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The Rainbow

Michael Carducci


Michael Carducci

Co-Director, Coming Out Ministries


  • August 17, 2019
    4:00 PM
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Father thank You for this opportunity to share the the tools Lord that you have shown me through the years of being able to overcome history and memory but also Lord to battle the enemy and not just battle the enemy Lord but to find overcoming victory and I ask Lord that you a leading guy that you will send your Holy Spirit in Jesus' name I pray Amen All right a couple of other things that I want to share with you a friend of mine I actually knew this this girl when she was just a little kid and she grew up in a very conservative administration and she grew up in the in the woods She was homeschooled and you'd think that she had every security or protection from pornography however she had friends that were talking about it friends that were guys and at 15 she was just curious and so she checked out what pornography was and unfortunately she became hooked after several months she finally gained the victory as a young girl still wanting to be pure for her wedding wanting to have a husband that was a virgin also he had also come from a history of some pornography and eventually they did get married she saved herself for marriage and then after she got married she thought that you know that she deserved not only a husband that was a virgin but she thought that because of her own purity that that lined her up for special. I don't know entitlements I guess but unfortunately what happened is her eyes became open to the reality is a what's in the world after she got married she had some sexual dysfunction in her relationship with her husband it brought on another bout of pornography for her husband the shame and humiliation of what she went through she's very transparent in her book but also talks about how they found that victory and how they found it through Jesus Christ amazing story it's got information and it's also got some facts and and some different resources in it that's really incredible and you can get this online it's called arena of war and it's by Jesse Ventura a very transparent story and I think for any young person it really helps to. It really helps. Not only explain what happens in the world today through lust and how pervasive it is even in a conservative family how this can be an issue in the family as well so that's a really great resource. We have just made a decision in coming out ministries that I desire is we would rather put these in your hand than to basically use this as a way to financially support our ministry so we have decided as of just 2 days ago that we are going to give away the movie for free and so we have them on a little U.S.B. stick here and I also have them in subtitles in French and those are available for you also we just asked for a donation to help support the ministry it cost $150000.00 just to make this movie 3 years ago so it would be it's not that we're looking to recoup that however it does take finances to support the ministry so if you're inclined we just ask that you would fill out your name and information for our website and then also just a small donation to cover the production of the film if you're inclined to write so we have those available for you as well I have other subtitles to the movies been translated into 12 different languages is an amazing 12 people came forward and they said all we needed in Dutch we needed in check we needed in Russian we needed in Polish I'm like OK you want to translate it and so we now have it in 12 different languages is an amazing even title and so I'll be heading to Thailand in December and we'll have that available as well so again that's just a little bit of housekeeping one of the other things that I want to tell you about is my colleague Ron Woolsey I'm one of the founding members of coming out ministries 9 years ago we started this ministry because we were desperate for resources when we came back into the church we thought that we were the only ones that would actually dare come out of homosexuality into 7th Day Adventists I'm unfortunately the church still did not have any resources RON BARASSI who is a retired pastor was one of the founding members this was his 1st book and this is actually a quote from what the pastor told his wife when he told his. Right that he was gay the pastor looked at his wife and said you should just get a divorce because that kind can never change so that was the title of his 1st book and that this is a compilation his 2nd book is straight answers to the gate question it's actually 20 years of collecting a question and answers off of his Internet with web site and that's been also compiled into a book unfortunately we still have to cover the cost of these and so these aren't available until after Sabbath but again the movie is. One of the most important things that I think is really valuable is we have the series is called The conquer series and the conquer series is not produced by an Adventist company but it's completely Biblical and it's got 12 different D.V.D.'s it's got to work books and also comes with a journal it's comprehensive It's a beautiful program to go through I think it's a great thing to offer as a men's ministry for the church and also for overcoming pornography addiction and sexual addiction it's a very powerful resource and we have that available as well like to start off with just some statistics about sexual purity and sexuality in the church there was a young woman 2 years ago I was in Cuba and this young woman she was one of the speakers that was actually preaching to some of the young people she was involved in a youth group in Brooklyn New York and she started to hear our stories about overcoming torn augur fee and sexual addiction and she came to me privately and said that she was not only acting out sexually with some of the guys or youth group but she was also addicted to pornography and had bi sexual attraction and that and I looked at her and I said well you know what the Bible says about sex don't you and she said Well not really because the church never says anything that was what my eyes were opened to this issue the world is screaming about sex you know through You Tube and all these videos or whatever and by the church's silence we are actually giving our young people over to these ideologies that are being promoted and pushed I have pastors young pastors that are setting in seminary come to me talking about how they've been addicted to porn. Graffiti since they were 7 and 8 years old you know when I was a young person it was very difficult to get a hold of pornography unfortunately now with the handheld devices