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How to BioHack your Health

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • August 31, 2019
    4:15 PM
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Father in heaven we just thank you again for this beautiful Sabbath thank you again for blessing us with. Your grace and mercy we pray that the Holy Spirit would give us practical instruction. This is human wisdom but we pray for divine wisdom right now you know our hearts our minds our bodies how you created us as whole beings and Jesus we ask that you would bless us to be the very best people we can be in Jesus name Amen. In the center is called biohacking your health biohacking your health how people really love learning about health raise your hand that's you amen that's probably why you're here and if you don't like learning about your health hopefully this will change your mind we're going to go through it rapid fire there's lots of information here lots of stuff here and I'm willing to give the power point. Next week so if you come to me or maybe I'll give it to Arden and order will. Ok great awesome so you get it from him so you can take a good look at all the references you can take a good look at all the sources and you can learn more and more about this how to biohacking your health how to bio hack your help so what does it mean to bio hackers that we're talking about computers here what is this this Burr bio hack I've never heard of it before it's become recently user actually multiple definitions of the word biohacking. It was started by a guy by the name of David Asprey as anybody knew David asked Prius Ok Has anybody ever heard of this company called Bulletproof coffee. You've got a bulletproof coffee you are a good 7th Day Adventists. And so are you brother because of God's grace Amen. And so Ok So David asked Reeses guy who runs this company called blip he nearly died he was dehydrated he was sick he was so weak and he fell down he collapsed some shepherds found him they brought him back to their tents and when they brought him back to their tents they actually gave him this very strange concoction it was some kind of tea and what this tea is is basically it is tea but a use is yak milk he uses yak milk and he uses. Butter it uses butter as well and that's all it is besides the regular coffee grinds and so he took it he felt so amazing and he's like yes I feel so great he was able to finish his hike came back to America tried to duplicate the recipe and there you have bullet proof coffee now I'm not promoting coffee by any means I'm just simply saying this is the story so anyways he started growing in popularity because he began to talk about how to hack your body system how to hack your body system and he eventually came up with this term called biohacking right so what exactly is biohacking how can we understand a more comprehensive definition take a look at this biohacking is a process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to hack your body's biology into your best by biohacking yourself you can actually transform your body so you feel more energized be more productive and overall feel like the best possible version of yourself know how many people would love to feel like the best possible version of their so say man if you do a man I mean who wouldn't want to feel that way right and so we're going to be talking about some tips some tricks some stuff that you can do to. Hack into your body and things that you can just add on to your lifestyle that can really improve many things that can improve many things right I did a little bit of this lesson actually at Advent hope I think it was a few months ago and I talked about the Daniel diet right the Bible says talking about Daniel right when you think about health and if you go about someone that has just the blessings of good health good mind good body and who that is Daniel right and you learn that he was 10 times the wiser he was fatter in flesh he was more stronger he had a by tally to his life and there was a presence about Daniel that could be traced to his life still right so we think about Daniel you can learn many different lessons this is Daniel's advice advice that we have heard before notice what the Bible says right here so Daniel said to the steward whom the chief of the Unix had said over Daniel had and I am be shown as a riot police test your servant for how many days. 10 days and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink depending on your translation actually say pulse pulse actually includes lentils as part of that right that you will to eat and water to drink then let our appearances be examined before you in the appearance of the young men who eat the portion of the king's delicacy and as you see fit so deal with your servants right and we learned that Daniel because you follow these laws the laws of health the laws of biology understanding the way his body a mind works plus the blessings of gone right this was also divine contribution you're 100 percent and because he followed through with these things God honored him and he stood out amongst his peers and God promoted him what else did Daniel receive not just good looks and not just a clear mind the very last verse tells us in Daniel Chapter one Daniel lived until the 1st year of King Cyrus you don't know if Daniel was blessed with. Long Jedi he outlived 3 Kings came to the 4th King and was able to see part of the fulfillment of the 70 years prophecy that is you would be in captivity