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The Story of Redemption: The Love and the Law Combined

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • August 16, 2019
    7:00 PM


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I'm delighted to be with you all I hope that you have come to this conference with a very special mindset I know for some of us maybe you're like me you've been to a lot of events you've attended a lot of revival meetings listen to messages on You Tube or audio verse or whatever platforms you choose you have copies of sermons downloaded on your phone cds in your car. But there is something different. When the people of God decide. To get together to see God and that difference starts in the mindset of those who attend there's a reason why there are not thousands of people here right now because it's not their mindset their desire is not to be ready for the coming of Jesus their concern is not to make sure that they are firmly grounded in who God ease and his purpose for their lives but you have decided to be here and so if you're going to come to this place you need to be 100 percent here and not only 100 percent here 100 percent committed to obtaining whatever God has in store for you this week it is easy to go with the flow but it's interesting if if a son is bearing people will complain but if the sermon is fired they don't want to surrender and come up for the appeal if the message is average we go home and talk about it a potluck. But if the message is radical it's for someone else so which is so my challenge to you as I challenge myself. Speaking at every single event that I have the privilege on worthy though I'd be my prayer to God is that God would change me. That's prayer number one. How can you come into the presence of an Almighty God In leave the same don't you haven't been in the presence of God You've just attended a youth of it there were many people touching Jesus when the woman with the issue of blood touch the hem of his garment many people were touching Jesus but not all were coming with the touch of faith not believe that in this small little band of youth and young adults here in Ottawa that the God of the universe would show and that he would do something special for those reaching out after him in faith I don't know what you need from God. But you know you know where you are spiritually you know what lays before you when you leave this place it's nice to be around fellow believers who are on fire for God but not all of us come from churches like that. We know what's waiting for us on the other side of Sunday a church where everybody is not so committed to spreading the gospel some asking that you would be praying in your mind God don't make this a regularly scheduled program. Do something special. Now the one other thing I have to ask you. Is this. How many of you honestly from your hearts you say Lord. I need to take my spiritual life higher I want you to raise your right hand I need to take in my spiritual life I raise them so now that our hands are all. We know we're praying for right we say I need to take my spiritual life higher so now you'll know what to pray for for me tonight even as I'm speaking you can put your hands down. Now you know what to pray for every other speaker every other seminar every other activity that's going to happen this weekend Lord put something in that man or woman smile to take me to the next level with Jesus can you say amen to that. I know him and it's not a black word you know it's not even an American word he was saying in Canada we don't do that in heaven we will amen. Because when sin is done I know I'm going to say amen. We need to pray seriously in our hearts don't leave this place to sing be a waste of money you could have paid you could have been average for free you could have been lukewarm for cheaper watch the live stream online true why pay income and go home to sing so if that's not the case brothers and sisters we gotta come with the cupboards of our hearts wide open for whatever God wants to put in the pantry we gotta come with a willingness to say Yes Lord when he's calling us to a radical form of surrender and some part of our lives that we struggle to let go so allow me to open with those remarks from my heart when attending G. Y.C. conferences for 17 years. I may be dating myself because some of you are probably 17 or less but it's also unfortunate because when I was your age I didn't think I would be able to say that. But here we are means God's not done yet in maybe have a new that we need to do this generation these youth at this time only time will tell we pray with me Father in heaven. Our time is short but we are thankful for any moment in the presence of army we have not come to hear the words of a men but we have come to hear the Word of God our desire as we raised our hands to heaven is that we want to take our spiritual lives higher Lord it is so easy to be average. To just be almost persuaded but not fully but Lord we didn't come to gee why sing Canada for an easy experience we've come for revival and for a deeper experience with our precious Lord so Lord we pray that the sweet sweet spirit of Christ would have died upon this place me speak through me in me speak to me that Jesus may be seen is our prayer in his name in men I've been titled My message. The dark side the