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Trials and Tribulations

Benjamin Feagan


  • August 17, 2019
    4:00 PM
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Our Father in heaven we thank you for this afternoon and we thank you for every soul gathered here this evening we pray that you please be here with us that you please forgive us of our sins and please help us to overcome to be overcomers just as Jesus over Keynes and just as Jesus overcame his persecutors Lord help us to be more like you and help us to be men and women after your own are we pray in Jesus name Amen. This is all the trials and tribulations how to overcome in your life we will attempt to answer these important questions what kinds of people experience hardships in life what hardships do people experience when do people suffer why do trials happen and how do we overcome and finally what are the results of utilizing Bible principles for managing crisis situations this is what we're going to go through and this is what we're going to find out this afternoon the world maxim is simply this Ordo abc out or order out of chaos this world is full of chaos. Those in the world sometimes how does philosophy that sometimes order can come out of chaos is your life kind of like this. Like this room mess. Your desk is kind I guess the ash. Our lives can sometimes be like this full of clutter and mess. But there will be changes in our life and they clean the operator life if we give heed to the Word of God The Bible tells us this is a Christian Maxim David he went through trials and persecutions in his life the Sama said in Psalm 119 verse 133 order my steps and by word and let not any iniquity have dominion over me. He said what order my steps in your what in the word write he sent someone 19 verse 9 wherewith all shall the young man cleanse away by taking heed there to according to the word. Again the psalmist rights plead my cause an deliver me quick an me according to the i word the christians merrick some is the buyable bible alone for every answer that we were without we need are in a life or every issue that we have the bible has an answer we're going to go through 3 k. studies some character studies we're in a look at joe jacob in jesus christ why when we look at joe pa we see that there was a man who had all any nearly lost it all but he got a back again he dealt with tragedy jacob sin and suffering the rule of doubt in the rule of repentance in the life and jesus christ he was perfect yet he was be set with trials temptations and trouble and we're going to see how he met trials there's going to 12 principles were going to look at in jesus' life so let's look at joe open the old testament were read an job chapter one in verse one there was a man in the land of lose whose name was job and that man was perfect in up right and one the fear god in issued evil so what kind of man was joe he was perfect who's right and we're in a final what happen the job do this perfect than upright man the one who thier god right verse to and there were born around him 7 sons and 3 daughters his substance also was 7000 sheep in 3000 camels we can't reading he had a whole lot of stuff in a sons went in the feasted in their houses everyone has they and sent uncalled for there are 3 sisters to eat and to drink with them so the sons were calling to a feast and it was so when the days of their fees thing we're gone about versed 5 that job cent and sanctify them and rose up early in the morning and offered bird offerings according to the number of them all For job said it may be that my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts thus the job continually So what kind of man was Joe. He was a man of what he looked out for other people's interests even his own family so he was a man who what we could say he cared for other people than he was one family so he was perfect he was upright he was one of fear God He was also one that cared a lot. Of verse 13 and there was a day when his sons and his daughters were eating and drinking wine and their elders brothers hoes and there came a messenger on the job and said the oxen were plowing and asses feeding beside them 1st 15 in the sapience fell upon them and took them away yeah they says the messenger they have slain the servants with the edge of the sword and I only am escape alone to tell the we keep reading that he lost his sheep. This servant he says the fire of God is fallen from heaven and I burned up the sheep and the servants and consume them this is what happened to Job and stuff verse 17 while this messenger was speaking there came also another and said that how the NS made out 3 bands and it fell upon the camels and it carried them away yea and slain the servants with the edge of the sword and on only him escaped alone to tell the skip down to verse 19 and behold there came a great wind from the wilderness and smote the 4 corners of the house and it fell upon the young men and they are dead and I only am escaped alone to tell the so we look at the red words here on the on the slide. Job he had sons and daughters he had a family he also had a wife. His offices were feeding the asses the the donkeys were feeding the oxen were plowing then we read this group they fell upon him took him away killed the servants job was a businessman you could say he lost a boy. He lost his employees he lost part of his business we keep on reading a lot. He lost his camels carried him away have any of you had any hard times in your business if you have a business yes right you have tough times in your business right and then we read something tragic in verse 19 that what he lost he lost his children so we can say he lost his business he lost his children we keep on reading. So we read we keep on reading why this happened or what happened Joe chapter 2 verse 7 so when Satan forth from the presence of who were there was great meeting and