and then eventually let go be free Daniel live long enough to see prophecy fulfilled and when you read the very last chapter you know Daniel has given the greatest accolade the greatest blessing of all Scripture What's the greatest blessing of all Scripture Daniel is told him entering the end of Daniel Chapter 12 Daniel go your way rest for you will rise at the end of days. You know what Daniel was whole book you have the assurance of eternal life but then you 12 would never have happened without the previous chapters and so we can go all the way we can rewind the Book of Daniel we go right back to Daniel chapter one and we can understand some powerful things about diet can you say meant to them number 2 I want to tell you this before we jump into this as well your lifestyle does not make you more loved by God Can you say amen to that the cheese does not give you merits before Christ Amen you cannot and to the free and full redemption that God offers this isn't the 1970 s. We're not trying to promote a healthy message that is based upon merits can you say amen to that the purpose of hell is to be the very best person you can be and draw others to the gone out of the Bible who understands all things and loves all beings Amen amen So let's jump in a little bit into health take a good look at this man right here kind of the same smile and I want you to notice something about his shirts right there he has one shirt that says work begin the other shirt that says we're baking All right guys we have 18 minutes to get this presentation done we're going to condense a one hour presentation in 18 minutes but we can do it a man. My voice is cracking but that's all right that's all right. The quicker All right let's begin with a word of prayer I'm going to condense this down and cut out a few things we'll go through this Rapid fire let's pray Father in heaven we just thank you so much again for this 3rd presentation we pray and ask that you bless us with wisdom understanding practicality and God most of all we pray for the spirit in Jesus name Amen All right. The name of the service call toxic masculinity and the Proverbs $31.00 man toxic masculinity in the Proverbs $31.00 men and we're going to be talking about some very interesting concepts today that are relevant it's not by any means exhaustive and it may give us more questions than answers but for the sake of time we will go through this rapid fire. Ok rapid fire all right has anybody ever seen this Gillette commercial that came out recently if I ever see this Gillette commercial Yeah and there's a it's a controversial commercial because you know old the slogan for Gillette right give me no slogan for. The best a man can be and it shows this guy in America shaving right obviously I don't prescribe to Gillette you can see right here. But Gillette is a very interesting company and like many companies they're entering into sort of the social for Ray of many issues and topics that are affecting many people and recently they launched a commercial in which they were talking and describing through various kind of acting in scenes what toxic masculinity looks like but combined with toxic masculinity they portrayed men who did not subscribe to this idea of toxic masculinity what is toxic masculinity Sometimes we hear that word going around by celebrities and movie stars sometimes it's on Facebook perhaps you know someone who's very ardent about social issues and they talk about toxic masculinity right and it's a word that is more and more starting to be defined but one of the most recent definitions of this phrase or this work right here is this is a social science term that describes narrow repressive type of ideas about the male gender role that defines masculinity as exaggerated masculine traits like being violent unemotional sexually aggressive and so forth also suggest that men who act too emotional or maybe aren't violent enough or don't do all the things that real men do get their man card taken away. This this includes things such as bullying harassment and believing notions like boys will be boys it refers to masculinity that encourages aggressive and violent behavior and discourages emotion and self control it's very interesting we're living in a world today where people are trying to define what masculinity looks like right we live in a world today we're social media is trying to define what Social what masculinity looks like we live in a world today were celebrities are trying to define what that looks like and for many men who are believers in the Word of God Many men who are Christian many men who are trying to navigate through craziness right now in this part of earth's history were trying to understand what does masculinity actually look like but what is so amazing is this friends we don't have to go to society we don't have to go to haul the wood we don't have to go to youtube we can go straight to the Word of God Can you say meant to them and when you study out the life of Christ you learn what a man of gone is truly all about he is the example for all people and when you study our scriptures you see very interesting allusions to this idea of masculinity if you ever bible go 1st you want to show you something very interesting chapter 2 verse Kings Chapter 2 verse Kings Chapter 2 here David is on his deathbed and David is trying to gather up enough words he is bringing together the lessons of the past the reflections of his history and he wants to give Solomon some words that Solomon would never forget for the rest of his life and we are going to 1st kings 1st Kings Chapter 2. 