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Spiritual Obesity: How to Exercise Your Faith

Samuel Kusi Appiah


  • August 17, 2019
    2:45 PM
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The Father in heaven we thank you Lord so much it's just stop with the and then we can find the rest of you Lord on the Sabbath you've given us your father or you used to give the days of old a double portion of manna and I just pray dear father that you give us spiritual insights this day but inside that we can act upon board I pray that you open up our hearts and help us to focus to father and not leave her the same in Jesus name I pray Amen. All right spiritual obesity spiritual obesity how to exercise your free this is a topic that we're talking about today and when I 1st like discovered this topic it was a bit strange to me in a spiritual obesity how do we reconcile those 2 things right obesity makes sense in the physical run by how does it make sense in the spiritual Well a ways in for us to understand spiritual obesity let us look at obesity in the real world. It is interesting when you look at the state to statistics regarding obesity over 30 percent of Americans are obese OK 30 percent are just 30 percent sounds like a lot know right we tithed that's 10 percent is a reasonable right but if you actually look at it 35 percent of 372200000 people is literally 130200000 obese people to put that into perspective that is just over 3 times the amount of Canada's entire population so we have enough obese people in America alone to fill a country. But however it continues to rise you see as there's been a greater quantity of food right obesity has risen. The reason being is because our occupations have changed there was a time period where America North America was an agrarian society anybody know what that is an agrarian society. Nobody an agrarian Yeah. Yes So your answer was farming and I said OK Yes All right so they used to farm now have any of you farmed before. Or Ben OK Tell us about your farm and. Now is it easy work. OK And when you grew the hay did it come about the same day OK so it took time you had to tell the soil I actually grew potatoes recently. Yeah yeah yeah for the 1st time I'm I'm a city where I'm from Toronto so who's from Toronto OK nobody. Are looking 1st of love but I couldn't find it but anyways so. That's from Toronto grew up in Toronto and you know as I went out school Berman. You know this OK We have some bread lines that I can find a little bit of love OK So as a once a Brahman Now there's a lot of agricultural farms around right now Bertha so I have these potatoes that grew and they started to sprout and so something was telling me you know I think this thing is to go in the ground so anyways. We had a pastor friend he has a farm we're like all right I mean these potatoes so it's like it's OK but you just got to take the rest of the garden right so we planted the potatoes but in order to plant the potatoes you have to till the soil or soil you have to prepare. It was a prepare the soil you know you have to line them in a you know a good enough distance so that you know one doesn't rob the nutrients from the other right and then after you bury it in the soil you've got to water it and it takes several weeks if not months for you to see something OK so you can imagine the monks are working for food in order to survive but in today's society is that the case you know to this is sightsee if you're hungry you're just going to the what. If you go to the Wal-Mart right you go to the Tim Hortons What are you getting at the horns the better be that beyond burger. The better for the honor of OK so you have to it's just easy you know you get things easy in today's society so it makes us it makes it easy for us to consume consume and consume and because of that a lot of our occupations have become more sedentary which means they're seated and active. You know you compare that to the farmers literally like it's a lot of work as a matter of fact let me tell you something I used to play football right and when I played football there was one teams that the teams that were always the hardest were the farm boys I don't know why I never knew why back then but the families were like as strong as apes. It didn't make sense. The families were so strong I didn't get why they were so strong and I remember there was one farm boy I played with at university and literally he would just like he just lift up big words like a bimbo like you ignore most that played into it at all he just looked it up and just you know OK you know. And it always amazed me at how strong these guys were until some years later probably just only like a couple years back I was listening to a book by the way I think was councils on health and she said that you know like the active working in the active air or the like you know how farmers work and until the soil so on and so forth that doing that type of work is the most beneficial for your health is the most beneficial to promote physical health because of how holistic action is and then you're in the open air and so I was like No wonder these farm boys were still strong. And so is crazy that today's society we see more sickness we see an increase of obesity because now we are less active. But another thing is lack of temperance right lack of self-control. You know it seems like today's society that we don't really put any restraint on how much we can eat because it's so easy to come by. But that means said what if we were to take a spiritual census of the church. What our church struggle with obesity. All right so I think our church would. Because we have such access to an abundance of spiritual truth today you have some how many how many keynote speakers you guys have today you had Sebastian BRACKS You had just. You had Gemma CASTOR Right you had what. I'm not quite there yet. But you who else rich Virginia you had Bijou now you know you have some good speakers and with a nice Adventist Church we have an abundance of doctrines and literature the spirit of prophecy in order that we can have spiritual nutrition correct however there is a lack of faith be an exercise which will see in a moment and also there is a lack of temperance as well just like in the world there is cognitive over consumption of these very good truths