people and in the very place that all of people had when it became spiritually toward They began to lose coins and the world actually hones in on this and she says these words she said when the Holy Spirit is a little matter of thought of she says this There will be seen spiritual death spiritual the crunching and spiritual darkness when the Holy Spirit is not a matter of Paulo when the Holy Spirit is not a matter prayed for when the Holy Spirit becomes something that begins to be just the little bit down the rink when it comes to talking about spiritual beings when the Holy Spirit is not study there can be seen Spirit told their dark this and to quench in notice what she says right here in the 2nd part of the Quo whenever minor matters occupy the attention the buying power which is necessary for the growth and gnosis next word and prosperity of the church which will bring all the blessings in its train is lacking the offered in print plenty to do when the church becomes a dark place it should be no surprise to us the people leave the church it should be no surprise to us the things begin to change and people begin to leave ordered 3 pm For people are falling away. And what Jesus was honing in on was the condition of many of God's people that they lose sight of that which he has been trusted to them the wedding dowery the symbol of their union with their maker and it's very important for us to recognize and understand this. You know a few years ago I began to go into the study about the Holy Spirit about the outer rain I began to pray for the Holy Spirit begin to pray for the outer rain I would be part of 10 days of Operation global rain 40 days of praying for the Holy Spirit and sometimes many of these experiences would be great and many of these experiences would be phenomenal before period of time it just began to diminish and apart to myself maybe my heart is just a little bit cold and I was beginning to study a little bit more about the Holy Spirit it began to dawn on me after my studies of the Scriptures and the holy and of the Spirit of Prophecy that what we need to do is more than just prepare the Holy Spirt we need to pray for surrendering to the Holy Spirit and when I simply begin to adjust my prayers and I begin to speak from my heart Lord today I want to just surrender myself to the Spirit of God amazing things begin to happen I begin to sense more direction and the searing to Pretty of God's providence is begin to happen Go on him so was stepping in and leading the charge when it came to my life and my ministry friends I really want to challenge you if you've been praying for the Holy Spirit you probably need to do is a just a little bit and start praying Lord help me to surrender to the Holy Spirit now let's go a little bit further in this story let's understand some new things about this parable notice what it says right here and what woman having 10 silver coins if she loses one point does not light a lamp sweep the house and search carefully until she worked. Finds it and when she has found it she calls her friends and neighbors together saying rejoice for me with me for I have found the peace which I have lost Likewise I say to you there is joy in the presence of the angels over one sinner who would. Repent you see when Jesus was looking at the sinners and tax collectors He saw last point but when he also glanced towards affairs he also fall last point and as they begin to look upon them he recognized that they were all in need of the light now listen to be of the light coming a little bit closer to them the woman in order to find their coing she had to light the lamp and then she had to bring them lamp a little bit closer to the door parts of our house and our she begin to bring that lie just a little bit closer it began to shine in our area and old of a sudden as she is searching through the house as that little candle begins to flicker there is a good memory of light that is reflected off this is a rear where there are some dirt and as she begins to reach her hand towards a corner of this house she begins to hold that point as she holds that coin up it is covered with turds it is covered with filth but she doesn't just look at the corn she begins to brush off the corn she begins to clean up the corn and as she looks at the core and she sees the coal in the chill of friends this is why the Gospel is so important because it brings the like close to the whole of the sinner and it all 1st to them oh and redemption Amen. It's so powerful when you actually study out. The gospel you know I was somebody early on when I became a 7th Day Adventists I love the study of prophecy I still love the study of prophecy I love studying out the same sure I still love study of the century I love setting out the many of these beautiful truth and helping people to understand the sort of this theological construction of reality and life but when it came to the study of God's grace and His mercy I began to realise this was the keeping power behind my spirituality a man it wasn't knowledge it was in the blood of Jesus it's so powerful when you study out some of the songs let's go to Psalms $32.00 and we're going to understand something so beautiful about this song I love this song many times and I found myself in that spiritual dark place when I found myself broken as a sinner when I found myself disconnected from God I would raise to Psalm 32 and in song 32 I find this beautiful message of redemption and hope and connection Psalms 32. Songs 32 let's start with verse one song 32 starting with the 1st One Blessed is he whose word. Transgression is forgiven knows this next part whose word sin is covered notice the 3rd part Blessed is the man whom the Lord does not word impute iniquity and in new spirit there is no deceit