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Testimony: Woman on a Mission

Amara Sims


  • August 16, 2019
    11:45 AM


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He had me father didn't think he worked for the school which he seems to Sunderland's together with you we are in school work for forgiveness of a sin it's actually mine sin or you know what I have done they would have done wrong things and said she will hide in the crowds Thank you Father for the forgiveness that she give and the reconciliation. And the Lord as you open your words this morning I pray for audience from the Holy Spirit that you will help us to see your children thank you Father for answering this in the mind in the. Great. Scientists It is in my chain as mentioned by sisters that I graduated from a Bachelor of biomedical sciences and my father he actually also has some scientists out there and soon he has actually are going to have a science in chemical engineering and Nasserism science in explosives lungeing hearing and. Nuclear Engineering and my mother who started just there she graduated with about where science in chemistry societies and a love for discovering more about the world around us is in my blood. One of my favorite quotes and Sister White is the very last sentence from the great controversy. And it says from the man you need to stop him to the greatest world all beings and and in and in there and show you and perfect Chile declare that God is love so I have some photos for you and I want you to say out loud the 1st thing that comes to mind D.N.A. and the other I double helix I heard some of you are also science students what comes to mind when I see D.N.A. me is the Mansons of information the sequence of identities in me I had this thing and why me and all mags coded it in D.N.A. It's amazing that God could use such small structure to develop such complex beings such as humans and bananas. How about this one. It's a snowflake what comes to mind. When certain. What comes to mind when I need it I think of mathematics The reason being these are fractals the amount of power is just behind making this structure it's like how about the next one. And what do you think. It's so difficult. I wish someone else would open it for me. This is my mind is the seed this is not adaptation from an article I read by the editor of Sabbath school quarterly convertibles even he wrote about a great fruit but I like pomegranate and when you open the pomegranate you are in the seat and when you open the seed what's inside. Just white flour if you like you mostly it's just white nothingness but you are all smart so if you take the CD and you say I use it in dirt and you water it what happens to the seed it grows can you eat the word when you eat the branches no young to wait and then the hens oldest sons for can you eat outside of the fruit no you cannot you have to open it up and you get a delicious juicy pomegranate now it was like the pomegranate another seed and this is like going through my mind when I look at a little of. How amazing is God that I will see eating fruits Israeli air before the next one. A tree comes to mind. Lots of things that come to mind as how does a tree bring up the water from the ground all the way to the top it takes a lot of energy and rain another thing that comes to mind is where did that come from the sea is about a mustard seed is so small but the mustard tree is so big now if you think about it surely there is not a big hole in the ground but all of the mass from the soil became a tree right otherwise the tree would sink but the trees mass actually comes from carbon dioxide and the last photo we have is the earth and the outer space what comes to mind. I think of how you joy and fear a lot of you are orbiting the universe our solar system how can they do that right isn't our guys so amazing he is providing these natural laws and all of need to abide by these natural laws. Now what about us. God created us so what law we are by. That is God's law. God in law one being actually led to a piano that cross connection lost love come by so when I 1st saw the scene for this convention last and I'm a local guy I did what any sensible person would do and I looked up the word law and love in my Bible and some of the verses that came up were from Psalm 119-913-1631 extension 65 Sally Read that and figure out there. Oh how lovely I am I am all it is my manager Lieschen on the day I hate the vain boss but if I lost you I love I hate a whore lying but via law do I am a. Great Peace has a with love by a law and nothing shall expand that another place and really nothing shall cause them to stumble. So as I look through these verses I'm trying to think of someone in the Bible stumbled because in my personal a tsunami I stumble and how many of us stumble in our walk with the Lord so let's find some one in the book of Matthew chapter 26 will look at and individual who stumbles and says well you can only hear a Bible to Matthew Chapter 26 but we will be in our prayers 30 where I will have them on the screen with some highlighted words just a jumble of how I lead us out of me that saves you. All he founded and present me this night and for it is written I will smite this shot very and the sheep of law shall be scattered around our So Jesus said what words in blue is great in what he says