that we have it's very easy to access porn and these have been around for so many years now that young people are getting slimed by pornography addiction at a much younger rate and we'll talk about that this is a cartoon moms look and you know for the laptop and Billy's in the bedroom with his friends and and you can see it says Bill do you know do you and your friends have a laptop and and here you see Billy talking through the door and just saying oh yeah mom we're doing our homework but on the door you see internet porn free inside extreme aside any and you know exactly what these kids are using the pornography or the computer for one of the things that I recognize now that the pornography industry knows that the sooner they can expose your young children to pornography the sooner that they can make them addicts and not only do they want them to be addicts they want to get their resources and so that's really unfortunate is now unless you have accountability software on your computer and on your devices for your children if you are not actively supervising what your children are looking at on their tablets and phones and on the computer unfortunately your children have already been slime even if your child goes to the computer and looks up Barney the purple dinosaur the pornography industry knows that they have ways of sliming these kids there was a kid that was I his father was a pastor mother was a nurse and they kept the computer in the family room so that they could monitor what their children watching this little boy went to church school and inter-school his best friend at 7 years old brought a piece of pornography that he printed off the family computer and that hooked him at 7 years old this little kid would actually set his alarm for 3 o'clock in the morning so that he could use the family computer in the family room to look at pornography as he grew up of course this this addiction became stronger and stronger eventually went to Adventist education he went to Southern University he also went to Andrews University. And he said he never had to pay for sex because there were always plenty of girls willing to have sex with him he said there would be the girl who would be strumming the Qatar during Vespers on a Friday night but she was sending pictures of herself naked from the waist up to his roommate this is what's going on in our advantage education it out there in the world it's even worse there's absolutely no boundaries but in Christian education our children are already experiencing the rapid decline in morality. Did you know that every 2nd 3000 dollars is being spent on pornography that's $11000000.00 every hour every 2nd 28000 people are viewing pornography that's $102000000.00 people every hour. The average age of 1st Internet exposure to pornography is 11 years old 15 to 17 year olds having multiple hard core exposures 80 percent and 8 to 16 year olds that are few pornography on line 90 percent and mostly while doing their homework again supervision is key for your children as a matter of fact on all of my devices my computer my laptop and my phone I have company and I's installed makes it very difficult to sometimes do research especially in our ministry but I recognize how valuable these are these blocks are to help keep me from spiraling out of control into looking into areas that I shouldn't be the pornography industry is larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined if you take Microsoft Google Amazon e Bay Yahoo Apple Netflix an earthling you put them all together and pornography still makes more than these companies together. According to the General Conference survey that was done 3 years ago they reported that 49 percent of our adventure young people think that gay marriage is acceptable they have been indoctrinated by our silence and also by the world promoting and pushing the fact that. Monogamy is actually acceptable by God The most startling statistic that I have according to Covenant is that only 3 percent of boys and 17 percent of girls have never seen pornography isn't that shocking. I want to share with you I testimony about a young man his name is Tim Tim was as a child and eventually that led to a pornography addiction unfortunately or actually fortunately for him his mother which of course you can imagine was very embarrassing but what's amazing about is that realistically talks about the struggle with pornography how it becomes pervasive and then eventually how he found the victory over that I think was really beautiful is at the end the whole family finds healing and I think that you'll be touched by his story. Come. To. School to the garage which. Just adds to it. Just. A. Touch. Oh it was 8. Point. One. More. There there's like. I said earlier that. The. Hospices on. This. Is all it. Is. There's a. Secret. To. The guy. You. Look. This. Is. Not true. And you see. Only 2 of these course. Saw the. Skies to see. All she's great will. She get back to. Where. I didn't hear. The 1st. Clue So for. Long haul we're. Going to let go of my room the car is in here right. There on the street to go in the. Hole with a real situation. Because it was for. Her was. That was the roof it was. Craw. She was my brother. And last. Christmas are. Console. Or ship. On. Station. So one night. My old. Calls everyone. Claims says. That my roommate and. Particularly. With. All kinds. Of drama by. My hair there was a card. That my way of always being. Real. And how many not. They got that they wore my. Hope. Was that. I was happy. And they loved. Those. Little girl can have a serious home and prosperous in one way or home the way church they were single. It holds to right where you shoulder we're. Going to screen for. More girly. Words towards. Our loved ones are you doing this with our existing clothes into our words our one down to the good of our or the friends of the world the faces of no. Normal. Into violence and into or. Parted with until 5 years ago. But if I just walked in with this large. Late news on bond. Is this the same. Conclusions as it was just awful awful. And that remains your lover was a lot of. Glum people. Really. All. Of the group was. 14 or. So. Computers. Modems to last an hour. Not a powerful story and what I find so amazing is that 10 is very trance. Paren about the fact that it took more than 5 minutes to get into this it was going to take more than 5 minutes to get out as I became an Adventist Christian I was baptized with a boyfriend in a sexual addiction no pastor should have ever baptized me but nobody knew it was at the end of an evangelist and series I missed most of it my sister invited me for the last night a broom I gave my heart to the Lord that's just exactly what happened that night in the parking lot my sister said somebody's