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  • January 2, 2010
    4:30 PM
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that afternoon I have before I begin I dislike that a prayer for God 's special blessing on what I'm about to share with you I kind and loving father in heaven we come to you today and you would fill this auditorium with your Holy Spirit Vermont and your angels without power in this place that they would keep the devil and his forces away so that the words that I will speak can reach every heart God I ask a special blessing on the words that I will speak I prove you would touch my lips with a cold from your altar but I would say the things you want me to say leave unsaid the things I should leave unsaid and that every person here would be times speaks through me and it my name is Paul I'm coming to you today from Ethiopia now the first time about six or eight months I've spoken up front without a translator for my start causing everything to do just please bear with me I know it's a little bit unusual for a twenty six -year-old be managing and eighty bed hospital nursing college and a collection of rural clinics but I also know that the only reason I'm successful my job is God really intervention in my life this power and grace alone to stay in the hospital I am humbled and honored the goddess given my wife and I the opportunity to serve in Ethiopia and I hope that my story and the lessons that I share I've learned will help you to commit your life to God and to live the life of service for him the road between Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia and him he is about four hundred fifty kilometers long it's no more easily rough recent times got a little bit better but it's still one of the most dangerous roads about Ethiopia there are some pandemic but most of the danger actually comes other vehicle car hire the QB is the most dangerous country in the world in which the drive I cried every time I get behind the wheel believe me and by the grace of God I've not yet had any serious accident my really begin the probably started at UIC Sacramento only didn't realize it at the time my wife or future wife at your home and was one of the ones he went for it at the call for long-term missionaries I didn't want to be a missionary I want to be a lawyer alone to run for Congress I will interesting mission whatsoever but in spite of this difference that you and I were attracted to each other and we started dating things went okay for a little while but then she went to Argentina to study Spanish and I started law school Washington and Lee and I like coals just emerge he became increasingly convicted that God was calling her to spend her life as a missionary in Africa I still thought that I should be a lawyer amendment Congress the noninvasive price we broke up pretty quickly and painlessly and just stopped communicating completely just wrote each other often are not about this time extra agreed to serve as the associate Dean of volatile Athens high school in Denmark something like we're just on different track but in the gap between countries China Argentina and Denmark she and her family decided vacation of Prince Edward Island if you look at them that you can see the shortest route between hedges parents home in Maryland you are right past my parents home in Maine now is not unknown on a Friday afternoon in particular family getting close to my family my mom 's old friend who seemed perfectly natural his stop in and spend some opinion why just happened to be home at seven I was working for the Department of Justice and I've always planned on getting a knot in my thirtieth something like that no rush anyway when Kutcher locked the door that night everything changed I just a couple hours later I took picture for driving my dad 's keyboard part is beautiful scenic overlook the ocean underneath everything unfortunately we couldn't see anything is pouring rain perspective is midnight anyway as I was there cheap with the extra we sitting together and I said no pet you can be really drinking to be friends again but I'll be even happier if you drink be my wife and then there was a very long and very awkward silence that has been in the and then answer one up to Denmark and I went back to while school and we all he gave me believing it's pretty scary make them and you don't really know and the full-time accuracy one hundred after the initiate I wanted to be a lawyer and nonprofit but by the grace of God remarried a few months later on top of a mountain by Roy Gagne actually and then we both went back to school after the finish of bachelors me to finish my laundry what about that time the study found that so you him his volume on your way is Monday from the filming home in the honeymoon was in time and not withstand the woman down well I was going to the detail but had to Mike the answer then quite the reverse and as we got to know each other better we realize we tended to be close to God when I was difficult and by God in our lives were easy and so we prayed what they seem to be very stupid prayer we pray to God give us a life that is so intense that the only way we can survive is by walking close with me God give us a life that is so intense that the only way we can survive is by walking close with the it even today it usually only once a day if you don't want it and I feel like pushing papers across that if you are unsure of your future but know that you want to live an extraordinary life of service for God I challenge you I don't like to argue the greatest fire and keep on praying it every day until God mean to end a life of service city 's plan as pastor and I continue to pray this prayer we started to feel peace about the future even though we were really uncertain what the future would hold on to offer the US government working on service of his church often