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Right Thinking: How to be Happy and Healthy in a World of Depression and Sickness - Part 3

Michael Lemon René Lemon


  • August 17, 2019
    2:45 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you that your You've brought us all here together and that you are here with us and that you want us to be filled with your joy to guide our thoughts and our attention and all that we do interacting with one another today according to your will in Jesus' name amen So we've been looking at a a quote from the book ministry of healing that says the only security for any soul is right thinking as a man thinketh in his heart so is he and so we bit we've been through how happiness is good for you and showing the medical side of it as well as the quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy in the Bible and how hard is good like medicine and how that is proven from science so health is good for you or happiness is good for your health the other thing that we're looking at is how your thinking is influenced by the things that you look at and so you can prime your mind in a certain direction right from the time that you wake up in the morning and I gave you some suggestions about how to prime your mind to remember some of those things. What were they. To sing yes song is a weapon and so we were singing what was a song that we saying yesterday. This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it OK what other things that. An attitude of gratitude and so writing out 3 things that you're thankful for at least 3 things every single day and that can be anything that can be the food you ate for lunch or the time that you spent with a friend or that you have a wonderful family or that you have eyesight and other people don't you know there's so many things to be thankful for if you do that every single day you're priming your mind in the right direction OK what else. Write a letter write a letter to someone expressing your gratitude towards them OK Anything else you know remember. Promises Yes promises focus on the power promises in God's word and so when you wake up in the morning to say to yourself This is the 1st text that I'm going to look at his texts the Bible texts every single day for the 1st hour you're not going to pick up another device just this device God's word Ok so today we're going to look at and we looked at a quote from from the Bible in John Chapter 15 verse 11 and it was quoted today here by Jim Castor and that is where Jesus says these words these words I have spoken to you that my. Joy might be in you and that your joy might be full so we're going to look at that was that mean the joy of the Lord and so that's we're going to look at today. So I want to start by asking you a question what would you attempt if you knew that you could not fail. What would you do if you you for sure you were going to fail. Fly right. You could jump off this building and just fly be wonderful. OK. What would you attempt if you knew that you attempted it you couldn't fail you just. Started a business very good OK. So I'm OK. OK. OK So he was kind Canadian blog by the name of home and don't know anyone who can comment. So one day he was looking down he gave. Every paper plant. And so he thought team foul. Play who. We are you trying something small for something. And then you repeat that you keep on trying to me. He thinks I want. And if I read paid for that and I'm trying to trade it so what did he have to lose. Nothing OK so I'm going to read. It so do you think you could. Succeed Yeah so he put this thing on Craigslist a red paper clip and he said Would anyone like to trade me for something bigger and better and 2 girls. Had a pen shaped like a fish and they so they said we will trade your red paper clip for our pen shaped like a fish and so here's the picture of the trade so he gave them a red paper clip and they and they gave him a pen shaped like a fish was a bigger and better Yes So he's already successful. From going off and you would know when. You feed and care. For the doorknob. So he kept trading was he getting bigger and better now he's got a camping stove and he started off with a red paper clip so Kyra received a number of bigger and better gifts he traded that camping stove up and he ended up with a snowmobile someone gave misnomer a bill and then he kept trading some of the trades led him to here received a gift for to which was a trip to the Rockies for to do OK and then he traded that up ended up getting a big moving truck a box truck so he started with a rear paperclip says he's not even a year into this thing OK and he keeps on putting on Craigslist and gets bigger and better bigger and better bigger and better he starts off with a red paper clip and now he's got a moving truck could it get bigger and better than not well after 9 months he had one year's free rent in Phoenix Arizona. Is that bigger and better I think as bigger and better than a red paper clip and I think I would have stopped right there I would think Man I've got a whole year's free rent in a very warm climate right Arizona and all Phoenix Arizona but he didn't stop there he thought I'm in it for a whole year I'm going to see what I can get out of this in one year started with what I thought yeah I really want the big red paper I think it's free reign but he was only 9 months into the fray. In what he thought and I wasn't getting enough fries and he wants to see how much he. Fond of you off the food scene on tray over the course of a year he ended up with a 2 story phone Kim thing. Is that crazy or what is that success so he started with a paper clip 12 months before 12 months later he ends up with a. 2 story farmhouse and Kipling to sketch when he didn't just stop there he took this this farmhouse and he turned it into a successful restaurant it is called today the red paper clip