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When God's Passion is My Passion

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 2, 2010
    11:00 AM
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him us to high Springs Ranch a hundred young people that with a vision to share Jesus to uphold the biblical values of the Seventh-day Adventist church to take the message to the world that the movement of youth is growling to today where we have more than five thousand people here in our teeth convocation of G Y C my wife and I came on Wednesday evening and we've been absorbing the inspiration of the moment we've been encouraged inspired whatever we contribute to you with young people you contribute more to us no happier than on the evangelistic platform preaching in almost a hundred countries around the world for forty three years it's nice to get a injection of inspiration from mission from young people so thank you for what you contributed to us my first CYC convention was in two thousand four in Sacramento and since that time I have been a great supporter of in believer in the mission the goals of G Y say I believe that UIC will continue to grow that God will continue to bless it and along with the youth that are easier as you go back to your local churches and other youth are in a catch that Asian and today I pray that you would be one of God 's 21st-century superstars that's my message this morning let's pray father in heaven we thank you that we didn't call to be lights in a darkened world we thank you that we didn't call will you want to maintain the status quo we thank you that we been called as part of a final generation to proclaim your last day message to the world mail love for Jesus and allowed for truth and allowed for human beings for whom Christ died burn in our hearts may we reveal that love shared that love and proclaim that love in Christ name in the world has its stars you know their names their class Ian and lines across the globe they light up the marquees from Hollywood the Hong Kong you see Mary mages on television in the movies in newspapers and magazines on billboards throughout the Internet the world has its stars rock stars pop stars movie stars sports stars these Ms. gurus Red Hat 's political leaders and Wall Street billionaires the world has its stars the rich and the famous but God has his superstars that's my topic this morning take your Bible please enter into Daniel twelve chapter in the third verse how to be a superstar for God in the final generation Daniel chapter twelve Edinburgh 's three those who are wise those who are walked those are wise there is a world 's wisdom that is foolishness and apparent foolishness in Jesus this wisdom the Bible says those who are wise shall shine like the this permanent and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars for ever and ever the Hollywood stars the pop star the music starts the sports stars the business stars of this world believes like a meteor across the sky for a little while and then they burn out the wrinkles for a little while then they'd be into in significance there is always a prettier face a better voice someone who runs faster insurance iron as more outstanding appeal knows how to cut a better deal but God 's stars like meteors don't blaze and go out they shine for ever and ever and am forever gone superstars during many to righteousness and shine forever this morning we want to study one of gods heroes one of God 's superstar I want to spend some time with you looking at and meditating on the book of Daniel and raising the question how does Daniel 's life apply to a last generation of seventh day Adventist Christians who been entrusted with a message to take to the world now there are four specific things that we want to focus on in Daniel 's light as we turn to Danielle the first chapter and if you have your Bible in this e.g. why seem so I know you do the job which is lifted so I can see it please GUI see young people know that when they come to a biblical message that is far more than really just entertainment they can't this study God 's word bank on the hearing message not from the preacher from a DOS set the Lord they can't be here the word of God speaking to their hearts and challenging there is those they come not to be placated by pious platitudes they come rather to be challenged to be stimulated to be inspired to be everything they can for God Daniel or qualities of Daniel 's life for qualities of superstars for God let me mentioned them that will impact than in the tax 21st-century superstars for God will know how to thrive in adversity they do not expect a comfort to bald cross less easy-going accommodating life they recognize that the challenges of the future will bring it bring adversity God superstars are trained in the school of adversity and they know where to place their trust God superstars will study in the book of Daniel understand their identity and they know who they are God superstars maintain their integrity and they know what they believe in God superstars leave a legacy they know why they exist and so this morning will discover from the book of Daniel and Anna thrive in adversity will discover how to understand our identity and the importance of identity will understand I maintain our integrity in the most difficult challenging situations called the compromise will understand how to leave a legacy be part of a mission for God who understand them they are the legal what the wide superstars Daniel first chapter first verse Daniel chapter one verse one in the third dear off the rain of July Kim King of Judah Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon into Jerusalem and besieged it here in Daniel one one yeah the great controversy being introduced on pack for the book of Daniel Jerusalem the city of righteousness Babylon the city of rebellion Daniel Godson and Nebuchadnezzar Wanda stands opposed to God Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar coming conflict