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Panel Discussion with Church Leadership: Current Issues in the Church



  • January 2, 2010
    9:40 AM
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him as a morning everybody happy to have it I like to welcome you to a in interesting new idea that we came up with the church has always been about growth you would agree SNL the church has always been about growth at its core its mission is growth that comes from Revelation fourteen teaching training and G Y C is always seen itself helping and aiding in that we teach young people we train young people we want to be the church of today that can aid our church and so what we've done is we've we've always worked with church leadership and we have godly leaders in our church and we wanted to bring them forward forth for a moment for some real interaction we want the panel to some of your evangelist some of you are trainers some of your teachers and your preachers who want to dispel that this morning woke in a very real way we want to get to know you want to get to know who you are what makes you tick what why you serve the church we have had the privilege to work with church members and and church leadership for quite some time I think of Doctor Ross is the I think of Dr Pepper my think of Albert Gallimore all along the way godly church leaders have been helping us sing in mentoring us it's always done this morning is taking questions from you with taking questions from young people around the world and we distill them down to very specific questions that that we want to answer because we want them to be relevant people did just like us they're real people all is over a moment when I said here there with you in this table is kind of like a child would inquisitive their parents and we want to be very really we just want real answers from real people this morning to assemble questions from around the world you will get applause you will get a sense of what the young people here in this this auditory minyan in literally around the world how their thinking and what they struggle with and in we want to do that in and we want to launch into that if you'll allow us I want to first of all thank you for being here thank you for your support I know some of you had other things that you change your schedule to be here it means a lot to us that you hear supporting us I think in my presidency at CYC to highlight it out of my mind this conference because it's been such a spiritual blessing and in such a GC representation the other is some of you are actually think all of you voted me to serve as a GUI C voice in Atlanta at the upcoming session and emphasis that about that that that that austere as young people have a voice at the GC session itself for that I thank you I appreciate that it in I humbly and honorably take batting in service of voice so thank you very much for that so the allow me will get started and enough I can access it in a decidedly happier without Mike Ryan Elder Mike Ryan Doctor Mike Ryan Doctor Ted Wilson Doctor Rosaura Doctor Mark Finley a lot has to mark in the Permian page Doctor Ella Simmons Doctor Bill not Doctor Don Schneider each service is GC vice presidents while they're not serves as the communication piece specifically of the GC and then Elder Sneider another with sorry service division presidents which are branches of the GC will we might get into that a little bit later but that's only had here that Israel met Amy and Israel because he was he all along the way has had support from the church and enhance the Council of the church we have him just to show that we have Amy until this morning also there's kind of an unwritten thing that will happen visit on proper way to associate with church members and church leadership and we want to show that in a very real practical way this I'll ask the first question to get a start we've got a panic conference and we focus on being unashamed we focused on amendment to spiritual levels are our spiritual things in it in a practical way we talked about creation we talked about being unashamed of the gospel and I think this question kind of fits within that and I would open it up anyone but as leaders of the General conference would you speak to the commitment level of the GC leadership as well as the global leadership to the authority of Scripture even when it cuts across cultural practices culture should never dictate Scripture John seventeen verse seventeen Jesus said thy word is truth the General conference Seventh-day Adventist is clear on the authority of Scripture Scripture always transcends culture now there can be cultural aspects in which Paul says I become all things while man some methods can be adapted not theology figure was on how the Phillies when also asked that question because I will suppose that the follow-up question to you but here goes anyway recently most of us are aware of recently there have been some public courtesy and regarding the amount of money spent on public evangelism in the form of net type campaigns are there other successful methods are most that are more cost cost effective in a public evangelism for most of the people who are criticizing public evangelism and not doing there's a lot of critics if they had better method and winning more souls praise the Lord but when you look at net evangelism we already have the airtime on three AVN or hope channel and if you are playing one series you might have five thousand three thousand two thousand churches in groups and in their homes participating and I would ask Jesus Watts the worth of the soul and ask the young people here how many of you have ever attended and that evangelistic event and I see your hands how many there ever been classified how many vivid ever baptized as the result of in that event and I see your hands wasn't too expensive for you certainly not so we look for better methods of evangelism definitely should we find better methods certainly but Jesus words Mark sixteen verse sixteen go preach the gospel still ring with relevance there are some of us here oh and immense amount to public evangelism I spent about a while back thinking about the fact my maternal my paternal grandfather came in to the Adventist church through the ministry of HM J Richards the father of HMS senior my maternal grandmother and my mother to the Ministry of Glencoe my wife to the Ministry of Mark Findlay IL an amazing amount of public evangelism and I always will and if I can imagine Adam