Clyde edge and kept playing so you can cafe in Kipling's The sky. Is that amazing Was he afraid he didn't have anything to lose he started with a red paper clip what was going to lose and he went all the way up to a house which he turned into a restaurant still there today and he's quite successful in day and he's got no mortgage is that they can positively or what. Oh what you. Know if you knew you couldn't you you could not ride. This into the around. And trusting he taught me what. You found. And. For not being easy even harder for. You when is. Ofen and. For nothing is it him possible with God So with God Things just keep getting what bigger and better right so I want to take us to the story of Moses and it's found in Exodus Exodus chapters 3 and 4 in Exodus Chapter 3 verses 7 and 8 it says that Moses came to the burning bush you know the story and the Lord is speaking to him he says I haven't fact seen the affliction or the suffering the desolation of my people who are in Egypt so their suffering their slaves and God says I see I see their condition I see that they're not have. Happy and I want to make them happy because that's what God wants to give us and he says I have heard their cried because of their taskmasters their oppressors for I know their pain in their suffering so I have come down to rescue them from the power of the Egyptians and to bring them up from the land from that land to the land that is good and spacious the land flowing with milk and honey is it's a land of plenty. So Moses asked a question and he asked this question in Exodus 4 Verse one he says what if they will not believe me or take me seriously and what if they say to me. God has not really spoken to you the red has not appeared to you and then the Lord said to him. What is. And in you. What do you think you are. And he turns around and says what is just a staff is just an old stick like a useless red paper clip right it's nothing it's nothing it's worth nothing so God takes nothing and he can turn it into everything I mean if one man can take a red paper clip and trade up and get bigger and bigger bigger better and then eventually he ends up with a house just by putting it on Craig's List after one year what can God do with. A STAFF OK. Let's take a look at it here was the live and in those 3 and see the woefully framed by the Word of God So there are 2 things which are seen were not made of things which are visible in other words the box telling us think Gore made he created everything he made everything out of nothing. At least most is head of state or starving. And Donald thought it was really. You make something out of nothing you make everything everything out of nothing you see we have nothing to worry about we please God. We don't have to worry about our bank accounts if we have the right we're going to cause if we know God is always there and he can make everything out of nothing. He won't provide He will provide it I want to share a story with you have any of you ever been to Bermuda. Some of their OK for me it is a big island small island. It's about 37000 people there ok it's not that big it for a population and there was a man on that island to that the age of 63 is name is johnny barnes any of ever heard of johnny barnes ok 63 years old and he was a bus driver before that he was an electrician and so driving about us finally retired he 63 years old he's a 7th day adventists henne he goes halt and he's reading his bible he gets up early in the morning 3 o'clock in the morning he reads is bible he praised to god and he says lard i'm retired but i like people i like sharing the message and nobody really wants to talk to me in our i'm just an all retired guy and so what can i do and he's praying to the lord unease reading the alert the lloyd's word and he gets this message from the lard tell people i love them just tell my love yeah what i know that i know that you i know you love the but just tell him that i love them so he says where sources tim go to crowell lane and he knows that on croll lane that's the place where as a traffic has to go So he does down to crow lane and all the traffic that goes into Hamilton which is the capital of Bermuda and has to go out of crow of Hamilton they have to go by this roundabout OK and it's called the foot of the lane and so he goes down there and he stands there 3 45 in the morning and he says to people God loves you God loves you God loves you and he stands on that corner from 3 45 in the morning until 10 in the morning so he's there for what 6 and 6 hours and 15 minutes and then from there he goes to the hospital the visits people the next day he gets up and he does the same thing and the next day and the next day he doesn't just do it for a week he doesn't do it for a month he doesn't do it for a year he doesn't do it for 2 years he doesn't do it for 10 years he doesn't do it for 20 years he does it every single day Monday to Friday for 30 years this man is on that corner and everyone who sees him knows who Johnny Burns is even just shocked. I know and. I know this and so much so he becomes so famous that he's even knighted by the Queen of England. Now you didn't know he was by the Queen Elizabeth knows who he is yet and so they which I. She doesn't know you but she does Johnny Barnes and everybody on the island there is Johnny by his if you were to go to the island of Bermuda and you got off the plane and you said to someone you know Johnny buys a ton of money no started by because they know every single person who lives there. Is not as Mr Happy man yet OK so he stands on that corner and everyone calls him Mr happy man and they made documentaries about him if you look online you'll find out all kinds of things about Johnny Barnes So he stands there every day and he he greets the people and you can see little children will come up to him big you know adults and in fact there's so