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The Cross Connection and the Laws of Health

George Cho


George Cho

Clinic Director, Pathways Lifestyle Medicine Clinics 


  • August 17, 2019
    4:00 PM
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So you know in the church we have the health message it's supposed to be healthy but many people have an unhealthy relationship with the health message can you believe that all right and we explore the rifle place of the health message in our relationship with God All right I will recognize these folks. Yes Jennifer Lopez are gone they lead actress politicians singers all different things but you know what you know one thing them common. They're all of the. In every single one is D.N.A. How do you know it is recently that is now in. The going is cool it's not some weird thing more it is cool to be all right. In fact those article came out I'm in Queens and they said 2018 year old plant based foods sowing that which. Are taking being in the mainstream in fact DOT how the university did a study and they said among Canadian millennialist Deism is exploding the word that they use is mind blowing to the explosion among Canadian young people. The very very good reasons to champion the innocent so animal cruelty Reisa less cruelty to animals better for the environment of course it's better for health in a I do believe in these things as church do you believe in environmental stewardship Yes yes our animal that's animal cruelty Yeah yeah OK yeah we can agree with these things. But in the church we have a problem going. To be adding this whole study number to. Our they did a study and they looked at our business only about a little over 30 percent 35 whatever percent are plant based which means that the vast majority of sand the Abbos that we had the health message is not practicing the health so we together OK is not practicing the alphabet and you got a wide spectrum in the church today you got back Jones and I hope that some of us most of us to fall within somewhere in the middle because those who are saying help us is just a bunch of suggestions. It doesn't matter if you follow them or not. It's not salvation issue suggestions you can take it or leave it doesn't matter because that's one X. That's one extreme the other extreme are those who follow the health message but they have an unnecessary kill and extreme views are together and my goal is a whole fuken can explore what the Bible says what the spirit of the says and kind of Thailand somewhere in the middle and then OK because both these things are incorrect so I saw shares on a very very quick points with the OK if we had the mike only target us he also read along with me. So what am I supposed to believe you are some pastors who are gung ho about the health message a lot of passes going to talk of the whole mess because they don't practice health message some churches never talk about it as in my church when I came to church almost in the way talked with our. Paula was vegetarian but no way talked about OK so there's a reason for a lot of confusion I believe that a lot of young people are confused as well honey you guys have have hard time convicting messages about how that's Yes Yes OK. All right number one. Do you believe in the spirit of all of us. Of course do you as he does but you know your answer to this question is going to term and your relationship with the health minister. This guy here does anyone recognize this individual. Now OK. This guy is doctor or at least saying for this English language side version OK Dr. Dr Lee was a doctor he was an allergist in California and he was treated you had a very lucrative practice but he noticed us his patients weren't getting that. He'll want to one day he stumbled across a wise guy and where she talked about you can die so what he did was he say hey let's try this way toward his patients to stop eating cheese stop drinking milk stop eating meat and guess what happened. They were better so this launched on a mission to promote the health message he eventually became a doctor Wiemar institue years old. We might he became a doctor we mark. And he became extremely famous among the Korean community values you go to any korean about the age of 30 or 40 they're going to know this doctor. In fact he became so big that he did a documentary series with the biggest career in broadcasting station in Korea and meet sales plummeted by 30 percent can imagine that's how that's how influential this guy was OK Of course the ME and the food processing in this she got really upset start putting lot of pressure on T.V.'s The Broadcasting's station and they eventually cancel his broadcast that's how big this guy was OK. But then they retracted and they did put it back on he was a very strong believer in the spirit of prophecy and a strong believer in Alan was. An avid is today for 3 the last 3 years he is he is not a novelist. He doesn't believe in the spear policy and eats meat or to. A major change and when he converted out of Adventism and he start to eat meat again and started disavowed everything he had taught in the past it was huge headlines in Korea OK but the point is your belief in the spirit of tea is going to dictate your understanding of that that's OK because. Boeing plant based on all this kind of stuff