will do why we always feel that there must be an either or will you using all of the methods that are available to life I believe that is the example that we received from Jesus of Iraq are with you being a division president you might be able to help us answer this question many adults are ignorant of how the church work beyond their local church and pastor can understand the necessity of our system of church structure which include local church conference union division and the general conference thank you so much work on the sequel to order on the 's given us a wonderful start to the Southport mission of the church when it comes to the structure of the church we have sold levels for levels of obelisk to a week 's one of them one of the level is divided into two we will know that and I don't want we have first been more punches in the one churches on me all individual members of the church and then we we haul below or look on me shuns the field no section depends on where the we are talking about is the same level so a local call friends is made all local churches would house of many many conferences will around the world and then we have the union the union is a you know he's made out below conferences on dating your news positive beauty not all of the General conference and then gave it to another from the top is a general conference which is divided into thirteen division but did they give you you see them progress of the General conference so anyone see it is well-stocked and to push forward for island nation will forward be season wonderful structure that the Lord has given us thank you it's always good and interesting I think for us to understand that structure is I think it could exist for a reason and a purpose and if I can set the tone on the panel little bit and get it real with you guys for a second and Gala Leon we understand the church exists to protect our fundamental beliefs and and I just want to read a question and we got many that Damon can I think it's on the hearts of people some not all of our colleges and universities continue to higher import check professors who do not believe in our core beliefs such as creation many youth have lost their faith under such teachers how can this be stopped I tend to think that that comes to me it was open to anyone to them of course is not enough time to deal adequately with that question yes I believe we can lay some fundamental blocks of understanding first of all my personal stand and understand them the church is that they invented schools at all levels including colleges and universities and since one purpose in most countries of the world today systems of education but we operate Seventh-day Adventists education all institutions to to teach them a adventure world perspective spiritual understanding scriptural knowledge so for my wife and we must hold an event that education and reading to send our in our school are not really and uniquely Seventh-day Adventist should not be a reason for that other than that they are only and they admitted they can indicate that in order to get Seventh-day Adventist education we need to have an imperative for seven days at them to come that it practicing Seventh-day Adventist faculty leadership and staff we have all been in a position in which individuals have been hired into our schools who have not been Seventh-day Adventist we appreciate our colleagues but either they will betray themselves at the Christian by seeing what we believe if they are not Seventh-day Adventists are they need training I like teaching something other than Seventh-day Adventists believe in our school it is coming from Genesis to Revelation that academic and spirituality online big divisions that you hear about that we read about all they are worth to help them literally I could go on and on maybe I should let someone else have a point on this we have a responsibility to make our schools are left and everywhere thoroughly Seventh-day Adventist yet and I really appreciate that the key for me that you responded to it if they're not that they're essentially not at this hour and if accurate if I could go up a follow-up question on that action that all had Mike I just want to comment that sometimes when you are addressing this issue it's important to keep in mind that at church leadership addresses and but it's a link people and church leadership working together and that's what will provide a solution that will be of a permanent nature and one that is progressive for the kingdom torture when it was young people that this is a very practical way in which church members can address the needs and the confusing situations at times on campuses and that is to work through the system it's so important to have leadership at colleges and universities who are absolutely committed to the twenty eight fundamental beliefs to the word of God to the three Angels messages and there are many of our administrators who are like that but it is important that you work through them and through the Board of Trustees those people are responsible for those institutions and that is where you in a practical way can actually influence the people by simply talking to them calling them e-mailing them dialoguing with them it will make a difference you need to make your voice no man I liked it as young people and I'm thinking as young people and students he will have a responsibility to stand for truth in these institutions and the classrooms if you stand and if you are honest in your communication of what is happening also have the responsibility and the designer to make a difference will have still we think the foundation from which to operate to make a difference that those of us who travel around the world to sit in various offices who are not acts with the church but who are focused in different places at different times really do not know exactly what is happening given classroom but if you stand for truth you can stand for what is right everyone here will stand behind you we appreciate it when you mean stand for truth we be here on you know make your voice heard stand for truth on all these things are very positive and encouraging for us working through the system in the bottom line question is what is that mean what how do we do that how do we work through the system in a proper way does it mean in a classroom setting if my professors say something that is clearly not in line with what I understand the Bible to be placed in class and say some to do I write him a letter what are