Satan was present and smote job with sore boils from the sole of his foot on his crown and then you begin scraping himself you read in verse 8 and then verse 9 tad extra wound to his injury his wife says those that still return retain the integrity curse God and die verse 10 but he said unto her that I speak as one of the foolish women speak what shall we receive good at the hand of God and shall we not receive evil and all this did not job sin with his lips that's a testimony of job losses business loses children and on top of that he loses Health nearly everything. His wife even System stuff it really hurts him to. Chapter one Verse 6 why did trials occur read now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and same came also among them and Lord said under Satan whence comes though then Satan answered The Lord so then say in answer to the Lord and said from going to and fro in the earth and for walking up and down in it verse 8 and the Lord said unto Satan has I considered my servant job that there is none like him in the earth a perfect in the right man when the fear of God issue if people get it we get the testimony was perfect he was upright he feared God and he turned away from evil read in verse 11 of chapter one saying says but put forth on him now and touch all that he hath and he will curse the to thy face. Same says that God verse 12 of the Lord said in the same behold all that he hath is in the power upon himself put not forth on hand so say it went forth in the presence of the Lord so why did trials occur there's a great controversy going on. Job was a man of God Joe can see what was going on and have another time right since the Great meeting I should say you can see what was going on. But we read he was going to face some trials why because Satan he's an accuser of the Brethren isn't me. Saying look the servant job he's so blessed if you take away everything he has always going to curse you it's only because you bless him that he serve in you. Why there was a challenge and God had to meet that challenge. And for Unfortunately job was caught in the middle of it and such as same with us sometimes you don't see it but there might be a great controversy going on behind the scenes in your life you're being tested to see if you will reflect the character of God if you will sin with your lips or with your deeds if you truly serve God in your heart. Chapter 2 in verse one we read again that same came also among the people against this heavenly host to present himself before the Lord. Read in verse 3 of chapter 2 Miller said insane has so concerned my servant job that there is none like him in the earth a perfect upright man when the fear of God is truth evil and still so after he loses everything and still God says Still he holds a fast as integrity although that moves me against him to destroy him without cause so was a reason why job is suffering yes or no there was a reason he was on trial right but he says God was moved without a cause to. Someone he centered anything bad to deserve what he what he had in his life right all the all the loss of the experience. So we read again Satan's accusation goes but before we find him now and touches a bone in his flesh and he will curse the to the face and or set on the Satan behold he isn't one and save his life is here the mercy of God here so you can take away his health but don't kill him OK. God said yeah you can even go as far as you'll take them almost right to the brink where he's going to die and kill him because you know save her. Daughter and I was pleading your cause if you're dealing with some sort of health issue causing you to come closer to him so if you're dealing with a health issue life come closer to God There may be a great controversy going on in your life and you may be being tested right now. So why did trials occur is an answer to challenges from Satan and God allowed job to be tried job was a demonstrate God's character before the universe and show that man can indeed keep the Law of God despite anything that would happen. A lot of the time especially with evangelical theology is that the idea is we can't get victory over sin that's what they do you'll be living in sin until Jesus comes back but we have a hope that we will yoke up with Jesus Christ yes we can gain the victorious in the matter what is going on in our life. When did trials begin. When we look at the red letters when you look at Job Chapter one we see that he had 7 sons and 3 daughters he had a what family this is when he had a family he had substance great substance and even says here a very great household is says that job this man was the greatest of all the men of the East he was the top. He reached the highest you can get over in the East at this time. What does this tell us that even in the highest the the epitome of our success in life we can come tumbling down in the real hurry. So when we are reaching a high pinnacle of success it is not a time to get lenient and get spiritually lazy when we are at our highest we need to be even more closer to Jesus. We read here in verse 4 that his sons went and he stood there feasting their eating and drinking they had food they had everything that great some since they had food and they had enough to feast to be merry then. Trials began when Job and his family were very successful is no different with us today. How did Job overcome we read that job a rose he went through all the suffering right job arose he rent his mantle shaved his head and fell down upon the ground and worshiped. What is this tell us he fell down and worship when we go through trials and tribulations then is not the time to stop worshipping God that is not the time to go turning our backs and saying I'm going to do what I want to do God You don't seem to be in my life I'm go do what I want to do that is not the time it is time for you to fall down and worship God you get closer