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David's Wilderness Leadership Lessons

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • August 31, 2019
    2:30 PM
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Father in heaven right now we just thank you so much again for Sabbath afternoon and Lord we pray the lessons we learn as simple as they might be might be a political pull to our lives take this message and multiply it and feed us that we may grow closer to you and grow into your image more and more in Jesus name Amen. All right thank you very much thank you very much you know I like this quotation it's a quotation I you might have heard it before but I shared in different places it's found in not in the Bible it's found in one of America's fastest growing restaurants play Elegy anybody here like a ology or blaze pizza or anything like that I love those make it you know do it yourself you know why it took forever to get those joints going but I love pale g. because when you go in to play ology you see different quotes on the wall you'll see some scripture verses you'll see inspirational quotes one of my favorite inspirational quotes when I go into the pile g. and it's the one here in it's the one in Redlands Actually I haven't seen other places but the one in Redlands and. It just says this in the midst of all the other quotes and when you get it you get it it says these words. The author whoever they are says this I am more afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion than an army of lions led by a sheep. I am more afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion than an army of lions led by a sheep today we're going to be talking about some leadership lessons I'm not any kind of leadership group by any means whatsoever I'm not any kind of John Maxwell but I want to share with you some things that I feel God has shown me through experiences through the scriptures and just overall the journey that I've had the last few years and I want to share that with you it's very interesting when you study out history you can take a good look at some of the greatest military commanders from Knight is who led the 300 Spartans along with Greeks at the Battle of their mopper league preventing the Persians from coming in of course short period of time you think of people like Hannibal who took of a group of elephants and turned them into tanks to conquer is suppose you think about individuals like Napoleon and George Washington and General MacArthur and Alexander the Great and when you think of leadership many of these names come to mind but it wasn't until just like I was going through a picture of some prophets and I came across this amazing quotation about one of our favorite Bible here heroes David noticed what Alan White says right here about David in his own room David's power had become very great notices he commanded as few rulers in any age have been able to command notices the affections and allegiance of his people. I mean this is extraordinary this is Ellen White talking here under inspiration and under the Holy Spirit's you know guidance and navigation and she says Look David was able to command and gather together the allegiance and affections of these people probably more than most rulers had ever been able to do now that's leadership the men notice he had on are gone and gone was now on during him and so today we're going to be taking a good look at a few different lesson simple lessons but there are deep lessons about Lee David's leadership style David's leadership style when you. Take a good look in the scriptures and you study out what it says in 1st Samuel and parts of 2nd Samuel and 1st Chronicles leading into 2nd Chronicles you'll learn about the various phases of David's life from the time that life was very quiet for David when he was a shepherd to time where he was just the road onto the the world seeing and he begin to play a part in the direction of Israel to the part where he was a fugitive in the wilderness and until he became king and on Finally his deathbed you know I was in Israel last year I was for one of my classes we had to take a Bible archaeology class and one day I had some food that just got me sick I always take with me charcoal garlic and I think it's zinc or something else just to keep my mune system Hine. But for some reason I got sick one day and I ended up missing one of the days of touring the next day I felt unusually better and I jumped back onto the tour with the rest of the master theological masters of the logical students and study program trying to say that in so many words and we went to go see this is very interesting the Dead Sea anybody ever been to the Dead Sea before now you know what happens when you get into the Dead Sea anybody know how you've been to the Dead Sea Now is it easy to swim in the Dead Sea Yet you float right in the Dead Sea It's easy to float right because of the mineral content your body naturally floats but you know what you're not supposed to do when you get into the Dead Sea get water in your eyes. You know what's going to happen to you you're going to be temporarily blinded and you know what happened to me I was temporarily blinded and I was just in the water I was suing my friends and I was like This is crazy and the tour guide had told us many times do not go underwater do not go underwater do not go underwater and for some reason you know when you start swimming and you just get caught up in everything that's going on sure enough that's what happened to me and I came out and I was like. I couldn't see anything all my friends are looking at me they're like What's wrong that I can't see and I was just blinded and I was like trying not to make a big scene I was rubbing my eyes it was getting worse and then after a few minutes it finally dissipated I was feeling better. And the minerals in the Dead Sea are very rejuvenate ing you know you can buy products here skin products that cause probably cost $234050.00 and over there probably $5.00 to $10.00 and it comes from all from the Dead Sea and so when we were in the Dead Sea We got out of the water and then we were just having these mud baths during the time we're in the Dead Sea And you know and it was just a wonderful experience but when we got out of the Dead Sea We all