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Mercy and Truth are Met Together

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference


  • August 16, 2019
    8:00 AM


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Father in heaven we are before you at such an early hour. For some this is not an early hour and for some this is a very early hour. Before either way you want to calibrate our minds and our hearts towards you toward spiritual things towards have been and that Lord we can't do we can't do by ourselves we cannot do by our works we cannot do by our human effort we need your Holy Spirit to do that so Father we ask for grace to cover to pardon to forgive and we asked for grace to empower to change and to sing to 5 bless the speaker bless those who are in in hearing of this message bless the recordings the technology we pray that you be glorified in the end we pray in Jesus' name amen. In 2012 March 9 researchers from the University of Glasgow observed 4 groups of solar flare loops that contracted rapidly during a flare the loops had a staggered start to their collapse showing delays of 60 to 80 seconds from the inner to the outer loops this event which was recorded on video by the way is a great example of quote simultaneous implosion and explosion. Energy is transferred from the magnetic field to power of the flare leaving a pocket of reduced magnetic support that causes an implosion the staggering between the loop contractions is caused by the time delay needed for the information about the loss of support to travel outwards the loop the loop contractions are triggered at the same time as the flare begins emitting intense extremes in microwaves 3 hour loops show clear oscillations even as they contract with the sync periods and phases after being compressed by the collapsing loops the flaring loops oscillate until they find a new equilibrium as indicated by the extreme mission from the hot plasma during the contraction a wave blast revealed by the extreme ultraviolet radiation spreads away from the source of the flare I do not understand anything I just read. All I know is that they recorded something bright in the sky. But it was a phenomenon where as something was was exploding it was also imploding simultaneously. Recorded on video this is found on the surface of the sun and as the Word says implosion something going in explosion something going out is happening at the saying time and you don't find this phenomenon commonly throughout nature the greatest simultaneous explosion implosion in the universe I submit to you this morning is found not on the surface of the sun. But in Psalms Chapter 35. So if your Bibles are not if not if this is due why semen you should have your Bibles if it's in print better if it's and digital That's OK go through Psalms 85 and please hurry up you're making the sermon wait too long for some people that was just introduction you understand Psalms 85 through there please say amen if you're still looking for it hurry up a Psalms 85 Psalms is the the largest book in the Bible it should be easy to find him in Chapter $85.00 is is self evident it should be after $84.00 if you're from some civilization with numerical digits and then you're still looking at some of your still looking hurry up hurry up quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly some 35 Verse one the Bible says the Bible says. Lord the house been favorable on to the land that was brought back the captivity of Jacob you have forgiven the iniquity of by people you have covered all their sins a law that was taken away all their wrath that ice turned I saw from the fierceness of dying anger. First for now chapters one of verses one through 3 is on that past tense now we see a transition into the present tense and it is now a prayer request for. Turn us so God of our salvation and cause your anger toward us to cease 1st 5 well be angry with us forever well they'll draw out the anger to all generations 1000 not revive us again that by people may rejoice in the 1st 7 show us they mercy oh Lord grant us by salvation one key to Bible study is to look for words or for meanings of repetition in a particularly passage you can do that in these words are not the words of end and the high but conceptual words and the of the word that's for that's repeated hear the word that is repeated here in this passage in verse 3 Verse 345 and 6. Should get another money this is going in and out. When you go back and get one. If. You have. To think verse 3456 women not testing 123 Verse 3456 Yes Very good very good 1st 3 The Bible says that was taken away all day wrath vine anger verse 4 you caused the anger verse 5 will you be angry verse 5 will you drop out by anger What is the Afraid or the concept of being repeated over and over again and this is concept of anger this passage is talking about the anger of God the wrath of God and before you freak out before you freak out. These are verses and this is a concept that many people don't like to talk about and you don't hear this kind of preaching anymore or if you hear this kind of preaching it's kind of in this we're Baptist sense that God is holding us above the hell fire that it is his mercy that's what he's angry with us anger in this sense is not human anger Amen Now some of you know that intellectually but we need to understand that when God is talking about anger this is divine anger this is pure anger there is no little illustration here on earth that is commensurate with the anger of got. This is not your father's anger him in. Some of you are from from immigrant cultures a you know what I'm saying in. Your father is do things that are illegal in North America yes. This is not divine anger Amen. Some of us we have this concept of anger that we get from our parents this is not divine anger. Divine