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Don Schneider


Don Schneider

Past President of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 2, 2010
    9:00 AM
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morning we're here because we're not ashamed to be counted among God 's people and were not ashamed to tell people about our Savior J have you always been eager to tell people about Jesus I would say yes that question but the answer is no why not probably right after I was baptized i.e. and was baptized how you have not always been a Christian no I haven't always been a Christian baptism in the in the late summer of nineteen ninety nine August seven and the school was obviously none session so baptized during the summer while school wasn't going on within a month later I had to go back to school and that school was West high the public systems are personalized for you left high school actually you serving yourself exactly now you come back to high school and you have a new master that's right about that workout it was it was a challenge because a lot of my friends didn't know about the fact that during the summer and is and is transforming experience I was baptized that might be as well and back to school everybody was regularly jams ago and I was like oh no I however bring this experience that had during the summer into my MySQL on your shame but you don't know how to do it either exact so many times you know we were in next my locker which is no installer always hung out and I didn't know what to do you know they would say dirty jokes and everybody would laugh like so though I live like this very very cold so the big challenge to know how I relate with my old friends when you experience you were signing I'm not him yes and yes I I finally be leaving the non-Italian I was a little bit different I didn't say I didn't curse anymore so leaving the original is wandering here and she's acting very very weird what was the deal adjacently up units are talking with me and then we kind of kind of forced anatomy and really I was trying to be very private about my new spirits of God and/or ask questions and then I kind told him what happened but the biggest limiting is experienced that kind of linen suits last question is what was I was really really convicted as a new Christian in high school to bring my Bible school as I pulled into the high school guy not while I'm not crazy so we had a class and our homeland plasma reading classmates it isn't just one organization is run reading people read Sports Illustrated able rock comic books I felt very convicted to bring my Bible I resolutely spare for a while but I couldn't resist I brought my bio school I have to confess I put it in my backpack and before taking it out I looked over my shoulder a few times to make sure people and looking and when I took out my Bible I started to read I just I just want to make sure nobody knew oh three now tell me about this Bible business when people were watching you read your Bible what if they say well I noticed housing in the front row I noticed that when I was of reading my Bible I could hear whispers behind these extracts text housing will not feel very uncomfortable and I don't do so when the reading glasses all relevant roles my Bible and put it into my backpack and is not in as many supplies as if nothing happened so I was walking in particular those of walking to my locker room to put my Bible into my locker one of my friends he caught me he saw me putting my Bible into a locker by Doctor and Mrs. G what is that and you know what I will I see the new revival was when he just wanted to make sure that this was the real thing the gazes is it is it really a Bible reading to putting into your locker sized icon so will what is widely talking about the kind of different items in my locker to try to avoid the situation and always everything and so I finally told him you know it it's a bite I might wind the wool you bring the Bible to school as a woman record I told you there and visit this experience are not only religious now is aware that he was religious for noticing and and I is interesting and that English would note that in the conversation well so my honor amazement the next day my friend Mike who is the Windows asked me on these questions in the morning I went to my locker room normal day I open my locker room got my MacBook etc. I notice that Mike was walking towards my locker and I looked at Mike in his hand he had a bite now my chum he was anything but a Christian okay to say the least and obligate to myself now this can be like what you have your hands now that is a question only a man any site by my point you bring your Bible to school is a lot of I figured you know yellow we are raising the Catholic Church and you know I have a Bible that I've had all my life never read it before your good friend of mine your pretty normal you bring the Bible to school acutely rational Rose so then it was amazing and we started talking and he started asking about what I believe then I started telling a little about our doctrines of a second coming of Christ etc. and miraculously that conversation led us to citing Bible studies in the high school library and I started with two people in Illinois for a kind of went off and then went down again some people are against guys we're not only when it involves Bible studies a lot of people left but two of my best friends consistently stay by an accountant by the city with me John and then we can talk about the Lord we can do nothing that questions the Lord and I was able to leave of the great controversy with my friend Mike and lost touch with and have no idea where he's at but I trust that those seeds were planted argument therefore to the glory of God and I would like to entertain the idea that I will see my concern the kingdom and maybe they can trace their conversion to that experience we had in high school many people at the most if you have your Bible study we have about eleven I think the most you let out in the Bible study I let out thanks to the amazing facts study guides as well because I had no idea what was going at it I give a Bible study sites and went through the amazing five study guides and the little comfortable than the library people are surfing the net younger readings of the researching for the project and your rearming the Bible and Australia was firstly you know nobody knew that we were talking about Bible but the Lord really taught me that you know we have nothing to be ashamed because young people even more outside of the church are craving for the things we know and the process of being unashamed I realize when a cigar nothing to be ashamed about me all my friends are asking all of these questions and by the grace of God I know the answers and sites praise God that he was merciful he was patient with my machine in this and he taught me that I have nothing to be seen and now you're a preacher and now I am a preacher yes you do I remember is that what you always wanted to do all that was never my plan I had a hard