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Christ's Life; Our Life: The Law and the Gospel

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • August 17, 2019
    6:45 PM


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Father in heaven. What a privilege. We have here tonight at the end of such a long day to be back in the presence of God Father when we get to heaven and we can see you undiluted we're never going to weary of being in the presence of God. Every day will seem like something new but until then you've given us this moment. And it is our prayer Father. That you would do something special tonight that you would take this man who is but dust in your sign that you would speak through me and you speak to me me the sweet sweet spirit of Jesus rest upon this place impressing the truth upon the mind of every soul and help us to respond in complete and utter surrender to His Majesty and His glory this is our prayer and we offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus's name Amen. If you have your Bibles term with me to the Gospel of Matthew the 22nd chapter Matthew chapter 22. I've been titled My sermon when everything is not enough I don't know about you but I've had some relationships in my line where I felt like. I gave everything to this relationship and even though I gave my all it seemed as if for this person everything was not enough I bet there are some women in this audience. Who can understand what I'm talking about who have given up themselves. And it seems as if they're everything it's not enough I can imagine there are some men who feel that they've had relationships in life where it seems as if you're everything you're all it's not enough unfortunately. This experience continues even to our day it's not just between husband and wife. It is also between parents and children they're all children even though their parents have given everything it just seems as if as a mother and a father your everything was not enough they are children waiting for their parents just to saying I'm proud of you. But it seems as a child no matter how many accomplishments. No matter how much you succeed. No matter how far you go oh and how many accolades and affirmations you receive from some of the most prestigious institutions and individuals on the planet your everything is not enough this everything something more you have to do this always something you could have done better. And you can look at this person and say I gave my all. And the person will look at you and say I just wasn't enough there is nothing more defeating there was nothing more discouraging then to have given you all and to discover everything. Is not enough Can you imagine. The sorrow that must rest upon such a soul gold finds himself in this position where everything that Gordon's done and all the love that God has expressed in poured out it just seems as if everything. Was not enough we still demand Miller from Chiefs tonight. I begin with God making a demand for all Matthew chapter 22 verse 34 The Bible says but when the fair receives heard that he she says had silence the Son Jesus they gathered together then well of them a lawyer was a smart intelligent man who was familiar with the Old Testament scrolls he didn't have chapters and verses but he knew what was in. He asked them a question but his intention was not because he was sincere in knowledge seeking not because he felt his ignorance or his other dependence upon Jesus but he asked them a question the Bible says testing him. People like to test God. And it's never change even in 2019. We talked about last night people telling with all kinds of entertainment and extra curricular activities because people still today like to test God. They come to some of a school asking divisive questions. Maybe because they're sincere in seeking the truth but because they just want to test God. People come to events like G.Y. see Canada. Mingle among the crowds start selling question it's not because they're sincerely seeking revival but because they're just testing God it's good to know that Jesus fared no better than you were me because sometimes people say things to you and they're just testing sometimes people disrespects you. Because they're just testing you. But Jesus is our example in. He knows how to handle a situation when somebody is testing you the way you are said Teacher which is the great commandment in the law what a question to pose to Jesus what a question to pose to God of the commandment give for himself the one who is the seat and the authority of the law. To come in saying you must God of the spirit behind every scripture. What is the great commandment in the more knowing there are hundreds of them in the Old Testament. Jesus said to him in verse 37. You shall do. You should you want. To love the Lord your God. With how much of your heart with all your heart with all your say and with all your might This is the 1st. Commandment. Jesus says the number one commandment is not covetousness it is not even Sabbath keep clean. Jesus says the greatest commandment among the family of God is to love God that is the number one rule in heaven solves it is to love the lead your god of with. Your heart so the question becomes how do you follow your lead such a commended How do you break the greatest commandment in the mall where the 1st way you break this commandment is you live God with less than all your heart. If we live God with half of all hearts we have violated the great commandment in the law