dark side in Plato's masterwork The Republic Glau Khan who in real life is actually Plato's older brother he tells a story of a men who found a ring that could make its wearer invisible. His name was Guy Jesus and he was a shepherd now after an earthquake guy Jesus ventured into a chasm deep into the earth. Where he found the corpse of a giant its who was wearing nothing but a single golden ring galaxy snatched the ring and he returned to the flock now as soon as God sees realized as he played with the ring the Rings power he arranged to become one of the messengers sent to report to the king on arriving there he's a deuce the king's wife. And then he attacked the king with her help killed him in this way took over the entire kingdom Glau confrontation is a story by saying I believe that everyone when it comes down to it would be hey if you like gaieties everyone no matter how appellant really good no matter how seemingly just. Ultimately succumb to the temptations of the ring the story raises questions about the dark side of humanity you see what if a person knew for certain you see right now we may say well invisibility ain't going to work we've got D.N.A. evidence now. OK so what if you knew. For certain. That you could get away with anything in face name consequence. Is there anything that you would do that you might call. In even if you wouldn't do it. Would you even contemplate the idea would you be tempted would you flirt with the idea of what you would do with the ability to be invisible. No one saw you. It speaks to the fact that in each and every one of us there is a dark side we can smile we can shake hands in showing up and study the Bible and we look very spiritual but you see the invisible ring of our generation is and intimate. It is to be anonymous to be a number on a screen to have a house charged. By another name. So I control people on Twitter I'm not a mislead I can see things on Yelp or some sort of review website I did not have the guts to tell the person at the hotel myself. There was a little high school that started an app for the purpose of the app was for them to give anonymous constructive criticisms. Praises but our was good with human nature it degenerated into short jabs and gossip and spreading people's business how was it possible that we could could write something that was designed to be uplifting because of the dark side of human nature you see social media gives us the ability to have an invisible ring on our phone he gives us the ability to have an invisible ring hide your IP address hide away in privacy gives us the ability to have been invisible ring you see this dark side of anonymity shows us who we truly are and what we are capable of and how most of us are just and righteous because there is accountability. We always say hypocrisy pays compliment to Virtue people pretend to be what they believe would be what will be rewarded see I grew up in Chicago around gangs. In a time where it was not cool to be smart. It was cool to be stupid it was the in thing right to be a failure to be hard to be tell to appear as if nothing bothers you and people better not mess with you because in my environment that was the thing that was respected but this guy he's smart he does his homework you're not going to get very far in inner city Chicago I can tell you that right now if you survive it all because you see no one's going to pretend to be something that doesn't bring some sort of social reward it is no different in the church because we all know everybody around me is going to give me plays and accolades and promote me. Because I conform to the standards of course I'm going to do them even if they're not truly in my heart to do because hypocrisy pays compliment to Furch. I will pretend to be whatever is going to give me what I want the invisible ring is tempting even right now for many of us we come into this place with all eyes upon us knowing we cannot express the evil that is limited in our hearts. But there is nothing killing you. More than anonymity see why do you think pornography is so rampant because you can do it in secret go into many administrate Kadam user around the world of young men game young women addicted to this trash online because you can watch it in secret. You can turn on the invisible ring there's apparently no consequences Who am I hurting is what they tell me I said are you nothing or you know one then you will hurting someone just a reminder you were not your own you were bought with a price so with this little thought experiment I want you to think in your mind would you be tempted to do anything that you might think would be wrong if you knew you could be invisible undetected without any accountability what would you do would you still money would you sneak in on a a meeting that you know you're not supposed to attend to hear what people really think about you. People start smiling on that one. Yeah my do that that would be dishonest would you pretend to know everything would you be a journalist trying to expose all the apparent lies that people propagate in the news some invisible you can go anywhere would you jump on a plane even though you didn't have a ticket that would be stealing and I could go on and on what would you do with invisibility that maybe we are tempted by this ring you know it is the ignorance of our dark side that causes