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The Time of Sealing

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • September 14, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Our Father in heaven we think you for the Sabbath day that we can worship you and I pray for the outpouring of your spirit as this message is given me the words spoken be just each one of us needs and I pray that. According to your will that this message can be used to shake us out of our complacency as will the Korean Jesus name and. The title for the message this morning it is the time of seal. And all to say this up front this is a 7th day out in this message that I will be giving today we are in a 7th Day Adventist Church and I make no apologies that what you hear today will be a message the 7th Day Adventists need to hear. And. Just as we were going through this week you know we passed through the 18th anniversary of 911 and it's kind of hard to believe that 18 years have gone by I still remember I was a medical student loan in London my 2nd year the morning that that happened and I was convinced that it. That Jesus would be here within a few years and never would have dreamed that another 18 years would have gone by and we would still be here in the year 2019 now I'm definitely not into setting dates or times for the coming of Jesus but what I can say is that something is holding up the return of Jesus based on what we're going to see here in the Bible the day that it was never the Lord's will for a time to go on this long and certainly for me I was I think 24 when 911 happened and here I am 18 years later nearly having lived a 2nd half of my life since that time. And I never would have dreamed the time could have gone on so long since then I want you to look and reflect on Revelation Chapter 7 verse one of the setting for Revelation 7 as an interval between the 6th of the 7th Seal and in the seals of Revelation Chapter 67 in Chapter 8 verse one we see a history of the persecution of the church and when we get to Revelation Chapter 6 in the beginning of the 6th Seal beginning in verse 12 we see some significant prophetic events that Jesus 4 told him Matthew 24 and Luke 21 but Revelation 6 gives us the chronology of history to understand when these events took place and so we have this great earthquake and the sun becoming black and the moon becoming us blood in the stars falling from heaven these are clearly defined historical events that took place in history the great Lisbon earthquake of May So $1755.00 the dark day of May $191780.00 and then the falling of the stars the Nov 13th $1833.00 and immediately after that we see what it will be a lie when Jesus returns in the clouds where the wicked are calling for the rocks and the mountains the fall upon him and they say for the great day of the wrath of awareness calm and who shall be able to stand now I know that a lot of people paint Jesus and the way that makes him sound as if he will never deal with wickedness but the time is coming when the day of the wrath of the Lamb is coming. And yes God is one of us Jesus is merciful Yes he is extending time for us to be saved but God will eventually deal with the wickedness of the service so the question is when you look at Revelation 6 and we come to the end of the seals. We see that the last clearly portrayed prophetic event that we can place the time on is the falling of the stars in $833.00 and if you study the rest of Daniel and Revelation you'll understand about the beginning of the judgment 944 from Daniel 78 and so forth so basically shortly after 833 in the beginning of the judgment 144 the next big event that's going to take place is the coming of Jesus on the clouds of heaven. And here we are in 2019 so I look at these events in the SEALs in beginning of the 6th Seal we've got 755-171-8183 extension 3 you've got 844 for good measure and here we are in truth 119175 years after 844 and we're 186 years after 833. And the question is what is going on and the reality is that we are living in the time of the ceiling now sometimes I wonder when I go around and speak at various churches and I come to this church and I go to churches around here and I go all over the place how many of us as 7th reflect on the reality on a daily basis that we are living in the time of the ceiling when God is trying to place the seal of the Living God in our foreheads how many of us have thought about that this was weak for example. Or are we so 6 steep in this Laodicean mentality that all is well when we're not really living as if Jesus could be coming soon are we really prepared to receive the seal of the living. Room relationship or 7 verse one and after these things. I saw for angel standing on the 4 corners of the earth holding the 4 winds of the earth but the when should not blow on the early earth nor on the seen or on any tree. And I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice of the 4 angels to him it was given to her the earth and the sea saying hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees so we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads so here's what we see in these 1st 3 verses there are 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth now if you look in Scripture is especially if you go to Isaiah chapter 11 verse 12 this idea of the 4 corners of the earth portrays an idea of a world wide. Dimension or universality with respect to the earth so the 4 corners of the earth describe the entire earth and you have 4 angels holding back the 4 weapons that are going to affect the entire earth. When the 4 winds are released the entire earth is going to feel the effects and