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Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • January 2, 2010
    7:00 AM
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Andre father area page if ASAP it becomes the first Saturday in two thousand ten in a better way to start the year and to be here early in the morning seeking healing away so that we may know your burn the plans you have pressing this year in this morning ask a very special blessing and outpouring of the Holy Spirit to at least find a single person that your president and especially the Sebastian product will have your message this morning for your people maybe no five X Y you will have a special plan price that we will be the last generation to see you and that we would be the one to take this message to every single person on the way out to be the hero dies and open our hearts and our minds in the past use your message this morning in your name I pray amen will it see what I see the love sees us as an obvious you loud sees us and him and why you love Jesus I is the day that they had to be in the is a and the he and he in Yugoslavia this morning and then no other reason but because we love Jesus and we love to study the book that tested positive in Houston good news for you images and videos with you yes two things so last night I was then reflecting over my message about ten thirty p.m. I got a text message it was a little cryptic come downstairs right now okay why people get assassinated that we and they responded just come you got to see this okay on the government to stay in my room and so then my my younger brother comes back into the room and discuss only are everyone's gathered around this PNO in the Bible tells yes was he telling the truth yes there is at least young people unashamed singing old songs of Zion is natural yes is not good news so you guys kept her promise to give me a favor I pray you keep it up but I have even better news so my younger brother walked in his first comment was that hard to talk about me this morning and got back about a Wiccan but when I came so he wasn't here to hear me talk about it but my brother Ahmed God 's outreach yesterday really excited he came back and said you know that I get baptized and so far as you know when you've been praying for your family for seven years it doesn't really use right away right of all cats are back home cool collected and then my brother he was going out because he was telling me how on New Year's eve in the evening one of the reasons why to make my devotion was because he said he felt impressed to go next door he said Leno wanted to test my character this evenly over the drinking in the smoking thing you how I really have not now experience singles over the next night I was somehow people that nonbelievers were celebrating bringing in the new year drinking smoking becomes at least as often as he plays the trombone is really talented sages brings a little mouthpiece around to keep practicing those over he says all I want them to think immediately that was here for Christian conference Tucson just practicing my little trombone playing this is a travesty that is not talking atheism incognito was that causes July she was derisively sold he started going into generation of youth for Christ this is what's happening with this he said that I wasn't trying to get into this Christian thing so that they just kept pushing the issue Susan all the conversation mutants on spiritual every single person in the slow circle that he sitting with this python mode where they came from in terms of God the relationship with Jesus in charge and only the good things in mainly doing a lot of things to think about he doesn't leave until about four o'clock in the morning and unlike the monument signs punishing event among evaluated on outreach but as we all know this enough there's no person more unashamed than the new Congress event languages bold and brash documents of insurance allows blasting people left and right is like the wild wild West everyone I would so I got up this morning very encouraged to hear that good news that God has used you as you want to see the impact Marvin and as the Bible says in Proverbs chapter eleven believe it saw verse thirty verse twenty five that he that the liberal soul shall be made fat and gave them water and sewer also be watered himself in an opening pass away money spent to the imagination God has used me to speak to your heart just know that God is also used you to reach my heart my region my brother and he went out the room last night again and just on fire for the Lord Sunday's I will come up this morning so you would be angry at me before I left the title my guess is this morning is just this one time just this one time it's a very special message to me just because it articulates a lot of the things in my experience within a start from the book of second Chronicles chapter thirty two and once you get there will operate together second Chronicles chapter thirty two when either a statement flaunting of Assad does look good on Sabbath morning when I want to be an administered looking at it second Chronicles thirty two a leader in an all right that's prayed together mighty God everlasting father thank you for the gift of life I thank you Jesus for traveling over mountain land and sea to find the lost sheep of my brother I thank you for sweeping the house of the spirit to find a lost cooling and I thank you Lord for meeting him a great way off father reminds us of the first time we've hello Phyllis with loving kindness and goodness of God medicine and this morning father we we pray about it have you Holy Spirit you with praying the Scriptures ally that we may see Jesus in a new way that I had smeared burn within us is not Sebastian but as Jesus speaks with us by the week teach us Lord of the importance of improving every opportunity to bring Christ lives this is operator and we ask and trust that will help this to be our experience we ask in Jesus and second Chronicles chapter thirty two are you ready yes and that's it outside of Docherty requesting down