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Unfulfilled Dreams

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • January 3, 2010
    7:00 AM
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for soon rising the analyses so yeah I use please sign him and why you love the time he being that you me the authorities and the him as he is glad he and I know the is that you believe you that's why you this morning because I love using semen before we jump into one message this morning two things number one I came downstairs in the last thing last night at the piano I was blessed I was encouraged I was excited took me back to Africa for a minute of a priest God said the guys were just a little bit lighter on secondly on I just want say that it is been a privilege on to be able to minister with Pastor Finley pastor you guys enjoy the messages in a and of course Chester 's been a bless us later on this morning so it's been a privilege to minister without each of them have really impacted my life the young lady who led me into the church it was on some tapes from you for Jesus in Atlanta and social pop in on the way home from college I was a rapper and so she sent out if I give you a ride we got never tried this kind of evangelism under a I have been assigned in the wind and driving the personal and driving smoothly slowly so that you actually be a normal serving and so the first seminar mentor preached by not in his preacher was revelations lady and one about the remnant church pothole message on so I just wanted to criminal pass rusher who theories watching me on his MacBook Pro on the hotel room but I just wanted to let them know that the Lord is using mightily in my life I'm always grateful for his faithfulness to preaching the word of God amen and not surely on food in his ministry I say the same for faster fillies one of my favorite features I love to visit the fastest in the preachy like a full-time preaching autoimmune you know back in the dailies have the rhyming and the alliteration is an assignment you know you can take Daniel changes master but you can change his mind and I'm sitting in the back of getting teary-eyed I love listening to this and I almost started crying in the middle of the sermon sitting in the back not like men I love listening to preachers who always been in the heart to finish gauntlet possibilities one of those people but in spite of all the encouraging words on that I heard about this time I also received a very sobering text message this morning little bit before six a.m. was about a young man who's not here but some of his fellow young people I hear from his church was watching this movie does come out paranormal activity as a result of this he started having manifestations of demonic possession the young people texted me they said hey you know can you pray for him so maybe I responded so for two hours to one half to three hours and training within the pastor was there the calling anyone they can in the hallway to call me if seeming hands in his pocket only imagine for them is probably a very eye opening or shattering common experience so I told them that I would allow us and have us say a word of prayer for these young men is that okay but before we do that I just want to go on record saying that there are people sometimes think that watching such films in partaking in certain kinds of experiences is just no big deal and sometimes it's sad that it takes a young man to become demonically possessed across the continent understanding that we should be avoiding these things in the first place young people don't let it get that far not a lot this music that rapid put aside these movies you're playing on the Devils well but that some among those who some people may call liberal I called and backslidden amen it's okay to watch these things I say really will explain that the young man Mark Watts Okada wassail things as he expands the money possession and ask him what he thinks about each of your body it has with me I'm going to Neil and I want to pray for more people jump into a certain heavenly father we like to thank you for the gift of life and we know Lord that is not because we were so righteous yesterday that you decided it was life father we thank you for gathering was here this morning we asked them on the popularly spirit you would bless us to understanding that's when enlightening the eyes of our minds that we may be able to perceive truth as it is in Jesus that we may learn more of his loveliness and may sit at the feet of him who was the source of beauty the beauty of holiness father we lift up his young soul Mark you know why the devil is sought to torment his life a new mobile know the purpose that you created so we commit them into your hands lifting him up at this hour asking father that Jesus may have the victory in his soul but he would not just allow the dealer to be cast out and to find his home slept garnished an empty that he may ask Jesus to apply in his own life as he experiences this victory when we do not keep this experience to himself when he allow it to be a means to warn other young people from making similar mistakes and our Lord as we come to our final message we pray father would do with your spirit which from heart to heart and mind to mind and pressing truth upon the soul and that it would have a sanctifying power over our lives this is operator and we ask special help this to be our experience we ask in Jesus he even the title of our Senate is unfulfilled dreams unfulfilled dreams if you know