Jesus referring to the Scripture right he was saying the Bible says this why does he say Baxter's Peter answered and said answer him the law man shall be offended because if he gets will I NEVER be offended so here is Peter agreeing or disagreeing with you. This is a greeting right given that the Bible said and Pierce said no the Bible doesn't apply to me it is written it is not applied in the prophecy does not invited me in the prophecy that all of them would be only found then but Peter says I will not offend you in trusting 1st sample nags she just ceases to Peter. She just says in verse 34 very I say and city this night before the cockroach with Al Sharpton I eat rice Jesus and I say Who is Jesus he is the president shoot in this time correct he is a very embodiment of the Spirit of Prophecy and Jesus telling Peter this was Peter's answer for the city by the why should it I would be Yes Will I not deny he likewise also all the disciples as Peter agreeing or disagreeing when the president true this is a good reading right some will number 2. And see if there's another one I pray not but the Bible tells us otherwise in verse $36.00 and there is. Than a 100 kilos with it until late August somebody and say to the disciples we hear a lot like go and create your own and he took with Peter and the 2 sons of the baby and began to be Sorell and very. I was remembers 38 that has a audience of my soul music. Or will even on sit down Terry eat here and watch with me so Jesus had to watch or prayed still wait watch me pray and how I was cuter I wanted to action we know that he fell asleep in verses 4841 and succumbing to the disciples and finding the leak and say this is likely to Peter once could you not watch with me one hour watch a T.V. and print cards into. The series and use is willing but the flesh is weak the 1st sellable Jesus said it is ready and Pierce said no it is written in the Bible it doesn't apply to me I believe the Bible the 2nd example Jesus said I am going to be present. For you seeing to you the Spirit of Prophecy is speaking you this telling you this message and Peter says no I don't need the spirit of prophecy that's last time so using is encouraging see Craig create with me watch me in the garden and Peter is sleeping he says no think you 1st I'm going to sleep and I don't need to go to united in prayer at 6 in the morning. Bible scared of prophecy and prayer growing up most and I go visit these things with not optional we actually know what I will and we hide very very from the sea and we had to pray and I grew up in a beautiful Adventist family and I am so glad that my hair. I have instructed me in this way but it is not my parents' faith that will see me correct I need to tell a lie all the lord my mom is an amazing prayer warrior but I need to develop a career and career our attitude as well and so my testimony begins there I had a very close friend of mine say something very dangerous to me as I was choosing with which university to go and he said you should go where you will need Jesus and loads and I don't really know her cities I am fighting soon that have been sitting in the farthest one away from home so when I was something he'd seen I moved to another house and I went to a university 600 kilometers away from home and there at this public university I started to be impressed with all sorts of teachings and all sorts of hours I do praise God that I did not have to take the evolutionary course it was not required for my from my program but I still was sitting in my microbiology class. And in my microbiology class. I was there and my my professor was down at the bottom of the lecture hall and he is and A.P.'s and he believes believes if I use that your loosely in evolution and he's instructing and reminding us of the central dogma of molecular biology I know there's a biologist among us and maybe some high school students have also studied the central dogma but let me remind you when you. The central dogma of molecular biology He describes the low genetic information which is stored in the D.N.A. that's a coded it is then transcribed out of the nucleus in the form of A are any which acts as a passenger and lastly it is translated into a protein a word heard in the cell well known this process itself cannot function hall says this is central to the idea of life and function and. So I was sat there and my atheist said evolutionary professor is going on and on and the thought comes to my mind I say God created this he'll creator of all things good and I know that and I've seen this process in another place so I started to something of an object lesson and it was always used as parables so if Jesus was a molecular biologist he would use this parable to. The D.N.A. is the god of law it's the cold who is the one who understand then can we understand then of ourselves not at all we cannot discern unless we have a mass injures a holy spirit every time we hold in the word we have to pray for the Holy Spirit to help us understand and then God's law is put into the hearts of believers and like the protein we're working always functioning whatever belief or are we looking for is out there where we sit down and listen to the sermon or are we actively involved in the work for saving souls. Now another feature because sin has passed and there is something called retroviral activity