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How to Experience Peace in the Church - Part 2

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • September 7, 2019
    11:00 AM
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And so today the topic is Peace be still how to experience peace in the church and let especially as the Lord to bless as this morning heavily father give mediumship of your Holy Spirit that the words of my mouth in the meditation of our hearts is acceptably your sight or your to say unity deep Amen. We read it in the scripture this morning Jesus' last prayer the intercessory prayer for his disciples and you may say yes but that is fine you know that is to 1000 Years ago it's even more and there is more we have this and it started out with a crucial element here and it says sent to fight them through Day truth 4 day Word is Truth and it is not only for the disciples but in the 1st. $21.00 it says that they may be all one has done so far that are to me and I in the that they also may be one in us that the world may believe though as sent me so why is this so important why is it so important that what happened here isn't to men as eventually stick to it because the world is now whole Vick to it of what that Jesus the Savior and the same fear has been sent to us and so everything one does in the church is a demonstration of Christ the Savior now seeing to fight him through the truth they were just truth what to sing to pick ation. Saying to face what may Kinch someone holy Now how do you become holy what is holding us bring unity peace and oneness and so everything that happens in the church and people see this they merge their all the attention to hey this is the result of Jesus now how do we become holy according to this text what is that suit of what dirty truth sanctified of silage truth and so today truth we become holy and not only that but where do we find the truth where do we find this in God's Word the Bible which then finally brings us peace and unity that's extremely important now I don't know how many of you are on the world program or Bible reading I have mentioned several times before do you know where we now are now the whole world is supposed to be on but in what chapter 2nd Kings Chapter 17 and every day we go one chapter further bunch after further and this is a united effort of the junk conference 5 years ago that we are all on the same line the same page and we get the same instruction and feeling with the Holy Spirit now I notice that many people are not even aware of this but if you are not aware of this don't feel soaring just jump on the ship today and though don't miss out tomorrow the fascinating story about Hezekiah. And. The idea is that by the time of teleconference next year we're all on the page of The Book of Revelation it's a wonderful thing you know and we do it all the time and then you learn and you learn and you learn this marvelous but it is all there to Makers holy and they make his whole he be united in Christ and now this unity convinces the world of the Believe in Jesus as the savior now when there is gossip anger arguing distrust of leaders as we have seen in the past what is the end result what does it do about the picture of Jesus that the world gets its share to is the perfect portrait of Jesus to the world and if Christians cannot be united What message do we have to bear Why should we join Christianity if you cannot even be one now I have selected 4 elements of the early church of conflict this conflict and how it was solved now one of the issues is who is the greatest amount I mean this was of course a perpetual question of the disciples and he's a straight to teach kingdom you military and I think we need it today more than ever if you go to Matthew Chapter 18 percent of sleet What are the disciples discussing. There as to Jesus who is now the greatest me the other one here who is a perpetual question at the same time came to service into Jesus saying who is the greatest indicator of heaven and it was in the beginning. And those even at the Last Supper who is the creators who are the greatest becoming children what does Jesus say here he met you 18 1st to us the end Jesus called the little child into him and set him in the midst of them and said Verily I say unto you except you become covertly it and because little children you shall not and to read to the king and so this question of being like children what is that it's a salvation issue now as an adult and you have studied much and you may have collected some degrees and then somebody says unless you become like children what a compliment is that the you know my education I went here to the color chamber to add to this University here in Chattanooga I went even to and Bruce like children they don't know anything yes becometh but are so unique about children they are teachable and whatever you say what do they do they believe they believe it you know Porter's child on the table and said Johnny jump well do it as you will but as a child no no no. And jumps because it has faith in you now don't do it it is dolts do they do it no definitely not and so this is one of the things in regard to this then of. Becoming servants It's very interesting you know today in our magazines about the evident our papers you read for you quickly are we have no work ship or works of art or leadership how to become a leader. You have here today you go to in the university you can even find and doctorate in leadership. Now have you ever seen workshops and doctorates in servanthood I don't think so and so here then in John Chapter 13 verse 4512 a 15 year aces from supper and they decided his garments to could tell him good himself and after that he poor as water into a basin and began to wash the disciples' feet the way it