1st Kings Chapter 2 notice one says in verse one now the day said David drew near that he should die he charge some woman his son so he is he's on his deathbed he wants to tell Solomon something very special something some women should never forget for the rest of his life and you can just imagine David has prayed about this David has reflected upon this David has thought about this he understands his son's weaknesses he understands his son's strength so you can imagine every word he's about to speak are calculated to help some women be the man that God's called them to be notices next I gold the way of all the earth be strong therefore and prove yourself oh what a man notice what David is telling so many David at the end of his life Dave in an old man David is telling young Solomon look you're about to step into a very special role and I'm no longer here to guide you but the Solomon you need to understand these words prove yourself a man and I notice this he didn't say Look you were born a man you didn't say to him somehow automatically when you reach a certain age you became a man he said look you need to prove yourself man and by the way this is a a word or phrase that is a little bit expanded on Ellen White actually talks about masculinity but she uses the word manly. You like that manly in fact she talks to you ladies that are interested in finding someone to marry one day and she says this let a young woman except as a life companion only one who possesses notice Buehler what's the next word manly traits of character one who is diligent as primary and on this one who loves and fear is gone and by the way you can read periodically throughout the spitter prophecy she uses that phrase manly manly men Lee manly but here's the thing how do we understand what manliness is all about how do we understand what masculinity is all about I think that if you apply the word toxic to the word masculinity it's not masculinity anymore Amen amen. Masculinity brings together the virtues that are found in Scripture in fact I love this by the way does anybody here have a friend or a female friend that has a shirt that says I'm a Proverbs 31 woman. Or maybe you have a mug you're at your house and it says don't mess with me Proverbs 31 woman here some like to. Write on maybe you think all this will be a cute gift to give my girlfriend one day you're a Proverbs 31 woman right or you'll see some woman working out of a jam on the back of her shirt says something like I work out a woman strengthens her on Proverbs 31 woman. And many times we talk about Proverbs Chapter $31.00 we generally think to ourselves oh yeah that's the chapter that supposedly teaches women how to be women but here's the thing a careful study of problems chapter 31 actually shows us it's not just talking about women it's talking about men. And then the time someone ever tells to you tells you look you need to be a problem 31 when you need to say them you need to be a problem 31 man so let's unpack this a little bit more let's understand what does our Proverbs Chapter 31 man look like well if you actually study out the chapter you will find there are several references to what a godly man looks like what manly list looks like what masculinity should look like him Proverbs Chapter 31 so what are some of the characteristics that we can get from Proverbs Chapter 31 all right let's take a good look at this your bible let's go to verse 3 Verse 3 Proverbs Chapter 31 want to spend a little bit of time there rapid fire Proverbs Chapter 31 starting with Verse 3 let's start with verse one real quickly and I will go to verse 3 the words of King limbo the utterance which is mother taught him what my son what the son of my womb what son of my vows notice verse 3 Do not give your strength to women nor your ways to that which destroys what destroys what kings the 1st lesson that you get about a Proverbs $31.00 man is that he shouldn't be a womanizer a man do you know what the definition of a womanizer is by the way now it's not somebody who calls you 2 times. And stops talking to you oh he was leading me on. It's not that a womanizer is someone who goes from woman to woman sometimes has multiple women with the very intent of sleeping around with them and what the mother of lemon well or so minutes commentators believe is time is like Look here's the thing you got a vitality and life about yourself but don't let it be sour with this personal about going from woman to woman to woman to woman like many other kings have done in surrounding nations. She understand something even about the life of David when he was polygamous that it did not contribute to the good in his life when you take a good look at many of the patriarchs that that went into the sin from woman to woman to woman and you can see what eventually happened it sucked the life out of them and the joy was gone because of the dynamics of that So notice is the 1st characteristic we have is that it tells us right here in Proverbs 31 here the instruction is given you like wait a minute the problem chapter 31 talks starts a little bit later wrong it starts from verse one can you say amen to that now worst as we where else can we understand about a problem chapter 31 man number 2 go all the way to verse 9 but start with verse 8 actually open your mouth for the speechless he or she is still talking to Lemuel Oh open your mouth for the speechless in the cause of all who are appointed to die and