anger is a divine property of God if you will and I don't like to say that in that sense it makes it sound like we're studying an object in this is the property but it is an attribute it is a characteristic of God Some of you have had bad experiences with people bad experiences with anger maybe you have an anger problem yourself that is not the anger of the gods and someone's Amen. This word anger or word for Wrath another word for it oh another word for it is just this. It's what everyone and so every time you see the wrath of God the anger of God You can take that word out and replace it with justice or just or righteousness. The wrath of God is better than the kindness of men. But do not be mistaken the wrath of God will be fare worse than any human metaphor. The wrath of God is perfect it is never cruel but once the results are in acted they are for certain. The wrath of God is not something to freak out over but it is something to be aware of at all times. General Romans chapters 133 you don't have to turn there but I'm going to I'm going to summarize the whole point of what Paul is trying to say is that God is angry there is something called the wrath of God There is something called justice it is on the same it is 2 sides of the same point of injustice love and wrath if God were just really a God of love only in that sense without justice without wrath and he just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that would make him see he would cease to be a God of love for example I love my sons and men I love them and men and I love them. And you need a lot of love in this room is the way what is this concept of love for us. It's the facial expression that you're giving off OK how you look is how you all are. I love my sons Amen. And i love them a lot i mean they're really cute now they can get really annoying and there are times where i do not manifest the love of god to them him and i have humen the raf as well i i have to admit that now my love towards them is commensurate towards my hatred towards anyone or anything that harms of them do you understand if some individual comes to especially my 2nd son he's a lot cuter because he's younger ok not because he's cute very to say younger ones are it's we have the debate in our in our family approach was cuter and the one son always loses and other son when this because he's younger now if any person where to come to this sons and do you know fill them to boink whatever i want to get go there and if i work a father of law love you i love you and the violet i love you too were all oh would i be a father of a love and no my love towards the sun is commends your it to do a wrath and they hatred i have towards the via liter it's make sense and so if this entire salvation this entire speared this whole salvation thing there were it's the revelation of how much god hates the violate her the violation and you woman's chapters one through 3 the wrath of god is review and he saying this that if god loves humanity he also hates that which and violates you man's and romans chapter one you saying all gentiles you are sinners Gentile's you asked or it's a foolish miss and you are when you receive you should receive the wrath of God In Chapter 2 Romans Jews before you point the finger Don't be too fast to do that because those are sinners as well yes if it pal were writing today you would say Chapter one not on the 7th Day Adventists are sinners but Chapter 2 admin this the way your sinners to. Chapter 3 His conclusion is we are all sinners and because we are sinners we deserve death verse one Jenna Romans chapter 3 verse 11 advantage has the Jew and his hope one is that the Jew really doesn't have a salvific advantage they are merely the the holders of the oracles of God verse 2 verse 9 What then are we better than the Gentiles know in no wise for we have proved both Jews and Gentiles that we or they are all under sin verse 10 as it is written there is non one righteous not one verse 19 now we know that what things so ever the law said it said to them who are under the law that every mouth maybe stop that as their world may be guilty before God verse 20 Therefore the deeds of law shall there be no flesh be justified in the sight for by the law is the knowledge of sin verse $23.00 I have sinned and come short of the glory of God deserve the wrath and the justice of God as the server divine annihilation. That's the point of Romans Chapter 23 Amen good news it now for good news really to be appreciated we need to know the condition that we are in for it to be good. For if we don't know how bad the circumstances we do not appreciate the good news. So char 2nd chapter 4 all the way to chapter 89 we see the Gospel revealed in in Romans now going back to Chapter 85 of of Psalms we see that this is the greatest Some aside time simultaneous implosion and explosion in the universe verse 8 I will hear what God the Lord will speak for he will speak peace unto his people and to his sayings and let them not turn again to follow the verse 9 surely his salvation is $99.00 them that fear Him that glory may do well in our land 1st then mercy and truth are met together righteousness and peace have of what have kissed each other truth shall bring spring out of the earth and righteousness shall look down from heaven the aid the Lord said give that which is good and our lands show you and her increase verse 13 righteousness so go before him and so set us in the way of his steps here you see the great controversy being painted here in the great controversy you have the entity of God and then you have Lucifer some of you are very familiar with the story who stands up and in Lucifer is P. H. D. thesis dissertation. He comes up with this idea this novel idea for the 1st time in the universe he thinks of something quote created which is not