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How to Experience Peace in the Heart - Part 1

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • June 15, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Let's just pray with Holy Spirit Heavenly Father we are to send you Holy Spirit in a special way that I may be anointed me that spirit. And share what is it you have impressed upon my heart and made this day being is closer to you than ever before that he may find the spirit and power of Jesus and so May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable Lord to save unit Redeemer Amen and some of you may think that today I will address the fathers I could address the mothers. But today I like to address the whole family because each one of us needs the power of Jesus and so I chose the nice story mark for the storm on the Sea of Galilee you find his image you 823227 Mark 435241 Luke 822220 5 and there are many many lessons that we can get out of this and specifically I would like you to focus on Jesus' disciples experience. And only his experience but we can see here this morning that the disciples experience is very close to the experience of each one of us what is it for an experience it's a study of revival a survival experience and we all struggle with that then there is strength and skills a veil nothing. They go really down down down they are about to sink and now they fell the need of Jesus if nothing else works Jesus may work they call master master and Jesus was laying asleep on the steps how is it possible for Jesus in this rough weather the boat is about to sink and he is sleeping Oh we can say yes of course you know he is he is a special person he is God And so Jesus can do it but what about us disciple said Lord savers we perish and then Jesus stands up and speaks to the anger we see the still while you watch Jesus in perfect peace is a good question I suggest all of you know he is God He is supernatural no problem with him but for us. However the Spirit of Prophecy has an interesting comment that I didn't think about here rest it not imposition odel my to power it was not as the master of earth and sea and sky that he the posting quietness. Now I not remember when Jesus came to the earth he had laid down his power and he said Yes I I of my own self can do nothing your own 530 he trust in his father's might but not in himself it develops in faith. Faith in God's love and care that teaches rested and the power of that word which stilled the storm watch the power of God The zat of Ages $336.00 see it was in faith that Jesus reached out. How can now d.s. is expiate be ours you know uses different and whatever and Yes yes he was just like us but it just doesn't click like this because we are so different and we fail so many times so this morning I like to reflect upon how Jesus experience can be yours and mine Jesus arrested by faith in the Father scare as so we are to rest in to care of our Savior you get a point Jesus faith if you disable set trusted in him they would have been kept in peace their fear in a time of danger would receive revealed that and believe. In that efforts to save themselves they forgot Jesus and it was only when in despair off cell of the pendants they turned to him and that he could give them help but only when nothing else helps they toured and isn't physically with us we try to use any means and finally yes we get it these out of Ages 336 now distilling all the storm how does it work. Element says the spiritual lesson in his medical of the stealing of the stamp of every man's experience dest of a stupid truth of the word of Scripture there we could I like double see the recruit I like to trouble to see when it cannot rest there is no peace says My got to do wicked Isaiah 5720 and 21 there is no peace with the sinner think about you don't experience how does it work do you have the perfect peace or you stimulated they all kind of other thoughts sin has destroyed our peace and our self is own subdued we can find no rest you are grieving that. You give you that you will never have the rest never ever when self is do. And so now how are we going to take care of self because that is the answer the masterful passions of the heart no human power can control we are helpless here as we are to disciples to quietly reaching storm we can do it so how ever going to do it right is often the disciples experience ours we try everything possible and we fail when we Bentyl that storm alone forgetting did that is one who can help us we trust to our own strength dillo hope is lost and ready to perish and I know there are several here indescribably geisha that have that experience deflate everything else. And there will power is like ropes of sand then Beauty member Jesus and if you call upon him to savers we shall not cry in vain you believe that. But you have to cry out up you know I am a man I am strong and whatever have you ever cried out shed tears in your prayers to Jesus. You know I can through time you know I'm a man or I'm a woman no friends cry out without reservation and he will answer you you believe that. But he will spokes piece to the billows of Galilee has spoken the word of peace for every soul however fears the tempest those who turn to Jesus with a cry Lort save us will find deliverance and yet I am sure that I hear some in the congregation says That sounds beautiful now says marvelous but it has not worked for me and if you continue in that vein of thought self variation will never be your experience because you already given up whether on the land or on the sea if you have the Savior in our hearts there is no need to fear now this is not in conditional What is the condition if we have the saving in our heart and