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Does Adventist Education Make A Difference: Retention Data - Part 1

Larry Blackmer




  • June 16, 2019
    9:30 AM
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Father were so thankful that you have promised that you're in charge of all things and so we've this morning give you our time together we give you our our educational system our teachers our principals may we father this morning understand your role in our educational system and may that Father bless each of us in our families in this conference we ask these things in Jesus name say that we love you and Jesus did. All right why in in North America Division I and most recently vice president North America division for education. And we spent $25000000.00 a year and have them said occasion why in the world does this church spend $25000000.00 on ads why do we do that is it so that we have strong academics is that why we do it. Academics are important aren't they but there's no reason for us to spend $25000000.00 to have strong academics right wing if that's someplace else do we do it or kids have a safe environment is that why we spend $25000000.00. That's that's part of it right but is that why we do it do we spend $25000000.00 so that our kids know Jesus Christ as their personal savior is that why we do it absolutely not it is not why we do it because we get someone to a Baptist school and they know Jesus we could send them to a Catholic school and they know Jesus but they come out the other end a Baptist or a Catholic they wouldn't come out the other end most of the time as an Adams The only reason that we have the right to spend $25000000.00. As a church on an educational system is so that we have strong academics in a safe environment for kids emotionally spiritually physically safe in an environment where they know Jesus Christ as their personal savior Were they get the opportunity to give their life to Jesus Christ in the context of the Adams church and if we leave that for Peace off we have no right to exist as a system that makes sense and too many times we focus on the academics and we focus on the safe environment we focus on them knowing does it is it important to know Jesus. Is that are we minimizing that in this 4 point thing no they have to know Jesus but if they know Jesus as a general Christian then we lose them to the church and that's not the point of our system so our white. The most important thing the all important thing in our education should be Why what should be the most important thing you know educational system. The conversion of student and what does conversion mean right the most important thing not that they just know Jesus but they know the Adams church in the grounded in the church because and we'll talk about this. Probably it's a real burden of mine so all probably end up spilling at this time and next time. We have to ground them in the church so we're going to talk about. Baptisms into the church worldwide we baptize about $43000.00 young people a year what's a membership now of mission for. So we double the mission conference every year in baptisms worldwide so we baptize a large conference every single year worldwide so we've had almost a half a 1000000 baptisms in the last 10 years. Those are when you do the reports at the end of the year how many how many students were baptized That's the number we use for that statistic. Yup yup yup and. So if there baptize a summer camp who gets credit for that baptism not that there's a credit but you understand my Michael My point is that's Oh that's a conservative number because lots of kids want to get baptized that camp they will they give their heart to Jesus you know you know a week of prayer or through a Bible class or something and then they go to camp and get baptized because that's they want to be baptized camp in the camps as we baptized like we say we baptized half a 1000000 they say well we've got prized 200000. So but much of that training happened in admin to such occasion Pathfinders. And Sabbath school those are the 3 areas that we are keeping our kids and summer camps summer camps All right so we're going to talk a lot we're going to a lot of these kinds of slides I want to explain before we get started what they mean. So we're going to look at the statistics a Baptizer not never baptized if you never want to have them said occasion if you went one to 10 years and they haven't said cation or if you were 11 plus years and have them subjugation and see if there's a difference a statistical difference between those 3 categories Ok for instance. We say here that if you have no way I'm going to said cation all 60 percent of those children by the time they are 18 have been baptized I think that's a great number I think that's a wonderful number because that's saying 60 percent of our kids have no I haven't said cation are finding some way to get involved in the church that's a good number so that's I'm not well we talk about these nobody slamming somebody else in order to. I think that wasn't. Meant I was mad at me. But I think. That. Now I want all 12 years through public education I lived in Flint I was 20 minutes from Adelphia we had 5 kids in the family my dad was an Adams and there's no way he was going to pay for something he free and so none of us went to have been such occasion at the same time I worked a summer camp or work camp of Saddam summers. And I went to my dad after I graduated and said I'm going into universities is no you're not you're going to