did with the towel wherewith he was good it and so after he had washed the feet and taken his garments and also down again he said and to them know you what I have done to you you call me Master Lord and you say well for so I am if then your lord and master have washed your feet you also ought to wash one another's feet but I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you and this prepares them for the New Covenant Lord's Supper. You see why did we as a church have 1st a foot washing because that's what you find in the battle you are not ready to enter into the in the image new covenant relationship of humility until you are willing to step down English humility you see and then if you wish having bible studies you share it with other Christians for trashing doing this well I now let me tell you I mean even the Pope does it once a year in Rome he goes down and he goes to prison and he washes their defeat that is what they have left over from an early Christianity. We do it 3 times a year 4 times a year every quarter marvelous becoming servants and so when the Lord's Supper started nobody wanted to wash the feet in some way there was a misunderstanding and nobody took this responsibility and Jesus waited and waited until nobody took it up of 7 Jesus to get marvelous no longer the highest place in fact here you see Jesus and Martha is staying on the left site and Miri sits on the feet of Jesus it is the love of self that brings unrest in our lives when we are born from above the same mind to build be in us as well as in Jesus the mind that led him to humble himself that we might be saved then we shall not be seeking the highest place we shall desire to sit at the feet of Jesus ever learn off him and yet you know here Jesus has been talking and and merely was drinking up for Jesus had a martyr or schools or because he hear all the guests every need and when you finish you need to eat yes say something about me read can you imagine this in church also after the sermon is over everything rushed to the school. For what for distillers she didn't and we can praise the Lord of the ladies that have already been working in advance they skipped a benediction because everybody all the talk have a good meal. We should understand that the value of our work does not consist in making a show and noise in the world and being activism in her own strength the value of our work is in proportion to the impartation of the Holy Spirit and so therefore ladies you don't need to rent a hat and prepare all the meals so that then the gentlemen and everybody else comes it's all there spread out don't miss the benediction enjoy it and then you go and enjoy the fellowship meal and so what if we have to wait a little it's a fellowship dinner we can start and call for she should and you know each other and then when the ladies are finished with pushing to spread then we can enjoy the meal but we haven't missed anything from the service so it's a simple suggestion these out of Ages $330.00 more of crashed a hearty willing service to Jesus produce is a sunny religion those who follow Christ the most closely have not been gloomy in Christ is light and peace and joy what for ever more we need more of Christ less worldliness more of Christ less selfish at his home for 31 and that's so marvelous the Sabbath doesn't end with the fellowship you be constrained later on and I know some churches have a fellowship with me you and I afterwards they come back to the church and discuss the marvelous message of the pastor. How much time do you think in a fellowship me of is spent of discussing the marvelous message nothing I've been here sitting here in the fellas and excellent ladies you have a marvelous marvelous starts of the fellowship dinner but not once I've heard a discussion about a sermon think about it. The Sabbath is the whole day. Not only do in the afternoon you know and then fell as you did it and then go back go home to sleep or every one to do. Now after we have learnt do you militant there is in the early church a whole discussion about leadership who is still eat and you find it in the can it in church there is a cruel conflict going on. You 1st couldn't use one verse 10 and 11 and the other spouse say that he is concerned about the sticking place and according to church he says no I beseech you brethren by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you all speak the same thing and that there be no division among you but that you are perfectly joined together in the same mind and the same judgment is a marvelous if you have that in a church for it has been declared and to me of you my brethren that are content sions among you and then the rest of the chapter of good Koreans as you see to the tension that is going on there yes contentions among you God's leaders now I am not going to discuss this chapter because there is a lot of controversy in our church has not settled on this but it's very important maybe in some afternoon we could discuss this 1st Corinthians 11 go fusion about leadership. And in the beginning of this controversial chapter Paul brings outs of these very very important and then he discusses the rest of the chapter how it works out the issue of the Hatchett principle and many of our churches or the round is no Had she but so evident a church but I would have you to know that the head of every man is crashed and the head of the woman is the man and the head of Christ is God's 1st cringes 11 Sit here is a statement of principle the head she principle and the Christian church has followed this for many many years but today our church our own church is absolutely divided and says that is no headship the only head is crushed and I agree Christ but what does this text see the text says in hierarchy of leadership in the Prince of Asian