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Right Thinking: How to be Happy and Healthy in a World of Depression and Sickness - Part 2

Michael Lemon René Lemon


  • August 16, 2019
    10:30 AM
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The rat race or you get the idea that this is a person who's like on a treadmill or going all the time like a hamster I guess so what they believe. They're right for you he said you know. Suffering. So that you can be happy so as a person is climbing the ladder of success and they just keep going going going go so here is an actor's name is Matthew McConaughey and he received in the cademy a word as best actor he would Here's what he said in his is speech when he received this award to my heroes they. Say. When I was 15 years old I had a very. Kind of me you know you. And I see what about and it's me in senior. So I've been trained for teen years later and think who's in need and go. Oh are you a yes and I think no and you then. She think why and I think my you know we he and 35 you see every day and interview we and every month and every year of my life my year really is poised to be. Away I'm never going to be my you know I'm not going to say and and fought with me because if he be with somebody he she can't with somebody to keep on chasing So does that sound like a philosophy that works for you it just keep happiness is kind of just beyond the corner just around the next corner around the next corner and then you get there and then you're running again after and he's going around the next corner they just keep on chasing after happiness and. And it just I looked this guy up on line and I thought What's he do and this is a picture of him after a party he says The morning after the call concert. Something told me that perhaps he's not happy. He just keep on going and then this verse came to my mind come on to me all you that are weary in our heavy burden and I will give you rest that is the place where we fly so he said he's OK with this chasing chasing chasing but something in his what he's posting online is telling me he's not really happy he's looking for happiness but he's not really finding it funny you can see the heat and. Re raise. You know under your oh. Yeah. Bend probably let me introduce you to Alistair Clare his life seemed perfect. He knew and and Christine to think in he would be at. He was an author a broadcaster a singer songwriter and an academic he was a star student and branch anyone from Carnegie kind grandchildren 3 1st paused to be the highest part of the degree awarded and then AND WHEN THE PRIZE Foundation to all folds on each one of the highest and contain the I know it is in the United Kingdom so clear also wrote a novel and a collection of Paul and he recorded 2 albums of songs including many of his own compositions he wrote to Jesus and I read the heart of the drink and drive home part D.V.D. series of China and the T.V. series on T.V. series on China for the B.B.C. and the series won an Emmy Award but Alister Claire was not there to receive the reward and the agent 48 sure can often compete in the theory and instantly committed suicide by jumping in front of me and so would knowing that he was about to win the Emmy have made any difference in his life and he's ex-wife the envy was a symbol of things when if it means a great deal. And would have given he fell 50 but she adds he had so many symbols of success much grander than the Emmy none of them satisfied him. He needed and knew what each time he did. Ultimately he never considered anything that he did to be good enough is the words of his ex-wife. He was he an innocent thing he was not able to see. Things. So here's the rat race or for. The rat race or happiness is always just around the corner however when they get there the satisfaction is short lived because they feel that they are only as good as their last performance and so they have to keep on performing and happiness becomes an elusive unattainable goal they just keep going and going and going kind of like a rat on a on a wheel or. A hamster on a wheel so you can see there are people in the Bible who are kind of driven like that and I think Solomon fits into this category get he was a builder he was just driven driven driven and then he became a hedonist and he was he just was living for pleasure OK Now it's interesting in the Bible it warns us against deception because pleasure is it is a deception for happiness not that pleasure is a bad thing God gives us ability to experience pleasure but when pleasure becomes an end in itself and the means of getting happiness it's very deceptive and it leads us astray as we've already seen. A 3rd way that a lot of people look at that's completely a dead end is called nihilist the Nihilist or nihilism and the not if then. That will. Not be enjoyed. Would. Be huge. So as a person this is a dead end this is a dark dark street and definitely Solomon got there and if you read what Alan White says about him he was sitting on his throne at the end of his life and he had experienced all of this pleasure and he had experienced everything that the heart could want and then what is the end up saying he says Therefore I hated life. That's kind of a and while this ticks. Statement for all is vanity and vexation of spirit when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what had I had toiled to achieve everything was meaningless a chasing after the wind OK So wasn't there this