can you say. If we are 99 percent Christian we have violated the great commandment in the mall. If we live God would less than only for money. If we live God would less than all of brush print we have value laded the great commandment in the mail. But you see there is another way to violate this commandment. Is to live God with all your worldly but not your heart. I believe him with something else besides my heart I'm a livin with something else besides my mind besides my SIL. I'm a live God with my tongue but I'm not going to give him my mind. I'm a make sure my tie this consistently. But I'm not going to love the Lord my God with my affections see brothers and sisters this is the difference. Between someone that is on fire for God because nothing burns deeper than love. We talk about being on fire for God It's not a bunch of activities it is rooted in a on a bend in desire to be stay affections upon Jesus to say to God I'm going to love you with every ounce of what I have. But you see it's interesting when we look at this commandment someone could easily say yeah but how does God fare. With this law. Is God living in harmony with what he himself has demanded from men. Is this the principle that actuated the life of Jesus you see if this is the heart of the all. Is to Love God If that is the heart of the law then Jesus isn't tell you life was an expression of love to God. Unfortunately for many of us who left him here this sentimental interpretation of the cross that Jesus was so in love with you and me that this pushed him to die on the cross I have news for you. Jesus didn't just go to the cross for you and for me he wanted of course because he loved God of. His concern was not only our salvation his concern was a Say the name in the character of his heavenly father. He was concerned with the fact that his name has not been hollowed in all of the universe. He was concerned that even if people consider God is someone who thinks that people consider gold a someone who forgets about them who they feel looks them. Jesus died upon the cross. Because he loved God. And he loved him with all this heart. If we are questioning that we only have to go to get 70 even when Jesus is only being require you don't think the chaos. Jesus said Nevertheless your will be done because you love God When you love God. You do things that can sometimes make you sweat great drops of blood when you live god of some times you fall to the earth as a dead man. Feeling as if you got nothing left. And your God says I mean more. Sometimes when you love God. No one else understands why you are doing what you are doing because you love God with all. Why you think that Jesus was unhesitating in his ability and willingness to love God with all of if in fact gold had not lived with himself if Jesus suspected in his mind that God is the mending of me that which he himself will not live up to Jesus might have hesitated. He might have said this is not a reciprocal relationship have you been in one of those before. A friendship some sort of fundamental insurance where it seems as if you are giving and giving and giving in the person is never giving you know what I'm talking about. You like man I don't know all the saving you stand wanting to hold back. Because you like you know look I'm giving all of this effort and this person is given nothing you only call me when they need something but when I need something straight to voicemail. Never get a call back or a text. And it's like they pay personally waited 3 days to make sure the situation was resolved before they call day. You're laughing because you know what I'm talking about. So all the sudden you decide in your mind you know what I'm a need to dollar back on this relationship. If Jesus suspected that God was demanding from him the god was not willing to give in to paying himself he would have hesitated he really am sweating great drops of blood I am about to bear the burden of all the sins of humanity that have ever lived. And knowing according to the spirit of prophecy that Jesus is sucker fights with same efficacious same sufficient that it would cover even if sin were to all rise again Jesus's death has covered up to are you hearing what I'm saying Jesus was coming with. And if he ever suspected in his mind that God was calling to give him anything less he would hesitated and stumbled into a semi. So permit me tonight. To talk about how bad of has already demonstrated that he was willing to love with all of God is in harmony with. God it's not asked of you or me anything he himself. Has not laid on the table 1st. So permit me. If you have your Bibles I want you to turn with me to the book of 1st John chapter 4. We know this verse very well. First John chapter 4. Beginning in verse it's. The Bible says He who does not love. Does not know God. For God is what. God is a man of. Patriarchs and prophets the very 1st sentence of the book. Gold is a little of. His male and his nature is love. Now this is interesting. To say that God is Love God is not loving God is not love a bad. God is not love lee. But God is Love itself you cannot understand love if you can know God. The actions of God or an expression of love it's interesting because when we talk about the love of God. We always want to begin with humanity but the truth is if we want to understand the love of God we have to start with eternity past. That to live of God is something that is existed. Before you were not ever ever brought into creation we have to transcend the history of