to verse 21 he says and said Job Chapter one Verse 21 and said naked came I out of my mother's womb and I returned the other the Lord gave the Lord had taken away blessed be the name of the Lord verse $22.00 and all this job sin not nor charged God foolishly and Job Chapter 2 verse 10 we read in all of this did not job sin with his lips and we look at Chapter 42 in verse 5 Joe has really profound words he says I have heard of the by the hearing of the year but now mind I see if he later on verse 6 he says wherefore I bore myself and repent and dust and ashes we're going to break this down today and we're going if I'm really rich lessons here 1st part job arose. Job didn't sit around waiting for some kind of breakthrough then he got up and did something about the situation sometimes we can get so discouraged we get so down in the dumps that we just sit back and do nothing about our situation we need to get up and we need to do something what is that something. We read that job rent his mantle this was a customary sign of grief in these days however there is a lesson here for us in the Book of Job well chapter 2 verse 13 the Bible says and rend your heart and not your garments and turn on the Lord your God and the promises given of God's character for he is gracious and merciful FOTA anger and of great kindness and repented them of the evil. When we're going through tough times it is then we must rend our hearts before the Lord we must open ourselves up to God is the Lord help me I need your help sometimes we can think why I can do it all my own I can get up I can fix my problems on my own no we need Jesus in life we need to go to him he is our source of strength. We are to come to God in repentance confessing our sins and turning to God in obedience him it may just be sometimes that the cause of the grief and pain in your life is because of the since you've been cherishing. Part 3 job shaved his head among the Oriental nations we read that the shaving of the head was a sign of mourning and humbling of oneself so the question for us today how does this apply to ourselves. There are 3 primary Bible text here Matthew 23 verse 12 1st Peter chapter 5 or 6 in James chapter 4 in verse 10 all talk about humility or humbling oneself the Bible says this that he that shall humble himself shall be exalted 1st Peter 5 or 6 says we should Humboldt ourselves humble yourselves therefore to the mighty hand of God that he may what. Exults you in due time. Jane charter for verse 10 humble yourselves inside Lord and He shall lift you up if you are discouraged if you're downtrodden if you're having a tough time you don't know why bad things are happening to you there's a great controversy going on your life now is the time not to be prideful not to be prideful or not to be self exulting there is a time to humble yourself before God to go to him. And the promises reckon to us when we're down in the dumps and we humble ourselves before God He will lift us up that's a promise to you today. Joe fell down and worshiped repeatedly in the Bible men would bow down and worship God When I look at the Bible specifically in Revelation 19 verse 4 there is a group of people and beast that are closest to the throne of God in the Book of Revelation 19 verse 4 we read that these 4 and 20 elders and the 4 beasts fell down and worship God that sat on the throne and they said 2 things they said amen and. This is powerful friends in times of difficulty it is not right to cast away God and turn away from him it's time to come closer to him how so we must say that Amen we must say the alley lujah in our lives the Amen is what Amen literally when you look at it mean so be it whatever is going on in your life acknowledge it before God let him know what's going on and accept what is going on in your life don't be fake and don't why do people saying everything is OK as 7th Day Adventists we have this habit. We go to church on Sabbath and then what do we say to friends happy Sabbath do we always feel happy on Sabbath day you know sometimes you can be pretty disingenuous and sad and say oh happy Sabbath Meanwhile at our home our families are falling apart our health is going down the drain and we say how he's having. Sometimes friends you need a partner you need a friend that you can share your problems and issues with. It's hard to go on things on your own sometimes as in it. So be honest be honest with God and be honest with your friends. Means praise ya praise God when I like to say if you're going through tough times your life praise God Anyway we have so many blessings in life job he lost it all he lost everything he lost his health he still had a wife but his wife is like yeah I curse God and die sometimes if you're in Job's a spirit sometimes we be like all poor me right pity party but I want to say to you guys praise God anyway you still got breath in your lungs right the mere fact you have a life today has a blessing from the. Report 5 job said not nor charged God foolishly job didn't use the hardships he was experiencing as an excuse to sin nor did he slander or strike out in anger against God sometimes when we go through tough times some people are guilty of getting angry with God and say God why are you doing this to me. They give this scourge to go down the dumps and they begin to have this hate or this bitterness this bitter experience have you ever met a bitter Christian before. It's kind of like an oxymoron right a bitter Christian. But there's some people are bitter Christians friends who have nothing to be bitter about you Jesus you are the King of Kings the Lord of Lords in your life although Joe was going through a tough experience he did not charge God foolishly he knew who was Lord was he knew his god. And he's satisfied that he's satisfied with his cause although we lost everything he had he's like I'm not going to charge not foolishly. Nor should we friends