ways in which we can stand for truth and work through the system and how does this all tie into this is the question that I was being asked regardless church structure we don't understand that your structure how can we write a letter to IGC president for NED president will be working through the system I want to start with a personal example and then anyone here can answer those specific questions I want to say welcome to Louisville everyone this is my town this is my hometown I grew up here in my family was not Seventh-day Adventist I joined the Seventh-day Adventist church at eight sixteen so I made a decision as a young person I did not have the blessing of Seventh-day Adventists education attended universities right here Indiana University the University of Louisville I did get answers in there later on that year in this town I did my doctoral work you must always conduct yourself as she is this what you don't need to attack the professor and class I had to deal with this time in a in a real situation for example I can remember I would always say when called upon to answer no question evolution was just downright clear I I believe that as a time where I need to know the theories of an evolution but never to exempt them as well so I always have to say in class and on my test papers are climbing to you this is what has happened although I still believe that they got created the heaven and have been so forth and there's a way to do it without creating a problem and people will respect you and while they continue to disagree with you to follow up on what Allen has said there is a difference between a teacher who makes a comment in class that I may not fully understand and they may have a different perception of truth than I do any latent open statement that violates the tenets of Scripture and the unfinished church a comment on academic freedom in a sense academic freedom is a myth and here's why when I agree to teach in a seventh day Adventist college by that family agreement I agree to be supported by seventh day Adventist tuition dollars from Seventh-day Adventist parents who want to Seventh-day Adventist education so I've voluntarily by choice but give up freedom to teach contrary to Seventh-day Adventist values and if I can't do that the thing to do and be intellectually honest is to say I no longer believe that motive someplace else where that could be accepted so active him with universities whose boards need who dismissed recently teachers because they were teaching Catholic theology in a Catholic university there are oppressed Syrian boards and Lutheran board to meet and so the issue is yes as that Dennis we work together we work in harmony and love but the intellectually honest thing to do for somebody who may no longer believe that Dennis theology is to find a place with a competing harmony what they believe in question is related that way those professors who may not take that integrity position and remove themselves from that I think this question is that way recently there is an online petition asking the General conference to tolerate monopoly and not in a homosexual relationship among the signers are ministers and professors of our schools some self-employed network of organizations that teach very divergent doctrines what should be done when trick employees receiving a check from the church openly seek to undermine the very teaching they endorsed all the people we talk about our people and we need to deal with all of the people in the Christian way even people that are very different in their way of thinking then we might be if I'm given an opportunity to deal with an issue like that I really want to deal with it by talking with the person in the state it in a setting where that person and I can visit back and forth as opposed to a trial say that I seems like to me a trial setting causes a conflict that may not be necessary since I been in the jobs that I've been in for the last thirty years or so it has been my job to deal with people some of them I've asked to quit very rarely almost always as we visit I can find the time to ask a question are you having a lot of fun doing what you're doing people who are not supportive of this church are by and large not having fun neither and people who are not enjoying what they're doing I'm not are not doing a good job supporting this church often and that leads me to another point then I say hey if you're not having fun and you're not really into the mission of this church would you want me to help you find something else almost always that is taking care of the issue for me almost never have I said okay next Tuesday we go to trial be ready as were coming at you that just hasn't been necessary in my experience thank you I guess you kind of some these questions up in a sense it we asked them as young people because of the sense of concern we love the church we love creation we love God created men and women to Marion in August instead of the homosexuality thing sometimes we get a sense that these things are being dealt with enough when we are dealt with quickly enough and I think it goes with young people that are made of this is happening do something right now but we also ask that question as mentors why is there a sense from young people and it doesn't feel like it's happening quick enough wife and some you know that we talked about creation homes are starting why the contributing to and probably one of the basic reasons touching on this touching on creation on many other subjects has to do with something that we started out with and that is the authority of Scripture and as society has permeated the church as we have become more sophisticated we have lost a sense of the word of God in a literal understanding as being authoritative in our lives and in our institutions and I think as we address these situations they have to be done within the light of Scripture Scripture is very clear on homosexuality it doesn't mean that we cannot deal with the situation in a Christlike manner as over Schneider is set and and others it needs to be done carefully but society should not impact the way we view troops and Scripture has to be presented first and I think more and more administrators need to understand that when they do and when they fully accept that things will move a little more quickly than your seeing at the present time is that the conference that took place at Andrews University in October is a prime example of how some individuals were very interested in the area