the earth. We have to go back beyond the creation of the universe we have to go. Back beyond any existence around God In realize that the love of God is an inner Trinitarian love God has only this law of the sun. God is Love The Father and when Jesus was on earth this never change went with me to the Gospel of John. I want you to see how much God loves Jesus and it's a wonder. That we don't. Matthew Chapter 3 I'm sorry Matthew in the 3rd chapter. The Bible says Matthew chapter 3 verse 17 after Jesus was baptized it says and suddenly a voice came from heaven saying this is my beloved Son in whom I am what well please God said This is my beloved son. He was announcing something he had always felt eternity past. Looked upon Jesus and said This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased God is not pleased with anything less than perfection did you know that. That means of God as police must be perfect. If God is pleased. It must be just right. If God is pleased that means it's exactly what he was thinking in his own mind but you see if we go to John chapter one. Verse 18. The slab between the father in the Son The Bible says in John chapter one verse 18 no one has seen God at any time the only begotten son who is aware who is in the bosom of the father he has declared him to be in the bosom of God is the mean God hears increased affection to God he lays a punish chest in love in a family show. He says Jesus is the only people. But one that was in the bosom of the father hears in the animals councils. But Jesus begins to The Gospel of John to show was exactly how much God loves Jesus go with me to John chapter 3 verse 35 John chapter 3 in verse 35 the Bible says the father lab's the son and has given how many things into his hand if things into his hands God loves Jesus say much that he's given things intuitions right then and there you know that love and trust in faith are directly connected. Because God's love never is in opposition to his wisdom God's love is never in opposition to his holiness. So in order for God to live Jesus and to give him things it must also agreed with his infinite wisdom God does not love foolishly God is not sentimental God is not emotional. God is not up and down God is not in pensive. But he loved Jesus so he gave all things into his hand go to John Chapter 5 in verse 20 John 5 Verse 20 the Bible says for the father lab's the son and shows him things that he himself does and he will show him greater works than these that you may marvel Jesus says God loves me so much not only does he give me all things He shames me things about himself. When God let someone not only is he giving them everything he says I'm going to show you the things I am doing so that you can do the same is it is it is an expression of the lips of God of the God reveals himself to be known and to be followed and to be imitated. He loves Jesus so he shows in all things that he does and even greater told me John Chapter 10 verse 17 John Chapter 10 verse 17 The Bible says. Therefore my father loves me because I lay down my life that I may take it again. Jesus said God loves me. Because I'm laying down my life from machine John Chapter 14. John Chapter 14 versus 9. Jesus said to him how By been with you so long yet you have not known Me Philip he who has seen Me has seen the Father so how can you say Seamus the father of verse 10 Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me the way that I speak to you I do not speak on my own authority but the Father who dwells in Me does the work is interesting to you Jesus says we are so closely connected I am in the Father and the father is in me. He shown me all things that he himself does so when you look at means you're really looking at who are you looking at the father. Look at verse 31 same chapter John 14 verse 31 The Bible says but that the world may know. That I What that I love the faster and as the father gave me commandment so I do arise let us go from here he says I want the world to know that I love the father and he's been talking about this is how much God loves me and Jesus loves God But this is the best one John 17 verse 24 Jesus says intercessory prayer in get some nice talking to God alone and he says fanfare I desire that they also gave me may be with me where I am that they may behold my glory which you were given me so you love to me before the foundation of the world. I don't mean about you but just in the basic reading of scripture it seems to me that Jesus was confident in the love of God Can you say man Jesus knew that his father loved Him Jesus is there not question Jesus was not wavering he was not unsure and it makes sense that right here in the chapter before you get something Jesus says Father I know that should have let me before the foundation of the world so when he was in get 70 and God was the man then his. Jesus is God is Love Me with all things because he loved me so much he gave me all things he loved me so much that you show me everything that he himself does he loves me because I'm laying down my life for the SHE But you may say Sebastian that's great how much God loves Jesus but what if I told you that God loves you just as much. Don't take my word for it just go one verse earlier John 17 verse 23. Jesus says I in them and you in me that they may be made perfect in one that the way I may know that you have sent me and have loved them as to how well I wouldn't believe it the message was in the Word of God. God is love you and me just ask if you love Jesus. That