new job on Capitol Hill that they seem quite right for this posting and poking and prodding and Paul Pfeiffer John internationally working for the other strike is the hot awards that make it easy so I kind of reluctantly started looking into it there's the hospital that you stand it it is an internship there looked into his and others' health international Amy Norrell I was not surprised one day when I got a phone call from Dick Hart president of Lumley University in an assault nationalistic of all I'm really sorry but it seems like these I can work out the invention is available again and again I wasn't really expecting any anyway is it but all we need an administrator from hospital in Ethiopia would you have to be willing to go out there well this wasn't something we considered any I never dreamed of being sealed off twenty five attention I prayed about it I open the door and should enable us to walk through it we just tell you little bit about Indiana's possible hospitals located about six thousand eight hundred feet which is fortunately above way is four hundred fifty kilometers due S honest hospital started in nineteen forties since that time is grown up floors different times now it's got about the beds three hundred plus employees are nursing college will collection of rural clinics some of which are not accessible by road the hospital faces monumental challenges on every imaginable angle but God sustains day by day and in the past year and a half I've learned a number of things I like to share some of the things that way you today the first thing I learned is that when we put ourselves on the line for God becomes through powerfully and unmistakably wealthy I felt like I did not need God I can live my life just fine on my own at least I was wet felt about it but Ethiopia things are totally different our hospital is on a very serious financial footing cost of doing business is gone up dramatically in the past we for example this salary for my parade of double the past two years the price of staple food is quadruple the past few years that we can just raise their prices but then we can only serve the rich people and any not the visiting British people they are really but as a mission hospital we thought that was very important that our service is available for everyone when I was named as were often very very short cash income sanity and my doesn't look like were going to be able to meet payroll and this is a very serious because our employees live paycheck to paycheck some of the lower paid employees don't have anything to eat with you so the comes down to the end of the month I meet with Senate had accounted possibly pray together ask God will give us money to meet payroll and everyone becomes a me know what we never have money left over our payroll the month is about twenty thousand US dollars which isn't nice by the way to three hundred employees but after we meet the payroll last two dollars left over five dollars left over every month in the is a miracle from God now our hospital is kind of the roof girls Center for a whole region Ethiopia there are a few other hospitals in the region but none of them provide found high levels we get all the most difficult and desperate cases coming again to so many cases are very difficult and desperate in the couple months ago young Muslim woman came into the family lately afternoon she had severe postoperative complications another one look at her that she's getting dead in a couple of hours after my wife is a chaplain at the hospital she came into the family asked if they wanted prayer normally the Muslim families a little reluctant for prayer list there was no exception but they felt that the situation was just enough that Friday so that's afraid they want particular enthusiasts modernly definitely refuse drop revival it got lasted the ability to get Bible to free all the patients at this point all of us in the hospital my soft patch in my staff started to feel a special burden for this girl and throughout the afternoon and evening we continue to come into a room and pray with them at night I checked back in your room and things look really really ran with the foaming with girls vagina couple minutes and a maximum of one hour next morning we came to the hospital noting is quiet I said that Josh Spain that they've taken earned by now and interesting as Mister Paul Mister Paul's successor system after this explaining Ethiopia your last name is not important everyone goes by the first name though I'm Mister Paul anyway this is Mister Paul Mister Paul come select open the door to the ICU and the driver sitting there eating breakfast just talking it establishes completely healed and her family came and all round that you think you pricing her daughter 's life he tells you about God will give the final until you God is working every day to save fold Indiana hospital we have a large construction site of our nursing college kids were standing on nursing college also be in midwifery College and one day I found out there is than stealing going on the worksite so investigate things a little bit we terminated the workers who been responsible for the control future the ghastly I really really unhappy I started getting death threats one day I got a bunch of definite fact that that night when I went to bed I really carefully locked up all the doors and windows in my house and then that's noted that what overnight we woke up when I thank you for your started opening I decided both of us started praying more friendly than usual on my bedroom door stopped and started he had footsteps running life I jumped out of and reminisce steady and ran after I found the front door wide open now I walked in the downpour went back and were no signs of forced and she's witnessed me that somebody behind in my house when I went to bed and it opened my bedroom door and USC I had no