many started by Johnny bites this lady she was this one document there's quite a few actually of things talking about this person and so this lady she's going around and she's she's pregnant and she's on her way to the hospital and she says to her husband Tony Blair doesn't look at me you got to go down there on the road about again and says if they keep on Dr rather have him out until she catches I would doubt he she says OK down 5 I'll be fine I think that hospice. And he. Told me. Yeah. It was frantic there I mean everybody the island where it started Barnes Where is he and it's like we don't know and so they phoned up the hospital he's in the hospital and they told him he's in the hospital's course people go and visit him in the hospital what would happen to me. Would people miss me. If I didn't show up for work right does everyone know who I am does they don't have to know who I am but you know this is important so even came so famous that the people on the island spent $70000.00 and put up a statue of Johnny bonds and it's a it's a bronze statue the only statue of anyone who is actually coming from the island right and so you know there's other statues of like you know people who are from England and stuff like that you know some saint or whatever OK So Johnny Bonds is standing on the corner and he continues to say God loves you I love it he gets up very early in the morning and he prays What are the things that he does he quotes the songs where he says my voice shout out here in the morning in the morning I will direct my prayer and to the end will look up and this man and he really lives his faith people come to church because of Johnny Barnes so many people he has one message but the message. God loves you that was the only thing God told him to do he just had like a little red paper clip right just a little thing but what did he do with that he turned it into something that was Can you imagine if one soul is in the kingdom. There's great joy in heaven right we're talking about the joy of the Lord and so Johnny bonds for the last 30 years of his life he died in 2016 so and when he retired he was 63 years old in 1986 from 1986 until 2016 for 5 days a week he would spend at least 6 hours on that corner telling people that God loves them at least 6 hours a day and then from there he would go to the hospital visit people in the hospital and he had visit people on the street everyone on the island knew who he was I think that's beautiful start. That's right down there. So we have gone over this this. Quote from the book steps to Christ and it says that the Lord would have all of his sons and daughters what happy so this is what right thinking is all about he wants us to be happy when God created the universe there was no oil and happiness and never had been and had any on happiness until Lucifer started saying that God was not just and still till he started questioning God's character and you know the very act of looking for evil in others develops evil in those you look so you looked up a god me said A You are evil and it didn't make God evil it turned him a perfect angel into a devil and we don't want to look at others and it's that was wrong thinking we don't want to look at others and and think evil of them we're going to think the best of others when we look for the best in others we bring out the best in them so here's the. Russian that we really want to focus on and it's this one my joy or the joy of the Lord these things Jesus says I have spoken to you that's why this is called your guidebook to happiness the Bible and so this is God's guidebook to happiness this is these things have I spoken to you that my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be what fall. Through what is Jesus me. Actually So come on of with to read that and play for fun things. And you want it you story looks like a pretty joyful God to me doesn't he. Call Moses to be a mighty We must follow like you can do nothing but he and God Osteen this question what it is. And the question what do you think. What place you. 110 and do you. You know make you 25 and see if everyone. It's absolutely true at least one talent remember there was one they got 5 another one got 2 and one guy what got one so you have at least one talent I remember talking about this with a group of students and one girl put up her hand she said can you tell me what my talent is I don't think I have a talent. And she did she had a talent and she is that very very well but once you identify what are those talents here are some that I'm going to put up on the screen and you may have one of those or maybe a number of those or maybe it's not one that's put up on the screen mentioning here some people have while some people have health I mean intelligence happiness you can share those talents a time Elyse even says time is a talent that we universe. Really Have we all have that what are you going to do with it creativity compassion scientific inside mechanical skills whatever skills or talents God has given you here's here's the big question it's from Christ Our because it says the talents however few are to be put to use the question that most concerns us is not how much have I received but what am I doing with that which I have not how much of I receive because you ask that question how much of I receive you're using a question of comparison and when you use a question of comparison and it is. Because if you have a small ice cream and someone has a large ice cream you don't feel good about your ice cream I mean but if you have the big one you feel better. Not good to compare it just doesn't work out well. For this one. Painful thing and. 10 you thought. Well that. You think you thing. Made. Me and. So he says here I have given you this and you have multiplied it I'm going to give you more and then he says enter into it the joy of what is that. I think it's heaven