is the person who's crying out for help and saying. It's meaningless it's pointless I can't get there. So here's the big question can you find happiness. Are we looking for it in pleasure you're not going to find it down that street you're not going to find it in constantly achieve achieve achieve achieve you're not going to find it there and you're not going to also find it in. A nihilistic mindset OK so if we could put this all together put it on a grid and on the top part you say present detriment present benefit and on the side you would say future benefits and future detriment what would each of these people look like and how would they fit into those categories. You know. We I mean you know. Because of eat drink. Yeah because tomorrow we're going to die anyway made now so brazen. But if you change and they command right whereas the rate rat race or there's like I'm going to deny myself now and I'm going to deny myself in the future so I don't really ever enjoying it so there's like sometimes some somewhere over there in the future I'm going to benefit but you never get there. Some kind of future benefit so you say now I'm going to just deny myself all the pleasures of life 0 dollars is rat racing and then in the future there's going to be a benefit you just never get there and so that's that's where the rat race or is. This going. I praise and commend and commend because they need the happy they just think that happiness the an attainable. Know when you can attain and that's major depression and finally happiness happiness is present benefit you can in the present be happy and in the future be happy this is the person who sees life that way Oh there we go. So there's the grid that we gave you want to give you a few more quotes as we finish up this little portion and they were going to go on to another the next part they were going to look at so. And base a kind cheerful any courage would well prove more faith in the most evening made a certain Wow So this is this is really helpful isn't it kind cheerful and encouraging words towards others towards yourself think about those words that you're saying in your own mind OK sometimes the your own head has all those things so kind cheerful and encouraging words will prove more effective than the most healing medicines I've as homepage to 17. And not the one doing a kindness produces the single most reliable increase in wellbeing or emptiness of any exercise we have tasted so I guess the seas blazing and soothing and so this idea of being calming down this is Martin Seligman who happens to be the father positive psychology and this is in a book called flourish Mark Twain you've heard of him he says kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see so can your happiness change there's a lot to finish up with that thought. Yeah people can gauge in meaningful conversations with friends or family and the group would be in heaven you know we don't. Close intimate personal ties and strong social The boards are crucial point and. Jesus cremate us to be remade absolutely as he wanted and he had a relationship with. Follow into this in no time and storms on each of the boards are crucial for him you know investigate his recently shot and compared to the fun loving nation was the strongest pretty tough. I think the strongest predicts your predictor of life satisfaction so your capacity for loving relationships here's the thing though we just read a book called Lost connections and in there it talks about the guy who's reading is a journalist and he was on antidepressants from when he was a teenager and he found that that wasn't helping him he would just get stronger and stronger doses of antidepressants and then he started investigating it and he's a major journalist in Britain and he started realizing this doesn't work so why does and in all of his searching he came up with a very interesting solution connections with people that we have lost their connections with one another and the more we isolate ourselves from other people. What happens to us our levels of happiness go down we feel discouraged actually we live shorter lives. More unproductive lives and so he said we need to connect with one another it's a fascinating book and you really need to read it and so that would be very interesting in terms of what Paul says when he says Do not give up the habit of meeting together. And especially as you see the day approaching what Daisy talking about the 2nd coming so as we see the 2nd coming approaching what is this is going to happen. Men will be lovers of pleasure does that make you happy or no and also they will hate one another and betray one another even within the church so there has to be a level of forgiveness that has to happen so you need to Ellen White says we need to draw nearer to one another and I'll show you that in a minute I thought Martin Seligman comment of all of the things that he looked at as the one defining characteristic of extremely happy people this came out in research after research one of them was the Harvard men study and here's what they found they found and they are not. They know what. They know. Not and they don't tell. US they don't have you had any you know so what would it be you think oh if I could eliminate all the bad things I'd be happier if I could have more happy things I'd be happier if I could go to church more and pray I would be happier as like no there's one ingredient that makes everyone happier here is what