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Right Thinking: How to be Happy and Healthy in a World of Depression and Sickness - Part 4

Michael Lemon René Lemon


  • August 17, 2019
    4:00 PM
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How is your back or. How tall are you with live abandon you see each of us has an invisible bipeds whereas back and since for all we feel great and we're insisting we feel overall let's back it it is constantly being over for all depending on what others say or do you Charles. So we went through because we're now are we brave when we. All fall so there's a book called How full is your bucket it's written by a guy by the name of Tom Rath and if any of you read it or seen it OK So he says that every interaction that you have with someone can be a positive or a negative interaction and it can affect your health it can affect your productivity at work so he's really even how long you live and the effect on your relationships it can it can affect them but you don't only have a bucket you also have a dipper and you can use that dip dip or to pour it into someone else's bucket and fill their bucket or you can use that dipper to dip from someone else's bucket it's kind of like the Bible says when you bless someone you know you're filling their bucket right so to bless someone is in to empower them by speaking well of them but to curse them is to kind it I guess disempower them by speaking evil of them and so so he's saying that when you use your bucket or your dip or your eye they're filling someone up or else you're poisoning their life OK so you don't want to be poisoning people's lives you want to give them the best possible outlook that you can and. Questioning how do back. When you're back in the full you feel great so what do you think the best answer to that is how do I make sure that my bucket is full. If ill someone else's is exactly what the writer Tom Ross says he says the single best thing that you can do to filled your bucket is to do something for another person in the wonderful does not go along with what we've been saying the joy of the Lord is to share your faith right and so by doing it for others that's exactly what Jesus did right and so here's what it says instead because we looked at this briefly last time the effort to bless others will react in blessing upon. Ourselves OK so it goes hand in hand with what what Tom Rath had discovered phone debate wait. You might. Back look at this God wants us to receive much in order that we might impart much OK so it's not get get get and keep keep keep it's give give give and that's the motto of heaven according to Ellen why she says the motto of heaven the motto of Jesus is to give give the motto of hell in the motto Satan is that get get OK so we get so that we can give and we continue to live we last time we talked about the purpose of Jesus and what was that he was possessed of one purpose he lived to blast others he lived to bless others page 70 of desire of ages OK so how do you fill someone's bucket let's create a scenario of how you fill someone else's bucket so say for example. You meet some person here A G Y C and you've never met the met before in your life and they're happy cheerful person and they're smiling and they come up to you and they say what's your name and then they they greet you as though hey they know you and even though they don't know you but they show that they're really interested in you and then they they remember your name next time they see you and then they they don't only ask you your name they tell the their name and all of sudden you made a friend so that's called One positive OK so they have now put something into your bucket and. You and. Me. Both. There. And they greet you and you can't keep up with the thing wasn't with very many between. So it would be. So doubt your bucket starting to get full and when your bike is starting to get full you feel really good you made to fret about someone you met before and they remember do it now you got 2 friends is wonderful and then all of a sudden men you look down and you lost your name tag. And you're feeling kind of bummed out and you looked at someone else and you're just like another friend who came with your new tell of a Lost my name tag and they look at you and they say. You shouldn't last that you should be more careful that I mean don't you realize you need that then tag in order to get into the seminars and you need that narrative and you just say what's that. That's a negative business OK but that's OK You got 2 positives that 2 positives out does that one negative doesn't it. And then another 3 years you and think he's done already oh help you look for it yeah right oh how cute and they walk and you retrace your and you find your missing name awesome and so what. All you got 3 to one this is looking really good and then you get out your cell phone and you think I'm so happy I want to for my friend at home and so you call them and you tell them what happened about how you lost your name tag and someone help you find it and they their paws and they say if you noticed how much how many times you lose things you're always losing things should be more careful with your things and your thinking then they should rejoice and say wow the last has been found but now the obsession with it is decided to live and so that's another negative you see how hard this is it's hard to fill up your baggage you got niggas in bars if I could fly it all over there but at least you have more positives than negatives. It was actually a very interesting day with John going man and wife marriage and think the. And he wrote a book about the studies they studied very 100 new we can hold by recording a 1st scene minute conversation and in the 1st few minutes conversations maybe you knew you were a couple here with each other they were just looking for positive