means when God looks into today he says behead my beloved son behaved my beloved daughter in whom I am well pleased because God is loves you as he has loved Jesus Jesus said that not me Jesus said that no you. He said Father I want them to know that should I have loved past tense. You have lived them just as you have love me that means God is Love thus he wants to show us everything that he himself does. That the world name our God is love there so he's committed into our hands all things God loves us just as much as he loves Jesus I want you to notice. Verse 26 John 17 it says and I have declared to them your name and will do clearly that the love with which you love to me maybe where in them so God says. Jesus I've lived through Jesus says God is love through the way he's led me and in this love that God has led Jesus and love you and me he now wants that same love to be inside the polls. This lets us know that the love of God that God has lived us just as much as you love Jesus means he let Jesus be fav the foundation of the world the fact is the love of God is an infinite love. God to leave us never grown tired it is never when we read listen to this quote from 5th testimony. Page 740. The paternal love that means the love of fathers. Which has come down and living from generation to generation to the channel have human hearts the springs of tenderness which have opened in the sayings of men a tiny riddle that you don't know what it really is so your room is when a river is passing through sometimes a little bit of water spills over on the side that's called a real. And he says all the paternal love every love that every parent has ever had at 3rd child as long as there's been a human being on earth if you could wrap a bed locked into one heart compared to the love of God It is like comparing a tiny real and little deed to more of a little bit of weight off of the river to a bam list. Without shoulder and without a bottom it is infinite exhaustless the love of God She goes on to say tongues cannot other it 10 cannot portray it you meditate upon it every day of your life you may search the Scriptures diligently in order to understand this love you may summon every power in capability are you listening to what I'm telling. Every power in capability that God has given you in the endeavor to comprehend the love of God. Yet there is an infinity beyond. You to hear what I say. If you meditated upon the love of God every day of your life since you had comprehension since you can make your subject and verb agree since you could understand I don't care if it's English French Spanish Creole you pick a language you can meditate on it every single day of your life you can use every power of the mind and body and soul in order to comprehend it and yet at the end of your life there is an infinity beyond. God to send you just getting started but the quote is not done. You may study that love for ages. That means generations hundreds of years yet you can never fully comprehend the length and breadth and the depth and the height of the love of God in giving his son to die for the world listen to this last sentence. Eternity itself can never fully revealing. Are you and what I'm saying. Eternity is not a good enough to allow it to hold a goal to be fully empty his lip is greater than eternity. His lips his Pluto then infinity failover is not old enough for God to love I don't even understand what that means. You try to understand it the quote is telling us you will lose your mind. But if you don't believe it. You lose your soul. This is the love that he had for Jesus and Jesus said he loved you the same way that he loves Jesus but you see Sebastian that's great but notice it says The love of God in giving his son see not only is the love of God our inner Trinitarian not only is the love of God infinite but this love is a sacrificial love I want you to go to John chapter 3 verse 16 we know that verse. John chapter 3 verse 16. The Bible says. This is actually Jesus talking. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. The purpose that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life this is a safe sucker official Love understand that when the Bible says that God gave His only Son Mundo goodness his only one there is no fault of any other kind God doesn't have I have 4 children God only has one begotten Son. He's a living. Notice desire of ages page 25. He God gave Jesus not only to bear ever since and to die as a separate funds he gave him to the fallen race period but it's not done. To assure us of his immutable counsel of peace God gave His only begotten son to become one of the human family for ever to retain his human nature you see if God's love is infinite then the gift must be infinite It doesn't make sense that I could leave you with a label greater than eternity and I would give you a gift that is less than eternal Are you following what I'm saying how can I say Rama give you Jesus for 33 years and on the take him back. I gave him to you for 33 years no no no no no when God gave us Jesus he gave him to humanity. My son is yours and we have this is telling us is that God gave God of. God save the world that he gave God. The eternal immutable I am that I am. The God that is always fall for this Christ upon whom the kingdoms of this world will be under his kingdom but then in the dream has a name above every name he says I gave you him but you see this still does not capture it. Because even the humans fibrous it says God demonstrated his