University Michigan Flint and I says Now I'm going to university and when you're on your own you're done for me. And that's what happened I'm the only of the 5 kids I'm the only one who went to an Addams school even in college I'm the only one still in church. Adam said cation does make a difference and I believe in my heart that working at summer camp made a difference in my life working campus obl 5 summers made a difference and I'm an admin acetic eater today because of that if you have one to 10 years of Adam said cation it jumps from 60 to 8685 percent if you go all 12 years to Adam said cation he goes up to 97 percent of those young people are baptized does that make a difference is there a difference between 60 and. Almost 100 it does because those are souls we're talking about not statistics that's what's always important remember in these lives that these are actual kids. And their souls so now we're going to look about joining the church No I haven't such occasion 62 percent 12 grades 99 percent of that have actually joined the church we have young people that say I want to be baptized but I don't want to join the church that's giving me more and more common. Across this this country kids are getting more and if you look at Pew Research your home value Genesis has you getting more and more spiritual they're spending more time reading the Bible more time in prayer at least they're reporting that but there are less interested in the nomination no values. They could care less what church they go to they think the Baptist church and the Methodist Church in the evident church other than the one day are all the same and we're going to talk about that and so. Join the church we're going to look at another one as a different way of looking at it we looked at seniors in high school they were never baptized they averaged 2.4 years of evidence education we looked at those that were baptised and they average 8 years of evidence education so it is avin said cation make a difference for those whether they're baptized or not yes it does the work of educational work or redemption or one all right so now we're going to coalition. So are you've seen how many how many people that we baptized. In the abdomen church worldwide in the last 15 years now you mean number you've seen 34000000 people we baptized we baptized 34000000 people in that time. Is 966 we've baptized 34000000 but and we have right now about 21000000 members in the church which means that we have lost 13700000 members have walked out the back door and said I'm no longer want to be a something that's almost 14000000 is that a statistic those are real people real people that really says that. Our loss rates 40 percent of every 10 members that we haven't in the church for have walked out the back door how do we deal with that. Talk to him. We have to find a way to deal with that issue in the church now are we going to keep everybody we have to be realistic that and specially overseas. Not to be project or to have on other countries but if you go to Africa and I've been in Africa many many times and you have an evangelistic series you will baptize everybody in town if you go to. Asia and some of these other countries you'll have thousands and thousands of baptisms and if the Baptists commune the week afterward next week they'll baptize the same people in the Baptist church the next week and if you come 5 years later you'll rebaptized the same 5000 people that you baptized the year before you know 5 years earlier that's a reality of the culture because when a white pastor stands up and says I want you to give your heart Jesus there I say yes yes or I'm going to do that and they do and they say yes I want to join your church on the more memberships I have in the more churches the better off I am. So. Some of the statistics you have to look at a little bit jaundice Lee It's not as bad as it looks worldwide but this look at the North America division Well in 200-2012 our loss rate went up from 39 point something to 43.3 So we did a youth detention study a number of years ago Roger Dudley did this out of Andrews and over 15000. Baptize young people in large schools large churches small churches small towns big towns public schools Adam schools all ethnic groups we found these 1500 students and followed them for 10 years and we would call them on the phone every year for 10 years what's going on in your life we have a number of questions we ask them Are you actively involved in your church What's your spiritual life like. You know are you are you doing any service activities for Christ how many of of our young people in the North American division you think we lost in that 10 years we lost 50 percent of our kids. Out of those $1500.00 so over a 10 year period we lost half in the North American division we're going to be asked someday where is the flock that was intrusted to you your beautiful flock we're going to be asked that question as church leaders as parents. Etc When I preach in a church and do children story in and I usually find one little restless kid I can usually easily find that in most congregations and say Come up here put my arm around him and say Whose kid is this whose kid is this and some parent knew no sheepishly raises their hand and I'll say no no no you know understand whose kid is this. And I say you need to know this is my kid this is my kid I don't go to your church but he's still my kid my son or my daughter unless you as a congregation understand that this this child is your child not their child we will