it is. And that is they're extremely social. They value people they have lasting deeply rewarding marriages and they have a rich repertoire of friends how do you do that what was the Bible say in order to have friends you must make yourself. Friendly you must make yourself friendly so to reach out to other people isn't that exactly what Elway was saying when she said in desire of ages that Jesus was possessed of one purpose he lived to do it to blast There's And when you live for others it's just contagious. Go ahead yeah question. Yes sure sure yeah yeah. Not by choice Yeah good question. Ed clearly is affecting your happiness. Yes well I guess I would go to the usual advice column you know the Dear Abby in the Ann Landers what do they always say if you are feeling down and you're looking you know look for someone who needs you right I guess like the you know the smiling face with all their unhappy faces around them they can't possibly be happy if everyone if anyone else is not happy right so of my friends or if there is someone who is not happy there is always someone who needs you there's always someone who's worse off than yourself and to look for that there are plenty you're always going to have the poor among you and to look for that this is. Here's here's what really struck me I don't know if you heard of this this. Pastor's name is Francis Chan and he used to have a mega church and he to set it but here's what he did he decided to himself that he was there is millions of dollars going into this mega church and they were basically just meeting there to have worship to get together and it was it turned into Here's what experience what he had is an experience lots of people are coming into the church and being saved but. This one guy was a gang leader and he worked with this gang leader and the gang leader came into the church and he was on fire you baptized them these wonderful thing and then. All of a sudden after a year or so the gang leader disappeared you know not coming to. Be in the car. So he goes looking for him goes out in the streets tries to find this guy finds him and says I'm him and what's going on here I haven't seen your church any more I says here's here's the thing when I came to church I thought it was like the game but better because when I joined a gang as a kid I did it because it was family. Right but when I came to church you guys just meet for like an hour or so. And then it's over. It's not family he said it made him sick it's like is this what it is and so he's like I'm not doing this anymore so he stopped as a bastard doing that and he started ministry to people on the streets of San Francisco it's a huge ministry and what are they doing they're taking families strong families who are Christians and they're they're saying look for people who need you and grow those people and put everything you can into those people these people are are forming communities and small groups of communities and people who who had never been Christian before and had no connection before some of these people or even opening up restaurants just to get people and to to give them food and to help them and and you know it's an amazing thing was babysitting and we see the last shining. I'm going to give you a challenge tomorrow is going to help you with that question but I'm just going to fast forward it right here and that is this that. Ask God and I'm sure you've done it already but I ask God to bring people into your lives that you can minister to this is the best way to make 2 to bring happiness that we know of that that connecting with other people by connecting with them on a in a meaningful way so I see an opportunity and I say. The 1st question I usually ask is do I have the resources do I have the time do you have the energy I have the money to do this I now stop that I say forget about that question if I see a need to meet it now. As I see someone in need right now I don't wait I just go right there right there unless of course someone else is waiting for me right there but I try I try read a way to connect with that person so my wife and I do some crazy things but that's that's one of the things so happiness is contagious having a happy friend or a family member who lives within a mile of you appears to increase the probability up to 15 percent in one study that you will be happy to say happiness is contagious and that's from happiness in their head how happiness affects your health so here's the questions that we threw at you true or false happiness is good for you true many people do not know how to find happiness. Because they find you know maybe the. Great thing and that he didn't and not that they're not going to find Jesus being in a fine will experience joy in Jesus rides if we have Jesus like a. Joy think event of James. And oath with and a wife when you need nothing between you and Jesus you have children join. Nice. Ah there you sit there in their mind they have been. That's right so you've been primed and programmed to say happiness is Coca-Cola happiness is McDonald's happiness is that flicks right well you you you drink Coca-Cola and eat McDonald's and you watch Netflix and how do you feel the next day refreshed and happy right now. At the end of the day someone how many have watched 3 movies last night were they can't remember wow. OK. You can find happiness can you find happiness Yes OK And I want you to use these exercises see the thing is we give you something practical