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The Law of Love & Sexuality and Purity

Michael Carducci


Practical step to living pure lives in terms of other common perversions that peopl of all orienations share - pornography, masturbation, and other special topics.


Michael Carducci

Co-Director, Coming Out Ministries


  • August 16, 2019
    10:30 AM
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Heavenly Father I just want to ask Lord for a measure of your Holy Spirit I want to ask Lord that you would hide me behind the cross and most importantly Lord that you would take control of my mind and my mouth I asked Lord for guidance and most importantly Lord for eaters that would hear Lord I pray that every person within the sound of my voice Lord will hear something that will actually relate to whatever they may be struggling with or whatever a family member may be struggling with but most importantly Lord that they will see the power of Jesus Christ still is alive today and doing amazing things and that it would give us hope and confidence Lord in the Word of God in Jesus name I pray Amen. So again we want to really talk about the issues that are going on not only in the world but definitely inside our church raise your hand if you've heard from your church or even from church members or from things that you've read from our church that homosexuality is acceptable by God Anyone. Because it's moving and it's it's coming there's actually a pro gay movement we're going to talk about that a little bit that's actually been around for over 30 years where one had been here 9 years but they've been moving this message and they have a film that they put out as well several years ago and this movie has moved hard so much and it's based on emotions and feelings and the whole idea is you sit there and you see these 3 individuals that are that are Adventist gays and you look at them and you you laugh with them you cry with them and you look at their situation you say yeah we need to have compassion on them and so the next thing you know you start buying into the emotion and you just start sacrificing the Word of God and instead of elevating these people and showing them the power of Jesus Christ to overcome and to be redeemed we just accept them in their sin brothers and sisters that is not love that's called Lost you can love somebody right to the gates of hell by allowing them to think that the Word of God is no longer Noland void or that the Word of God is null and void and so coming out ministries our desire is to not only inspire but to enlighten the church we want to enlighten the church and let them know that the power of God is still alive today through examples and also to equip the church the resources and also presentations and so again we believe that the power of God is still moving but if we cut people off from the redemptive part of the story you've only brought them halfway because love is definitely important we have to be more loving and kind than we've been and we have a terrible reputation of being cruel and heartless but we still have to hold on to the truth we don't just throw away the truth because some people call an unloving we have to show that the truth is not only loving but it's got to be better than what the world is handing out and that is what we're going to talk about in the next 2 days can I get an amen. I see a lot of color in this room and I belong to a black church so please don't hold back all right. L G B T and the charge take a look at this image this is a Protestant church in Holland and I was coming up out of the parking garage with my colleague Ron Woolsey and my dropped open this is a Protestant church and they were hanging the gay flag on the church and in Europe what they do is they build the church and then they build the city around it so the church is smack dab in the center of the square and this is what everybody sees and I said to my advantage friends that were taking us to tour this city I said wow that's shocking and they go oh they do it every year can you see how they had become anesthetized themselves to images like this but let me tell you something brothers and sisters it's coming as a matter of fact it's here I was walking downtown I went to Staples last night to give me some stickers for my for the movies that I want to give out but while I was there the whole street was lined with the gay flags I was in probably what I would think is one of the most gay areas that I've been in in many years and as I'm watching this Ellen White talks about the miasma of the city that my as basically is talking about the feeling the feeling that you get from the city and I realize that this is coming around the world at a rapid pace as a matter of fact these these messages weren't even able to be advertised until the very last moment for fear that there would be protesting or that there would be words that will come up against these meetings even taking place but this is what's going on in your neck of the woods as well religion doesn't have a prayer it says so when it comes to equine activists and their judicial allies have made sure a sexual behavior trumps religious freedom and liberty every time now I realize that when I spent 20 years in the gay culture I was the one that had to go undercover I was the one that had to oppress my relationships and my identity but now all of a sudden 20 years after I've been in the church I recognize now that the church is now the one that has to be oppressed. When I go into a restaurant when I stay in a hotel and I see definitely homosexuals people or supportive things going on I recognize that I'm the one that has to fly into radar again isn't it interesting how in just such a short time that all of this is becomes which and brothers and sisters this is not going to change this is moving forward and we as 7th Day Adventists Christians who know the great controversy and we know how it plays out and we know how it ends how is it that we can be as intelligent as serpents but yet harmless is dollars and that's what we have to learn about this morning we have these 2 positions in the church now God hates fags fags die God laughs This is been though the word or the information that I got in the years that I was a young Adventists from the time that I got baptized at 15 until I walked out of the church 20 years old the only thing that I heard was that gays were going to burn in a hotter hell than everybody else and that there was no hope of redemption for people like me and while there may not have been open seminars or sermons that were preached on the topic however I did hear people say well thank God I'm not like them and that those words they came and they bit and I remember feeling to myself that well why would God make me gay and then tell me that there's no hope for me so I got the message loud and clear and I walked out of the church well then 20 years later through a miraculous intervention which I'm going to talk about a little bit later so not all of a sudden now here I am I'm an admin a suggestion I'm still gay I'm still struggling with same sex attraction not knowing what to do with all of this but I'm defiant about the fact that I was born this way and that I couldn't change and I prayed that God would change me never did and so now what's happened is that people are still saying the same thing they're saying that you can't change and that OK back here 20 years ago they said you can't change and you going to burn in hell now they're saying that you can't change and the God doesn't have a problem with it well it's interesting that we totally flip flop we went from hating them to loving them but the message never. Changed the message was that they couldn't change in the message today is that they still can't change and that's a message straight from the devil says by the testimony of 2 or 3 thing be established and I stand before you and those things that are under siege are testimonies of other individuals that have come out of the L G B T live into a relationship with Jesus Christ and so we're here to establish that if you didn't know it when you came into this room that when you walk out of this room this morning you're going to know be on the shadow of a doubt that the power Jesus Christ is still alive today that was nice thank you. And so gay flag right that's some symbol to the to the whole gay issue and so isn't it interesting how many colors are on that gay flag. 66 All right what does the number of 6 mean in the Bible the number of a man in that right how many how many colors in the real rainbow. 7 What a 7 represent in the Bible. Completion perfection and so there's something incomplete about this flag and I think that we need to have compassion upon the men and the women that are falsely in the NZ narrative that this is who they are this is incomplete and so are they they're not complete. My whole life was completely defined by the gay life I drove a gay car I lived in a gay neighborhood I even had a gay dog gets a little Chihuahua about 6 pounds and this was my life I was completely accepted in my identity nobody had a problem with it I was a hairdresser and a robe instructor and come on guys you can't get any more gay than that and so this was my life I was completely identified and that all the sudden now after 20 years of living this life not only was I a sexual addict but wouldn't it be great to know that all of a sudden I had got in this great relationship at a boy from with big arms and big blue eyes he was a millionaire We both had convertible Mercedes I had a condo on a lake with a with a boat I also had a house with a pool and I had the life of of what every homosexual ever want and yet there still were moments when I would think to myself Is this really that all that life was going to be was a really nothing more and I remember thinking great clothes great houses great trips I had a lot of friends I was doing hair for television people the newscaster for N.B.C. was my best friend we would travel around the world I had everything that the world had to offer and yet still at 40 years old there was this thought inside my head is this really. And so where did all this begin I remember also in the 20 years identified as a homosexual I would March in the gay pride parades I remember that this was my family and I would see the Christians with their signs that said God hates fags thank God for AIDS as a matter of fact I came out in 1981 and in 1901 was also the year that AIDS came out it was this mysterious disease and there were hundreds of thousands of men that were dying dropping like flies from this disease as a matter of fact I was acting out as often as 3 times in a day with different men and as often as 3 or 4 times a week you do the math times 20 years I should be dead for what I did I had sex with men that I knew were infected with HIV And yet it still wasn't enough to stop my behavior and yet I stand before you and yet these men drop like flies I would have sex with men unprotected and 3 months later they'd be dead but I couldn't stop the addictive drive because it was something that just kept it going there was something that I need is something that got interrupted and when I came to Jesus Christ of 40 years old I said to him I want to know why I want to know why of my earliest thoughts that I was transgender I want to know why it might very earliest thought I wasn't attracted to same sex but I felt like I was a girl trapped in a boy's body why did that happen and so I bought into the idea that I was born that way and if somebody says that they were born that way don't argue with them because you know what your reality is your perception is your reality and so allow them that but even if you were born that way Jesus has the answer he says we all have to be born again and that right we were all shaped in iniquity we were all born into sin so guess what doesn't make me better than you but it doesn't make you better than me we're all in this process together so as I was growing up hang on a 2nd I got a flame these. So I want to go back even further I want to go back to the idea that when I was 1st born that from my 1st conscious thought that I was this girl trapped in a boy's body where did that come from and it wasn't until as I started walking with Jesus Christ because there were no resources in our church that the Lord had to bring together these sermons he different studies even science science actually supports what the Bible says about identity and practice and as I was this little child I wanted nothing to do with my dad my dad was angry and raging was a hotheaded Italian he was abusive but then my dad was also in the Navy and so my dad would be gone sometimes 3 to 6 months at a time and a time when I really needed my same sex parent to be there to know what masculinity was all about he was gone but then again when he was home he was abusive so in my subconscious before I could even make a conscious choice I said if that's masculinity no thanks and so the only person left for me was my mother my mother was soft she was there she was consistent she was kind and I thought I want to be like her I don't remember making that decision but all of a sudden I was wearing her dresses I was learning to walk in to talk like her and every child is born with wet cement you don't know that you're male or female but then all of a said between the ages of one and 3 and who can remember that far back you make a decision who you're going to pattern after and if you're in a healthy home little girls patterned after their mom and want to play with dolls and bake cookies and little boys want to dress up like their dad and wear baseball caps and cowboy boots all of this is healthy gender stamping so that that some men will actually take the form of masculinity or femininity because and eventually as you grow up little girls don't like to play with boys because they have cooties and little boys don't like to play with girls because they're gross all of that is healthy gender stamping so eventually when puberty hits you like a sledgehammer over the head all of a sudden the sex it is the mystery becomes the attraction. Well for me when puberty hit the mystery the sex that was the mystery for me was saying girls it was God I was so affirmed by my mom and so affirmed by my sisters that the thoughts inside my head is that I should be a girl they were much more desirable I like doing the things that they like to do the boys in school that called me Sissy queer in fact what they did is pushed away even further the masculine identification and affirmation