I believe it's in Tennessee to be Martin Luther King Jr. Nazario Doctor Kings was a man by the by the name of Abernathy and gabapentin and lactating about Robbie Abernathy Highway and Rob Abernathy after Doctor King was assassinated they said you have no close to Doctor King but what is your responses assassination what is your response to such a tragic massive not just a friend but also a fellow leader in a movement for justice anywhere at the camera and he decided to fill in for the memorial he said he reminds me of a verse in the word of God when Joseph's brothers were on their way to kill Joseph and they said let us slay the dreamer and see what becomes of the streets it seems as if life is a continual story of unfulfilled dreams have you ever had a jury I had to confess I even had a drink with this clinician conference after opening night often allegedly an opportunity like Justin on opening night for the camera got to be right here on the stage of the leader asked him to back up but they never came on stage so life will continue to be a story of unfulfilled dreams but on a more serious note when I was a child if that I love the most was football ever since I can wrap that I wanted to do was play will and living in inner-city Chicago as a little kid probably by five six years old but apparently I was really fast so I got some of my congratulate you and he is playing with high school kids so here I am this little first grader on this field and back in Chicago we don't like that like you see on TV you know there's no rules out in that pile outside the football is so what this means is that there are no downs first down second out there now that is a someone that an exotic unit of the fastest person which sometimes happened to be me and so my middle name is my middle name is his tenacity to Kali Little J is a little jay you can't run a block for you so I be raining I cast on I start running and I'm running down the spirit as I'm running down the spirit I remember it I thought I had a few moves rights authority joking around interning in doing this but it was once a user 's a very big guy got a lean muscular and leaving centuries-old I think I just did engage it right and as I was running down the parking around ten but I didn't miss him and my shoulder hit him and I started throwing in the air felt on the ground and of course this is my laptop but also this enormously large young man decided to plop himself down on top of me after that I don't know what happened everyone else jumped on topic money everybody absolutely of course I was crying extremely bruised I came in like I came to document my moms house like I was returning from the Vietnam War unlike my mom comes in I told you about the placement of yes those analysis is not a swing syndrome this is not a bargaining of the hydrogen peroxide on the dip alcohol online no sissy things that I was not standing my little bruises and swelling it on Sunday talk and as soon as you know she's gone the Band-Aids on unlike monitoring wells unthinkable and I got older and on about going to high school and asked my parents I went to the field training I went to the scrimmages and I came home with the form he signed as this is all I need selectively football my mouse is no way to get hurt I argued and argued and argued so I call your dad so I called my dad that he cannot play football no even so we argued and argued and argued nothing came out of it I showed up the next day to the college and I said my presence on the labor for Atlanta home brokenhearted I was thirteen -year-old kid and life seem to be a continual story of unfulfilled dreams some with me to the book of second Chronicles chapter six second Chronicles chapter six when you say then there is mercy second Chronicles chapter six the Bible says this then says Solomon Murad had said that he will dwell in the thick documents but I have built an house of habitation for the and a place for thy dwelling forever at this face and he blessed the congregation of Israel and all the congregation of Israel stood and he said Blessed be the Lord Brown of Israel with his hands were felt that she speak with his mouth to my father David say since the day that I brought to my people out of the land of Egypt shows no city among all the tribes of Israel to build in Houston that my name might be there nine shows on demand video over my people Israel but I have chosen Jerusalem that my name might be there and have chosen David to be over my people Israel now I was in the heart of David my father to build an house for the name of the Lord God of Israel at the outset of David my father for as much as it was within my heart to build an house for my name thou didst love in that it was within the notwithstanding thou shall not build a house with my son that shall come out of thy loins she shall build a house for mining you see have you ever had a dream that was never fulfilled sometimes it's the dream itself before I was a Christian my dream was to become a hip-hop superstar now is my dream every breath every social interaction every place I went even in college I had a boombox that I kept at the rec center so that when I would leave class would have the Bulldogs doing a little rap sessions this is my life this was my dream but there was something wrong with injury as I continued to be a story of unfulfilled dreams but even more so sometimes it's the dreamer and God told David yes it was within your heart to build me a house but you can go the whole state the problem is not the dream the