should not charge cards foolishly I have heard of the now mind I see it these are profound words I have heard of the now mind I see it the one golden through tough times we must spend time with God in prayer and study the Bible we must hear God's message to us from scripture. Romans 1017 is really applicable to so then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God If we want comfort from the comforter we've got to pray. If we want to hear God's message of comfort when we're going through tough times we need to get into the Bible friends. When you're going through tough times it's not the time to stop studying is a home to study more of the moon. What were the results of Job's attitude and his methodology of dealing with suffering in his life. We read in the Book of Job Chapter 42 new verse 10 the Lord turn the captivity of job when he prayed for his friends also the Lord gave Job twice as much as the ad before they bemoan in verse 11 they bemoan him and comfort him over all the evil that the Lord had brought upon him every man also gave him the piece of money and everyone in the ring of gold verse $12.00 so the Lord blessed the latter end of job more than his beginning verse 137 sons and 3 daughters he got that again he got his family back in all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of job his daughters with the best looking girls around alright verse 18 and Job lived a 100 for years how many of you know someone who's lived 140 years. I haven't I met a lady when I was an AG or know in many poor My fiance's grandmother great great great great mother she's 107 years old. And I met this all the she could talk she could get up and do everything I can speak any English but wonderfully and she was totally with a number of what a blessing that is to be rich and rich in years the sort of the functional it this was Joe 140 years and he lost his health but he got it back in. So I mean no matter how bad your life may be no matter how bad your health even is we say connected with God you come back to him and you look and study the Word of God You'll be God's Word you can be a huge turnaround in your life huge and this is what we see with a huge turnaround in his life so what are the lessons from Joe. When we get spiritually active when we confess and 1st take our sins when we humble ourselves before God when we have no is that we have problems and we need help when we praise God no matter what is going on when we maintain a trusting peaceful relationship with our Creator when we pray and obey when we study the Bible we get 4 things we were received twice as much as we had before we were seed the comfort that we we were a seed the help that we need we will have the hope of a long life even eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. The next one Jake up look at Jacob So what happened. When we look at Genesis 25 and 27 we read that Rebecca is the mother of 2 boys Esau and Jacob we read that you saw came out of the womb 1st before Jacob doesn't tell them the firstborn birth right the greater inheritance Lord took Rebecca that the elder Lord told Rebecca that the elder shall serve the younger this was against the usual order of the younger serving the elder Reed that I was at the father of Esau and Jacob desired to bless the saw. We read in the Bible they use all comes back from the field from hunting and he's very hungry he sells his birthright to Jacob for a pot of lentils. Jacob was officially entitled that you saw his birth right we can you can read in Genesis 27 that when Isaac was old his eyes were dim so he could not see any call for Esau his elders eldest son and he said and my son and he said in time behold here are mine and he said Behold now I am old I know not the day of my debt therefore take I pray thee thy weapons I quiver in the about bow and go out to the field and take me some venison so we keep on reading singing reading in Genesis 27 but he saw it sent out on a mission to go get some deer he goes get some venison to give his father Isaac wants to bless him but then Rebecca she gets wind of this she knows that the Lord has told her that hey like Jacob's going to get the birth right the younger. So but she's liking OK Hold on I got to tell Jacob about this so Rebecca she tells Jacob what's going on the bases I was on this mission to get a blessing from Isaac and the taken some venison. So we read about the plot and Jacob said under Rebecca's mother behold you saw my brother is a hairy man and I am a smooth man my father peradventure will feel me and I shall seem to him as a deceiver and I shall bring a curse upon me and not a blessing His mother had on him said unto him upon me be thy curse my son only obey my voice and go fetch me them and he wedded in fashion brought them to his mother and his mother made savory meat such as Father love and Rebecca took good goodly Rayment of her eldest son Esau which were with her in the host and put the book on Jacob her younger son and she put the skins of the kids of the goats upon his hands of the pun the smooth of his neck and he gave us a very meat in the bread which he had prepared into the land into the and a verse son Jacob verse 18 and he came into his father and said my father and he said here are my WHO ARE 1000 my son 1st 19 and Jacob said unto his father I'm easily their 1st born now was Jacob Esau. So he was lying is lying sin right OK. I've done according as the basis me arise I pray the city needed my venison that the that I sold may bless me verse 20 and Isaac said unto his son how is it that I was found so quickly my son and he said because the Lord thy God brought it to me so he lies he says the Lord brought me the venison he said after lie after lie this guy doesn't. And I said in the Jacob come near I pray that I may feel the my son whether that be my very son Esau are not and Jacob went near and Isaac his father and he felt him and said the