idea what I was getting into my friend got between stimuli so intense that I would only survive if I want to have deluxe sample what you pray for Dave is in a view of God is real in your life will never really done anything for I challenge you to a place required God 's presence for your day-to-day survival but I left my mind immediately is that God works through people but there is often a shortage of people who are willing to let God work through them and most immediately it is one medical doctor for every five thousand people with an art and is only one position program one hundred thousand people on the shortage is even tougher for the hospital because almost all position in Ethiopia sponsored by the government they finished fooling of the government time to go back to the government then they leave the country with a huge challenge getting good position when I arrive with you general practitioners and one of them was only willing to work a couple hours a day the other one was a fraud they literally were talking to catch me he canceled the situation when Sabbath afternoon session I will avoid similar praying with things have gotten more than I think that is almost this emergency we can't find a doctor I looked around no not so I grabbed a medical student he got the textbook and we all ran up to the idea of a button of the button try to figure out what in the world the patient had nothing with him I just can't keep going like this guy knew I got sent to Doctor Priscilla Young general practitioner from Argentina I wish I can't tail is going to let me to say there are many many people live in Guinea today it would be sad if it wasn't for Doctor Priscilla went first into the hospital the accounting was a branch just give you an idea of how bad the accounting was the hospital 's international Bank account rollout of financial activity could place was not on a hospital but the hospital building was not out of hospital brought one realizes the busiest travel now I didn't have any kind back at the attached letter submitted to them to come in a solvent but God knew that we had this problem and I think David had instead highly qualified tax accountant from Washington DC and Joe Christ brilliant business student consolidate and strengthen excesses greatly unique and the two guys revolutionized accounting will give you an idea how much work they did in international auditing skills are five levels one is a clean audit needs your financial activities transparent five no opinion about the five means that there is so little documentation that the auditing firm can't even begin to tell you just how bad your financial activity I every year before I arrived the hospital getting five on every audit by the grace of God through the work of David Joel and Hennig we went from eight five three nine one in one years with even more remarkable than twenty guys twenty three years old I'm telling you the story is partly an example of the huge positive change that one person or group of people can bring they dedicated their life to God but I'm also telling the story because there is great need for these kind of people all across the world there is a need commissioner today there is no skill set is irrelevant I've got a great volunteer nursing stop following you like to say God needs missionary chanters is not likely Janet is just saying that everyone has a role in the mission field but certainly doesn't do anything I'm too young to go work for God can never be initial field which I distort the general conference and inspect the hospital one day with Alan and besides all the guys that came in the hospital we welcome amendment didn't want to as well was looking right and really brings the greater lasting we talk to the administrator so I took them up to my office and we all sat down in the Senate on Wednesday noticed that I said that's me is it all really good with the rest of the message that will hear him average HR administrative committee was when he said anything is being run by a bunch of Jen was in the that bring us through the no sometimes it pleases God sees people that are inexperienced with people who are willing to commit themselves completely to him now I know a lot of them think that when the missionaries him no very good job in fact that contributions and in describing the corner where you are enough up on again at the kind of place that you believe me I'm not tax-deductible contribution that they want to make one pleasingly right after the order was that but this sort of mindset ignores a very important point diversity is a valuable but they are the already know this one from work but in the context of mission work we make things move it more clear she told who will listen to you Luis are the people who know you bugs the Bible tells us that no prophet has honored his own hometown as an example for a few missionary campaign strategy like evangelism everything one Ethiopia one US we can double the attendance of both if we put the Ethiopian diamond USA Ethiopia that's just the way it works diversity is grand porn but it's also important in the theological that he and USC have been unashamed and I do so much about being ashamed yet reason anything that's because we don't have a problem became easy apparently the members bed down I'm reminded of this every morning about four thirty a.m. is the local mosque price of the speakers of the call to prayer needed for the childhood is a time to visit you on on on on feedlot like half an hour later Orthodox Church from the time that is a book I have dated requested anything anyway one saying it to you I even held in Ethiopia unashamed never within the theme will be immensely relieved to learn from our Ethiopian brothers distance why is that the Ethiopian people are unashamed and get your new act what first John John kept to verse twenty eight first John chapter two verse