going to do about your boyfriend I said nothing I'm gay but the next morning I was born I mean I was baptized with the belief in a sexual addiction I didn't come up out of that water straight ready to date mate and procreate and that just was not my reality so as I was walking this I would Jesus Christ I kept thinking that I did something wrong I thought that maybe I needed to get baptized again I thought that maybe I needed to get annoying to because these things just weren't leaving for my convenience want to be great of God could just hit you over the head with a magic wand and then boom all your issues are over but what he wants more than anything else is he wants an intimate relationship with each one of us and if you took away from my convenience it would be good and gone but still I would believe that I was the one that overcame that through that struggle through that perseverance through the fact that every time that I found it was Jesus Christ that encouraged me to get back up that Jesus wasn't abandoning me I started to see the picture that this was a process not just an event right and so raise your hand if you've been baptized. All right so when you got baptized when you came up out of the water got in a race your history or your memory either but you were beginning this journey and so to understand that when someone comes to me talking about their addiction to pornography I quite simply tell them that this is going to take some time now some people do experience a miraculous healing from that and they never struggle again but you know some people struggle with it for the rest of their lives unfortunately I can't erase the things that I indulged in for 20 years and those things are a constant reminder of what I've come from but yet God does give us the strength to overcome and he accomplished that at the cross so if I want victory I can have victory. Right now today and immediately but it's a process of learning to depend upon him and a car upon his strength to where you can get that overcoming victory. Child Guidance page for $45.00 says those who are controlled by their passions cannot be followers of Christ they are too much devoted to the service of their master the originator of every evil to leave their corrupt habits and to choose a service of Christ Ouch that's I was reading the Spirit of Prophecy This came with great conviction and I knew that I was not in a place where I was ready to be able to fully talk about the Victory in Jesus Christ as I was still struggling with the secret sins and so this what this did is this caused me to seek out help I went to sex addicts anonymous for a whole year I sat there in a group of men for a whole year 6 o'clock in the morning and I had to drive an hour to get there but then I sat and every morning I said Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict and in this group of people after a year at least I found somewhere where I could be transparent I could talk about the issues that I was struggling with and so could these men but nobody was finding any victory in my frustration I came to the Lord and I said this isn't working you know there's no way that I can go to my pastor the elders of my church but I went to this group and I was hoping to find help but but I couldn't find help there you said that the advent of message has everything that we need to give me overcoming victory and I need it now the Lord showed me this little ugly red bull called ministry of healing and from the pages of that book I found profound answers to the questions that I've been dealing with all of my life it didn't talk about masturbation it didn't talk about sexual addiction it did talk about the issue instead what it talked about was a powerful save that I already accomplished everything that I needed to have victory today in this moment and that how much he loved me and how much he was willing to expend for me and my behalf to find that victory I have recommended that book to people around the world and. I can tell you that people have found Victor through that because well we have an amazing resource we don't have to go outside of our denomination define victory when it's already here and through our prophet she's already provided everything that we need. Now powerful because yes he tried 13 says for God shepherding every work into judgment with every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil now I might be able to do a good job of hiding my sin from you but one day I will have to stand before a holy and righteous God and He will expose everything so it's not a not that I just want to look good on the outside I want that overcoming victory I want to be able to stand in front of my Savior and say well and hear him say Well done good and faithful servant and so I know that each of you want that as well and so whatever you may be struggling with and according to the statistics many of us in this room are but however I believe that God isn't the type of god that wants to expose you but rather he wants to give us overcoming victory. Testimonies on sexual behavior adultery and divorce page $84.00 if she lays out Alawite lays out exactly what are going to be the issues at the end of time listen to this Satan's repetitious plots near the close of this earth's history Satan will work with all his powers in the same manner and with the same temptations wherewith he tempted ancient Israel just before their entering the land of promise he will a snares for those who claim to keep the commandments of God and who are most on the borders of the heavenly Canaan she goes on she says he will use his powers to their utmost in order to entrap souls and to take God's professed people upon their weakest points those who have not brought the letter passions into subjects into the higher powers of their being those who have allowed their minds to flow in a channel of carnal indulgence of the baser passions Satan is determined to destroy with his temptations to pollute their souls with licentiousness Isn't that amazing that the prophet of the Lord she even knew what was coming and she made it very plain. Yeah this is the last thing that we hear about in church culture nobody's talking about the sexual revolution that began in the fifty's that's been taking over not only the world but also in our churches the rates of divorce are the same rates as they are outside of the church and so with these are the issues that we have to address but we have to address it in a safe way that doesn't expose people but also in a redemptive way that connects people to the power of Jesus Christ even the power of demons is under the control of our Savior and the working of evil is overruled for good design they just Page 3040 what I had to start doing as I started to