the 4 angels therefore may not necessarily be 4 in number they may represent a group of angels that are having an effect on the entire Earth maybe they are 4 literal angels but what we can say is that the 4 corners of the earth describes the entire earth that will be affected by the wind that is released now when you look in the Book of Daniel for example chapter 7 verse 2 for ones are to are used to describe these beasts that come up out of the sea and the when strove upon the sea and we understand that she described how the 4 major empires about the law made a person Greece and Rome came up from populated areas of the earth. Amid political strife to gain world conquests but at the end of time God is going to release when and or strife upon the earth that will affect everybody who is alive and so that the one should not blow on the Earth or on the seen or on the trees now if you study Revelation for example you have a beast that comes up out of the sea in Revelation 13 that describes the populated area of the old world and you have a 2nd beast that comes up out of the earth that describes the relatively unpopulated area of the new world around $798.00 and Shreeves can be represented as the righteous for example in Psalms chapter one and so what God is saying here it doesn't matter whether you live in the old world or the new world if you are righteous or you are wicked when the 4 winds are released you will feel the effect upon this earth. And I want to read a few statements that remind us of what is coming up on the earth you know it's like when $911.00 happened even our brothers and sisters in the other churches that go to church on Sunday everybody was unsure of. The Sunday after $911.00. And now the Us were all talking about how Jesus is coming soon and how everything the end is nigh on at hand and here we are 18 years since that time and many of us are just about to the way we were living as if nothing has ever changed. I want to read you a statement from manuscript 23319 which. The wrath of God will come upon all cities upon to Whelan's upon Marj buildings so suddenly that they who have the slightest intimation have no safety in Delhi ing at all they are to flee at once we are living amid the perils of the last days the wrath of God is preparing to come upon all the cities not all at once but want to after another and if the terrible punishment in one city does not cause the inhabitants of other cities to be afraid and seek repentance their time will come the destruction will begin in certain places and the destruction of wife will be sudden and but few will escape. Do you really have any conception of what's coming up on this earth. Do you think about it or we just kind of floating along living the American dream while we take the name 7th day oddness and come to church once a week patting ourselves on the back that at least we know the right data worship while we're participating in the spirit of the world that God says will be destroyed. You know Ellen why has this fascinating statement from its founding her Christian experience and teachings page 157 where she says I saw many troubling in the broad road who had the words written upon them dead to the world the end of all things is at hand be ye also ready they looked just like all the vain ones around the mix up the shade of sadness which I noticed upon their countenances their conversation was just like that of the gay or happy thoughtless ones around them but they would occasionally point with great satisfaction to the letters on their garments calling for the others to have the same upon theirs they were in the broad way you had they profess to be of the number who were troubling the narrow way those around them would say there is no distinction between us we are alike we dress them talk or not to want. You know if you wonder why you are so wanting efforts don't have much of an effect upon the world let me tell you something creating a church with a disco club and lights and a rock band and whatever is not going to win the world to the straight and narrow way in preparation for the coming of Jesus dressing like you're a Hollywood movie star is not going to when people shoot the meekness and simplicity in the humility of Jesus is not going to word. Having a name that says that we are alive when we're really dead the world can see right through the hypocrisy. Just a few other statements before we get in more into Revelation 7 here. This is from last day events page want to love and when God's restraining hand is removed the destroyer begins his work then in our cities the greatest calamities will come the next paragraph the Lord gives warning to the inhabitants of the earth as in the Chicago fire and the fires and Mel more in London in the city of New York another one next paragraph the end is near in every city just to be turned upside down every way. There will be confusion in every city everything that can be shaken is the be shaken and we do not know what will come next the judgments will be according to the wickedness of the people and the white of truth that they had over that God's people had a sense of the impending destruction of thousands of cities now almost given to idolatry the time is near when large cities will be swept away and all should be warned of these coming judgments and yet sometimes I look at us as a people and what are we doing to warn the cities and the world of these coming judgments that are coming upon us and the problem that I see many times is that many of us like the lifestyle that comes out of the cities so there is a walk of desire to warn the city of what is coming because what the cities have is what