outcome your Internet well when the Lord calls me on this persistent I plan what I wanted to do with my life and I'm glad radically change that I mean even I was raised in the church I didn't even know what I believe in the Lord threw me into sharing my life phase in order to help me to be grounded in life I didn't even know how to teach somebody about thing I believe is that it is stated that I do know how to send but the Lord brought me to read other people around me and what I believe have you had a chance to share your faith with other people might have I have no one one experience that on was a pivotal point in my ministry share this story before but I was on it was my first time I was doing Bible work in this and I was still wondering why is this really what God calling me to do this kind of gravy not really using the criminal and viewing and I was knocking us around these people yet they both felt that way need to wear all the net so you tell us how this related to yeah well I was knocking on doors I met misleading and Courtney and on she had sent in a Bible study request card and she is directing Katrina and then moved to Texas and see I'm she was around twenty one twenty two in jeopardy children age five and two when she was there with her kids and she was searching we started studying the Bible and this was the first person I had I studied with straight through the Bible citing we got to the topic of salvation studied this with anyone before and so we are going to the person we got in and I said quickly would you like to have Jesus as your Savior and the pod and she said no and never drop and yeah I didn't know what to do one of my baby made me want to do anything I'll let you send up a prayer like what I don't know what I'm doing nothing nothing didn't know where you want to do somebody came up here and said no they had their way the third and long without a hell of a prayer I landlord you know what I like you and the Lord brought questions and verses to my mind the Lord is so good on select you mind if I ask you why the Chelsea having to hold you but my boyfriend is Muslim and if he knew we were studying the Bible he would be furious he doesn't know where study and I know my Antichrist would it would change my life and I'm afraid of what that would do and so glad I resisted my mind letting me know when you first they are sharing with a number of gone with the records again even if a nation we cannot put it off and no more explored in my mouth and at the un- corny would you like to accept Jesus all good until I said okay and I like that of the Australian ending the reactors like a prayer was long quiet and I looked at her and she's not afraid to talk to Jesus like a friend from your heart and he started for the most beautiful prayer writers using the Nelda Blair I'm crying he's right our Bibles learn a lot the door burst open on a nephew there all her boyfriends any man and he undergone the still arguing to get some beer and discussion in the naughty look at Bernie looked at me please on the Bible in our hands folded into your looking at him throw the one ideal that Intel Nvidia landing at the house again I don't even let recognizes probably but you know once you get some rain she knew we would never see him praying fervently even more like comments my life changed my life my family forgive me for my friend and he stormed out planned the door behind him and she finished praying I played and I was amazed that I can use anybody God used me to help this young lady from Christ I've never seen them and accept Christ the first time and not just an amazing experience that I never thought I could be a part of and and God was able to do you think God can use the people in this audience definitely I do what about the person standing next to you do you think God we asked the person I used to the radical way and you think it would be okay to ask for it yes you are to the forward no review I like to hear it so if you always been a Christian I guess I get you to say that our way was not always a sadness that my dad remarried by several I Sallust are going to church when you remain anonymous he was a ten I think your dad that I was a Christian so you're in school yet where you are in school why started going to hear college at the community college with after finishing high school I is my first year there adds that you're not really peppering on my heart to start a campus in a scene that is public college don't you know that's not supposed to be done yet you know it's not supposed to be done yet but you chose to do it yes well I am the first semester I didn't have a chance to provide really good right now my heart is walking by one of my classrooms and it was in my classroom is is when my classes as listening and edit the teachers will be bashing God manages it it broke my heart I really realizing how God has a mission field here for me so they kind of the brain and my heart but I was able to do it myself so but the next semester you enrolled in different classes while it would happen after that is I went to ask him the following semester and then I continued on to do my work and to identify working at my word for it I even Jesus and at the end of that crime is really serving the God way and show me where he wanted me to go because I wanted to do more I'm awake I want to go back to school I wanted to do something exciting with my life I love my work as a last resort like I allowed to exchange plan I guess I go back to your college I am a little did I know they got had many divine appointment set up for himself I got back Mary and I had a good friend of mine and he'd already gotten the church and I didn't think you getting other things you'd gotten the trees behind him to help with Missy I had a point to their hands we got together and started a campus club Bible study clan and John we had two studies going and we probably had about two studies on a not so that was a blessing and for some reason or other you enrolled in the speech class yes and and and speech class they assign you to give speeches in the public speaking class so what do you reside to talk about well tonight first my first reason was an informative speech and guidance was to inform the audience outside had yet had to be very informative speech and got really laid on my heart to share Daniel feels she could have informed people say when people say no I don't want to accept Jesus but you chose to do one Daniel chapter two women this is a public college in your forming people what do you do says have you ever heard of that before I've never heard that before so what do you do as an encore to live they had new me to have a negative thing each topic by the end because my I had a persuasive speech next as government Versace 's speech I did have a seventy week proves the existence of God and they and then I buy it completely I got the invite me I didn't want to be just as well where impromptu gathering drum even know what your dog had known the population region and in a bad looking guy like you know what you never catch me