open your mouth judge righteously plead the cause of the poor and needy in some translation it says the o. pressed here Solomon is charged look you're going to need to be a defender of those who can't defend themselves can you say amen to them we live in a world today where women are taken advantage of where men are taken advantage of and what gone needs he needs gone leave men who are willing to stand up for those that are oppressed Amen In fact. Not too long ago I actually was in a certain place in where the rapes a to sticks are very high and I was in this place and in my morning devotions I came across the story of one of the daughters of David you know the story right where one of the sons. Wants to sleep around with this woman and the Bible says she wore a robe of many colors which all the virgin daughters of the king war and this man takes advantage of her and he raped her and then she is just in this moment of depression she is worried about the social anxiety and what everyone is going to think she begins to have this cascading series of emotion and distress and what the young man does he actually kicks you out of the House tells the servant get this woman away from me and the Bible says He despised her but the part of that that story that was quite interesting was this it says and she never knew a man afterwards now when I knew she read that I thought to myself oh maybe there's some kind of social stigma maybe she was not supposed to marry as a result of this I am sorry you will not find a biblical law that would actually prevent this from happening this is something that this woman to the distress that happened to her she became so confined within herself that she could not trust another man to give a body to and this is something that we need to understand we're live in a world today where this is sexual aggression and gaunt wants godly men to stand up for those that are most vulnerable can you say I'm into this this is what the mother of King Lemuel was charging some women charging their son look stand up for the Boulder Bowl Dole let people do things to them because they're in this moment of vulnerability and when you notice something is happening that should not be happening step in can you say amen to that let's continue with this number 3 what else knows what it says in verse 4 verse 4 hear the mother is still talking giving advice to her son it is not for kings over them Oh it is not for Kingston drink what. Wine nor for princes intoxicating drink notice lest they drink and forget the law and pervert the justice of all who are what afflicted In other words hear the mother's giving advice to her son supposed to be a problem 31 man look here's the thing be temperate live a lifestyle in which there is purity don't let alcohol come into your life more than just outlaw anything Tekken up that the mind because when your mind is affected when it's hampered when it's under this intoxication you lose in ability to be connected to gone and inability to carry out the will of God and what she was telling this man was this book when you are drunk you will stop caring about those who are afflicted and you will lose the reason for why God put you in this place to begin with you can take a good look at many of the crimes that are committed against individuals and you will find that many of those crimes came under people who were intoxicated there were individuals that decided to drink a little bit smoke a little bit and what happened is that their mind became confused and without excuses by any means they went down the path and one night a revelry changed the course of their entire life here the instruction is given watch out for these kinds of things but notice the next thing right here let's continue with this Proverbs Chapter 31 let's go all the way to verse 23 let's understand a little bit more about this poverty up to 31 man burst 23 notice what the Bible saying right here rapid fire her husband is known. In the gates at the gates where the gates were the very entrance of the city or Jerusalem and at the gates that's where the business men came together to have deals you can read the story of Ruth and Boaz right Boaz by the way was a proper story one man can you say amen to that did he not stand up for the oppressed right he was somebody that stood up for Ruth right and he was somebody who had a good reputation in the gate because when he went there to discuss with the men he begin to adjust they understood this man to be an honorable man and interested him to have a good reputation and they allowed the transaction to take place but what this is saying about the publisher to publish chapter 31 man is this Look you need to have a good reputation in the gates and then notice what it says next in the 2nd part of this verse her husband is known in the gates when he sits among the elders of the land this is interesting because the elders of the winners will be older people wiser people mature people but this young man has a reputation even amongst the elderly as someone is on or both someone who has integrity someone who is careful in what he does and someone who lives a godly life. And so that is the question does come what is your reputation like now I know there are some people here because of you know something like that your reputation may be skewed or darkened by some false rumors and words but here's the thing I want you to understand amongst those that are reasonable amongst those that are gone the amongst those that know you you need to have a good