of marriage and homosexuality in we were able to put together a very profound conference it came down very strongly on the word of God but with care and with love but it's very clear what God says to follow from outline the Seventh-day Adventist churches and come to the subject in neutral we have a position in its biblical we know what it is but I think over Snyder 's counsel is very very good I wonder what the disciples thought they had to be some of them that were just a little suspicious about Judas and yet Christ went year after year and didn't take care of I wonder if we can't learn something from that I think Elder Snyders councils very good ineffectiveness deal with people as Christ would deal with them it doesn't change the truth we have to position we know what it is but I think our first responsibility is when we finished to say that I act like Jesus I already believe that we as a church we need to take a firm stand under we have done thoughts are positive corporate which we have those statements that rep written on top of what we we need to do the opposite Alito 's dissent on his members as we know we have already stated as a Schneider and Doctor Ryan said I do believe that we we need to apply this principle the best way to combat it is to emphasize the truth so I need I feel the need to that we need to the ethos sizing pixels we need to spend more time I'm done hi I would say is the moral and talk about these on the bloodletting when we emphasize truth then your bringing light and blood bloody darkness will we go away don't we talk both the admission that you approach that we are doing and by the way you know a division .gz approach with doing but on top of that we need to emphasize the tools and the truth will triumph there is an example from earlier than his history that is very instructive although the Seventh-day Adventist church today faces at times the introduction of doctrinal heresies this is not new in the church over a hundred years ago John Harvey Kellogg introduced into the unfinished church pantheistic theories when they came in they came incessantly at first and there were those Adventist leaders that said this hit head-on words the church they came to Ellen White and Ellen White said not yet why her heart was passed borrow she wanted to save as many people as possible the apostasy was not fully developed and she recognize the church leadership moved too quickly people along the way would be lost many people may grasp the fringes of an idea but it takes time to work with them as elders Snyder has mentioned in kindness and love so why doesn't the church move more quickly at times it's because the loving heart of Christ longs to redeem everybody possible and to work with people but there was a point what do you think heresy was a bad thing so many young people that the church had to meet it and Ellen White said she was given a dream by God and he said meet the apostasy needed head-on so there comes a land in its and I know we're dealing with with young people wants to be real we are real leaders we love this church we believe in the supremacy of the word of God but we also have hearts of pastors we want to see our teachers many of whom the vast majority of whom love Jesus and are committed to this church there may be some who will teach some things that are not totally in harmony with the fundamentals but even saying you have hearts to be redeemed for God 's kingdom and so we have that delicate balance of walking that tightrope between the taskbar love that reaches out to redeem and the protecting the church from apostasy please pray that his leaders will know when to be tender and went to meet I like to follow the question of its objective it's great and I think it's enlightening to us and to meet someone assuring that there is a pastoral approach rather than just an oversight which is what the fear of the young people sometimes is as a follow-up question sometimes there is a perception that some not all church leaders seem to be negative toward supporting ministries that have a track record for upholding the teachings policies and leadership of our church while other entities and even workers who undermine our teaching seems to get lost a lot of affirmation and then how can this be what can be done to call everyone to the same accountability sometimes it seems as though were pastoral in situations where no as you just mentioned while the same time not showing the same type of pastoral ministry toward other ministries and might in some ways on try to support the church in its distinctive teachings but I think one of the most important things we get back to practical counsel is really wrestling about how to read make a difference you know when a school or whatever and the same thing it has to do with with any kind of supporting ministry activity you have to let people know what your doing cool you are you got a make contact at leaders are people like you're trying to prove today you simply have to get closer to people and explain it I let me just say it's absolutely wonderful to be at UIC I've been here since Wednesday night and I have been thrilled I've been so encouraged by the commitment of the young people to the church and to the principles of the church and to Scripture and to what the Advent movement really is all about now once people get a flavor of that all ballots are going to be dismissed and you have publicly stated from this platform that G Y C supports the Seventh-day Adventist church and always will once people understand that there are not going to be as hesitant and the same with many other supporting ministries people simply don't know exactly what you're doing some people unfortunately are opposed simply because they are worldview is completely different and you just have to accept that but I would highly encourage supporting ministries and UIC has already proven it that you are so loyal to the church and its values and its mission people shouldn't have a question I appreciate it but I want make sure to work also addressing the other part of the question which is in some cases I know we seem we seem to be pastoral and I believe that's great I think it's great when you don't win our brothers and sisters and sometimes as young people we overlook that and so we appreciate we appreciate you bringing that to our attention of the family which sometimes causes us a little bit of self reflection I guess that the part of the question it strikes me more than anything is sometimes ministry 