wearing a discussion of what everything soap operas of our people in the classroom I got a completely I wallow that Angel said receivers out there and I'm when a hazardous one can imagine I really that was a blessing for me because it really saw that yes God wanted me to do is anyone's is something that him now how you should I be saying that he had begun a push him away I might even hearing what I'm saying because I know I haven't there for a reason now using the speech class now with what I got enabled to the students say about all this while I couldn't really tell going through it but by my last speech the last speech again it was a commemorative season that is a commemorative season and I did a speech on being it was recently an appeal and I shared and what Chrysler done in my life and something that I shared with them which I will share with you guys as well this is part of my speech I said suppose I found the cure for cancer I love the cure so much however that attempted to myself and never shared it with anyone would I not then be responsible for each of the desk I have the potential to save their blood would be on my head as I would've only had to open my mouth to keep them from dying ancestors transiting the God of all my heart to share with people I was scared out of my mind before I could to my synagogue in ways that make Wednesday testified in the icon of the link we let our guy got me through the body field will believe that you believe that you you do it again would you recommend it to people who are here I got to we are not ashamed what we believe is even in this speech class in a public college there is an opportunity to explain what Jesus means to us and while we were visiting people in their home and when were in high school and wherever you are today tomorrow and next week Jesus is there ready to help us everybody that I know off as some fears about witnessing I do I been in this for quite a while I think I'm little older than you are and have been added quite a while but I still get very nervous thinking about not ashamed of Jesus he 's changed my life excited about him I worry sometimes about portraying him the right way all of us have an opportunity to portray Jesus every day all over this division people are doing that the last year of our that we just completed we call the year of evangelism in our baptisms went up because we're more intentional about talking to people about Jesus we many young people preach sermons some of them not members of this church some of them saying this was a good sermon now it's time for you to a shop Jesus and be baptized and when no one in the audience move the speakers at it again I know this was a good son it's time for you to come up the river front and when no one moved the speaker said okay then I will go and stood in front of the platform and said I have accepted Jesus I want to be baptized it's happening all over Marty and I decided to visit a church a brand-new one we call to see if it would be okay him the lady was doing the church said no wonder what is the problem with us that we can come to the church and then she told us the problem with you is you don't know how to dress I been going to church all my life no longer what is her problem she told us if you come dressed like you normally come dressed you'll scare all my people away because Mari people have an address and the address is under the bridge crew members live under the bridge there drove us well Marty and I talked her into allowing us to come she should all allow you to come if you promise not to wear a suit that was a pretty tall order I took my suit to church I did leave it in the car we went in and help vacuum the floor because the services were being held in the Pizza Hut or a pizza parlor I greeted someone and when he came in and I said how you doing he set up and clean all week I realize I was in a different kind of church a very special place where people were not ashamed at all to have a new wrong with Jesus with one another day to a church looked a bit unusual the whole town looked unusual I'm not promising down Shamokin Pennsylvania it's a it's a town where people had been working in the mines but now the mines when doing well people were moving out patient houses and vacant stores everywhere we found the right place we learned the story to people only to wind up on top of the mountain every day at a certain time and prayed for this town they came off the mountain and the jeweler said were nurtured by our church or synagogue well he talked a little bit about it and said how much do you want for that synagogue he said it now I don't know you make me an offer they left to write about I talked about it didn't know what to offer they didn't know they didn't have any money when the men called him again should you let me come up with an offer yet said no we don't know what to offer you peace it will then I'll tell you what to offer me off for me nothing we want to give our building to you there aren't enough of us to have services any longer so we want you to have it but we will take things down that are of our religion for instance at the front of the church since were Jewish people we have the ten Commandments and I don't suppose you'll want those so will take those down in our people said no refinement those the day we went there to church there were eighty people you can do it to God will work through you he works through all kinds of people in what will bombastic like Peter who are downloading like Thomas were very quiet people he uses every one of us if were allowing him to use us if we say today large am not ashamed then you can use me the God of heaven will come and speak through us Dominic Lafferty was teaching little kids how to be out of the disciples I mean preschoolers a man watched while one of these little girls was talking to her friend and he moved a little closer to see how she was doing and what you've been taught and as you listen he found out that girl was speaking in Spanish he went back to the mother and said I know what's going on with your daughter but she's talking Spanish and mother so while not my daughter as she doesn't know any Spanish when the when the visit was completed and the girl came back to where mother was the man was still there and said she was talking in Spanish the mother said were you she said I don't know I was just telling a friend of mine about Jesus the Melissa wow how did you know I don't want to say she said I don't even know what I said Jesus just stuff the words in my mouth and then they came out again and if you are willing to be on a shame the God of heaven the words in and then they'll come out in the order that he as for them to come out today and I want to give my life to Jesus again and allow him to work through me to reach others this was his audio versus working license generation of Christ you would like to learn more about Jim I see please visit www. 's wife as well or if you'd like more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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