really creative it's evil but he pit God's love against his justice. To eternal pillars of the of the character of God 2 things which which people have thought would be completely simultaneous completely inseparable Satan comes up a way to bhai for keep these 2 elements and hits them against each other. I mean this is this idea was so novel that one 3rd of the angels one 3rd of these prestigious cerebral beans fell for this Ph D. dissertation. We see it today love verse truth judgement verse pardon verse Grace How does God simultaneously express the holiness of judgment with the love of parting How does he do it and for about almost 4000 years in human history the angels were wondering. How. The universe was always wondered demanded to be toes looking at the Earth channel on their T.V.'s streaming live. How was this possible. And it was up to cross. It was at the cross or all angels fallen or on fallen or completely convinced that the PH distribution was in correct. With the Angels 2 thirds that were upstairs like man we made the right choice and the one 3rd the cross said man we made the wrong choice. Just this is something we typically want for other people yes or no mercy is something we want for ourselves yes or no if you're laughing it's you know it's true. Sometimes we asked the question man why can't God just for good I mean like he tells us to forgive and you know what this person did to me and God just I just for Game 7 times 777 and you make it go away I mean why I can't God just do what he tells me to do for others. Well you're not God yes. That is a selfish perspective to have. A violation against the law giving law of God life giving law of God results in automatic death. Meaning someone who is the a pity me of life someone who gives life if you disconnect from them what happens to you. You die. Manisha page $51911.00 why she says Justice demands that sin not be merely pardon but that the death penalty must be executed. We see this in different areas of life for those of you how many of you are married please raise your hands raise your hands of married people God bless you. God bless you we need more mercy than single people Amen. In marriage we see this standards verse forgiveness. For those of you American effort if you're single don't judge us don't you dare judge the judges the same is going to happen we hope the same thing happens exactly to you but in marriage you're living with another person I mean marriage is the most unhappy state of living in human existence I mean this the romantic comedy culture like you meet this person you're happy for the rest of your life there's a reason why the movie ends when you're married at the marriage the wedding altar there's a reason why the movie is the movie the movie doesn't continue because there is no good news with this. Marriage does not lead to happiness. Holiness leads to happiness. And the purpose of marriage is to develop Holiness a man single people a man married people. Say that the single being a man married people. Are. Selfish beings have to live with another selfish being too black was living together in the same household. Do you expect one to survive No it's the destruction of the universe in marriage you have a selfish being and we impose standards we need to do this you need to take out the garbage you need to you know pick up your son after school and if you don't know. You can enact judgement on the but there you go again there you go again C. C. C. C. C. C.. And so the marriage is an exercise of mercy and forgiveness eternally. Children another example how many of you have children raise your hands Lord have mercy upon you. Mercy single people don't judge us childless people don't judge us but children exist not for your happiness. They exist for your sanctification. They are the most selfish beings in the universe just like you who. And here they have been you if you want you need to lay down the laws and rules you need to but but but they really will break. And so we need to enact justice and judgment but how do you do justice. At the same time so if we don't learn that in our marriages we learned that through our children. Some of you are saying well I don't have marriage I don't have wedding part person I don't have kids I am single you are the most selfish person in the universe we are all living by yourself all. We have something called the government. And so what the government how do you enact justice and mercy at the same time you will speeding down the lane and then and you don't have police here in Canada you have the you know the the the Royal Mounted police on horses as it were going to vote whoever and for what the weather was that what is the acronym Yes The R R C M P D whatever you said so they're there and they've caught you and what is what is the people who are causing us office you call them OFFICER Yes OFFICER Yes please give me full justice I deserve fold just give me enough. You don't see that. You look at you look into their eyes it's with mercy and you go into theatrical mode yes and some of you who are of the female gender you know how to do this art form lean open your eyes really been a little bit of water on the body. This is my 1st. I was you know driving to the hospital because my grandmother and my mother and my whole family's diving misses the RAST and suddenly please I asked her peers. Yes or no. I'm using speeding as a straight I hope that's the only violation you've committed against the government. Example Number 4 is church discipline. We don't see this too common in our churches in North America but the churches have authours the vested in the local churches to discipline their members that if you have someone who has a 7th Day Adventist self declared acknowledged by the church body to be a witness of the 70 AD It's the nomination and they're out