and sometimes we just like put it on the back shelf practice practice it when you practice it works if you work it and all the things that we've been giving you OK and before you're helping us can change and change others through involved Sure OK so the very last thing we want to share with you before we go into the next little portion here is this statement look how powerful this statement is and I think the race from when we are as a race and from. We want to raise. Oh. We know. We might be in the region. And. We say raise. Raise. Raise. Raise. And you didn't see the stream. And he's huge He didn't hit and you will. See the moment with all the heart and you will. And then nothing comes in Boston standing will come into your home and and. So there's the quote it was from 2nd select messages and well I'm putting up the next one I want to share something with you. Just briefly and this is the question that that I want to ask you if it was 4 in the morning and you had a crisis how many people could you call how many people do you know that you could call you know you don't have to you don't have to say it out loud but how many people number of people could you call and you know that they would there be there for you. Now the average. In times past. Was 5. When you asked people in North America today that question. 0. Most people would say 0. How many in this room could say about 5 Any that's good that's very very good for the morning more than 5 anyway. So think about that would you be one of those people that someone else could call. That's wonderful if people know that about you that's a wonderful thing when I was studying at university I remember I ran out of yet. I ran out of detergent and I thought to myself Who could I ask because you know it's kind of embarrassing like I got I got to go wash my clothes it's a Sunday who am I going to ask in the dorm for and I thought no not that kid like he's going to laugh at me or not that guy is rich you know he's not going to help me and I went all the way down the hall because I was like you know it's a status thing whatever they're going to think we're highly less of me whatever and I knew there was this guy at the end of the hall and he used to be like a drug dealer and but he found you. This guy was a live for Jesus I knew that that guy if I went into his room he would give me so powder right away and so I went over there and I said you know I'm out of detergent. Jesus loves you brother come on in here and get some soap out here doesn't give me this and he's preaching to me the whole time but he's always like that he's always like that and that's just like what does it do for me it's like yeah I've got a friend here right that's it just just share that with others and you know that's that's what I'm encouraging you to do. So we're going to go into. A story here so Sean wakes up in the morning he's a Harvard professor true story by the way and he he has he has this desire he's been he has a desire to steal a police car. Almost stole the police car. He had no desire to do that before now why did he do that because he was up for 5 hours until 4 in the morning playing a game called Grand Theft Auto. So he recalls that for 5 straight hours he had been accustomed to this pattern of behavior the sequence that he had followed find the car steal it and then engage in a high speed chase and if you're successful in getting away then you get rewarded with fake money OK So this is this is been his pattern of thinking the night before and he's like. Of course I see a cop car. That was your average stupid video game that moved me off they are often play a game for 5 hours rides and think did he behave yet in the real world right so you won't want to miss it she says and you can see for carts. And he's brave and ready and means the momentum needed a lot he saw the beast card to steal a comp. Because we knew you know these cards in this game you get more money. For it you're a woman with woman so you going and the thieves the police car and it was just talk there was no one even 5 feet from me and so the rational part of his brain had no time to stop from committing. So he's walking towards this car and he's not going to steal it right so it was a massive Massachusetts state police car the fact that there was a police officer sitting in the seat no problem because in the game he's dealt with this before he just opens the door any Jackson right out of the seat and just as he was reaching to grab the door handle he saw his reflection in the window and when he did it jolted him into reality and he realized this isn't a game this is real. And he almost opened to war and reached in and pulled the police officer out and his heart was thumping he's like how. Did I do this how could I even think that I was going to get away with this I mean what would I tell the judge I'm standing in front the judge is not my fault I was stuck in the game you know I wasn't really doing this right he had absolutely no desire to. Really in the real world still still police car but in the game yes he had a desired still a police car so that morning his behavior in the real world was affected by where his mind was in the game does that make sense. And should also realize that this kind of norms time common. In the recent case of 2. 