ready to save men with something resonates with your heart yes amen all right second Chronicles thirty two verse twenty two the hospital would save Hezekiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem from the hand obstinate the king of Assyria and found that handle I have been and gone them on every side and maybe brought gifts unto the Lord to Jerusalem and presence that Hezekiah king of Judah so that he was magnified in the site upon the nations donations from thence now I need to give you a little bit of background here is that we start with as possible and saved Hezekiah anybody been saved in your Bible a sonar as well as identify the one that means this is exactly how we did as a result the state has a type the question is what anything Hezekiah Millikin University says on the hand on soon after it became the mystery is what happened he wasn't just the normal healing team coming up against the people of God and I began a military campaign and has yet started his military campaign he had the strategy right the child and after he was given a certain series of victories decimating towns bringing nations to their feet he joins a blessing at all before but the Israel Jerusalem's a very beautiful temple sabbatical away so select websites in the diplomatic any sends an e-mail to President Hezekiah Hezekiah makes up one morning after having his devotions check this e-mail and then his inbox is a message from Senator Epting of the scenery we says okay listen up Hezekiah we've been destroying country after country after country after country not women Israel and I figured rather than to decimate your country and destroyed Jerusalem how about you just surrender all and by the way don't try to do this religious stuff those not attending your God you know get on your knees and pray you it's me Ismail Lord standing in the need of prayer now don't try that stuff receiving other nations have turned to their God and that God is not help but makes you think you're going to deliver you from my son has hi something magnificent and also print print I'll e-mail to the e-mail the Bible says and he comes down and the house of the Lord and he actually spreads it out before the Lord I sent as a client comes to God in the Temple and he says were have you seen this this is my situation you see every other nation has not been able to gain victory over sin and I will allow you to stop events on Samantha and experiences in my life sometimes where you didn't know what to do some situations that seem to overwhelm you emotionally intellectually you have reached your wits and I don't know how to get out of this one and perhaps you know other young people or other individuals who have not were not able to get victory as well as though the Bible recommends to you and I to the example of Hezekiah there's some things you just got a spreading out before the Lord the son things a lot of garlic and honest they were this is the situation and is not a prophecy says if you just write it all before the Lord your spirit will be graced with endurance something about communion with God he says calls the soul and this was his inaccurate situation spreading it out before the Lord not really does this Isaiah and Hezekiah operating profit and King and God sends an angel destroys a hundred and eighty five thousand soldiers in one nine seven greatest obviously decimated and embarrass goes back to Assyria gets murdered by his own sons and then we pick up the Bible where it says Dawson the Lord saved Hezekiah they say that have you had any cynical situations in your life or maybe a facing one right now the other something of a phenomenon in the church I remember speaking at a series of different academies for some reason that invitations all came around the same time and everything Academy I would vote tool I was approached by young people about the staff about individuals being involved either in pornography masturbation sexual immorality at the Academy I want one Academy and young people under iPods anything classes watching for not being all and this is not a only high school student Academy so they had to ban all iPods and I remember one bluntly silently studying abroad especially tried everything we prayed with that sees as a prayer we fasted and prayed we've been trying to quarantine these individuals which have them staying on with someone to keep them accountable any citizen is this an accurate situation on this young person in his asset the devil comes to posting and know young people haven't survived this temptation what makes you think about the delivery that makes you think it will walk away from this scot-free do you really believe that God would never allow you to be tempted above which you are able and willing within temptation provide a way of escape do you really believe that you looking for the door at any temptation there is no I will deliver you and friends this is where the rubber leads the world in the Christian life people in the world want to know doesn't work Julie I have victory I went being delivered not from these in here and there are situations on a lie anymore I gave up for I stopped watching late-night crazy movies on HBO that what I know deep down when talking about the dark habits you want anybody to know about when talking about the things that are in the closet inside the closet inside the closet in the basement of your life when talking about the things that you are not ashamed of the says that we need to get knees and you wonder why this is the two hundredth time you come before the images going through the motions DOS the Lord see Hezekiah and because the Bible says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday the same today and the same problem that if he said Hezekiah working to free so when he got it to friends some of us got to make sure I believe this meeting this morning you have to put up your breakfast for little bit you may have to go back to the hotel until your friends just give me ten minutes I have a situation I need to spread out before the Lord I can't I don't have time for socializing were not