verses negative interactions right on the basis of viewing these 1st conversations you think there is. Positive way the negative of 5 to one ratio the couples come to New to enjoy marital intimacy right so fast to work hi Emma is when he should be lauded passed away there was a world of all. Yankees team on the basis of the 1st team I had a conversation may produce sions of I was little or no these couples would be a very. Weird in the next year or divorced or people tried. And he found. We're. Just on the basis of looking at a 15 minute conversation that's incredible and so that's an incredible study and so is very accurate so he predicted if a bullet went below $5.00 to $1.00 there was another study by Barbara Fredrickson and she she hold it down she said you can't dip below $3.00 to $1.00 so she says if it's above the $3.00 to $1.00 line then you're probably going to stay married but if it goes below $3.00 to $1.00 it tends to cascade towards divorce yes. When. No no no so. I think yeah and sometimes it wasn't like an outright It was just even a facial feature or something he had probes all over these people how much they were sweating how they're interacting their body language and everything so those kinds of things yeah and just realizing all those attention that shone there towards that you know is a negative interaction as opposed to a positive interaction you know it's like when you're looking at someone they're smiling at you all the time you're just like others I feel better because they're that and they have to genuinely smile OK if it's disingenuous then you're just like me that's even worse than a negative way it's like that's fake so. Yeah it is so by shining right on what is right so in other words this is this is what Tom Rath discovered now when I talk about Tom rather than talking about someone is quoted a lot in a lot of these studies because he worked for Gallup and he did studies on over 4000000 employees to look at one question. In over 4000000 employees worldwide and one topic in the topic was are you getting enough recognition at work OK And and he looked at including 10000 different business units 30 different industries and. Here's what they discovered when when people were getting enough recognition at work or shining light on what they did while they found out these 4 things they increase their individual productivity so just the boss coming up to someone in fact he asked this question are you have you got any recognition from your boss. In your work life and most people said no. No they had never ever received any recognition at work not even any right so most people are not getting any recognition just getting one sign of recognition in the year could increase your productivity but daily recognition see how easy it is. You can win people to Christ by just being kind to them right I mean Joe's witnesses for example I talk to those Witnesses and Mormons all the time and and they they say they can just count that they can get at least 10 percent of the population by just visiting them. And they don't even have the truth. You know and say we get something to share here you know and I'm not trying to put it down I'm just trying to tell you there's there's so much more we have to share and when you do share the truth it's like especially if you have something to share right so they increased individual progress productivity they're more likely to stay with the organization they receive higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers and they have better safety records in fewer accidents on the job just by being recognized so recognition is a huge thing so filling up someone else's bucket at work. You want to do. So call it your eyes. When we want you to think. Just think this is a calorie Can you see it like it could be strawberries could be what you don't read we just Academy can you see the color red it could be a red stop light you see it again open your eyes. There's red start popping out at you can you see any red in the room can you see any red Yeah yeah did you see it before oh you see my lanyard K. I didn't even notice that what happens you start noticing things. Right that you're looking for is that you see the sign up there you see the door is red. OK So when you're when you focus your attention on something you see it right you tend to miss what you're not looking for now here's another exercise. There was I don't know if you've seen this You Tube video on on online but it's of these these basketball players are all girls and some of them have black shirts and some have white shirts and they have a basketball and they're you're asked this one question you know how many times. I watch it's possible. You have to watch the team and count how many times a day off the ball to each and and so then any 20 think into the video you know Goodman's walks across the court just 45 think. And they even Windows they were off to count how many times the words of pawns in the Washington Post the bowl and will of. These someone wearing a gorilla suit walking across the hall. And what do you think the thing that people think. He is the noble. Meaning of being printed they were going nowhere it wasn't meant. Right and then they said hey we have to look at the video again because we don't believe it and so they showed them a video game and everyone of them of course saw the man in the gorilla suit why did they see it the 2nd time they didn't see it the 1st time they were looking for it what were they looking for how many times and so here's what happens we filter things out there's so many things that you have to attend to every single day that someone will say Did you see that I didn't see it right it's like why didn't you see it I saw it because you're focusing on it so we tend to miss things that we're not looking for now what happens if your brain is wired to just look for negative things