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  • June 16, 2019
    7:00 PM


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The Father in heaven we've been blessed by beautiful music we have been encouraged and inspired We are grateful tonight we are prayed. And we pray that you would speak to us through you. We are happy the Sabbath is coming we are glad the Resound ing chorus of Amen told me that everyone here is glad we are Lord we are grateful we are saying for that there is a God who is the part of our relationship we can say we are merely the clay we are grateful he was created and through Christ read in. God When you speak to us tonight so that when we leave this place is the day guys shallowly in the West we will be able to say we have been in the presence of God Bless us now please we ask you not because we deserve it but because you are merciful we pray in Jesus' name amen World War 2 unfortunately provides us with many lessons many illustrations it is natural that it should that kind of conflict on that kind of scale when humanity was putting behind itself the really rather primitive methods of warfare utilized in World War One was learning to embrace the far more advanced and far more deadly means of destruction that World War 2 afforded tanks had been used in World War one but they were kind of slow and kind of primitive by World War 2 they more far they were far more advanced and therefore far more deadly aircraft by World War 2 were far more sophisticated and therefore more lethal than they had ever been radar was 1st used in warfare in World War 2. Aircraft carriers were now being used they were the most important ships in any navy the course the weaponry the weapons themselves were unlike anything that had heretofore been used on a battlefield exhibit a was the atomic bomb which claimed the lives of roughly 250 millions of people sorry I'll say that again roughly 250 thousands of people there's a big difference. In only 2 Japanese cities someone famously said War is hell that someone was General Sherman the man who was responsible the man who gave the order for the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War If anyone should know he should know that after a war has been fortunate we celebrate the gallant we lionize the courageous and we honor the Intrepid and certain warriors take a special place in the annals of human history one such group of warriors was the 28th but Chalion known as the Maori battalion part of the 2nd New Zealand division the fighting arm of the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force during World War 2 are not expecting that you know much about the Mahdi battalion but that's why we're discussing this in the line it was a frontline infantry unit made up of volunteers of course volunteers comprising 702750 maybe a touch more touch less men divided into 5 companies it was the most decorated New Zealand battalion of World War 2 like the other infantry battalions the Mahdi battalion was divided into 5 companies. 4 rival companies of about $125.00 manage and and Headquarters Company of around around $200.00 man the battalions for rival companies creatively named a b. c. and d. were organized along tribal lines the Maori were and still are the indigenous people of New Zealand a native people so the 4 rival companies divided along roughly at least tribal lines while the Headquarters Company h.q. company a was grown from all over Maori d m tribal affiliation was not a consideration in the words of Lieutenant General Bernard Freiburg who commanded the 2nd New Zealand division no infantry battalion had a more distinguished record or saw more fighting or a less had such heavy casualties as the Mahdi battalion which for in such places as Greece creates North Africa and Italy is recorded that General Rommel Germany's Desert Fox considered New Zealanders to be the finest troops on the Allied side they fought they said For God King and Country Ramos chief of staff said give me the Mahdi but tell you in and I will conquer the world something said these men a pass perhaps it is what was recorded in their rallying cry or perhaps it was the the intent the expression the meaning of its rallying cry our care our care here air upward upward be strong. Some translation might say Be strong always or ever be strong. Those words were contained in the Mahdi battalion song. It was the motto there rarely in cry. Be strong Always be strong no matter what the resolute and be strong their motto has become part of the fabric of New Zealand culture today after a tragedy people are encouraged. When somebody is about to enter into a sporting contest it is not uncommon in a very early it is common that somebody will say to that person. Be strong if you are entering into some arena not necessarily sporting some place where you must give your best somebody will say to you more than likely. Be strong there are schools high schools that have taken those words as their school motto you will see it on the screw crest the monogram with the crest those words will say here peace strong Always be strong you must give your best always and so we encourage you with these words here car always be strong. For those who have studied World War 2 It is said that the name. The crown. Evokes memories of some of the bloodiest hand to hand fighting in all of the desert war. The Grunow was a 650 feet tall or 650 feet high rock fortress in the Sahil region of Tunisia right there in North Africa it was held in 1903 by German and Italian troops how do you take it is a 650 feet high fortress if you were to see a picture of it you would say that thing could not possibly be taken surely not it was important because that thing blocked the advance of the drive towards Tunis capital of Tunisia which is about 45 miles in a straight line from talk. On the night of April 19th 1903 a handful of b. company men led by Sergeant Han him. A sheer cliff a sheer they scaled it this thing was buzzing it was crawling with enemy soldiers we wouldn't call them enemies today but enemies in terms of warfare. He scaled a sheer cliff of his followers reached the summit too and after 3 days of desperate fighting crudo was taken. In the Aqaba but not head then left to find reinforcements he came back with a section of c. company and another platoon and successfully pushed back the axis counterattack he and his men took 300 prisoners