However. There is a lack of faith being exercised. So what is obesity. What does obesity anybody want to take a crack at it. Excess fat kooky Yeah that's it OK so there's also in turn obesity having visceral fat on the internal organs. Pardon me. Subcutaneous is the AMS Wow some cue to your doctors I'm. Pretty medicine because you see she's putting her studies to practice here OK So obesity if you look at obesity it comes from a Latin word which means Or it means have been eaten until Fat right but our modern definition just simply says obesity means to be grossly fat or over weight grossly fact or overweight but what causes this condition of obesity. Heart and. Or use a lack of exercise OK that's good anybody else. Not proper nutrition improper nutrition OK yep as medical issues. Sleep deprivation OK all of these are conscious human factors that promote obesity in the body however there is 2 main factors and that's what we're going to focus on today 2 main contribution factors the 1st is you can see there what is the say so the 1st is food the 2nd is exercise So obesity is generally caused by. Eating too much. And moving too little again obesity is caused by eating too much and moving too little. Now why is that we're going to look into it so we're going to look into the calories because calories are very important in this topic OK So when we look at a calorie right. Calorie we get from what. Sorry we get calories from what can we get calories from food OK And from that food right we get the calorie and the calorie as a what is a calorie. The energy Thank you Allah is the energy currency of the body so from we get the energy currency from the body and then that means do something it's made for something it's made for physical exercise OK physical exercise any any function of the body any sort of activity that's what calories are made for OK So exercise burns up this energy to fulfill certain actions. However. We're going to go through the diagram again it says we get from food we get energy or calories and then the calorie awaits for possible activity OK but only used energy what happens to that. It becomes fat. And this was crazy this is mind blowing to me because as you look at somebody who is on the larger side you don't think that they're walking around with extra energy. You never think that. It has never come to your mind all I have a cancer mind OK so. Part of the Over there ever blessed OK. Going to where ever blessed but because of their inactive Idol lifestyle that potential energy. Is just stored up is hoarded It's as if they're just hoarding it have you ever seen a hoarder's house before right or holder when you go is a is a it's a tear is a tear when you go in there you see a whole bunch of unused I doms or items that they say they're going to use but they never end up using it and it's stock tied to the ceiling and then you go through some stuff and some stuff the same maybe like weeks back ago now that's rotting right it is a terrifying tedious experience to walk through like a hoarder's house but if we were to take special inventory of our spiritual bodies we'd find that we were hoarding a lot of potential energy or thief as it were so therefore obesity is caused by. Or the most common causes of obesity are over eating and physical inactivity if you can sue how I'm ounce of energy particularly fashion others. Do not burn them off through exercise and physical activity much of the surplus energy will be stored in the body as fats This is from Harvard use. So the causes of spiritual obesity we just looked at the diagram for the calorie but let's look at the diagram for the Christians calorie OK So we have the Word of God as our food OK then we have faith as I what I. Know. What so faith is not R R R R exercise but it is our what is our energy OK It is our energy is our calorie and good works or actions right is how faith is exercised but let's look at this we see the word and we gets our faith and then there is in activity and no exercise what will happen. What would happen if you become spiritually what. Spiritually or beast spiritually or beast and it's interesting because a lot of us are wondering why our spiritual experience we feel Simm Thomas of sluggishness writes We wonder right because when you are physically obese you get tired easily. So then all of a sudden spiritually we get tired of or weary of well doing. OK. And so here is that I wonder why our spiritual life is just moving so sluggishly it's not filled with that vigor and energy that God said it would be right you don't feel as if you're being sustained in proportion to the activities that you're doing and so I believe that that issue is rooted in spiritual obesity eating too much of a good thing but not exercising enough so that we saw that the Word of God is our food right. So the Bible says and Romans that So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God This text gives us knowledge of how faith comes and by taking in God's word that is how we get faith now in John one we see that Jesus is referred to the Word of God We know that for sure right and in John chapter 6 verse 31 Jesus also makes references to himself as food right there's more than one place where he does that but in John chapter 6 sorry verse 35 it says and Jesus said unto them I am the bread of life he that cometh to me shall never hunger and that he that believeth on me shall never thirst. Here's a quote from Sister White in the desire of ages it says as our physical life is sustained by food read it out loud our spiritual life is sustained by the Word of God and every soul is to receive life from God's word for himself as we must eat for ourselves in order to receive nourishment so we must receive the word for our selves we are not to obtain it merely through the medium of another man's mind. And I want to talk about that really quickly because some of us love processed food. Right some of us love processed food spiritually you are not food that has gone through such a rigorous process and its form is changed somebody else has changed it for you right. You know it's interesting to me I had this trainer once while I was playing football he said while we were training he said that you have to eat food as simple as possible as simple as possible not a Venice guy and I'm like oh that's interesting so I asked