we want. And we say that we're preparing for the coming of Jesus and yet we're participating in the movies that come out of the cities in the spores that come out of the cities and the entertainment in the fashion of why would we want that to end because man playoff season is coming up and I hope Jesus doesn't come before my team has a chance to one of them. It's. Are we serious. About receiving the seal of the living. Revelation 7 versts. After we see that these 4 ones are about to be released 1st who says I saw another angel ascend. From the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the 4 angels to him it was given to hurt the earth and the sea saying hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads so in other words Scripture is very clear the world is not going to be destroyed and turned upside down until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads. But much is clear. And becomes very clear in verse 4 that the servants of God are the 144000 now just by way of study of the Book of Revelation we are at the end of the seals here when you come to the end of the churches so you have the churches the seals in the trumpets 7 churches 7 seal 7 trumpets you come to the end of the 7 churches and the church is the scribe as Laodicean. And you got a saying from my last day a Laodicean church that's so bad if they don't change or repent I'm going to vomit them out of my mouth I'm going to find a people from that Laodicean church that will receive the seal of the Living God. They're the servants of God the 144000 who will overcome as Christ overcame and allow across Come on. These are the ones who will receive the seal of the Living God. The 144000 what this passage of Scripture is saying is that the reason why the 4 winds have not yet been released upon this earth. Is the 144000 have yet to be sealed. God as the waiting for a people from the latest sea and church who will open the door of their hard to say I will allow Christ to come in place his seal in my wind. Now when we look at this in jewel ascending from the east so interesting this angel that assumes from the east in Revelation Chapter 16 verse 12 we see when the 7 last plagues are poured out specifically in the 6th play it talks about the weight of the kings of each is being prepared which is the scribing the 2nd coming so an angel sons from the East should describe a sealing message that is to prepare the people for Jesus who is coming from the east it's also interesting and then you will love in $44.00 that the ceiling messages describe as tidings that come out of the east and out of the north so the ceiling message comes from the east now this seal is placed in the 4 heads of the servants of God the 144000. This is a parallel to Revelation 14 verse one where the 144000 have the name of the Lambs father and therefore that they have the name of God on their forehead so the name of God and the seal of God are synonymous and Isaiah 5715 tells us that the name of God is holy so in other words when God places his seal or his name upon his servants the 144000 he is placing his stamp of approval upon a holy people. And it's interesting to me when you look at Adventism today there is a debate in the church about whether we can even be holy. And the reason why there is a debate is because the double knows that if God can find a people who are holy the game that he is playing will be over. And so he wants to convince us to believe that we will never be able in this life to live a life of holiness and as long as he can get people to believe in that then he can continue to prevent God's people from being sealed and that's true that in our own strength we cannot live holy lives but we deny the power of God When we say that he is not powerful enough to give me victory over any be setting cinema line. Know this c.e.o. we've historically understood. To represent the 7th day sabbath and that's definitely true now here's how we understand the seal is used to identify the name the title and the jurisdiction of the person in authority for him that seal represents So this is the seal of the Living God So we already have his name as the seal of the Living God but we find in the 7th day sabbath all of the titles related to God and Exodus 20 verses 8 through 11 we see that the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord the God so there is a name and his title is that he is the Creator of heaven and earth and his so he's Creator and his jurisdiction is universal and certainly over the earth and in Romans 411 We are reminded that a sign and a seal are used interchangeably. And an easy chapter 20 verses $12.20 we see the Sabbath is the sign that God sanctifies us. And I think I've probably talked about this here before. But there is a difference between being a Saturday keeper and a Sabbath. And I think I've probably said this here before there's 2 types of objects there is out an assumed look for the sundown on Friday and there's this you look forward to sundown on earth. And you know why. Because if you're a Saturday keeper the things that matter to you most are during the week and assume as the sun goes down you can go back to the things that you live. But if you're a Sabbath keeper when the sun goes down on Friday you enter into that time of holiness with the Lord is a reflection of the walk that you're having with him throughout the week so if you're spending time with the war throughout the week then the Sabbath is a special day to connect with him on a deeper level if you're not connecting with the Lord it's a day where you keep the rules so not look bad around other people. Now listen to the statement from deserve ages