got the father is the head of Christ is anarchy it has got the father then Christ then Christ is the head of every man the man is the head of the woman leader in the family and in the church and that the room in is to support of the role of men in d.c. functions now if you read a step to stand many people say yeah but about this go around that in the early church isn't anybody but they probably caused if you don't do it after it's gone no we may not understand this effect in verse $8.00 and $9.00 it says the man is not in the room and with the woman instrument now Vidas at the 1st 2 it the 1st 2 before the fall who was from the man the room and it was the operation it was the surgery that got it but the man. Was created got a note from the woman is interesting you looted at the 1st break to creation now here I stop before I get into hot water but it is a principle here that you see and because Peter says you know Paul be careful because there are many people many things that are hard to understand and is one of the things but it is a principle that is given by God And so if you don't know it what do we have to do we seek vision of who got on our knees and we certainly find the truth as it is in Jesus and also we are you know it is not any more of clickable try to find it out understanding gifts bring peace and unity to prevent conflict Paul presents a blueprint of church organization based on gifts and appointed positions you know very interesting 1st cringes 12 and there you find all those conditions diversity of gifts the same spirit the same Lord the same God 1st going to use 12 years 4 to $7.00 states now there is a diversity of gifts but the same spirit that differences of an industry Asians but the same Lord there are diversities of operation but it is the same got which work with in all but the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit with oh so in other words God what gives those gifts and everyone has one so we never need to be describable because we don't have certain things when I can't speak or preach like this or we can I can do this for them you know one of the gifts. That is recommended is the gifts and you don't find a workshop on this you know but the gifts of now where do you fight for do you find a workshop of how to be kind to give health but is a very important thing because if you don't have the gift of helps in the church we have paralyzed that the helpers that nobody else that are the most valuable and so got appointed point east 1st colleges to help us 28 And God has set some into the church as apostles prophets teachers miracles helix helps governments diversity of tongues and each one of them makes up an ideal church and who puts in their god go to says and so therefore we cannot say hey you know you have this or you have not had a good education you have no absolutely not it should be another thing in our church and we should appreciate each one each one. Now here we have a conflict that is with us has been and will remain with us ethnic conflicts you know that is never 3 the conflict in the arena due to some church Acts Chapter 6 for Sean. And in those days when the number of the disciples were multiplied there rose a memory of the Christians against the Hebrews because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration there was discrimination discrimination but due to the Grecians those that have joined Scots years of late the newcomers. And the Hebrews dazed that were already in fancy for a long long time and they saw that there wasn't mistreatment in the problem and it was neglect and there was a powerful conflict and all the complaints were channel to whom the Apostles and the others say you know you have to do it the of solve our problem solve a problem being to a multi-ethnic church because if you have ethnicity you have always the danger of being discriminated against and people say hey you know that it's not fair equality I mean this is here now here's equality between everybody no matter what male female children are echo equal x. 6 1st 2 through 6 and then the 12th called the multitude of the disciples to them and said it is not a reason that we should leave the Word of God and serve the tables but it is a it because all the complaints were given to the leadership to the elders to the apostles we have a brethren looking out a menu 7 men of on the same the fort full of the Holy Ghost in wisdom who we may appoint over this business but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the Ministry of the word we cannot let that go down and the saying please the whole multitude the whole congregation and it ust even the men put a faith in the whole east coast Philip pro chorus Nikken or the Mon Pere minas and the class approach light of the Church of and to York whom they said before the Apostles and whom they had prayed and laid their hands on them. So you could hear the Ordination Service or the deacons your savation they delegated to your responsibility according to the abilities and I tell you if you are the pastor to do certain things give me 10 Elvis No give me only a few deacons and they will fix everything and the pastor doesn't know hardly anything about those things so this is according to the gifts that God has given and this solve the whole thing and so the organization invite you find an extra after 6 is a model for a church and this is all the Spirit of Prophecy says the organization of the church and you to show him was to serve as a model for the organization of the church in every other place were dim messenger of truth should win converts to the gospel so he was still Ok for our studio. Yes Very much so those 2 must given the responsibility of the general oversight was the church were not to lord over this court's heritage but as rice shepherds were 2 feet