you know you find in the Bible but the emphasis comes from the Spirit of Prophecy of it together OK So when avarice when they don't believe that and why is inspired then the automatic throw out the whole message I would hear that OK but if you believe which I do that and what is the inspired message of the Lord then you cannot read it and then why in the doubt that's it you just asked me cannot honestly do its OK So the very 1st point or the very 1st question we have to answer is do you believe in the Spirit of Prophecy Now if there's a young person or somebody in your church or whoever who does not believe in the spirit of prophecy then there's no point in talking about the health message it's a talking about the spirit of prophecy and whether that's inspired by which other you have to go a lot more lower level OK. There's a sense OK. To. The health message is not done message but an essential part and I take this case I want to read that quotation their testimonies to the church Volume one so the health reform is connected to but it is not the message is. Ok going to be in is the going vegan whatever it is not the core of our nest if you understand C.N.N. OK sometimes we can over emphasize these things also says Not the mess. Let's stop caring is out we would see that beatitude No absolutely not let's balance it up with distain and maybe the next person Daniel. Gillis cause they just look at it with a strong language she uses it in the Glatt to study the inspired winds on how she said what it said offense to God That's strong language yes they'll continue reading. Up. To as many pastors who don't follow the have message and. But you see here the health message is not the message Amen how on the other hand clearly is very important is very important for preparing a people to 2 for Jesus coming. Number 3 is an obligation and a duty but not the cause of us all. In a good. OK so we all know this verse so we are saved by what. Grace through faith cade jesus down the cost in his work in a century in seoul for ok so those are mean works doesn't matter anymore no ok let's balance l. with these other stamens in the bible can so on i'll sweet this whole in a and they've and that next hold this reasonable so yes thank you thank you friend so i was you can see here paul is sharing 2 things he says he's making a very clear that the cause of our salvation is jesus die on the cost that is the cause of our souls asia however he also says that we still have do on our god core $5.00 god through our bodies in are eating and drinking is that is are we clear ok so it is not the calls of our salvation but you better believe is an obligation in is a duty ok alright number 4 recklessness in our health is sin ok reckless sis in a health is sell read just one the transgression of physical law is a transgression of what gods of and they human being who is careless and reckless in all this how the odd the habits and practices that concern is physical life and health what sin against god very interesting a continual a transgression oh nature of laws is a continue transgression of the law of god sins are the grace manga to a committed to the indulges the perverted appetite excessive indulgence an eating drinking sleeping or seeing is what sinned We together it's now now all we have to be very careful here what is sin. Or what is characterize us and here excessive This is the word here excessive OK perverted appetite OK reckless powder it's OK So on give example. There's a difference between OK I see less back backtracked when you read it and why does she write to me eating bran rice or why Rice. So called by whole grains or refined grains whole grains OK. Does she say that excessive use of sugar is not good. OK she does. OK now. You know if you if you misunderstand her you could say you could go to a Korean restaurant and the only thing they serve there is white rice so you sit down you look at all the white way and say oh if I eat this it's a sin. But let me let me ask you question is eating a single bowl of white rice reckless behavior. It is lots it is not a Mars is how big is the ball. I guess that counts too. OK let's get let's get on it years OK. Orange juice. Is not the greatest thing for you it's hope you know that orange juice is not the same as eating oranges you know is the loaded wish. But is there a difference between drinking orange juice every single day and drinking orange juice once I think scale is a difference. Yes OK there's a difference is there a difference if you are the only thing eat the is only refined grains in a sign shows that refined grains is linked with diabetes heart disease and so forth but not a single ball away rights are together because so you have to really understand when you read the spirit of the sea especially amongst conservatives and think most of the public conservative we can really kind of guilt trip ourselves into this mode of thinking like I'm going to eat one cookie that is a sin in no that's not OK but if eating cookies every day and you have no control over your habits I believe that's a sin for you if the law is convicting on that OK Does that make sense OK makes sense I. Number 5 disregarding God's diet instructions may be. In other words is May be a little get back to that but you know it's very sad when the Bible where somebody