us to not understand how much we need Jesus we live in a world of positive psychology. So about the law of attraction if you want good things you have to speak good things but you see when it comes to reduction when it comes to Goa. God is about facing up to the truth. God doesn't want a saying by doing in a sinner by night that's not what God is looking for gold is interested in creating a generation. A believers that are not tempted by the power of the ring for whom invisibility percents no attraction. Because the light cannot be invisible I've no interest in hiding anything. Because righteousness has no reason to hide so in this sense it behooves us to 1st become aware that we all have a dark side. And the Bible tells us that we're ignorant of it take your Bibles and want you to go to the Book of Psalms Psalm 19 Psalm 19 beginning in verse 12 when you're there you can see him in our way there. David writes. Verse 12 who can understand his what he was the worst. Who can understand them. David recognizes that even he cannot fully grasp his own degradation his own depravity. His own evil his own wickedness he says who can understand this errors were made not the label of God we would not know the depth of wickedness that lies in our souls he goes on and finishes the verse and he says cleanse me then what kind of facts secret fails how many of your facts are public see this is why when just in this was speaking this morning it's true when you get married and you have children because guess what this person is in your life 7 days a week 24 hours a day. That's really all the sudden you don't feel like such a good person because now your faults are no longer secret. The recognition now is here you look all holy and nice when we was a teen and she was seen Canada but now we marry now see you when it's not you know temple made of time and waltzing into harmony together and we're rejoicing Well our region we're passing our glow tracks Oh she's so holy you know we're all excited she's like oh he's so godly he loves the Lord I think our ministries together are going to be powerful. You know many times I heard a. Few years later it's not working out it's difficult I don't know what to do he's not a priest in the home I thought he was spiritually there. Well he says you know I told my wife was really committed to go out into the mission but she's not is motivated for that she wants me to get a regular 9 to 5 job. I thought we were on the same page I know right you thought you married Rachel and you woke up with Lisa. You know what I have to tell people. David said who can understand his errors because what you realized is that pretty little 7 did events his young girl has a dark side for you because when she married you she lost the invisible ring now someone can see now that you should wrapping young godly adman is young men lost his invisible ring. That's why single people think they're holier than they really are all I'm doing everything great I'm serving the Lord you know then all the sudden it's like what happened. I thought I was a godly person I thought I was peace loving. But I am the saving when someone is always there. And then even when people are always there we try to run away. I don't need to go to the gym money to go to the store front of excuses and even in the confines of sacred matrimony and love people find ways to how evil. David says cleanse me from secret faults. You are not based name who we are all in secret we know who you are when no one's watching when we don't have to when there's no pressure there's no reward there's no affirmation there's no blessing. We just do this really because it's who we are. That's what made the life of Jesus so powerful they were no secret faults there was no dockside to the Son of God. No matter how many times Peter spoke up Jesus never got impeached. No matter how many times the disciples did not get the vision I'm going to die. He still woke up and love them the Bible says to the very end he loved it there was no dark side it says in verse 13 keep back your servant also from presumptuous seems mean since you know are wrong you know C.S. Lewis said you never know how bad you are too you try to be good it's true it's like when people say. I can quit smoking any time go ahead and start today then all of the sudden they realize the power that smoking had on them so I want you to think about a bad habit in your life start today and I can give the 70 time I can go vegan any time I can give up T.V. any time I'm not addicted to this T.V. show then quit today no more. And all of the sudden your mind is consumed with doing that which you have forbidden yourself to do because when you want to be good that's when you realize how bad you really are the dark side comes out. All of the sudden when you say I'm a be more patient with my wife. That's when he seems like she does everything to try your patience. I hope my wife is not watching this. Baby don't try my patience every. David goes on and says let them these presumptuous since not have Domingue in over me then I shall be blameless and I shall be innocent of much transgression David recognized. Secret faults the dark side the things we do under the ring of invisibility they can eventually take over our lives and right now I can almost guarantee you someone under the sound of my voice is dealing with that fear right