19 and Brian Schmidt healthy you have to say. They were huge in the mood is to be. Right and the hardest thing would be difficult and it should have been the motive behind the staff because I think can be interviewed because they found their bodies dead right just recently they had committed suicide and so one of the retired R.C.M. police officer said wait. There are there is some evidence that speaks to motive he says at least one of the individuals seemed to be highly influenced by violent video games. And then he said all that speaks to motivate goes to motive he says that all goes to motive investigators deemed them to be accused when details surfaced about their use of video games others interesting this is from an article that was written in on line I was reading this it said one account showed that she Miguel ski was a frequent player of the shooting game called Russia battle grounds so what was happening there these guys the police are saying that they can't interview these guys anymore and find out why they did it because they're dead but what they left behind the evidence that they keep on. Pointing to is video game video game video game so that's telling me something if police know that that is a motive then should there be kind of like a warning on video games or maybe the rest of us who should be warned against people who are playing video games because they might kill us right I says this isn't this isn't a game this is very serious So yes. And you know Katie. And the teenage sons. And 3 minute. Home we. Changed point and that the way. Now. It is so just for the purpose of the recording. You are saying to us that that children are ingrained with this message and they're told this by their parents and so they hear it over and over again you're you know you can't achieve anything and if you let me just put it this way if you fail does that make you a failure no failing doesn't mean failing means that something you did yeah but failure is a label it's an identity and when you when you label someone that way you say you're a liar no you may Did you tell a lie yes does that make you a liar though you did that can you be forgiven of that yeah so not to label yourself or label another person or give them that kind of an identity but you're right we do getting grain that way as a child and we get that into our minds so we're going to talk about our story as we go along but one of the things that I just want to tell you kind of just to let you know a little bit about myself I wasn't raised this is 7 Devon us I wasn't raised going to church school or anything like that I actually was raised in an orphanage OK And and. My father was an alcoholic and so there's a lot of things where you if you looked at my life you would say. It probably you shouldn't be the kind of person you are like you know I work a lot with with teens and with you know other people and I am a happy person I enjoy life and I encourage that and I try to exude that now what what what changed if I can put it to you this way really simply Jesus says you need to be born again OK So that means that my Heavenly Father what people say to us matters a great deal you know if if I say to my wife I love you that matters to her those words really matter when you say that to some other human being it matters to them and I wasn't told that when I was a little kid I wasn't told I love you so for me to say that to my children was so hard you know the 1st as soon as my my daughter was born it was like a miracle and I was looking at her and I was saying. I can't see that right it was so hard to get stuck in my throat so I actually went into the room by myself close the door and I knew that if I didn't say it now when she didn't understand what I was saying I wouldn't be able to say it later because it would be like she's going to look at me and say Daddy why are you saying that so I wanted to say it when she just was still just a new board so I would I was literally in there over and over again saying you know I'm holding her and I'm saying. That. And I tried to say I love you and then eventually it came out and I've got tears coming down my face and I'm like I love you now every time I see my daughters I see it no problem you know it gives me joy is to hear them say oh I love you too right so that is so crucial that you tell your children that by. That you now deprogram yourself so if I say this is the day the world is made to lead us saying Lord change me let us rejoice and be glad it changed me Lord this is a prayer this is divine this is a miracle for has to change the programming in our minds from this state of this is who I am to. So we can do it of love knowing he was saying you were born again yes and so we divine the age and I needed the church the church became my family you know and I connected with church people who who really loved me and I could see that right and you know that's what that's were all about so we came into this principle that says by beholding we become change or another way of putting it is we adapt to the subjects that we consider right or we change our behavior according to that. So yes that is a very busy based on and fun thing Corinthians 318 but we all with open face holding as you. Know review of the No one changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the fruit of the know by looking and she's the we how much and by looking and from now fully become one then something else or even last month in the year in thought or you know I mean that monkey see monkey do doing something you know that's a lot you know and you have come might be drawn. In 2023 your ball game was jailed for