that I needed I like to say to young people that your words have the power of life and death and that when you casually call someone a queer an idiot those words stick and they have power and meaning and you know what every time I was called a sissy or a little girl what that did is it pushed away from me not only the desire to be identified as masculine or male but also made it even easier to be female. And so my life became identified in the gay culture I was a fulfillment of Genesis 6 verse 5 every thought inside my head was only evil all the time I was only always looking for an opportunity to hook up for an illicit sexual situation no hope for me. But I had 3 sisters that were praying for me now here's one of the biggest problems if we buy into the whole idea that God doesn't have a problem with being gay then you'll stop praying for people like me if my sisters weren't praying for me there's no way that I'd be standing before you now there's no way that God could have protected me because I did not want anything to do with a God that I thought wanted nothing to do with me and so I bought into the whole idea that God must be rejecting and he must be evil he must be just like my dad and so I wanted nothing to do with God and I went as far away as I could but because my sisters were praying for me as a matter of fact I interviewed one of my sisters 3 A.B.N. and I said So what was it like praying for me all those years and my sister looked me in the eye and she said well you know was really tough because you were pretty mean to me and she said there were times when I would only pray Lord listen to my sister's prayers for him because I can't even pray for him today. And then I. I asked my sister I said So what was it like when you found out that I gave my heart to the Lord and she said well I wasn't sure it was going to stick. Just being honest but I'm so grateful because I'm standing here 19 years later from the result of what those prayers manifested when the Lord was able to scoop me up out of the ideas of my own head of who I was and who God was and he began this journey with me and so if you buy into the lie that homo sexual behavior is accepted by God then you'll stop praying for people like me and we will be held accountable not only for the words that we said to somebody and left them in their last identity but also imagine the last prayers that should have gone up in behalf of those men and women that won't be standing there when Jesus comes to take us home. Kinship I remember there were 2 other guys 2 of the guys that the Lord brought into my life here I had broken up with my boy actually he broke up with me I prayed and I said you know as I was reading the Bible in the Bible started to talk about how homosexual behavior is an abomination and I want you to write that note down write that down in the recesses of your mind God does not condemn the person that has same sex attraction Nor does God condemn the person that is transgender that they feel that they're trapped in the wrong sex he condemns the practice why because it pulls you away from the identity that God blast us with what it did is every time my auntie would take me into the bathroom and tease my hair like a girl what it did is it gave me this great satisfaction that I could be convincing of the opposite sex every time that I prayed to God and I asked him to make me a little girl the next morning I would wake up still a boy because that was the intention that God had design he said that in Jeremiah before the earth was formed I knew you and God knew that I was to be a boy and that was to be a blessing and in Psalms $136.00 it talks about how God Himself knit my delicate inward parts together in my mother's womb it wasn't a mistake it wasn't a joke and when we're talking about the transgender issue we're not talking about somebody with them big you was Janet tell you we're not talking about somebody that's a hermaphrodite just pull that out that's a totally different situation somebody this transgender is completely male and desires to be female or completely female and desires to be male the 2 do not mix together and so in my mind again the abomination is that every time I dressed up as a girl every time I behaved that way what it did is it pulled me away from the gift in the blessing of the masculine identity that God gave me every time I acted out sexually with other men what it did is it pulled me away from the ability to relate to God in a relational and intimate way it destroyed my ability to see intimacy is nothing more than objectifying human beings for my own personal sexual pleasure that is not God's representation of love you start to see. And so God's way again let me go back to my phrase God's ways not just truth because we've got the truth brothers and sisters but it's got to be better than what the world is handing out today in the 20 years that I lived as a homosexual I was in 5 significant relationships and they could never give me what I wanted they could never give me what I needed because what I need is I needed masculine affirmation they didn't have it either to man hooking up trying to receive masculinity from each other when neither one of them have any you can imagine the futility of that and I believe that that's what created the addictive drive for me because I was desperate for somebody else's masculinity to affirm me because I had none of my own. Do you start to understand a little bit of the depravity in the homo sexual culture because that's what was going on in my heart and as the Lord started to reveal that to me I started to see that there was this deficit of masculine love in my life began with my father sex wasn't the problem the problem was I needed to know that I was male because God made me a male and I needed that intimacy to be restored in me because it says in John 173 this is life eternal that you would know your father in Christ Jesus whom he is sent and that word no is the intimacy of a loving sexual relationship between a husband and a wife doesn't mean that God wanted to have sex with me but the intimacy to be absolutely exposed and naked before God without any fear of rejection or judgment was what God wanted me to feel and while I was engaged in that in that identity and that lifestyle there was no way that my brokenness would allow me to experience that kind of love but Jesus broke through because of those prayers so I found kinship me and my 2 friends we didn't know where we were we didn't know if we were going to stay gay or if we were to walk away from it maybe we could find a significant relationship and God would be all right with that but then we found can chip and I said how lujah I can have a boyfriend and Jesus but my friend my friend who was also being moved by the Holy Spirit he said but wait a minute look at the way that they translate those verses about homo sexual behavior you know in the Bible lesson I don't care Tell me a lie remember in the in the clip it says Tell me a lie to me that was exactly about this tell me I get still have my boyfriend in my Jesus and you know something the Holy Spirit was patient with me and as much as I wanted to believe this you know how difficult it is to walk away from a millionaire boyfriend and a salon business that's open on the Sabbath that I make and $200000.00 a year and then I had to sell back my business back to my lover and still work for him for a year and a half after we broke up and then when he hired his new boyfriend to be the manager of the salon that I bought and paid for and I'm working there for a year and a half after we broke up and I'm now working for the manager who is my ex lover his new boyfriend. The only way I could do that is if God was giving me something more than what I was experienced in that life before and God was generous and loving and kind. And so I started to realize that kinship was not the answer and it wasn't as easy for me as like flipping a switch on the wall and saying OK I'm again more straight that didn't happen for me I still struggle with same sex attractions but I start to understand that when same sex attraction comes it's because I start to realize that I'm not getting the love that I need or the intimacy I need from my father and that I can go to God and I can ask God Lord the feelings are starting to come back can you take these from me can you affirm to me that you love me and that you made me male for a purpose and a reason and now I realize how I can deal with the same sex attraction there probably deal with for the rest of my life coming out Ministries is not a ministry to make gay people straight right town in your book to we are here to point people to Jesus Christ I can't make you straight I can't make you anything but I can connect you to the power of Jesus Christ that has the ability to change and to redeem and to restore everything that's been lost or taken away from us. That was a little weak Thank you. Church culture so here I am I'm in the church right like a giraffe on a cattle farm and so everybody could see my mannerisms they could probably understand my history and so my church in Florida where I was baptized it was a Spanish black Caribbean church and they did not know how to let me go they would hug me they would squeeze me and the men never had a problem with me so then all of a sudden I remove to the rural hero hills of Tennessee and I go to my church and I start handing out my my testimony to everybody and so as you're listening to the testimony I thought there would be no problem in this predominantly white church but all of a sudden I started to feel the heat I remember being invited to 20 of the elders homes for Sabbath meal and as a return people around the table and he was a doctor all of a sudden as he was having me as the guest all of a sudden he lit into me and he said you know what homosexuality is a choice you chose that you really should just keep your mouth shut. And then all of a sudden I went to my pastor and I was asking for a men's ministry because I needed to learn how to interact with men on a non-sexual base and he said well bring your idea to the board tonight will will pitch it to the board there was a speaker who is going to come we could camp out in the woods and we would have it on Father's Day weekend have this great time with the guys and so one of the elders on the board he looked at the Book of the speaker that I was going to invite and he pointed right at me and he said I don't want to be running around in the woods like a bunch of gay men the pastor never said a word the elder never said a word they allowed this man to say that to me and I got in my car that night and as I drove away I said to God I hate your church and I hate your people. So God was speaking back to me and he said so why do you go I said I go with because that's where the truth is and he said So what do you do when you go I said Will I go to worship you is not what you ask and he said yeah I continue to do that and learn to forgive them because they are my people too I had a lot of forgiving to do and I had a chip on my shoulders because of would blank and so as I was going to church week after week for 3 years it took me 3 years to learn the process of forgiving those people especially when the pastor couldn't even shake my hand for fear he might get something on him and that there were people that would see me coming down the hall and they would avert to the right or to the left and so I knew what that felt like and yet God still demanded and required me to forgive them. But something miraculous happened after 3 years finally I was doing Bible studies with these with these 2 sisters and and they didn't like the the big church it was just too cold and formal but they like the little black church in our community and I said to God I said well do I drop them off at the little black church and go to my church and he said No you learn the process he said not go with them and so I went to the head elder of this little church who was only about 20 members there and most of the members were his children because he was a drug addict they got converted him and his wife and so the whole family would go to this little church and I walked up to this elder and I said Hey do you have any room in your church for a ecce homo sexual acts sex addict and he said Well have a seat with all the other centers and can you preach every now and then because we don't have a regular preacher. It was amazing the difference between how this church treated me and the way it came from and you know it's amazing that that white church wasn't able to give me a men's ministry that I needed but this little black church didn't even know what they were doing and the Lord started to lavish masculine love on me in a way that was healthy in a way that was restored of and healing God uses men and women with skin on to represent him and to offer that healing to each one of us we have a solemn obligation to let every homosexual know that they are welcome in our churches that they belong in our churches and that we will walk with them until the moment that they're ready for membership and baptism but there's a process to that and so here I am in this little church let me tell you a little story there was this guy named Willie one legged Willie we called him he was a drug dealer and he lost his leg in a bad drug deal that went wrong and so I would see Willie you know hobbling on his crutches to the grocery store so I would give him a ride he was basically homeless he lived in a house he didn't have any running water and he didn't smell really good but being a hairdresser I suggested to well they said listen will you come to my house I'll give you a bath I'll cut your hair I'll shave your face make you something hot to eat so he would come over occasionally would give him a bath I'd wash his clothes for him I'd make him something hot and I would tell him about the goodness of all got it done for me. Well eventually I invited him to come to church he didn't have a suit I hope him up he was looking pretty clean one legged Willy and once you know that the week that we went to church was come a little in communion thank you so in communion of course we exercised the foot washing and I tell people I got 50 percent off because well he only had one leg. And I didn't expect him to reciprocate because he was in a member and I was so used to rejection from men that that it was OK it wasn't necessary that I be served but there was a man that saw that I needed to have my feet washing it came up to me and he said Mike let me wash your feet I said it's OK I'm with Willie