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Seven who Changed the World

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • August 31, 2019
    12:30 PM
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Lord we've sung we've brought gifts we've shared gifts gifts of music we've offered prayers and if we've men in the Sabbath school we've studied the were but now Lord we've set a cross aside this time for all generations to gather as a family to hear your Word preached which is different. I'm asking now Lord anoint my heart my lips my mind and I'm praying anoint the heart and the ears and the minds of those who have gathered with us now Lord I pray may this be a moment of true edification for your cause thank you for the power to decide thank you for the freedom to hear and gather and bless us now I pray in Jesus' name amen. This morning we are on a journey it is a journey to further focus organize and dedicate our lives to the expansion of God's Cause it's important for everybody listening me here to know that if you are not being used by God to advance his name to tell the story of his glory if you are not engaged in proclaiming the goodness of God and living it out as a witness you are going backwards whether you can sense it or not this is a spiritual principle it is a spiritual law we are swimming or boating canoeing if you see if you should so like the metaphor upstream and when we stop paddling for the sake of those who need to be conveyed from one understanding to another we go backwards Spirit of Prophecy declares it to be a state of perpetual backsliding so should you think that sheltering your family from the world is enough to transport your kids from one worldview to another from one paradigm or one frame to another think again because all the shielding in the world will not save your children it's important to know Christian education matters and there are still people making decisions about Christian education even as of this weekend I encourage you to take a step of faith reach out to our school or whatever school fits the appropriate age category of your children but it's still not enough our schools are to be training centers for a mindset and a lifestyle that both declares a uniqueness for Christ and a determined focused effort to build his work this reality is one that may not be recognized but to be ignorant of it is to find oneself moving away from the very object you say you desire so this morning as we come to our 2nd leadership we can with this church where especially looking at the organizational structure of the New Testament church so take your Bibles this morning if you would and open them up to our scripture reading. The book of Acts Chapter 6. In this moment in the history of the new church a challenge is presented the challenge is is that people find themselves disadvantaged economically because they've declared a loyalty to Jesus if you think that was for then and it's not that way now I understand that there will be sacrifices to pay that effect the pocket book when we choose Jesus it's not just that we return an honest try and give a thankful generous offering it's the fact that sometimes the devil decides and God gives permission to allow our lives to endure a certain part of suffering and sometimes it's economic and if it's not for you now be certain of this one thing the day is coming when it will happen again they responded by selling their property they responded by selling their substance they held all things in common and nobody was to be neglected but if you lost your job as a priest or your last year or your following your or your clientele as a businessman whether it was working with shoes or making copper pots or ceramic. Trinkets these things were such that the early church rise to the occasion and took care of its own we are to be taking care of each other now we are to be taking care of ourselves and our families 1st and when we find the poor amongst us which Jesus said would always be there why to exercise as the King James version would say the bowels of compassion or the desires of our heart to care in this moment in church history the church is robust and it is vibrant but it's about to run through a big hole it's about it a huge speed bump the bridges not out but there are stress fractures in the relationships that are holding it together Acts chapter sick. Looking at verse one says now at this time while the disciples were increasing in number a complaint a rose I've highlighted those 3 words a complaint arose on the part of the Hellenistic or the Greek Jews against the native Hebrews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily serving of food so the 12 some of the Congregation of the disciples and said it's not desirable it's not good for us to neglect the Word of God in order to serve tables therefore brother select from among you 7 men of good reputation full of the Spirit of wisdom of whom we may put in charge of this task but we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the Ministry of the word statement found approval with the whole congregation they chose Stephen a man of faith and of the Holy Spirit and Philip chorus Nicanor timin promenade and Nicholas a proselyte from Angela Antioch and these they brought before the Apostles and after praying they laid their hands on them and the Word of God kept on spreading and the number of the disciples continued to increase greatly in Jerusalem and a great many of the priests were becoming obedient to the faith Now this isn't the 1st time or the last time some form of administrative crisis in add to challenge is going to face a group of people as a