collect these promises from the Word of God and also spirit of prophecy and then as I was tempted or as i even if I found out I had to claim the promises and move from my feelings and move into a feeling of favor and I had to move into the faith and claim the word of God in behalf of what my struggle with was. Philippians to verse 51 of the most powerful tools I could recommend to anyone still works for me today very simply it says Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus so does the mind of Jesus Christ want to be inside my mind of course and so Jesus has already accomplished everything that I need to take these dirty nasty thoughts but there's an issue there's one problem I have to cooperate with this 1st the only power that you have in this verse at all is the very 1st word and it's just flat Very simply it's late he's already provided everything that you need to have that victory however he cannot force your will and that's the most difficult part I think is the plan of salvation is the fact that we still get the right to decide and so when I'm tempted when those temptations come I have a decision to make I have to choose to allow the mind of Christ to come inside if I choose to allow the mind of Christ to come inside it's immediate my victory is sure it's 100 percent however learning that process of the appetite the sexual appetite and then also the allegiance to my savior is a very difficult pull it doesn't mean that you're. 100 percent victory at 1st but if you keep walking that walk just like it says in Proverbs the 2 men the righteous and the unrighteous they both fall the only difference between the righteous man in the end righteous man is the righteous man gets back up and then we remind you you cannot fall unless you're standing so very simply the devil of course is going to try to knock you down with your history in your memory but as you're walking this out eventually what takes takes it seems like a long time to overcome eventually you'll be able to overcome it as you'll learn the process of claiming the promises the devil knows how the mind was designed the devil knows how our brain was altered so in your brain you have these little synapses that connect and so let's say that the pathway to pornography comes when you're tired when you're frustrated when you're angry when you're happy when you're sad and so what happens is you build these pathways and the more you use those pathways you're building 5 lane highways to this path to pornography and so it's a very easy highway but then all of a sudden you come to Jesus Christ and your Savior and He wants you to be victorious and so you're a pathway to Jesus is like a bike path in the woods so how is it that you can take this 5 lane highway that becomes the master of your life into making that your master of your life to your savior it takes time but eventually the more you choose to go on that path will be Jesus Christ that starts to widen it starts to build and it starts to become broader and the less you use the 5 lane highway over 7 grass starts to grow up through that highway and it starts to break up and eventually you're pathway to Jesus becomes stronger that's the way your brain was designed to do and so be committed to the pathway to freedom to be committed that even if you fall today that's not a failure it just means that you're on that pathway keep getting up because remember the end righteous man he just falls into mischief he doesn't even fight anymore. If we confess our sins He is faithful in jazz to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness I have a lot of issues with Admin this on this 1st. They really aren't sure about the promises that are in this the only thing that God ever asked you to do is he said just confession did he ask you to forgive yourself did he ask you to cleanse yourself no thank you lord but he said this he said if your confession your sins he says I got the rest covered he said if you would just do your part because why I need to acknowledge the fact that these sins are what not only separate me from God but also destroyed my ability to relate to God in an intimate way but also to other people but if I don't do my part he can't do his has Jesus already provided the victory for us of course he did 2000 years ago when he died on that cross he satisfied every sin that could ever be committed and why that's not a license to sin what it says is that Christ created a safety net so that we could ask find that victory if we find ourselves in a fallen state but he says if you don't do your part did he say that you were faithful in this statement. The answer is No no he didn't he said but he says he says I am faithful and just not only to forgive you but to cleanse you from all unrighteousness So if I do my part right if I confess to God how I fell into my sin and my clean if I did my part. He is faithful and just not only to forgive me but then He cleanses me from how much and righteousness out of it all right so now I'm clean but that doesn't change the fact that 5 minutes later a dirty nasty thought might come into my head and here I am already at the precipice again I have another decision to make and my going to allow Jesus to take these thoughts and to claim the mind of Christ or am I going to indulge in these thoughts and thus it goes again is there a statute of limitations on this 1st. Now and that's a really difficult part for a lot of Advent as now know it was provided for you because Jesus knows that we live in this dirty and defiled world and he knows that each one of us are going to have to deal with the history and the memory the billboards that are on the side of the road the things that you're looking at on the computer or television and he knows that this is going to need to be in place so that if you find yourself in a fallen situation that you can always find your way out if we just do our part and I part is to what. Confessions sense. Admitting in submitting I stole this from a man named side Rogers so I just was very powerful admitting and submitting and you know what when you exercise with with with weights I may not be able to curl 5 pounds when I start off but if I keep bad then eventually maybe I can get to a 7 lb or up to a 10 maybe a 12 then eventually I'll be crowing at $25.00 but it takes time to get there and you get there by exercising this admitting and submitting is a biblical principle the 1st thing that happens is Scott Reed someone has a very powerful series called a greater lust that's very good it talks about what happens in the brain scientifically but also spiritually from Adventists perspective but what happens is whenever you're in a situation where a temptation comes and you have 2 parts of the brain you have a temporary file and then