's argument affirmation by certain parts of church leadership that's a perception that we sometimes receive that there is not just a pastoral treatment of the situation but actually affirmation is given to people who are divergent our ministries or situations are divergent from our anomalies you have to distinguish Israel between the affirmation given by an individual in the endorsement given by the church the Seventh-day Adventist Church of the General conference does not muzzle its leadership so Juergen have people with whom they give individual affirmation but the seventh day at finish Church of the General conference using Norsemen to supporting ministries through the ASI organization the reason we are here today is to give endorsement to this ministry now there are two other aspects of this I want to discuss what is a supporting ministry how do you define a supporting ministry supporting ministry is a ministry that is in harmony with the mission of message and organization of the Seventh-day Adventist church but generates its own financial support so there is no difference in loyalty to mission message and organization the only difference is that you generate some financial support an independent ministry by definition is one who stands outside of the church it becomes a corrective what criticizes the church to get into cans of the spectrum you have independent ministries who see the church in apostasy in who corrected the fundamental attempt to correct the fundamental issue of their views on sanctified pride on the other end of the spectrum you have liberalism who believes it has grown beyond the church that his positions are archaic and wants to reform the church by getting it to go to deny its fundamental beliefs that also is crying so whether you look at the ultra- right the clinical independence or the ultra left the Liberals the fundamental issue is probably and we at the General conference want to bring people toward the center of the twenty eight fundamental beliefs that support this church in the mission to take the gospel to the world one of the ways in which those of us who work in general conference -based ministries are learning to think about our work is to identify what God is doing in the church and try to get in on that means coming to you I see that means listening carefully that means praying in the hallways with young people that means letting our own hearts and minds be affected by the movement of the phenomenon were experiencing here in that way we become supportive ministries of what you're doing and that's the definition we intend to work with I met opportunity to work and a lot of front-line mission projects and many people will come to me no single we have a supporting ministry that was to come and help us is it okay we don't know who they are we know there's a there is a system that that that we have within the church that sort of gives approval to supporting the ASI 's is an organization that we used to say look at them in your part of ASI then we we sometimes given the actually there is a much more biblical explanation in being in the very end Isaiah eight verse twenty two the log to the testimony within Oswego according to this word is not light in them and many times a supporting ministry will prove itself or not prove itself based on that principle and as a reputation against it to move forward but I think that there's no question that as people rally around the nation the message they are interested passionately proclaiming Christ to the world and they take that up they will become partners the church all artists are often issues that represented at the General conference session are supportive of the church mission in talking about their ministries at the same exhibit the session Lord there is a committee that works very carefully to try and screen those who are there and they do their best and certainly the ANSI standard is held very high there may be some things that slip in here and there and they shouldn't but by and large by God 's grace we hope the committee does a good job it it's very careful in the way things are planned for the general comment session change in the people to sit on a committee in each of you are in leadership position is justified at the beginning we look up he was very probably be very frank I think I can speak for the three of us in many of the young people here that we too desire to become copy leaders one day what do you look for when you're hiring someone how can we develop into the property readers happily seek mentorship from people like yourselves are from other people who can help treat has to be those people on what what would you suggest for us to deal yes oh that is a very good question on because you know the future of the church is in Jesus Christ through leadership so God use in for example in use ID this out enough regarding the envisioned division you'd use a imaginal portion of the role of an addition to mentor young people and young leaders because his success without success it is a failure so what we are I have I have found at least three qualities that we won to develop in addition Festival the church is disputed vote organization so the first modification the first quantity that we need to develop these electronic we need to be fading most of the Lord we need to allow thoughts to leave so that we can't delete people we don't want recently the church salts electronic he is is saying the important and vital aspect when it comes to the quality of leadership and then single need Islam we need to lead by law Jesus Christ is the company to use the example and that's why we ask you worshiping you know because you led by novels he sacrificed himself so we need to develop by the grace of God be soon molting because once people know that you know that then it will informal you so long is very important and then referred to this acceptance we need to ask God to help us to be effective and efficient getting things done well organized so that we would convene since they store they were probably more because you cannot debate so anything is spirituality loving sacrifice I'm all heart and that is jump in on this think God uses people who are humble he doesn't need people who have every kind of an answer for everything he can use people who are even less educated than one might want to be able to accomplish things humility I think is one of the most things which means complete submission to God in it in addition to that people who are good listeners