and he said no I insist Mike let me serve you and this man wasn't afraid to wash my feet he wasn't afraid to humble himself to me he wasn't afraid to touch me and as he started to bathe my feet he had no idea of the power of what he was doing but he said these simple words he said Well Mike Love you enthusiasm for Jesus what a blessing you've been in our church and as he was bathing my feet he was also bathing over me masculine healing that I never felt before and all of a sudden as he started to pray for me not knowing what I needed or not knowing what was being done but every man in that room and there were only 4 were also moved by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit said Get up and touch him. And as my friend started to pray for me as he humbled himself at my feet every other man in that room came over and they just put their hand on my shoulder as my brother prayed for me and for the 1st time in my life I realized I was not part of the ladies' lunch club anymore that I was being included by the man and I was being affirmed by the men in my church you know Ecclesiastes 4 verse 10 says this for if they fall it's trying to help him up but whoa to the one who is alone when he falls prey has no one to help him up we have brothers and sisters men and women children in our churches that have fallen down and they're going through the motions hoping that someone will notice them hoping that someone will will help them up and yet here we go about our business not recognizing that we have brothers and sisters in our own churches that need to be affirmed that need to be loved and that loving somebody or affirming them does not mean that you condone their lifestyle but are you willing to sit next to them Are you willing to walk with them whatever their issues are and to the issues are addressed by the Holy Spirit our responsibility is to create a safety net so that these brothers and sisters can find the love that they need in the arms of Jesus and if we reject these people with we push them out of the church then we will be held accountable for the blood that was wasted that Jesus shed on that cross for them. I was in South Africa just a couple of months ago and I was speaking to the pastors and one of the pastors said that there was a brother that came into the church on communion Sabbath and he was dressed so flamboyantly everybody assumed that he was gay nobody even knew but they assumed he was gay and they said you know what you should probably leave because you're not welcome here. The church actually kicked out this person and this rage came over me as you can imagine and I said what right do we have to cut somebody off from the fruits of what Jesus accomplished on the cross because we judge them according to what they look like you didn't even know if this person was gay and even if they were are they not deserving of the merits of what Jesus accomplished on that cross. Can you see how we judge people can you see how we treat people even from leadership positions how we cut people off and we have to recognize it guess what we're all miserable rotten since her we're all the same at the cross your sin is no better than my sin we're all the same it's Jesus we have to look up to and that when I see my nakedness when I see my wretchedness then guess what yours pales in comparison to whatever I've got and what can be great in the church if we could get rid of the condescension and just say I don't know what you struggle with but I got my struggles and I've been in church all my life for maybe 3 generations or maybe just a week but you know what Jesus says he's got the answer and let's find that out together when that be novel if we could get rid of the condescension that's in Christianity. These are some quotes that you may want to take a picture of the screen I think these are powerful This is a woman a lesbian activists a gay lesbian activists and she's not even ashamed of the fact that she's gay it's her right it's her choice but this is what she says if you or I said this this would be considered hate speech she says is the gay identity so fragile that it cannot bear the thought the some people may not wish to be gay sexuality is highly fluid and reversals are theoretically possible however habit is refractory once a sensory pathways have been blazed and deepen by repetition this is a phenomenon that's obvious in the struggle with obesity smoking alcohol and drug addiction but helping gays to learn how to function heterosexual heterosexually if they wish is a perfectly worthy am and so now what's happening is we have this movement coming into the church saying that gays can't change they never could and that's hate speech to tell the gay that they can change so you're telling me that the redemption and the power of Jesus Christ is hate speech. Who do you think that message is coming from say is name that's right that's a message from the devil and then it goes on she says something even more powerful she says homosexuality is not normal on the contrary it's a challenge to the norm nature exists whether academics like it or not and in nature procreation is the single relentless rule that is the norm our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction no one is BORN GAY the idea is Riddick sure. Homosexuality is an adaptation not an inborn trait so while she acknowledges this and of course we all agree with her she still has the right to choose what she wants is not fair I still have to respect her for choosing to be a lesbian and we should never be condescending we should never disrespect somebody for their choices but it doesn't negate what the truth is and that the truth has to be delivered in such a way where it's Invitational rather than rejecting and judge mental. God's Word is clear. And he can save and he does and he will sin that P.R. montra Shouldn't that be what we're giving out to the world gender identity and defense of detachment so again this is me right smack dab in the middle of 6 girls these are my aunts and then this one in these 2 are my sisters that's who I played with that was my early identity so again I was constantly having these knots the devil was putting in the robe of my early existence the rejection of my dad being surrounded by girls not having a brother having an uncle having a father that was gone 3 to 6 months at a time and a father that was abusive it seems to me that the devil had a definite intention Now listen every child is born God has a purpose and a plan for them but so does the enemy and the enemy was effective in using different things that were shaping my life my early years that I thought that I was either born this way or I thought that I had absolutely no control there was also something else going on called the hereditary sin and actually science affirms us in epigenetics and cellular memory science says that when the D.N.A. comes together with the male in the female it brings with it the history and characteristics of 3 to 4 generations before that let me use my parents as an example I'm the 4th generation and so my mom and my dad they came together and they conceived 4 children together but my mother she was actually molested by her father when she was a young girl and her mother was raped by her stepfather and my mother's grandmother was actually a prostitute. So you can see just on my mother's side alone that there was a history of sexual sin and while the Bible nor does science confirm that I was born gay however signs does say and the Bible says that the hereditary cycle the 3 to 4 generations had an influence on me now Ellen White makes it very plain that I am not held accountable for the sins of my parents xcept as I indulge in them at 16 years old I was cleaning my father's offices My father was the head elder of the church I was a student in Academy and I found my father's pornography magazines and here I am the Son and the father are looking at the same porn and yet here was the hereditary cycle also taking place as well my father was addicted to pornography he was also a sexual addict even though my parents were virgins when they got married my dad was in the Navy he was exposed to sexual situations became a sexual addict married 4 times and 3 of those wives he left because he was having an adulterous affair my father was also the head elder of the church can somebody explain that to me so anyway I knew that my father's religion wasn't working for him either I knew that my father was struggling with these issues and yet I thought that the same God that he served was the same God that I serve because I wasn't getting the victory either and so I thought that God was impotent or I thought that religion was basically for people to hide behind because I saw as I saw my father the fraud I also saw my own behavior as a fraud and so that pushed me even further away from church culture. More emasculation and degradation that came from the kids in school the called me Sissy queer fag again the words have the power of life and death to push away from us the identity that God wants each one of us to be affirmed in and so I want to also share that when I speak to young kids I tell them that when you call somebody an idiot or a dummy in those courts fired from my dad my dad may not have called me queers or gay but he called me idiot stupid dummy moron and those words still follow me even in my fifty's. So how do we identify. A city looking at this man he's got a lot of muscles right he's working out hard look at those guns. Nice shoulders right and he works out strong and confident but what does surprise you to know that that this guy is actually a girl you're looking at a woman The hasn't even had any surgeries. Talking about the transgender cycle this is a commercial that goes on in the United States talking about a television show and this little girl that you see in the pink raincoat. That's actually a little boy who's struggling with transgender ideation. I want to talk about the next wave that's going to hit the church and it's already hitting the church is a transgender movement the transgender movement has the ability to even destroy exponentially more than what the gay issue is doing to the church if you can't tell who's a male or a female if you can't tell who's a guy or a girl then you can't tell who the mother father is nor can you tell who the husband wife sister brother son or daughter is and remember that the sexual identity was not only a blessing in the Garden of Eden before sin existed but the complementarity Unism between one man and one woman in a sexual relationship was the fullest expression of the Godhead and so the devil knows that if we can destroy our ability to identify as male or female you can not only destroy the ability of the image of God but you also destroy the family which God himself set up in the Garden of Eden. So what you're looking at here is you're looking at a picture of Jamie holding a box of the hormones So Jamie is now going to start on testosterone and through this process this is through Jamie became Now if you're looking at this Jamie that's not her brother that's her if you look into Jamie without any surgeries and just from the hormones alone if that person came into your church would you let your daughter date him think about it. Do you see the confusion of what this is going to bring into the church. Look at the transition of Jamie. You can see the development as she starts to take the hormones our nose because more masculine you start to see the development of facial hair around her chin. The facial features become stronger less full and look at that. This is just what the hormones do alone without the surgeries and so even with the surgeries that people can be very convincing and can very much look like the opposite sex and yet they still no matter what you do to the body no matter how you mutilated or attempt to change it you cannot change the D.N.A. that courses through your veins. I think we should stop to do we need to take a break in between the sessions or can I just go right on. Keep going said OK so right with everyone ya'll don't get a break so you've got to stay here all right so this is actually what's going on now is we have what's called the non-binary Does anyone know what it is of course you do you're young young people know exactly what these terms mean us older people we had to learn there's now over 100 different ways that you can identify now and we're all supposed to know it in New York City alone you can have a 500000 dollar fine if you do not call somebody by the proper pronoun that they desire I just have to keep my mouth shut because there's no way I can learn a 100 of them however this is what's going on and that now what's happening is that we're making the truth into a lie and Isaiah 528 says Want to them to make a truth a lie and the lie the truth so now what's happening is these people are saying that I'm non-binary meaning that I identify according to what's in my mind that's exactly how I live for the 1st 20 years of my life they have laws to protect children like me. At 6 years old 7 years old they they actually a child can come forward and say that I'm a girl trapped in a boy's body and the government will step in against the will of the parents and allow the child to take these hormones that are not only creating a firestorm of hormones in the body because imagine if my body naturally produced male hormones and then all of a sudden I'm I'm throwing estrogen at them female hormones not only is it going to create the storm inside my body but imagine what it does to my mind the emotional damage the emotional traumas they found that the suicide rates among transgenders are 30 percent and attempted suicide 41 percent those are the highest rates of suicide among any group of people why not because they are in the wrong sex but because these surgeries and these hormones do not give these people what they desire because again I can mutilate my body to make it appear female but the bottom line is the blood that courses through my veins is still male does that make sense now that they put these people on these hormones they're going to have to be on them for the rest of their lives they have not done conclusive studies to find out what happens when you give a 6 year old hormones opposite sex hormones and the whole idea is to retard the puberty process so that by the time they're 15 or 16 years old that they can have the complete sex change that they desire but along with these hormones they have to put them on cancer resistant medications because the cancer rates increase exponentially when you