the question is do you have the Savior in your heart if not. You will feel for you know is amazing with the political arena that is going on around us in this country and in Europe and everywhere. How many of us I have heard express fear what will the future hold but here it says you will not have any fear no fear if Jesus in your heart. The living faith in that he deemed will smooth the sea of life and Bill deliver us from the danger in do with it he knows to be debased so he knows to be best but what is he to condition you will never have his experience if you have debt. It needs to have a living faith now what is a living faith not and that's very obvious but a living faith is a faith based action and faith that the response to whatever takes place you can call upon the Lord it life it is vibrant and it is a faith in that he demon I can trust him no matter what no matter what my addiction is as alcohol tobacco sex all kinds of evil desires friends it didn't help no matter what it is you will find redemption how to calm the strive of human passion his grace that to reconcile the soul to got quiet stis today of human passion and in His love the heart is at rest where at the best you really believe this phrase Lord brother but we should have an amen. In the whole church it's very very important because that is strife in human passion every one of us have the strife is there. And how to get rid of it yes friends his grace and glazes not simply forgiveness and next week again forgiveness of forgiveness ever give us no it gives you power you see many a verse have not the power of grace so in it it was if you have the power we don't need to continue to see every day yes Prince he Christ makes a storm to calm so to do waves that over are still then. That Because they be quiet so he brings them into decent desired haven saw 107-2930 you know I me here are so of the marvelous promises and do we believe that friends how to go on the strike unity isn't very good being justified by faith the f.b.s. me the gods to our Lord Jesus Christ. Now what is justification Lou that has to wrestle with this for many many years justification by faith alone. Just a case of a faith what is just a vacation you have proclaimed what justs just isn't marvelous that God can proclaim is just and how can he do it by faith now when you look at yourself is it you know faith that is marvelous his mother that I don't have it and my faith is like ropes of sand but look at faith what faith you know we can access Jesus' faith the. The Marvelous marvelous blessing of the city in his messages he had a day to keep the commandments of God and what they have the faith my faith faith of Jesus but bet the same time you need to have faith in Jesus otherwise you never get it so there is no conflict between the 2 but they have to work together and if they work together we are just a fight be a proclaimed justice and then we have the right uses of Christ is a marvelous. The work of Rachel's snus Shelby peace and the effect of right use this quietness and assurance for ever Romans Pfeiffer's one and I see a 32 for 17 now if you are justified by faith be a clean we have a clean sheet and then the work operates is this in our heart will bring what peace and then you go 15 through that and the effect of that the right is this what will that bring quietness and finally the assurance healer something marvelous how can we have the assurance I don't have the assurance here what about the writers of Christ if you are justified by faith then the right use of stakes over in your life Prince and then the result will be quietness quietness and as a result of this quietness you have the assurance what does the Scripture say he who has a son what it's like and he who his son hasn't. So you can see how important it is it is insurance you can believe this you believe that. Over friends the Lord offers all this free by accepting his faith having faith in what he is doing and then you have the assurance and I say you know I don't have the sure is because of my sin my seeing my sin what you have to do with a sin. Go to Jesus do you have is that anybody who isn't depressed just. Anybody oh I see one as you know there are 234 praise the Lord at least I'm not speaking to the choir but I speak to somebody who needs it and once upon a time you would you recognize me because of my temper but the Lord has had me to change praise Lord Some have stormy tempers but calms the stormy sea of Galilee will say to deter heart Peace be still is a marvelous there is no nature so to Bell us that Christ cannot subdue it no temper so stormy that he cannot quiet if the heart is certain that to his keeping heavenly places 70 you see here to condition crashed into everything in your life everything no matter how we could It is how stormy it is. If you are willing to surrender to the point if you are not willing to surrender and anybody who says I can do it I can do it they have missed the boat they have missed the surrender you know it is very simple and this is for fathers mothers children for everybody in a family. Are we willing to let go is Lord I've tried it time and time again and I can do it I give up but now i give me give myself to you he who commits his soul to Jesus need not despond we have an all powerful savior looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our work your faith you can see God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble therefore will not relieve fear though the earth beauty moved to the mountains be calm Gary to admits of the sea Psalm $46.00 version $1.00 and $2.00 marvelous marvelous God is that a fuse or strength you don't fear even if the earthquakes and to Memphis upheaval stay place you are in safe