but what really happens in heaven this is this is twice or says this and you know he probably should know because he sacrificed and he was a doctor and he served with love in Africa and if this is what he said he says this one thing I know the only ones I view that will be truly happy will be those who have what sought and found how to serve so service is a huge thing when it comes to experiencing joy I will show you that even more and more as we go along here we talked about Martin Seligman yesterday he is called the posit the father of the happiness psychology and he wrote in a number of books on happiness and if you look online you can see Martin Seligman he's really the forefront of this and he does a lot of studies on what is this mean this well being or this is the state of happiness he says the pursuit of pleasure has almost no contribution to life satisfaction so do you see how science is saying that pleasure and happiness they're not the same so you can put pursue pleasure but it's not necessarily going to make you happy in fact he says it's probably not going to make you happy and we've seen that it's short lived and we saw that yesterday quite a bit how those who pursue pleasure end up last happy OK and happy and sometimes depressed and even suicidal but he says the pursuit of meaning produces the most lasting effect on happiness so meaning what is he talking about here while a sense of purpose or living with the purpose of living with a sense of meaning so let's talk about Jesus what was Jesus's purpose what was his why why he got up every morning. Why did he come to this world. For people I agree with you to say. So here's what El away says in desire of ages you with the why then did he. In that beautiful he was possessed of one purpose if you were does discover that for yourself you say to yourself well why am I doing this why what really gives me joy this will give you joy I guarantee you if you were to get up every morning and you were to live to bless others what are we discovered yesterday remember that those who said I want to be happy but they were thinking of happiness in terms of just making themselves happy their level of happiness went down but when they thought I want to be happy and my happiness is connected with your happiness if you're not happy I'm not happy then their level of happiness went up so in other words they considered others more important than themselves and when you consider others more important than yourself then you find true happiness. What do you feel we have to offer. QUESTION And what is the most meaningful activity you can. Think will. Good question what can I think again what do you think the most meaningful to you can. Houston. 31. So most recently my wife and I went to Pugwash Nova Scotia and if you have been there before OK there is a can't meeting at Pugwash Nova Scotia's you put it on your bucket list as something you have to do in your lifetime is very bad for you this is a 7 Day Adventists campground it's right by the ocean and if they can't meeting the sun is shining there's nothing better and so we're there and. You know. That it only. And I saw an ad the water is warm it's beautiful so so we got we were talking there and then there was a line up of people they wanted to talk to us afterwards and so this one man came up to me and and I could see this guy was you know he had done something with himself where he was working outside and he was healthy and he was strong and so I said So what do you do for a living and he introduced himself to me is name was Bob he said I am a deep sea fisherman and I've done that my whole life he's in his eighty's doesn't look like he's in his eighty's but he looks like strong and healthy and you know he's 10 did he look like a fisherman but he's really strong and so I said you know that must of been so much fun I am trying to imagine what it would have be like and so he's and I was it was the best time of my life I just loved fishing but he said what I enjoyed more than that was sharing my faith in Jesus he said nothing brought me more joy than sharing my faith in Jesus and I said What did you tell me about it so he said Well whatever we are we are back on the mainland he says I would take all my Bible and I would just share it with people share it with friends but before I ever did that I would look for people to help and so I would see that person needs help with their roof and so go up there and would help and or I would see that person over there they need help in their yard and he says I was always helping people helping people helping people and then eventually they would say to me hey why are you being so helpful and he said well because. I have this relationship with Jesus you know it just gives me joy to help people and they'd say well tell me about it well now he has an invitation and said he would always share his faith and so he said to me. I'm kind of nervous though he says of all the people that I have had Bible studies with and they've come into the church the pastor finally said to me you are an elder that means you can baptize just as much as I can bet Did you know that an elder could do that and he's like Really. Pastor said Now you have to baptize these people because you brought them into the church so he says this Sabbath I have to bow ties these people that is as I don't know how to baptize people can you tell me out about those people and I said Sure no problem I said just make sure you don't lose your footing because if you lose your footing you're going to fall down and then they're going to fall down he's like I never thought of that I said he said to me how do I do it so I showed him how to bow to someone and how to hold your footing right he says Oh that's so good he says I would have made a mistake he says I'm so thankful because he was going to baptize them in the ocean on Sabbath and that beautiful so