him if I could eat cereal He then replied to me and asked me Is there such thing as a cereal cherry. So I got my answer there is no such thing as a cereal tree it's a heavy process heavily processed right so even though the principle that he was given that goal to the original source yourself eat it in its purest form do not receive scriptural insights through other individuals OK you can if you've gone to the world yourself to see what the original thing says but we cannot depend on other people's mind to do it for us. It's not as nutritious or the 2nd statement from Sr White says the Word of God is our sanctification and righteousness because it is our spiritual food to study it is to eat the leaves of the Tree of Life is not amazing. To study it is to even the use of the tree of life nothing is more uplifting to God's servants than to teach the scriptures just as Christ taught them not like how your professor taught them not like how your father or your uncle taught them but how Christ taught them the Word of God contains divine nourishment would satisfy spies the appetite for spiritual food praise God amen. Amen. So the cause of spiritual obesity is eating too much. And doing too little eating too much and doing too little. Else some of us have a poor. A poor our spiritual diet. Right some of us are Krispy Kreme Christians. OK Krispy Kreme Christians our diet is to consume T.V. dramas of every sort OK nothing nourishing just empty calories you know some of us it's gossip. Because the thing about grass that is when you compare yourselves with somebody else it makes you feel a little bit better than your condition. And spiritually we do so we say oh we're not as bad as so and so or did you see where. Did the other day and you start this process of self and grand Eisenman which is subtle and so the Bible clearly says that those who compare themselves with the with themselves are not wise and we should not do that. Also. Surface feel good servants. Surface feel good serve sermons that sort of palliate you in your sins pacify you in your sin you never feel good stuff that just is just sentimental ism. You know there's no repentance there's just Jesus loves you. And we know even system our talks about how to emphasize the love of God over his justice and those actually use is a form of spiritual ism. We want to make a god that doesn't exist our God is very just and loving and in order for God to be love he has to be just can you imagine if he got if Actually let's look at this in society right you have lost correct Now if somebody was a murderer or a rapist OK and went around doing this and you know the government said oh you know what we love them it's OK let them continue going. Do they love the other citizens. No because if they truly love the citizens right if the these people are not remorseful for what they're done they've done then the have to they have to enact some sort of penalty to keep everybody else safe as well and so because God is love he has to do things that are just out of love he cannot allow certain things to go on and then say oh you know because of love is why I'm allowed to go the Bible actually says because God is God is our father right and he says and I think it's in Proverbs where it says that those who love their child. Know it says whoever does not correct your child hates their child and the Bible also says that that the Lord chastens or corrects those whom he loves so there's a balance there because if he does not correct right or if he does not if he does not correct that he doesn't actually love you he's going to leave you to live a miserable life. So are also sinful content a lot of times we watch T.V. and we watch shows and they do nothing for spiritual nourishment at all. Another thing is the Biblical. You know pinions or interpretations of others if you go to the messages of young people there's a chapter I believe in there that says study the Bible is for study the Bible or Bible study and this one was very powerful because it said that you know young people should not expect the older ones to interpret the Bible for them you know but I think this is something part of the value of Bible study yes the chapter anyone awesome so. It said Had Israel studied the Bible for themselves that the nation would not have been lost. Because the leaders and it up leading them astray through certain biblical interpretations or misinterpretations of prophecy. So another thing another thing that contributions to spiritual obesity is spiritual spectators spiritual spectators as a matter of fact in the physical world Affan one of the practice of people who are obese is just to sit down and watch T.V. and stuff right and so spiritual spectators they watch everybody else doing something for God right they know what this ministry is doing they know what that ministry is doing if you were to ask them you know where where or where Doug Batchelor is right now they'd be able to tell you because they follow him on Twitter or Instagram you know what I mean so they're always watching what other people are doing. Right also they may fam girl over certain speakers or ministries. And also they become expert critics X. they'll criticize everybody for doing this wrong and that wrong right. So in the physical world T.V. watching is a factor that causes obesity because it displaces what physical activity in the spiritual world those who watch what everyone else is doing rather than they get up and do something for themselves in short spiritual spectators become spiritually obese. Or as obsessed. As that of cessed. So remember there was 2 main factors that caused obesity the 1st one was what food too much food you know even of good food have a good quality and then also point our food right but. The next contribution factor is exercise. So let's look at lack of exercise this if you have your Bible you can go to James or you can look at the screen you know James had said to. Verse 14. James tattoo but remember before said they should go to the word yourself for the new nutrients right so. James. Shouted to verse 14. And when you're there you can say Amen. Or have mercy OK. Or OK So James started to verse 14 and I love this child or because James is just talking straight and in a very pointed way he says what does the prophet my brother they're all a man say he have