voice is Jacob's voice for the hands of the hands of Esau. I don't know something's up about this. But we keep on reading you know the story keeps on reading and his father said and his father Isaac said unto him come near now and kissed me my son and he came near and kissed him and he smelled the smell of his Raymond and blessed him and said See the smell of my son is as a smell of a field which the Lord has blessed there for a god give the of the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth and plenty of corn and wine verse 29 the people serve the nations bow down to the be lord over the brethren and let my mother sons bow down to the Cursed be everyone that curse at the blessid be he that blesses the verse 30 and it came to pass as soon as I could have made an end of blessing Jacob and Jacob was yet scared gone out of the presence of Isaac his father that Esau his brother came in from his hunting right in the nick of time Jacob's good adults and he comes in with a guess what Jacob gets a blessing. So he read what. He lied a lot to get what he wanted. If you read the result of Jacob's action this resulted take a packet is 20 years of trial he went through 20 years of running from his brother Esau we read in Genesis 27 verse 41 so on it says and he saw hated Jacob because of the blessing where with his father bless him he saw said in his heart the days of mourning for my father at hand then will I slay my brother Jacob and these words of Esau her elder son were told to Rebecca and she sent and called Jacob or younger son and said on them behold by Brother resawing as touching the dust covered himself proper purposing to kill the verse 43 now therefore my son obey my voice and arise 3 flee thou to Laban my brother to Aaron was interesting was Jacob he went in Iran for 20 years from his brother he didn't want to die didn't one be killed by him. Yet the deceiver was always being deceived himself was in the Lavan kept tricking them saying hey you'll get this girl but no I'll give you the other girl. Jacob it wasn't after Jacob got the blessing that he wanted the other things he didn't get the things he did wanted he was hard to get. So why did this trial occur why did this trial occur in his life the murders he saw going after Jacob and Jacob running why it happened we read in the spirit prophecy in education 147 paragraph one to gain the birthright that was his already by God's promise Jacob resorted to fraud and he reap the harvest and his brothers hatred through training years of exile use themselves wrong and defrauded and it was at last forced to find safety in flight and he reaped a 2nd harvest as the evils of his own character were seen a crop out of his sons all but true picture of the retributions of human life so this tells us what happens when we choose sin we resort to fraud to get what we want trials will happen bad things will happen and one went to the trial happen. He was given the birthright prophesied by God yet he doubted God and you followed his mother's wrongs councils and he resorted to fraud. Don't forget the Rebecca had a part to play in this she was told by God Hey Jacob's going to get the birth right so what happens sometimes even our own parents can give us the wrong information we must test everything by the Word of God He would our parents and friends. We think spirits tribulations in our lives when we doubt God's promises and choose another way to obtain something we want this happens all throughout a spiritual life even friends sometimes some people want to be say they want to be saved some people choose Oh I can save if I work hard enough to get some patience to try to find another way he said to Jesus Christ some people say young good I'll go to heaven. Some people think well I can be saved by doing whatever I want to do God accepting the way I am they find some other way as a means to get what they want it is no different in our spiritual life when we are in the worldly life even when we go and try to obtain something through fraud or other means bad things can happen early. Weaning spirits tribulations or lies when we act on wrong advice from those closest to us like friends and family. So the big thing is how did Jacob overcome and how can we overcome when we make mistakes or life and we suffer as a consequence Genesis 32 verses 9 to 12 it says and Jacob said oh God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac the Lord says under me return to my country and to that kindred and I will deal well with the we re read later on of Jacob's words he says in the 1st thing deliver me in verse 11 verse 13 just as 32 says. That Jacob here is any large they are the same night and took of that which came to his head a present for Esau his brother. So these are the highway words in these things we kill these things it will show us what we should do. We keep on reading Genesis 32 verses 24 and onward we go look at the red words he's wrestling with the angel is wrestling with Jesus Christ just 30 verse 26 he said let me go for the day break it then he said I will not let it go except that Bless me Jacob's running away he's running away running away in the night he's wrestling He's wrestling we know from the spear he's wrestling with Jesus and Jesus and Jacob says I will not let you go except bless me and he says important verse 28 again we read the name shall be called No More Jacob but Israel Jews were God tells Jacob Hey your name will no more call Jacob supplanted or Jacob means a planter but now Israel. So we read in the spirit prophecy in education 147 paragraph 3 that Jake open his distrust was not overwhelmed he had repented he had endeavored to atone for the wrong to his brother we read that he sought help from God and that in the power of his might the forgiven one stood up no longer to supplant her but a prince with God He gained not merely deliverance from his outraged brother but deliverance