over that time a British Lieutenant General described what menarche did as the most gallant feat of alms I witnessed in the course of the entire war. Ever Be strong Always be strong this concept of strength will get your places in warfare and we have to remember that we. Are involved in a combat in a warfare Paul described the Christian Endeavor as being like a war here we are on the eve of a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation and God is looking for people who are prepared to apiece Trog Jesus himself said in Matthew 24 and verse 13 buddy he that shell and do it to the end the same shall be saved you might hear Jesus saying here. In those words the word he used in the Greek was Hooper may know and you'll find a word in Revelation Chapter 14 in verse 12 that's very closely related that work is springs from the same root would you read in Revelation 14 in verse 12 here is the patience of the saints that would is connected to the word insurance in Revelation 24 and verse 13 who Pomona a day here is the. Patience the steadfastness the constancy the insurance of the saints here all day that keep the commandments of God and of faith of Jesus right there is that concept of grabbing hold and not letting go right there is the thought that we accept the Tosh stand up to a mug shot forward on slinking really key because it is here and Romans chapter 4 in verse 20 that Abraham was Ron strong he was the Bible says Abraham was strong now the Greek word used there is connected directly to the word used in Romans one in verse 16 I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God under salvation you know you've heard it a 100 times that Greek word is doing amiss from which we get dynamite and Abraham is said to have had dynamite say which is fascinating I know I may be wondering a little bit but it's fascinating because this man was so strong in faith that he slept with his wife's servants and told a certain man named a been elect that his wife was actually his sister but here we are told the truth Abraham was strong in faith God is looking for strength and I'm guessing that what this indicates to us is that God is slightly less concerned with how you start the race then he is with how you finish the race because you are going to bumble you are going to stumble you are going to make mistakes you are not always going to get it right but you can finish strong you can hear God say to you today Kia car scriptures testimony of Abraham Moses and being not weak in faith he conceded not his own body now dead when the. He was about 100 years old neither yet the deadness of serious this was an impossibility Abraham and his wife were confronted with this was not a man of an age where you would naturally think he would father a child and Sarah was ready to admit I am way past that the Bible says her womb was dead however the Word of God says He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in Farai giving glory to God Romans continues Listen to this listen to the strong faith Listen to this and being fully persuaded that what he had promised and some going to run it again and being fully persuaded that what God had promised God was able also to perform and therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness Abraham's faith was strong and he was strong in faith when he believed that God was able to do those things that God said he would do. You can see where we are going with this I am sure Paul encouraged Timothy to be strong be strong Timothy here ca be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus the Bible says to us in 1st Chronicles Chapter 16 and verse 11 seek lol And here is Strake seek His face continually and writing to the church at Ephesus Paul wrote in efficiency Chapter 6 Finally my brother and be strong now ladies and gentlemen we need to draw a line and then maybe we'll erase the line a walk on the Bible is encouraging us to be strong there's no question about that time of trouble will not be a time for wimps. It just won't Christianity is not for the weak need it is not for those whose hearts at the mirror's think Christianity is for the strong because we are up against a particularly potent and powerful enemy who happens to be at the top of his game I want you to think about what the bible promise is is coming to Christians everywhere there will be a time when the word will a ray itself against those who cling to biblical values and a Biblical faith how ya gonna be then Jeremiah the question if you have run with the footmen and they have wearied the then how would you contend with horses and if in the land of peace where when you trusted they were ready then how were you going to be in the swelling of the Jodhaa somebody once wrote that typically you can you can watch that would not contemplate you can you know when you think about it ahead of time what that would anticipate that's it thank you if I can keep you on retainer for the rest of the sermon I would appreciate that immensely. Ordinarily you can anticipate how bad something is going to be when the weather forecasts decision to rain tomorrow you know what that's going to be like when somebody says war broke out in the Middle East you can sort of know what that's going to be like because we've seen it a 1000 times but we have been so even though you can ordinarily anticipate what trouble is going to be like when it comes you can not anticipate this you can not even imagine that how shall we stand in that great day in Revelation Chapter 6 The Great day of His wrath is come and shall be able to stab Can you imagine. Well we have been told we'll come back to that again and again I want you though to think about the great people of the Bible the strong people of the Bible if I was to talk about somebody who in the Bible was strong he would say oh you must be thinking of sure and his wife came to him and said Will you tell me that you have to this day I do not know why he caved and actually told her the secret when she betrayed him so many times but this was a man who was not prone to always making good decisions by the way you know it's not how you start it's how you finish last time Samson is mentioned in the Bible is in which chapter Hebrews chapter 11 the roll call of the faithful that's the whole of faith right there and they're sentient. But Samson was a strong man strong enough to carry away the gates of a city strong enough to