disobeyed what God told them not to eat and there's a sense yes I mean near Gaza don't eat a date it doesn't but unleashed a whole the suffering in this world was unleashed just because our 1st parents a something or God told them not to eat very simple OK So was it a sin for irony. It was OK So when people say what you eat and what you don't need whether. Obeying God in the health message does not matter because it's not a sin all faults actually could OK now here I used the words may be that they all know why I might have chosen those words maybe. You know when I was going up but I was I was not I was part of the Christian no are no where near are the newest eating shrimp temporary eating pepper pizza but didn't know any better as God is going to hold me accountable for that no was just for me no I mean I was ruining my body I don't know if I'll do the. Walk God really hold me accountable OK but after I knew the truth after discovering the truth and still rebelling against God could that it's a yes absolutely OK. All right spiritual physical these 2 things are inseparable this is very important his own lead this quotation from the Spirit of Prophecy a Maori. Can you notice here the body is the only medium through which the minus or develop for the building of the care OK you see us as I believe in like your mind is somewhere here in your body is completely separate No we believe in a whole Ok you affect your physical body it is going to affect your spiritual your emotions so forth look at this life out of what we do with our physical bodies is extremely important and science does demonstrate this you've heard of the Got my. Home and you have heard of the micro biome OK these bacteria in your gut Digital of the bacteria in your gut influences your mood does not it is it doesn't. Meaning these bacteria in your gut influences your mood OK and your bacteria are healthy or unhealthy depending on the food that you get so you can see there already a biological link between what you're doing to stop physically and then what's going up in here OK so you can all separate physical and spiritual these 2 things are are different but United. Moved on here back to plant based diet I believe that when you read the spirit of prophecy it is extremely clear that the Lord is calling his people to a plant based diet the song to be this for us I love how and why some things appeals to the animal cruelty aspect. Before I didn't care about animals to be honest with you is all the health but after a recent spate of policy I realized. Appeals to the animal cruelty aspect which I think is cool but you know it is very clear she's calling us to dispense of these foods in this way here again and again I've been shown that God brings people back to his or raised the design that is not to subsist on the flesh and with I don't know how she can be any more clear than that it's OK now before I turn the next one some of you might be really upset with me when we share the next one but please forgive me. But not necessarily be. In a. Very to feather me OK but that's ridiculous was. OK Let Die Before be progresses. Let the people be taught how to prepare food without the use of Milkha Bhaag or tell them that the time will soon come up on us notice the time will soon calm down she specify a date. 2. Of 2021 she just says The time will soon come when there will be no safety in using eggs no cream or bias so is there going to come a time where. People are going to have to go in. Yes but does she stipulate a time no way because the disease in animals is increasing in proportion to the increase of wickedness among men the time is near when because it is iniquity of the fallen race the whole animal creation will go on and the disease occurs but in the case of persons whose blood making organs are feeble especially if other foods to supply the need it elements cannot be obtained milk and eggs should not be wholly discarded again I don't know how you could be any more clear than that OK. So let's recap is there going to come a time where God's people are going to have to essentially call the. Yes OK when is that time. When disease among animals is so rampant does NOT BE SAFE NOW per day for me I believe that time has come that's my personal conviction and hence I am 18 OK but you have to stick with the text of what she's saying so because she doesn't say exactly when right it's hard to enforce that on other people we together OK So some people might say or maybe the disease not enough and I'm still going to buy milk because those OK were what can I state it's my opinion vs your opinion I have no day in the spirit positive tell me that my opinions way down 21000 I should be feeling OK but it is my present condition that the time I was calm and that animals are very disease and so I choose to be OK But you know there will come a time where I believe that God will lead his people to become more it's become big and. You also notice that in situations where getting adequate nutrition is not really plausible that eggs in milk should not be discarded I would together you see that OK we've got the practical practical now I believe that getting rid of me is really the idea. We should be trying to push most people towards that direction but. There's a kind of a gray area OK We're North America where the an options are