all the time. Right what will you do you're just going to look for negative and you're going to see they give but if your brain is wired to look for positive then you're going to see positive and so you're you're looking for blessings you're looking for ways in which you can bless your family and so this is one thing that Abraham Lincoln said he said I will never say anything negative to anyone ever and after he died it was discovered that in his drawer there were all these letters to people that were negative that he never ever sent so he felt some things that were negative and he just wrote them out and he says I will never say that anyone put that in the drawer but every single thing he ever wrote or said even in his speeches was always encouraging always encouraging would not just change your mindset and give you just a total outlook on life that is completely change so look for the positive and you will see it so right now when you are not the challenge. And we have enough time to actually put into practice your right we want to run for short. Periods. Positive handed to you yeah I don't know. Some of you my really do create you know. Every day so after comparing different subjects who are asked to do this for 20 minutes a day for 3 days a week for one month they found that their level of happiness always went up. And they compared them to a control group who wrote about just neutral subjects and nothing happened to their happiness level didn't go up or down so this is proven that this will help you not just for doing it for a month but if you stop doing it the effect on your happiness will continue to grow just thinking about it that's an incredible thing so think about it and just highlight the positives it doesn't have to take long it does not even take 20 minutes but to sit down and write about some positive experience that you had throughout the day and this is inventing about something that was negative this is saying something that's positive and it will rewire your brain just like if you remember yesterday we talked about the Tetris effect how people were playing Tetris all day and they couldn't stop seeing these little things falling from the sky right it's like what happened to your rewiring the way that you think it's this is a positive Tetris effect they talk about. So go ahead was with someone who did another 30 and then once it counts some groups of people those you really felt that they were lucky that they were lucky very lucky and those involved that they worked on that plate. And they had to count how many forwards in this way in that you say that they gave them a new face and it was a newspaper that that was part of the experiment Yeah so it had it had a certain number of photographs in there but it also had certain messages and everyone who sat in this is in this experiment had the exact same newspaper you know thought of a creative and you've paid for We've lacked people and these I'm like you and they all had the same newspaper yeah so then back to one driver and they were 43. Even you pay with you know you think rhymes we have is the ones you think that well I know that he took an average of human and to find the 43 photos now why was it possible I mean how could it be possible for a person is thinks that they're lucky to take only a few seconds because on the 2nd page of the newspaper it said. In a very large bold letters stop counting there are 43 photos in the newspaper and. That was it so they could put up their hand and they say did you get it and they wrote the number down and they're all right all the people who said that they were lucky within a few seconds they saw that those who said they whether they are lucky or unlucky those who said they were unlucky didn't see it they didn't even see it they counted every single one guy and read through the whole thing now and again and. Hopefully. With. A. Thought experiment you have seen if you. Are lucky people saw it all those who said they were unlucky never saw it so they had primed their mind already by telling themselves I'm unlucky I never see anything I never get anything out of St You don't know why because there are some people who go through life seeing the missing tile right if there is a missing tile on the roof somewhere would you see it or would it just hate all the other tiles are there why are we worried about the missing tile if you see that this one has spots on it does it bother you hopefully not because of the light rest them all white South you know and say Everything else is perfect you look at your cares is everything else is perfect and you say. I think he had a little spot there on your face or is this just you know your mom will probably I'll clean it up there. But sometimes we focus on the negative too much that's all I'm saying and if we're focusing on the budget we look for the best in people then we bring out the best in them and we want to bring out the best in one another. So every single person had the same opportunity to get the $250.00 every single person had the same opportunity it's just the way in which they had wired their thinking and program their brain to see things and you have you afraid of heights you know this is actual picture of someone who's lying on one of those tight ropes and he's lying on his back. With their freak you out OK. So are you afraid of heights any of it. So. So. So there was a time in my life where I was not afraid of heights at all. But when I was 25 years old my brother was working I was living in Africa at the time and my brother was working on a scaffold he was actually the safety man on the job and it was at coming co. I was. Going to with a make I can remember now I think was metal or something like that and it was in Rosslyn British Columbia and he was working the all night shift and it was late in the snow was blowing and the wind was hitting against his back and he was