refusing to. You know Mark from Egypt. And the Korean repeats of the our theme speech for me from. And you know. He was a teen and you came and you had about. How many of you played Tetris before OK It's a deceptively simple game OK these 4 shapes come down from the top of the screen and then as they go you rotate them or you can move them around from side to side and then you drop them down and as they drop they're supposed to make a single horizontal line and when they do they disappear right and the whole point of the game is to get as many single horizontal lines across the bottom of the screen. Sounds kind of boring but it's deceptively addicting OK And when you play you just want to play it and so they've they've asked students for example they paid students to play the game for up to 3 days nonstop. And what happens to their minds when they do that. 800 people and they can transform a problem to confront him something he did with a different shape in the real world infant again. Black boxes and. How that was going to happen in the building on the street you know the buildings. And. You think he's being generated and pulling into place on an invisible May I think we've just seen these pieces coming down so the intent is that the form are. Had to be had right flow and it and it would get into people's minds so much and it was any kind of a habit where you're you're looking at things and and here's how they define the Tetris of the Texas fix occurs when when people devote so much time and attention to and that to Vittie doesn't have to be Tetris but because Tetris playing produced this kind of thing they called it the Tetris effect but any activity that it begins to be a pattern and pattern their thoughts their mental images in even their dreams and even their their sensations So for example they even call that a Tetris effect of someone who's a rock climber and then they went to sleep at night and they could feel the texture of the rocks on their hands you know or you go for a whole day skiing and then you feel like you're skiing even in your sleep or else you're on a boat all day and then you feel like oh I'm on the water where you have a rough day at work and the whole day elect a whole dreaming session in your mind you're just going through problems here it's like you're at work all night right and so that becomes known as a Tetris effect so it's a repeated pattern of thinking and behavior that starts to invade the real world Yeah and also playing our to our team as you see changes the wiring of the brain and. And kind of playing was creating a new. Way new connection that was the way they've done a lot of change and so they started to coin a term called the positive the negative Tetris effect the negative Tetris effect would effect people for example say an auditor what is an auditor trained to do and paid to do to look for mistakes and so because they're looking for mistakes in their work all day long they come home and they start looking for mistakes they look for mistakes in the way their children or are dressed or their speaking are they looking and then. So much so that this one auditor he came to work and he was feeling kind of discouraged and depressed and someone asked him what happened he says well he says I think. My wife left me what happened well you know I thought it was you know a good thing so I sat down at my desk I couldn't get it out of my mind you know she had been doing a whole lot of she had been making a lot of mistakes for the last 6 weeks I got out of the Xcel spreadsheet and I put a list of all the mistakes that she had made for the last 6 week and I gave it to her. Bad mistake. I think the thing she did. Yeah and sometimes. There are those when Kami you know not just on a one off the beach roll up and left with a and I would just focus then feed on the reports. And just focus on the weaknesses and just hang on they could be all the time and just know when they feel the aids and not even think they sleep in a hole the higher grades and so. I'm also and this is me and he does not need anybody to maintain I'm 5 and one would say I joined the French time and I don't want. Complain and say I wish it wasn't so hard. And the fact is that both books run anything he and he ha ha ha for one thing I have the home I need the thing is with me he's mine to cheat and he was the better he said and chaunce is growing in the needs of thinking narrows. And thinks the way they are created he actually grazes on the street level and know it's a good use of age and I have been a teacher accomplished so you get different kinds of professions lawyers for example they're always there trained to look for flaws in people's arguments right and the problem is they come home and then they start interrogating their children who are terrible where you know or even people at work who is like whoa I interrogated mean the problem is that this becomes very critical to their health. Lawyers on average are $3.00 times that's 360 percent more likely to suffer from major depressive disorders than the rest of the employed population so scanning our environment for a negative is hazardous not only to our health but to the health of our relationships. So this is all when we got to think not. Naked to 10 percent yes OK so in chains of how thoughts of a crucial live yes and very important thought and this is what Mark can be discussing with here. And our kind of macho Yes rhymes for men if one is a minnow about to