from himself the power of evil in his own nature was broken his character was transformed. So we look at the right word seen from the spirit prophesy we see that there is a role of repentance there is an endeavoring to atone for the wrong done and he sought help from God he received forgiveness and he had to transform character. So that Jacob repented he turned to God for help he tried to mend his ways and do something for his brother remember he prepared a present for he saw OK he received forgiveness of sins and he had a change of character. So what should we do when we have done something wrong has brought tribulations of our lives we should do these things repent and receive forgiveness for of sins we should turn to God for help we should amend our ways you see if we stay the same We'll keep on making the same stupid mistakes that get us into more and more trouble. Apart for we need to provide reparation to those we have wronged or hurt along the way sometimes going the most humbling experience Well you know we're wrong somebody and then we have to go OK you know say I'm sorry or maybe we have to literally I give him a gift or something maybe and show them Hey we care about I care about you I'm sorry for hurting you. Don't repeat the same mistake again and change so or the results of what Jacob didn't read in verse 4 e's all ran to meet him Jacob and embraced him and fell on his neck and kissed them and they wept. Complete reconciliation. Jacob was not slain and we have brotherly love restored as powerful. So let's look at Jesus we've looked at No this is a recap we've looked at a job where things just keep going wrong and we just like why is this happening to me we've looked at that we look at now Jacob where we have done something bad we've done something wrong what should we do now when we look at Jesus Christ Jesus Christ when we look at his example we see how people will bring something into his life persecution from people. We read about Jesus Christ life in Isaiah 53 is a prophecy of Jesus that Jesus was the spies and rejected of men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. In verse 4 of eyes if he 3 he had borne our grief he carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken smitten of God and afflicted. This Jesus. And Jesus knew and experienced trials and tribulations in his life. He underwent all the suffering for our welfare not to derive any benefit for himself so the big question is why did he suffer and what does this mean for us here the big wise and Hebrews Chapter 2 verses 1618 we read that Jesus took on him the seed of Abraham he was made like unto His brethren and he was made what to make reconciliation for the sins of the people vs 18 of Hebrews 2 says he is able to succor them that are tempted in other words he is there for us through trials and tempted to talk of trials and tribulations God told himself in human flesh Jesus Christ God in the flesh came down just like us to reconcile humanity back into fellowship with Him through the plan of redemption to demonstrate when man is connected in close fellowship with God that man can keep the Law of God just like Joe And number 3 he came to relieve those that up arrived so proud which means tried and tested as the Greek the Greek for attempted is presume. So he came to relieve he came to relieve in the succor to take care of those who are tried and tested is that you did it. First Peter to verse 19 says that he that we should what for this is time for leave a man for conscious toward God and your grief and suffering wrongfully Jesus suffered on our behalf he did nothing wrong G.'s our example. First Peter chapter 2 verse 20 says when you do well and suffer for it you take it patiently this is acceptable God we manifest patience and Durrance when we go through trials and tribulations of life in verse 21 we read that Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow his steps so he read that prices are example that means how we overcame is how we are going to overcome. He did no say neither was golf found his mouth remember job how he did not charge card foolishly. And he didn't listen 1st Peter to verse 23 says when he was reviled when Jesus was reviled he reviled not again when he suffered he threatened ot but committed himself to him that judges righteously. So all do Jesus had done nothing wrong he suffered when we suffer doing good we should patiently Doura it when Jesus was vilified he did not vilify others so here's the big thing when people start saying bad things about us like gossip or whatever it is now is not the time or then is not the time to start vilifying them and Richard in retaliating like that. When Jesus suffered he did not threaten others and his secret to success we see that he committed himself to and that judges righteously he committed himself to his heavenly father but as we have a Heavenly Father. So we must commit ourselves to him. God wants to God wants prayer and total commitment he told us that we should pray that we enter not intimidation we read that even Jesus self he kneeled down and he prayed he prayed not my will but thine will be done and he said there and then you read that there appeared an angel in him from heaven strengthening him. So what I want to say to you is when you're going through trials and tribulations don't underestimate the power of prayer ask God for you not enter adversity pray that you entered on temptation when you do experience trials and tribulations your life commit your life into God's hands and follow the dictates of Scripture then the testimony of scripture will be yours now if we change that and says Send instead of an angel being sent to him we read there appear Nainital sent to you from have been strengthening you right. So the seekers of victory I'm getting in the 12 principles no. We really look at Matthew 16 years 21 and to 23 Now let's look at verse 22 in the red