page 283 no other institution which was committed to the Jews sin did so fully to distinguish them from surrounding nations as did the Sabbath God designed that its observance should designate the mouse's worshippers it was to be a token of their separation from my Dollar Tree and their connection with the true God but in order to keep the Sabbath holy listen to those men most of them Soulsby holy through faith they must become partakers of the righteousness of Christ when the command was given to Israel remember the day to keep the whole way the world so that also to them each will be holy men and to me only thus could the Sabbath this thing which is rule as the worshippers of God So when the Sabbath is truly a sign of distinction between us and the world it's not simply that we go to church on a different day yes that's a witness but the greater witness is when the South is a sign the our lives have been made wholly into the likeness of the image of Jesus so that the world can see that not only do we go to church on the day that the Bible identifies as the Biblical sabbath but that we are living according to what has been prescribed in Scripture the lives of holiness that God has asked us to live because if we go to church on Sabbath and the world sees the and then we live no one. Differently than they do they're going to say why would I give everything up that I have to change the day that I worship and lose all of my social status when you guys don't live any different than we did. So the Sabbath is the seal of the Living God but it's not enough to come to church on the right day the Sabbath as a sub is supposed to be a sign that the Holy Spirit is working in our hearts to change us into the likeness of Jesus. Now here in Revelation 7 verse 4 we see the 144000 who are sealed come from all the tribes of the children of Israel then we see and verses 538 The true 12 tribes named judo Reuben Gad Aster NAFTA Manasseh Simeon Levi is a car alone Joseph and Benjamin now if you understand history you will understand that some of the 12 tribes were taken into captivity by the Assyrian Empire sometime around $723.00 b.c. and those tribes ceased to exist so it can not mean that there are going to be a literal is real whites from those literal tribes that existed before the time of Christ. The tribe of Judah and Benjamin continue to exist this is where we get the name Jews of the combination of Judah and Benjamin. And there are the literal Jews that exist but that's only 2 out of 12 tribes the list of the 12 here so this must describe a symbolic group of people here and in Galatians 325 as if you be Christ then you are Abraham's seed in heirs according to the promise so this is a description of spiritual Israel here the 144000 are description of spiritual Israel and it's interesting to see that a couple of names are missing from this was you aware about. So there are 2 names missing from this list of 12 and that is easy for him and Dan Now sometimes in the listing of the 12 tribes Levi would be kind of into its own special little group because they were the priesthood and they didn't have a specific territory they had 6 cities of refuge that have been given to them and then sometimes they would be listed in than the 2 tribes that came from Joseph Ephraim analysis will be turned into one of the family of Joseph and Levi would be mentioned but in this particular case we have monastic and Joseph that are listed here but Ephraim is not and Dan is not Levi is included so you may be wondering why are Dan and easy for him missing from the 12 tribes I want to take you. Chu the 1st place is Genesis 49. Jacob is giving a prophetic description as he's blessing his sons just before he dies he's giving a prophetic description of what's going to happen to his sons and it's rather fascinating to see because when you look at these 12 sons you could make a pretty good case that the weaknesses in the personality defects on the various things that you see among the 12 sons are the weaknesses common to all of humanity. And in Genesis 49 verses 16 and 17 this is what Jacob or Israel says of his son Dan Dan shal judges people as one of the tribes of Israel Dan shall be a serpent by the way an adder in the path of by just bye to the horse heels so that his rider shall fall backward so this is Dan Dan was supposed to be a judge but rather than being a righteous judge teacher and into a judge mental judge who was like a serpent who was like the double and he sat by the way looking to bite people in the heel or he was a backbiter So he was a judge of mental backbiter Now I don't know if you've met any people like that in the church. But there are Judge Mental backbiters in the church sometimes. And sometimes instead of eating the food at our mill we're eating the people that we're talking about. And got us saying that in my last day church by the way 144000 of those in their mouth as no God were deceit and damn was a back biting judge mental judge who probably used to see as part of his mouth a dollar and God says my wife's The people will not be Judge Mental and deceitful and backbiters. And then of Ephraim. In her. Is there for 17 it says if it is joined to his idols let him alone. It's now you look at the 12 tribes there are some serious defects and if you look at Reuben some of the things he did he looked at judo and what he did with the wife of his son who had died and how he met her along the road I'm not going to go into all the story of what happened there and from how that encounter led to the seed from which Christ came you can see some serious defects of character among the 12 sons and God is saying would I can take people