be good the only security for any soul is run. As the main thing. Is he OK want to say that with us the say with us the only security for any salt is right thinking as a man thinketh in his heart so is he OK So this is from a book called The story of redemption and this is what Ellen Wright writes she says on page 13 Lucifer in heaven before his rebellion was a high and exalted Angel next in honor to God's dear son his countenance like those of the other Angels was mild and expressive of happiness his forehead was high and broad showing a powerful intellect his form was perfect his bearing noble and majestic a special light beamed in his countenance and Shon around him brighter and more beautiful than around the other angels yet Christ his dear son had the preeminence over all the end Jellicoe sed he was one with the Father before the angels were created Lucifer was N. vias of Christ and gradually assumed command which or gradually yet assumed command which devolved on Christ alone so he wanted to be higher than Christ. So Lucifer was envious and jealous of Jesus Christ he goes on to Sam Page 14 yet when all the angels back out to Jesus to acknowledge his supremacy and high authority and rightful role he bowed with them. His heart was filled with envy and hatred you see where it starts if God could go around and just remove every tree of sin in the world. Where would he have to remove it from the heart. And how does he. Not by burning fire he's only do that by his law that's the only way that he does it right and so he's showing his love he pleads with him after much pleading with Lucifer over and over pleading with him and showing him his love Lucifer it says in great controversy was convinced that he was wrong was convinced but his pride would not let him back down and so there became what it says a war in heaven the word in in the book revelation is Paul lamb OS which in English means a war of words OK so there was a war of words and the sacred corridors of heaven were now filled with these this war of words now you know what it's like I mean if you ever hear of someone shouting and there's a war of words in the house it is like this is subsetting and eventually Satan was cast out of heaven and this is when happiness was gone from the universe. So here's a quote from the story of redemption this way things are stupid in a maze. And he knew condition he and. You know angels who were one. Before they will not need. Him. He's for what I'm here. And he for me for who it was not. Everything changed so you want to do something with us close your eyes for a minute. We want you to imagine something so close your eyes and imagine. Imagine And there is not one shade of does. Not one shade of handiness on how am I need. Know when even I'm in any way in the world anyway in the entire universe and not just that they never have into me for being one single creature that is the end of pain factor in. When to them. When the feeling. Is the pinch and trying to keep you always come meet me. In this world you long for is this the kind of will that you long for or do you need done and you can do anything. For me this is the world that I know. You see this is the way it once was at one stage in the history of the universe no one had ever been unhappy no one had even experienced a shade of unhappiness However when Lucifer change the way that he saw God Everything changed when Lucifer became envious and jealous of Jesus every thing changed. So open your eyes. How would it be. When to be beautiful. See your hard to imagine it is hard to imagine but if you put yourself in that place and say What was it like before because it's going to be like that again. But now it says that after this is all over we will be Columbo search. To jesus then if we had never sin and that is mind boggling will be even closer to him than with if we had never sent thought a look at this need think it's an ink and in what you went or knit right statement yeah is next day mencia we do you change the way your new and thing and things here yeah and all seemed changed its said after lucifer a change the way he saw our jesus when he change the way he see sod jesus he the changed everything changed so we want to show you a picture what do you see year young lady or an old lady you see a young lady to some of you see an old lady from and you might think oh yeah and maybe and home played so if i would have zoomed in closer and turn it into a drying can you see that this is the chin of the young lady and this is her i lash and this is her nose you see that food for my view but if i cut it blur it a bit you could say that's the young lady but if you see this as the eye and you see this choker as her mouth then you see there's big noah's and boy a she isn't all day they can you see it out a yeah when he's changed the way you look at things the things the a look at change my gay what do you see here he see the bread or well lie hand ok do you see we coffee beings do you also see if face when he'd ahead right here yeah he's right there yeah yeah that's kind of deceptive there what do you see here A face or a pile of stones or both OK and what do you know. Range. In that call. OK. So when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change this is the way Milton put it in a book called Paradise Lost the mind is its own place now you have to think deeply about this and in itself can make a heaven of how or hell of heaven. Is not with this or did he die. In