jumped back into the bus and we began going down the road and I never forgot I looked to the right and I sound all this beautiful mountainous region there it looked a little dry there was a few shrubs there and the tour guide he gets onto the bus Mike and he says this is the wilderness of Judah this is where David during his wilderness wanderings fled where he hid with this 600 men where he was a fugitive and we're He learned many different lessons about the goodness and the grace of God Like it says in Psalms 18 to the Lord belongs Xscape sprung death it was in this wilderness that trained him and prepped him for the later phase of life when he would become a king and so we're going to take a good look at some of the lessons from David's wilderness wanderings that help us to understand what leadership looks like today I really believe the football my heart there's not too much inspirational leadership anymore I really feel that a lot of the leaders whatever the reason have some kind of dark secret in the past which eventually comes out and it really compromises their influences and maybe think that's just a testament to what the Bible says in the very middle of the scriptures you know at the very middle verse of the Bible is found in song. 1000 verse a and you know it says it's better to put your trust in the Lord than put your trust in princes right I mean human leaders are going to fail us right there are human but nonetheless it can be very deflating and defeating when you're even looking within the church and wonder what does inspirational leadership look like what's the kind of leadership that really draws people that gets people excited about spiritual things when you look at the life of David you will find several lessons that really made him inspirational lessons that really just can help us understand how we can be a better influence and use social power for good can you say meant to that so the 1st thing we're to be taking a good look at look good look at is a few characteristics the 1st characteristics is this when some David was winsome now I'm going to expand that a little bit more he was more than just win some he was inspirational let me ask your question Can anybody give me the definition of the word inspirational raise your hand yes. Able to motivate anybody else we think about inspirational one word comes your mind what's the definition yes able to inspire That's a classic Webster's dictionary definition. And we can all think Webster for that right anybody else what do you mean spray should what comes to mind yes. Yes the ability to move people to action right it's the catalyst that moves people from inactivity to a place of activity right so David was that kind of person what how in the world was he able to become that kind of person because of his speech because of his work in other words what came out of his mouth was inspirational it was something that was full of courage it was something that was full of bravery during a time of great fear and uncertainty Well how else do we know this because when you study out the story one of the greatest battle in David's life you will find this David and I get this on but soon the best way I could David is one of the best trash talkers of all the scripture. When you take a good look at his battle with Goliath I want you to see what the Bible says right here and the context is all of Israel is trembling no one wants to make the 1st move no one wants to take on Goliath but notice what the Bible says and for Sandra Chapter 17 and David said to the fil a sign you come to me with the sword with the spear with the javelin but I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defied this day notice this the Lord will deliver you into my hand I will strike you and take your head from you and this day I will give the carcasses of the camp of the Philistines on to the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the earth that all the earth may know there is a God in Israel then all this assembly notices he is saying this speech on for the very purpose of the people of Israel the soldiers of Israel then all this assembly shall know the Lord does not say what sword and spear for the battle is the Lord's and he will give you into our what. Now is that inspirational maybe when you heard you're probably thinking That's so stupid he's about to take on the 12th joint right and this young man is challenging him maybe you're there and you're just watching like what's going to happen next but nonetheless David would speak with courage believing that the gone out of Israel was on his side let me ask you a question right now when you study out the Book of Acts in the Bible says the church multiplied greatly or the church increased greatly or a great number of people added to the church do you know what those ingredients were anybody know what those ingredients were that got added to the church to multiply. Ok the Bible says and accepted the Holy Spirit fell and then the great multitude were added but it says this periodically throughout the book of Acts it's describing the ingredients of how the church grew. Raise and I can't hear yes the gift of tongues right there were able to communicate well so yes they fellowship and broke read the Bible even says when the deacons were organized the church will group as a result of that organization but here's the thing when you actually read the story a Barnabas coming into the church you know what Barnabas is name is you know what it means. Son of encouragement the Bible actually says when he came to that area where the church was growing the church was multiplied even more not because of a system not because of a group of people not because of a miracle because of the encouraging words of one man. One man knows what I am I says right here she says something amazing take the word of Christ as your assurance has he not invited you to come to Him Never allow yourself to talk in a hopeless discouraged way if you do you will lose much by looking at appearances and complaining when difficulties and pressures come you will give evidence of a sickly enabled me to talk and act as if your pain was what. Who let me ask you a question last time we talked about your faith did you talk like that did you talk like that talk and act as if your faith was