faith and have not. Have not what. So he's asking what does it profit him and then in verse 15 we get an example he elaborates he says. If a brother or a sister be naked and destitute of daily food and one of you say on to them depart in peace. Be warmed and filled. Not withstanding you give them not those things which are needful for the body what does the prophet verse 17 even so faith if it hath not works is dead being alone here is going example of to Christians if somebody comes to you and they have a need in which you can help in something you can give them food you can give them a blanket and you say you know go in peace and your like and I trust everything's going to work I have ever had a situation where you're in need and another church brother or sister said or I'll pray for you has it ever happened to you I the only one. Why oh no this is it happens you could be in a situation where you're struggling and it would take somebody who is a real Christian to actually almost pry into your situation so that they can help in some way shape or form with some people who actually don't want you to tell them anything because that might put upon them a obligation which they're not willing to take on. And I find I was wrestling with this because I find that the gulf between what we say we believe and what we actually practice is very fast. Is vast and we were to actually look at how many things go back and some of your devotional books go back and some of your own personal notes were back and some of the things that you've highlighted in the Bible which you clearly got convicted you of those things and ask yourself if you practice to them from that time look back take inventory to see how much you actually practice and I bet most of us would realize that that faith that God was trying to inspire with us all we did was hoard that as facts. He so we asked what does a prophet you know if we eat the Word of God and we don't exercise then what profit are we going to get. She OK maybe that wasn't clear and the physical world if we eat food. And we and we do not exercise. How is that going to be profitable to us it isn't. Is actually going to be detrimental to us because it's going to affect our physical how. Somebody is also spiritually if we just eat these things and we're intellectual Christians about it and we just cognitively consume and but don't actually practice it that is the going to be the case we're going to be spiritually obese and not practice our faith. Is interesting too because further on he says Yea a man may say thou has faith and I have works show me life faith without my works and I will sure be my faith by my works and then he goes on to say OK there are believers that there is one God OK there are those well the Devils also believe he's been you say OK you can believe it doesn't really matter because the Devil Satan after believes what is Satan actually practicing anything about God requires law to sin which shows us that we can believe one thing and not actually practice it in the same way that we could eat something and it actually had not the calories actually not be used for some sort of action so that he says but we'll. Know over the man that think without works is dead was was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar So in other words he's saying listen. Abraham we know is the father of faith but. If he just said OK God I believe everything you're saying and there was no faith that prompted any action that would actually be faith. So verse 22 is very important so he says see is the how of faith rocks with his works so in work together with his works and by works faith was made perfect faith was made perfect Now what does it mean to be perfect. What does it mean. To be what sinless OK Well let's look at what that means in the Greek in this text so it said that obviously we can see in the text and it said. That 30000 work together with his works and that by works his faith was made perfect OK so we're not talking about action that you do of your own in trying to mirror salvation this is just you actually believing something and it prompting action so the Word Perfect is all it means to carry through something completely to accomplish to finish or to bring it to an end so in order for our faith to actually be perfect it cannot just be a belief or trust in God. What will happen is is that it will prompt some action that corresponds with that belief OK. So it's like having a faith or orse It's like having Adventists who say that they're looking to forward to the. Coming of Christ but when you look at their life they're actually avoiding it. It's like having somebody who was preaching about righteousness by faith but when you look at their life is more like an righteousness by think. OK And there's not the right righteousness by faith but at least if it is righteousness by faith then there should be corresponding righteous acts in that go along with it. From gospel workers to 61 paragraph one it says many hold faith as an AA as an opinion. Was an opinion this isn't a lifestyle is it a part of you really something concrete you know an opinion how often do opinions change. Yes it's very fickle right so many whole faith as an opinion but saving faith is a transaction. By which those who receive Christ join themselves in a covenant relationship with God genuine faith is life a living thing means an increased vigor of increase of vigor a confiding trust by which the saw becomes a conquering power in the same way that there's a transaction with food OK where you eat you get a calorie and then when you get that calorie you exercise and you become decent if you exercise you become stronger you get bigger right or if you have your antioxidants that you eat you become more vigorous right in health is the same way that if we have genuine faith and we exercise it that would become more spiritually healthy and strong. So how do we exercise is faith. So let's go to him 13 sorry he was 11. Hebrews 11 and just before we go there when I when you think about even the life of Christ you know the Bible talks about how you know those in the end. In Revelation that they will have the keep the commandments of God and to have the faith of what Jesus now how you actually consider the faith of Jesus. Like Jesus when you look at the word faith means trust in