go on these hormones so not only does it increase your rates of cancer but it also shortens the expectancy the life expectancy all because of just the hormones alone that they're going to have to be on for the rest of their lives there was a young boy in England that came up to his mother 89 years old said I'm a girl single mom didn't know what else to do she put him in therapy they started putting him on these hormone rejecting drugs and so the vet he developed natural breasts and his voice didn't change so he didn't develop the Adam's apple but all of a sudden at 13 years old he came to the reality that where he'd I made a mistake I am not a girl and his mother stopped the hormone treatment but she had to have the breasts removed and then now. He has to go to a voice coach to learn how to deepen his voice naturally all because of the damage of what the hormones do because you allow a child to determine what their sex is I didn't even know what my favorite color was from week to week like that change like water and you're going to tell me that I can determine what my sex is. Do you guys remember when you were a kid you couldn't even tell the difference between reality and fantasy and you're going to allow children to make a determination of what their sex is you imagine how we are polluting not only their minds but their ability to separate reality and fantasy I fantasized about being a girl I was one of those children if they had the sex changes available today like back then as they have today I would have been standing 1st in line but all of a sudden something happened 20 years old and they've found they've done studies that children of their same sex attracted or even transgender if a venture through the maturation process they just mature they get to their mid twenty's and all of a sudden they don't struggle with it anymore they found that 80 percent of children that identified as homosexual or bisexual that by the time they were in their early twenties they were completely heterosexual through no course of action of any therapies or medications or mode allergies it's because the mind just naturally matured. I remember when I told my sister 20 years old that I was gay she said she she thought that she might be gay too when she was going through puberty and her body was changing the hormones were being thrown at her she would look at these young girls in gym class and she would say wow they're really beautiful and then she thought well am I gay for thinking that they're beautiful and through her own reasoning she came to the deduction that no they're just beautiful it doesn't make me gay I just I don't want to have sex with them I just found them beautiful she can tell the during adolescence there's a lot of things that are going on and if left up to take their own natural course 80 percent of them naturally find that they're attracted to the opposite sex normally and healthfully and so now we have these laws in Canada and in the United States that. Go It's against the law to actually counsel somebody that younger than 18 years old that they could be straight you can counsel them that they can be gay but you cannot counsel them that they could be heterosexual and so again we block the ability to help guide people into healthy sexual identity and the enemy knows exactly what he's doing we have children you have young men and young women that are experimenting whereas before they never even would have would have thought about it we have young men like jocks that are on the football team that never would have thought about it before that are now identifying as bisexual because now it's kind of the the new drug it's like well if you're straight you should try gay sex if you're gay you should try straight sex and the whole idea for the enemy is to just blur the lines completely and we're seeing this being done in society today so now the idea of non-binary I want to go back to this video clip this is a girl and she basically in a very condescending ways says that biology is outdated come on we need to get with it it doesn't even matter anymore what living meat skeleton you've been born into she just called the creation of God a meat skeleton you're not what your parts are you what your feelings are don't be afraid to be yourself Hello do you see the contradiction in this it's just laid all over the place there's now a hospital in San Francisco that says that a doctor does not have the right to find on the chart whether that patient is male or female if that patient has a tubal pregnancy or if that patient has prostate cancer you do not have the ability to find out what their sex is so that you can determine what the pain is do you see how ridiculous this is but this is what's coming so if we can totally destroy the ability to identify as male or female who wins in the end it Sienna me right that now what we've done is we've made the truth a lie and the life the truth. I was looking on Amazon and I found these books for preschoolers you know I was looking at preschool or books probably because that's the level of reading that I could handle but I was looking at these books and all of a sudden I realized that these books are geared towards preschool children the ideas the sooner that we can educate your children the sooner we can change their thinking and change the world this is talking about a princess boy and he loves his dad is dad holds his hand and tells them to twirl it goes on and it starts talking about his friends and playmates or talks about how his father hold his hand and tells them to twirl in his princess leotard ballerina and so you can see that this is definitely being geared towards 10 children to change the thinking Did you know that in the United Kingdom alone there's been a 1000 percent increase on transgender what that means is they're not talking about therapies they're talking about surgeries and the medical community realize that they can make hundreds of millions of dollars because if you have an appendicitis we take out of your appendicitis and I never see you again however if you're transgender we have the surgeries we have therapies we have hormones we have to see on a regular basis in those multiple surgeries I can milk a lot of money out of that and so the medical community even though they know it doesn't give the patient ultimately what they want what it does is it makes them tons of money I want to talk about the redemptive process and this is a friend of coming out Ministry says name is Walter higher while higher was dressed up as a little girl when he was a little boy by his grandmother she wanted a granddaughter so she would make these beautiful dresses and dress them up it happened until he was 8 years old 8 years old he took one of the pretty dresses home the secret was exposed the grandmother was upset that the that the grandson Exposed the secret but he already got the message that you are worthless to me as a boy I wanted a girl. And so then by the time he was 13 he was also being sexually molested by his uncle more emasculation so he never identified as homo sexual and I want to make this clear just because somebody is transgender does not mean that there are same sex attracted there just as many heterosexual people that are transgender as there are homosexual transgender people does that make sense you can't just rule them all in the same thing that every identity is just like a fingerprint each and every person has their different experience my experience was different than my other colleagues and so don't judge one person or don't judge a whole by just one person's story does not help also don't try to figure it all out but there are reasons why that some people who go through the same thing that I went through and that would have very normal heterosexual attraction. But my perception is my reality and there are specific reasons and things that happened in my life that caused me to go in that path so again it was never homosexual he was married he had 3 children and he was actually an engineer working at NASA he had a very good paying job but also in the forty's he couldn't deny the fact that he felt inadequate as a male so he transition to become Laura get every surgery you can imagine we call it the top in the bottom surgery we actually took his male genitalia and had it mutilated to make it appear female and even in the process it may appear to be female but there's a lot of complications when you take something that was supposed to be exposed to the air and then you talk it up inside there's a lot of yeast infections there's a lot of atrophying tissue there's a lot of scarring that makes it difficult to urinate or even to have sexual pleasure there is a lot of things that go along with this and people don't even realise and so as he went through all of these surgeries to have his Adam's apple reduced in his in his forehead shaved down to make it appear more female he said a word for a while but eventually didn't give him what he wanted he didn't feel like he was truly a woman even though on the outside he may have appeared like one who was ready to commit suicide he was homeless his wife left him his children wouldn't talk to him his job fired him but somebody showed Him Jesus Christ and he thought if I made all these changes to become a female Why couldn't I make the changes to become a male again we had to incredible interviews that we did with Wildfire on their dream network on 3 A.B.N. and those are available on You Tube for you as well and it's amazing to find out the information he has a website called sex change regret dot com Write that down or take a picture of the screen because this is a really great resource to find a lot of information about the sex change debacle. I want to end the part about transgender issue with my favorite story a friend of mine named Ray Ray was born a girl Ray was born a little girl and she fantasize about her wedding day but instead of fantasizing about being the bride she want to be the groom at 16 years old she'd already been molested by kids by boys and girls on the playground her parents were violent drug addicts she came from a very dysfunctional past but at 16 years old she was actually living as a male in a relationship with another woman desperate to have the change because she heard the voice of Ray inside her head that said you know what you need to have muscles and facial hair you shouldn't have breasts and soft skin and she would stare at her image in the mirror for hours every day and so she moved to Seattle Washington where she could actually pursue the sex change and they gave her the hormones to develop the masculine facial hair that you see but they said you had to live as a man for 2 years before you could have the surgery so when this process Ray was starting to feel this depression this voice of rage inside her head would say you know what you're so pathetic nobody would ever want to you should just kill yourself and so the thought about taking her life became so strong she couldn't even get out of bed she called the only person that she thought would be there for her and that was a friend of hers there was a Christian lived many states away and a friend said just come to me and she said well I don't have any money and she said I'll pay and she said I don't care if you want to be called Mariska or you want to be called Ray I'll call you whatever you want she said because I want you to live and what she did Israel went to her friend's house and she was there her friend just started praying for her in private shouldn't stick her finger in her face and say you know you're an abomination to God instead what she does she said Lord heal her lord show her who she is in you Lord reveal yourself to her and during this process as her friend was praying for her this 3 day stay turned into 3 months and every time she thought about going back to Seattle the thoughts inside her head would be again to just take her life so during this time she she thought to herself she goes all my friends praying all the time she goes I've never prayed before and she said lord. How do you see me and the next image inside of her mind as she saw this woman in a long flowing dress with long hair just praising the Lord and she said that's not me and she dismissed that thought that was it but what she did do is she started to open the Word of God and as her friend was praying for her like my sisters were praying for me like Ron's parents were praying for him somebody was intervening in a way where the Holy Spirit could speak to her one day she heard the voice of say Jesus say you know what you've been living as a man for a long time have you ever thought about embracing your femininity she says Well how do I do that and she was unable to like a switch on the wall to flip and all the sudden she's a girl but what she did do is she started to allow her hair to grow do you know how long it takes to let hair grow Yeah women want we know right as she started to let her hair grow she started then to exchange the 2 articles of clothing in her wardrobe and make them more feminine she started to embrace the words of Psalms $139.00 that God's pursuit is us his thoughts towards us are as callous as the sands of the seashore and then he knit our delicate inward parts together in our mother's womb what could talk about the transformation of identity more than Psalms $139.00 and that she started to embrace this would you like to see who Ray is today. That was laying forget pretty I'm just going to pass this line. Here you go this is who Ray is today. Is sad amazing listen brothers and sisters that in cost her a dime. Didn't cost her a dime no no surgeries no hormones This is what God does the Bible says that that man looks on the outside but God looks on the say at heart and so what you're seeing here is a transformation of the heart not the body but the body comes along with it and you know what's so beautiful as had she done it the world's way she would have mutilated her breasts that would have fed babies she would have mutilated her her her reproductive system to the point where she could not have children do you know what the one thing is the Satan wants to steal away from you is the one gift that would make him like God remember and is a killa talks about how Satan wanted to be like the most high right and so what was the gift that God gave to man that he overlooked the day of the the angels with creationists not right than a man and a woman together in the process of one relationship with opposite sex in a couple that's committed and monogamous that they have the power to create life