way up more than 50 feet up in the air and he was working on scaffold and there was Black a sheath of black I still across the scaffold board and he had this harness the safety belt on and the wind was blowing him against the pipes and everything and then he had to move from where he was working because he had finished working there to another spot and he had to unclip his belt and so as he was unclipping because belt he was holding on and he was moving to the next spot and as he did his foot slipped and as it's slept he fell and he fell and as he was going down he was hitting pipes on the way down is how that was thrown off and he hit his head and you know bang. Himself all up and then he hit the ground and there was a there was. A Christian guy who was really active in his faith and he ran over to my brother and my brother at the time I was 32 years old and. And this guy ran over there and he held my brother's hand and he looked at me he realized my brother is really hurt and he says man just disclosed on all be right back and he read and he called someone he said call 911 get some safety guys on the job he says this guy's really hurt bad and he ran back to my brother and he started witnessing to my brother and he started praying with him and say you know do you know Jesus and my brother said to me you know I really do want to know Jesus and he says he says and he made it really attractive to my brother and he said Well do you want to be saved and in heaven he says of course I do and he says well pray with me and so my brother was praying that he would that he would end up in heaven and it wasn't too long after that my brother died right there on that spot and so he was really banged up really badly so after that. I was afraid of heights OK My mind had to fight of heights so I couldn't go anywhere high I couldn't even long go along the road and look down it was like too much I was in away from me when I'm. Yeah. And I know kind of. Young she was just tiny right she would like to. Be. And just I think. Anyone here is just basically to the right and. I think. She's tuned in right and I think she can. You know. That the. Audience again Jesus didn't leave you know. So there was a member of our congregation when we were in Alberta and he said to me we gotta go out and go rock climbing right so this guy's name is Spencer So he took a picture here of me when I got to this spot here where I was hanging over the edge it took like more than an hour before I got there I was talking to him the whole time he was like It's OK Mike you don't have to go we can go another time and I was like no I got to get over this thing I gotta get over it and so you got to tell me so I stood there and I was like are your shoes you sure the safety gear works I'm sure are you sure it's tied properly Yes is this harness working how many people have fallen over the edge before you know this my helmet work and all that and I was just scared so I was just I look like I'm smiling there and I was doing it for the picture but I was like I was like I was really scared and there was another camera at the bottom so this is what it looks like from the bottom said. He was taking a picture of me going down over the edge and and slowly he talked me he was really patient really really kind and he was just calmly talking me down and talking me down and says it's OK just go as slow as you want and believe me I want to slow as I walk I tried not to look down I just kept on looking up to look up. And I just went all the way down and so I got there and I got to the bottom and by the way when I got to the bottom I was still scared. But at least I had gotten over that little bed and then the Lord took us and we moved to British Columbia we lived there for 12 years before we got to British Columbia I was I was having nights wets I'd wake up I'm going to go over the edge right I was just so scared now I can drive in the mountains no problem but there was because it was the. Right Thing when it was. Oh yeah barricade barricades or anything I know. You're not dealing with right now going on I mean you know climbing trees and plan on by now and. When the wind change we change the way you look. And. You. Remember we talked about that last time right and remember Lucifer he looked at Jesus and he changed the way he saw Jesus did it change Jesus who did it change that's right so the very act of looking for evil in others develops evil in those who look you get it so when you look for evil in someone else it doesn't make them evil it makes you evil right so that's exactly as saying you know once for us he was a distress remember we talked about this yesterday that the mission. Women of Satan and of Jesus is in one verse one verse John 1010 it says the thief comes only to steal and to kill and destroy that Satan but I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly So how do we share their faith how do we grow that faith I want to finish with this little quote here it says Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people this is the positive What did he do the savior mingled with men as one who desired their good and he showed his sympathy for them to minister to their needs and he won their confidence and then he bade them what follow me so you don't just come up to someone and say hey come and follow Jesus now you got to get them you got to show them Jesus by the way that you live your life so Jesus in winning gold and by sharing that faith with others so I just want you to close that over there oh I want to give you this one last thing. Before we go on to something else I want you to put this down as something to do in 2nd Chronicles 20 I want you to read that and do that as your personal devotional and say how did this guy what was his insight like this the. KING How did how was his insight or his view of God so positive because it was amazingly positive and how