in public and they're drinking and they're smoking and they're carousing in public and church member see them in public and they acknowledge that in public the local church has a responsibility to disfellowship that member that this fellowship is not a sign of salvation can someone say amen but it is a move. That person to salvation to often we disfellowship someone we don't talk to them for but it is a time that we should visit them love them pray for them nearer than any other point in their lives to use discipline redemptive lean so we see this in marriage we see this in children we see the government we see this even within the church how do we balance all and mercy together. It's too often we say I don't want to think about this all I want to say is offering you grace for me that's all they want and that is a selfish opinion to have. Studies have shown and this is something for you to think about. That those of you who have had aggressive fathers more masculinity in your family you naturally lean towards grace and forgiveness. You naturally lean to more liberal expressions of spiritually for those of you who have had dominant mothers or were matriarchal backgrounds you naturally gravitate toward more conservative expressions of spirituality and you look for law and structure and discipline. It's very interesting that studies have shown that those who are within conservative marriages have higher rates of divorce. When the studies came out the conservative nominations were all kind of a shame but they were higher rates why because they imposed prog standards standards standards you failed again you failed again you failed again and humanity can only handle so much within such an immediate context this. If you're going to err on one side or the other I would ask that you side with grace than with law we see this in our parent's receipt of her children we see this in church we see this and in state and cities and government and we desire justice we desire mercy verse 10 we see mercy and truth are met together righteousness and peace have kissed each other I love them we talk a little bit and in a couple minutes a verse 9 is the focus we see that at the end of verse 9 the glory may dwell in our land. Interesting that's a weird phrase it kind of doesn't fit the song with His glory we see in the book of John is the ship glory Yes the essence of God is now not only in heaven but is now do welling with us in the land it's a. Prediction of who of Jesus coming to this or verse 10 were not truth and mercy this is Ph D. of Satan will be discredited 11 Truth spring out of the earth and righteousness show a lip down from heaven Listen to this quote by John stop it is the judge himself who in holy love assumed the role innocent victim for in and through the person of His Son He himself bore the penalty that he himself inflicted as Dale put it the mysterious unity of the Father and the son rendered it in part When did it possible for God at once to endure and to inflict pain or suffering there is neither harsh injustice nor unprincipled love nor Christological heresy in that there is only on the fast of the noble mercy for in order to us for in order to save us in such a way to satisfy himself God through Christ substitute Himself for us Divine Love triumphed over divine wrath by divine self-sacrifice the cross was an act simultaneous of punishment and amnesty severity and Grace justice and mercy. Can someone say amen something had to die Jesus someone should get mercy we get that mercy sign will Taney Aslan at the cross we found both mercy and justice we see the greatest simultaneous implosion and explosion of the univers justice because Jesus paid the debt of human sin mercy because the payment makes our sleeps clean mercy because we are released from the weight of Shane Shas this because we are released from the weight of our own social outrage. QUESTION How many of you ever experienced injustice in your lives. When you look at the news and shocks suff that's happened in your own family injustice brothers and sisters need to cross. We look to the cross we see true justice at the cross when we demand. God says I'll give you my son instead when we say that's not fair I want this person who's wrong need to be eliminated from the earth. God says OK A little women in my son's. No matter the headline no matter the circumstance just this is ultimately found in the righteousness of God. If you understand this please say amen. Mercy. When you've committed a sin there were still be earthly consequences but do not think as if God did not use such events to even discipline his own children when we sin 3 things happen number one you get guilt guilt is between you and yourself your internal conscience is broken and you feel this owner will Ming burdening you and you cannot function because of guilt number true experience shame realized man what if everyone this everyone sees me this way and then in a cosmological way all the universe I see me in my sin Oh man how can I ever recover from this social impact and number 3 you experience fear before God how can I be before God. I don't want the judgment to occur I don't want to talk about spiritual things and many people because of either one or all 3 things do not want to come into contact with the church or maybe do I see or you and they just want to do their own thing to drown out their lives of these 3 things but when we experience mercy number one our consciences are cleanse. And repaired. Number 2 our relationship before God perfect love casts out the fear before God And number 3. Our shame shame before Heaven is lifted and we as Christians should extend the release of shame to our fellow brothers and sisters knowing that their sins have been paid the same just as well. As it makes sense some of you didn't get it is when you knew when