letters. We read about Peter taking Jesus taking Jesus and begin to rebuke him think of that Peter a man rebuking God Jesus right verse $23.00 we read about Jesus' response he says but he turned and said on to Peter Get thee behind me Satan. So when someone in your life is persecuting you saying whatever about you or doing whatever to you who is the real enemy. Satan is. So point number one principle number one know who the real enemy is keep that in mind. Seekers for victory we read when Jesus was being tended he always referred to it is written 3 times it is written it is written it is written rely on principles from scripture This is what we're doing now we're relying on principles from scripture so what are some more principles read in Matthew Chapter 12 years 1415 about the fairest sees the biggest persecutors of Jesus this is the fairest he's went out and held the council against him how they might destroy him they were looking to kill Jesus verse 15 but when Jesus knew it he withdrew myself from that's a great multitude followed him and he healed them all so rather than meeting persecution head on sometimes the best policy is to put a distance between you and those that are persecuting you. And then they actually want to do you want to focus on helping others. Jesus was others oriented he came to help those who are downtrodden needy there's a principle if we look to do good to others we ourselves were received good too there's a blessing for us when we see the benefit others. Write you read that when Judas went to betray Jesus in Matthew 26 Jesus addresses Judas he says Jesus said unto him friend. He said to his betrayer friend called him his friend OK 1st 52 of Matthew 26 Then said Jesus on to him put Again nice word into his place for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword we read here that when Jesus was going to be betrayed he was being betrayed right then and there that one of the disciples took a sword in took off the ear of one of the servants. But he says no put your sword away now going to the fight. Now the $26.00 verse of the 5 in that same hour said to the multitudes are you come out as against a fee for with swords and saved it for to take me I sat daily with you teaching in the temple and laid no and you laid no hold on me. It's a point 5 Consider your enemies your friends instead. It's kind of hard for us to do right with so much hate on us persecuting us we like. So it's easy the Human nature says OK well I hate a Mac.. I consider him their friend Jesus said Love your enemies bless them do good to them pray for them. Point Number 6 take the path of peace and then violence I say 53 verse find says that Jesus himself had done no violence neither was a need to see it as a human and remember Jacob who by fraud try to get what he won't Jesus never live he never practiced to see Diddy. Point him or 7 briefly affirm your in C. and C. and briefly make your known your persecutors folly Now this is interesting so we go back here in verse 55 this is where I'm getting from. Jesus says to his persecutors to those who are betraying him he said look are you come out against me as a thief with swords and stays for to take me he points out hey look you're coming against me I don't have I'm not armed you're coming to me to take me with whores and stuff I think about that. From someone who'd never beat up anyone any anybody or never murdered anybody it gets them to think right use is i sat daily with you teaching in a temple and you laid no hold on me he points out hey look i was sitting with you all the time why she do anything that says look i've done nothing wrong he affirms in this is easy and he makes known the fawley but we need to be right with god before we have or do any of this some 51 verse 10 to 13 we read create in me says us home is crete me a clean heart ogaden renew a right spear within me cast me not away from my presence and take not the holy spirit from me restore and of me the joy of our salvation up hold me with i free spirit then will i teach transgressors vi ways and centers shall be converted under the so before we have or go on to on a crusade to affirm and teach somebody we need to be right with god 1st friends well we're not right with god me try to presume to teach somebody else's hypocrisy friends re read here when g. is was being tried says an the high priest a rose and i think 26 were 62 and set on him answers that were nothing what is it wish these witness against the a read inversed 63 but jesus held is peace so the prince we your hold your peace remain calm keep silent or key comment shorten to the point this is something in my life is of ecclesia my parents they're not 7th day adventists on the only adman's us what happen as and always be always fascinating had they able to think of something that would get mean like you know how that saying is grind my gears to make you angry right you know like where did you get this from to say to me or to do your lake they musta got that from somewhere and that was now from god and he ways and is there is designed i feel like save them play a sponsor ideas is to jest things To get others the persecutors to get you to sin are your words your deeds your actions. So when the smartest things do so hold your peace it's a skill right you have to develop that skill it's hard it's hard to hold your peace sometimes when people are doing all kinds of things to you or saying things to you even. We read in Luke chapter 11 verse 53 that the fairies he began to urge him be evenly urged Jesus be humanly and to provoke him to speak of many things you see they were laying wait for him there seeking a cash something out of his mouth they might accuse him. In the multitude of words it's dangerous the multitude of words they're one of not sin but he that refrain at his lips is why we gotta be careful but what we say people are maybe intentionally trying to