did it change OK So read 7 Chronicles 20 that's just something that I would encourage you to do on your own before going to this next thing so James one verse 2 I love this it says counted all joy. When when you fall into various trials so when things go wrong in your life. Praise the Lord. Will things go wrong in your life guaranteed so you start off the Dan you say this is the Lord that So this is the day that the Lord has made right I will let us rejoice and be glad in it so you don't know what the day's going to turn into but when you have that positive attitude you can face these difficulties and you can say Praise the Lord counted all joy when you fail fall into various trials and that a beautiful verse. Yeah it's a beautiful verse OK James one verse to say it with me my brethren counted all their Juror A When you fall into various trials he goes on and says for that counted all joy when you fall into various trials for the testing of your faith produces what patients OK as and let patients have it's perfect you may be perfect in the plea lacking nothing so imagine this situation you walk into a bank and there are 50 other people in there you got it so you walk into a bank and then a robber walks in. And you're the only one who gets shot. So you end up in the hospital the next day you are released from the hospital they took the bullet out and you are returned home now. If you were honestly describing this event to your friends the next day would you describe this event as fortunate. Or unfortunate. Fortunate. This. Unfortunate OK Usually when I think fortunate anyone said fortunate OK yeah I think you're. In good very good yes guy. Is released the next day I mean a gun shot all I've seen I see one gunshot wounds look like they don't look pretty OK So anyone else. Yeah. Exactly. Ya. Know exactly that's the thing whenever this question of this fake scenario is put could happen right but when this scenario is asked to audiences usually it's roughly $7030.00 most people say it's unfortunate and 30 percent say it's fortunate so here's some of the answers that people have given I could have walked into any bank at any time this kind of thing almost never happens how unlucky it is that it happened that I happened to be there and that I was shot right say this present or they think it's fortunate or unfortunate I'm fortunate OK. OK it says I entered the bank perfectly healthy and I laughed in an ambulance I don't know about you but that's not my idea of a good time OK. OK OK Now listen to this this sounds like a real stiff upper lip British person and. I'm. Inconvenient OK what about this. There released 50 other people in the bank Surely someone deserved to be shot more than I did. OK OK say this guy you know he kind of you probably should take a shot. That way. I. Always think. I'm. Fortunate in that beautiful I get to have that outlook I think that's very positive. OK It's amazing that nobody else got hurt there were at least 50 other people in the bank including children it's unbelievably lucky that everybody lived to tell the tell the tale. As beautiful OK So what does it say in Romans chapter a verse 28. There you go OK So here's what it says in My brother says and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are called according to His purpose and his brothers is to bless us and to keep that in my that's very positive isn't it so all things work together for good you can say whom somehow this was filtered through the fingers of Jesus and he allowed this to happen in my life and I can praise the Lord for it right something good is going to come out of this that it was bad by the way but there is something good that can come out of this look at this from help and a living pages 30 and 31 and says the following this phrase it's called and not before and which infant meant for. Yeah was he thought of comfort and ease for. He used when this crime and. When if it comes he comes from the savior 3 rounds he when he's free and it goes on. Nothing can touch fate. The nation that sounds like job doesn't it right. Or nice factory and all wanting to nations and. Then. All that you think you should and vacations in shorts all things. For. Oil and fairy and. When we. Rolled in that beautiful. All right God can work through these circumstances to bring something good not that evil is good no no no or not the things that are bad are good but God can bring something good out of something bad right and going. Up. Again so if you're living in sin right can God save you from that yes but he gives you the power of choice right so when it says the wages of sin is death it's like what is sin is to live outside of God's will for you 2 to 2. To be separated from God to to break the commandments right so what are those commandments Well Ellen says that those commandments are the same as the natural laws of think of the natural law we have the natural law called gravity right now if I were to stand up on this building right up on the 15th floor I'm a 70 Davenant's if someone else is a Jew and someone else is a Catholic and someone else is a Baptist someone else is a Muslim and all of us step off the edge of the building are we going to fall are all of us right he doesn't change it for anybody Aaron saying so the wages of defying the law of gravity is you fall doesn't matter who you are right so you're not changing it for anyone so if I were to lie. Does anyone get hurt I say what I got away with it nobody knows yet I do I hurt myself i hurt myself every There's a law that says if I lie I'm not being truthful I'm not being myself I was created to be truthful I was created to be loyal to my wife when I saw it when I said to her I would live for with her and be be faithful to her until death do us part being unfaithful to her Does it hurt it hurts her and hurts me but what if no one knows. It hurts you when saying you hurt yourself because