like taking over so how to know if is really an excuse for us to guys with you but when you're meeting with certain people you've got to look at their context so we see a balance here yes OK it's very important that we present these things in the right way. Coffee tea all call records are judged should be discarded OK tea coffee and tobacco all are all stimulating contain poisons they are not only an essay but harmful and should be discarded T. is a poisonous to the system Christians to let it alone again and how you can be any more clear the employes a coffee is in a degree the same as tea but the effect upon the system is still worse OK So and of course I don't you go to alcohol and recreational drugs that's pretty self-explanatory but you know there's a lot of adults who still drink coffee and tea and I think that it's probably better for I think we have good counsel to kind of give up these things case so my suggestion to you folks. I think is a last point beyond a very clear do not impose yourself as a standard. This case ought to be this for us I think it's our last point with the Mike who is closest to the. Thank you. OK that's pretty clear OK so far they've had patients so we have patients sometimes as I and they can't eat beans they just can't get they can't eat any grains they just can't All right so why would he do these people you can't tell the whole the whole grains and those like they get diarrhea so you can sell yourself as a criterion for that now is a very. Person example so my wife is in the back so I'm going to use this example but. You know my wife so for me my my personal standard is I do not eat junk food. As much as possible I do not eat junk food OK ideas because this stuff OK so you. Watch cringe all of the. 5 2nd is this pocky and Malone of these are very popular career you know. Creampuffs and talk of something. So you know my oh my wife she grew up in a very strict agonist environment. Like that I think is kind of over emphasis if you will or like not and not proper true instruction on the reasons for the health message but I so she was deprived of a lot of exposure for me and I came from the opposite extreme my dad on a convenience store so hey the shock of ours in cheers and ice cream on demand. In fact tell a story one tell us all the. The. Restaurant Mandarin that the BUFF A The man during my dad just to give an example of the that my back on my dad took us to the Mandarin 5 days straight one time to a buffet 5 days and that's the environment so for me when I encounter the health message and not eating junk feels like he has praise or you know give my arteries of break. But my wife is a little bit different she came from a different experience so every once in awhile she doesn't eat this often but every once in awhile she will go to Korea so she like to buy the pocky or she like it a little bit I'm not alone and I pretty don't eat it by trying not to criticize her if this makes sense so. Yes this is what we're talking about but in our home we do have standards in a home. No we're vegetarian in a home so we don't we don't eat meat out at home OK we're we don't drink dairy and stuff like that but you know there are you know people are on a different journey and you kind of have to kind of work with it within certain boundaries as it makes sense we don't drink caffeine and all this kind of stuff OK But you know we try to allow some wiggle room and stuff like that so I try to be reasonable and. You know if you're very strong opinion about the health message understand you know there are people who have struggles OK And so you have to try to be really understanding in these situations I've pointed out you know it was a help that's a present in the right way that really wonder OK. All right you know so you know there's a real common sense in dietary reform I love this quote you are you will use some common sense OK And I think if you if you have at least some decent commonsense you can figure things out OK It's not really that complicated because of the it really it really surprises me that we complicate things so myself about this issue like folks it's really not that complicated OK it's really not that complicated. We're only just go through very quickly so common arguments are people bringing gets health message in them and close off. The common objections to the health message number one it is not a salvation issue I mean you heard of this is not a salvation issue you know my ex is very simple. And the truth. Is this all the business. Dealings and when the possible with God gives someone a command and the guy says this is all they should. You can't think of a single example I believe that a true Christian says Is this a Lord's will if it is unskilled and then that's the attitude of a true christians of a hard time understanding why people really raises issues and the true Christian says I love the Lord and whatever he wants me to do I'm going to do it and if I've struggled to do it the Lord please help me told me don't just. So brush aside God's explicit commands just say all of this oscillation OK don't I personally believe I can find example of that in Scripture don't be legal Let's see how many of you have heard of this. Answer is very simple is obedience legalism. No specific obedience. This specific obedience legalisms. What