continue to have this kind of loss in our church. The whole point is that we have to be that loving church how many churches get upset when Susie runs up and down the aisle during church or is fussy in church and and the members say they go to the mama say you do you need to get your kid line or you need to leave or so what's that saying. That saying that their worship experience is more important then the children or the parents were speaks periods and what happens to many times that happens once and the parents never bring their kids back to the church. And now you've lost the parents and the kids out of the church. Yeah. Yeah we have some of that. We beat ourselves up a lot 30 percent of our kids or have been said cation 70 percent or not is that a good number bad number. I mean associate director of an international creating a Baptist Catholic Jewish Islamic Montessori. Private independent schools 18 organizations we represent are 8000 schools in North America. And I've been president organization for almost 10 years so I know the leaders of all of these churches personally I mean the you know I was just telling Jeremy a few minutes ago I was talking to the last Monday I was talking to the leader of the Wisconsin sin and Lutheran church and he said Larry do you have any extra teachers in your system you know I said why well you need to know that all those groups hold the Avonex as the pinnacle of a private education they hold us as the example to follow and we'll talk about why. Wednesday and Thursday but he said I have 122 teacher openings last Monday and I have 88 principal ships that are open last Monday in June that he can't fill and he said I'll hire your Agnes teachers all you have all you can give me I'll hire them. Now they won't. But you know 30 percent that is twice any other system in this country there are no other religious organizations no other nominations that happy even 15 percent Recently I was asked to speak to 5000 Catholic educators in the Western Catholic Conference and my assigned topic was how do we get 30 percent of our Catholic young people in Catholic education like you had ministers we want to be like you we beat ourselves up because we have 30 percent you know what the highest number we percentage we've ever had in evidence education. Who said yeah yeah somebody's heard this before. 45 percent is the highest we've ever had in 1976 on Wednesday I will show you this just to graph so how we've grown and in decline and are now growing again in the ad the educational system $975.00 was the. With the highest we've ever had. 45 percent is 100 percent the goal is it realistic are we ever going to have 100 percent of our kids go to or no we're not yeah that's right. Now it's right now it's right that's right. Yeah it's it's it's really not a realistic number but if we say we're going to shoot for 80 percent or 75 percent then we're giving the enemy 25 percent of our kids right off the top so we have to say 100 percent our goal but we have to be realistic Did did Jesus keep you know all of his disciples he did not. So you have to be realistic sometimes as well all right. So we're going to look at 7 different studies that. That follow each other and support each other in the retention of our kids value Genesis. We've done value Genesis now we're getting ready to do our 4th value Genesis over 40 years asking the same questions. To our students last time we did 226712 grade students in the evidence schools and show the more years of evidence schooling the greater the person's nomination a loyalty Avonex orthodoxy intention to remain an Ab at age 40 so the more years if they had 5 years it was here if they had 10 years it was here if they had 16 years it was up here so the more years the higher their loyalty to the nation and the higher their orthodoxy what in the world does that mean here's one of my my burdens in life there are 5 distinctive doctrines in the. 5 of them that are different from every any other nomination really on this planet what are those 5 distinct doctrines Sabbath the same. State of the dead spirit of prophecy and the men Church there is no other church that has a doctrine about the remnant God has has a remnant that's going to finish the work. Those are 5 very very distinct doctrines you don't have the Catholics or the Baptists of those rooms or. You know the 7th day Baptists and 7th day Lutherans they'll believe in the Sabbath but not the other 4 so if you take those 4 Well 1st of all that we've asked every student for the last 40 years how they relate to all 28 fundamental believes. And we document their understanding and and. Acceptance of those 20 from a boy whose. The Sabbath has to be pretty strong the some of the haven't missed church without the Sabbath is a pretty weak organization right I mean I mean yes Corps but the other 4 are down in the single digit percentiles single digit percentiles single digits believe in on white single digits understand the same suring single digits understand the remnant church or the state of the dead you know these kids they get on their video games and they shoot somebody and they die and then they get back up again they watch their movies and they're coming back as ghosts and talking to them that's what they believe about the state of the dead 70 percent of our kids in Avin said cation we we map the curriculum and we make sure that all $28.00 fundamental beliefs are hit 4 times between Kinney garden and 12th grade we map it out so this is an age appropriate presentation of all 20 fundamental