provoke. Seekers for victory. Chapter 2 verses 45 and onward he says and when they found him not they turned back again to Jerusalem seeking him and he came to pass that after 3 days they found him in the temple sitting in the midst of the doctors both hearing them and asking them questions this is when Jesus was a boy a young boy and his parents were looking for Him Jesus was not with his parents at the time. Especially where you go JESUS and all that heard him were astonished at his understanding the answers to Jesus and understanding answers when they saw him they were amazing his mother said and son why has that with us dealt with us behold my father and I have sought the sorely. Verse 49 he said unto them how is it that you saw me with you know that I must be about my father's business verse 50 and they understood not the saying which you speak on to them. So Jesus tells them as his parents is hey this is what I was doing that's why I wasn't with you as following my Heavenly Father's will. But his parents as it says the times when Scripture says that his parents did not understand what are you saying to them. Keep God's law and do God's Will your 1st commandment is between you and God right that should have no other gods before me the last 6 commandments deal with our relationship with each other the 5th Command says that we should honor our Father in our mother however Jesus taught that Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all the heart with all this whole with all my all the mind is the 1st great commandment. Disease even declared in Matthew 10 verse 37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. You see if you have parents that are not of us and not some they have AS are going to even Christians perhaps whatever it may be and they're telling you to do something that is against God's will your 1st obligation is your obligation between you and God we are to honor our Father Mother Yes but when what they tell us or to teach us to do contradicts the Word of God We are not to follow Jesus point as heavenly Father 1st before his earthly parents so don't be surprised when you're misunderstood and labeled as the visit or fanatical for taking these points of view Luke Chapter 12 versus 51 if there are 53 says Suppose he that I am come to give peace on earth I tell you neighbor rather division 3 that father shall be divided against son in the son against the father we read in Matthew 10 verse 36 and a man's Faucheux be they of his own household. All of the visions things and sometimes when people persecute you it's because sometimes they misunderstand you. If you don't understand the reason why you're living the truth that you are the donors and why you're acting behaving the way you are and sometimes when people misunderstand you or don't understand. They can do some pretty hurtful mean things sometimes to you. So this for this reason we need to be sympathetic and understanding. Jesus himself suddenly 23 verse 34 when he was crucified for our sins he said Then said Jesus Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Sometimes people are just straight up mean or or doing whatever to just because they don't understand and we need to be sympathetic with that. For the most part your persecutors don't understand the serious consequences of the words and actions. You read in John Chapter 18 verse 20 says Jesus answered him and spake openly to the world he spake he says I spake openly to the world excuse me I ever taught in the synagogue and in the temple whether the Jews always resort and in secret have I said nothing then he asked questions he got he asked questions that make people think this is why I ask without me ask them which hurt me what I have said and then behold they know what I said verse 23 as another question verse 22 is well use answered him and if I have spoken evil bear witness of the evil but if well why smile is that I mean. What you want to do you want to awaken your opponents conscience by using short statements and asking introspective questions you want to get people to think about the the the route that they're taking with you their behavior with you. Psalm 26 verse 2 says examine me oh Lord improve me try my mare try my reins in my art how ya chapter one verses 5 to 7 weird Mohnish twice and these verses consider your ways. The idea is they get people to think more about what they are saying and doing so that the Holy Spirit will convict them of sin in the hope that they were penned and stop what they're doing to you. Said Yes we want to awaken conviction in people's minds we cannot do that ourselves we need the sins of the Holy Spirit. Seekers to victory. We read about Jesus and now everyone was very attentive to hear Jesus read that Jesus had a following says there were gathered together in the numeral multitude of people in the Bible and so much that they trolled one upon another we read again and again the Bible that Jesus had a great multitude surrounding him all the time. This teaches me when we look at the principles and we look at the year that we should make connections which make friends. We need a social network we need support from each other especially were for talking avenues to avenues. We need support from other people. We really read the Proverbs 13 versus 20 and 21 he that walketh with wise men shall be wise but a companion a fool shall be destroyed evil pursue with centers but to the righteous good shall be repaid so the associations of the friends that we want for our network they should be the ones that are why ones that are righteous that are people who do good we also want to please the assays we look at the crazy as these 4 verses 9 to 12 or better little one. For if they fall the one will lift up his fellow but Wotan that is alone when he falls for he has not another to help him a. We need support Bible carry tells us. 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