intergenerational you can do a victory we can avoid that brothers and sisters there is no time to partly send this note found to correlate with temptation dancing on the doubles enchanted ground no time so we leave this meeting some of us might need to linger some of us mining to find a quiet place and somewhere we can spread it out before the some husband Scott account and on about the wings been treating his wife some child these the company blog on about the way they been treating the parents some young person has to call about those deep down says that they think nobody knows about we talked about the way we think evil is victimless is nobody it's not victims and got spread it out before the and I believe on the authority of Scripture that if you spread it out before the Lord like Hezekiah spread it out before the Lord God is the same and it means being when you're facing that temptation that was sent an angel to Jennifer Jesus in the wilderness even if of Jesus and Gethsemane he would love for you don't have to buckle and friends is hard to have a descent when you're on your knees are ready before the Lord sometimes we just need to stay in prayer like Jacob so the victim becomes a similar amount of illegible until you bless to you bless but the story gets better the battle continues on verse twenty two and he says after he saved them from the top of the habits of Jerusalem that is inaccurate the king of Assyria and from the hand of how many other now follow this guy means it wasn't just a theory that came up against Jerusalem and other nations trying to attack them so is other people getting get the picture I can usually about what they did to allow Assyria all that was Assyrian on and let us about that you know what I will deliver you not from this one temptation I really found a handout every other amen it doesn't happen individually on Monday on the following Tuesday things and it wasn't happening I went to lease that will let you go to Lawrence amen someone must believe that life on this island this number will let you ride for why you just comes right back at one moment and all your victories before just shut this is not the experience of Hezekiah the Bible says that God delivered him from the hand of Allah that adversely Julie says and then got behind them on every side anybody any gods goddesses morning and then I got to say gotten in on every side source of the price is valid this cabinet is not as you know director is not a secretary for it or maybe evangelism in the kingdom I don't know whatever the case may be he's got all these areas of thinking that he's managing economics policy diplomacy whatever he says that God is guiding the nation on every side every aspect of Hezekiah 's life God is providing the wisdom that is needed and that is important because is not enough keep delivering us doubtlessly lives in a way that we just don't fall into temptation at all amen God is not like I wanted to keep delivering this is not just a give-and-take relationship that has been delivering me Rabbi back into temptation things were delivering the route back into temptation and less about us on verse twenty three and many brought gifts onto the road to Jerusalem and presents to Hezekiah king of Judah so that five in the site foundations from thenceforth now this becomes even more powerful because missing back in those days as a nation that was exposing the kind of military victories that Jerusalem was experiencing they become very diplomatic about okay well if God is sending angels and every other nation is trying to come against them when you run a build out nice relationship with them when I wanted to get into Israel's life to come attack us so I wanted to send kids in combating you know that they are not the populace of the old king Hezekiah to bring you greetings from the Amorite kingdom this is just a gift than a token of friendship so Jerusalem never attacked us so many measures are bringing gifts and the Bible says so that she has a Kia was magnified in the site as nation allegedly notice what God is doing in Hezekiah 's life being an occupying submittal and situation and now you are exalted in the site of all nations now is the Bible exaggerating Destino when God says all nations he really means violations so here you have had to try is exalted in the site add nations in the world magnifying and always writing to the magnifying glass something as we smile and you blow it up as a Prius in the big time and every time I I think about this life the last of my priest his message some months ago I was last year actually and at that time it was just the right after Barack Obama got elected to the presidency and I remember during my travels I was on my wife was going to happen home in Loma Linda is on my way there I stopped off in the air when I like to do the meaning sometimes magazine see without there is into the magazine section and maybe resides you every magazine has Obama on the cover is sitting in the airport CNN knows Obama is a general Obama bulimia it's Obama DeRosa the magazine rack Obama Obama Holman regarding Obama 's on the government Anthony Obama 's on the cover of everything and I like this brother is magnified in the sight of all nations people in Africa talking about he is the Savior now now that he is president used to do a lot more of our continent other countries looking to president Obama exalted in the side of our nation 's opening madrasahs once I even pray for the brother as if he makes any mistakes it's over just as quickly otherworldly throughout they will quit because you don't and you can believe that some people looking for dirt on them but here's Hezekiah exalted in the sight of all nations the Bible has these extra two words is says in the site of all nations or events to that means from this point on so we reroute these lounges on the cover of every magazine and on every time you turn on the television he's got an interview with some functionalist at some point in time that's not just his fifteen seconds of fame Hezekiah is exalted from thenceforth all the way off so you keep going on the Hezekiah