now right now someone is dealing with the fear the Opry hunch and the trepidation that what they've been trying to keep underneath the gamut of doing business might pop out into the light. Must lose control over it. All the suddenly just come out uncontrollably and I'm going to make a mistake. And now everybody knows how bad of a sinner I really am. David says let them not have dominion over me this is prayer is that anybody else is for this what David is saying. But you see David in the context of the male of God of recognizes I have secret forms. That the very foundation in our need and possibility of redemption why God did not destroy in us from day one was assumption of ignorance you did not fully get what you were doing you wouldn't understand how depraved you really all seem in this sense the kiss moments of our lives bring us thinks the face with who we really are. And makes them a blessing. I know that's not intuitive I know that doesn't feel good that the moshing full deeds we've ever committed shameful thoughts we've ever entertained things that we would have done had we had the opportunity. We would wish to forget about them but tonight know we have to confront. The dark side of who we are. Take it to another passage Jeremiah. Chapter 17 Jeremiah 17 we know this verse verse 9 when you're there same in. The same and before you get there. Jeremiah 17 verse 9 the Bible says. The heart is the sea for above how many things. Does the Bible exaggerate or know how many things. Even the devil. Yes or no is your heart. Made deceitful then the devil a simple yes or a simple no yes and you are not worried about the difference. When we should be worried about what your. Deception means to lead someone to believe or like. To reject the truth they're basically the same. Because if you reject the truth you have nothing left to believe except a lie and if you believe a lie you've automatically rejected the word the truth are you from when. So the Bible says the heart is the seat for fame of deception leading us to believe a lie you know one of the greatest lies our own minds leads us to believe that we are all good. It leads us to believe that lie that because I have my devotions today God is going to smile upon me today it's a lie because I prayed my grandmother is not going to die of cancer. The heart of. The sea from. Above all things and guess where the heart is. Inside you. Inside me. That heart self-deception you know many young people dealing with depression cutting themselves so why some people wear long sleeves all the time. Cutting themselves getting into occult practices on You Tube. Videos finding ways to assuage the pain. But I guarantee you've never heard a sermon on cutting because we don't like to talk about the dark side. Never heard a sermon about her movies. Because we don't want to talk about our fascination with Evie we don't like to talk about the dark side because you know we need ourselves to believe that I can watch these things and nothing's going to happen to me. Is a lie. Some of you may remember when I spoke in G Y C years ago. Some young people met me on the tunnel. To speak their friend was supposed to be a G. Y.C. but decided to stay home. And being bold Saturday night New Year's Eve he decided to stay up and he was going to watch a movie called paranormal activity. And I want to say the name of the movie so you know to stay away from it some of you may have seen the movie be thankful God was merciful team started watching the movie talking to his friends 3 in the morning 4 in the morning became demonically possessed. Called his pastor's own pastor would even come to his house he said I'm not going over there I'll pray from here. This whole you know we don't even. The fact that we have more fear over the power of the devil than the power of going. There is no minister of the Gospel who's a true minister that should be afraid of the demonically possessed. It is the soul that should be afraid of him. But that's not what we find pastors afraid to go on no so we're still living your life pastor the darkside. Because we've had kids get possessed and can't meetings and it goes from the kid in jumps into the past. This is not made up stories this is the truth because he thought his mind led him to believe a lie I can watch this kind of stuff nothing will happen to me shown up there he was under the control of a demonic spirit. And as I'm walking through the tunnel at 5 o'clock in the morning these young people say brother Sebastian Can you please pray for our friend on like 5 o'clock in the morning what is going on all he's demonically possessed Where is he he's in Texas. Where is this past he won't come none of the elders will go to his house so I prayed with him then God God delivered him and because God is merciful. Now because he deserved it brother and sisters make no mistake I do not lie to yourself and say I can do this and it's going to work out it won't is that we're waiting for you know it's funny. When I tell that story and I have others. I tell people how many Netflix shows and craziness are you going to watch are you waiting to be demonically possessed to realize you're still watching. Or when something happens and there's danger I better stop so nothing told you before you got to that point maybe you should stop maybe you should move Oh maybe you should let it go