Jerusalem and Babylon come in conflict to kingdoms coming conflict the great controversy between good and evil the great controversy between Christ and Satan the controversy that will require superstars to stand for God in the end is introduced in Daniel one verse one verse two and the Lord gave Joy a Kim King of Judah into his and some of the articles of the house of God incidentally Jeremiah tells us in answering that when Joachim took those articles of the house of God we took the golden vessels in the sanctuary the age of five thousand four hundred of them from the sanctuary and coolness this July at him joy it was a compromising king of Judah when Jeremiah came to get going again and he told him about babblings attack any predicted goblins attack on Jerusalem joy in the compromising king of Judah that wanted to please everybody shook the prophecy of Jeremiah that was meted out and given to him about Babylon attacking Jerusalem e-mail it up because he didn't like the prophecy and as he ripped it up he threw it on the flames of fire heat toward the spread of pieces the task it into the fire Jericho came discovered oil too quickly that read to reject the counsel of God is a recipe for disaster to turn on the prophetic word to make light of pathetic appeals despite the warnings of the Almighty is a formula for catastrophe when the prophets of God speak the word I pray that we will listen to the word and he is the lesson on Joe I again when God 's modern-day messenger speaks of the church through the gift of prophecy I pray that we will not scorn those messages not turn our backs on those messages but listen to the word of God 's gentle quiet and took the prophecy of Jeremiah about the destruction of Jerusalem any two are not the throw it in the fire but soon the armies of Nebuchadnezzar a fact enjoyed it and saw firsthand the result of rejecting the prophecies of God 's word in our personal lives God calls us that faithfulness to the word of God in our personal lives God calls us to faithfulness to the messages of God 's last day prop into this charge they are given to build up the church to edify the church joy in deed not learn that lesson but back to Daniel there's a curious passage in Daniel one verse two and it says in the Lord Dean of the joy active and the Lord 's name joy in king of Judah into his aunt all I would God do that why would God allow Nebuchadnezzar the keying of Babylon the citadel of rebellion when God allowed Nebuchadnezzar to have victory over Jerusalem it seems that evil triumphs seamless that we can miss it when it's why would that happen why would God allow that to take place the Bible says the Lord gave birth to join him in to King Nebuchadnezzar Sand Boulevard allowed the king of Babylon to defeat the king at Jerusalem why would God from evil to apparently try why would God allow Jerusalem to be destroyed by we could even getting why would God allow a godly teenager Danielle to go into captivity why because God knew that he could build his superstars in adversity and they would impact the kingdom of Babylon as they trusted him in that University and change the course in history of the world now let's pause for in the story of Daniel for a moment and think of what Daniel thought when he was taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar and when he was traveling through the desert as he looked at his last lingering glance of Jerusalem in the distance Daniel a teenager probably seventeen years old other Israeli teenagers young people he would never see his father again never see his mother again never play with his friends on the Judean and galleon hillsides again never walked the streets of Jerusalem again Daniel 's future lay before him but it was totally unknown Danielle had no idea what to expect in Babylon using higher life was changed transformed in an instant circumstances for which he had absolutely no control wants to begin to uncertainty maybe you can identify with Daniel your future is uncertain you're going through adversity in your life you're facing at home overwhelming obstacles you will need G1 I see without a sense of clarity and certainty possibly of what God wants you to do or where he wants you to be your experiencing some challenge in your life as a young person that seems to have apparently no human solutions here is the good news God 's super stars five University because the God they serve is bigger than the problems they face Daniel was not focused on his problems he was focused on the godly consultant his mind was not absorbed with the difficulties around him it was absorbed with the God above you his heart was not trembling in fear it was radiating and they and a few years later as a young captive in debt in Babylon Daniel describes staying in Chapter two please take your Bible attorney Daniel June first twenty Daniel describes why he could thrive in adversity Daniel describes the key driving things are falling apart around you Daniel describes the key of driving in the mountains are high and the means are sprawled in the troubles below and the challenges are great and the problems are a man 's Daniel says in Daniel chapter two and verse twenty Daniel to first twenty the Bible says Daniel says Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever for wisdom and my ideas him this then you'll say with them and Mike are God 's any changes the times and the seasons what I lacked he has wisdom and might I is you may be ignorant but he is wise you may be powerless but he is all-powerful get your eyes off the adversity that drives up the problems get your eyes off the difficulties and four sixty is the stuff that heroes are made out of problems and challenges are the very building blocks for success if we are going to face crisis in the future and we are if we are to face adversity in the future and we are importing a face challenges in the future and we are God is going to train us in the school of trial today so that we understand how to trust tomorrow there's an