Hezekiah keeps being exalted these member on CNN he's never all the news is always on your twitter is always on Facebook is always on everything I meant his mother is still popular now if you have one of these scrapings and you Bible want to put here the second Chronicles thirty two while you can put it also notes or whatever you have their second Chronicles I don't want to put as little strengthening year ever been assigned to second Kings chapter twenty second accordingly an essay that do not daresay have mercy okay second Kings chapter twenty are we there and then I noticed this with me so now this is right after I delivered and sometimes understanding the Bible you have to study both accounts of the situations account for all the pieces together so attorney was not thinking shop to twenty which did not give us the information we just got in second Chronicles thirty two sonatas the timeline is exalted in the side of violations from thenceforth dogsbody on every side he saved them from the head is an accurate analysis teachings twenty is the exact next experience in those days was Hezekiah sick unto death and the prophet Isaiah the son of Amos came to him as an attempt to save the Lord sent nine house in order but also that I cannot live then he turned his face of and prayed unto the Lord saying I beseech the Lord remember now how I have left before the into and with appropriate for and have gone back which is good in thy sight and Hezekiah Bledsoe BC Hezekiah was one of the greatest reformers in the history of the nation says Solomon Joliet cellular phones suddenly waking teens and now finally has armpits a godly king regularly I will knows how to spread it out before the Lord to get a juicy president who knows how to come to well you learn as a lord this is what we need as a nation people of God and he knows the power of prayer and now back on the digital messages says you need to get your house in order could you die you're not going to live from the students but Hezekiah believes that even though the prophet of God gave him this message he still turns to God in prayer says Lord you know what I eighty weeks before God and in verse four the Bible says this anything to pass before Isaiah was gone out into the middle court that the word of the Lord came to him saying turn again and tell Hezekiah the captain of my people nor say of the Lord the God of David thy father I have hard I have seen thy tears can you say amen behold I will heal the on the day now shall go up into the house of the Lord and I will ad infinitum is how many years how many years you are fifteen years to Hezekiah 's life now notice this I will add on to buy these fifteen years and I would eliminate the city out of the hand of the king of Assyria and I will defend the city from my own sake and for my servant David's sake and Isaiah said take a lump of pigs and apes ovulated on the Broyles and he recovered he thought that natural remedies was a new thing it's right there and said thinking things on your boils on a big use that to be on the short so that the Osama things is browsing and what has happened now he's confidant is evidently says that in an you know they sought to be to bring your people back to work and God before Isaiah is even out on the court is in the middle courts gone just another bring a message and I do not believe such a house in order he leads not going down and walking on your walk out of the number comes up on you before you even leave the palace in time back that will reasonably and when at fifteen years of a national question if you are on your deathbed and God came to you by revolution and told you were going to die everything came back and said I'm going to add fifteen years to your life would you tell anyone national RW reviewed with Thessalonians UIC and something is happening I was supposed to die so now you have the situation that Hezekiah is a population is now let's just say the story ended there would that not be a public disgrace in and of itself yes you think that something and be ashamed of no let's keep reading verse eight Hezekiah Senator Isaiah what shall be the sign that the Lord will heal me and that I shall go up unto the house of the Lord the third day and Isaiah said this sign shall not have the Lord that the route will do the things that he has spoken Shabbos shadow over ten degrees above back ten degrees number the past year I would have to would you think I did astronomy in college so maybe one of these sundials the thing that's in the middle electronic arts is called the gnomon with the G and you have to make sure you cut it according to the latitude away was followed in Michigan when I was in college is not encoded according to a something around forty degrees south of the cardinal Minneapolis-based North and him based upon the shadow of the Sun you see the shot of all and you'll notice what time it isn't used to agree is somewhere in around ten fifteen sometimes up to thirty minutes depending so I make a sundial in our national question if God told you today on the lyrical produces the brother and elegant Dynamo look available for you and hear your choices the sun can even go down fifteen degrees or can go back ten degrees on the USA go down no one right we wouldn't say that because the sun naturally goes that direction right nothing miraculous ability of as a gauntlet of the sun is going down the house immediately Eagles down every day and you think that's a sign from God so Hezekiah like you and me comes about us is not an adult collagen of the sun back ten degrees so gone then you know there's nothing to have for the Lord amen so God comes in a society that's monosyllabic in Isaiah the prophet cried unto the Lord and he brought the shadow ten degrees backward but would you have gone down in the dial of a half 's so that the sundial and going back ten degrees like I said about thirty minutes to an hour now that's pretty significant yes the samples five p.m. Sabbath comes in around five o'clock and in Senegal even the sun back into what all of the lines so you notice the difference to have you back a