matter of fact depending on how you guarded the spirit of your heart in the garden of your mind over this last week or season of life you might come to come here this morning with the bitter fruits of a negative spirit as a matter of fact when we look at this story line there is a complaint that has created a crisis the question we ought to ask ourselves is was this a real crisis or was this a perceived one. And you say Well Pastor how we going to know well there is a way to know if you care to know and that is take just a little bit of time read carefully the narrative and then you might want to take advantage of that 5 books we call them the conflict of the ages serious their commentary but they're not an ordinary commentary they are a commentary that has woven through their insights and their understanding of the prophetic gift of their author actually the gift from God through the author when we look at this story line a complaint a rose is a phrase that cannot get biased very easily and the question is how often should complaints arise and what establishes the difference between a legitimate complaint and one that's prompted by a negative spirit and how would we know the difference these kinds of things ought to be considered by a modern day group of pilgrims that are going from Planet Earth from spiritual Egypt on to the heavenly gated because if there's one thing that made Moses live better and that God can't stand it's a complaining spirit don't think so. And why would it be Proverbs 6 chapter 16 there are 6 things the Lord hates a 7 are an abomination the line makes it on the list 2 times but when God thinks to himself and he wants to make sure the list is complete as number 7 he puts down one who sews discord among the brother. Now when I showed you the picture of the Nets in El Salvador and I gave that boy his $2.00 for letting us use his fiction is fish for some pictures and I showed you this man who was just skillfully netting knitting his net. God knows that the net that catches people is the love of the brother and God knows that the bond of perfection is love and God knows that when the net of his people is full of holes there are people who would be gathered into the kingdom but under the stress and the uncertainty of conviction in the fear the future they swim away because they have not found that which would really keep them yes God hates those who so discord he hates the actions of those who so discord among the brother and because the very act of sowing discord is like taking scissors and cutting holes in the net. You see the other reason I believe this complaint is Spirit is an abomination to God is that it is the 1st fruits of pride and you can trace its experience all the way back to the days of heaven when there was one who has allowed and fertilize the seats of seeds of arrogance to grow in his heart and he began sowing the seeds of discord very subtly very soon with lots of softness tree and wisdom he began subtly causing doubt and eventually spilled over with negative spirit into complaining about God's methods and God's ways and God's administration you see complaining is a fruit of arrogance it is a fruit of pride and it becomes illegitimate when it is never focused on really solving the problem it's really just a platform for establishing the superior thinking wisdom education or experience of somebody so how would you know when the complaints OK how would you know does this mean we live in a Pollyanna world where nobody ever says anything to anybody else not hardly I'm going to tell you how you can know when your complaint has some legitimacy when you tell it to the right person who can do something about it and fix it you've got a legitimate complaint and when you tell anybody else you've got a spiritual problem. And I want you to think about this friends because the Bible is clear that iron sharpens iron So one man sharpens another man's countenance I had somebody actually sit and talk with me between the services about an observation if they would have gone to another person it would have been this kind of complaining but because they brought it to somebody who could do something about it it became a legitimate constructive criticism and the 2 are miles apart so when you can't be honest enough to say to yourself you know what there's a little root of bitterness or there's a huge tap root of bitterness in me and I'm telling all the wrong people you're just complaining you're part of that mix multitude spiritually and it is a stench in the nostrils of God I didn't make up those sentiments those are the sentiments of scripture God doesn't want holes in the net of this family fabric he doesn't want people cutting and carving and slicing and dicing the fabric of our togetherness human pride began in heaven as devilish pride and it exists yet still today so carry your concern to someone who can do something about it and it's no longer a complaining spirit it's now a solution to a problem maybe somebody else did see was this a legitimate complaint or was it illegitimate Well let's let the Spirit of Prophecy answer that question for us she says the hearts of those who had been converted under the labors of the Apostles were softened and united by Christian love despite their former prejudices all were in harmony with one another that's the state of the church through Acts Chapter 5 Satan knew that so long as this union continued to exist he would be powerless to check the progress of the gospel truth man I like that line. You want to see Satan shut down then just press still get their press in with Christ you'll seek me and you find me God says When you see me