amazing book it's been written as if it's an older book now the book is almost fifty years old was written in nineteen sixty two the books title 's cradles of eminence and it's a study by two physicians Victor and Mildred Gore itself about four hundred and thirteen famous people that impacted the world in the last two thousand years so this study are of people that were world changers people that made a difference and these two physicians the doctor guard cells Mildred and Victor wanted to discover what is it that makes a great person Greg in other words what is the environment that superstars growing what conditions assist in producing extra ordinary people the two researchers spent years trying to Santos was a people 's greatness they search from one common thread that would run through all of these great people 's experience what was the common thread that ran through these outstanding people 's lives the one factor that stood out about above all the rest is this the single ingredient in three hundred and ninety two of the four hundred and thirteen people that they studied was this day all without exception had overcome obstacles and adversities in their lives their problems became opportunities for success rather than hindrances to success files obstacles challenges and adversity are the building blocks that God 's heroes are made up never give up you going through some trial it's not because God is testing you will these prepare you for greatness you going through some difficulty it's not because God has forsaken you he's training for leadership drawn superstars know where to put their trust so they thrive in adversity I love the way Ellen White puts it in ministry of heat yet healing page four seventy one in which he says trials and obstacles are God 's appointed agencies for success are you going through trial is going through an obstacle you going to challenge you going through adversity God sees something in you wants to train you for leadership praising his name for that put your trust in him he'll help you to solve that difficulty in problem so you can take on bigger difficulties and problems as a leader God superstars don't copout God superstars don't look for easy life superstars don't want comfortable convenience God superstars with their hand of faith in Jesus Christ are willing to take on adversity because they know that God is bigger than any problem they may base the second principle we see in the book of Daniel one is with God 's twenty first century superstars understand their identity they understand not only where to put their trust but the understand who they are when Daniel was assured into the Babylonian kingdom king Nebuchadnezzar did everything he could to distort and destroy Daniel Sands of the dented power identity has to do with our understanding of who we are our sense of the dented G or belonging influences everything we do it inspires our dreams it gives direction to all that we hope to be the devil understands this profound truth and let's discover what the devil attempted to do the Daniel and his friends they were ushered in to the greatest kingdom of the world babble and splendor in a locked charade to their senses and wowed them before their education began as they were introduced as young handsome intelligent articulate young people to the PhD program in the University of Babylon but seeing wanted to do something that was then different that their identity that would cause them to forget who they were and so the Scripture says in Daniel chapter one verse six and onward now from among those of the sons of Judah were Daniel Ken Anaya new shell and Azariah no Hebrew names at significance the name Daniel 's CEO on the end of the name that means it's a derivative of God so the name Daniel means God is my judge or the God of judgment the Hebrew judges were not like some judges today the Hebrew judges were on the side of the one that was prosecuted and their role was to get to set all things right so Daniel the book of Daniel is the book of judgment the book about the goddess sits upon his throne to set up things right in the universe so Daniel made captive to Babylon the bit.ly served ultimately is the God was on the throne not to Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel 's very name said he is the God still several things right than it was in and I the one hand and I am these the Lords gracious unto me and so every time little candy ran around in his in his diapers ours pampers you know as a young Israeli boy 's mama said what you name any handy if you do not have a lot of screeches onto me I may be captive in Babylon the Lords gracious unto me and then there's me shall that means one with godlike qualities of goodness and kindness and then there is Azariah that means the Lord is my helper is on India captive in Babylon the mighty empires of the handle of any dominance Brianna has arrived polarity is my helper you never let me down but that wouldn't do in battle and running around say not as arrival was my helper that wouldn't do in Babylon Saigon had an idol is great isn't it when it went babbling niche mindset on the show I got my qualities that's what one would admire the Windows Babylon my name is Daniel God sits on his throne switchhitting the Bible says verse seven to them the chief of the UNIX Navy names to Daniel Dana Bell Chad Elvish as the word out that Shatzer needs the keeper of the treasures of Bell Bell market was the chief of thirteen dots of Babylon Daniel now was no longer Daniel got to my throat but now it seems your name I want to change your identity from Delta Shasta Ananias to Shadrach is clear as we can tell Shadrach means the servant of the God of Sheba from the Lord is gracious and that he had a nice chat recs are under the gun she'd from me shall the new shack needs Japanese inspiration of the sun from one wanting the qualities of Jehovah God to inspiration of the sun ads arrived at Bendigo Abednego needs servant of the boat servant of the boat so Nebuchadnezzar