from the 12 tribes whatever your background you might have an addiction you might have some other type of ongoing problem you might have an inherited tendency from your family that would put a label on you that you're always going to be a certain way and God is saying I can take you just like I took anyone from the 12 tribes and transform you into the likeness of my character but there's something that I'm not going to allow into the kingdom and that is those who are back biting judge mental people in the church and I'm not going to allow people who are joined to idolatry to come into the can. Ephraim is joined to his idols let him alone God in His great mercy goes to great lengths to save his people. The sinfulness seen in the 12 tribes and among the 12 sons of Jacob is great the loss of Dan and Ephraim from the 12 tribes in Revelation 7 of serves as a warning to all of us there is a limit to the divine forbearance of God sins that are not overcome such as a judge or mental backbiting tongue like down on the son of idolatry like Ephraim will not be allowed into the kingdom of heaven. Now. Let's go back to Revelation 7 here after we see this description of 144000 now if you're studying this carefully. John the Revelator here is a description of the 144000 the next thing that he sees is the great multitude a great multitude which no man could number of all nations and kindreds them people and they come so they come from all nations Kendra's them people 144000 come from the 12 tribes of Israel there are some who say that the 12 tribes or the 144000 the great multitude are a description of the same thing because they say 1st John heard and then he saw and what he heard was 144000 but what he saw was a great multitude I don't believe and here's why because you can count 244000. In fact when I lived a moment London was in medical school there. The challenge of the few cities over called on Terrio California that was the airport we would fly in and out of to go from California back to where we were from when I lived there Ontario California had a population of 144000 and I was probably more than that now but back then I had a population of 144000 all that simply to say 144000 is a definable number that you can count to a number that no man can number is not 144000 that's all I'm saying Furthermore you have 144000 that come from the 12 tribes of Israel spiritual Israel the great multitude comes from all nations languages and people so my understanding is that when you look at the seals the SEALs describe the persecution of God's people down through history especially from their 1st century all the way through till about 798 I believe that the great multitude probably represents a largely those who were persecuted during that time. And 144000 represents a special group of people that live during the time of Earth's history when the 4 winds are released now those who lived during the 1260 years are not alive when the 4 winds are released upon the earth they live during a time of great tribulation and you may understand that there are 2 tribulations described in scripture there is the great tribulation that Matthew 24 describes the Jesus the scribes that's a juror that's a tribulation of duration 1260 years and then there's this tribulation or time of trouble and then you'll try one when Michael stands up that's a tribulation of insensitive so you have the 1260 years of duration you have the great time of trouble of and Sun City and the great multitude I believe goes through that Greek duration the 144000 will go through that period of intensity. And there is a description then. In the Revelation 713 after we see the great multitude Then in verse 13 it says one of the elders answered saying and to me What are these what your rate in white robes and whence came they are where do they come from so we've just seen the great multitude they are arrayed and white robes and they have Poms in their hands and palms are a signal that they have been victorious and it's why quickly assemble of their victory over their martyrdom whereas in verse 13 and 14 we see that the 144000 are clothed them white robes they don't have poems in their hands but they've come out of great tribulation and then in verses 15 and onward it says that they serve God before him day and night in the simple I believe that's analogous to the 144000 Revelation 14 who follow the lamb whether so ever he with. There's different views on that but that's fine if you see it slightly differently but here's what I want to focus on. We are living in the time of the ceiling. And it now is the time for us as God's people. To be a living. For the coming of Jesus. And we should be striving to be among the 144000. That's the purpose that we exist for now there's a lot of good things that you can be part of on this earth and there's good things that you can be part of but we should be part of God's work in taking the gospel message to every nation kindred tongue people and we should also by the grace of God striving to be receiving the seal of the Living God. If you're not striving to receive the seal of the Living God then whatever you are doing on this earth lacks meaningful purpose. At this time of Earth's history. And I wouldn't want to read you a couple of statements this is from the great controversy page 49 she starts off by quoting Proverbs 2813 he the cover of the sun shone on prosper but who so confessed of them for sake of them shall have mercy if those who hide an excuse their faults could see how Satan exults over them how he tonsil Christ in the holy angels with their chorus they would make haste to confess their sins and to put them away. You