viruses invasion cells and they have been fast great activity wherein they make up their own code and they inject fat into the code and formulate their own instruction is about what we should be doing with the law of God Not at all right so here the word rest shows it means to go backwards and since Jesus I can believe he is a molecular biologist I say well he gave many visions to Sister White so nice Sister White is also a molecular biologist and so I looked up the term retro in the spirit of prophecy and I'd like to share with you my findings but before that this is kind of the background to rest from the testimony for the church volume 5 I have another curious belief in the read along I have been shown that those can cause knowledge of the truth and yet allow all their power to be absorbed into worldly interests are high and faithful they are not by their good word letting the light of truth shine others. Everyone who were fastened the name of Christ is required to grow up to the full stature of cry that Christians living had the Bibles remember that our holy presenting us perfect standard Another character is an infallible guy under them all or. Even to the end of the chain of life take it as a man of your counsel the rule of your daily life is not a life thing to be passed. Now he gives us a challenge you can attain to the high standard that is before you in the scriptures and you must if you would be children of God You can not stand still human eyes their advantage or rather through your age there is the word the phrase retro means back to those the sister was is a molecular biologist that he understands and you know along with the Lord there is no such thing as standing still you have to have fans closer and closer to Christ or if you're not advancing you're going backwards and that is something especially now we stop assuming he goes on to say those only to faithfully and sad and appreciate the life God has given us and has paid a high noble stand in those denials and self-sacrifice slowly channels of like to the world of those who do not advance will rationally even among the very foreigners of the Heavenly King and we're almost there is just the border get your passport we have to be advancing I found another one any the Revue in Herald December 16th 90. And as we near the explodes of this earth history we are barely in Rapid City and in Christian growth or rampant the rush to create to the world the world there is no standing still we have to be growing and not recreating another one scientists a time smarter 30 came 76 we realize that if we were not man sing in holiness we were sure to rush through Craig So once again when advancing to follow the law of God which seems in holiness save the cage. Selected messages from one page 117 the church will not run for a great while the members seek help from the throne of grace that's amazing right seek help from the throne of grace that they meet off failed to cooperate in the great work of saving the souls that are on the brink of ruin the members of a church that is an active working church will have a realisation that we are wearing Christ's yoke and drawing right. Now when you hear Christ still we are always around for you been 28 and 30 which leaves come unto me are you not only here and there has been and I will if you will take my own upon you and learn me for I am meek and lowly in heart and he shall find drugs and goods for my duty and my burden is light it is easy all and requires self-denial. Or by. For you in the Herald October 14th each night it seems that a certain way keeps going on about molecular biology we are not a revolutionary not even a standing still by the command van that my task following the lights of the world and the last 3rd of it was really new in their ally plans naive or that however for is an important part of their initial message and that most people prefer fasting or we should not actually create but make continual advances and my personal testimony begins here in health before. I recognize that home form has many facets that are usually for air travel 3 for music and your pain and before him all of that has been the use of our mind we have to be before Diaby form. As I mentioned before I went to a public university at the cafeteria there to have a meal that help message No they don't they don't have the light so I was served a lot of keys and French fries as a legendary again is that a healthy diet not a fault in the 1st year of university high kilograms and my brother and I praise God and my brother because he challenged me to go be and and so I tried it out and within a 3 or 4 months I was able to lose all the weight that I gain by in on the vegetarian diet instead choosing more and based foods and I also got out of the president so I learned how to cook on my own and it's a blessing to know how to manage the home through coaching I've been here there's a picture of overnight lows I consistently would eat overnight the easy thing for a student to do I continue to this day and I make extra so that if I have a coworker next to me out just give them a portion and tell them and share with the health message is very easy to prepare and very key and very affordable for a student. Dressing for it is another part of my life that God really touched and before I didn't really have many guiding our youths