wanted to change their names you want to lose them to lose sight of the fact that they were holy people before God is a righteous people before God Deuteronomy chapter seven verse six tells you the the heritage of these Hebrews take your Bible please enter to Deuteronomy chapter seven verse six chapter seven verse six here is the heritage of these Hebrews for you are a holy people to the Lord your God Daniel you're only person to the Lord your God the Lord your God has chosen you to be a people for himself a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth Daniel Shadrach needs Jack Abednego Daniel and Ann with a Hebrew name Dan Linehan and I Daniel and me shell Daniel and Azariah the young man that knew that heritage they understood their identity they realize that God raised up Israel to make an impact on the world and they weren't going to be faithful to their heritage Babylon wanted to change their identity about what the doctor down their understanding of who they were and I say to a last generation of seventh day Adventist young people never lose your heritage never forget your identity we are Seventh-day Adventist not some other denomination that seemingly had happened on a historical scene by chance God has raised up these people a prophecy based on the prophecies of Revelation Chapter twelve Chapter fourteen we are a people of destiny while we appreciate Christians of every denomination we sense that we had a heritage we are not some community Fellowship of Sabbath keepers and you and may we ask Seventh-day Adventists we don't believe that arrogant we don't lord it over others but humbly we believe that God has raised up in this generation a damn fine movement of destiny to impact the world with the gospel we believe that we are a holy people chosen by God for a final generation to proclaim the gospel the reason Seventh-day Adventist young people some of them are leaving the Seventh-day Adventist church is not because does the church preaches too much processing is because they want seconds of our prophetic significance young people want to challenge young people want to be something to be part of something big for God something client for God young people want Abyssinians but there identified not with a bureaucratic institution by movement the seventh day Adventist church is not simply a denomination is that but it is a movement of God based on prophecy babble wants it up in filtering battle wants to do under remodeling fundamental biblical doctrines so we lose our identity and once you lose your identity what do you have to breach God superstars ride in adverse God superstar understand their identity you can change Daniel 's name but you can change his nature you can change Daniel 's country but you can change his character you can change that is home to get changes aren't you can change the annual surrounding the content changes you can change Daniel 's master and given Nebuchadnezzar Raven July temperature can change his mind God is looking for a group of Seventh-day Adventist youth group deep within their souls are committed to Jesus deep within their souls are committed to his word deep within their souls they understand their identity and a sense as Peter says first Peter chapter two verse nine first Peter chapter two verse nine a group of that that is young people who understand their destiny who understand their fifty we look there first Peter second chapter the New Testament church grew rapidly because there was a sense that based on the prophetic word of the Old Testament God raised up a body of believers that would impact the world that's what enable young people to become part of the New Testament church they had a sense of identity they identified with the movement in the New Testament Christianity that was bigger than they were first Peter we look their chapter two first Peter chapter two verse nine but you are a chosen generation though here's Peter speaking to young people in his day challenging them he says your chosen generation your royal priesthood your holy nation his own special people why that you may proclaim the praises of you who called you out of darkness into this marvelous light Jesus raised up New Testament Christianity based on the prophetic word of the Old Testament to share the light and truth of God with the world Jesus is raised up based on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation eight last day in time movement with a mission that is far larger than we could possibly accomplish but he empowered by his spirit to take the gospel to the world this is the generation that God is calling to understand their identity to understand I think why they exist there can be no higher calling there can be no greater during Hitler's Third Reich millions of Jews were taken and used use that were taken were loaded on trains they were jammed in box cars and not only Jews but many others but predominant and as they were loaded on these scars they were jammed together some suffocated to death in those boxcars were the conditions were so barbaric and inhumane a Jewish prince from a royal family and his son were captured they were in hiding the Gestapo found in this little boy eleven years old was sham into one of the boxcars with his father the boy almost died he was trampled to death as hundreds of people were herded into all these boxcars in the train is a train rolled on all night people were suffocated in that train boxcar and some fell over dead but father knelt down to get holding his boy and holding his boy holding his poor in the morning I got ravens rock that dreaded concentration and father looked up and saw those words for that iron gate brought out in iron nano Arbeit Mach three work makes you free they were to be divided into three groups the elderly and the sick would be killed in the gas chambers immediately the young would be taken to other gas chamber and killed immediately and those that have some measure of health would be forced to work the guys you are