but you see the whole it is the sea full above all things. Desperately wicked notice how the verse ends he says in verse 9 who can what no wait. Even the moon themself because notice what the next verse sense I do hold to what. The heart I test the mind. Of God says I know. Even if you are NOT do not know God knows the Lord knows the ignorance that we have. Of the dark side of who we are it's not fun to talk about that scary shameful of another verse for I bring this to a close I want you to go to the Gospel of Luke Chapter 23. Verse 34. Luke Chapter 23. When you there you can see him in Luke 23 verse 34 these famous words from Jesus after he was crucified and he had gone to the place called Calvary. The Bible says in verse 34 then Jesus Father forgive them for they do not know. What they do. That's interesting prayer because what Jesus is saying is that ignorance is the reason. Why God can forgive us and give us probation and not the devil. People say well how come the devil doesn't get a 2nd chance because he wasn't even every. But I was desired very just tells us there was nothing more God could show Lucifer but he believed that through the quest of Christ if he could reveal his love and the penalty for sin and the amount of hatred that God had for sin think about it God sent to say such a degree that he punished it to the fullest extent even then was placed on his only son. You would think that because it was his son he would take it easy he wouldn't punish it completely because that was his beloved son but that is how much God needs to the fullest extent even though it was his son bearing the consequences Jesus says ignorance to those who didn't even know what they were doing. Can we truly say. That our fundamental. Understanding of every consequence of our faults we understand do you think that Adam understood. That by eating the fruit it would lead to human sex trafficking. In our city gang fighting domestic violence child abuse from one choice do you think he knew. Yes or No No more so have makes us think that we do. For one sin. He removed him from the garden for one sin Ham was cursed for one sin mosts the not into the promised land for one sin Elijah had to give up his responsibility as a prophet for one sin and a nice and Safira drop dead. And they receive the Holy Spirit. How holy is God. The 3rd one since. He couldn't even overlook that one. He could have said Adam Come on I told you not to eat the fruit. To think it is the next time. You know you have to go. For one you know the book education tells us that the cross. Was a revelation to our dole sense of the pain that sin has brought to the heart of God from it's very inception that's what God was trying to show us love rejoices in the Truth God said I love you so much I'm going to show you who you truly are. I'm going to show you how much pain you have brought to my heart. Out of love and you know how I'm going to show you by suffering the penalty think of these questions did you know when you 1st watched Oprah knob or if you video that you would start a nearly depilatory eating vines did you know that your visit to Vegas was some poker game would cost you your family your house your job and your dignity did you know that one puff in a moment of distress would ruin you. Did you know that one unkind snide remark would destroy years of friendship to Juno. That this affair would unravel a perfectly happy marriage and destroy your ministry this ignorance Jesus said we don't know what we do which is why God can forgive us she said I prayed for we do not understand the deps of who we are the darkside sitters people in this room that are free to get married because they know their own dark side there are people in this room afraid to have children because they know their own dark side there are people afraid to take spiritual responsibilities and positions in the movement of God of because they know their own dark side but I'm here to tell you tonight. As or theme reminds us through this close connection yes we see who we are yes we see all of the evil in all of our dark side but you see a pit of my sis the middle commitment. That the better for worse for richer for poorer in sickness and in health for seeking a little there's I will still love I will still serve I will still cherish while you were yet sinners. Christ died. I'll take the women. Way we were yet sinners God says I know you do excite and I still love you. I know you do excite and I still called you into the remnant church. I know your weaknesses I know your issues I know your brokenness and I still hold you. I know you imbalance. I know your tendencies I know your predispositions I know your drama and I still called you. It didn't scale gold. And let me tell you something about God. God doesn't change. And because God doesn't change the way he has felt about us at this moment he has felt about us at every moment are you hearing what I'm saying God doesn't change we can't make God love he's already done it he's already doing it and he will always do. The shock of the dockside it. Only leads Jesus further down the path to Calvary and he was discouraged when he was tempted to turn back when he was sweating great drops of blood you know what he thought about it thought about our dark side and he said that young man needs to be free that young lady needs to be free and when he