beliefs all the way through education so they had it 4 times what was the last time in your local church other than the Vangelis tick series have you heard a sermon on the relevance of essential worry to the agonist message When's the last time you heard that was the last time you heard a sermon in your church on the state of the dead was the last time your church heard a sermon on the remnant church so my local Church in Meridian Idaho. Had elder of the church and we are building a whole size professionally built sanctuary that's going to be in a semi trailer the can travel across United Staes. And our target you'll be surprised maybe you know our target is. The church is number one but the secondary target are l.d.s. Mormons. Because the sanctuary is important to the Mormon religion as well and they they really listen and so we're going to build I was I just spoke at Idaho can't meeting last week and. And we have been the priest in the full garb and we had we only have about 4 of the of the pieces of furniture from the Saints where that are finished and we had those outside and it was amazing the interest in the questions you know what's that well what's the table showbread you know what kind of brownie showing. So the whole issue of agonist orthodoxy is important if we lose those 5 distinctives the we will be like any other Christian Church in America we want the we will be no different we will be a lukewarm people who will be spit out of the mouth of God we have to find a way so our 30 percent we're doing our best what about the 70 percent who's worried about the 70 percent how are we going to do that we've already lost 2 generations right on those doctrines parents if I ask you know a young parent out here tell me about the censuring this rabble rouser relevance to be I've been in church they're not going to be able to do it most of them because of that they're not getting it at home right that makes sense so if they're not getting it home and they're not giving it church are they getting in Pathfinders. A little bit of it maybe through the Bible. Both things that they do they may understand some of that but there's no they be able to answer questions but 10 they really tell you the relevance of why that's important to the other I'm sure. So so this is a burden of mine. And I had had a past tense had a bully pulpit for a while in the division and so this became a bully pulpit issue for me if you have not heard of the Adventist learning community how many of you have never heard of. I am so disappointed we've spent over $10000000.00 building audio visual components that are free on line we have 150000 unique visitors a month on I believe viable talking about these issues so if you not bend of Adam's learning community. Adams learning community dot com Evelyn community dot org. I invite you to go there we are now requiring every pastor to get professional development through the evidence learning community all the teachers all of the certification courses are now offered on evidence learning community at no cost that you can take and in and work on your certification we have over 10000 courses on the evidence learning community right now. There is one on board and there's 3 on board ship on the Evans learning community. How to Be a good elder. There's a course on how to be an elder in the church there is a course on how to be a deaconess there's a course on how to support your pastor it's a course on how pastors can support have them said Haitian and we are now requiring people to their courses on on coaching to be an advantage coach you have to take in we actually developed in policy you don't take the course you don't become a coach because we want the if you're if you're going to have athletics on the campus then we want to make sure you're doing it with the right philosophy we're not saying you have to have athletics 80 percent of our schools do and so if we if we take the stance of the church that we're not going to deal with that issue and we're just going to forbid it but 80 percent are doing it then we have no ability to guide and direct the 80 percent that are doing it so what we've said is if you're going to have a program the coaches have to take this course and you're Bor and you have to develop a sports policy this voted every year by all the faculty and by your board so now we at least have some control over athletics that we never had before and that's on the of those learning community All right. I'm here on there and yes there are courses on the same jury. These are for men videos with supporting questions and that can be used for Friday night Vespers can be used for a family Vespers that can be used for Yeah and they're all up there there's the. There is a new website it's we've just spent about a half a $1000000.00 redoing it in a Netflix style so that things are easy to find in our connected together and if you pull up one you'll have all the related videos that are on the right hand side so that you can kind of find what you're looking for. It's it's I think it's really because it was my late night burrito so. That I couldn't sleep some night and so but this is we have to find a way to deal with her kids we have to if we don't. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. In in my local church there is a child in that child maybe 4 or 5 years old or maybe a 16 year old on the platform every Sabbath doing something in our of a good at it sometimes not that's Ok. That's right yeah and most of the time for the morning prayer we have a parent of a child that do morning prayer and so to have those a 3 year old your Jesus you know how my rabbit if. They're out front and they're sharing their real life with jesus that's important. That's right that's right so. You can see I'm not going to get through 50 signs. We did in value Genesis we ask students and we give them 2025 reasons. My family my mother's faith what what helps you to develop your faith what is it that is the most affirming of your religious faith your father your grandparents summer camp week or prayer Pathfinders my Bible teacher or Bible classes in school the number one reason the number one thing that the kids say with the choice of all the rest of those is Adam said Kasia 81 percent said that they. Said that attending Navajo schools a most important thing that helped me develop my religious faith there are 2 kinds of religious faith and we tease this out in value Genesis there's an x. turn faith extrinsic faith and extrinsic faith is my parents go to church so I go to church my parents go to satisfy Also I go to 7 school my parents read their Bible so I read my Bible that's extrinsic faith that's coming from outside of them into their own what we really want to develop is an intrinsic faith that comes from inside and in is seen outward but it's got to be an inside faith this got to be something inside of them I believe in the Bible because God said so because I believe that myself not because somebody has told me that I believe that myself and so 81 percent of our students said that. I can that one so we'll put this up on Catholic Education dot org. We'll find a way. There's got to be way I ask. Do you have a way to do to have it because otherwise as you can see you're going to be scribbling notes all morning and the next presentation on Wednesday and Thursday is even worse because of a lot more information. Another study 10 year study that we follow them for the same 10 years and they found that. The number of years and have a school was positively related to commitment to Christ relationship with Christ to stronger now religion is important in my life and commitment to personal Bible study so the longer there are novice education the more they study the Bible the more they're in evidence education the more they believe Christ is important in their life is that important where else are they getting that. 3 legged stool we talk about that right what are the 3 legs. Church home school what's happening spiritually in many homes. That's that's about the answer. Very little the church how many of our young people are engaged in their church what are we doing to help them to to deal with these 5 basic tenets were not and sold that so weak point and if they're not in school how many legs they have on their through all none none my church sometimes can be a little bit of a noisy church but we as a church have had the discussion and decided we would rather have the parents sitting there trying to control their kids than now at home. Because. Yeah. Well I resemble that remark almost. So be careful about those old dude's. That's right. Yeah. Yeah I'm. Trying to side with a say this or not but I will you're all my friends and won't tell anybody will you. There's a. Turn of my car here there's a new Sabbath school curriculum coming out of General Conference and. They they are moving away from Graceland their cars to relational and not enough content in the I think they have some points there that need to be addressed but the people they hired to do that the 1st lesson we looked at at the division it said Satan was kicked out of heaven and this is for beginners 34 year olds Satan was kicked out of heaven for being fussy if your children are fussing in church that is evidence of Satan working in their life. Is that what we believe. No it's not what we believe. And they want the children to sit quietly in Sabbath school with their feet together in their hands full and then listen to the stories now somewhat Savage who is about we need our kids to be active in sad a school so loony you can do ion service they have some of those wiggles out of them and if they don't have an all out the nest deal with that as a church that's right that's right if the parents have to get up and leave church they'll do that twice and all not be back. So. We're working with the General Conference and they have scrapped that curriculum they have scrapped the whole thing and they are rewriting because I sat in Ted Wilson's office and said Ted you understand why the division is fighting the General Conference on this it's not over women's ordination it's not because we're a rogue division it's because and I believe in my heart Ted that you would be just as upset if you saw this for your children and in the end he agreed and threw the whole thing on. His dad been such occasion make a difference so we're in talk about church attendance same scales we've looked at all along. You can see that 4 times more likely to attend church. If they want to Adam's education 4 times more likely 4 and a half times what does in active mean in active means leaving right they come once a month then they come on Easter and Christmas and pretty quick they don't come in active is the path to leaving the church and we have to deal with our inactive members this is never baptized no longer a member a member not attending baptized intending so this is this is after they have left academy so we took public school students students like me the graduate in public school and we said how many of you are attending church regularly and then we took advocacy Cademy graduates and said How many of you are attending church regularly does have been a sad occasion make a difference absolutely. And this 38 percent are no longer members compared to 13 percent. Now I I grew up in a you know. Half Adam and I'm 15 aeration have the most of my mother's side but my dad was an only child and am basically a neck Gnostic and. He just said you guys can't attend when I 1st started hero as a minister in the church 70 percent of the administrators came out of public education 70 percent so lots of people said to me you see because that was published in the evidence review somewhere. Terrible magazine Adam's review my wife is the one of the editors. May said You see I want my kids my kids are going to public school so they can be administrator in the church. 