lot means yesterday in imagining other coming up on the bus Wildmon seeing things a high missing my sons on the bus in August that it hasn't arrived back at the lingo convention center the sun comes back over the horizon outreaches and over the bluff to the reports jogged back out the mysteries of Louisville a bad one while the results knowledgeably about this if God will do something you wouldn't tell anybody yes or no would you be ashamed so the triumph is a man that God moves the simple and his son wasn't even the miracle it was just the sign and that he lets keep reading verse twelve at that time belladonna melodic notes on a pronouncing the son of bin Laden King of Babylon send letters and a president on said Hezekiah for he had heard that Hezekiah had been one sick so he learned that Hezekiah had been sick wanted to send gifts and he says this entourage he says letters and a present verse thirteen and Hezekiah Harken unto them and he shown them notice that next word three letters what is it what is it each other what all the house of his precious beings the silver and gold the spices the precious ointment and then I would abuse again was annexing that alert all this armor MSN I see the work and all that was found in his pleasures that was how much nothing in his house nor in what's that word again all his dominion that Hezekiah showed them not so they show up in some presents yes against all all all and but it are not showing there was nothing I'd initially and right when he did that the prophet Isaiah struggles along like a faithful messenger even if God called me to say the opposite message when talking to do I think of the faithful messenger he shows up right on time and he comes in verse fourteen he says then came Isaiah the prophet onto King Hezekiah and he said to him but said these men and polenta Changi onto the and Hezekiah said they are come from a broad country even from Babylon now how many questions that Isaiah asked him on the questions to those questions but that these men had provided a Congress question is not answered was that these men right now you know what happens when you ask people to question any no answer you doesn't conviction right the also the story is not about my brother to using such about my brother Royce to illustrate this point before the Christian I spent a lot of money on shoes that these Air Jordan thirteen 's the baby blue ones maybe remember some of us old like me hundred and sixty five dollars seems so about this chart is an ice to be extremely fastidious about my students saw actually right now in my house that are probably ten to twelve years old you never know I should clean my shoes at me they were not open school short ends I never wore them all the time otherwise needs a shower room is all right let's say that the Sabbath of the quality sat about issues absolutely not my brother was in middle school I was in high school I might know she was a hundred and sixty five dollars sub 's valuation luggage was in eighth grade I might know you're not wearing much and so one day I will looking upon me was somehow some sense of kindness into my heart I called insanity bar issues sure now they did okay use of eighth grade like what could possibly happen and it was a day that you know it was raining outside out that it's okay how does clean when he gets home so of course you don't go to school we come home from school and I really like the prophet Isaiah a man hours a day all were my shoes and my day was great where are my shoes and I used to have a little shower of a mile closet like at my shoes and I will put a nice drapery over my shoes so that when he did not a policy so I got my closet and you can deserve the music right done done done done done done for the drive back of my logo my shoes and a girl 's name was signed into blogger online to Americans and the rest of the story but he's still alive when asking people to question an adult answer you there is an conventional something and Mrs. Hezekiah so Isaiah goes on to drive the message home follow this so in verse fifteen and he says not have been seen in thine house and Hezekiah answered all the things that are in my house have they seen there is nothing among my want treasures there's nothing among my treasures that I have not show them in Isaiah said unto Hezekiah he the regard of the Lord behold the days come that is in thine house and that was my fathers have laid up in store unto this day this isn't just about what Hezekiah has accumulated this goes all the way back to Solomon everything that the house of David has accumulated rest upon your choice at this time so now you have come with the accumulating riches of David and Solomon Josiah of Joe Ash I have accumulated in the house of God right there under your hands in your possession I've seldom everything and he says that things are coming when all that is in your house Hezekiah was seventeen and that was their fathers have laid up we selected this date shall be carried into Babylon nothing shall be last day of the Lord and of thy sons that shall issue from the which thou shalt beget they shall take away and it shall be units in the palace of the king of Babylon knowledge and ability yourself is there another book in the Bible that talks about riches being taken from the house in Jerusalem yes but what does that the book of Daniel a remote talk about any Julia Jews were units in the Palace of Babylon the book did you know that Daniels blood exists because of the situation and the question is why was so harsh riser that all that is in my house is going to be carried to Babylon why is him then my father some accumulated until now and he carried to Babylon including not my range is only about my own children and my descendents and to be regularly meant you had to be cash breathing because things were not trust UNIX denouncing the women in the concubine and Daniel was in the palace of Babylon because it has a kind not told you to keep that strengthening various who backed the second Chronicles chapter thirty two second Chronicles chapter thirty two are you there verse twenty four