with what all your heart and you know what God says that this house is a place for finding him God says this is a place we should be gathering our hearts should be knit together in Christian love and we should look for this kind of experience where Satan is powerless to check the progress of the gospel truth and he sought to take advantage of former habits of thought in the hope that he might be able to introduce into the church elements of dis Union now she comments earlier that there had long been distrust prejudice and bigotry between the Jews in the Greeks does it sound at all like anything in modern society is there anything here that makes the 21st century able to take get a takeaway here I want to tell you it doesn't matter whether your skin color is grossly or uniquely on bi polar opposites or whether it's just some other part of your pedigree that separates you so maybe you've never graduated from the 8th grade and maybe the guy down the pew holds a post doctoral degree you can look down your nose at somebody for anything and those have always existed if you think we're getting out of this journey from here to there without it check in because it's not happening but it changes when the love of God fills your heart and all of a sudden you are not the center of your world it's other people it's the message it's Christ crucified. These things went away when Jesus was lifted up on the cross the experience of the church was peut pure through persecution through fear through suffering but Satan is not content to watch this mighty steamroller smash everything in its path and so he says to himself I know how to work with this person Solomon wrote it himself he said be careful not to listen too carefully lest you hear your servant cursing you and then if that was all it would be good enough advice but he's not going to leave us there it's not like well I'm better than them I wouldn't curse I wouldn't run somebody down he goes on in the rest of the verse to say because you know yourself have cursed as well it's a human thing I don't get off it you don't get off it I was preaching up at the District 6 camp meeting or many meeting for their district this summer and I think I surprised them because I didn't surprise them with this and I said you know it's not OK for you to go home and talk about your past your negative talk about him positive all you want share a word of encouragement. But you know. Many of you do but this is for all pastors in all places and for the 1200 people that subscribe to our You Tube channel and the 3000 likes we have and Facebook is for anybody that's listening wherever you are at some of you don't attend here some of you here just checking this church out but one thing that it's super important for us to understand is that pastors are people too and so when I told them you should go home and talk negative about your pastors like yeah we know but we got a real dead. And they didn't say that but I said you know it's not good for pastors to gather together and talk about you either and of course they do sometimes some people are pills. Divine medication for the preacher to make sure his sanctification doesn't slow down. I'm as human as you are if you think when I gather with a dozen pastors and one of them starts talking about a problem they're facing I'm not tempted to throw my hat in the pile you better think again I try to do it generically if I do it but I shouldn't do it I'm just like you I can complain as good as anybody especially if you catch me at the right moment. And so I know how you are because I'm you and you're me and I tell you something when the spirit of Jesus is operative in my heart I don't complain about you. And of course the obvious it can be true too I'm thankful to say this is not been a complaining church I don't think I've really I pastored one but the Lord delivered me from it after a short period of time. And I did care about them but they were using me up it was all in God's hands I didn't hit the eject button a complaint arose what's Jesus say you clean out the house but that demon remembers where you hide the key. And he comes back and looks under the mat. And he pulls it out he's got 7 buddies and he sticks the key in the door of your heart and turns this yeah this would work and Jesus says when they move back in the place is clean that's better than how they left it and they say the est of that person was worse than before if there is a blight on the effectiveness of the advantage church right now it is disunity and it is fueled by a complaining spirit if there is a spiritual cancer eating our vitality up it is disunity. And if there is a terminal element to our Christian walk even though this church looks like it will falter it will not but if there is a terminal component to an individual's life I would bank big money on the chance that this complaining spirit and this pride of life would be rooting itself in the vital organs of our Christianity and sapping our spiritual life away as she is writing she makes it clear it came to pass that his disciples were multiplied the enemy succeeded bad phrase in arounds in the suspicions of some who had formerly been in the habit of looking with jealousy on their brother in the faith and of finding fault with their spiritual leaders So what would what the devil do he looks around for somebody who's got their brain a deep furrow they've connected the Synopsys on this abbot of life and he he knows they're fighting the faith to try not to but he realizes he might be able to hijack this experience and do something with it and that's what he does and there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews the cause of this complaint listen the cause of this complaint was an allegedly neglect in other words the logic she uses theologically to show it was a legend was that the church was rolling on and there was nothing to shut him down it was experiencing the fruitfulness and the fruits both the experience and the additions to the church this was an old way of thinking that resurfaced is sell and did not need to but prop measures must now be taken she writes to remove all occasion for dissatisfaction lest the enemy triumph in his effort to bring about a division among the believers So what did they do. What do you do when you have a crisis when you when you have a crisis of people you have to like Moses as we talked last week in Deuteronomy or I should say in Exodus Chapter 32 or so Moses stands up and he says to the people in the midst of the drunken orgy who is on the Lord's side. And what happens is the Levites rally to Moses side in this case it's going to be a solution of leadership just like it always is and the leader will pay a price to stay the tide of evil and that hasn't changed either prompt measures must be taken to remove this aroused suspicion and so what do they do they look for people who are full of 2 categories they are filled with the spirit and they are men of wisdom this qualification is a call to be like Jesus and you can't be filled with the spirit when you're filling your life with things that are contradictory to the spirit there are people who take the name 7th Day Adventists who are no more 7th Day Adventist than the person walking on the street with one exception they go to church on Saturday they don't fill their in the hearts and minds with the Word of God They're not pleading for an outpouring of the spirit their parents went to church on Saturday and so did their grandma and grandpa and maybe their great and if you maybe their great great but you one is not a Christian because one holds record in the 7th Day Adventist Church to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to make a priority of meeting with God. But to be filled with the Holy Spirit will be the confidence and the comfort in the days that are coming when I was in El Salvador one of the Masters Chesley traveling with me said listen all of their enemies are out in the public you can see them poverty violence you start looking around and you can see in El Salvador there's enemy number one there's enemy number 2 lack of access to good care medically but in this country said they're all veiled but I want you to know something the 1st service pastor and he still Janowicz was praying about the rising of evil in our country pretty soon when the time is right evil will no longer veil itself it will not be a sideward attack which we call a flanking it will be a frontal assault on the people of God and if they have not found a way into a living relationship with Jesus Christ they will be peeling out of this church as fast as rats run when the lights turned on. Nobody listening to me here today needs to be afraid of the future. I was laying down there on Monday night in my bed in the orphanage they have homes down there and you know it's winter in El Salvador and I'm telling you I'm from the Midwest so I've seen the sky turned green I've seen that eerie calm just before the the funnels form in the clouds I was laying in my bed and I could hear the thunder coming but I want to tell you one bolt of lightning and one peal of thunder was so close that I started up out of my bed and I thought to myself if I was one of those Old Testament people and God started sending the thunder in the hailstones I think the gig was up to. You know they had their stones in their hands to kill Caleb and Joshua. All they did was give a good report that God can do this thing did you forget we walked through the red sea on dry ground. That's all they were doing and they were going to kill him for and this was the covenant keeping people these were the people who said all that he said will do except listen to the prophetic voice but I want to tell you at the very end just like God intervened and came down on to the Tabernacle and saved Caleb and Joshua his life God will have no problem intervening to save any one of his children that need to be saved and if he doesn't save us he'll be because he gave us a saving confidence in him that we could be victorious and triumph still even in facing death we need to quit focusing on that which makes us afraid we need to quit focusing on human solutions we need to remember there's a God bigger than the General Conference of the division or even your local pastor praise the Lord and we're going to go forward knowing that with this kind of living faith with God choosing and guiding and directing the church can go forward and it can have a powerful mighty harvest but we need leaders who are full of wisdom and of the Holy Spirit who can be put in charge don't miss those words in the Bible this society has been a Nemean to authority but I want to remind you especially all pastors that Titus is told in Chapter 215 let no man despise you. In every human relationship trust and respect are the 2 pillars on which the relationship is built and some people in the name of a very weak need Christianity think it's all about being nice when sometimes the nicest thing you can do is reset the respectability dynamic of the relationship. I don't have time to read retread the message I preached several months ago called wrestle fight and pray which was on John Wesley and the tremendous antagonism and resistance he faced every generation that raises the standard up is going to be resisted