11 percent of the public school graduates stayed in the church more than 5 years 11 percent 70 percent of the academy graduates all 12 years stayed in the church so which group do you want your Which which percentage you want your kid in you are in the 11 percent or in the 70 percent to stay in the church yeah they 70 percent of the administrators because you have to be a really strong personality to go to public school and and so the only ones that really made it through were those strong personalities that could fight for what they are but they believed in and that was about 11 percent so unless you had that type of personality you're really throwing the dice. When it comes to your kids 2 and a half times more likely to turn from. Paying tide if the blue section twice as many people pay tithes. Unless we deal with stewardship in the church we will lose the church we are a tithe based organization and our young people are paying a faithful tithe they believe that God has told them they need to pay a time pay time but they're paying it to projects they're paying into orphanages they're paying to add rather paying it to whoever the. Yeah and many others. Many others twice as likely to pay tithes. Mary an Adventist 3 times more likely. To marry an Adventist isn't important for someone to marry an avenue an equally yoked means. That that there's a divided loyalty in the house I've seen too many times. Joined in remain in the blue joined in left in the brown and the never joined in the dark brown as ave said occasion make a difference so we have 17 percent are left her ex members. From Avonex education and 56 percent are lapse members of that came from public school or another educational system and that includes that includes home schools there on the other there in the other section there in the brown section. I am not a public school or a home school basher I believe and I've written in the evidence review publicly that I believe that every child ought to be at home with mom and dad getting their education particularly in their younger years that's what God And that's what Ellen White says is the best for children. But many of our families cannot do that there are both parents are working or a single parent or they don't have the education to do it right so the next best alternative to what God has provided in the home is add this education but that doesn't mean that we should beat up on. Home schools. We ought to find a way to support the good parent this trying to do what's right in home schools but too many times. In my experience and it's only that that narrow experience for me many times the students are so restricted in homeschools they don't know how to deal with reality when they get out of the home school and that's where we get this huge you know they're really they're out preaching in they're out doing service and they're by the time they're 22 they say enough is enough I don't want to be part of this and they become part of 44 hours. We need to find a way to in call Kate administers philosophy to to help them join who we are as a system this is elementary secondary and college. So if they only go to elementary school or they only go to high school or if they only go to tertiary to college. Whereas the strongest influence on our kids. From match our words the strongest influence on our kids so this is. People who have stayed in the church All right so. 46 percent that went to elementary school stated that in church 35 percent if they only went to academy and 13 percent college where is the strongest influence on our young people in the system. Elementary school is an elementary school and bar not and everybody else tells us that you have you develop your worldview by the time you get to 13 right and this dares it out this shows us that that's true in the Adam's church you only have 6 minutes left I have lots of barriers you have this occasion I will tell you that I used to be a pastor basher Hello my name is Larry I'm a pastor basher why the youth are you say if only the pastor would talk about it on Sabbath morning if only the pastor would show up in at school and play with the kids if only the pastor would put young people on a platform on Sabbath if only the pastor I used to be a pastor basher I am no longer a pastor basher cell thank you very much and then I started figuring it out 60 percent of our pastors did not go to have them said. 60 percent if you go to seminary 60 percent of the seminary students are 2nd are 1st generation will have those they are they are. They joined the church as an adult and have gone into ministry 60 percent So if 60 percent of the pastors have never had and that that the 40 percent we don't know whether they went