the thing that he told me was this the greatest joy that I have experienced as much as I enjoy fishing and I've done it all my life is the greatest joy is fishing for souls right and bringing people to Jesus it was is so meaningful to me and I said you know what I've discovered the same thing that is so meaningful to serve the Lord and to bring people to Jesus is the greatest joy that you can ever experience and that God I thought was the greatest thing I want to share with you next. Week he's. In faith and when. OK Did you get that and then again kind of reached in faith and well. GIVE ME I CAN faith but without a penny Yes you could how could you do it with that angel. Good Faith and. How could he say people with that. You have the power to do next with a what did Jesus say he could talk through. Exactly Jesus said hey you want these people to be quiet the rocks will shout if if the people stop right what else. He could use dreams and visions which he does do sometimes but look at what it says here it says God could have reached his object in saving centers with out our A but by order as. We must here. We must share his work in order and think you've joy and joy your feet. We both made Eve for me. She went through. And we we will surely Yes Joy So he loves us thought much then he wants us to do that he wants I think fear unfair so did you get the definition of the joy of the LORD What is the definition of the jailer seeing the joy of seeing soldiery deemed by his sacrifice isn't that beautiful so take a look at this verse from the book of sorry Nehemiah and it says the joy of the Lord is my strength that kind of gives it a larger meaning doesn't it because if the joy of love is my strength that means. By saving souls are my leading other souls to Christ and leading them to redemption that's what gives me strength that's what develops me as a Christian so this isn't about. I feel guilty because I'm not saving souls and you know they're not going to say that no this is about me growing through this and it gives me strength I am the one is strengthened by and this is this is a beautiful thing that God has given us this so that we can develop our character take a look at this. And think the only way to grow in grace is to be as interested me I'm selfish the duty of. Which cause is joy. Gage he stayed. Home and made all of this you need how we can do things straight house. And Senate seat the kind. Did you get that the only way to growing grass is by doing what by unselfishly serving others and by serving others that's the only way that we're going to grow to Vittie comes by exercise right and activity is the very essence of life strength comes back for size and activity is very essence of life so have you ever noticed when someone breaks an arm or breaks part of their body and then after they get the cast off and they put their arms next to each other. The nose muscles atrophy if you don't use it what happens you lose a ragged edges gets the last and last so that's exactly we need to exercise our faith so the only way to grow in grace is the only way in the continues it says those who endeavor to maintain Christian life by passively accepting the blessings that come through the means of grace and doing nothing for Christ are simply trying to live by eating without working and in the spiritual as in the south in the natural world this always results in degeneration and decay so you can't just be consuming consuming consuming what's going to make you healthier and healthy and healthy you need to be active and so active in your face sharing your faith it grows you as a Christian and you get stronger and off and focus on is the last part of it and things and then we would refuse to think that. All you think. That the Christian who will not exist is going given powers not only fails to grow. Crime and. So you can't just read your Bible and pray read your Bible and pray is really good and what was the purpose of reading the Bible be. To have a relationship with Christ so you're reading it for the purpose of connection with him and. Not just. Yeah. We need. You. Know. And he. Read the nation and free him with it and then as God Aargh. Joy Yes Will. BE Yes like people yes because if. You don't you will. Change and yeah. That's right no yes we need that yes. We do that's your right leg just absolutely and that's what I mean Gene yes and yes you know exactly what I. MEAN TO YOU ALL Yes and if I'm wrong yes. Absolutely. That's right that's right and so faith faith is a gift absolutely absolutely joined by God to you both Joy That's right and you won't rest right so do you have faith in in a person. You have faith in any person. Someone you trust. People. Yes that's good but do any of you yeah why. Do you trust Jackie Yeah yeah. Yeah I say. Sorry you know this is a point of good because that's what I think and people I mean we have known to be sure of course of course of course and that was thinking that night and maybe God so yeah yeah so if Jackie came to you and said Margaret Margaret I would like to borrow your kids your car would you give her. You know me yeah but would you give it to her now knowing her Yes you read OK so. This is a girl you said you can't and I really want to try thought maybe if you don't know exactly so some stranger comes up to you in the in the shopping mall and says Ma'am can. You give me the keys to your car we're going to say no because you don't trust them so this is why we read the Bible we say a Lord I trust you right and guess what the more you trust God You you you find out that he is trustworthy right and the more you pray to Him and He answers your prayers and you realize hey he is trustworthy by the way he answers all your prayers all of them and all the even those who don't answer it exactly the way you want them to he's still listening to you and the answer is because he's either not he's not