you destroy yourself every time you sin so the wages of sin is death yes if I was does fall off the building and the and we all die no matter if I say I'm a sinner the Adventists have the same faults as. I have the same fall so the wages of sin but can God bring good out of a bad situation when I do evil can God turn it around and bring something good well why is that we will be when we get to heaven if we you know turning to him and because of His grace we will be slow close to Jesus that we will be closer to him afterwards. Then we would if we had never sin. While there see what happened to someone's arm when they break it and then you look at where it's fused together. Where those 2 bones get fused together actually at that point where the 2 bones are fused together is stronger than it was before. So when bones get fused together they are stronger at that point than they were before they got broken yeah so God can bring something good out of a bad situation because he can do it because he's got and turning to him and his love he can turn around an evil situation look what he did with Joe It was a horrible thing Satan thought to do something evil to job but God turned it around and blessed him even more why because he trusted job trusted God I could go into that straight it's a really beautiful story the god really God put his own reputation on the line by trusting Joe because God was the one who brought job's name up gone I did he said Have you considered my servant job. Like if I was Jay was like quiet you know you know saying comes into his presence and says See everybody is on my side I can see is probably smoking a big skew been cigar and I was blowing it in God's face I run down there is on my side and then Jesus says Have you considered. And so scenes as glad you mentioned that he's serving you because because your guy good to him because you blessed him just take all that hedge of protection away from him and he'll curse you to your face and then Jesus as he won't he's my servant he's my witness. That's what the Bible says you are my witnesses that I am the Lord. Right and so he says go ahead and so Satan takes it takes a stab a job why because Satan is saying to himself you judge me that I should be kicked out of heaven. Oh you're letting me judge him OK let's judge him because. You're wrong about me and I'll show that you're wrong about me because you judged him as being faithful and if you're wrong about him then you're wrong about me. So God was putting his own reputation on the line to get arms they say here is a he'll be faithful to me I know he's my friend and so what does Satan do he hits his family he hits everything he takes away all his possessions and then even that even the servants come back and they say you know God sent this and God sent that and all and even his wife comes to him and says Why don't you just curse God and get it all over with and he says no no no that's foolish I can curse God naked I came into the world naked all the he says but blessed be the name of the Lord and he praises God I will not curse God because there's nothing the curse God has has blessed me with so much and so God can bring something good because he had faith. God is faithful are we faith why are we faithful because we are full of faith in Him Faith for all means we're full of faith to get it and he who is faithful in that which is least is faithful also with much and just just that faith grows. And as we are filled with faith we grow and grow and grow so we trust him that everything that comes in or into a lives he is so wise that whatever comes into our lives he can bring good out of it. As you did until plans are basically the same thing. And times. When You Don't Know Me Yes Faith means trusting God and know and and believing that he has our best interests at heart right he wants the best for us so when soldiers are heading off for combat I wouldn't want to go off to combat because it's not a pretty situation but when soldiers are said not to combat psychologists commonly tell them that they will return either normal which would be the best case scenario they say or you're going to come back with P.T.S.D. or post-traumatic stress disorder. So they're only pot to pass. Right but now we know from so very many other studies that there's also something called Provost traumatic growth instead of falling down falling up. So in other words you can grow through a distressing situation you can grow after trauma after everything goes wrong you can grow in fact your your life can get better. Now let me just tell you about my story. When I was 3 years old I think I shared a bit of it this morning some of you that were there when I was 3 years old my parents got a divorce actually what happened was my father he was a he was a good man OK He was a he was a salesman before that he was trained as a as a as an artist and he was very good it is trade but he had this addiction to alcohol and it was destroying his family so myself and my 3 brothers we were put on a train from my mother and she took us all the way across Canada to live with her mother she couldn't take care of us and she put us in an orphanage and so I was in an orphanage from the age of 3 until I was 16 years old while I was at the orphanage. My eldest brother Joe was involved in a tractor accident and he ended up being pinned between 2 tractors and he had his is his liver was was punctured and he had internal bleeding and dying and so my brother Joe when I was 10 years old he was killed he was 18 at the time and that was it was just trama I remember my mother leaving us at the orphanage I was 3 years old and and then at the end of the day I'm looking for her I was playing with all these other kids and then they told me this is your new home you're going to stay here I was like devastated and I ran to the basement of this place and I was kicking and screaming and no one could come near me and then I I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up in the morning I was in a bed in the little boy's dorm Now my brothers were separated from me and my 2 brothers elder brothers they were twins Pete and Bob They went into the big boys' dorm and then my eldest brother Joe was taken to the farm and that's where he had been killed at the age of 18. In the tractor accident and so all of these things just were like is can it get any worse right and when my brother Pete as I told you he was killed he fell from a scaffold. 