per say were Irish tracks and I was really scared of no show you these photos but they're still on Facebook and I cannot take them down because it is my testimony but praise God through his influence he helps me to know how to tracks so that I can show you the world that he meeting as a woman that there is no one Confucian especially and I would highly and there is a lot of confusion there in regards to threats and who isn't and it's a big question mark so as a teacher I would want to share with my students a proper way of expressing and a quick testimony in regards to they would come up to me and they say amen you're not wearing make up why sack and I tell them will I don't know that God made me of this way and no more pets so time consuming I don't want to spend my time doing something else that it's so i really crazy God that had small testimony and I can I can feel you another reform that has happened was musing and entertainment to God and pressed me through various ministries Perhaps you heard a little light studio there is also the shepherds call with destruction to love programs can watch so God help me to press delete on all of my items library and he also helped me with something I was really struggling with. As a millennial we like to see connected we like to know about pop culture and I had an unhealthy addiction to be entertainment industry I would constantly absorb reserve whirling messages by listening to the particular secular music or watching the popular Hollywood films or reading the books that all the young people are reading and one series I want me but it is there for you to see it got me in trouble I got my hands on the books and I took those arcs into my vacuum. And I agree and I would lean against my bedroom door to prevent my mom from coming in and saying Can you help me all the dishes can you help me if you can you help me with choice I didn't want to listen to insert I don't want to say to this form of entertainment I was leaning against the door this is my mother I would I would rip so hard against her but she kept praying for me praise the Lord. And by God's grace I have overcome that and most I'll help you clean when I can OK. You know the Lord standard can be rapists in your home and I really want to impress upon the parents and young families that you continue to raise that standard cast aside all of those influences out of your own kept them out and the fact that no against the entrance to the seats in 3 media was revealed to me it can be revealed to you to instead were flashed on the beauty of holiness and desire to have the purity of Keith in this tender moment the Lord worked through my humble mother in teaching me how to guard the avenues of my soul less to stated 15 victory over that Jesus has the one victory for me every day since praise God. Many youth today also struggle to free themselves from Satan's but the victory I gave every day over temptations by me. Is the self-same victory anyone can claim through Jesus Praise the Lord. Looking back now I can see that God was shaping me for a service health reform helps you to be a better missionary and that is what we are called to be whether it's here for home whether it's in another province or whether God calls you to the other side of the world God is wanting us to be reformed as well as reaching those 1st. So as I was finishing my university career but my my Bachelor's I learned about identity following tiers services which is operated by the General Conference of 7th Day Adventists and I was very I was able to be a missionary and I answered Susie years and there are countless stories I could share with you about all the black things of serving the Lord is exhausting but praise God I think gave me the strength I'll share some pictures with you here in the top left corner the school I worked out of was an Adventist school with 1400 students it was an Adventist school it was an international school so all the instruction was in English and this is very exciting for high students you know because once they learn English they can get better careers and better opportunities for school so most of the students at the mission schools entirely. All around Thailand are taught I would just 95 percent of the students in the eyes of the school are Thai produced students and so this is our week of prayer for the past 3 days an altar call and you see how many students have swarmed there all of the ring they all know all prayer and. They're praying as well praise God down here I'd like to share with you Matt a few of the students that they heard of Go my ministry by God's grace he strengthened meets a girl on the weekends to a slum community and to teach the English Bibles songs to the very poor families in the community and so when my students heard and I wanted they started to make a schedule I'm free on this day I'm free on this a little less get in there let's go together and this is a big blessing for me because they can speak Thai and they can speak English they are non-Christian but they're teaching hugeness to the little boys and girls it's a double sided ministry not only where the students are learning about and he says but the children are learning about it. In the bottom right corner is one of my students was baptized just last December I praise God for the big change of heart he had he was a very