problem is the dreamer but he said David as well because it was within your weave out tasty this bitter cup we all did we could have time to sit down with our parents as a mom what was your dream one usually unabated when you grew up November talking to young ladies not one time and she said you know I always wanted to be in music ministry from other works at an accounting firm in life continues to be a story of unfulfilled dreams I think about a story I heard about the Rwandan genocide in Holland when the Hutus were juvenile the tootsies it was just starting and any realize that they started killing Tutsi children and this lady came and she was fine I had this gruffness a Rwandan children and as they came in they wanted to kill them slowly so the wedding use guns that use machetes and she remember them making her watch as an American venture this young girl as she looked at us so please help me please help me and right before she was guilty front of the lady she said I wanted we could see anymore I promise I won't be a Tutsi anymore and life continued to be a story of unfulfilled I think about slaves who used to sing songs the only way for the heart to experience freedom sometimes I get discouraged and think my work is anything but then the Holy Spirit revives my soul again there is a ball and doing life continued to be a story of unfulfilled I think about the Holocaust and reading a book by Eli Wiesel called night and he remembered when he was going into the concentration camp he said my only desire is for me and my father to survive and after four years just months before they were liberated his father and he sat there on the bed in the last voice you heard was his father calling out to him LEDs are the liaison and descending down in my heart I was angry that he was calling my name and when they finally killed there was an sense of peace in my heart is as if the burden was lifted and he said it broke my heart that I even felt this way and months later he walked away free without his father and life continues the story of unfulfilled dreams so with me to the book of Hebrews chapter eleven Hebrews chapter eleven is different I believe that much of the Bible is teaching us how life has continued to be a story of unfulfilled dreams we start with a brand-new Hebrews Chapter 11 in verse eight the Bible says that they Abraham when he was called to go out into a place which you should receive an inheritance obeyed and he went out not to do that he went by faith he sometime in the land of promise as in a strange country dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob the ads within the same promise though he loved for a city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is God verse thirteen these all died in faith not having received the promises but having seen them afar off and were persuaded of them and embrace them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth were they not say such things declare plainly that they seek a country and truly that they had been mindful of that country moments they came out they might have had opportunity job returned but now they desire a better conscience or I can save a tree of a better country that isn't happening with what God is not ashamed to be called the and for Abraham Isaac and Jacob life continued to be a store we will fulfill dreams turn with me to the book of Genesis chapter forty Genesis chapter forty we have the story of Joseph Genesis chapter forty of Joseph is imprisoned he interprets the dream of one of pharaohs servants in verse twelve and Joseph settled in this is the interpretation of it the three branches are three dates yet within three days after liftoff nine had and restart the odds of my place and I'll shall deliver barrels cotton to attend an accident of fundamental analysis Butler but think on me when it shall be well with me and show kindness I pray the arginine and make mention of me onto federal and bring me out of this house indeed I was stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews and here also I've done nothing that they should put me into the dungeon siege in Joseph's heart that was a dream that one day I can go back to my father 's house I was strolling and when you go back into Pharaoh 's court remember me but we know that Joseph was never able to go home so you turn to Genesis chapter fifty Genesis chapter fifty and it was finally dawning upon Joseph that he will not be able to leave Egypt in the land of his father so he comes to his brethren in verse twenty four of act of Genesis chapter fifty and Joseph said unto his brethren I he said I'm dying and doubtless shall envisage and bring you out of this land unto the land which he selected Abraham Isaac and Jacob and Joseph took it all the children of Israel saying God will surely visit you and you shall carry up my bones I will be able to go with you when you get into the promised land but since God will continue to be a stormy unfulfilled dreams I want you to carry out my bones even though I can't make it at least very nuclear really in Egypt and Joseph said I have a dream and gone back to these patriarchs and he says Abraham I know I was within your heart you wanted to see the promises you wanted to bring the key limitations of the feet of God you see Joseph wanted to go home and God says to them it is well because it was within your but then we also have Moses both need to Deuteronomy chapter thirty four then you also have to know since this great leader of Israel Deuteronomy chapter thirty four verse one