50 feet up it was like to my brothers were killed my my mother ended up committing suicide it was a horrible situation so all of this trauma trauma trauma trauma and then one day I mean my grandmother came to me and she said to me. I have found the truth and she had gone to all these different churches and taken me along as a little kid she would take me to these little churches churches and I was just a little kid and then one day she came to me and she was a pretty hard lady and you could see on her face she was different you could see she was like she had become something changed in her and she told me about the Sabbath and she told me all these things and I could see it was true and and so she told me what happens when people die and all of that and she was teaching me from the Bible. And then one day she took me to Devon his church and I was 12 years old or older I think it was a way around there. And went to have an urge and it was snowing out it was in Regenesis catcher and I got on a bus and we went to this church and the snow was like 2 feet deep and so when we got there we got there before anyone else the pastor was the only one there and he was shoveling the snow off the front and so I went out there with the pastor and I was shoveling the snow and it was still dark out actually and then we went in and they had Sabbath school and everything and I remember the church service the 1st sermon I ever heard in an administration was on how bad cheese is for you OK. And when I heard that I said this is the true church because if they know about cheese they must know everything right and that was the truth and I was like this is this is like the best church I've ever seen a to know everything and then my grandmother took me to this to this meeting and the guy that I had seen on T.V. from it is written is there was George and him and he was talking at the front I could listen that guy for hours he was so interesting very very interesting to listen to as a little kid and and that was my 1st introduction to the evidence church and then eventually after my mother's death and I was 16 then then my grandmother sent me to some Devon a school. When I was kind of a weird looking kid at that stage I had long hair I had dark glasses and I was drinking a lot like I was drunk almost all the time I mean I was a 90 kid and so I went into the school as I've been a school and they said you can't wear blue jeans and I said I don't have anything else but blue jeans right and I had black T. shirts and you know so they said that's our I will take anyway and so I was the only one who could get away with wearing blue jeans and black teeshirt and so I was sitting there and school and I remember they had Bible class and there were 30 kids in this class and I was sitting there listening to everything this guy was talking about his name is Dr Owens and he was talking about Daniel revelation and he read this verse from Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 where it says Behold I stand at the door and knock and if anyone opens the door I will come in it's up with him and I thought that's what I want he said during control of that you can do that and then he walked right up to me and I had this T. shirt on and it said on the front crime of the century and it was a band called Supertramp and it was these bars that were out in space in these hands and these bars and he looked at me and all that class was quiet because I was like this weird kid and I was obviously not into some of the evidence and I was sitting on the corner there and he walked right up to my desk and he said Young man do you think Jesus would wear a shirt like that and I looked at him and I said I don't know. And so he said. Maybe he would any turn around he just kept teaching and it didn't really faze me but there rest of the class they told me about this years later they said to me we thought he was going to remain. Because But when you said I don't know he was like. And then he said and then he didn't get upset with you we're Alice we breathe a sigh of relief. As anyway so I walked into someone's Bible study one day I was going to play football and I knocked on someone's door and I walked in there and they're having a Bible study and they were talking about faith and as I was listening to this. I started asking questions and this guy said to me you've got lots of questions you should read the Bible and he says Do you have a Bible and I said I don't have Bible and seizes here have my Bible and I opened up his Bible and it was all marked up like there was lines and everything in writing all over the place and I said I can't use your bible this is obviously your bible I can't take it he said I give you a challenge if you read this Bible every single day read at least a chapter a day you can have it so I say now I don't feel good about taking a bible he says no no I want you to have it I still have that Bible it's falling apart now is like I read it so much and and that's what changed my life that and that's the difference between falling down and falling way up you can fall up circumstances are not supposed to change I love this is Roman history of a man can change circumstances but circumstances should not be allowed to shape the man he shapes sorry shape circumstances so how could you possibly fall up. Come up and