difficult student to deal with lots of teachers cry over his behavior it was very tricky but praise God he helps a lot with the campus ministries and God's huge heart and as a tie who did this he was tied into the Adventist Church praise God. In the top rated corner. We weren't able to participate in a global youth day and we've gathered all of my students and as it is a private school some of them are very wealthy families so we come together and we said let's go to this is all income housing and let's give a free health X. so and let's get the children's programming and let's have all of us will handle tracks and this man here he might have been in the brigade and you might have been seeing but nonetheless my students they knelt down before him and they read him the whole WE ARE YOU JESUS we checked his blood pressure we were banana and we remove the cigarette from his hands and this is one of the 1st experiences of global youth day that my students ever had they were shaking be aware terrified but I'm glad they could have this opportunity and perhaps today during our outreach you may have the same kind of experience as my students. One last story I'd like to share I got permission by someone to share with you one of the the one in the black shirt there his name is Pastor Wilson hewas our chaplain at the school and he did mighty work might be words of the Lord being a chuckle in the school. However I know he was also struggling with reform not only die of reform but actually came before and rest before and. I he I had an encounter with him that was not pleasant on my power and that really paralyzed me in my ministry for a boat 2 or 3 months we didn't speak to each other and I was I was really impressed by this and it was something that I had done to myself all you have to do is ask for forgiveness find reconciliation between each other but because of my cry even as a missionary I didn't want to approach him this will create. Through that constant prayer God needs to approach him via text message and I sent him a message and one Friday night I said tomorrow is communion Can you please forgive me do you know what his reply was No he said no that very night stay with communion I wanted to be ready to participate in such a humbling service for every Remember Christ sacrifice but I couldn't because I didn't consume and he didn't he didn't give me free he didn't threaten me I really pray to God for that opportunity though because it shows me how important communion is how important it is to be ready to receive succor for Christ's sake. A few months later after much prayer we reconciled and he helped me with all of the programming with bringing the students to the slum community and if I may share with you he lost so much weight he's so healthy now he's a pastor in Indonesia and every Sunday morning the goal for fitness throughout the city and share the word of God in a Muslim country he also he also had a very nice high tech cell phone but he gave it away and one of his students gave him this old phone with Princess stickers and he still uses that. And he also had a very nice watch but he lost it and God impressed him not replace it with another nice expensive watch not a Rolex not an apple watch but he got a Casio or some cheap one from a Wal-Mart and he was the once you have trust free form and I really praise God for the ministry that he's doing now if I can let you in on a little secret we are praying that he will become the 1st general conference President. So keep him in your prayers His name is Pastor will stand and I think he's going to listen to this audio difference the pastor says. Now in minutes you feeling the heat hoarse and he is still white said the strongest argument in favor of the girls will is a loving and lovable Christian when we undergo self-denial and self-sacrifice when we there's herbs but when we have health reform then we can become just as loving and lovable as you just like that's the. When I was still in Thailand doing the work many of the leaders may also have a similar experience it becomes a cycle and you just get into the habit of doing God's work but you forget that you're supposed to consecrate yourself every morning. And also underline the same signature if I recall it that way one Sunday morning I woke up and I said Lauren I'm sick of the sight old Please give me something fresh and new I want to say 50 different takes my heart I cannot give it you more than me and actually me please give me a divine appointment today this time I meant it and I went to some community in the furnish and I was preparing for the children to come we would be learning of Jesus would be singing songs but instead I heard a knock on the door. And so I praise God there were some Bible workers that were with me that day and they spoke with the individual this individual had gone through a motorcycle accident a few years car years and lost all feeling in his arm and leg partially paralyzed and you know. He brought with him his taxi driver they both came into the church they asked Is this the Sunday thing for the love on Google Maps and they showed us that this location where we were had on Google Maps a Sunday evening church and we said oh no no no we're at Sabbath and keeping church so within the 1st 5 minutes we've shared with about us our best the very next thing to say to all that