here the Bible is describing David's reflection upon God's grace and he says look when I confessed my sin when I confessed my iniquity when I confessed my transgressions and that's the spectrum of anything from just missing the mark all the way to out why rebellion. This is why I confer sister dollars for gave me he could hand me here putatively his righteousness but then he begins to refer to a little bit more he says but this what this is what it was like when I did not have that experience notices in the next 3 verses when I kept silent my bones grew all through my groaning all day long for night and day your hand was heavy upon me my by Tower he was turned into the drought of summer here David is even describing physical affects of not giving his sin over to God He is the scribe in physical symptoms that he is having by not receiving the grace of God And during this period he is holding on to a sin during this period where he is just disconnected from cause he begins to feel things in his body you know so interesting that the mental health crisis has just started rocket utterly one because the Syrian has become a science and within has become a science and there is no legitimate band no legitimate resolution people have nowhere to turn and math in begins to create death in that person's body. Believe in. Different kinds of cancer cells actually thrive when the body is under certain kinds of stresses here David is describing his bones begin to just not feel right they begin to ape a little bit more he begins to describe wife lifelessness in his spiritual belief and during this whole time he feels it heavy upon his body now friends let me just remind you that with Jesus stepped into the garden got some money. But he felt our sin upon him and you know what happened to Jesus he began to crumble in the garden and when Jesus Pelter sin he began to collapse in the garden and of our sin would back up all the needs of God Imagine what it would do to us when it turns not have a resolution and so David is the scribe in the effect that he is facing how he's feeling. And in this moment of other talk Miss notice what the Bible says next is very beautiful verse 5 on I acknowledge my sin to you you want to know something the 1st step in not being lost is recognizing when you are you know what I just said the 1st step in not being lost is recognizing when you war and David just says work I just acknowledged my sin to God I'm tired of holding onto it and turning your carrier I'm tired of tech support my body my mind I'm tired of carrying this frustration when it seems all of life has lost its color and its beauty and its hopefulness and the certainty of the future the 2nd 3rd hearing this way and he says I acknowledge my spirit into God and I notice I love what it says now it's very powerful and my iniquity I am not hidden I said I will confess my transgressions to the Lord and I love this next part and you for gave the iniquity of my sin and notice what it says in verse 6 for this cause everyone who is godly show preview in the time where he may you may be found surely in a flood of great waters they shall not come near to you dear him you are my hiding place you preserve me from trouble you surround me with songs for deliverance I noticed the last part of the song. 1st 11 b. go out in the Lord and return to righteous and shout for joy all you upright in heart this was the experience that Martin Luther finally had when they told on him the road tension was beautiful it was full and it was free and accessible to here he no longer hid himself from Dawn and the fear and frustration uncertainty of wife began to dissipate because he felt assured in the presence of God You know we think about those dear season start to see that were there in that circumstance when Jesus gave those parables they felt that their good works recommended them to God but over all my fears and you can mark these words because these are right out of her own writings she says if we were to take everything that is good in humanity and presented as merits before Collado and adding to the plan of salvation She says the angels would see that as trees in. Prison You can add to this you can offer caught anything for redemption redemption is something that God offers to all people all and his grace and mercy is available to all even those that have been in the church many times we think a 7th Day Adventist because I know that a bit more because I understand a little bit more of the dynamics of the great controversy because I have a little bit more insight into spirituality or maybe I've been leading others to Christ that somehow the graves never met me at the very beginning has now diminished for me Prince the grace that was there at the very beginning of your experience is still a billboard to you today can you say to that and it does not good news I don't know what is cause Grace is amazing you know when you study out the story of those 3 parables It's very remarkable because. In the 1st parable the shepherd love the sheep before it was lost what's the big deal he loved the sheep when it was lost and he loved the sheep after it was returned Ok the woman she had she loved the coins before was lost and she loved the coin when it was lost and she loved the coin after was returned or do you know the father who loved his son before was last year when he where are we going with this pastor No the father loved his son when he was well when he was lost and the father loved his son when he was returned a man but you know what's so beautiful about that I am absolutely sure that shepherd when he saw all that lost sheep now returned to the fold he just looked at it with admiration that lost sheep when it was returned when he was always around the other flock he always looked