the flock of God being and samples to the flock 1st Peter Pfeiffer's to history and the deacons were to be men of almost report full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom acts of the Apostles ship for Pete's $91.00 and here you know this simple organization eliminated the fate of who is the leader and who should be doing no this is to model blueprint or provisions Elverson deacons are you a danger leaders those are the 2 only old ordination service that you find in the Bible and on and yet unfortunately we have no whole fight on the ordination. Who will be in charge and you know with leadership it is strictly who is in charge you or me and so it is very important to learn from the Bible there's no room for prejudice. The angel guide is Philip to the one who are seeking for lights in who's ready to receive the gospel and today angels of the gate a few steps of those workers who will allow the Holy Spirit to sing to fight their tongues the fine and noble their hearts the beautiful the angel sent to Philip content and called himself have done the work to the authority o.p.o. the opiates but this was not God's way of working it is his plan that men are to work for their fellow man acts of the Apostles one of 9 The g.o.p. of the present a large class who need to be taught by such missionaries as Philip men who will heed the voice of God and go where he sends them the many Keep in mind the many who are reading the Scriptures who can of understand the true import all over the world men and women are looking wistfully to heaven prayers and tears our inquiry inquiries go up from souls longing for light for grace for the Holy Spirit men here on the verge of the kingdom waiting only to be getting and shoot shoot prejudice prevented us from working with people in the slums the homeless the migrants whoever they are many are looking responding to heaven and do they find in the administers men and women who said Lord sent me. And remember the Lord can brain you ever lead you to people not just ready but have you prate to the Lord Have you ask for people who need help who need instruction in the Word of God he uses here we have a whole army of her cares and how many of us are involved in the army and then of course the battle about salvation how are you going to be saved faith vs works the collation conflict about how to be saved collations one for $67.00 and $9.00 I marvel that you are so soon we moved from him to call you into the grace of Christ to another gospel which is not another but there be some that trouble you and would prefer to gospel of Christ but the reordered angel from heaven preach you any other gospel of do you that which we have preached unto you let him be a curse poses very very strong if you eat anything else than Still vision by faith you be cursed how to bring peace to salvation by works teach them that they are justified by works you know by deface of Christ knowing that man is not justified by do works of the law but by faith of Jesus Christ even if we have believed in Jesus Christ that we may be justified by the faith of Christ and not by the works of the law for by the works of the law show no flesh be justified now the last week we had a tremendous sermon here tremendous appeal but remember. That when you make adjustments to your behavior it still is not a guarantee for salvation because you can only do all those things that the Gospel requires through the fate of Jesus c. And if you don't know how to do it call upon the Lord as at lower time we think every time I follow I follow I fail and then Jesus here is my faith take you see simple nation and yes to believe in Christ to get the faith of Jesus friendship. And friends it is beautiful beautiful and the early Christians had had difficulty this is and the as Mr Chester also today difficult it is that letters depend on Jesus because he is all and no matter what we do how we have failed again we have to go back to Jesus equal accused of a nation for all but not everyone has the same rules collations 326229 that has been used frequently between the equality of all of us but here it says for you all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus so you have to be in faith in Jesus to be a child of God For as many of you have been baptized into Christ have been put on Christ you remember you go into the water the seeds are being washed away and you come out of the water covered with the righteousness of Christ beautiful beautiful that is needed you know Greek there is need a bone or 3 This need a male or female for your own one in Christ Jesus she here is the true equality. And what I can of apologies it and if you be in Christ you were Abraham seat the heirs according to the promise is the promise of eternal life and you received it if you're a child of God If you are better suited to Christ and there is any difference of nationality disappears and the difference between male and female disappears and has nothing do with function no with the heritage the heritage of eternal life that is what you get and that makes everyone equal but you can a venue that you can explain things like that with whatever happens to you there is da quality in the inheritance of Abraham children according to the promise and what about after all those things you still don't agree you know your new home though you are the right type of leader and the light type of pension the inheritance the ethnic equality in Christ and in spite of all those things you don't agree with them as a you know a past I tried it all it'd all be a piece anyway 1st as long as 5 1st 12 and 13. And we beseech you brethren to know when to know them which Labor him you and there are over you in the Lord and at moments you see here in the church you have leadership qualities the elders have her to