his mind. You see that now Paradise Lost if you read the book great controversy. And you read Paradise Lost which I had to do for university this is a very long book it's appalled and you can see a lot of parallels there and you know I've actually spoken to some some people who have said university professors say that a lot of whites she she read of course Paradise Lost it's very inspirational by the way he wrote it when he was blind. The whole of Paradise Lost he was blind but he didn't write it himself in his head but he dictated it to his daughters who wrote it out that incredible So look at this this is help in daily living which is the last section of ministry of healing page 35 it says The very act of looking for evil in others develops evil in those who look. By dwelling upon the faults of others we are changed into the same image you see what's happening here so you have Lucifer who is a beautiful angel the highest of the angels and he looks up to God he says you are evil did that make God evil did it make God evil No it made him into a doubtful. This beautiful Angel became Satan OK why because when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change because you change when you look for evil in others it doesn't develop evil and then it develops evil in you. Your view of things changes you that's right that's right and that changes everything and not only did he change himself but he changed. The view of other angels so we did a 3rd of the angels fell says a great controversy that at the beginning it was half and then you know that after the war of words the other was and there was only a 3rd of the angels but you got billions of Angels so he was very persuasive remember we said earlier that your happiness can influence others but also your own happiness can influence them and the way in which you're sharing those those thoughts is going to influence others so you look and raised and. Let's look at that quote again it says The very act of looking for evil in other others develops evil in those who look by dwelling upon the faults of others we are changed into the same image but the rest of the quote goes on to say but. Holding he. Told you know you love. Him and we change. So how do we return to him to happiness according to Jesus or according to those words by be holding Jesus right by looking in his direction can you see that Jesus was happy. Can you if you look back and you say Methuselah lived for 6 what 969 years he must have been a happy man because he was healthy and he lived for a long time. No must have had a happy man Iraq must have been a happy man he never died right here imagine he's in heaven and he's never ever died he just he was so close to Jesus his whole life can you imagine as a young man he's walking with Jesus he's talking with Jesus having fun with Jesus and eventually Jesus says Hey why don't you come to my house. You're so you know this happy or even over there so does Jesus want us to be happy yes so he said these things have I spoken and to you that way. My joy might remain in you and that your joy my be fall so like I said before this is the guidebook my words I'm speaking these Words to you take them personally because I want you to be filled with joy so this book is the the guidebook for happiness the manual for happiness this is what it is and God wants our happiness here it says the Lord would have all of his children all of his sons and daughters happy this is steps of Christ page 124 and look at the White and condition of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden very. Only. Very happy to read so the Garden of Eden beautiful there was a happy place. So. What have we established we have established 2 truths here number one i the happiness comes from evil thinking not right thinking but evil thinking so when i think evil of other is it develops evil within me and also jesus is the source of happiness never lose that focus on the hem how are we doing arm we have to finish we do it's tie i want to just finish with this one last quote can i share this with you ok braise going to rated for it gut this think this is just like mind blowing from power through the years faith in his be experiments in app on the properties of the human mind experimenting but then for throng word right and he has learnt to know ends fine he fact to would he in these lot of day he is the linking their human mind with he's oh imbuing and when ease the warm and eve giving this is would in saw it does there exist amana then those did it and famed heath guide in is no no on that they are being laid by team ed he use well The great hopes thought oh you can use my. VOICE. And that is here so what you're spending your time looking at what you're thinking about that is good so what do you think Satan's thoughts are. Are they are they beautiful bright and sunny are they dark and equally evil yes are they thinking hey I'm more concerned about others than myself or is it all egotistical. And is dark so I want to finish with this word from the Bible don't trust me I'm a I'm as you know I'm a preacher I always say this is the last this is the last one OK this is what does a miss in statement of Satan of Jesus found in John 1010 it says the thief comes only to what steal and kill and destroy but Jesus says I came that they may have wife and have it abundantly John 1010 this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W. Or.


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