you've got a permanent file and a temporary files kind of like a trash can so what happens is when you look at a billboard and you see somebody that's not wearing enough clothing that 5 goes right into the temporary file so now if you draw on that fine if you start thinking about it or fantasizing about a bomb it goes right into your permanent file and that's when a temptation turns into a send and that's a very regimented. That's a very simple bass who quit talking about when a temptation turns into sin but what happens is if that goes into the temporary file and you dismiss it or you claim the power of Christ or you admit it and then submit it to God What happens is at the end of the day it gets dumped they take the trash out and it doesn't become a part of your permanent file does that make sense and so what we want to do is we want to make sure that when that temptation comes there we put it keep it in the right basket so that it's not being put into a permanent basket but if it gets put into the permanent basket that's when we have to go through the process once again of 1st John 19 to give you an illustration so when it did he found comes in it's what I do with it that's going to make a difference is temptation the same assent. That was really weak but I'm going to give you that no of course it's not a temptation is not sent Jesus was tempted like an ad points like as we are yet. Without said and so that means that we're going to be tempted probably until the last day that we're alive or until Jesus comes but that doesn't mean that you have sin or that that's your identity I still struggle with same sex attraction it doesn't stop it from coming the devil so uses the history and the memory but now I know what to do when those thoughts come I can take them I can take these thoughts and I can either stick it in my pocket and indulge it later or I can take that dirty thought and I can submit it to my Higher Power Jesus accomplished on the cross to give me instantaneous victory if I do my part so when that final comes it's what I'm going to do with it that's going to make a difference admitting that I'm being tempted is the 1st part Jeremiah's $79.00 says that the mind is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked Well guess what that's me you know will add that way so I would naturally wanting to do those things that the natural sinful mind likes to do and so the 1st thing is that I've got to admit that I mean even being tempted and if I admit that I'm being tempted I'm halfway there but I have to take this temptation and I have to submit it to my higher covering what to do is 100 percent Jesus has the right to take that temptation from you if you submit it so admitting and submitting admitting and submitting to God learning this process throughout the day I don't have the luxury of having my devotion once in the morning and thinking that I'm good to go I have to admit and submit throughout the day by the things that I see and so admitting and submitting and as you do those that must have been stronger and eventually what used to be a tsunami that would just take you over I would have a sudden becomes like a fly that you can swat away learning that process of of admitting and submitting and if you fall get back up. The ministry of healing page 71 and I had to find a compassionate picture of God The relationship that I had with my father as I thought that God must be like my dad I betrayed the judgment that you have to be perfect for him to love you but then I started to glean these beautiful precious promises talking about God's compassion for me. Here's one of the promises that I keep it says he is watching over you trembling child of God Are you tempted he will deliver are you weak he will strengthen are you ignorant he will enlighten Are you wounded he will heal that in itself is a precious promise to not only reconnect you to the intimacy of God But when you're experiencing the intimacy of your Savior then guess what these temptations just like Teflon on you they just fall away. The ministry of healing page $71.00 it goes on it says come on to me is his invitation whatever your anxieties and triumphs spread out your case before the Lord I like this part your spirit will be braced for in durance the way will be open for you to disentangle yourself from embarrassment and difficulty to recook and will help us you know yourself to be the stronger will you become in his strength Did you catch that it's not your strength it's his strength the heavier your burdens the more Bless of the resting casting them upon the burden bearer God's not asking you to do this on your own he's not asking you to overcome this by yourself he says let me be a part of that let me give you divine strength to overcome these victory over these these sins that have overtaken you. So this is a testimony about a young man named KY game kicking was a kid he was about 9 years old it was a 5th grade birthday party and there were some there were some older teenagers there and they found some pornography magazines because it was a guy's birthday party there weren't any girls so they had to get down and they molested him they raped him and so Keegan's now struggling with these thoughts inside of his head about bisexuality and he's starting to experiment and that he doesn't know how to deal with the emotions and the feelings that happen because that's what sexual sin does to a mind that hasn't been fully developed Did you know that a child that is exposed to pornography it's kind of like watching a train wreck it's disgusting and disturbing to you but you can't take your eyes off of it they've done studies and they've shown that a mind that is fully developed. About the age of 2728 that their 1st exposure pornography to them is disgusting and so again this is what happened so when you take a little child and you expose them to sexual center to sexuality what it does is this little child's brain isn't mature enough to handle what has just happened and it creates not only all kinds of attractions but also what it creates discussed and and issues that they are just not even able to handle Did you know that even end of violent rape there's an element of pleasure and that's very confusing for the victim many children they grow up to be adults think that they are responsible and guilty for the molestation that happened to them as children because of that element of pleasure so I want to play for you on the something that they can get talks about talking about Lady Gaga has shut up but I was not born this way take a listen. When I was a little boy my mom didn't believe in our home and I was left with my father and I was a really can you child wondering why didn't Mom Why was mom and dad fighting why was I getting dry