to whom. When you experience the release of shame. You want others to experience that release of shame as well. So you don't add to their burdens you pray for the mercy of the cross to pee upon their souls. Doctors in each ski says this The reconsider the ition of justice with mercy lies in the cross God does not balance mercy and justice he accomplishes both to the full. Someone say that in it's not mercy and justice on the balance of the 2 not $5050.00 but a 100 percent just this 100 per cent and there's only accomplish it across. This is from the G.C. bulletin 4th quarter in 1909 Volume 3 page one or 2 by Ellen White mercy and justice and mercy stood apart in opposition to each other separated by a wide goal the Lord our redeemer clothes humanity live divinity and rock out in behalf of man a character that was without spot or blemish he planted his cross midway between heaven and earth and made it the object of attraction which reached both ways drunkards justice and mercy across the Gulf justice moved from his exultant throne and with all the armies of heaven approached the cross there it's so one equal with God bearing the penalty of all injustice and sin and with perfect satisfaction justice Ballo in a reverence at the cross saying it is not. Managed to page $121907.00 Christ's death prove God's ministration in justice to be without a flaw Satan's charge in regard to the conflicting attributes of justice and mercy was fair rubber settled beyond question every voice in have in and out of heaven will one day testify to the justice mercy and exalted action beats of God it was in order that the heavenly universe might see the conditions of the company ever done that Christ or the penalty in behalf of the human race. We read this before and I'll continue the next sentence afterwards just this thing men that sin be not merely parted but the death penalty must be executed continuing on God in the gift of His only begotten son met both these requirements by dying on man's behalf Christ exhausted the penalty and provided a pardon. Buttes instructor June 21900 I love this god bowed his head satisfied now justice and mercy could put lead it could want to blend that which was bifurcated 6000 years ago of 04000 years ago at the cross now came together it's as if all the issues of the great controversy resolved at the cross the issues were resolved now they had to play themselves out in human history and in the ministry sion of the heavenly sanctuary by Jesus Listen to this 12 more quotes I mean more to you OK OK listen carefully some of your like. Don't do that don't don't don't do that. This is a digital side don't be so digital Amen is this is this is digital too OK So the this is signs of the Times June 5893. The only begotten Son of Man took upon him the nature of man established his cross between heaven and earth through the cross listen carefully through the Cross men was drawn to gone and through the crass God to man. Justice moved from its high and awful position and the heavenly host in the armies of drew nearer to the cross bowing in reverence for at the cross justice was satisfied through the cross the sinner is also drawn from the stronghold of sin and from the con confederacy of evil and every approach to the cross his heart relents and in penitence he cries it was my sins that crucified the Son of God at the cross he leaves his sins and through the grace of Christ His character is transformed the Redeemer raises the sinner from the dust and places him under the guidance of the Holy Spirit this work just justification and sanctification meet when you come to the cross you're cleansed Bloom you're justified and now you're under the guidance of the Holy Spirit now your brew sanctified you're under the power of the Holy Spirit should you fall again you experience justification and again they are 2 in one at the same point at every moment of your life. Manisha page 56 is the last one. The cross of Calvary challenges and world finally vanquish every earthly power and every hellish power in the cross all influence centers and from it all influence goes for it is the great center of attention for on it Christ gave up his life for the human race the sacrifice was offered for the purpose of restoring men to his original perfection and yes even. Though you didn't get it you did it you did Hugh did it good that. You did you're like What time is it or where I got to go to you already ate where you got to go. Listen to this one more time Amen. The cross is the great center of attraction for on it Christ gave up his life for the human race the sacrifice was offered for the purpose of restoring men to his original perfection and yes more. We do not believe in in static perfection. So what is that I have static on my clothes What are you what are you talking about you wake up 5 o'clock in the morning 200 point you don't know do you drink your green smoothie to want to point you to do read your Bible and you memorize all disputer prophecy 5000. You got glow traps until 5 o'clock in ink 1000 points. You come home and then you get with the impatient mind as to what you do do and you go to bed at 839000 point you dude. Today your score is 5000000 points on the positive you are sanctified come gradually and you go to bed for 8 hours the next when you wake up you wake up at 11 o'clock in the morning negative 5000 people who drink a Coke can go to minus 1000000 GOING TO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO Do you kick your dad you know you curse out people you take back the blow checks you gave out yesterday. You do do you need to meet some of the parks trim don't do. You go to bed at like you know 5 in the morning. Today's points are not enough numbers to show how simple you are today you are. In Is that how you're living your life. You know many adding this do