and Moses went up from the plains of Moab unto the mountain of legal to the this is theoretical and allowed so little and get me on today and laughed in the land of Luther and Manasseh in all the land of Judah unto the article see and the South and the place of the Valley of Jericho and the city of Palm Springs on his own law in the Senate in this is the man can you imagine this is the land that is showing Moses himself at this time was a hundred and twenty years and gone since on the shoulders of his servant at any point in this is the land which I swear to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob saying I will give it unto thy seed I have caused me to see it with mine eyes moves but thou shalt not go over the life continued to be a story of unfulfilled forty years in the wilderness being accused of usurping leadership finally pray for rebellious nation interceding for people who don't want to follow not saying Moses you know what our dysregulation out of you forget these people analysis and Lord and he will take them to the promised land I don't know putting his own dreams assigned and Jonathan Moses because of one mistake friends one mistake Moses needs anyone's looking over the mountaintop him I'm not overseeing the commandments of God not to receive instructions to build a sanctuary but to see the land of history only to know he can never enter in life continues to be a story of unfulfilled promise me to the book of acts chapter one acts chapter one and verse eight when you their same acts chapter one and Jesus about to leave his disciples in verse eight he says what you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me but in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and unto the utmost part of the earth to the last words you hear from God on our loop had the privilege of working with and as Jesus is ascending he says you shall receive power and guess what Peter Jackson and John Governor take as gospel unto the uttermost parts of the earth and yet already told them that he would return when this gospel is preached to all the world for a witness the disciples heard that on the mount of olives so they thought of themselves and comes the dream and we can preach the gospel to all the world we can see Jesus at our generation was in the heart of the apostles then you bring and how it was in the heart of Paul raising our show she's in then you find out eventually James gets monitored Peter gets crucified upside down Thomas is driving the streets of India for preaching the gospel and yet is still life continued to be a story of unfulfilled dreams designed to see Jesus come but never able to see you have a dream you see five zero RC exists because somebody had a dream and God looked down at Moses seeking to lead his people into the promising gauntlets down at the apostles Peter and James and John and when they get to heaven that Jesus face-to-face of a single we wanted to finish our work and our generation and Jesus St. Peter Peter it is well because it was within your heart Paul being beheaded by Nero 's family was watching a group of existing a grip I wish that you were not only are most but all in completely sweet to be a Christian even as I except these blocks and God will look in the face of Paul and Lucy Paul it is well because it was within your heart I've been pioneers wanted to see Jesus come you do not October eleven eighteen forty four they thought Jesus was coming in eleven days other like describes after leaving and hauling along with the receipt until the end their heart of hearts that there was nothing between my soul and the safety I wanted to make sure I was ready and it makes me wonder if we really thought Jesus was coming if we really believe that heart approximately halfway the same we pray this morning when we had the conversations we had last night and you think about how this charge was founded God raised up his running church and you see the spirit of dedication the sacrifice and commitment I remember reading about one of my favorites JN engines going over to France as a missionary got on the ship with his daughters and when he got on the ship he told his daughters he sent her up he said will were going out to France with no speak English anymore he told his daughter 's monogamous beginning with English they had to learn French in Dhaka France started doing the ministry producing periodicals and in a dollar the jet engines was sick so although that is the mother of the brother got a chance to visit him and when the doctor came to realize that he was starving himself to send this man is not I so what are you talking about how and I found out that he was having himself and was amusing the ones that were sending for his food so that he could print more tracks and a described in the last year of his life he would come to his table to have devotions and because he was sick he couldn't stay awake very long his body was so weak and he said he was pseudonymous table and put it set on the Bible and he would just cry and as he was on his deathbed if Satan is costly haunted by getting to know this now I could have done to further the work of God and he said this line in French I rest everything in the hands of God and not limitation in entrance when he gets the heaven and dismissing it as well because it was looking good again James writes in his criticism as well because it was within your heart it was in the heart of my brother Israel Ramos that there exists an army of young people want to see Jesus called in this English