years why was this screaming going on and I remember sitting in court office with a social worker I don't know who it was and they asked who would you like to live with and I said I'd like to live with mommy and daddy and I'm going Johnny and mom Powerball. Because I didn't know what was going on I remembered 4th grade I went to birthday party you know this birthday party I was raised by so. I walked upstairs to the room where replaying video games and you think birthday parties. And superheroes and whatever there is a boy's birthday party in 4th grade. But it was night time and they had found a graphic magazine and had opened the door for the enemy to come in and have his way and not many of us knew. We didn't know what was. Going on we were just curious we were looking at this map and there was older guys that were there are you know my my peers and before I knew it I was sort of one held down and I was taken advantage of by several men and the older guys were teaching my peers what to do and I was crying and screaming and there's room and somehow subconsciously I knew they were doing in the room and through this thing happened to me I remember going outside and sitting on the 10 vinyl siding of the house looking into the sky crying physically her only her. Why did this happen I mean I'm a 4th grader I'm learning more and getting home from school because I can't read and I'm doing tutor actors who I'm learning how to play soccer and basketball and just trying to be. Good at recess but I'm. On a journey of how to figure out my sexual identity through a thought what I think is really amazing about King and story is it because this started all of this confusion and this had not only did he start acting out in school his grades started to plummet he started acting out sexually started doing drugs to deal with some of the things that were happening inside of his head now I hear stories about people from all around the world no matter where I go talking about how they've been molested or how they've been abused and a lot of times just like Keegan and I also tell him that these things are set in motion because of behaviors that happened when you were a child my colleague Ron Morrissey who's a retired pastor now he was molested at 4 years old by a farm hand that worked on his father's farm did you know that he couldn't even say that he was my last said until just a few years ago and as he was telling his story he said that he lost his innocence in 4 years old and finally I confronted him I said What do you sang nobody even knows what that means and he said well I participated what are you talking about and here's Ron who's in his sixty's and he's been. Saying the guilt of what happened to that little child at 4 years old and I said to my friend Ron I said Ron who are my last said I said even if you were interested or curious or even if it felt good the fact remains that he was an adult man that molested a 4 year old child and how sad that for all of his life he was carrying that guilt but that was also funneling not only same sex attraction but all the sexual thoughts that were going on in his mind since he was 4 years old I was never molested as a child I can't even relate to that but when we get our sexual identity and where we get all of this information that's being bombarded on your children and in our schools and in the world actually comes from a man named Alfred Kinsey Alfred Kinsey was a homosexual pedophile masochists he was actually he died from wounds from his own sexual behaviors but this was the man that the United States government supported financially and he actually paid men to molest their daughters and what he did is they gave them stopwatches and they recorded what they said was I was orgasms by children there was a 6 month old child that was molested or early and digitally and Alfred Kinsey according to his research said that this child had 22 orgasms in a 24 hour period of time that's nothing less than child abuse he said that vomiting screaming and passing out were symptoms of an orgasm this is the man where we actually get our sexual education from today this is what's being promoted did you know they gave a Christian was never even a term never even thought of because there were only 2 identities in the Bible until just about 50 years ago the only 2 identities that when the Bible was your identity was either in Christ or in self and so now what's happened is that because of the research of what this this person did and we bought into it around the world is now we're promoting and we're telling children as early as 4 and 5 years old that they can not only determine their sex but can also determine if they're homo sexual and they should be allowed to practice SAT and to pursue a sexual relationship because. That is exactly what children are abbé so on this man's research is shocking to you but this is what's happening in our world and it's not going to change but we as 7th Day Adventists Christians I think that we have not only a moral obligation to set it straight about what identity really is but also as we are also exhibiting that victory over sexual sin it shines as a beacon of light to the world because if we're not able to find that victory inside the church then what do you think that we're going to offer to people on the outside all right. All right these these are queued up and so what I want to share with you also is something really powerful the king said but the tape is 30 minutes long and we don't have that much time so basically what Keegan was saying was that when these thoughts come into his head it's what he does with it that's going to make a difference and so what he would usually say is you say Lord help me and just in that simple cry for help what it does is you're enlisting angels you're enlisting the power of God to help you with these thoughts and so yes if you don't ask for the help it won't come but if you do it's 100 percent he was talking about how changing your thought casting down imaginations using the word of God because as God spoke the word the world existed came into existence so the very Word of God has power in itself use Scripture verses to help you overcome in the battle with the sexual sin as I was asking my church for men's ministry the best of my church to give me in Tennessee is basically one man that was an elder on the board and and the pastor told me to pitch my idea to the board is the other looked at me and I suggested that we could go to a local camp where we could actually have a men's weekend for Father's Day weekend there was a speaker that would come and so one of the elders looked at me and he said I don't want to be running around in the woods like a bunch of gay men and that was the best of my church could give me and