and those days Hezekiah was suspended that prayed unto the Lord and he spake identity gave him a sign that was in you know what you mean the sun yes you get verse twenty five Hezekiah rendered not again according to the benefit don't want to fill his heart was lifted up therefore there was wrath upon him and upon Judah and Jerusalem notwithstanding Hezekiah humbled himself for the pride of his heart both he and the avenues of Jerusalem so that the rapid landlord came not upon them in the days of Hezekiah roughly seven and Hezekiah had exceeding riches of the doors treasures but thirty one hobby in the business of the ambassadors of the princes of Babylon was sent onto him to inquire about what inquire about what to require on the lender that was done in the land God left him to try him that he may know that within his heart what was the one difference that was the one problem is you are going to Babylon yes or no question this on the city Babylon and yet nobody not been decided on Sunday the government is on volume and will will and you thought this is crazy and I noticed that you go back to your house United cup of coffee pick up your Babylonian times and you look in the newspaper Hezekiah 's God moves the sun and the sun is my God thought your God is my God that he was not more powerful regional recliner on the lender and you suddenly everything in your house but that's not what I wanted to see I'm not that Hezekiah I saved it is inaccurate I gave you a sign on the sun for you I brought Babylon to your feeds and I just wanted you to win this one we just this one time just this once you could have changed the course of human history Babylon could it be combination following the troop in all Daniel 's had to do with Hezekiah 's have failed to receive friends hold off on the music once it you see friends God has not moved the physical song for you and me he moved the son of God that's all I can get is anemic cannot move a celestial star made of hydrogen for you he knows he will all things consist they took him by him all things were created Jesus is the only one who has seen the father at any time and I you will loose himself that Daniel can see the father and abusing me when using the father and you have Jesus on his throne and have been and gone moves his son for you they come to your house and you want to talk about how we have great veggie meat factories make Ontario has a lot of talk about a note the problem our health system is the public educational system is in God has blessed us as it starts when people come to the fleet they came to inquire of the wonder that is something to talk about our large trophies all are precious things in our house and it says all his treasures disease is not your treasure when someone comes and talks to you we'll give them the most precious thing to be like Hezekiah we went again according to the benefit done to us Adaline says I hear people speak of the fact it's so hard for me to get all to God he says when Jesus gave everything for you I'm ashamed to speak and I'm ashamed to write how can you withhold from Jesus Jesus but have not been regularly and when we go to the gas station when a hacker convention center lowballing often the hotel and the elevated godlike angels with his colleague Justice one time can come about the wonder to talk about how I saved you both inaccurate I went on a Bible study just talk about a button all experience talk about what you outline and how you see talk about where you were drunk and now he is sober talk about the fact that he is living out there in the world listening to the devil 's music being about the devil 's business novel about God 's business it always breaks my heart when I was in hip-hop we get on the bus they you all are robbing us on those long as we want is documented on the buses and amazing grace a song with the real message capable real heart and knows how to grapple with the real issues of life and also I just this one time friendly can be messing around with opportunities to share Jesus unbeknownst to you like Hezekiah that could be the moment when you can change the course of human mission of Jaworski to proclaim the three Angels messages to all the world and Christian NYC dot-coms before you and me laying before you in our the deliverance the miracles the ways that he has blessed us a sense can you not witness for me just this once friends if we do our work will go home are you hearing me in with your work we will go to argue why seems that our divine service and you can get a real message I don't have been in an essay our speaker this morning is the Holy Spirit sitting down and search engines alike is that the taking now Gabriel you can sit there right right now I'm a lunch appointment with Abraham under the tree and we do our work we will go we will be that generation Jesus says it will happen and because of that dogs like just this one time think about how we move Jesus for you think about the benefit done San Francisco's business this is powerful some years ago after the Thessalonian couple times but it bears repeating but I remember some years ago I was confronting my past before I knew Jesus and I remember as I finish my campus missionary program it was just convicting him upon my heart this is something she did Sebastian were against the law I listen to a message Doctor Dement reach faithful unto death about a young man who was extortion in England came to Doctor that is okay what should I do you should go back until I became extremely convicted site I sat now adoptive people in the summertime I said I think him and go back flew down template detective told him everything he said okay to go back to Michigan volitional if anything happens February twenty six is a Ramos 's birthday I went to see him endearing springs are striving from East Lansing actually my fellow missionaries car gents whatever it was as on leaving from various ago back home I get pulled over for speeding in your essay I take my license registration the usual cause back he says I've never lived anywhere else besides Michigan yes Illinois California okay I