know God is not going to accept except in the judgment an argument for me saying you know I'm Irish I'm looking altie and McNulty's have an Irish temper and that's just part of who I am so when the going gets tough I'm going to when the lines crossed you'll see me flush some hot red Irish blood. That's not what cut is looking for from his people if those who hired him excuse their faults could see how Satan exults over them how we talk to the holy angels with their course they would make haste to confess their sins in the put them away through defects on the character Satan works to gain control of the whole mind and he knows that if these defects are cherished he will succeed No Some of us therefore he is constantly seeking to deceive the followers of Christ with his fatal softness 3 that it does impossible for them to overcome. Have you ever heard that that you'll never overcome son until Jesus comes that's a fatal softness 3 and it's not coming from home I'm. Now going on but Jesus pleads on their behalf as well in his hands as bruised body and he declares all who would follow him might grease is sufficient for the take my yoke upon you and one of me for I am meek and lowly in her usual find rest in your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light now listen to this these last 2 sentences let none then regard their defects as and fear. God will give faith in Greece to overcome them I don't regard any of your defects as incurable friends I don't care what you're struggling with a day maybe you're struggling with an addiction to a foreign substance that is weighing your life down maybe you are struggling with a defect of having a backbiting tongue like Dan Maybe you are struggling with an idol in your life like the free in. And because your family raised you to be that. Way to always talk about about other people or to always worship certain idols as soon as the sun goes down. You have it in your mind that this is just the way it's going to be until Jesus comes back and God is saying from heaven now is the time of sealing God is seeking to place the seal of his character in the hearts and minds of his people this and you alone why it's as a mirror and off of page 200 that the seal of God is the settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so that we can not be moved now here's what I will sometimes see I see some people who are subtle them to the truth intellectually but they aren't settled into it spiritually so when we stand up in defense of the truth we do so without the fruits of the Spirit. And God is the honored by that on the other hand I will admit that it's frustrating at times. How many people are not settled into the truth and the actually. You know many 7th Day Adventists can't really give a Bible study on the unknown revelation. That's not a virtue. That's not something to be proud of. Oh I'm just going to know Jesus and I don't know need to know what's coming I just need to know who is coming and that's why you'll be deceived by the Do that comes because you don't know what came and hurt you. Many will come in my name saying I am here and if you don't know what the prophecy search you're not going to be ready now about a want is not enough to save you so you need to be settled into the truth intellectually that's part of receiving the seal. But it's also being settled into the truth spiritually so that you can not be moved and being settled into the truth spiritually is having the fruits of the Spirit in your life so that when the storms of life blow. And I'll say this from personal experience it's helpful to know what the various. Beasts than empires are in Daniel and Revelation but when the storms of life blow knowing who the king of the North is and Daniel 11 isn't going to help you when you have a life crisis on your hands. And so when you have a wife crisis such as the loss of a job or the loss of a spouse or a loss of a child or a child who was wandering from Christ or whatever it may be. What you need are the 1st of the spirit of love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness me this faith and temperance. And all that head knowledge. Disconnected from the Holy Spirit won't be enough at that point. The purpose of the head knowledge and of the Holy Spirit guiding us into all truth is so that we will know what the fruits of the Spirit are like so that we can have them one that's the crisis of life comes into our lives. And so it's being subtle to the truth intellectually and spiritually so that we cannot be moved we need a people who won't be blown by every one of doctrine So for example when this anti Trinitarian nonsense comes knocking on the door will know right away I don't even need to waste my time they are telling me that worshipping Jesus as a god is idolatry Ok I'm not going to listen to them. We know what the truth is as it is in Jesus but we also have Jesus who is the truth just a couple of other statements we need to wrap this up you want to read your statement from testimonies of all in 513 not all who profess to keep the Sabbath will be sealed there are many even among those who teach the truth others who will not receive the seal of God and therefore hoods they have a lot of truth they knew their masters will they understood every point of our faces. But they had not corresponding worse those who were so familiar with prophecy in the treasures of divine wisdom should have acted their faith they should have commanded their households after them the by a well ordered family they might present to the world the influence of the truth of homely human heart. And then just of couple paragraphs later not one of us will ever receive