Israel alternatively it is even if he doesn't before you die because it was within your Monday brothers and sisters Jesus is going to get to heaven and the Bible says that will you see he is not willing that any should perish and Susan upon the heaven and heaven was nothing to be there it is going to say weights and with duplicate and Nepali women take his son whom he gave regulatory accuracy it is while Jesus because it was within your heart it is well because it was within your heart and my question this morning is that even in your heart to finish the work we don't have to be ashamed if it doesn't happen to us because God was talking to David you wanted to build me a house and David it is well that it was within your heart after Salomon built-ins David was Solomon said it was in the heart of David to build a house from it was in his heart and life the energy once he is familiar plus it's just the conference just seminars just learn to deal with the hard issues but my question is is it even in your heart to finish the work on Tigers are looking markedly it always brings me to tears because I can see it in his heart he wants to finish the work it was the best way for years he's faithfully preach the word of God I listen to Sadie Brooks and it breaks my heart are these here is what we preach the word of God and now they look at us and the question is isn't even in your heart is even in your heart out we just play what life continued to be a story of unfulfilled this morning that is my question this early breaks my heart because sometimes I get the screens not in the line sometimes you wonder is your work in pain that's when I was studying the word of God that I do not encourage young people out whether Sebastian passer hasher as I enjoy just a one out here for entertaining young people are not here to judge matters I had to say about this is great is because in our hearts were saying Lord Jesus charged as ministers before God and before Jesus will judge the quick and the day as his appearing for the word and because we preach the word to challenge young people to believe were not extraordinary people were not superstars we want to go home just like you so the danger is believed this conference like you said in Ezekiel as they treat you like a man with a lovely voice and will listen to you but they won't do which brothers and sisters we have to be of a certain kind of heart and within your heart in my we have to find out is it within my heart have we made a commitment in our minds of others assistance that was only two options are on the same Christian either Jesus constantly finished the work I die trying that is what I was in David's heart you can know that David got said that because it was within his heart is because God said he couldn't do the methods we as the dreamer so my appeal this morning only to prolong this any longer is in your heart if you want to say this morning before the Lord Jesus Christ forget about the cameras to get a bunch of friends forget about what's popular just look up at a lot of people just becomes another appeal if your limit PR right now you're coming up at Saint Sebastian at hardest with euros heart is with you faster than me David Ashley in his room I'm not ashamed to have unfulfilled you are not in his semi hearts to finish the work it's in my heart off when finished in this England this morning either a bitter finish the work by your grace under the Dutch just new with me wherever you are as you coming up whether you are and as we wanted to give them another time but this morning the same life doesn't have to continue to be a story of unfulfilled and eloquently before Jesus our Creator and Savior 's twenty and was saying this morning Jesus into my heart and my heart condition work see my generation give us what we need Lord give us what we need outsourcing what to give you moment just to talk to the Lord with an old part just about anything own heart isn't really in the heart is not more recently can encourage coming to be punishing more so that life doesn't continue to be a story of unfulfilled heavenly father income before US one and we are saying this morning Lauren encouraged by your words to David that it was in the heart of David Solomon 's father to build a house for you but you told David father forasmuch as it was within the valve this will that it was within normal coming before you today realizing we'll have to be ashamed of unfulfilled encouraged to know that even though we may not see the fruition of everything that we trained for that one day develop come before us in heaven even if it is because it was in this morning we are saying Lord because we really believe we are the last generation it's an odd sort we have the young people help us to be rightly treat and help us to take the message of a crucified and soon coming soon to all the world in this generation a father for us as we pray this morning as you are seen as we previously is that it would be within our hearts so the issue will never be the dream will never be the dream and it won't be the trainer and we can see Jesus coming in the clouds of glory and we can be ratcheted up through the loading this is software and the assets are published in the arts are we asking Jesus this medium was used by audio persons working twice generation of Christ you'd like to learn more about you by seed please visit www. nursing lifestyle that will work you like the more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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