Greek it's either means trust a belief a conviction of something and so if it means trust can a relationship exist without trust. No And if you trust somebody Have you ever seen those demonstrations when when somebody you may trust somebody to fall into the arms of somebody else and sometimes people move and make them fall on the ground right but that's not the case with God We have a firm or I should say as a soft foundation to fall on because the 1st firm might hurt but we have we have something to secure to follow on to trust him and the Bible says that we look at the life of Christ he literally trust his father even to the point of death. Even to the point of death. And he just came to the point of death because he knew that his father would raise him up on the 3rd Amen. And so we need to have that type of trust in God as well because it's going to prompt us our lives to live in accordance to our biblical convictions right so here he was 11 gives us some examples here able right. We know how the text goes that Abel gave him more what. A more acceptable sacrifice than then came right and then he was accounted you know it was. He was deemed righteous because of that and so it's interesting because when you go through this whole chapter it says buy thing with Able did this by faith Abraham did this by faith not alone if no one didn't trust God I don't think any of us would be sitting here right now. Right and you know that nor really believe God because what he started doing when he heard that God was going to destroy the earth by flood. He built an ark. Or any of you build an ark in your spiritual life right now. You know and are a have as well she was not a MS reliance but she feared God. And when she heard that destruction was coming on Jericho. So on Jericho. What she did was she ended up in the spire spies. And so we see that through her actions she actually had faith in God Same thing with David Sanger there's so many people but when we look at verse 33 I want to look at verse 33 it says. Who through faith these people speaking of all the people that were listed as who through faith they subdued kingdoms they wrought righteousness they obtained promises. And my bad so they obtained promises they stopped the mouth of lions they quenched violence of fire they escaped the edge of the sword out of the weakness they were made strong and they waxed valiant in the fight. They turned to fight the armies of aliens and women received their dead raised again to life and others were tortured not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection. So we have examples of people who when God tells them something. They acted upon it and that is how we exercise faith. So again to exercise faith means that we need to act on our convictions and let's make this practical do you know when people have diabetes typically right and somebody has diabetes and they tell them to the they're going to exercise Usually they tell them that they should carry something sweet with them in case. They become what hypoglycemic or something right and I was interesting as this into a thing was Barbara own Milos she's. What's called a health lecturer right so she's a health like her and she was telling a story of a patient she was dealing with who had diabetes and so he came to her he was concerned that if he had to work out without food that he would you know become hypoglycemic and maybe go comatose but she said no just trust me just drink water don't have anything sweet and run on an empty stomach and make sure you check your blood sugar before and after right so he checked his blood sugar before and it was kind of low right but then he went and he exercised and when he came back he checked his blood sugar and his sugar had why not. And he was shocked because he felt energetic he felt invigorated as he was working out and what she told him was that you have excess sugar in your fat cells called glycogen which you have not utilize they're just stored there and so when you run an empty stomach is not going to. Take the calories or the energy from the food that you just ate is going to take it from the fat cells and so many of us are like that man right now or in that condition we have things that God has told us in the past which we've hoarded in our spiritual fat cells and that we need to just run on right now in order for us to get back in shape and you need to search to see what that is you need to go back with God and see Lord what have I what do we have I've been neglecting what thing have I not been practicing that you told me about and then you need to start there. Also you need to believe that God is and that he will reward you. Interesting because the Bible says that those who come to God must believe that he is and that he is a reward or of them that diligently seek Him The reason that this text is important is because oftentimes we do not have this inherent trust in God you know when you pray sometimes and you you doubt whether or not or maybe you might waver rather not God will answer that prayer. Write or ask him a promise to come on this to answer this promise one of the case may be and you doubt whether or not he will actually fulfill it we need to come to a place in our walk where we have a confiding trust in God So just to review how does one become physically obese. By what. Eating too much food and doing what and not enough exercise OK And how do you become spiritually obese. Too much of the word and what and not enough action OK. And how. Do we exercise our faith. Oh sure I have the sly here I haven't. Really run out the stuff. OK OK. I get. IT How do you exercise your faith. All right all right. At this moment we're a bar has for prayer and then if you have questions for me then we'll just open up for question period or let's pray and loving Father in heaven we thank you Lord so much that Lord. You've given us a knowledge of ourselves spiritually the Lord. We are especially obese people you know we've been spoiled you've given us so much a lot of you've consumed it but we have not acted acted on it in proportion so I pray dear father from this moment on that we need here alone to become active Christians whom are prompted by faith in Jesus name I praise him in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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