hands now what is only safety complete subject Sharon through Christ to develop God is our only safety so what a total subjection the selfies thoughts and impulses that sweep through the Soul producing discordant notes can be separate separated from the life only as the whole being is under control of Christ came we make this total suggestion subjection again we just don't know commitment you know he does something interesting I have I know a few of my friends that marvelous smart handsome individuals I met him in the seminary many years ago they dated around because they were looking for the ideal woman and I was looking also at the ideal woman now finally a daughter. But they didn't. They date it and date than he did. And they're still in the dating mode why just I'm not quite sure I'm quite sure you know if I meet a commitment I'm not sure what's going to happen friends if I did make this commitment. To my darling wife I would have never tasted the joy that comes from a Union City so if you don't make this special commitment to Jesus and a special surrender you all ways out in the motor of I don't know maybe me maybe the next appeal live on maybe the next and you go on and on and on and you will never make this decision but remember you get old and old and older and finally you don't have the mental power anymore to make the decision that you lost but make this commitment friends and if you made this commitment and fully give yourself then you know did your you in the piece did come from Jesus and if you don't do it you will be lost it's a very serious matter and serious matter and I'm extremely happy in our marriage why because I venture out in a set you know as I should do it and I tasted the beauty and the peace and the enjoyment that comes from many relationship but yet there are others that have missed and they are many and they have never made this commitment friends that their beat the Lord very very sad sad sad and show it is real Jesus our only safety friends the savior words to all over the elements is Peace be still and I mean all in the truly elements. And though we need to have this placed seen Peace be still Grace welcomes all who accept him as their Savior and rules over them as their king is Christ your savior if you accept them if not you will not be saved is he the ruler is gone tro are you willing to say Lord here I am take me if you don't do it evil never be your ruler you are all yourself are you with me and so are sealed already it's found and of God's Kingdom is to Marcus is faithful sceptics of the cross of Christ God can trust all as he his representatives those who implicitly obey him every place is peace 1809 What is the condition for obtaining peace current to Christ's just as you are weak helpless ready to die gosh yourself holy open his mercy Don't be afraid to take him because his goal is save you know to get you to turmoil and all kinds of know Seaview there is no difficulty within or without that cannot be conquered in the strength our heavenly places the nearer the upper looks the $21.00. Then Christ intervenes recess to do winds and the waves to the troubled waters Peace be still oh how many times have we in our experience be in a similar position where did as words disciples how many times has Christ revealed Himself to us and turned our sorrow into joy. That of 867 but you know you can only enjoy this this Fed testicle relationship if you make the commitment. Though to oh yeah you know I don't know if I make this commitment realize I really really really expensive. Believe God or Lord sas if you cannot even believe him who can you believe nobody nobody. With Christ nothing is impossible our Divine Lord is equal to any emergency with him nothing is impossible he has shown his grace His great love for us by living a life of self-denial and sickly fries and by dying in Death of agony one only did the King of the universe come to us to be rejected cursed you know their level and he didn't need to do it he could have simply said let the did little spot that limit blemish in the universe let's just eliminate this no friends he came because he loved you so much think about it think about if he lost you so much and he loves you more than your wife or your husband does you. Why don't we take Him at His word and some of you here to rest or it will with doubts and then all kinds of things and addictions there's Elko smoking sex coverages knows all kinds of things financial problems stealing lying all those kind of things friends know is the time. To go to Jesus come to him and I will give you rest. With Christ nothing is impossible to crazed just as you are weak helpless ready to die cast yourself wholly on his mercy there is no difficulty within or without that cannot be surmounted in his strength not your strength but his strength friends why shoot we wait the longer we wait the more we miss out in life I got finally May 26th at the Jesus but I perched on him many years earlier and the only thing that I regret is that I didn't step forward earlier because I thought the clear glasses gleamed on the other side but no there's no grass now we could serpents that ill to kill you you have nothing to lose friends now is the time don't wait anymore longer Peace be still. Now let me give you some make back like examples l nights experiences stormy weather. It was stews day December in 191893 when the steamer wire up out it is was in your street area happened and it isare son Willie and Willie thought it best for me to go up on deck he lashed my chair he wrote they are supposed to be a shell the place 3 men were sitting very near me who were splashed with their ways from the sea really made another move to get me into the center of the ship and lay