from that father he is young son but young prints and with tears running down dads face he looked in the eyes of his son and he said son never afford to your friends never forget that you have wailed blood running through your thing never forget into a generation of seventh day Adventist young people I say to you today you've got royal blood running through your day it is no accident that God has called you to the seventh day Adventist church of the millions of young people in the world God has called you to our person just if you are worried that if I really is of youth in the world economy has chosen you are not here today by accident those of you watching on three angels broadcasting about watching Biaxin God 's calling something big something great for him to those of you watching over the Internet you're not watching by accident God has raised up in time movement and he invites you to become part of that movement to proclaim his love and his grace to the world got superstars thrive in adversity you know where to place their trust got superstars maintain their identity they never lose science of who they are in Christ never listens to what Aaron Christ thirdly then you want virtually the chapter Daniel wondrously not only God superstars find diversity not only the God superstars clinging to their identity gods super stars maintain their integrity the Bible says Daniel chapter one verse eight God 's twenty first century superstars act with integrity they have a sense of on swerving loyalty to God in their lives Daniel chapter one verse eight the Bible says Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not divide himself with a portion of the things darkest note why would you bring therefore he requested of the GW eczema not the violence of the Bible says Daniel did what it is partly tentative purpose in his heart what's another word for purpose what is that decide Daniel decided Daniel determine Daniel declare Daniel decided in his heart that he would not defile himself another word for the heart is in the mind the wine flowed and sparkled in the glasses everything fits in the taste and delight the eyes of race article of sumptuous food that one can imagine was upon those tables everything was done to wow their senses everything was done to stimulate their senses everything was done to attract their taste buds everything was done to win their allegiance but then purposed in his heart Daniel decided his mind that these was a piece that night one in honor to the Babylonian gods in honor of their victory over Jerusalem delete that we would honor those Babylonian gods to drink that whiny that meet with into the file mind and conscience in sales physical mental and spiritual nature is that human beings are intertwined Daniel knew that the defile his mind with that whine even one classed social would be would be to put himself in a position of compromise therefore he purposed in his heart Daniel would not heal his conscientious convictions Daniel purpose Daniel determine Daniel decided Daniel was not concerned about his reputation he was concerned about his character Daniel is not concerned about royalty he was more concerned about loyalty Daniel was not concerned about pleasing the king he was concerned about pleasing the king of kings Dwight L Moody once said if I take care my character my reputation is to take care of itself what led Daniel to make such a significant decision Daniel knew he had royal blood running in his veins we need to put rubbing his in his mouth Daniel knew the admission from ruler of the universe therefore he did not need a commission from the rhubarb Apple Daniel had bowed low before the King of Kings in the private room so we can stand tall before the king of Babylon in the front room Daniel knew the approval of heaven so is willing if necessary to be reproved by the King of Apple and white makes an interesting comment prophets and kings page forty two but Daniel did not hesitate the approval of was dearer to him than the labor of the most powerful earthly potentate dear than life itself he determined to stand firm in his integrity let the result be what it may not was important to dad what was that it was important to Daniel what was the approval of God have you made a decision in your life where you have set the approval of God is the most important thing in my life when a decision commerce between doing what you want that may not be in harmony with God 's will and doing what you want that decision do you rank you see conversion columns at the point of the test deeper conversions come to the point of the text when you do God 's will when it's already in harmony with your own wheel that is no cast but when you make a decision to do God 's will when God 's will runs contrary to your will that's a test now Daniel recognize this vital truth to be compromised in this one point he would continue to compromise Ellen White points this out clearly continuing to read on page forty two in profits and King it says this province against God 's richest blessings do not come to those who compromise their integrity can you say that together with me this morning God 's richest blessings do not come to those that compromise their integrity again God 's richest blessings do not come to those that compromise their every I think is likely that plummeting to do your will Raven I know some people were thinking that so you guys got thrown into question God 's richest blessings come from those that do not do what compromise their lot integrity honey want God 's richest blessings again how many want to say God whatever you want me to do want to do it even if it crosses my own well God wants to bless you abundantly know I continue to read Prophets and Kings forty two this is a powerful statement should Daniel and his companions should they compromise with wrong in this instance by yielding to the pressure of circumstances their departure from principle would weaken their sense of right and therefore it's wrong see it's