the seal of God. While our characters have once or stand upon. It is left with us to remedy the defects in our characters the cleanse the soul some pull of every defilement then the lot of the rain will fall upon us as the early rain fell upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost now was most statements are solemn and serious there's no doubt about it and you can try to explain them away but you can't. But it's not enough to understand every point of our faith it's not enough to be familiar with prophecy in the treasures of divine wisdom there must be corresponding works in our life that reflect the complete surrender of our hearts and lives to Jesus as we set our surrender to completely to Christ we can be clones of sin which will prepare us to receive the outpouring of the Latter Rain and on a practical level. A well ordered family is a demonstration to the world that the truth as it is and Jesus is truly touched their arms. Something out in this should be the most well order of the moment families on earth and just in from out in the some 30 the greatest evidence of the power of Christianity that can be presented to the world as a well ordered well disciplined family this will recommend the truth as nothing else can for it is a living witness of it's practical power upon the heart and I hate to say this but I feel sometimes in the church large today among our families there is a desire for us to be a like everybody else and the going mentality among many is to be like the world rather than to be preparing for the coming of Jesus and so then we look at our families and we're trying to develop our young people after the mold of Hollywood them out of the mold of Christ. And God is looking for a people that he can place the seal of the Living God That is why the 4 wins are being held up God is not waiting for the pope and fish are wondering. You realize that any pope could have helped the president to pass whatever Sunday was needed to be passed and who not every president since I've been alive. God is not waiting for actions of the president of the United States he is waiting for a people that can be sealed and pass through the Final Crisis notice the statement from Christ object was ins 69 and she starts by quoting collations $522.23 the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith meekness temperance this fruit can never perish but will produce after its kind a harvest unto eternal life so this is the fruit that we won our hearts and lives the fruits of the Spirit. When this fruit is brought forth a media only he put at them the circle because the harvest this come Christ is waiting with longing desire for the mount of a station of himself in his church when the character of crow shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as own Now listen to this it is the privilege of every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ were all who professes name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world will be son with the seed of the gospel. Quickly the last great harvest would be ripe and Christ would come to gather the precious green So if we were all bearing fruit of the glory of God If we all had the 1st of the Spirit in our lives the Gospel harvest would ripen very quickly. So the 4 ones are being held until there are people that can receive the seal of the Living God Now let me say this as a wrap this up. God's people in the last days are saved in the same way that every other per person has ever been saved down through history and that's by grace through faith but there is a distinction of God's last a people and that is this that they pass through the final crisis of Earth history and you may wonder will them what's different about God's people in the last days of Earth's history versus any other people that have ever lived let me explain it to you this way God needs a people of high spiritual maturity to pass through that crisis. And if I were to give you an illustration it would be this. My 8 year old daughter Sarah Lynch is a bright girl. And she is appropriate for her knowledge at her age right now but let me tell you something I would not want her to go through finals week and multiple school next week. She would not be ready for finals week in medical school. It takes some maturity to reach the point where you can be able to handle basically what is a fire hydrant of volume that's thrown at you day after day after day and to keep up with it and to excel at it and God is saying I will have a people at the end of time who will be ready to pass through that final crisis of birth a verse history so I look at a lot of some of the obvious today and a lot of some of the objects are saying we can be 8 year old Christians posting through the final crisis of the verses 3 as long as we say that we know who Jesus is and God is saying it's more than that. If you are a serious 7th Day Adventist you will have surrendered your heart your mind and your soul to Jesus and He will gladly and cheerfully follow everything that he asks us to do because we love him who has given all for us and yet so many of us say oh well the fall across as will come and we'll just kind of go through it and know God is saying I need a people who are preparing for. And when he has the people who are preparing for it he can place his stamp or his seal upon his people and you know I give a sermon last week over in Centerville and I said this It's amazing to me how many times I must not I've heard other preachers give some of their messages and they will give a Muslims like this and you'll hear another preacher give a message like this and assume as the sermon is over we go