just trying to do what you want he's too wise for that he wants to do it want to give you exactly what you need going on think we need. It is absolutely not funding and. When we meet people we don't think he's going to find that he he does that to he does they. Think we need them we need. Talking and we need. To Yeah. So here's the point if we just were listening to God He speaks to us he's pouring all of this into our lives through reading His word through praying and he's pouring all of his goodness into our lives. We're going to get all stirred up inside right and we're going to want to share it with someone if you go and you discover something really amazing like I used as an example this morning if you found a great restaurant a great tie food restaurant and you say all the food is so good do you think it's hard to share that with someone you know you're going to share with them right if you have taste and seeing that the Lord is good you will have something to say you are something that tells other people so 1st you're sharing now you're sharing only because you have received yourself so if you don't share it and it's all stirred up inside of you you're going to become like a caged lion you're going to get all flustered. And there's a difference between a caged lion and a wild lion and then every single a wild lion in the in out in nature in Africa are good OK Is there a difference. All cage one looks so different than wildlife The difference is that that caged one is scared and it knows it and it's anxious and it's just kind of pacing back and forth and it's frustrated the wild one it's out there and it is confident and read girl and and it knows that when it roars you better get out of the way right so he is he is expressing himself because that's the way God has created it he has created you with that ability and that desire to share your faith if it's good and you know it and you've tasted it you're going to share it it's kind of like. Right in the Holy Land is a beautiful illustration you probably heard it before it's the Jordan River comes into 2 lakes they're called seas but they're actually lakes the one is called the Sea of Galilee and it receives the Jordan River and then it the Jordan River comes out the end so it has a place an inlet and an outlet and what happens is the Sea of Galilee where you have still living fish and you have living trees on its bank and people can swim in there and they can take water from there it's fresh but then it continues going down to the lowest point lake in the world and it's called The Dead Sea right. And in the Dead Sea It's just takes and takes and takes and it has no outlet and because it's just receiving and receiving and receiving and never giving it doesn't have any life in it so much so that you can go into the Dead Sea And you can float you can't sink in the Dead so much so there's there's like and what times and nothing can lift them so can you see the illustration if we're just taking and taking and taking and never giving then we're not happy and then we're not we're like the Dead Sea But if we we keep we take so that we can give then we will grow. Even if I don't go. To make a difference for. Anyone I mean. I don't go into a. Yes or no whom I mean. I don't go if I don't go if God has been giving me all these good things and I don't share it with anyone will someone be lost who. That's right exactly every I don't share their deal last year that is the point because how are you good a grower if you don't share if you don't exercise your faith right if you don't you think you can lose it exactly so what happened to the UN faithful servant Well the Bible goes on and says this and Matthew $25.00. Year received one week and back and. What you can. Is Donald planned to story. People mall and something so on and on raids Well that is the basic. QUESTION So what happened continue with the story and it says in Matthew chapter 25 1st the 25 or 24 it says and then he who had received the one talent came and he said Lloyd I knew that you are a hard man reaping where you have nots and gathering where you have not scattered seed So what's his view of God. God you're a hard man you are a hard man all you do is you give us stuff and then we have to do all the work and we do all the work and then you come back one day and then you're going to just take it off for yourself is that the truth about God I see his view of God was completely distorted and because his view of God was distorted he was afraid. And when you're afraid you won't attempt anything great because you're you have a distorted picture of God What was he afraid to have he was afraid he was going to fail because God is going to come back and try and take something look at what he says here and says and I was afraid and I went and I had your talent in the ground look here is yours. Is that really why God wanted. You and you don't have to distort and he was right that is why oh yeah and. Then because he was afraid to make a myth they were. Right we all make mistakes and does God look at you and say oh you failed once you're a failure you know or does God know that we're going to fail does he love us anyway does making mistakes keep us down did any of you ever make a mistake when you're trying to walk yeah did you stay down and he's like I'm not going to walk. Now you got out and you fell again and you got up and now you're walking and we can all walk will praise the lord right so the we later learn from my failures i want to give you a story here of this guy his name was jim marshall and they called him now this is a bad reputation wrong way jim he played for the minnesota vikings and he was playing in a game against the san francisco 49 er's and he psych the quarterback in that quarterback fumbled the bahai picked up the ball and he ran or is that all the way for a touchdown they're wrong way and he scored a