responsibilities to help you to see the right light and to admonish you to correct you past also but they are being sent by God. To perfect the church and to esteem and then those leaders those who had Mohnish you who corrects you who help you now steam them very highly in love for their work seek and be at peace among yourselves so no matter what happens if somebody comes to us a sister or brother I appreciate so much for you but I have a little difficulty with you can you explain it to we can we can we discuss this can we walk together with those things here oh yeah I don't agree with you I don't agree with you either I have been told by another pastor and that is for years to talk so don't meddle with me Be at peace anyway he is very praise the Lord that the Lord has some people that can help each other in the walk to heaven yeah and we may do it all the wrong help me we are there to help us all the way to heaven to center for creation now with or what and be humble enough to admit to correction again remember you military you military you military is the blueprint for salvation and for the walk to heaven and so friends e.v.c. and this spot I think like to share with you James White's regret James Wright experience and you know he was one of the most powerful leaders that our church had in the beginning a few weeks before his death both Alan and Jane 1st suffering of diseases and this is about em on my the wrote about the experience while walking to the usual prayer for prayer. James Wright stopped abruptly his face was very pale and he said a deep Solem ditty is upon May spirit I am not discouraged but I feel that some change is about to take place in the affairs that concern my vying for my of myself and you Ellen what if you Ellen should not live oh this cannot be God has a work for you to do but I hope you will give yourself time to rest that you may recover from this in feeble condition that is what James says to his wife then he continues now a few days each the other almost a few weeks now it is a few days before his death where you military of soul to each other we there in humility of saw confessed to each other our errors you know it it have talked about all also about Al matters to James now can be for profit listen to me that's what James us and then made earnest supplication for the mercy and blessing of court how quickly said James are self sufficient you disappears when your painter view of Jesus on the cross this experience shall never be forgotten by me when misunderstood and misrepresented I James have permitted to bet if Spirit to be aroused in me and have sought to vindicate my course now I see my mistake in this I will never again call an attention to myself and then he continues. It has seemed hard to me that my motives should be misjudged James says you know I do the Barry best I can for the church and I'm always Mr Church and that my best efforts to help and could strengthen my brethren should be again and again be turned against me but I should have remembered Jesus and his disappointment Jesus saw was grief because he was not appreciated by those he came to bless had I ever left all my perplexities with the Lord thinking less about what others said about and did it against me I should have had more peace and joy I will now seek 1st to guard myself that I often not in word or deed and then to help my brethren to make straight path for their feet I will not stop to mourn over and you're wrong done to me I have expected more of men than I ought and then Elam I says little I did think as we travelled on that this was the last journey we would ever make together is from pamphlet from $68.00 immemorial and sketch of the last sickness and death of Elder James White can we learn something of his experience that we should not be affected and concerned about do you others about me but think about Jesus and the people that are Jesus and at the end when they hang on the cross all his people except John had left him friends if James Wright has daughters more he says he who should have more peace and joy. It is the same for us arsed church experience crime a bunch of the most beautiful of all kinds if we think less about other thoughts what they think about us so friends about an example Peace be still how to experience peace in the church and he had a summary of having peace in the church in conflict situations is the Bible is the Word of God that restores peace and unity and so it is today you agree with that. And so on if it ancient to be to bringing peace and unity to your church today I commit myself to help the Lord to do everything possible to bring peace to my church is this your commitment can I see the hands of those who want to make this commitment praise the Lord praise the Lord the spray Heavenly Father we thank you so much for this message that you have brought us this morning how we can have joy and peace through Jesus and the cross and we are only disciples we make many mistakes but if we keep in mind that through past me to have a history of military that through leadership is through what you have appointed to us how we can have avoided all the ethnic conflicts in our church at the same time that we are only saved through the fate of Jesus and so father give us that experience you have seen the hands of those who wanted to go all the way with your father made his week also the beginning of a new week and a new life in Jesus and maybe be less concerned about others and what they think about us that we are more concerned about what you think about us. Well father maybe walk with Jesus day by day and this coming week may to be an example of the glorious that you have photos in store in Jesus name Amen. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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