which is the expression of the life giver the creator him self and so you know this Satan wants to destroy anything that he can to take away this gift from men what better way to destroy the ability to be godlike than to take away the ability to identify and to be attracted to the opposite sex it steals away the gift of procreation because eventually Marissa was able to get married and because she didn't have those mutilating surgeries and she didn't have those those life threatening pills that she was taken on a regular basis she's actually pregnant with her 2nd child can you praise God. Because again we have to offer the world something better than what they are offering out there we're not talking about behavior modification we're not talking about some therapies that will actually help you to to function as a person without having sex it's about restoring that individual to who God intended them to be and that's a divine intervention divine restoration. The 3 Musketeers Alfred Kinsey John Maloney and Harry Benjamin these are the men that influence not only sexual identity but also the transgender movement nobody even identified as gay bisexual homosexuals transgendered until after these people came through with their their research the only 2 ways you can identify through the Bible is either you identify in Christ or you identify in self and because this never was an issue before the forty's and the fifty's that's where we now have this discussion about sexuality being an identity never existed even before that as a matter of fact take a picture of the screen really quick because we've got a lot to go through really quick tickets of cameras because you want to go to this Web site because these are the science and the mists and the facts of the trans movement let a medical doctor tell you exactly what's being promoted and through the media that they even deny the science and promote the lies that you're now hearing in the medical community. And so now what else is coming on the stage where we want to talk about all kinds of sexuality so this is what we're seeing now now we have all of these other people in the fringe now that we've made gay and transgender and bisexual rights available for people now we have other people saying that hey marriage should be identified by more than just 2 people that I'm not restricted to just one partner I need 2 partners and so now we have polyamory which is on the rise now in our world what about the gay identity the great Christian what about that you know what I find amazing is how can 2 walk together unless they be agreed and so this is a contradiction you cannot be a gay and a Christian at the same time now I don't want to neglect the fact that there are some people that sincerely think that they're OK or that they sincerely think that God loves them and that they're gay is that a lie no God does love every person is that fair can we establish that however even people in their ignorance they can identify this way but I want to talk compassionately about the fact that these 2 can't go together because when I put a prefix on my identity in Christ it's no longer 100 percent Jesus Christ on my right I'm telling you that my 1st identity is in my attraction and then it's in Christ and in Christ he says I'm a new creature he said the old things have passed away behold everything becomes new and so here's the problem if I hang on to my gay identity if I hang on to my same sex attraction then what happens is I can never leave this thing that God asked me to put behind Let me give you a beautiful example we have the story of Jacob what does Jacob mean liar deceiver he was a cheat right and so here he is he's wrestling with Jesus Christ all night long and he says I won't let you go unless you bless me and what did Jesus say so what's your name. And what is Jacob say. Jake he said i'm a liar i'm a cheat and i'm a thief but jesus said no you're not he says your name is now israel what is israel mean one who is been redeemed and what's beautiful is jacob had to acknowledge what he was i had to acknowledge the fact that it was a home a sexual transgender person living out this life but she's a says now in me your identity is complete in me it's no longer gay it's no longer transgender it's no longer cheat lie earthy he says now your name is christian and even though i hadn't had the opportunity to demonstrate that even though j. could did not have the opportunity to prove that he said let me give you your new name now walk it out in this identity but if i dragged this old identity around with may what are the chances and i going to be able to leave that behind if we allow people to say that there are gay christian then why can't you be a sabbath breaking christian but why can't you be a stealing christian why can't you be a lying christian do you see do you see how ridiculous sat is that in christ's i'm a new creature that he says that old things of passed away be hold everything becomes new so when i except jesus christ there's no more prefixes you're either in christ or you're in self do see the difference guiding families this is a book at that the any ideas come out with americans and also canadians this is a booklet there was given to all of the teachers in the union to we have any teachers in here Any pastors in here. This is a booklet this is being given out freely through the through the union and what's really sad about it as has incredible information in it I have a copy of this booklet and as I was reading through it talking to the Swedish Union just 2 weeks ago what I found and it was it was so deceptive it was so slippery because it talks about the love we need to have it talks about engaging in conversations and loving the individual and all of those are very good things and the Christian church has done a huge disservice to the gay community because we've been unloving and we've been unkind However this booklet is filled with all of these wonderful loving examples but it never once talks about the redemptive part of God never once does it talk about the restoring power of Jesus Christ never once does it tell a parent that they can encourage their child that there is hope beyond their same sex attraction what's really sad is that this book is filled with love but absolutely no power in 2nd Timothy 3 Verse 5 says they have a form of godliness and this is filled with godly ness but they deny the power thereof as I was looking at even some of the verses that they use the Scriptures that they use in this in this magazine I thought to myself Well these are the same Scriptures that I use as a matter of fact the quote where it says a Christ method alone brought lasting results and ministry of healing page 143 they left out the very last part it says he met them where they were ministered to their needs he won their confidence. Left out the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and that's the deception of this book and it's being promoted by our leadership in our denomination. Whatever he thinks it is hard that so we is as a sex addict I couldn't go to my church so I went to these sex addicts anonymous meetings and of course you know the sex addicts or the a mentality is basically this every time I spoke at a say Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict I am Mike I'm a sex addict and I said that for a year and I of course I couldn't talk to my pastor I couldn't talk to the elders in my church but I could go to this group and I at least found transparency where I could at least talk about the issues that were taking me down Unfortunately though I kept saying Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict and the one thing that I wanted to leave was the same thing that I kept dragging around with me after a year I realized that I wasn't getting any victory nor was anybody else in the group gaining victory but we got transparency and I realized that this is not a Christian principle because God says as a man thinketh in his heart that so he is and so I don't say even though I may have same sex attraction I don't say that I'm a gay Christian because I do not practice even these things that I have inside my head or in these temptations Jesus was tempted in all points like as we are yet without sin and so if I'm tempted by something in my identified by it because I'm tempted Thank you know my temptation may come until the day I die and if Jesus was tempted until the moment he died it's safe to say that because of the things that I participated in for 20 years I may be tempted with those for the rest of my life but because I don't indulge in those temptations to not make me identify in that sin do you see the difference. And so the same is the same application for whatever you struggle with right and so we cannot use the idea that somebody can identify as a gay Christian it does not make sense it's a contradiction what's wrong with this picture. That's right that's right and so this is what's being promoted I thought it was a really beautiful picture for a couple years until somebody told me the problem is that Jesus does not cover us with the robe of righteousness over our dirty garments What does he expect us to do. We have to take off our dirty garments we have to expose our nakedness and even through Scripture it talks about the scriptures about how Jesus wants to cover our nakedness Isn't it interesting that the devil is the one that always wants to expose us but how beautiful Jesus is the one who wants to cover us is that beautiful. Revelation 318 says why gone men so that you may clothe yourself and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed he doesn't want to just cover your nakedness he wants to take it away. But sorry so again we we went through this Isaiah for one it says and in that day 7 women shall take hold of one man saying we will eat our own bread and wear our own apparel only let us be called by your name to take away our reproach what is a woman representing the Bible a church as right see if it's all compare we go woman equals a church and so we have 7 churches right and what do they want to do they want to eat their own bread What is bread representing the Bible Word of God thank you what is a garment represent. Our Righteousness or Christ right and so here we are we have 7 churches and they're saying that they want to eat their own bread they want to determine what the Word of God says for themselves and they want to wear their own garments right the want to wear their own garments and eat their own bread but they said Give us your name to save us from reproach that's what every church that is affirming L.G.B. T. homo sexual practice that's what they're doing is that they're changing the word of God they're going to wear their own righteousness and they're going to determine the Word of God for themselves but give us your name to save us from reproach. That's not salvation that's not saving someone that's actually loving somebody while they're still lost you see the difference that telling them the truth is not a lie telling them the truth is not hate speach. Look at biology I was actually speaking in Germany a few years ago and there was a doctor and his wife and they were both doctors and all their children were doctors and hairdresser OK but I've been walking this walk and I was invited to speak at this conference the next day and this woman this very smart intelligent woman that was standing beside me with her very smart intelligent husband she was saying I don't even know why we're having this conference I don't even think I'm going to go and I said OK why she says Well people should love who they want to love and she said it shouldn't matter and I said well you're a medical doctor aren't you and she goes absolutely. And I said well you know I'm just a hairdresser I said but have you ever thought about the biology of homo sexual sex I thought that that's a total contradiction against what God's plan is. To get what I'm saying it's like why would why would God approve of something that is destructive to the physical body let alone what it does to the mind and to the heart because there's a psychologist that says you cannot do anything sexual unless you include all 3 parts of man and what affirms us that we're physical spiritual and mental and he says that you cannot do anything sexual without include Twining all 3 of these ropes together and so in the sexual identity that I live having multiple sexual partners I thought that that was my freedom I thought that that was my right to experience that but every time you have a sexual release brothers and sisters let me tell you whether it's with a phone and i Pad a computer screen what's happening is you are actually incorporating not only this spiritual but also the mental aspects of what's happening physical and the devil knows it there's nothing that controls more power over somebody than a sexual or physical appetite because the devil knows how we were all form and so that's why sexual sin is heinous to God because it destroys our ability to relate to God spiritually mentally and even physically and so it's not just a GAY thing it's a sexual sin thing does that make sense. Marriage in the Sabbath marriage on the Sabbath had their origin twin Institute. For the glory of God in the benefit of humanity this is from testimonies on sexual behavior adultery in divorce page $79.00 talking about the fact that isn't it interesting that the 2 twin institutions that were established in the Garden of Eden was marriage and the Sabbath so we know the marriage is under attack with the L G B T issue now that all kinds of people are wanting in pedophiles or wanting in we have polyamory coming in all these different things saying that that's what marriage should be defined about so we know that marriage as God intended it is under attack Well my it says that when one is under attack it's not long before the other is under attack as well what if God were looking at his church to see how we respond to marriage being under attack to know how we're going to handle it when the Sabbath is under attack. John $1232.00 what's the protocol how do we minister to somebody who's gay how do we minister to somebody in sexual sin it's all the same there's no protocol for the drug addict there's no protocol for the transgender or the gay it's all the same Jesus says if I be lifted up I will draw all men and to me it's none of your business who somebody is sleeping with however it is your honor and your obligation to show somebody who Jesus Christ is don't focus on their sexual identity or who they're sleeping with or living with