invincible let me ask you question Did David talk like that do you know when people would hear him talk they became immediately impressed by him and the influence that God had in his life how do you know this because when David slays Goliath do you know what the Bible says Next he came to soul and soul says whose son is this and he says I am the son of Jesse your servant and the Bible says when David was finished speaking these words Jonathan heard him you know he did he took off his armor took off his shield took office sword and gave it to him essentially implying are like brothers and. This is good stuff until knew this was so attractive to the people who were in fear and uncertainty and right now what the world needs what the church needs is people who are willing to speak with inspiration people willing to be courageous and bold can you say amen to that that's exactly who David was and that's why he became very influential All right this. Thing isn't working right now. I mean to. Man. This if we can fix this art and be no art in. I say this about art and he is the most neurotic person I know but he is the best guy in the universe and you also to. Arrive. Very good all right number 2 not only was David win some David knew how to win battles but how in the world did he know how to win battles we're going to find out take your Bible and go to the book of 1st Samuel 1st Samuel 1st Samuel Chapter 30 what happens in 1st and the Chapter 30 when David is in he comes back after a battle and big lad was born burned down and hit the the women in the children were taken captive and the Bible says the men spoke of stoning him and Walt they were ready just to take out their leader during this time of tragedy during this time of depression and great sorrow in darkness David does something so amazing the Bible says this now David was greatly distressed for the people spoke of sauteing him because the soul of all the people were grieved every man for sons and his daughters but David noticed this next for strength in himself in the Lord is what now you know what David does next Anybody know what action David does next. He turns to his men and he says Give me a sword does he do that he doesn't do that you know what he says. Bring the efore here now this is very interesting you would think the most natural thing to do during this time would be Grab your swords and had out after the bad guys instead David says Wait just a 2nd before I do this I'm going to consult God so he gets Eve fought and you know what he does and this is just so influential to his men who are ready to grab their swords and ready to go for a fight he gets counsel from God and you know what God tells him God gives him the operation go pursue these individuals and he tells them how to do it and David gets to them and they went over 15 miles that night 15 miles that night they get their drop off $200.00 of the men and then they travel 3 more miles they capture the I'm now a kite and they wipe them out and then the women and children are safe not just are the women and children say they gave all the spoil and David actually uses the spoil as gifts to give to the elders of Judah which then strengthen his leadership that would happen in the next few chapters one because David knew how to win battles how did David know how to win battles he sought counsel from God can you say mentor that he sought counsel from God Number 2 number 3 David knew how to worship and we think he meant to that David knew how to worship what do you mean by that Pastor Now why would this be influential because people knew everywhere that David was connected to his god. In fact how do you know this because when you actually read the story of David in the wilderness the Bible tells us that one day he saw all this well oh well he probably grew up close to and he said all that I could get a drink of water from that well notice what the Bible says and David said with longing all that someone would give me a drink of water from the well of Bethleham which is by the gate so the 3 mighty men in other words his soldiers broke through the camp of the fill a science to water from the well of Bethlehem that was by the gate took it brought it to David Now notice what David does right here nevertheless he would not drink it but poured it out to the loo the Lord and he said Far be it from your Lord that I should do this is not the blood of the men who went in jeopardy of their lives therefore he would not drink it and you know what David does at that very moment when there is a victory when there is this moment of celebration where it was very apparent God did something they didn't just jump into the rebels of the victory or the spoils of war you know what they did David says wait a minute no no no no no it's time to worship God and he takes that very water and he pours it out before God as a drink offering in fact when you actually read other parts of David's life you notice that he has this spontaneity and when it comes to the worship of God He's not just confined to a certain set our worse it is now these moments where he's like Ok I think worship is going to start in about 15 minutes let's just get ready for David when the Spirit of God was upon him when he recognized in his soul there was an obligation to worship God on his knees and his men saw the love that he had for his daughter and they worshipped as well in fact I want to show you how powerful was the influence of his worship in just a little bit but just think about this do you love worship. I mean is it like you sound with morning when you could say with David and his friends let us go I was glad when we said let's go into the house of God together do you love worship you know this is something and this surely I do not have now I love worship I love going to church even when the pastor is not going to be preaching a great sermon. Amen I should say even when you know the pasturing going to be preaching a good Thurman right even when you get to church and you see that the sermon is about tithes and offerings but here's the thing regardless of what's going on David saw moments to worship God when his heart was just soul in love with his career that he would just say let's stop what we're doing and let's praise gone you know this summer I had a team Bible I can reprogram