was about their health the paralyzation that he had and so we continue to ask him what are you eating why he didn't and Parekh So what do you think we would tell him now about the house message but the Bible said we should be eating within the very 1st 5 minutes of meeting him and by the way that he has drifted over 2 hours with a taxi driver looking for a Sunday keeping church but the Holy Spirit is wrong and to this that if a Adventist Church in that case God is really focused is not on Christ you will not do so where you will not do the will of God very small and being here once again if your focus is not on the cry or the cross you will not do the work or you will not to the will of God but instead I present you with a challenge from through you in Harold's. To lie plenty to eat 40 or 18.3 Sister White now you are lovely call the cause to be diligent in the use of every me is a great unique fans formed in character and may grow to the full Satcher of man and woman in Christ. We have a great visionary Sygate and a heaven to lose if we do not gain them. Messages to young people age 51 Satan knows better than God's people the power that they can have over him when their strength isn't right when they humbly intreat the mighty conqueror for help but the weakest believe or is in truth rely firmly upon Christ's head successfully ripostes saints and and all its folks. Page 96 view where how united lacks secret prayer and the study of God's word These are your weapons against him who is striving to hinder your progress has been heard the 1st neglect of prayer and Bible study makes the 2nd make it easier sorry for me read that again the 1st neglected prayer and Bible study makes it easier the 2nd neglects the 1st resistance as a serious leading prepares the weight of the steps into existence on the other hand and the resistance of temptation makes resistance more easy every didn't I who was self made a self-denial you see you every visually prepares the way for a fresh victory and every resistance of temptation each self-denial each triumph over it is in is the seed sown until eternal life everyone's only action gives you strength to spirituality creeds. Desire to save $641.00 when we love the we're all as Christ has loved and then for us His mission is accomplished we are to fix it for only for we have in our hearts we have a big. Task to accomplish them bugs and they can only be done by God's great one of the love stories I like to share sister away the roads in the science of the time exchange rate 31. $1878.00 and it's about. A cord of firewood Now I don't know what a cord is somebody who did and a quarter of firewood is the made up of about 1000 logs and also the men destroyed tells the story he was broken down from all of his labor and he was seeking for some more work and did make some money and there was a noble man who had a forest and he told the older gentleman Well if you can cut a 100 scores of wood I will give you $100.00 So if a cord is $1000.00 and he had to cut a 100 that is 100000 logs that's a lot right such a big task to do with one man and the Full of those moments that if he couldn't do that task such a big task well the noble man that let's let's change it up a bit can you do one today and I'll give you $1.00 and you come back tomorrow OK So they shook our man and he finished the one for it is the 1st day he got his $1.00 and came back the 2nd day he finished another 4 if he got his dollar and came back the 3rd day and for 150 he was able to complete such a large pack why I'm going with you maybe you see in your life that or maybe you don't mean maybe the Holy Spirit is still trying to get your attention that you need to clean up that need of preparedness and you need to get rid of that sensibility in the overwhelming but use is with you one day at a time one step at a time I'd just like to appeal to you so that today we have an opportunity a very big young teen a teacher's reach nonbelievers and I want to take some time to concrete or. Some of you might have not signed up for our research but Jesus is calling you to sign up for our research. Let's. Head home. Lonely can be boring as sin is who we are soon grateful for the constant forgiveness you provide some leverage free will we are your police it means that the hidden parts in our life that we're keeping from you please help us to advance and offer change they made you hope let's just take the 1st step in your agenda. And the word we want to give ourselves down especially as we go out into the community because. We ask that he will use us although we have so many things wrong against us you can still use those words like prefer each of these individuals give them the courage given the capacity to the same to delighted you guys are willing to share and to use close X. we have asked especially for protection and we ask for the continued incursion from the least get to know them we are doing your work Lord we pay for the preparation gave them the Sabbath today we also thank you for the preparation life time that she's given us to care for and and all of this we ask and we can vote you only high your precious name and the blood you shed on 3 for me as he sings and the singing in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave the Visit W W W audio verse or.


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