love. And we were yet sinners Christ died so that means God shamed us this infinite love when we were still in rebellion against him but that still doesn't do it you have to go to John chapter one and verse 29 The Bible says in John chapter one in verse 29 the next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said. The night. The Lamb of God that does what. Takes away the sin about. It. Now here's a problem with this statement. Because when you do not talk about the Lamb of God. We have to realize there were no Christians at that time only to. See me coming from the world from the streets I don't think it's ever been cool to call them in the land. You have to run Chicago and said Behold the Lamb of God There is no glory in man. You can call a man a lion you can call him a tiger you can call him a snake but you can call him a millennium. And here is don't be. The Lamb of God So when I came into the church um I'm thinking to myself What in the way while you call in the middle am. In this is supposed to be behold surprise look at the late. Brother do you know anything about lambs. They are blind we they can fight if there is danger they just have a lip and freeze a lamb that's why we say like a lamb to the well to the Savior because you are helpless and he says this man right here is the Lamb of God but you see you have to understand what it meant to those people and that day you see back in the whale Testament before Jesus had done when a man sins he had to bring. A land. So that means there was a brother in his tent in Israel. And while he's trailing in his tent in Israel he realizes in his conscience I have sinned against God So he goes out into his flock and he's looking at his animals and mind you the lamb was not just an animal he didn't have pets the lamb was his sustenance. That's where you get your food national wealth the extra money to actual property that you're craving that's how you provide for your family so here you go you go out and God says no no no not just any lamb you got to get the lamb the fish year young. Ready to reproduce and when you go to get that young man no no no you got to get the one without blemish because you know we would do God says I need to suffer Faisel I'm going to go get that beat up broken limb in the back with the busted leg hobbling around only a Eisen come in I'm a killer you are no no no you gotta get the lamb without spot the bridge in other words the limb has to be well perfect it's got to be your very best and then you take the lamb and you put it on your shoulders and you start walking to the camp to the sanctuary and as you killing the lead everybody knows what you sin and as you walk in the walk of shame. Which a little. And then you come in the priest nails Well you're there then you take the lamb off your shoulders you go to put your hands on the head of that lay them. Upon the lamb and confession or sin. To symbolize the transfer of your guilt to innocent animals. And as you game the priests says wait one last thing before we move forward hands you a knife now you have to take this blade. And cut the throat of your very best. Then he takes the blob catches it. Sprinkles it at the base of the altar puts the lamb in the ranges you don't you answer and then carries not blood into the holy place sprinkles it 7 times another the priest says you're keeping you can go home because when you bring that lamb that limb is your substitute that limb is not when you're playing since that limb is now you in human not a limb are you feeling that I'm saying. You go home innocent he die we need to understand something very clearly God forgives sinners he does not forgive sin. The sin is punished. The sinner is forgiven. The very fact that the lamb died means that soon received it just. Now I want you to imagine in this scenario in the Senshi wary it is the man with the sin who carries them with him to get the Bible didn't say the lamb of the world it said the Lamb of one God who has the sin. Who has a sin look at the Bible verse. The Lamb of God It takes away the what sin of the world save the world has the sin but the world ain't got no land. They don't have one that's perfect they don't have one without spot they don't have one without blemish they don't have one that can pay the penalty. So here the way has a sin but the living down the lamb. Human like we got to sin but we got no land we are merely offering which will it make a sense shall I come before the Lord. And by myself before I got on high Shall I give my firstborn. The fruit of my body for the sin of my soul. Shall come with thousands of rams in $10000.00 rivers of oil what can I do you and I have nothing to bring. We go to Jesus empty with nothing but sin. And yet the Bible says. That even though we got the sin God says I'm willing to provide a lamb but guess what god you can't just bring in the lamb. Because if it's the Lamb of God It's got to be Heaven's best. You can to choose the one that's perfect you got to choose the one that can bear big weight penalty of the male you got a better someone whose blood can be shaved and whose life if you term infinite justice the law. So we don't realize brothers and sisters that when we sinned it cost heaven its very base. But guess what. God had to kill his only. Jesus did not die from crucifixion normally that takes 3 days they were shocked that he was dead soon. Jesus died as we are told ever taken heart. Of the absence of his father because the absence of the feeling of the lips of God was too good for