think this is a mixup but I just want to check comes back to the car again what is Social Security number now this is a little off center so security number he goes back a second time the police Mrs. Sebastian you must get arrested and comes back he says Mister write some amino acids that one of the young the right to remain silent on the missionary you have the right to remain silent right outside various rings above-listed a single because your crime was committed in Michigan you are considered a fugitive top security and so sad that Doctor Watson couldn't be here because I talk to her before the situation I told her you know this is a possibly I could go to jail and she looked at me in the eyes she said he was a good spiritual mother Jesus Sebastian wherever you go with gauntlet to go to jail and he wanted to serve in jail because God will place you what you need you to be sucked up to the back of the cop car handcuffed the guys driving me and was quite in a car lived in the USA our Eucharistic Elizabeth Mary says I used to be what happened people doing some funny things with the money so I decided to stop going to church I separately but it shows for people who go to church for Christ and maybe some people in our church that need to see someone who's really faithful he got quiet he says these crimes that you are accused of was is before you know Jesus or after use it's a very good question I said before it wasn't for Jesus would've never gone away the path again we got to the police station because I wasn't fugitive quotation marks that the strip search me off they should certainly drop me off they say you look at me says on the consider going back to church I appreciate the conversation they put me in holding for four days since then and aromas big as a baffling is also building of a sports are not discovered dangerous just boobs I remember waiting in their they finally transferred me to population maximum-security will have large legacy it's iron doors so I walked into the population as I walked in as a group waiting to meet me they want to see Moses now I want everything I wanted to unlike the auto talk about it but I manually like one of those blue-collar guys that you've always level some girl you know she was fifteen I sent on is enough is it wiser do I sound talk about them I'm a Christian now is the ideal Christian said rather 's guys names Michi they bring them into the middle of us are going to say me she he he got caught with half a million dollars worth of marijuana on and then harbor it wasn't on his life around to find out what was life not this one it's on they would never give me a Bible and ask about it so I can have the Bible is that while you know your massive security fugitive unit got a paper cut yourself to the okay does that make sense Matthew Mark so I I I come I start selling and residences what we need to know the word of God in our hearts no Bible I thought counseling about how to find Oslo for his life after that I want to my room my roommate 's name is Alabama settlement data like I'm in jail while I'm sitting there a young man comes to my room knocks on my door yes he says .com is one brother Eli seen too many movies not by Lord is always in the United States Marine Corps but I'm a Christian now started Jesus just help me not to give my life for volunteers rolled my heart is just complicated on young my heart is blessed now much as SideArm until his room I send out he says a brother on emergent talking on their analogy www. Mendez mother can help me I still know what you need is is wrong getting out of jail and three months and am I going to get married and want to learn how to have a Christ centered marriage in a number to talk about this guy knows the word he can help me so I said shocking in your Bible study on that but it will give me a Bible because the market is gone over there fighting is wrong about another gentleman you look like like the Godfather of the area is coming along beer and he's been in a hundred times such a hated to leave to give me a Bible 's own problems Elizabeth mattress is like a backing James McCain Dave and I am I limited the new King James grabbed the Bible got back within the role because of the amount of my roommate joins me I said sure so we sent down by the end of the Bible study everyone in the prison was crammed to never listen to the word of God and you know me I'm a preacher sodomy can appeal how many of you they all raised their hands they stand out we pray the Godfather dime game in the Bible he says of this essay your prophet of God Los Angeles that you toss the word of God nothing in the Bible studies twice a day rights for the president is an annual tank that happen is that probably sometimes realize now that communities and not so in the morning I thought prophecy in the evening he's practical Christianity strongly believes Battle studies three weeks wondering aloud about down with the time to pray three to four hours a day so this one evening I've been in there in jail for three weeks now spring and lots of Sebastian believing the day after tomorrow okay got up the next morning with my prophecy Bible study lesson guys thoughtfully then I'm leaving tomorrow don't make this jailhouse religion don't just do this because you got caught that's not true repentance make sure when you leave this prison is your freedom as an occasion to further the cause of the how you know you're leaving how you know that was talking to you so I guess we'll see tomorrow in the afternoon same thing next morning I wake up God is good let's eat breakfast first get my breakfast and I at the jail I was known as the good brother that's what everyone called me saying that as a good brother I was only being a Christian in their survey until the Roman Ivanov said he says Braxton you're leaving the entire prison freezes and the guy goes out across the lot closer he was a prophet I told you gathered around the flag I like getting my love and the way they make it on this you can have this passing out my Bible and all this other stuff condos rising over a lot of things a lot more things