people who don't just jump to conclusions people who don't just categorize things immediately but they listen carefully and people certainly who love God and love human beings that's so important integrity I think Mike at six eight sums it up some the do justly be fair love mercy and walk humbly with your God and those are the kinds of leaders that God 's values he's just been a polo mountain there are plenty of them right here in Key West he fight one more quality to what my brothers suggested its tenacity many times as a young person you maybe you have a God driven idea of dream in your life in your mind you may approach a church leader and may discover initially either not the overwhelming acceptance you are seeking or even an affirmation that you think it deserves me tenacious comeback the second time in the third time if necessary pray with that individual who go back and look at your right via shared with other godly friends don't stop with the first node to get the system works if we are tenacious and that I have experienced that in my own life as a young person working with student government anadromous campuses the system will work if we will go back and carefully plan redraft redirect and come back a second and a third time you will discover the success got intended for your idea for me to put a little pretext the responses I want to direct a question in this realm is a review Doctor Simmons because we have godly women in our leadership in July see our first president was a female and I see your female amongst men on that side of the panels I just wonder from your perspective you know can you maybe address that the female leadership certainly let me address this in a general way first but perhaps this is really important maybe more important for women today since you state the question with that perspective of young people when you have all of the rich knowledge base that you must have all the professional and vocational skills all of the dispositions of humility and you are tenacious remember that you must be noted to your God and only we want to query all we see in our church so often the individual male and female collaborating for position that is not of God there's a difference between your call and being tenacious about staying on track pursuing that which God has called you to do than setting your sides on a position and then manipulating your way through the system your network your contacts one effort to get there that is not of God so I say to all and particularly to women because I do have a burden converting young women or I am playing a forerunner God has special things that he wants to do through you for this church and for this world our system is not exactly structured to receive women as openly as it receives man comes from tradition and a comfort with the way things have been a large church is changing and young women and you must be prepared to take the work that God has set before you I love all that Paul says about the Christian existence but this is particularly applicable to coming into the work at the college working for the church is for us to run the race in Hebrews twelve when the legs that has been marked out for as we think about running the race that he says that has been marked out for you have a specific plan for each one of us including five women yes you must be to that tenacious women do not allow the system to assistance of this world are the traditional systems of the church she would deter you from doing what God has called you to do and then will not act in unseemly ways in trying to move into that which God has called you I remember in this country when women's liberation was a good thing and women went out to the streets in March I had to be heard as a way to do things particularly for Christian women and I remember one of the foremost leaders in this country made a statement she said what can we have arrived we had now become them men that we wanted to marry if I may add vintage women's day that I think it's over for Alan now we want to become man we got to outdo men we want to take up positions along the man of pictures and do what God created women in the beginning to do when I'm not soon take over but we are not to be dominated in their yard to be equal partners in what God has called every individual in this charge to do so prepare yourself but please remember to maintain your increase student dignity and doing that that does not mean that you we in fact it means that you must be after them the Manhattan Island life that they had I got them are stronger than men maybe the companies start off in a weaker position and got to give his life I don't know but we must be but we must remember who we are and will we fight every moment this business that my wife was on TV watching this on TV right now I love you Judy was a camera I have a question here of for us maybe or division present in the summits of the divisions were no longer divisions but this might be something appropriate answer also and a lot of the Catholic priest molestation the televangelist 's honesty and all the secular scandals that have recently been on television what can we do as adamant as to improve and to safeguard our own global church system with transparency and accountability that reassures us as membership in a church is like a funny conduct on the one we read the Bible Bibles say so many times we find the fortify meeting to be not donated to sulfides but before I we need to toss one seat and accountability so we need to take pictures of deformity where accountability and transparency are replied how are we doing to how are we doing that you see we have a C-SPAN already but many times sometimes we would don't really make good use of the system we have already did a check and violence in a less assistant role as a representative because our flow of governance is representative from the local church I will run we have made a call frustration with how they did against from the local churches and then the unionization 's self organizations that these over the one event for urban boards on the call me Jesus that is a chicken violence already but unfortunately sometimes we have the system but we we don't really make use of the short we need to reap talking to the way we conduct our pieces that I trust but unseat is the wide adoption accountability is required we house the world Eugene C stem you know what church that for organizations must be audited including by the way people go to church once once