him. If there's anything that can break the human soul it is the absence of the presence and the love of God to feel a strange from your maker to feel as if you were cut off from a love and benevolence unkindness. So we can preach ladies different things that we can have but guess what we will die of a broken heart if we cannot sense and know the love of God the love of God is a sacrificial love and if. God. Did you tell me. As we stated discernment How is it that between you in Jesus between me and she says. That God is in a situation right now where he says I gave my everything and sometimes everything is not enough so God we look at him and we say I gave everything in my beloved son eternity itself could never fully revealed the little bit on shamed into gift to my son and we look at gold and say but what about my friend. Because he was saying to Jesus is your everything. Is not enough. We go to bed and God says I gave you my son everything on the course and we say But later you still haven't found me a husband you still have a family a wife that was saying to Jesus is your everything it's not enough when we go to God and we say well I can't praise the mirror today I'm going to save the world today because you know I don't have enough money for Margret I got here month day money. I can't afford to buy my kids all the latest stuff seems like we're living month to month God when are we going to get ahead but we're saying to Jesus you're everything is not enough but you see the truth is brothers and sisters it is not that God's everything is not enough because guess what i'm no doubt hurts. We may what it's like. To give your all in the person says I need more. And you're looking at the person like I've got nothing left to give but you see when it comes to God Of He says I want you to love me with how much of your heart all your heart how much of your money how much of yourself how much of your strength yet here is the point listen to me very carefully when you when I go to Jesus and we surrender our all we're not even giving him something infinity. The truth is our everything finishes. It's not enough but yet some of us. We struggle to even give. Even if we gave all. Our everything is what. Is not enough. Here is go out on the other side of the table here is infinite love. I'll give God I've given myself. This our very existence. Of heaven and one give. God gave us all of heaven and we come with a little face school years in 10. Open Outlook and we struggling to give him one year. We struggling to give him 30 minutes and even if we gave all it would not be were supreme because our Everything would not be enough. Brothers and Sisters. In the mind of God. He cannot understand that for you and me we could walk around here with a gloomy added to know to avoid No problems no gratitude. And why is that because we come here and we need something more than the cross. Because God everything is not enough. When the truth is I want everything is what not enough but we look at God and we say Yellow good things were done for me on the cross but you know I'm only some else I'm a need to obey your blessings a measure of day for your resume Yeah yeah yeah what about Jesus what have you done for me lately. That's what we're saying to go out of because guess what Jesus you're everything is not enough I sit down with my roommate in college and we used to talk about the fact that when you and I fully understand the cross even if God never blessed me again. I have reason to praise him every single day. Even if I don't get into the school I want to get into. Even if I never find that special someone even if I never get that dream job I never make the money I want and never get the recognition I'm looking for and never achieve and saliency goals in life even if the Course is enough to still draw me to my knees to worship and praise God. Because anything less is telling God Your everything is just not enough Garces I've got nothing left to give. And never forget. The day I came home from work I could tell my wife was bothered so I walked into the kitchen I said what's going on guys kids were quiet wife was quiet. My kid said you know we were upset with mom and today. We told her that she's a bad mom she's the worse. I cannot tell you how much rage came up in my heart. Now pull my kids aside. And say you think Mama wants to wake up at 5 in the morning to comfort you when you got a bad dream. You think mamma wants to wipe your butt. Every time you stink in your pen because you're too lazy to go to the bathroom you think mom was the cuckoo 3 meals a day what do you think she does it. Because she loves you. Not because she wants to not because it feels good. So your mom gives you everything and you never will ever communicate to her that her everything is not enough because it's more than you deserve. Kids are going to me why do I And this is the. When I saw those tears in my wife's eyes understood something about God when you give everything. And everything is not enough. I slid my whole life. Just to make my dad proud just to prove to him. That I was something. That I was somebody. You could do this you could do that a member growing up feeling like no matter what I did it was never enough. Could always be better you could always do it this way you could have done it differently you could have invested this money you could have done this you still walking away saying you know one. Everything is not enough. I got nothing. Brothers and sisters who are we today. Are we ungrateful