not that the thing you do in compromise is always so closely evil is not the thing you do necessarily it's the process that the mind goes through in doing it argument to make a decision that is contrary to the will of God many in my heart I know and convicted by the spirit and convicted by the word is wrong it's not always that the thing I do is so wrong but it is the process that comes than we need to do it which is compromised in one compromise leads to what the next in the next and the next instant on doing things that I never imagined that I would ever do God is looking for a generation of youth that will maintain their integrity and being loyal to God at any cost is word like Daniel who purpose he and he is part to serve God Daniel would not compromise his by breaking God 's law under any circumstances in his life God 's superstars North Rhine adversity God 's superstars understand the significance of who they are in Christ and who they are is a final in time movement they maintain their identity and compromise their again there on a shame of that identity makes sense God 's raised up a lasting God superstars live lives of loyal integrity that is one last thing about God superstars Daniel chapter one verse nine they know where to place their trust God 's bigger than their problems they sense the importance of identity maintaining who they are they recognize the significance of compromise they try to diversity they cling to identity they maintained their integrity that is lasting about they leave a legacy got superstars leave a legacy data chapter one verse nine Daniel chapter one verse nine without God brought Daniel into favor and goodwill with the chief of the UNIX because Danielle was loyal to God Danielle could make an impact on the whole Babylonian Empire he left a legacy Daniel chapter one verse twenty Daniel chapter one verse twenty the Bible says Commonwealth of the end of Daniel one in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king examined them he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers it really is where Brown Daniel was elevated to the class and Babylon E impressed and in and influenced the professors at the University of Babylon when you thrive in adversity when you understand your identity when you purpose in your heart to serve God and you maintain your integrity God blesses what you do and you become an impact on scores of people around you you leave a legacy to leave footprints in the Sand of time in life for Jesus Christ every place you got Daniel left a legacy he was elevated to the highest position of eventually next to the king of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar trusted Daniel E since Daniel was a man of integrity God honors he is super stars in my imagination I think we met they are walking down the streets of gold there a land called Lori there in a place called eternity and I see Daniel Danny's arm in arm with the man on his right and that's never good as a because in Daniel chapter four you have the only chapter in the book of Daniel not written by Daniel is Nebuchadnezzar 's testimony upcoming tour knowledge of the true God through Daniel and then I see another man Cyrus and Daniel influenced him for the kingdom Daniel left a legacy Daniel was a difference maker Daniel was a world changer and young people today who thrive in adversity you are not overwhelmed by the little problems of life young people today know their intent okay as I believe things seventh day Adventist Christians young people today would purpose in our real leave a legacy that will be difference makers they will be well changers for Jesus if Jesus does not come when life is over when you lay in the grain cluelessness and around reciting all you want I stand in a long of your titles will make many shy one a spiritual blessing to them you were in a godly life you would I shall compassionately work how you listen to their problems you encourage them with a Bible promise I help them carry their burdens how you pray for them to share Jesus in history with them will say Mister degrees or awards the number committees are on the amount of money at her they will share the blessing you have been to them will you leave behind a newspaper column of accomplishments telling people how important great you are what will you leave behind a grateful legacy of people that can lead to Jesus Christ because of the legacy he left his seat there is nothing wrong with titles titles are good things that but if it ever comes down to the charts between a title in a testimony take the testimony everyday Nebuchadnezzar men of the title but Danielle had the testimony barrel may have been the title but Moses had the testimony the king of Egypt that of the title but Joseph had the testimony Queen Jezebel never had the title but Elijah had me testimony Kerry Mammon the title by John the Baptist had the testimony King Agrippa man of the title but now had the testimony Kerry managed the title but Peter had the testimony title may have had the type but on that cross with nails through his hands the crown of thorns upon his head Jesus had just gone superstars has something to lead four to share God 's truth with others superstars leave a legacy limits has to fulfill they have a work to finish one all-consuming passion feels the mind of God superstars today they are not interested in their titles they are not interested in their accomplishments they are not interested primarily in their bank accounts they have no self inflated importance God superstars want to leave a legacy for Jesus Christ they want during this time that they are on earth to impact other lives in the kingdom one oil absorbing influences everything they do one all embracing purpose feels their life to share Jesus Christ in his lot with others your influence to make a difference you can leave a legacy for the kingdom today would you like to say Lord I am not to give up an adverse whatever the devil throws at me I know where to place my trust in God is