twenty eight reads no little children finding him so that when he appears we may have confidence and not shrink away from him in shame at his coming I don't urge you I see when talking about being unashamed before the world and that's great and tonight it is going to be talking about being unashamed of the second coming and submits it is equally if not brought for that we are unashamed when Christ down in fact these two concepts actually pretty closely related case if we live our lives than we are unashamed when Christ comes will be ashamed anything else is living a life for God we really won't care what anyone thinks so see in this verse cannot defend myself move that if we abide in Christ will not be ashamed was a need to abide in Christ we look at first John chapter three versus twenty three and twenty four will see that abiding in Christ means believing in Jesus and loving each other and us are pretty simple right right when I got a question for you how many of you have the love of God in your heart today please put your name nothing to enhance the mid-July things that the unashamed year with Zion put your hand if you have the love of God in your heart that you like the analysis and the first John chapter three verse seventeen but whoever has the world 's goods and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against them how does the love of God I covered talking question here but what Jonathan really think that if I got something and you need it and I don't help you God 's love is not abiding in my heart I know the question how many of you have made a significant sacrifice to help someone who is desperately poor please put your hand and outlining the day is July thirty one forgot that many hands USC really do look in verse eight Sheena jodhpurs John chapter three little children we consider ourselves to you I see let us not love in word over time or with putting up our hands but in deed and in truth and here's where the church in Ethiopia walks over if I been in a church in Ethiopia said put your hand every person has made significant sacrifices help from his desk a report every handling of Ghana and every person in charge faith beginning today is a poor place malnutrition rates are high maybe about thirty percent but no one thought because everyone helps each other we need to learn for my brothers and sisters in Ethiopia now today forget to think about our church is doing forgot to check to see what it believes in pushing what we believe because you have gone from her heart completely I will rethink his choices can be doing not very well today probably not surprised to learn the average age churches closing upon retirement just look at North American Europe at least you don't like that have agendas that can be a nursing home than average understanding that an average happiness positively looking for work is really bad to gotten is our job to run right now is really good news today all the developing world after you are reaching back to help today in Germany Steve Israel Africa are standing firm against harassing the church today in Canada were wanted immigrants are really vitalizing the church all across the United States people from Africa are breathing life back into our dying church know is a fascinating that the gospel first came out from North America and Europe but now those people who outsider coming back in to bring us the gospel but I don't will you think of the church in Africa is perfect it's not there's tuning problem corruption and tribalism now if you look at the world of the whole right shirts that is we see that we don't have that many theological problem quickly hacking US for corruption tribalism are really really big deal back I think you think you that for the world church as a whole music worship to brass worship style prophecy and sometimes even inspirational and white are trivial issues compared to the massive damage is being done in our church by corruption tribalism my wife was there one when church leaders started hacking each other pilot study to corruption and tribalism are still killing people in Ethiopia today churches and institutions are a sample and we are really hear about the first that they did this without it and knew corruption travel of the minute I finally got back in the day back enabling Democratic Republic of Congo called Diane back enabling Zimbabwe Rhodesia back when you use the part of the British Empire was not a child day we share another sobering piece of information for you according the setting are certain things its market share that is the world population just maybe growing faster than our church and July see our church is going well if I can go to survive we have to leave corruption tribalism I left in place twenty first century ideal like communication like transparency in anything you need today what in the world does this have to do it need home in Louisville was the last White Sox Nevada why should I care I would say to you that you should care just need to link chapter ten starting in verse thirty two chapter ten verse thirty this is a very familiar story of the good Samaritan on life that I go through until you nauseated but I do want to make one very important point the wounded died within two do you happen was a Samaritan what this tells us if the differences of race ethnic city religion and geography are not legitimate limits on our God-given obligation to help each other on this repeat that for you the good Samaritan teaches the differences of race ethnicity religion and geography are not legitimate let it on our God-given obligation to help each other in United States God has given us a lot but to whom much is given much is also required we can't just sit on upon God people their people in Africa who really really need our help so how can you help still enough missionaries turn out to be a great shack on corruption and