touchdown on his own side and he felt say are embarrassed ne went to the bench and the the coached looked at him and said jem you did something no one else's ever done is amazing gemma i never seen anything like that but gem here was actually if you look at jim's life is an interesting person when he was young you just about died from a a childhood disease he was also playing with a gun one time he shot himself an l. his just about kill those out he had done a lot out a bad things in his life he when up into the mountains and he just bow froze a death on a you know went up on a snowmobile he he had made a lot of mistakes he was like a person with 9 lives and so jim was like he was actually the captain of the team and so the here use a defensive he was a defenseman and so he would as a defense on the defensive line he was an used to running you know touchdowns but he didn't give up he went on to the field and he actually caused another turn over and one of his teammate's pick of the ball and ran for a touchdown and they ended up bringing a right in the right direction and in the causing dying hours of the game they ended up winning 2722 so he a his leadership on the field you know caused him to to actually succeed so just making a mistake and looking yourself all i made a mistake i could feel my you know on big failure whatever it in let that bother him right he just kept going just keep Getting up. Yes quite a ration though from these things remember that if you have made nothing. To eat these day and we go out and eat and warning Yeah that's. Feed she got it so isn't that positive her her view of mistakes is it's a victory it's a victory because you can learn from it and you can grab from that. If you're not making mistakes you know I'm doing and. I think I'm going to really stand he wasn't doing anything because he was afraid to make mistakes you see mistakes of you are trying to you all made some mistakes and make mistakes isn't a bad thing as it is actually helps you to grow good so banking mistakes is actually for our benefit take a look at this I think is beautiful this is insteps Christ on page 79 it says the effort to bless others will react in blessing upon to ourselves we ourselves are blast by blessing others this was the purpose of God in giving us a part to act in the plan of redemption his purpose was that we would be blessed Can you see how the man with one talent who came in it was afraid he had such a distorted picture of God His view was God you haven't done anything you just gave me this talent and now you want to multiply it I have to do all the work and then I give it to you and then you're going to take a bite back for yourself not a trick he was giving it to the man so that the man would grow they get it so when he gives us these things it's for our benefit yes God. Sure can you have done. This one that one is not a beautiful quote of. Yeah hahaha. Say how do I get a leg get a hairy gay we're going for. OK so the effort to bless others react and blessing upon ourselves this was the purpose of God in giving us a part to act in the plan of redemption he has granted men the privilege of becoming partakers in the divine nature Wow and in their turn of disusing blessings to their fellow man we become like Jesus Jesus said purpose was he came here to bless write he was possessed of one purpose he lived to bless others so it wasn't just for for our benefit he came for the sake of others it says this is now this just knocks me like amazing is the highest honor the greatest joy that is possible for God to be stalled upon men this is the greatest thing God can do for you is to allow you to work for him those who thus become partakers in the labors of love are brought nearest to their Creator Don't you want that would that bring you joy. No doubt absolutely no doubt. When you hear. Carry. Through rain yet. Hold that he. He. Is one story. And. This is. Indeed. And. Oh. And he got on car and drive a car and he said and we need constant somehow he. Was always so run around and so you see how this is going to be that right so you see how how do you get into the track is it going to take you Paul we used to say and so you know those can be things that go in the back of a track looks like kind of looks like a crackhead camper but influence and 500 and track right when he was saying he was into the law it was but it wasn't you know it was just on the group. That's because you have a shift going on from this guy we know it was a vacant lot like no one was there it was like just the whole place in the woods here with all the love and you know in this place I thought very healthy many are going into this crawled in to this camper and help this guy in and you wrote the name down and he's found not being anything to this guy if you need oh he's called me. And Larry saying that was the beginning of this phone call so someone would phone up Larry and say are you Larry Claridge and say yes and he says there's someone here who says that they know you and they're in the bar and then they saw a truck and a bass no way this guy's going to get home right and this would be in the wee hours of the morning for 2 o'clock am when Ghana would get on the plane and while I was that he would go to the bar and he would take this gentleman home make sure that he got just the right and this happened often and sometimes this was so and Larry was already and he was going to vomit. And you would parade on news or informants and done right because you were over there you would stay in the evening with. Crotch in the camp and makes these paid and when this guy did things you would turn to the sun to make sure they didn't. And that's the case and choke on a joke right today and they know why the day after this happened or when. This. Was. Why you were raised. And. You because I was and I went one way scewing me I have someone who may scuse me since