in the store downtown to get to this point so I come down to transforming their cargo before the John's long-standing Army for the John is a Saddam is a okay Mister Branson all you do the census paused on Saint Albans people I am a religious counselor this is a religious counselor everyone looks at me and them in the courtroom missionary this is really what you work finishing you don't sound like a criminal unlike not now I don't see causes okay let me see if I can let you go protective often has a piece of paper it just says Sebastian on December third this was probably March or April by this time I been in jail for while someone has signed the signature bond I have been assigned this newspaper you can go home free from December the prior year you never happened with you I walked out the next day I was home in Michigan active ministry God was thinking in his mind highlight can't each rule child of God to cross paths with a drug dealer how do I get a serial rapist to sit at the feet of listening to the word of God wanted this guy was sixteen then caught with AK-47 since he was twelve years old how I get these young men to somehow have access to my work and got says this is how I do it Sebastian I got your life I permit circumstances and in this one situation I just need to do to win is for me just this one time I'm going back to visibility and a couple times Vietnam is still in the faith still reading the great controversy user-friendliness on opportunities to impact our world our generation and therefore to change the course of human history we don't know and as a result of that instructions as a result of that many of us fail to witness for the Lord Joss this one how many opportunities having my past to speak to someone who wanted to inquire of the one is about two degrees in all your profits that want to get closer they came to inquire of the one Charlie how God moved the sun for coming how he saved you from selector just want to many of us are like Hezekiah his story is yours and mine we show them everything because the one thing that is not our treasure is rushing how can you be ashamed of someone who saves you how can Jesus not be precious and when those opportunities come you said you were talking about the physical something which won't tell people of God means son of God every head is bowed in every eyes close to appeals appeal number one in by your grace will always be so the Spirit of God because God is not given us a spirit of fear but a spin of power and wealth and of a sound mind and want to miss any of the opportunities to witness but you a lot assume this morning give me the wellness of your spirit I do not pass over any opportunities for ministry and as I went to dispensing if the anonymous Internet opportunities even if it's just this one time every opportunity I couldn't remember I just found a witness value just this one time don't think about tomorrow don't remember the rejection of yesterday just this one time now my second appeal was this across as young people into my seat is fine for some estimates of radical communist dickies not as minimizing the many things one time so my goal is these for us as a movement from here we are January second two thousand and ten five best day next year two thousand eleven to the Lord of the conference missing the common again sometime to actively furthering your car do something on Lebanon before not a cop would never gone on a mission trip not only had to speak to my mother about Jesus never actually got down and down the book of Revelation and shouting with other people God is touching a hot right now and saying hey you you want to do something for me just this one if God is speaking to what will you let them do something I'm never done before I learned that in just this one time this appeal is that everyone talking specifically to people I know you many times in my heart and witness do something I'm never done before without a mission trip on the embassy you are working just this one time and has other addictions begin it's not just one time do something just this once Preston presses him to make room just this one time Lord Mrs. one hundred and ten when you go to the hotel rooms might want to write down our decision in twenty oh three and tell someone to keep your child just want more do something I've never done before no more shame be like Jesus Allah despise machine company doing such contradiction of sinners against myself and I'm been into because the sun gotten something mystery heavenly father we cannot say enough how thankful we are that it was not the physical son that you but it was the son of God and we pray love that as we seek to render according to the benefit on to us that you protect us from our hearts be lifted up you must furnish the Northwest start in sin or not do not overlook any other opportunities to witness for you but also liberalize welcome went to do something he does need never done before just like you did something you've never done before and how to become a man and experience death for every you were born even though you would be agent of these father we pray but that same spirit that moved Jesus to come office it will move us and when we gone there for you just this one time we pray Lord we pray we will come back with a hot that is burning with desire to achieve your to keep surfing skiing putting all into this work for Jesus came as accountable spirit of God leaders of those unable to be our companions in this commitment to that were not just coming off another appeal this is not an emotional responsible works were making intellectually credible decision on choosing this made one will serve on choosing lesser people for their willing and uses mightily to finish a work in this generation this is our prayer and we ask that you help us to be our experience we are in Jesus and this was used by audio verse four Gbytes generation of Christ he would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. 's life as well or if you like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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