what you see there is nothing like an un- bias third-party to resolve messy tribal conflict also missionaries don't tend to be involved in corruption date by lifting the entire gross income of the hospital I still have less money than most of my law school classmates make any year there's just no reason the most missionaries have start stealing stuff but again is impractical example it was a man needs nuclear Bermuda is a church leader 's name is Albert Hammond and James 's time Ethiopia there was a massive travel conflict with Delbert stood firm he was respected by both the and as long as he was in Ethiopia it would be every three months or so we have general staff meeting off all the staff come together in a unique constructive criticism and also constructive criticism it all I can stop it at the end of the day after we'll talk about payroll housing all I can stop someone always raises this issue Mister Paul Mister Paul please send this submission anything just to missionaries when I go to church is run in the end of the same thing Mister Paul Mister Paul can you please get the missionaries so the like he used the e-mail write that in nineteen seventy our church sent out three times as many missionaries as they sent out two thousand nine July see if what I do read some of Jesus in our generation is not going to be like cutting back on missionary misunderstandings that for progress especially at a time like this when every person can make a meaningful contribution to God 's work this is still set zero one their son and high-definition video and to you I say please help I'm sure set a good example Ethiopia really looks up to United States and Europe just where Susan started the first but it's very very hard for me to speak against tribalism in Ethiopia we have racially separate conferences in this country we just can't keep going like that I'm absolutely sure at least one thing my top and that's that the church in America needs the church in Ethiopia and the church and Ethiopia needs the church in America we are all part of the body of Christ and we want to be serious about this whole idea of reaching the world for Christ in one generation will got to work together on and on precedent level it's time to join hands and face and for all around the world and we need to move abroad with the unity that this world has never seen before today I can tell you that when I gave got control of my life he led me into a life that is so intense that the only way I survive within his daily intervention in my life today I urge you I challenge you to let God take the lead in your life the lighting shake off the shackles of shame any difference that binds you to an ordinary life you can just really want in the extraordinary life of God 's plan for you that God is calling for people willing to put aside racial and ethnic differences got a kind of people who were willing to commit themselves totally to him thought of calling for people who put it all on the line for his today and I'm sorry to use a slightly stale phrase here but today here he likes the guys calling for an army of you not just in the United States not just in Ethiopia the United from every nation on the globe God is calling for an army of youth that is so committed to sharing his word so connected with God and so unashamed of their faith that nothing can stop us from reaching the world for Jesus and that our generation five years ago that you like the Sacramento was just starting to get together with those being song called all go when you want me to go at that conference thousands of us promise to give our God wanted us to go to daily long as they do he wanted to and be who you want to be and if we had lived up to our promises we would not be here today over here and/or here because we found we fail because where Shane is now starting a new year 's time for a fresh start the chance of the things over and do things right the chance to recommit ourselves to God today they dictated you would like to say that Einstein for the today I want to commit my life him him a significant part of my life and initiative view abroad in income forward to the fun with need for prayer no missionaries are needed all over the world that he sometime ago seven thousand years ago he is not listening I will give you the whole now the gospel when they went in alone spread the gospel they responded to the in one generation to implement anything that reasonable parking within one generation you I think we did go mean this guy needs to me being harvested by all the gods waiting for work workers like you were like me I is a few ideas I'm tired you like the one he coming back here when I'm thirty seven today I encourage you to join the first time you view he by the grace of God we were F in this our generation are kind loving and merciful father you know that in many ways were failed but today as we start twenty ten we ask you to give us courage you would fill our hearts if you love so that there is no room for Shane and today I thank you all of these people who come forward to commit their lives serviced youth mission nitrate you continue to give them the courage to go all you want them to go say what you want to say I didn't feed you want to be we know that this is not the power of the day we just lay ourselves in your and we surrender ourselves to you and we trust that you will be done a good work in so many hard day will continue the good work and we will no longer become e.g. lysine year after year after year but instead will be having reunions together you have this is our prayer in your holy name this was his value versus working license generation of Christ you would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. 's life when I will review like this more free online service please visit www. done on U-verse got more


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