focus on them knowing Jesus Christ and let the Holy Spirit do his job is that beautiful God didn't tell you to save the world he said created a safety net where I can save the world and reeled in that safety net is loving somebody being kind to them letting them know that we're all even at the cross and as you express them and show them how you live who Jesus Christ is then the Holy Spirit does a miraculous job. Ah so little time and so much to share so I want to tell you about this couple there was this Colombian couple they were from Colombia and they were dirt poor and they'd come illegally as immigrants into the United States they become members of society they were also legal citizens and they had a little girl and this sweet couple they barely spoke any English she was very broken English and one of the guys said that I was friends with that was also gay like I was he was Puerto Rican so they were able to come you know to communicate and so my friend the Puerto Rican guy's name was Ruben he says Hey Mike you should come over to this Bible study on Sunday nights you know with this cute little couple I go Bible study Sunday night I don't think so and he said well they serve food and I said OK I'll be there. So every Sunday night there was Reuben and me and then we had a 3rd friend this big black guy with lots of muscles and his name was Wayne so they had 3 homosexuals in their living room every Sunday night mother father and this little girl about 10 years old right every Sunday night I don't know how it evaded them but we knew who we were and so one night the wife says her husband she said do you think they're gay and he said I don't know and she said should we be concerned about our daughter and he said it shouldn't matter because their souls for the kingdom and what they did is they loved us and she said she says I'm so glad you said that because I've learned to love them we studied the Bible we we ended up moving we left Florida I ended up moving to Tennessee this family moved with me they live with me until they found a house their daughter grew up she went to college she went to university she found a boy that she wanted to marry and because we had become so tight because we become like family together. That when he wanted to ask for permission for her hand in marriage she said if you want to marry me you have to ask my dad and my Carducci for my hand in marriage this is will God is asking for us to do in the gay community whether you gay straight bisexual transgender whatever that is this family was able to do that for me they didn't just love me and give me the truth they invested in me they gave me everything that they had they not only invested everything that they had but as they were learning this process we were learning together the love that God had for each one of us they didn't view me as lower than them but they didn't see me as better than them either to see how God can use individuals it's not about focusing on your sexuality it's about focusing on Jesus and sharing Jesus together. Testimonies of sexual behavior adultery and divorce page $84.00 a frightening quote here the servant of the Lord herself lets us know exactly what's going to be happening at the end of time and yet they're still very little resources in our denomination for us she says a Satan's repetitious plot near the close of this earth's history Satan will work with all his powers in the same manner and with the same temptations wherewith he tempted ancient Israel just before they're answering the land of promise she goes on she says he will lay snares for those who claim to keep the commandments of God and who are almost on the borders of the heavenly Canaan that's you and me she says he will use his powers to their upmost in order to entrap souls and to take God's professed people upon their weakest points. She said those who have not brought the lower passions into subjects into the higher powers of their being those who have allowed their minds to flow and a channel of carnal indulgence of the baser passions Satan is determined to destroy with his temptations to pollute their souls with licentiousness. There is no doubt that the prophet of the Lord knew exactly what was coming. I have young men and young women I have pastors I have all kinds of people coming up to me privately letting me know about their dictions to pornography I have people that are in charge of huge events in Europe that came up confessing that they had a sexual addiction people that you would never suspect and yet even in my own experience I realized the power of what these these these handheld devices have over me I have accountability software on every single device that I own all because I know that on my own I do not have the strength and the power that I need to avoid being slimed there's some horrific sit to sticks that are going on in our church today it's not just an L G B T thing it's all sexuality and the greatest evil that I believe that is lurking in our church right now is pornography. According to Covenant eyes every 2nd 3000 dollars is being spent on pornography that's $102000000.00 every hour every 2nd 3100 I'm sorry every 2nd 28000 people are viewing porn that's 102000000 viewers every hour. 70 percent of all men between the ages of $17.34 are addicted to porn and one in 3 women pornography is so pervasive that even women aren't even excluded from this this evil according to Covenant eyes the most shocking statistics that I have is that only 3 percent of boys and 17 percent of girls have never seen pornography. Pornography doesn't care whether you're a Christian or not pornography is out there to just slime not only our young people also to take out our salvation I was talking to a young man he's in his late twenty's now he's a pastor but he said it's 7 years old his best friend brought to his admin is school a picture of pornography that it printed off the family computer 7 years old and he became hooked his mother was a nurse his father was a pastor they put the computer in the living room so they could watch with the children watching but this kid was set his alarm for 3 o'clock in the morning so he get on the family computer and look at pornography this is how pervasive it is he went to 2 of our admonitions to touche and Southern University and Andrews University and he said he never had to pay for sex because there were plenty of girls willing to have sex with him there'd be the girl who would be strumming the guitar Friday night of vespers but she was sending pictures of herself topless to his roommate this is what's going on in our admin to schools brothers and sisters it's not a GAY thing it's a sin thing OK. We have the conquer series which is I have 2 of these products with me they're incredible resources for helping people out of a pornography addiction. I don't really have time to to share this with you but I want to go on for this cause inefficient 531 for this cause shall a man leave his father mother and shall be joined into his wife and they too shall be one flesh and so the say the devil knew the power of what sex does that what it is it's the super glue to do glues to people together because what happens is whatever you're looking at when you have a sexual release your body was designed and it creates all of these wonderful indoor friends that are actually you know spit into the brain and they say wow that was powerful it's like heroin so every time you have a sexual release where you're looking at a computer screen or you're holding your beloved It takes a picture of whatever you look in and it says let's do that again and so what happens is that dopamine that's released it connects you to whatever you're having that sexual release with that's why pornography is so addictive and so what happens is God designed it and he put it there for a purpose because every time a husband has sex with his wife and he has a sexual release or she has a sexual lease it bonds them closer together he knows that they're going to need that bonding as a body starts to change over the years as the children come in the financial problems start to come they're going to need that bonding to help hold them together that the 2 become one flesh Do you understand that OK but it goes on in 2nd career or 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 and verse 16 is this what don't you know that when you have sex with a prostitute at the 2 become one flesh whether we use it in the right way or the wrong way it works the super glue is there to work and that God wants us to know the specifics of having sex with just your opposite sex partner for the rest of your life that you're committed to in a relationship with God is the only acceptable glue that is going to keep you happy and healthy. Excuse me as a sexual addict I was acting out as often as 3 times in a day with different men and what was happening is a super glue was connecting me to all of these men and that I didn't realize it but at the end of 20 years the only thing. In that i could view a person at is how they would objectify my sexual desire i don't care which are name was don't talk to me let's do the sexual acting get or over with because it destroyed my ability define 80 value in any human being pornography dust the same when you're looking at pornography you're looking at somebody's son or daughter when you're indulging in pornography you're having sex even though it's an image on a screen you're denying yourself exactly will god intended you to be he intended for you to hold the flash of your beloved he intended for you to look into the arms of your why for to your husband and as a matter of fact i think it's really interesting to know this is warren beatty one of the greatest actors of the the 20th century and he was good lookin look of the dude not bad look and Very good looking and he slept with all of the best starlets in Hollywood he was never married until his late fifty's and so here's this man that's gone to bed with all of these beautiful girls he had the best of the best and yet this was what is interesting even though he doesn't even acknowledge God he was interviewed by a magazine that promotes sexual expression but he said this he said the best sex I've ever had was in a monogamous relationship with my wife even though he had all of these sexual experiences before that even he as an atheist agnostic that God's way is best gives you what you need not only was God the one that designed sex and gave it to us as a gift he knows exactly how to use it so that it doesn't hurt us and so how it doesn't hurt other people as well. Monogamous adultery a huge issue going on in the church today among Christian students it is not considered losing their virginity if thing gaijin oral or anal intercourse I find this even shocking that somebody would actually discount the the value of what the physical touch does in an intimate relationship with somebody else and that this is a deception story from the enemy but this is what's been going on for many years even though even when I was in Andrews University I had friends that were having sex I knew that they were engaging in sexual relationships but even that is just as destructive to the body as it is homosexuality. Pornography chat rooms dating sites what it does is it destroys again our ability to see each other as valuable we have single parenting all because we've walked away from the way the God designed it to be we have young girls that are raising children have grandmothers that are raising their grandchildren because again these these children are too young to take on the parental responsibilities all because we've walked away from how God designed this sex and marriage should be we have children that are giving birth to children teenage pregnancies in schools abortion abortion rates are just as high inside the church as they are outside in the community I have a friend she was 16 years old she had a boyfriend and because she didn't have a strong relationship with her father she ended up pregnant her boyfriend took her to the abortion clinic and she had the abortion it was over and done with in just a matter of time but what happened is she didn't realize after that the guilt in the condemnation that would come in because she destroyed and killed that baby's life even though she went on to marry she had 3 other children they're all grown still in her fifties to this day she struggles with the guilt of what she did that day when she was 16 years old all of this again because we've walked away from the standard of what God established healthy sexuality to be expressed as. Every day in America even if you're even if your sins don't give you away eventually sometimes even the physical abnormalities are what sexual sin does will give us away 10000 teenagers in in America catch a sexually transmitted disease every day. From Adventists home page 19 it says the family relationship should be sanctifying in its influence Christian homes establishing conducted in accordance with God's plan are a wonderful help in forming Christian character parents and children should be a night in offering loving service to him who alone can keep human love pure and noble. We have 2 individuals that are now working with coming out ministries this is Harrison manya he's from Costa Rica He was an elder in his church he was addicted to pornography was masturbation premarital sex and he recognized that through coming out ministries that he needed the help of what we had he recognized that this was not just an L G B T ministry but it was a Ministry talking about sexual purity he's now become an associate speaker for us and he also speaks with us and translates with us and our ministry has taken on a new development as well I was in Cuba 2 years ago and I was working with this young woman and just them and she was actually one of the speakers that was speaking to the people in Cuba she was involved in her youth group and as she started to hear our stories about coming out of homosexuality pornography addiction sexual addiction she came to me privately and she she confessed that she was actually having sex with some of the members in her youth group and she was addicted to pornography she was also experimenting with bisexuality and I looked at her and I said you know what the Bible says about sex don't you. And as innocently as she could she responded back and she says Well not really because the church never talks about it that was when my eyes were open is that by our silence by refusing to talk about these issues that are going on You Tube and the Internet is teaching our young people