I had 2 days off and I did camp meeting 2 days off when to a missionary and what I'm all in and during this whole summer it was so crazy so intense you got some of the teen public out of the kids here there were times that we were worshipping on top of now in top and the glory of God was revealed and my heart during that moment just felt soul close to the heart of God and we be singing up there with the guitar talking about the glory of God and then there was a moment in Guatemala where were these like villages where there's not a single 7th Day Adventist dealing with demon possessed people praying for them and we would see God bring about gay deliverance and even though the glory of God in nature was not there and even though there were lots of people in just a handful of people we recognize it is still time to worship God amen on top of the mountain or in the valley inspirational leaders know how to worship and when the Spirit of God comes upon them no circumstance no place no timing stands in the way of bringing glory to God Can you say amen to that and that's the kind of person David was. Let's continue with this way did we do it in the world that oh about right you know what's so powerful about this is because when David was in the wilderness and there were prime opportunities for David to take the throne he chose to wait he chose to wait there were moments when Saul was you know in the cave his men were sleeping outside in David and so was just taking a nap and David snuck down with his buddies and many of his friends even thought told them you know this is the time to strike him this is a time to take the kingdom this is the time to step in and become what God has promised to you but David wind it up on God So much so that when the very man who claimed to have killed Saul on the battlefield came to him David slew him and that's very interesting because Saul was as mortal enemy soul was more of an enemy than even the Philistines were but David waited for God He would not step into places he was not invited to until God when new and that the kind of leadership we're person is willing to sacrifice and willing to let go of the incentives and the benefits knowing it would just be an easy thing a compromise of integrity justice a little bit of compromising that you could step into a better position you rather wait and hold out even though it's a pain to you. Because of the God you serve David knew it was God who called him and David understood it would be gone who would bring him into that very place and this had an influence upon him I mean this is so powerful when people see that the I mean I you know the thing that's been hitting me more and more is this it's this. Many times when I was pastoring a church on a pastor in church I would have church members that would come to me and they would say Pastor No we just we love the sermons we love the church we want to join the church I might praise the Lord and they would start telling me their resume they would say you know we grew up 7th Day Adventists on my praise the Lord they said we actually have put our children in the economy praise the Lord we want to kiss him Pathfinders Amen. Time do some. Repair there. They're the type people that would say you know what we're even related to James White and I praise the Lord. But you know what would happen when I would say to them how would you like to be involved in your local church or what they say Pastor we're too busy and I'm like What in the world I think you're in the wrong church the thing that's been hitting me more and more is that there are individuals where there used to be a time in place and individual time and place where people that say after they graduated from college they were not just look for a place that would be you know a greater incentive because of career or they would go to a place simply because you know what there's just more favorable to the circumstances of life but they would move to a place where the Gospel needed to be preached they would move to a place where church was coming up they wouldn't move to a place where there were sacrifice needed and they would not get all the things they would get if they had just moved at all other metropolitan area friends this is what the world needs people willing to sacrifice and wait for God's timing people willing to give all it doesn't mean that you stop you know drinking the water you've got to be like Gideon's men right you drink the water from the well but then you keep your eye still on the price Amen this is what Dawn is looking for and this is what David was willing to wait for by the way you know it's interesting. Joseph when he was a slave for part of his house do you think he wanted to go home yes or no yes or no didn't he like being a slave of course not right maybe not he didn't want to be a slave right how about when David excuse me Joseph was a prisoner do you think he wanted to be a prisoner I got many people you know say I'd love to be in prison for several years right of course not but here's the thing when he was a slave and when he was a prisoner he could not see his family but when he became 2nd of all of Egypt he could have easily sent out a messenger to his family but he did not. Track with me because Joseph finally came to the conclusion that dog would bring things full circle his way and his time and did God bring it about Absolutely but when Joseph was in 2nd of all of Egypt he could have any moment he could have just said wait I'm going to send out a message and I'm going to send out a charity I'm going to take some time away from this which he could have done all those things and he could have found out where family is and say look I'm here but he began to recognize that when God was doing something great and God had placed him in that circumstance he would not move from that place until God said otherwise he understood the waiting and let me tell you something God can do more for you in your waiting than you could do for you when you're doing Amen and so we need to trust what God does in that area of our life and that's the kind of person David was and little did David understand that his trials that he was experiencing in the wilderness the leadership lessons he was learning was prepping him to be the greatest king of us toric is real