as I drove home that night I said to God I hate your church and I hate your people and I was asking for this man's ministry because I needed to. On how to interact with men on a non-sexual basis for the healing that I desired but you know what God gave me that that men's ministry and there were 2 men that were in my church and privately they came to me they invited me to come to lunch and as I went to lunch Unfortunately they were struggling with the same issues of pornography and they never struggled with same sex attraction but they said I heard that you found victory and I'm desperate for one man haven't buy a new baby his wife caught him with pornography she kicked him out she wanted to divorce the other man had been an elder in the church for 35 years they had 2 children that were grown and his wife said I still love him I know he struggles with it it doesn't matter to me but he was convicted that he knew that if he didn't get victory over the pornography that it was going to cost him his salvation these 2 men on Tuesday nights at 6 o'clock in my living room we would turn that page of that book ministry of healing and these men found victory in my living room as well what was amazing is that God was also bringing me this this man's ministry that was not only healing for myself but also reaffirming the fact that ministry of healing is a fantastic book to find victory over sexual sin drugs in the garage so one day one of my friends he came and he had experienced the victory over his pornography it was a cooler evening but it was Friday night and he told his daughters he said listen don't put the dogs in the garage said they'll be fine and so the next morning he gets up he's dressed for church he had his up the garage door and he finds out that his daughter did put the dogs in the garage at night where the dogs must have eaten something he lived out in the country and so the dogs vomited and had diarrhea all over his garage Can you imagine what that look like and smell but he thought you know what I'm ready for church I'm just going to go to church I'll deal with this later so he gets in his car he drives away then he comes back and changes his clothes and he goes out in the garage and can you imagine what that mess was like after it's set on cement for several hours so here he is on the holy Sabbath the Lord you know and there he is screwing up out of this vile mess has been sitting on the cement in between boxes. And as he scooping that up this thought comes into his head he said you know what this really isn't my fault this is my daughter's fault I told her not to let the dog said but he said you know what I really don't mind cleaning up after her and just then he heard the Holy Spirit speak to him and he said Tom You know I don't mind cleaning up after you either and that was a revelation not only for Tom but also for me as I started to realize that I could never clean up my own mess that Jesus is the only one that can clean up our mess raise your head if you have children raise your hand if you haven't changed a diaper. All right so if you change the diaper Did you ever could you ever imagine if a child tried to change their own diaper imagine that right the message that would make it so in essence we're the same way I know you got an image over the lady with her eyes you got a watch or so anyway what happens when a child tries to clean up their own diaper they only make the mess worse it only gets more confounded and it creates a bigger mess but if we submit our need to our Heavenly Father and if a parent loves their child so much that they're willing to endure the smell and the medicine to clean us up and to send us on our way then how much more compassionate is a heavenly father that if we come to him dirty and defiled as we are that his desire and his delight and he also knows the only way that you can truly find cleansing is if you submit yourself to God and say Lloyd I'm a mess again can you help me and so if you start to change the image of how you see the Heavenly Father in your mind instead of running from God You start to realize that you should run to God instead. That was a big lesson for me. Value of the testimonies page 349 says the victory can be gained for nothing is impossible with God by his assisting grace or even temper our human depravity may be overcome every Christian must learn of Christ cry into the road tempted so throw yourself helpless and unworthy upon Jesus and claim is very promise the Lord will hear is not beautiful he knows how strong are the inclinations of the natural heart and He will help in every time of temptation This is from messages to young people Page 67. Hebrews 19 that has led righteousness and hated iniquity I have to learn in this process I have to learn to hate sin and love righteousness and can I do that on my own absolutely not the natural mind because of 6000 years of degenerated generations of sinful behaviors of course I love sin we all love said and so how is it that we can learn to love the right. Christ offers and I hate the sin that becomes the dominant part of my life we have to pray about that we have to claim the promises and one of the pros that I pray is that Lord help me to live what you love help me to hate what you hate and somebody gave me a very practical lesson on this my mother quit smoking after smoking for 50 plus years and you know what is a really great victory for my mom I know she really struggled but I remember asking my mom after she quit smoking for 10 years I said Mom I said Aren't you glad that you quit smoking and she said I think about cigarettes every single day of my life and she says every morning that I get up I think about those cigarettes because my cigarettes were my best friend she goes yep my cigarettes were there in the good times and the bad you know when your father left me when the other men left me my cigarettes were always there when I was out of the bars having a good time my cigarettes were with me they were the 1st thing that I'd used in the morning and the last thing before I went to bed and I looked at my mom and I'm thinking to myself your cigarettes were your best friend and I said Mom you're cigarettes were telling you your best friend was killing you and just then Jesus spoke to me and he said Mike your best friend is killing you and I started to see the connection that this thing that become master of my life this comfort thing that I ran to from the age of 13 This was also going to take my life and yet it was my best friend how can I let go of this thing that had become such a good friend of me even though I knew that was going to take my salvation. And so I sought the counsel of someone and they started to share with me this amazing story I went to somebody privately somebody