what sexual expression is all about and while the church is silent we're actually giving permission for the world to influence our church members from within. From that point on that was 2 years ago she was addicted to porn masturbation adultery and bisexuality and in that time the Lord brought her into victory and she now also is another associate speaker for coming out ministries and as a matter of fact. These are their testimonies. And so if you see them on your chair this is his testimony this is also Harrison's testimony the the other one that I put on there is actually copy of mine these are tracks that we actually give out to help promote the ministry and also to let people see testimonies all right I want to talk about this arena of war this is actually a young woman's experience about how she grew up in a conservative Adventist church and family not only was she conservative in her values but she had made a decision that she wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night she also about 15 years old she had. Actual issue with pornography she was basically curious why all these guys were talking about for not graffiti she went on the internet she found it she also had a struggle with it and how she was able to break free but she talks very openly and she even put some statistics in here talking about the struggle with pornography but also when she determined who she was going to marry about how that sexual sin also came back into a relationship and how they were able to overcome that and the damage of what pornography does in a relationship in a committed loving Adventists relationship I think for a young person this is an amazing resource I would recommend that you write this down a reno of war and again her name is Jesse Ventura a very powerful story. We also again have the testimony of Ron Woolsey and we also have the 2nd book that he wrote. Straight answers to the gate question this is a compilation of over 20 years of question and answers that he's compiled into a resource so we have those available for you as well. So I have a question for you how far does a door have to be open if the door was open just an inch how much of the snake could get in through the door. The whole steak right as a matter of fact living in Tennessee I had a screen door that just wouldn't close all the way and so it would gap about an inch like that but I don't think it was a problem so I'd leave the screen door open on a warm day and so the the air could kind of flow through while sudden one day I was sitting there eating my breakfast and a friend of mine that was over she said look what's between your furniture and in between 2 of the wall units there was a complete skin of a snake the whole snake so this snake it come in through the into that door and it gotten him tween my furniture and actually shed this again while you know that night I looked all over for that snake and closets and bedrooms and everything else and that night as I prayed as the Lord you know where the snake is and I don't I'm going to bed. I never saw it but again we need to make sure that we have clothes all of the access for the enemy to get in to our camp and one of the ways that the enemy has gotten in is through this love message that loving people means that we accept them in their sin temptation or that we legitimize a sin and give it a title meaning like gay Christian if you allow somebody to be identified as a gay Christian what you've done is you've taken away this sin identity because what does God say and share my says only acknowledge your sin right only acknowledge your backsliding and so if we don't need knowledge as a sense that we have nothing to confess in 1st John one night it says If we confess our sins He is faithful and just not only to forgive us but to cleanse us from how much of righteousness all of our might just miss so the only thing that he asked us to do in this verse is to just confess our sins it's not what he asked so if you confess your sins but you don't believe that homosexuality is a sin 10 Taishan if you don't confess it then we've cut off the process of Will God wants to do for each one of us if you start to see that how identity is important we had an opportunity to talk to Anders University seminary people and they come up with a statement and. And I like to think that because they weren't aware of what and how much permission they give somebody an identity that through coming out ministries we pled with them that if you allow somebody to to legitimize their temptation and give them a title then what you've done is you've taken it away and you've allowed that door to become open just an inch to let the snake come in because now what's happening is they're making statements that well it's OK even the Swedish conference they made a statement they say it's OK to be identified as gay but just don't practice it does that sound like redemption and restoration to brothers and sisters because you know something I'm not buying and that when I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ I wanted complete healing and you mean to tell me that you can heal somebody had a sexual but you can't heal me and I thought that's not fair if you have if you can offer redemption restoration to somebody else it has to be across the board otherwise he's now got it all right do you see the power of what we're doing and so we have to hold on to the party line not just because it's truth but because it's better than what the world is handing out. Unfortunately if we make these these these. If we start to to draw away the line in the definition of what sin is then eventually there are many other things that are going to come with it as well I say of 520 it talks about this is what I want to than the call evil good and good evil that put darkness for light and light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter what we recognize also that's happening at the end of time we know that there's going to be a dividing line we know that there's going to be a polarization in the church I believe that that's why many of you are here at the Y.C. is that many of you are convicted that we're living in the end times and so how is it that the gay issue can be this dividing in the church when you look in the Bible what was the last situation that happened before Saddam a good more was destroyed. It was a homosexuals outside of Lot's house right and they hear they were clamoring for the angels and so a lot even offered him his virgin daughters which I don't even understand that but what he did as them or offered them the healthier alternative I don't know but but even that they refused and so Sodom and Gomorrah then was destroyed it's interesting to me and it's not prophetic and I'm certainly not prophesied here but a few years ago it hit me What if the gay issue in our world was the defining line even in our Christianity what if this gay issue and and you know I don't know where you stand on this position but what if just the issue of acceptance in our church was what would polarize the church because now what we have we have these conferences that are in rebellion we have conferences that are not following the General Conference guidelines of what they have done through through prayer and also through careful study that now we have conferences that are stepping away from the very conference itself. So I believe that that it's not a coincidence and that we are living in times where we have to be decidedly on one side or the other and if we give in to homosexual practice and think that that it's OK with God that what we've done is we've legitimize sin and we've made it even more difficult for people to come to the cross and to find the reconciliation the redemption and the healing that he offers for all of us it wasn't an easy decision to make it wasn't easy to walk away from my business wasn't easy to walk away from my boyfriend and the life that I had created through the indulgence of the things that came natural to me but neither was it easy for you you had to make a decision when you accepted Jesus as your Savior you had to put things away too there were things that you had to give up and you know what each one of us have to make sacrifices to serve God but why would we give up anything if we were going to get something better in return and to get a witness because if I would lose my job to keep the Sabbath and God promises to give me something better and when we take that step when we actually make that sacrifice and push away that thing that God is asking us to put aside if there wasn't a benefit to it then why would I go back to it and I believe that that's what we have to show people in the situation or even if you're addicted to porn or whatever that is you're having premarital sex that God's Way has to be better has to be better and then we have to show people we have to rid remove the condemnation we have to let them know that we're all level at the cross in 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 it has all the abominations that are not going to be and haven't right and it talks about in verses 9 and 10 A says licentiousness fornication adultry Oh yeah homosexuality it's in there homo sexual practice. And what I find amazing is that what we did years ago is that we took homosexuality out and we put it way up here and we said this is the sin the god just can't stand this is the sin that is so heinous that God can even heal well that was the that was a message that I heard for all those years that I was walking as an admin as a young person and so there was no hope for somebody like me I was desperate for that I remember it 20 years old when I came when I came to Florida I moved to Florida from from Ohio after I dropped out of Andrews and I met a girl who was also a lesbian and she had also grown up in Adventists education and we decided we confided in each other and we decided that we were going to find out once and for all did the Adventist message have an answer for someone like us and so what we did is we went to church and I went to church week after week and I would look and I would watch and I would study the people I say Who am I going to share my Sikh with and I found this guy and I would watch him every week and I said Is this the guy I'm going to share my secret with and finally got the courage up one day been many months and I and I went up to this guy and I said and he was an elder in the church and I said hey Hastie can I talk in the situation what's up and I said well it has to do with women and before I could say another word he said something so derogatory about women there was no way that I could trust him with my secret and this was an elder in the church and so I thanked him for his time I listened to him and I walked out of church that night and I said to God I'm done I'm through I can't get my sexuality in my religion to come together I prayed that you would change when you never did and this is what you send me I'm outta here and so that was when I turned my back on the church and that was when I went into the gay culture all because again the message that I heard or heard was a gays were going to burn in a hotter hell than everybody else. But now when you stop and think about it it's like there are many other areas in there that you can find even yourself in a temptation with and so we have distorted the Word of God because we left out verse 11 because in verse 11 it says Such were some of you but you've been washed you've been made clean right and you've been sanctified and so why wasn't anybody talking to me about that 1st because that would have made a big difference for me and when I told you about my colleague who who was having same sex attraction even though he had a theology degree and a 4.0 from Southern University or Southern College he still did not know how to apply the blood of Jesus to his circumstance and as he confessed to his wife that he was attracted to the same sex they went to a pastor an essay shared that then with the pastor that he was struggling. To give me the pastor looked at his wife and said you might as well just get a divorce because that kind can never change what they did is they held up this principle that gays can't change and that they burn in a hotter hell than everybody else and now after coming back into the church thinking surely that we've got this issue coming up what if God allowed the gay rights the gay movement to move forward so that we'd finally be forced to start talking about this very uncomfortable situation and circumstance I believe that the Christian church did more for the gay community and more for gay rights because while we said that they couldn't change and that they were condemned they said great if we can't change them we want rights and we want the ability to marry what if the Gay Christian community was the one that actually did more for gay rights than they themselves but here's the answer when we use the verse 11 it says Such were some of you then that right there says that even if you struggle with pornography premarital sex masturbation whatever that is God says it's all the same to him he says Such were some of you and that gives us hope and that wasn't the only issue that I struggle with was trend generalism and homo sexual practice I struggled. Also with pornography I also struggle that masturbation is sexual addiction and you know what God had to answer each and every one of those issues as well it hasn't been easy it's been a hell of it's own to struggle with these thoughts and these feelings and when God gave me the victory shortly after I become baptized the Lord addressed my boyfriend as a matter of fact I prayed one time and as oaths reading in the Bible that homo sexual practice was condemned by God I said if you want me out of that relationship you can have to do it yourself I'm digging in my heels and I'm going to prove to you that I can be faithful to my boyfriend and if you just convert my boyfriend we would be this mighty team for you and God willing to do that he said I'll get right on that and within 3 weeks my boyfriend broke up with me and I knew that God had spoken but I was still alone and I was still gay and I remember coming home and this darkness would just settle in and I would think to myself I never know what it's like to love again why I never know what it's like to be held by never know what it's like to hold someone and to lavish them with love and during that time I couldn't share with my sister she would have been overjoyed I could share with my friends because they would have said Mike you're gay go back to your