change. What. You know how often from what you find that. We had students who found out they had cancer what do they do I mean what's going to happen in their lives could they fall down or fall out from the circumstance. What kind of positive patients feel when they would i can. So here's some some positive things that people have been experienced you never heard that expression what doesn't kill you makes you stronger OK it's sure for some people they're so resilient so some people have increased spirituality I think that's a good thing so their spirituality grows from the situation. And. So Ellen White makes the statement it is our experience that determines our influence on others right so when you go through a difficult circumstance you become more compassionate towards others openness increases in him hard think. Forward and great the need. For me to feel all fine for any great length of group. And they have an unspoken enhanced self-confidence right it just makes them stronger to get through these difficult circumstances. So here's another quote from help and a living page 9 it says trials and obstacles are the Lord's chosen methods of discipline trials and obstacles chosen methods of discipline and his appointed conditions of success we're almost out of time imagine that you're standing at the top of the hill. On a skateboard. And they ask you to. To calculate how far it is to the bottom and what is the slope how steep it is when you run Oh so they measured how scared they were and the people who were more scared thought that it was further down and that it was a steeper slope and those who are more confident thought like it's not that far and it wasn't all that city and so they found out something called an explanatory style What is your explanatory stuff how do you explain your situation and then they found that people who had a positive explanatory style had the ability not to. Think that what they were going through would last forever so it was something that was temporary and it wasn't permanent but a person with a negative or non optimistic explanatory style usually catastrophizing the situation oh it's always like that there will never be just like the people who are looking it's so bad just doesn't. Make it to one. End of the day and he stayed home that yeah actually yeah they had that learned hopelessness where you felt like you were helpless and hopeless and you couldn't move out of the situation so this is the good part of this you can learn a and optimistic explanatory style OK you can learn that and you can learn it by looking at your situation and saying this is temporary it's not permanent and it and we could this can go away this is not going to be like this forever and things are going to get better I want to finish with this story if you can help me Jerry just give you a bit of your time John chap. For 5 you know there's this story it says now there was a Jerusalem a Sheep Gate. Sorry by the Sheep Gate a pool which is called in the Hebrew Beth as which had 5 porches so where was this pool. In Jerusalem where by the Sheep Gate do you think it smelled very nice and have you ever been around sheep they don't smell very nice OK So there's a poor all and this man is sitting there by the pool by these 5 porches and how long has he been sitting by these 5 porches in East great most. People live and they have realized waiting for them of the won't so they believe something was going to happen there it says for an Angel went down at a certain time into the pool and it stirred up the water and then whoever stepped in 1st after the stirring of the water was made well of whatever diseases he had. Now. And. So what was he looking at where do you think his answer was going to come from. The poor. Yeah so do you think he felt very hopeful. He was feeling he was feeling like very helpless in fact Ellen White says that he was the most. Wretched man there that Jesus when He walked there he wanted to heal everyone but he knew that he would have had like a stampede on his hands and so on his hands so he didn't he looked for the most wretched man that was there one who felt like he was never going to be healed his whole focus was on the poor and no one was going to help him so when Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had already been there in that condition a long time you think he. Is that important question. Why. You got to believe right part Have you ever heard of something called. Well I guess we just introduced you learned helplessness or people who are in jail and what do they do they are let out of jail and then they commit another crime and they can back to jail and it's called the high recidivism rate why because they they know that situation they're confortable all as prisoners and so they keep on staying in this this imprisoned state so Jesus is asking him this question because he's he's like he has his hands up like Jesus give me something and Jesus is not going to give him some He's like Do you really bit want to be made well because if you're going to be made while you're not going to be sitting on this mat ever again ever again have you ever moved. We just moved recently we're 12 years in one place we had to move that's not easy it's hard very stressful that he was sitting there for 38 years he's going to have to move right and get up and feed by on. Many. His whole focus is on that it will be made on. I have no man. Me into the sea. But wine and coming down before me so his whole focus on a way. Who is going to heal him. Jesus Jesus was Jesus going to help him but he's not looking edges he's looking at the pool and Jesus said to him rise take up your bed and walk there must've been something authoritative about Jesus what he said and this event took Harold it enough to but he does. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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