down and eat lunch and you know what we're talking about later to see an average nothingness. And as long nothing ever changed. And we're just talking about what we're going to do next week and how far it's going to be in this amount and whatever. And we say what we heard a good sermon today was I'm not so nice and then we just go on with our lives and it's like nothing ever changes. And sometimes I wonder for the pastors in the church what they must think when they give sermon after sermon after sermon and people just kind of yawn and shake their hand on the way out and nothing ever changes and I'm just looking out with wonder what God must be thinking as he looks down from heaven he's like how many months of just do you need to hear that are going to shake you up and shoot saying now is the day of celebration or I'm going to say today as the last day that I'm going to have a backbiting talking about somebody else in the church today as the last Did the thought audible in my wife like Ephraim held on to you is going to hold sway in my heart because so many times what happens we'll hear the sermon we have launched then we're off to whatever we're doing and by the time the sun goes down we're back to our the freedom lifestyle again. But then we come back to church the next Sabbath to get another helping and then nothing changes week after week after week and I know I'm an honest straight and straight with you today but the buzz Sometimes we need to hear. And God in His great mercy and His Love to us. Is saying now is the day of celebration. God is looking for a people. Who will be so if you will strive to be among the 144000 and it doesn't matter if it's literal or some ball it's just wrong to be among that number. Because the character of the 144000 is clear they have the name or the seal of the Living God in their foreheads they have no deceit or guile in their mouths and they are without fault before the throne of God because Jesus lives in their life and they have learned to overcome as he overcame. Us the 144000 so I don't know what your struggle is today. The only people I love with are my own families so we can all look pretty good here at church so I don't know what your struggles are on a day to day basis that your home. But Jesus doesn't need and God is saying now is the day of celebration now is the day to give your heart to him so I just want to challenge as you reflect upon this most of. The 4 ones are about to be released. We have no idea what is coming upon this or if you are preparing for that time now is the time to start preparing. Now is the time she would have the character of Christ become assimilated into your heart and your life so that you will be settled into the truth intellectually and spiritually. And. God in His mercy is has given us more time to prepare and. So I want to but our song leader to come up at this time we're going to sing a hymn of response we know not the. We may not know the hour of Christ's coming but you know what. You don't know what's going to happen on the drive home today. And if you think that you can wait till the next sermon you hear the next time the Holy Spirit comes knocking to set your house in order it may be too late. So I want to encourage you as we sing the song. To surrender your old of the Lord and I know I don't do this every time that I preach here but for those of you who feel a special conviction to say today is the day that I'm going to surrender some sins of my life are keeping me from receiving the civil war then God I want to come down for a special prayer Walworth sing the song not asking for everybody to come for I'm asking if you have a cent in your life that is keeping me from receiving the seal of the Living God going to ask you to come down at this time as we saying him a response we know the hour before we sing our last verse here I just want to invite you one more time if you feel that conviction to come forward this last or says we'll watch and we'll pray. Many of us are not watching or. Are watching t.v.. But we're not watching and praying. For their lamps turn them burning and I just want to encourage you to let the Spirit speak your heart as I sing this last verse. And Father in heaven. Thank you for speaking to us through the Spirit of Truth. Sometimes Lord we know that it's not always easy to hear. Who we really are. But we thank you that you love us and. That you give us warning in Scripture. So that we have time to be ready to meet you when Jesus can. Forgive us for being like the down. For having backbiting tongues of being judged. Of having this mentality of God I thank you that I'm not like us a little in church. Lord forgive us for being like the free and. Having our idols in our home. Idols that we watch on our television screen. We're spending more time with our idols than we are on the Word of God. And time with Jesus each and. Lord may I not be said of us the easy for him is joined to their idols love them alone may we by the grace of of Jesus surrender our all to you today. And Lord I pray that we would go into the truth and allege fully and spiritually so that we would not be moved and that this Sabbath would not just be another Sabbath where we showed up to church had a nice Pollock and then go on for their ordinary lives of Laodicean us. But that we would allow the Spirit of Truth the Holy Spirit to speak through our hearts and minds of that we would be a like Jesus and overcome as humor can so be with us now I pray through the rest of the Sabbath thank you for in your mercy speaking to us today and may we surrender all the year I pray in Jesus and. 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