boyfriend and so it's just me and Jesus Christ during that time and as I cried and as high SOB it was Jesus that was holding me and as I cried it was Jesus that was loving me and that kind of love started to change my acting out behavior wasn't like God just hit me over with the head with a magic wand and it was all gone for my convenience but I started to struggle last as I was experiencing a love that I'd never had before the depths that I had never experienced before as I was truly receiving the love that God was giving to me that it was lavishing on me than the sexual acting out started to drop away and what was amazing was like God had closed off this valve of sexual thoughts even inside my head I wasn't even attracted to 2 homosexuals or even heterosexuals it was like it was completely gone and during that time there was this freedom that I had never known before in my forty's. And unfortunately a few years later I thought to myself to God take away my history my memory and as an elder in my church I struggled again with pornography and so I needed a break I needed to find that victory again but the victory was more elusive and I cried out to God and I said Lord you said that the Adventist message has everything that we need to find victory in our lives and I need that what worked before is not working now and so I went to a for you know our 1st Sex Addicts Anonymous for for a whole year nothing happened there and in my frustration the Lord showed me this little ugly red book. And it has a really ugly title and for somebody that's a hairdresser I only like the pictures right and so this book was called ministry of healing. Not appealing to someone like me but what happened is when I opened up the 1st pages said that the same Jesus they came 2000 years ago is the same Jesus today that wants to heal men completely physically spiritually and mentally and in the margin of my book I circled that and I held God accountable and I said you said that you could change me because I can't change myself but I give you permission I hold you accountable to your promise and while that book never talked about the problems that I struggled with but what it did do is a talked about a Savior that are already one for me the victory and that if I struggle today I can have the answer for my struggle today it doesn't take weeks or months or years to overcome this I can have overcoming victory today by claiming what Jesus has already won for me 2000 years ago on the cross and that book I've recommended to people around the world to girls girls that are struggling with porn addiction in their early twenty's sobbing to me knowing that they're not ready for marriage because of this this insidious issue that they struggle with pastors in South and Africa that are struggling with pornography addiction this book is not only found healing for me but also for them as well God has given our church everything that we need to find overcoming victory for whatever we struggle with OK Romans $1310.00 says a love does no harm to its neighbor therefore love is the fulfillment of the law we've got to change our attitude about this we have earned the reputation of being haters of being self-righteous and what we have to do is we have to recognize again that if we're all on the same level field if we're all on the same playing field then what we have to do is we have to offer something better to somebody we can't be condescending and say oh poor little homo sexual maybe God will have some mercy on you we have to get on the level. Say I don't struggle with what you struggle with but I struggle and that to admit to someone in that we still struggle that but that we look on Jesus and that we focus on Jesus and that he has the answers for us does that make sense when that be much easier to receive than somebody making a judgment about you and saying you that you need Jesus we all need Jesus. So our vision statement coming out ministry is this says to ignite an unquenchable movement restoring all men and women back to the image of their creator god if you remember the thing that was established before sin even entered the land was in the Garden of Eden marriage was established and the Sabbath and so we know that throughout the Bible all the way to revelation that we know there were sin entered in Genesis that in Revelation God wants to restore man completely to who he was back in the Garden of Eden is not right so it doesn't make sense that at the end of time the sexuality is going to be the issue of the day that if we can destroy the image of God through through transgenderism through homosexuality bisexuality whatever that polyamory pornography sexual acting out even monogamous adultery that doesn't make sense that God wants to address all of these things but in a way where he has a people that are restored and I believe that the church is going to look drastically different at the end of time some of the issues that we're dealing with in the church right now because it's already coming in is that there's a woman and she has a son and her son is in his twenty's he was never gay but he was transgender he was attempting suicide he has a little boy that calls him Daddy but he felt that he needed to be a woman she paid for his surgery he went to Thailand he now became back as a woman his little voice calls and daddy but now she's concerned the mother is concerned about her son the became her daughter because she said he's still attracted to women so now that he has her daughter if he's still attracted to women then that makes him a lesbian. Do you see how confusing all of this is and so I shared with this woman I said there's nothing wrong with his attraction and by the way let me point out how I see myself as different than what I'm attracted to sexually Do you see the disconnect there just because somebody is transgender does not make them gay because they're transgender is how they view themselves but what I'm attracted to is different from that So here's this man the became a woman but there was nothing wrong with his attractions to the opposite sex but now that he appears as a woman the mother thought that he was losing his salvation because now he's a lesbian so if you understand again that what was his D.N.A. is still male that even though they He's mutilated his body to appear female there was nothing wrong with his attractions are you following that 2nd situation is a woman had an affair with a with a man that she worked with and they had a sexual relationship and after 3 times of having a sexual relationship this man confessed to this woman that he was actually a female and so this was the girl for I know your eyes this woman called me and she said am I gay because I had sex with somebody who I thought was a man that was actually a woman and she had feelings for this person but didn't know it was a woman thought it was a man and can you imagine the confusion so again when you step outside of what God says sign is for us it creates all kinds of confusion and all kinds of dysfunction and so had she not had sex with the person she wasn't married to she would have gotten to know this person long before that and maybe she would have found out that this person was actually a female and not a male before that 3rd situation that's already happened is a young boy 13 years old who is transgender which means the mother's already painted his room pink and filled the closet with pretty dresses and this little boy wants to go to summer camp so what he do. Camp to put him on do a lot do you force him to dress as a boy and then put him on the boy's side and expose him to the taunts and the teasing of the boys or do you allow him to dress as a girl and put him on the girl's side and expose the girls to male genitalia so you can imagine the confusion that comes with that and the dilemma so the idea came up in our ministry as we're trying to grapple with this situation is well you know what if he had a separate cabin of his own Well that would be considered discrimination and so the law would step in and say no you have to allow this boy to stay on the side of the camp that he desires that he identifies with so these are some of the issues that are already coming in or church and you're not going to change those this is are going to stop this is going to come on even more but we have to be ready we have to be ready with the right answers to be loving and kind receptive and we also have to know where the draw the line is well one of the questions that comes up many times in our Q. and A is when is a person ready for baptism and so let me ask you a question if a couple came into your church and they were a heterosexual couple and they had 3 children but they were living together are they ready for baptism. They are delivering together they're not married and they have 3 children are they ready for membership. You know oh they're living together they're not married and they have 3 children they've got a whole household all set up they're not ready for membership but let me explain why because God cannot bless a union that hasn't they're not married Here's a man and a woman and a heterosexual a ship they've got 3 kids but they are not married they're not ready for membership in the church right and so what do you want to do with them do you kick them out because you're not married. Oh now you study with them you love them you you invite their kids to Sabbath school you invite them over to your house for for a nice Sabbath lunch and you study with them and then eventually as a Holy Spirit illuminates our heart and they go whoa I've got to leave her I've got to marry her right and then once they decide that they get married then are they ready for membership. Yes they're ready for membership and so if a gay couple comes into your church and they've got 3 kids are they ready for membership you know but do they deserve to be there yes and we need to establish relationships with them we need to invite them to our houses for lunch we need to invite them to participate in things in the church activity but they're not ready for membership until what the Bible says they show Meet for repentance that means that I had to turn away from my gay relationship I had to turn away from my boyfriend I had to turn away from my identity I had to say I'm no longer gay but that I'm now a Christian and I'm walking towards an identity in Jesus Christ does that make sense because if you baptize somebody when they're still actively identifying as gay or in a gay relationship or even in a relationship where they're not married to the person that they're living with what's happening is you're now putting the sick in charge of healing the sick if you have a hospital you only have 2 kinds of people in a hospital you have health professionals and then you have the patients right and so what would happen if you took the patients and you made them in charge of healing the sick. I know there there go your eyes again yeah yeah so all of a sudden you've got the the sick trying to heal the sick what's going to happen. They're all going to die they're all going to die but if the hospital were like the church every hospital needs the patients because otherwise we would close its doors right the same in the church the church needs people to come in at all walks of life no matter where they are in their understanding they deserve to be there and they should be nurtured and they should be loved and they should find acceptance there but the point of where we make the members and we baptize them they have to come to a point where they fully understand what they're getting into and that they fully understand the principles of the Bible and that they've made changes in their life so that the life aligns with the principles of the Bible and then they're ready to be baptized because baptism brings 3 things. It's a sacred position that gives them the right to vote it also gives them the right to influence other people as teachers of Sabbath school as elders in the church right doesn't that make sense and so we have to recognize that until somebody is ready for baptism they have to show that their life is living in agreement with that but also for their protection you know I was baptized with a boyfriend in a sexual addiction the pastor did not know that it was still an act of homosexual I came in under the wire and God says that His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts but no pastor should about ties me because a match in the shock when all of a sudden I found out that the church that I just got baptized into did not accept homosexuals in a right so that was a real shock for me. OK good and so as I was coming into this agreement with Jesus Christ he was walking with me he was walking with me in this misguided understanding and that even though I should not have been baptized eventually he led me into all truth and I stand before you now and so God's ways are perfect but again in the church we need to have structure we need to be nurturing and loving but also we cannot put people in membership before they're ready to make sense OK. All right let's pray Father I thank you Lord for this opportunity too to present on behalf of all sexuality and Lord you are so gracious you are so good that because you've given us the answer for every sin sin problem that is out there I pray Lord that today that that I have shown adequately that all sexual sin Lord destroys our ability to relate to you as a loving God and I pray Lord that it's challenged our thinking that we need to be more loving we need to be more kind to those that are on the other side Lord of your understanding and your compassion but I pray Father that you will also help us. To change the way that we think towards other people and that Lord that we would respond to people the way that you do and that we would love them and show them Lord that the Bible is not just truth that it's got to be better than what the world is handing out because then Lord we would truly have something to equip people with and that we would actually be able to bring people into your kingdom where you desire and your delight Lord is to bring us home so my prayer Lord is that is your work on our hearts that you would change us from within and the Lord that we would experience that victory that only you can provide so that we can offer that to somebody else in our churches bless us and guide us I pray in Jesus' name and this media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. Or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave is a W W W. Or.


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