a year at least according to the judge money but the conferences and on all must be what we did and then the last thing that I want to do one confess I send a we are trying to do visa in this ID December not retained infant division is still ringing to be intentional about the evaluation and the assessment about these that important sometimes they won't he's a church don't invite me across no disease also be sizzles a body we need to will into the immigration system strongly and lastly we need to be more open and mean the sharing of information we need to allow the door to be opened in a tool waste communication and that's way a leader must not be threatened by hot questions are about twenty we need to invite those questions because we know we got to bed at increase we are a funny if we foster that kind of speeding then transparency and accountability will be upheld before you respond other than the discrete of the church as a system of accountability and we appreciate that system you mentioned the sessions and boards etc. and in some ways of letting those are great systems and I think there her reason I was just thinking as you were mentioning these things are the roots are were were happy of Justin 's inability C-section less I think of myself in machine conference we had our membership will have made about three delegates are sold to the general compensation I think one of them if I'm not mistaken one of them might probably be our present of the Gallimore which means us to than one out of those little messaging employee and then you all of the criteria so three people have to divide that up what does my family and general conference and about time from the General conference we get into even that's a some of the important means by even nominating committees of the word is a likelihood of anyone getting into a nominating committee from just a regulated that might be seen that from my perspective and then someone to have a voice even in that type of large committee three four hundred people are mommy 's in those committees of I think it's great that we have these type of checks and balances but are they really checks and balance the guess that's a question that was cut asking is it really a system of checks and balances and and as as it is intended to be sure the General conference session has just over two thousand delegates many of those delegates are mandated by the Constitution of the General conference that Constitution is formulated by the General conference session has been formulated down through the years and can only be changed by a general conference session all the delegates who are representatives of the world field and when you think of the fact that Seventh-day Adventists have a church of sixteen million members we have a representative form of government but also we have over two thousand delegates many of which are determined by the Constitution there are some delegates that are reserved to be a pointed over three hundred and by the General conference itself and it's a very interesting thing our general conference president Doctor John Paulson recently met with each of the division presidents and urged them to look at the delegates that were not assigned by position mandated by the Constitution and consciously choose youth to participate in the session so there are those numbers which many people don't realize we have a certain okay the Constitution doesn't mandate them looking specifically at young people because we want them to participate in the process if I confess kind of draw us into a little bit of a conclusion hearing and can't go back or restart a read recite or comments about the mission of the church August we were all here for different reasons and and we all support the mission of the church and in all recently spoke about our ways for us to do that imagine a sixteen million at this were excited about that number on what its week to be honest there is there is a lot in the world is a lot in the United States I haven't heard the name of Jesus they bade they don't have the opportunity to hear about the Seventh-day Adventist message and I think enclosing it be good for you to encourage us you know what's being done it's not a good number we don't like it and in closing what's being done and specifically what can we as young people do to help you finish this mission Seventh-day Adventist church believes that it has been given a mission mandated by God Matthew chapter twenty four verse fourteen revelation fourteen verse six and seven G Y C can serve as a forum for young people urging encouraging training to have one passion in one goal and that's preached the gospel to the world might get you there are a hundred and fifty babies born every second the world and some people say will happen we keep pace with that two hundred and sixteen million people added every year while we had about a million and as long as that ratio is less than four hundred and seventy one we start to make progress since I beginning the ratio and administer world population is becoming down down down we are becoming her in the population but you know I I we started out by asking a question about public evangelism and while we all endorsed that I can tell you that public evangelism would only be marginally successful it were not for personal evangelism and you can ask any evangelist that and and if you want to know what young people can do they can be part generation that creates opportunities for involvement think they can take and pass that culture of the church that's how we began and I like to believe that that's also how we will be functioning right before Jesus comes that will be the number one priority who can I tell about this message and I've been tempted Jesus and if you want to know what young people can do they can make sure that culture is passed on that date only an date and they move forward with itself I I think that the I think that that mission is is was what we're organized about and I believe that we are a church with a bright future and that is because Jesus is coming but this message will go to every person I met at your participation in our conference your participation in this panel has meant a lot we hope you sense the pulse of the young people here at UIC this was his audio person working twice generation of Chrysler would like to learn more about CYC please visit www. 's life as well or or more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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