by the devil because he doesn't say oh you Christians want my prisoners here's the key unshackle them. No when the Spirit comes in and he throws the shackles off like he did in the flippin jail the devil's mad and he comes in with a vengeance he wants everything except to see this church united the Gospel net of harmony and togetherness moving forward so why not pick on longer stablish prejudices between Jew in Greek or why not pick on them between other races or other genders Why not find something to divide this church so that we can stop its progress that's all these after Christian love for babes it Christian generosity provides for the care and the love and the proof that there's something more here than sentiment and the kind of men we're going to get here if you just keep reading in the chapter are going to lay down their lives for God's message for the church what are we willing to do so often it's a difficult thing for us to arouse ourselves from slumber to be in the house of the Lord and if we met that commitment whether we made it to Sabbath school or not the idea of prayer meeting is like Are you kidding me that's for a generation ago or 3 or 4 but the last I checked what the Bible said is that if we will humble ourselves what Jesus said AM pray what Jesus said if there will be a symphony if there will be an agree that Greek word since the nail if there will be an agreement in prayer in other words you've got to get together and by the way friends. By the way you know what the main point of heaven is going to be don't you I mean you know what the greatest blessing of Heaven is going to be don't you the greatest blessing of Heaven is going to be to catch. That person who died in Christ are going to be together that person who goes halfway around the world to serve Christ are going to be together that child who lost their life to disease or whatever it might be you're going to be together you know what being together is a great blessing there are places in the world where you can even gather to do what we're doing being to gather get to the point Pastor here's the point for Annette to work people have to get together if you don't like being together here and you make no effort to be together here what makes you think you're going to fall out of earth into Heaven and all of a sudden like being with the people you didn't work at learning the like here. I want to think about it when the Bible says a deacon is given to hospitality it's not just the deacon It's just that the Deacon shows the way because being given to hospitality is an act of loving service and it takes a lot of work and sometimes you've got to work at loving the people you're being hospitable to because they think they deserve it filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit they were put in charge Man I'm glad for deacons and so every single one of them that makes sure you never noticed there's a bump or a ripple in our Sabbath morning experience every single one of them that spreads mulch over at the church cooler trends bushes or fixes plumbing lines or whatever it might be here or shares a bible study or facilitates a small group or shows up to pray and lay a hand on some young man's shoulder and encourage him to rise up and be a man of God they are given a charge with their responsibility comes authority and if you have a problem with that you have a problem with God because God set that up. And when somebody is given duly constituted authority and they don't exercise it it leads to chaos we look at that last week in the story of Aaron in the golden calf duly constituted his leader and he does nothing to resist the next strongest leader in line who happens to think going back to Egypt and taking a golden calf will create some favor they are put in charge put in charge of feeding the poor and a whole lot more and does that make them a subcategory for ministry in the church not hardly they develop their gifts of sharing the message they discuss develop their love for the brothers in the sisters. Deacons deaconesses they are the leadership development team of the church they are practical they are personal and they are spiritual. These are the categories that create the kind of an stop ability that kind of organization and focus that makes a church strong and by the way make sure all of you deacons and all of you parents and all of you presidents and whoever else might be listening you need to know something leadership has an awful lot to do with communication and when you're listening make sure you can distinguish between a complaint. And a constructive criticism because if you listen the wrong way to a complaint and they walk away from your conversation they say you agreed with me and they're more resilient in the wrong direction than they were before they talk to you let's get beyond just a den of fine with people could we do that. Let's actually love them enough to say you know what I've heard you and I can see some legitimacy in it but I'm concerned because added to the really what I hear sounds like there's some kind of root of bitterness that's tied to this thing have you gone and talk for that person. I'd like to have a special pastoral bads that I hand out to people. We actually took a person on a mission trip once and when a member of this church. On the mission trip they made it into a small category of people who had a bad experience they felt that someone didn't talk to them quite nicely enough I'm all for talking nice to people when they got back from the mission trip they quit going to church and then because one of the coordinators reached out to them someone from a different church