now is continuous last part welcomed this is the part that's just been mind blowing to me mind blowing and you may like this part but this is the part that I realize about David's inspirational leadership that more and more I begin to realize this is a May I have never known this before. When David was when the wilderness various people groups were coming to him you can read about him 1st Chronicles Chapter 12 The Bible says when David was in the wilderness individuals people who were rolled for people who were broke away from their tribe individuals that were part of souls Kingdom they all left and they began to join themselves up to David there were a people group who joined David but not in the wilderness they joined him when he spent some time in Philistia what he mean by that there were a group of people who the Bible describes as chill of fights and pepper fights it's kind of weird to hear these words and just think it's maybe some kind of strange designation or some kind of Jewish phrase Those were not Jewish designations these were not Jewish people in fact there was a group of individuals who joined themselves up to David a Benchley became his body guard the people who watched over him what kind of people were they I'll show you take your Bible and notices and 2nd sample chapter 15 verse 17 they were sold oil to David that when David was being forced out of his kingdom by absent a group of people joined him notice what the Bible says so the king said out with all the people following him they halted at the edge of the city notice all his men marched past him along with the chair aside and the peple like and a 600 good tight who had accompanied him from what let me ask your question who was from gaff. This is crazy I mean I spent some time writing about this and talking to my archaeology professor about this that David actually had a group of people who were from who were Phil a star and if this were these were actually Phil assigns they join themselves up to David they eventually became his bodyguard and when David tried to send them away and say look go back guard the kingdom they said we are loyal to you and where the king goes we're going to go and David let them follow him they stay with him all the way to the very end of his reign and the very beginning of Solomon's reign this group of people when David talks and you can read the rest of the passage he tries to send them when he says look you were exiles from your country and one might actually talks about this group of people and she says they became converts to the One True God Now just this is so my I'm going to think about this wait a minute he actually had a group of Phyllis Stein's who were his bodyguard you better believe it it is so powerful but when you actually begin to dwell on it it makes a little bit more sense why because the one thing that these 4 signed body guards could that that had in that dynamic of being in Israel is that they were not invited into Jewish politics does that make sense so this is perfectly reasonable why David would bring this group of Phillis times who were exiled from their land who became converts to the One True God individuals who became sole loyal to David this is so powerful because these are supposed to be the 2 by enemies of God but they became some of the most loyal people to David when his own country turned against him during the insurrection let me ask your question what do you think is the lesson about inspirational leadership for us with this experience. Same with God Yes be hospitable right anybody else. Some of our worst enemies can become our friend by the way do you know what place they were from right now who also is from down go lion he slew their champion yes. But gone are side who can be against us yes. Who. You better believe it Amen Amen In other words sometimes we look at people who are Muslim people or Buddhist people or Hindu and people who are seeking we think to ourselves Oh there are religions that are very antithetical to the religion of the Bible but here's the thing there are people in those groups who are soul loyal to the God that they understand Amen you want to know who who is probably one of the best number one witnessing guys I know like no one is a better witness or than this guy he's a friend I have we go to Taco Bell and it turns into a mission trip this guy passes out glow everywhere and I would actually I would actually hire him during my evangelistic series you know when one week before my evangelists 6 years actually I want to hire him so much during my series or 2 months before my series one week before because every time he would be dropped off in the city the entire city within 3 or 4 days would know there's an evangelist. Happening this guy is a former Muslim This guy is so passionate and he is soul loyal to the God of the Bible and when you guys know this super important for us to understand some of the greatest converts comes from people who are steeped in paganism and David during this time or people who are betraying him with his old son was turning against him this group of foreigners said David we're going to follow you so much so that he realize they're going to be my body guard and men this is what inspirational leadership looks like it welcomes people in and it grows them it helps to sign them amen. And we can learn powerful lessons from the life of this man David during his wilderness time right it is in the wilderness sometimes to the trials and the dog periods of our life that God is teaching us many leadership lessons lessons about inspiration of lessons that are designed to draw people and give them hope during times of discouragement this is what God wants to do let's power heads for a word of prayer Father in heaven we just thank you so much for these lessons and Lord thank you for the sphere of influence that you give to us but God we want to grow we want to be influential for your cause in your glory and Lord I know there are leaders here of small groups big groups of family groups of neighborhoods of their employment but God give them the kind of leadership that you gave during the will. Thank you again for being with us Jesus knew he meant this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w. Verse or.


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