collapsed under the weight of the cross. His body failing. That was his motivation I need to give this person power over the dark side. I want to end with this invitation I call it. The reverse wedding want you to consider a story shared by a therapist some mental health counselor who's an expert on grief he said a woman came to him who had lost her husband to move Gehrig's disease also known as Elice they'd had a happy marriage she said he was a good father and a good husband but LS is a cruel degenerative disease and as her husband's illness events. He required more and more care it was tough for both of them. He was a proud man the owner of a small construction company and he did it do sick Well they fought more than they ever had ever fought in their marriage but they were devout Catholics and they had tremendous faith in their marriage she said that every night after a tough day between them they put their hands together in bed so that their rings touch and they'd repeat their wedding vows to each other when she came to see this counselor and been 6 years since her husband had died she told him that she thought she was ready to start dating again but she said I can't take my wedding ring off I can date with my wedding ring and I can't take it off. She believe that marriage is well for life. But she also knew that she had honored her commitment to her husband she was confused she was stuck so Mr Dhokha. He had written a lot about these things called therapeutic rituals to help people through grieving so he suggested that she needed some sort of ritual of transition to take off the ring she liked the idea so with her permission he arranged a ceremony with a priest So one Sunday they called together her a group of her close friends and family members of his family members many of whom had attended her wedding. The priest called them up around the altar then he began to ask her some questions he said were you faithful in good times and bad she said yes in sickness and in health she said yes for better or for worse she said yes. The priest letter through her wedding vows but in the past tense she affirmed in the presence of the witnesses that she had been faithful that she had loved in on it a husband then the priest said Matt had the ring please for the very 1st time she took off her ring and handed it to the clergyman she would later say it came off so easily the priest accepted her ring and they arranged for the ring to be attached to their marriage their wedding photo it was allowing her to transition from one relationship to another Tonight we need to have a reverse wedding this ring of anonymity. This ring of secrecy this ring of doing things in secret today's time to take it on it's time to become the light of the world with Sister Wife says everything a Christian does should be as transparent as light nothing to hide every head is about every eyes closed. Very simple invitation. God may be calling you tonight to come to this altar to take off this ring of anonymity of secrecy of reverse wedding of sorts I don't know what it is in your secret life but tonight your prayer is like David's prayer Lord cleanse me of secret falls if that's your prayer I want you to come to this altar you're saying I'm not going to hide I'm not going to pretend I'm coming to take it all in only starts with one person who has the courage than everybody else can come. Not going to hide I want to be an honest true loving faithful Christian even in secret Come that's what it means to take off the ring I want the more to help me to be righteous and holy in secret come. Just between you and Jesus. No more hiding. I don't know about you but it gets tiring struggling a secret. Gets tiring. It's between you and the Lord. And one knows. Every head is about every eye is close you're not coming need to be praying. Because somebody is struggling in secret. And today Jesus is ready. To redeem them. To take off the ring. Anyone else before I pray. Say Lord. I'm ready to take off this ring. When I'm dealing with in secret my prayers like Dave. Cleanse me from secret files. Hiding anymore. Of a spree. Father in heaven. Lord. We kneel before you ashamed doesn't matter how human eyes have seen us God is an offshoot the Bible says that God sees in secret Our Heavenly Father is not blind to the Dark Side The SO Lord we've come to this altar because we join David in that wonderful prayer who can understand his errors cleanse me from secret faults keep me back from prisms who is sins and Lord let them not have dominion over us so Lord we pray that as we kneel before you and this altar to take off this ring of anonymity to make sure our lives are as transparent as light Father we pray for grace marvelous infinite crease to be reminded that even with all of our faults and ugly Miss Lloyd you have loved us all the same and that's why Jesus even on the cross he knew of our ignorance and he bade you to forgive us we don't fully understand the implications of our failures but Father we trust you and so we asked you may help us to be righteous and secret help us to be holy in secret to be pure in heart and only Jesus can do that only your grease. Can make it reality in our lives we love you we thank you for here in answering this for. And we offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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