out they could've gone to public school. So at least 60 percent have had no exposure to Adam's education what we do with a pastor will make what kind of church to give a pastor when they come out of the seminary a 3 church district with a struggling church school right. Isn't that the norm. And what is the rubric for success for a pastor how does the conference office when they're determining whether a pastor successful or not successful. Baptisms tithe growth right and the number of phone calls they get from their congregation. So that pastor that has no background have them said occasion goes to a district they're held accountable for baptisms for evangelism a on tithe growth but yet 70 percent of the money they have to work with goes to support 12 kids in a little school is that school part of their rubric for success No it is not and so if that school is not part of the rubric for success and is taking 70 percent of their resources that they are being held accountable to what you expect from that pastor they see the school as a detriment to ministry not a positive part of ministry but we've shown this morning that the longer you're an advantage Haitian The longer you stay in the church the more tithe you pay. Nor likely to be in Adam is the more likely to be baptized eccentrics you know the higher denominational loyalty. You've seen it all does have an ascetic a should make a difference so the seminary. I made this presentation that year in meetings and executive committee $340.00. Leaders in the Evan church in North America in a seminary scholar came up to me afterwards and said Larry we've got to fix that that's wrong we've got to fix it so we sat down and we developed a new course at the Seminary that's a required course on Adam's education. You're required as a new pastor to spend 2 weeks in a school these pastors are now begging for small churches with church schools because they see that the parents the non Adams parents to come to a church school have already bought into the atmosphere Lassa fever they have already bought into a a prophetess they've already bought into religious training for their children their low hanging fruit so years you went one more documents column one more step where is the this the focus of ministry in the agonist church at the local church right everything's around you have a local church an offer that an organizational chart you would hang or a community service center you'd hang a school you'd. Outreach program you would hang you know all those things coming off from the church he says what if we swapped that and made the school the center of ministry in the community and the the church would be a supporting. Piece to the school and the community service center would hang off the school and and you would have cooking classes out of the school not out of the church you have depression recovery courses out of the school not out of the church and they're finding great success for churches that that use that. We're taking my. I'm going to impinge on your time for about 3 minutes is that right Greg your permission to new that another burden and I'm getting less and less opportunity to share my burdens Oh I'm going to dump on you no matter what. People ask me all the time how do we fix the system how do we fix sadness education how do we get more of our kids in madness education how do we engage our parents I'm a fisherman I love to fish I don't get much opportunity to do it but I love to fish and it's been that way for a long time. And my whole family Jeremy knows that but I made a decision a couple years ago I made a vow and I've kept that vow 100 percent took me months and months to make this decision but I finally decided after much agony to never again fish in a swimming pool. Why would I not fish in a swimming pool there's nothing there to catch right now right and nothing to catch spirituality is caught not taught spirituality is caught not taught religiosity is taught spirituality is caught if we had every pastor and every every teacher and every principle that was infectious for Jesus that they had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that that relationship was so important that it just didn't he just came out of them all the time and and I would go up to say somebody and say no my Teacher What is it about you I want what you have I have caught something from you if that was happening in every church and I will tell you I believe that we have pastors. There are spiritual swimming pools in the church we have teachers that are spiritual swimming pools they have nothing to catch it's a job for them the administration is not an employment agency it is a ministry based. Outreach in which Jesus Christ has to be number one. And if that were true we would fix the church we would fix the educational system so my goal and my my you wish my prayer is that every administers be a good janitor be a maintenance man be at the principle that they have something to catch if they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and if that is true then these numbers will change that make sense that power has for prayer while there are so thankful that you are here that you have given us this message today we ask Father that that we may answer the question after this hour we spent together so what so what we spent this time together what is it that we each of us individually will do to make a difference in our church in our school. Father revealed that to us today in Jesus' name. 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