we were in turn may I go yes you know and. I know Jesus Nima heard of you before. You will meet and you. Know you. Introduce me to those gods you see well in order for me to task you advise. You. All because Jesus is your little bunch. Giraldo No I don't have a hole is it OK for you to gauge a possible and then you can. Run and for Larry ways I'm going to babble and faithfully you will go. On and you will read the novel was this May God any use he praises Lord you need to help me to show this God you know I have an answer from there would be maybe times there's a guy with full and he was living with get the call from the ball and come in. Raised you and any thought of eating you John. And me one day and the team and. He's going to change. You see. What he. Did and. What you think you know what I have 5 Jeevan to teach and advice for the next 30. Days you know and for you maintained he. Changed and saddened and very relieved and you was keen. And thankful. And thinking changed and savage and Larry was like an upstanding member of the community he was like the head elder he walks in and it's a full church and they're they're doing actually they're on hope channel and he's walking up and he doesn't tell anybody about this guy and he walks right into the church and they set right there near the front of the church with this guy with a with a you know blue jeans and a T. shirt and a baseball cap and he doesn't tell anyone just give this guy some slack and everyone's kind of looking at it and no one says a word and so every Sabbath this guy keeps coming to church with Larry Claridge and he keeps on sharing and by the way Larry. Was related to one of our. Our students that we taught I found the academy and this is an amazing story that that happened so anyway and finally came from going to church and then. You know. I'm going to live jesus and stop. Anyone drinking addictions. And. Yeah. And. Larry was standing there in the baptistery when this man was baptized would that be joyful what happens in heaven when one soul is say there is rejoicing in heaven I want to want to end with this little quote here and then give you a challenge it says if you will go to work as Christ designed that his disciple shall and win souls for him Look what happens look who is the benefactor your faith will be strengthened and your salt will drink deeper droughts that the well of salvation encountering opposition and trials will drive you to the Bible and prayer you will grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ and you will develop a rich experience who benefits you do so this wasn't about you know that the Lord is going to get all these great rewards when he comes back because he has done nothing he gave us everything and he's going to give us even more it's so beautiful. So this is the one that I was quoting from before this is that's Grace page 78 it's if you will if you have tasted and seen that the Lord is good you shall have something to tell OK Page 78 so here's your challenge the challenge is every day ask God to give you opportunities. And the drive to make a specific difference for him in the life of at least one person. Going to take up the challenge do you think God can do that for you I promise you if you pray that at the beginning of the day he will send people to you and you're going to say. Oh he's doing it. And you will have and you're going to get kind of nervous you know you get people coming to you and then they'll say. Can you pray with me and you should know that person for a long time and you've never prayed with them and you don't pray up out loud you know and then all of sudden your dislike Lord help me to pray and then you gotta learn how to do that and he's going to send people to you for your sake so that you can grow and your joy will be fall if you're unhappy this is the best way to make yourself happy OK I want to finish I love this quote I love the one after it but I want to give this one to N. if we wish to do good to say as listen to this if if you wish to do good to souls our success with these souls will be in proportion now follow this to their belief in our belief and appreciation of them did you get that So if you want to do well for others you got to get them to believe that you believe in them you get that if they believe that you believe in them you'll be able to save their soul OK if you truly believe in that and they believe that you believe in them see when you look for the best in others what does it do it brings out the best in them I want to once you give this to you because I keep quiet Go ahead show that one. Look at this Google this is an amazing quote I mean you're just going to say wow wow this is good OK Now when should we even think. We are right with why. No failure in faith. Not once should we even think of a are we here to cooperate with one who knows no failure right God can fail so you are not a failure when you're with God You are a success just keep with him it's the best investment you can do with your life is give everything to Him and trust Him and He will bring the best out of your life so he believes in you right and believe it that he believes in you because he's trusting you to represent you rape represent him in front of people his children OK so that's a wonderful thing let's just pray before we take a break and then we'll be right back here OK this is press Father in heaven thank you so much that you trust us so much with representing you to others you have poured that love for you into our hearts and. We have tasted and seen that you're a good we have something to tell and blesses to tell it with enthusiasm with with truth on our lips and just give us the wisdom of the ability to do it and and with confidence we pray and thank you Jesus in this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W. Dot org.


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