at it with a bit of smile that she probably even had a little bit more love and the corn you could just imagine our corn when the woman looked at all the other 9 points about one point return it probably had certain marks on our coins but their corn or know about that corn the queen's a little bit special Oh that son you can just imagine the father when the son has returned home every week for years have gone by but every time he looks at that son and you holds that son he hugs him a little bit cool slower and it's almost as if because or in spite of the fall not because of the fall but in spite of the fall the love of the owner has grown exponentially for the thing that was lost after it was returned and when you begin to study out the great plan of redemption. And the great long of the courthouse for humanity God has done much more for humanity and his love that a symphony his love continues to grow towards an expanse around them which has been returned to him and throughout all of eternity this love. Grows more and more within that which was who are friends the story of the of the last point is a beautiful story you are No one. Because it's all of our story it's all of our story it's the story of that is the chaos and the story of Zacchaeus is a very interesting story Zacchaeus was curious about Jesus he had heard about this man and now that he has went to go search and seek after Jesus and when Jesus came to his house it's very interesting where Jesus says at the very end of that whole passage he kind of throws a left hook for the readers for the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost wait a minute wasn't Zacchaeus the one seeking for Jesus. Friends it was graves that was looking for that yes you read the story of Noah and the Bible tells us that no work around grace and no walk with God But the reality is it was Grace there found no one it was graves that came into the world and looked upon the world and saw last years. You read Will says I'm Psalms 23 it is goodness and mercy that follows me all the days of my work it's not me searching our producer mercy it's goodness or mercy coming to me it is grace that comes out to me and grace that is searching for me it is Grace still seeking to find me. Many times in my spiritual experience when I have gone to other fill years and moments of darkness. When that experience happens I look back and it seems all the bright spots of my parents seem to be dark and I can't seem anything good in my life and when I'm in those moments in our condition I look better. And I look at all the things that have led me to this point of brokenness and then when I look into the future it's dark as well and it seems that judgment inevitably will come it seems that all there is uncertainty and are upon leaving was moral way. But when her grace comes to this last point that Grace steps in cleans off the dust. And you know what's so amazing those coins always bore the image of the reigning power when God cleans off the dust you begin to recognize the image of the creator still still on you. And their grave comes into the belly experience and start the whites which is begin to turn all in and of burdens are lifted and rot term should full and free is there and the frustrations and the uncertainties seem to dissipate. This is what God's redeeming grace to us it's more than just forgiveness but it really just down to where we're at and it picks us up and restored us again. You know what's so powerful about the story of my feeble ship and David. You may know the story in 1st Samuel the story of one of solve son. Whose family was an enemy of David and threatened his kingdom and when David extended grace to move people ship went to Jonathan sons. He resorted to him all that his father had lost but the most amazing part is he said you have a place. At my table Amen. But you know when you look at Jewish tables with so amazing ancient Jewish tables the person would be brought right up to where the food was being served on these racks. And you would see the top part of the person but the feet. Would not be visible. And women people ship would sit at David's table the king's table no one could see the lame part of him there. It was hidden and all the people saw was the princely part of most people share God's grace. Brings us to the Lord's table it washes away the junk in the filth of our life restores us into settled relationship with God No I didn't walk towards God He walked from grace. And this is the grace of the saints as each and every day and you can walk out of this church you can go straight to Paul or you can go straight home but you can walk out with the song shining a little bit more beautiful with the air feeling a little bit more cleaner with the join your heart been even greater knowing that your redeemer lives than ever lived to make intercession for you can you say amen to that. But our heads for a word of prayer your eyes closed and heads bowed. As we linger. Before God. Father in heaven we just think you. And even though we may feel lost sheep. Lost coins. Lost Children. We thank you you have never stop loving us and the same grace that was there at the very beginning of our experience is the same grace that is enough for us today Lord whatever kind of lost ness we feel whether it's in life decisions our spirituality. The future. We thank you that even though those around us forget it they your I. Still upon us and that every person who is here right now is here because you want them to know that you still value and love them from the very picky. May we walk out with joy the joy of salvation the joy of redemption the joy of ease. Because of Jesus. Thank you. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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