is a really my new obedience is that legalism. No it's not it's OK legalism is when you believe that what you're doing merits you're SOL that we together doesn't so legalism is an attitude it's not necessarily the behavior OK the fair seas were illegal list not because they were like Nessie or bangle is because they're adding their own rules and also they've thought that what they were doing was making God acts on them and thus the reason for their salvation is legalism OK but because you obey God in the minute things there's no legal OK so 10 percent that's pretty specific as in not 10 percent. So. There's a legal 9 percent. Or 9.9 percent or maybe you know I mean if you can't do that temper sense 10 percent is pretty specific but if you love the Warriors going to bed OK because that's not the reason why God saves you. Are the Bible permits eating me I mean you guys heard of this. Of a permits eating meat. Now I don't have the best but I want to. On a proposed a and answer OK. Are there certain things in the Bible certain instructions that God gave that does not change regardless of time what are some of those things. Tank Man is keeping the 10 commandments Yes what else. Have a prayer. If the pretty this. Is that still binding Yes he does this anyway it says a change OK Are there certain it is structures or the will of God or whatever and on the issue of the what the best way to put it is but other certain things that God said but then he kind of modifies because as you go on. Yes it's. Worship spaces ok synagogues temple of they'll get a hub a died does gods doxepin man yawned diet could does a kind of modify i thought scripture yes does so in genesis laws the original diet grains fruits knots and then after seeing god odds vegetables he so he modifies than after the flood what does god meat but then in the exits what does god say queen an unclean me i would together ok so god it modifies his diet depending on the circumstances pay so is a possible then that at the end of time were caught is preparing a final generation to meet the lord to face the worst crisis is in human history that he might against duis messenger make another modification to the die is up possible i believe that is absolutely possible and especially when the diet doubt we're proposing is is is found in the bible but the riginal plant based diet ok so on the should die size size ever one pipe pay the i lease is size fights me all right even vegetarians get say how me you have her of this line ok you know just cuz you can't be a perfect diet does not mean that use you can chaya better i would together ok so the budgetary ns it may get sit there are some vegetarians other forms of a patient she's the gyn says diabetes out he explained that and she likes to perth thing i do explain in that like that's the an real ok very but you know there's a law as there's a lot of variability ok however if you look at the scientific studies ok the evidence a scientific evidence is a plant based i is by far the best diet possible at this time i we together they so just cuz there are examples of on a healthy This person unhealthy that person doesn't mean that you can't charge something better for me I'd rather gamble my health on what's best OK. I see many vegetarians eating unhealthy foods I mean you've heard of the look of health reform or. Eating very nice clean. And that stuff to do is show you as a hypocrite. Well my simple response is this then you don't be a great. If you if you know so well that these things about a few then you would be a good vegetarian in that case so you be a good vegetarian Don't let the hypocrisy of others deter you from trying a good day OK So I think this argument is extremely bold. This one I think is the last one eating fruits and vegetables are not healthy anymore how many of you have heard of this one. So how do you how do you answer to this one. So that grow your own hook. Grow Your Own OK Well you know the I believe the answer is very simple you know everything's messed up yes even the fruits and vegetables are messed up we need Jesus to come again. So he's messed up so that's a set everything is messed up OK So now amongst all the things that are messed up what's the best OK and I believe that is eating a plant based diet but people say you know all the fruits and vegetables in modified G.M.O. all the tempering with the fruits of as a play you know was also tempered with meat dairy where you know what these 2 didn't do what they do into the chicken in the cows and so it was if you think that puts investors are messed up well you better believe the polls are really really just OK So to be honest with you even though they're messed up fruits and vegetables are still the bad ones case and so you can go home and. So to close off some people they say just to help us is just a bunch of suggestions doesn't matter not a salvation issue keep or leave it I don't care if the other extreme is I'm going to go to a ball of white rice that's the other extreme case and I believe that somewhere in the middle is where we have to land OK It is not the cause. Cause of our salvation but it definitely isn't. Is definitely a duty God will hold us accountable for heart which. Is this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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