live that kind of life they believe in static perfect I need to get it frozen tends to do it. Or Jesus says Your 1000 points is so pretty low the number of scale of things that if you read the book education that God promised that I were destiny is dynamic perfection that we are to reach every mirror and more and more and then some more and as more time goes on we are to ever get more like Christ how will we ever be satisfied with 1000 points ridiculous the crosse makes this POS. It was offered to give an entire transformation of character making him more than a conqueror you make this is either you getting this or that our conqueror today we just remain me I just need to overcome my talk with the dictionary Jesus demonstrate the words of Jesus says yeah I'll give you good chocolate and. Conquest of everything out there well I don't want to turn a car just need victory over my bunch Lord it's so little a myopic of a salvific perspective. If the cross does not find influence in its favor it creates an influence through generation succeeding generation the truth for this time is revealed as present truth now listen very carefully in this the end of the quotes Christ on the cross was the medium whereby mercy and truth met together righteousness and peace kissed each other this is the means that is which which is to move the world. To not social media. Not through through through dietary reef. Not through the publishing of the Spirit of Prophecy not through the preaching of the Gospel it is through the Koran. I which all these other previous things subject themselves to that moves the world. I meant. It's interesting that the word kiss is used the kiss the word kiss in Hebrew is not shock and it means to draw close to draw near to touch and it's very ironic that Judas used a kiss to be sure a the Savior is very interesting that the Bible uses the word kid is as a verb to save the world. Very interesting. Simultaneous implosion and explosion this morning maybe you have thought and to be honest friends I have thought this many times I have been wronged by so many people in this world. If I were to tell you all my testimony of how many people have wronged me I mean it would take forever. Maybe your filled with injustice human wrath and anger from whatever injustice from your life your own household your own country your own people going gender your own wonder whatever whatever or whatever and maybe you need divine justice maybe your prayer is that Christ blood will bring true judgment and justice to your life. Just as much as I have thought I've been wronged by so many people I confess you know what I have also wronged many people. But I am not going to tell you all that because it's being recorded right now but I've wronged a lot of people before you judge me so have you. And maybe your in me we are in need of mercy in our lives. Maybe we need to Shane we moved away the guilt we moved away the fear removed away and maybe we need these wrongs made into right maybe we need Divine Mercy. Christ's blood will bring not only true justice but also true Merce how many of this morning's I may be Lord I need one. Or more yet I need both. Father in heaven. Father we ask for the. The fruits of the cross the results of the cross the merits of the cross to be attributed upon every soul in this room. And Lord we need true just this issue mercy in our lives. We are broken vessels. So Laura that the sum I ask my brothers and sisters in this early morning. That if there are those who are in need of true justice. True divine justice making things right in their lives in their families in their marriages in their children in this world I ask that that they raise their right hand at this time. And when I ask that you have mercy and in and justice upon their lives. I also ask this congregation that you have need of mercy in your life. That you need the tender kindness of God to touch your heart. And not just between you and God But between you and maybe another individual that you may be an extension of the cross and you need strength and if this is human ask that you raise your left hand. Father I ask that you have just this upon these individuals. And mercy. And my last question for this congregation is Lord. We thank you for the cross in that that that prayer is so cliched but that is our near and only human response we don't know what to say otherwise. But Lord it has to be the great center of attraction and attention in our lives and perhaps Lord it has not been so much. Lord we many of us in this room are Adventists and we love your law as we should it is the foundation of your throne. But Father help us to see ever more of these great controversy issues. These things that we will be talking about for eternity the means by which you transform humanity all made possible at the cross and perhaps in this congregation maybe you have thought. And I just really need to re center my life upon the cross. Maybe I've been a Christian that's fallen away or maybe I've been such a good Christian in a sense that I forgot the cross to that's awesome. And our Lord I just we need the recalibration if that's your prayer and then asks that you raise both of your hands towards heaven at this time. Father we ask that you have pity upon your children. That you are a father with tenderly loving kindness. And that you have mercy justice upon all of us. Lord made the seal of the Spirit made the cross the mark of the cross be upon each from lines upon our hearts. And we ask as you bless us throughout this day this entire conference that may be connected to your cross draws closer to your son we pray in Jesus name and that everyone say. In. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe if you would like to listen to your servant leader Visit W W W.


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