they thought that that coordinator was sympathetic with their concern or their complaint that coordinator listened long enough and what tipped the conversation over to the OK we went far enough I've listened long enough with when they started complaining against another pastor not me. And they started running down the pastor and then that coordinator I'd given them the if I had the metal I'd give it to him didn't benefit me at all but it benefited God's work that coordinators took up them and said no that pastors not like that now let me tell you what the good news on the story is because that person had a little checked himself moment turned out that this was a woman I don't know if she's a deaconess or not but she could be if he wanted to be of God firm here in the church but not only did that person check themselves thankful to a faithful friend who only listened so long and knew how to have the right conversation but that person went on to go back to church and then they went on to make a great big donation to the mission now that's full cycle healing thanks to good leadership and when you don't have good leadership you don't get that when you can hang on to those rough moments and you don't know what love is just ask yourself what I want done for me if somebody else was listening to this conversation and I was the subject matter. Good leadership sets the stage for safety and structure and innocence and happiness in a family when there's no dad or no mom that's anchoring down the healthy structures of life when they have not taken their charge which is from God and properly anchored the family on the laws of health the children will be all over the place but anchoring them in the child's youth is a keeper when they go through the trouble sometimes of M I A child or my adult should I listen should I not we call it adolescents this kind of leadership is the leadership God marks out for a deacon we don't want people who don't understand this at home God says if you don't know how to do it in your house please don't import it to my US we don't need multiple layers and exponential levels of dysfunction in the house of God the standards high and if you say to yourself you can't do that right you can't neither can I but the truth of the matter is. That if I turn to Jesus and I give myself the luxury of self honesty I can acknowledge that the cross was done by me and the cross was done for me and the God who died there on my behalf wants to fill me and I can be changed to be this kind of man or this kind of woman. They laid their hands on them. Let's get away from all the technical jargon about what is and what isn't ordination let's just acknowledge here there is some measure of affirmation here they are given the firm mean touch of the church and they are to go out and do their job and they should bear the fruits of the Spirit and they should work in the power of the Spirit and the church will be strengthened again and the result verse 7 don't pass this up friends the Word of God Here's how the solution worked verse 7 the Word of God kept on spreading sorry Lucifer you're lost on that score the Word of God kept on spreading and we go farther than that because it's not just the other numbered multitude the thousands the numbers of the disciples continued to increase greatly and not just some but a great many of the priests were becoming obedient to the faith now let me tell you something about how a church works you've always heard somebody say 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work. Might not be too far off now I know both sides of that in some churches 20 percent of people do 80 percent of the work because 20 percent want to be in control of everything how do I know because I commanded can churches and they want to control me and I've watched I think the 1st time I saw this it was a Dorcas I won't tell you what church I was in but it's been a long time ago and I walked into the building and when I saw padlocks on the cupboards I thought to myself I think we have a problem. Now in a big church you might padlock a few things because everybody doesn't know everybody and there's a lot of coming and going but when you have 25 people coming to church. Padlock in the cupboards is not necessary. In some churches a percent of people don't really care and they're not even sure why they're there except somebody raised him to do it. And they have made no commitments to anything it's what the church can give them it's not what they can give the world as they work with the church. Where you. Is this moment right now about another little self esteem pick me up are we living on the cusp of eternity like I said as I was flying across the Gulf of Mexico last Sunday I'm saying to myself how could people with so much do so little and I'm pretty proud of this body of believers we just voted and I should say with the money you gave I stood with a group of people and we all agreed this church was worthy they had a metal roof up and some steel pose Paul's that's it we had been telling the churches in El Salvador that we'll have a committee and we'll talk about we decided to hold our committee on the spot so they went over in their little huddle and they prayed and we came over our little hole and we talked I don't remember of we prayed. And we decided this church was worthy of a church and they ought to know right now. All we gave them was $10000.00 but I want to tell you when it took you years to get what you got people started crying I was glad when they said to me Let us go into the house of the Lord but what if you don't have a house to go into or one of the houses all you've got are