bigger than my problem today would you like to say Lord I sense that I am part of a movement that is far greater far bigger than I on the seventh day I never want to do anything that would betray the trust that God has given to me as a Seventh-day Adventist young person I cannot turn my back on the Christ it's called me to his lasting movement there's nothing grander nothing bigger nothing great Lord it comes to a decision between my will and yours our purpose of a heart surgeon and Lord the goal of my life the goal of my life is to leave a legacy to touch somebody's life for Jesus to influence somebody for the kingdom everything earthly will be consumed in the flames of the presence of God houses cars titles and degrees but one thing will last for when you share Jesus when you share his truth with some friends your heart is filled with a passion did somebody for Jesus the fact is to last forever something in there why shall shine as the brightness of lot the permanent and is the start forever and ever and ever do you want to commit your life today to something big joint venture like the data simply grant you want to see Jesus just down the standard like the NMSA Lord I want to be part of a generation of young people and adults called by God for this special last day what Jesus Christ knows your heart Christ understand your mind you may be going through some adversity but Jesus is trying to be a superstar put this in your heart to serve God as Daniel did that God blessed God bless heaven 's blessings report out Daniel left a legacy early morning on a very specific first of the leadership of G Y C Justin Israel team Lord project is a symbol of commitment to the message of Christ the message of the administrator that your great desire to keep Gbytes CYL grinds your board member at UIC you can go with your leader G Y C with before I just keep my seat movement would crawl with young people around the world whose sense of their identity Google five University who would never compromise their integrity and we want to commit herself as church leaders that we will not betray our young people those of you that span that are leaders within the administer to talk your hearts we've got a great responsibility the great responsibility responsibility to take God 's last a message the world and responsibility tomato God leadership for these you responsibility to join hands with them and be part of the closing work together now before I pray for this group there is somebody here today is going through adversity in your life and that problem has been about ready to overwhelm you and you get about ready to give up but this morning you see that the problem is even going through in the adversity is God 's way of training you that he's training to be a leader and you want me up right for you just now come quickly on up somebody that says a lot about this in person it's tough but I'm not giving up God 's training me for leadership dots training need for leadership thousands are standing committing to be part of God 's last name is G Y C leaders and church leaders are together but there's somebody going through adversity somebody going through difficult something going through problems God 's bigger than that Rob God 's greater than that in person you're saying I'm not to give up on not getting out of right before and right there is somebody here you are baptized you know you are baptized and you've drifted away the door the church is wide open commodity commodity come be part of something big for God can't be partisan and a give not yet been baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church where you were baptized and you drifted away you need to come back in total recommitment which is Ranger hand where you are right for you God bless you God bless you God bless you God bless you God bless you they just wanted to be awesome up breaking just about in those you wish your answer baptism now you take it in front but that's okay just join this group he is your say I drifted away I got come back I wasn't baptized yet I need to make that decision God bless you got a special client you will be some people come and drink and went back to be baptized please God praise God subleasing turn your eyes upon Jesus can we sing that let's sing it together to break through your eyes upon Jesus Virginia or as a unique animated decision he baptize you interestingly I serve and I and went right father in heaven we thank you for a group of leaders and G Y C that a clear vision of Scripture of mission in the Seventh-day Adventist church we pride Fred they will have temptations in the sink this movement to the right or to the left the devil is not pleased with what's going on and I pray that you would keep the peaceful to you faithful to your word and faithful to your mission your movement and your church many of us a few hundred of us pastors workers church leaders stand with them at this altar we stand with support we stand to encourage them we stand to work by their sides Lord may we never betray the trust of these young people and aunts burned within our hearts a deeper commitment of father some young people going through adversity but in what that's all about don't know what's happening in their lives but larger bigger than the problem greater than the difficulty larger building in them to be superstars forgot what happened never never give up many came to be baptized thank you Lord that any part of your movement some drifted away they're coming back thank you for these commitments and Jesus today with one desire is to serve you now and forever to see you come in glory and be ready to go home with you in Christ's name on God bless you all and made a rest of this salmon the one Divine anointing spirit on this is all you birds mice generation of Christ if you'd like to learn more about you might see please visit www. him or if you like this more free online sermon please visit www. audio verse got more


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