reputation Amen you need to be the kind of person lays listen up this is super important but I am not idealistic about romance and relationship whatsoever and I don't believe that someone else's story is going to be our story you hear these stories sometimes of people like I was in this jungle in the middle of this mission field and I prayed for 30 days God to send somebody and I was walking down the path on the end of the 30th day theory was. And I knew God brought us together. That person's story is not your story amen right that person's story is not your story. We need to understand very reasonable principles when it comes to these things when it comes to relationships consult the word and consult Dolly mentors and if there is not a drawback after much prayer the few of the Lord move forward right sometimes it averages and we're so frozen by things that are happening we overanalyze We have analysis Proust's about these things. Take some Gauley counsel and follow the process and it may not work out but at least you're follow the process can you say amen to that so this individual right here has a good reputation you talk to the God the older people and they could say some good things not the grouchy older people and he meant though you say something bad about you let's continue with this. The next part 31 man rapid fire we're going to do this so fast let's continue with 31 notice what it says right there in verse 27 she watches over the ways of her house so she does not eat the bread of idleness her children rise up and call the blessed notices her husband also he praises her something you notice about this Proverbs 31 man is that he is not intimidated by women can you say amen to that in fact when the Bible says she is able to purchase a land with the money she is saving and plant a garden you know what that is telling us about the problem chapter 31 manual say wait a minute I was talking about published up to $31.00 women know it tell us also something about the problems chapter $31.00 man is that he is not intimidated but the entrepreneur will ambitions of his wife Amen. But she is somebody that has dreams and somebody she has in vision but he's not he's not like oh no we're following only my way in the highway right you can say happy life happy wife happy life but I say happy spouse happy house right but here's the thing. Here's the thing this property up to 31 man no no no when he talks about his wife oh he's praising It's like look I got the best wife in the world right and away by element by the way she counsels couples when they're together in front of people for them not to joke about each other but being wrong with having fun and making light of things but she talks about wounds that grow and fester over Peter time you've been in a car ride with a couple and you're right in the car and all sudden they're like they're talking and somebody will make a comment about the other one and then there's this awkward tension in the car and you're like silent and you're like I need to get out of this car right now right you can tell somebody is hurt right and this is what she's warning about this Proverbs Chapter 310 he's praising her he's talking about her he's not just being fake He's not just you know as some kind of agenda he says look this is the best kind a woman you could ever have She's in courage a man. Am and the notices last part what's a good characteristic are published up to 31 man he knows how to find and spot a Proverbs Chapter 31 woman and he said Amen to that right he says her works praise her in the gates her works praise or in the Gates he's heard he knows he has seen this is a good woman. And in closing I think we need to understand just one or 2 things and that is this that when it comes to this whole chapter there are so many other characteristics by that we don't have time to go over about poverty chapter $31.00 we begin to see elements of what masculinity looks like it's more than the guy who's able to be you know muscular and carries a rifle nothing wrong with those things right the God who can hike up several mountains or then masculinity it's more than the gone shut down and women eating you know bed yelling contest or whatever but masculinity biblical masculinity looks like Jesus and men it looks like Jesus and you when you see Jesus you see a dignity and when you see Jesus you see someone who protected those that were innocent and vulnerable and when you see Jesus you see a gentleness and like the Bible says your gentleness has made me great you see someone who is willing to sacrifice and somebody who believed in the will of God and it was the one law of his life this is what masculinity looks like can you say men to that and there is nothing toxic about that this is what we want for our husbands our spouses are our you know the men that are in church the young men that are growing up this is what we want that they would become like Jesus and men and amen. Let's barrel has forward a prayer Father in Heaven God we thank you for just this. Brief Introduction and I thank you God that it is your will to restore in every person the image of the maker and you have called us to be men and women of God and Lord we need your help for those things show us more and more what that looks like may your character be reflecting our lives I mean we pass that on to others and thank you so much for being our gun in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit w w w audio 1st or.


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