children. Are we saying to God. You're everything is not enough. God has asked of us. An ounce of what he has offered. We couldn't even offer him eternity if he asked us I can just offer my low 80 year life that's all I can offer you Lord and the truth is even my everything is not enough. Brothers and Sisters. When we look at what Jesus has provided. I want to receive this last quote before I make my pew. Says in Christ object lessons page 314 when a soul. Receives Christ he receives power to live the life of Christ when his soul receives Christ. He receives the power who are to live the life of Christ and in heaven in the life of Christ is a 100 percent assurance of the lives of God. That's what leads us to sacrifice because when I give my all and it seems like everybody is coming up short on the other side of the stick I'm 100 percent confident God isn't going to come up short because I was never doing it just for you. Are you hearing what I'm saying Jesus didn't just go to the polls for you and for me he went because he loved God. And he wanted to love Him with all what about you and me it's interesting. The statement. Steps to Christ. Says either we are 100 percent Christians. Or we are none at all. Either we are 100 percent Christian or we are not at all to receive the gift of Christ. Means that we receive the love of God and we love Him because He 1st loved us and how did he love us just as much as he loved she's with everything every head is bound every eyes closed. Perhaps tonight. I have 2 appeals you can start playing. My 1st appeal it's only had 3 minutes. My 1st appeal is for that person. Who has been questioning and doubting the love of God. Yet tonight gold has been speaking to your heart. And you're ready to come to God the same world I'm sorry that I made you think. That you know everything. Is not enough. If that is you I want you to come right here to my left. You say Lord. I need assurance of that love come it only takes one brave soul. To start right here to my left. I need that assurance of your love. Every had is about every I is close if you're not coming you need to be praying. Because souls are wrestling. And we need prayer to help people to break free. Lord I need the assurance of your love and I'm sorry that I made you feel. That your everything was not enough. I 2nd invitation. As others who may be coming you can still come of the Lord speaking to you. My 2nd invitation is for those who realize. Maybe they thought they were doing something. But tonight they have seen. That my everything is not enough. But Lord I haven't even been giving all I'm not even a 100 percent. I'm a 50 percent I'm 80 percent. But tonight I realize in response to God's love I'm ready to go all the way. I'm ready to give my all I want you to come right here tomorrow you say Lord I'm not going to be a 99 percent Christian. Come here to my right. I'm ready to give or not to. But in response to the love of God because we love Him because He 1st loved us. To my right. Jesus knows come quickly. Saying Lord I'm ready to give you my all. No more have stepping no more have heartedness I'm coming. 100 percent. I realized today that even if I gave all it's not enough so how can I even hold back. We are told that some people find it hard to give all to Jesus when he is given offer them. She said I'm ashamed to think it I'm ashamed to write it. Come. Give all to choose. Come. Whoever you are not going to hold this much longer. My time is up come quickly Lord I'm ready to give all. Or you're coming to say Lord I'm sorry that I've questioned your love. Him a Jew feel. As if your everything. Was not enough. Father in heaven. We just want to thank you. For the love of Gaunt. Lord we want to thank you for an infinite eternal love a love that never changes a love that demands our all even though it is not enough but Lord we are here at this altar 1st to confess that we are sorry that our joy there are rejoicing that our prays that our service has been held back because we are searching for some present day blessing because the cross was not sufficient but Lord Today Tonight we have come to confess that we are sorry Lord sorry and broken at the idea that we would even make you think that your everything is not enough Father we want to tell you tonight that your all is enough as the song says it is enough for me that Jesus died and rose again I need no other evidence I need no other person the Lord we want to tell you is enough and we pray that you would help us to be resting in the assurance of the love of God This is holiness this is what it means to walk with Jesus this is what it means to love God as Jesus loved him and to be loved but also Father we have also come because we realize that our Everything is not enough and yet we are still holding back the fact that we would think our all is too much proves we do not understand the cross and so we've come because we want to be 100 percent we come because we want to be all in on Jesus we want to hold nothing back want to give you everything even though we know Father is not enough but we offer it to you what we have. Lord as we surrender to you tonight in the eyes of the universe it is like the widow putting in her 2 months what is that to so much but Jesus praises those who gave all. Seal our commitment father and helped to be unshakable. Is our prayer in Jesus' name. In this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave at the W W W audio verse or.


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