somebodies porch or a mango tree. There was one lady. As I stood in a mountainside that had been excavated I don't really know how they did it I mean massive amounts of dirt were gone the mayor showed them Faber and they borrowed a piece of equipment but even with a big power scope with a big power shovel I'm not sure how they did it there was one lady there who had prayed for 48 hears for a church now I've travelled around and I've never heard of anything longer than a couple decades 40 years she's an old woman she was a young woman when she started praying but I tell you what she was there she wanted to see these people that were helping others and block the obstacles we are living in a day in age in which if ever there was a time that we need godly leadership to rise up as Moses was told by Jethro thousands 150 S. and ten's that means there was somebody in a leadership training school down here in the ten's and they got graduated to the fifty's into the hundreds and eventually they might be leading a 1000 we have to cross generationally and with great intent and focus be looking to develop our leaders so they're filled with the Holy Spirit and with wisdom and so that our church can move on and White says speaking of the early church he says although we as they were united with Christ could the disciples hope to have the accompanying power of the Holy Spirit and the cooperation of angels in heaven. Only as they were united with the help of these divine agencies they would present before the world a united front and they would be victorious in the conflict they were compelled to wage unceasingly against the powers of darkness as they should continue to labor United Lee Listen to this how many times are you hearing the word Union and United heavenly messengers this is how it's going to work on September 20th 3 heavenly messengers would go before them opening the way hearts would be prepared for the reception of truth and many would be one to cry so long as they remain united the church would go forth and she quotes from Song of Solomon fair is the moon clear is the sun and I love this last part terrible as an army with banners I want you to see the Army of God in lock step marching for nothing can stop them and everybody who sees them is afraid and then she makes this statement nothing could withstand her onward progress the church would advance from victory to victory Have you ever heard that in any of our Him lady gloriously fulfilling her divine mission to proclaim in the Gospel to the world and one last quote These men were to take their position unitedly on the side of right and to maintain it with firmness and decision thus they would have a uniting influence upon the entire flock if I just read that right deacons you have extra critical crucial elemental cornerstone role in establishing the attitudinal altitude of this congregation you listen the wrong way we go down you care and minister and listen the right way we all go up I tell you what. As a pastor I get weary of looking at statistics and say I'm in reverse when I want to be in Ford but I love this phrase nothing could withstand her onward progress that's the church. So how's it work Steven gets called in to defend his faith he stands before them thinking he's going to teach them something but somewhere in the middle of the sermon he figures it out this is his last will and testament and what's he going to do is going to talk about the heritage of Israel. And it's not enough that he should die for nothing so he goes ahead and he gets bold and finally after he's reminded them of their checkered history and all the holes that have been cut in the net of Israel's attempt to win the world and their absence of even using and he finally says the words that cut him off when he says you're just like your father's stiff necked. And what do they do they cover their ears they throw off their robes and there's a young lawyer who's letting them toss them onto his forearm and they rushed upon Stephen and they snuck out his life with rocks it's called Stoney and all the while they're Sol thinking he got what he deserved. But from that point forward Saul never put his head on a pillow without seeing the face of Stephen and hearing the words as he declared he saw Jesus stand up. Tell him you heard the quote give me 100 men the fear nothing but sin and serve nothing but God not change the world but I'm here to tell you 12 apostles and 7 deacons sure got this thing off to the right start and if we had 7 or 70 or 700 it wouldn't hurt because we have a global message and a global Mandane that's bigger than it's ever been before man woman and child everybody's call to be just like Jesus who's going to take us up to higher ground and I'm planning by God's grace and I'm inviting you again. I've actually thought about starting to pray I've been free to do it Lord I want to see face to face when you come I'm afraid to pray it partially because I know to get me there I'm going to pay a little more than I thought about or know about. But man what would it be to hear Jesus say Well done good and what's the next word faithful servant. Today 7 men how about an exponential number more like God help each of us to go to the high places may God help each of us to go to higher ground and may we serve them without reserve pray for these deacons today as they gather to me and pledge themselves to Christ and each other and this church may God help us all the stand like the brave this media was brought to you by audio a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen more sermon leave it to W.W.W. audio or.


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