that I felt I could trust and I said listen I'm still struggling with pornography and masterbation and he said Mike he says if you want victory over your send you have to imagine it this way he says stop and think about you or your pornography is like this beast and every time that you indulge in masturbation you're feeding the this beast and you're beast is fat and happy but it's changed your leg and you don't take it with you wherever you go he said but now you found Jesus. So now that you've got Jesus in your heart you know that this thing is bad for you and that it's going to take your salvation and he said All right so maybe you don't indulge in as often maybe once a day maybe once a week maybe once every couple of months maybe once a year he said but the fact that you still are feeding this by your behavior your beast is still alive even though it's skinny even though it's starving even though it's barely hanging on the fact that it's alive it will still take your salvation he said until you determine that this has to go you have to slit the throat you have to stab in the heart and stop its head otherwise you will never have victory over this thing in your life that was great counsel for me because at that point I had to start changing this into thinking that I could reward myself with my bad behavior if I'd been a good boy for a couple of months instead I had to determine that this thing had to go it had to leave and then when I started to have that mental attitude towards my best friend it was very difficult but then the transition started to take hold. On let me go back is this hatred of sin is vital to full salvation humanly speaking no man is safe until he has learned to hate sin as deeply as he formally loved it he may resists and he may even flee from it but as long as there is a lingering love of sin in the heart he is not on safe ground goes on into says as love of good is vital so also is hatred of evil it may truly be said that I could pass away from member of the good is measured in balance by their capacity for the hatred of evil. I want to bring this to a close and basically I was talking to a friend of mine who had also gone through a weekend seminar to find sexual purity he was married he had a family and he had found victory for ministry of healing but he wanted to he wanted to solidify his direction of where he was going so he went to this man's weekend it was done by a Christian church and so they had meetings from Wednesday through Sunday and that he heard as he heard incredible testimonies there were 30 men there and each man had his own counsellor and each man had his own counsel. Some of these men were addicted to pornography some were dicta to prostitution somewhere were extreme addicts and yet here was the 30 men and they heard all of these testimonies these beautiful presentations by pastors and this and then on Sunday their graduation what they did is they led after 30 men into the basement of this huge church and what they had is they had all of the chairs lined up in a maze and in this maze what they did is they blindfolded these men and they led them into the maze all 30 of them and what they did is they said listen you've got 40 minutes to find your way out go and so as these as these 30 men are in this maze they've got 40 minutes to find their way out but what they did was as they led the men there they close off the maze there's no way out does that seem fair of course not how can you put 30 men in a maze by faith didn't tell them to find their way out but you close off the only opening because that's what as we walk into sin on our own we walk into it and then the devil traps us with addictions there's no way out and so these men had spent the whole weekend learning different ways practicality or practical tools about overcoming their temptations and send And here's 30 men bouncing around trying to find their way out of a maze that's actually closed then I was sent after about 15 minutes my friend is in the middle of this maze and one guy got out. Of the other. 10 minutes goes by and a 2nd man gets out so now there's still $28.00 men that are trapped inside this maze Brime folded the bumping into each other some of them are starting to break down the getting frustrated and my friend raises his hand and his therapist comes over. And he says What's the question and he says is there a way out and he said that's the wrong question and he stepped away so another 10 minutes goes by and nobody's out these matter starting to cry they're so frustrated they want to get out and they know that the time is ticking and just then my friend raises his hand and his therapist comes up to me he says What's your question. And he says this he says will you help me out and he said that's the right question and he leads them to freedom even these men these grown men that spent the whole weekend learning that you have to rely on the power of Jesus Christ to overcome you Rob victory in your life it's never going to come by your own good efforts it has to come from the power of God and the only way that you can find yourself out of this maze that you walked into that you walked into on your own in the desert trapped you if you're going to need the help of your Savior who has already won the victory for you and learning that process of admitting and submitting and recognizing that through his power you can find the victory and claim in the promises that's how you can walk all the way into heaven with that victory I hope that these these illustrations have helped you and again we have some resources and I believe that if you're an elder in your church or a pastor if you if you have any access to the men in your in your churches these are powerful tools to use because I believe that if you can clean up the guys that imagine you have mothers and wives that are getting 100 percent of their husbands and then you have children that are getting 100 percent of their parents to stand and pray as we close. Let's pray. I thank you God for this opportunity to talk about the victory Lord that is guaranteed through our Savior I thank you Lord because of what you accomplished on that crossroad that each one of us can have access to that freedom and that victory in our lives I play father that you will in light and that's in Illuminatus and that your Holy Spirit will go with us and remind us of these precious promises and tools for overcoming victory load I pray that every. Person That is standing here Lord with me that they were also recognized Lord that our power and authority is given to you because of what you have accomplished for us may we Abby in that kingdom together is my prayer in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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