down on the long bench for a time but their wind had to work their waters into a perfect fury I was lifting my heart to God or Christ will steal the tempest to see Peace be still. Here the prophet cries out Lord Peace be still and immediately all at once the rainbow spend the Heavens and I could see the sane of God's promise in the bow in the clouds and I was resting in confidence in his protecting arms manuscript 881950 he had a prophet immediately experience that she cries out friends I promise you if you all honestly cry out and you want to be safed for a while your addictions do it is it you know you have it I have tried it so many times have you really try to seriously call upon the Lord here is a letter that Ellen might rates to her sin Edson and the you know if you read the correspondence between ets and and and it is see the t.v. is not an easy guy he has a problem but finally he says he is he prayed for a heart position for his son person you are in a hard discouraging field but the Lord has given you were it experience or value not only to yourself of a to many others through you you are cooperating with God in working out your own Sylvaine. When you cannot cd out come out of mentors just thrusting got the storm and the tempest of the Tahsin will sweep away every foundation that is not built on solid rock and the houses of all who are not duress of the Word of God will fail remember everyone will fail of us well unless we go to the rock. Edson when you feel so rounded it impossibilities there listen to the voice and set to do why it kept below stood docked with death Peace be still God is nigh to you he has given you the very experience we see him a great affliction I pray day and night that you might have God works and you are to cooperate in the work with the divine agency litter 888-8952 ets in Emma from. Australia July 7th 895 so do you know what you did see prayed for some day and night that he will have the difficult experience that he is now so he had a parents that don't pray for relief for the children but they prayed for the difficult times the hardships and they came in 2nd place the Lord and finally her son turns around and day and night she preached for him not for a leaf but for difficulties so maybe we have to adjust our players in a different way yes friends what about our character if you dig the fish Now we know that if we have continued if character defect we will never participate in the let the reign of evil never continue in heaven those who accept Christ as their Savior must accept him as what King our ruler is he your King is here ruler everything in your life. It is the defect you know character which causes and happiness and our lives cannot be brought into harmony with Christ oh less these defects are placed under his control now you will believe but I preach that I don't have deep sure I have them plenty of them but my only hope is to give them to Jesus to put him under his control and not say yes but I don't know how it goes to work out belief and you will receive release and he or she talks to our people then the little slip Michoud to Christ is revealed in the life of his professed people the Adventist he is this honored by our outburst of Besh ans which are reasonable and holy then follows the Morse darkness of reproach It's a vicious circle because back and forth back and forth and back of work and then we say yes or the Lord lives love me and I can do it. Friends you can how much we need to be holy and pure How much need to be to have sense of an abiding Christ who will speak to the soul and saying Peace be still managed of 76 the 890 isn't marvelous but the bronze so friends this is my appeal. Come to Christ just as you are how are you weak where you are helpless ready to die you have stated many many times and you are laying in the gutter and that yours is praying for you but you see no hope cast yourself up all his mercy cast him try and do it. There is no difficulty within or without that cannot be conquered in his strength some have stormy tempers and here in his congregation there are people with Stormy tempers but he who caused the stormy sea of Galilee can say to your heart Peace be still and exclude from 31000 or 30 do you accept now Christ is the appeal they accept him asking and the ruler. Are you willing to do this maybe you have never done it are you willing to accept it and now I want you to close your eyes though to look around. But if you want to accept him for the 1st time as fully King our ruler can you lift your hand praise the Lord please the Lord and now do you want to the new year commitment and those that did it is a renewal of your commitment to Christ as king and the ruler over your life and I see the hands of those who want to renew their commitment. Praise the Lord praise the Lord praise the Lord and those that have now are making no to 1st commitment to Christ made the Lord's help you go on the ground of the elders and he will help you to get on a stronger foundation and ever before made Lord help you in a special way thank you so much Heavenly Father for the time that you have. Being here with us thank you for the Holy Spirit the output of the Holy Spirit better as is now each one of us hear of it a holy spirit and maybe gained a victory no matter what we are we can and powerless but we know now through your promise that we can make it no matter what and may say to not question those things commitment in in our life we thank you so much in Jesus' name if for his sake be species to. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio for us a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service pleated at the w w w audio verse or.


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