kill a 1000 men using nothing but the job of an ass this man was strong but you know something he was not strong you might say he was strong enough to push down 2 pillars and bring down a heathen temple and bring about the deaths of so many individuals but no no no Samuel story tells us that he was strong because God was working in him strength wasn't in his hair strength was in his fidelity to God and his willingness to be used by God for God's glory and in that circumstance Samson had strength about him not his own but the strength of God there he was about to push down those pillars and he could hear a voice some way saying Samson he of Ca give it push for all your work you can do this Samson you can do this one last time. And cogs string. Through his spiritual veins one more time why is this they that wait upon the Lord shall renewed strength they shall mount up with wings as he goes they shall run and not be weary they walk and not faint Gavan kid carried some provisions down there for his brothers what do you want you smart alec we know you just come down here to witness the battle what's going on there is a giant who comes out to defy us. I have heard all kinds of people make all kinds of excuses for why oh he suffered from some problem gigantism and as a result he could hardly think straight couldn't see straight how men was down over his head his vision was pluck don't you give me that nonsense if days. Had beaten up some fellow who was disabled this would be a story that brings shame not pride there was the liar the best they had and when you're talking about the 1st signs then your know that Goliath had to be good send somebody up out feed him to the boat just bring the best you're got if so all figured this fella out there was dealing with some physical disability or inability or restriction here roamed there and taken Goliath off at the knees but he didn't these people were terrified and out comes David what no world you give me some stones in a sling our take care of this fellow really where my momma I don't need that I got caught on my side don't be tellin me Oh Dave it was so good because he'd been practicing with the slingshot he was our kid and this was the best an opposing army could bring with his armor bearer And so David collected 5 stones and I'm going to cut you up before you tell me that those 5 stones were one for Goliath then 4 fours brothers how come a man we believe some our wives don't we I'll tell you those other 4 were for if it was you and you took down the lion you would be expecting the enemy army to rush towards you and David knew that he was going to go down he'd go down swinging he take jungle light and at least 4 more I'm a bear it turned and fled David at a stone in a spot over the arm a bear's name written around. David goes out there and it takes his swing and it takes a stone and God is speaking courage to Assad David be strong he you can walk out into battle knowing that God is with you and your swung that swing and some a regional words are coming to my mind and wonder what Stone went up in the air and a giant came tumbling down when a preacher's get the stuff they clever David went out into battle in the strength of Almighty God go lion could a broken him in pieces and taken a bone and used to think but he didn't because David went forward in the last strength God what do you think those stories are in the Bible for you read your children before Bit other Christians funny creatures Yes Johnny Sampson married essentially Khalid don't. And he acted before and ultimately he killed himself sweet dreams. Own the old thing isn't it yeah and then go live without it and he says any. And I'd like you to think you know about what a stone would do when it hits a man in the forehead enough to kill him well imagine that and down he went and you know how the story ends he got to live so on and chopped off his head you know why those stories are in the Bible so that God can finally convince you that what he did through David do through you and I'm not talking about taken down a city like to live there off bigger giants in the land. Giants like Prague giants like selfishness giants like lust giants like gossip giants like dishonesty and God is telling you tonight that if a teenager like David can take down Goliath in the us strength of God God is saying to you. Be strong tonight because the same God that stood behind David in his battle will stand behind you and yours the same God who miraculously infused the lie with St Samson with strength not to lie at Samson with strength will infuse you with his own strength because that's what happens when Jesus gets on the inside. Of a took down. Somebody might have said what are you building your faith on you living day to day thinking to yourself like the lady and I told this story before but I would tell it again who said to me one day off to early service God bless you sister Jesus is coming soon I said and she said and I hope I'm ready now to not let go go ahead I said What did you say she said Did I say something wrong I said Yes I think you did she looked at me because I still had her head you know that 80 years ago she said her mind troubled past I said I think you are come with me I said to the next person in line just wait we won't be long and I should have a rogue about 5 or 6 or 8 steps up to the other side of the little foyer that. I say Did I hear you say I hope I'm ready she said yes did I say something wrong and I said Yes let me ask you a question Did you ever accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or Yes Pastor when I was a girl did you ever change your mind no well neither did he. Why are you hoping to go to heaven you ought to be believing to go to heaven you ought to know that when Jesus died on the cross he died for you and you don't want to go day to day saying I hope I'm ready to go when Jesus comes back that's not faith and let me tell you what else it's not it's not humility. Meetings I could do here but I won't because I just outed myself be a kept me how many people here today willing to admit that they are converted that they've no no no it's on the front row. And you know why he was on the front row because he was a Picasso once and Pentecostals want to be up on the front row where they can feel it and they don't want to miss it and they want to be right in the heart of it but I tell you what they believe there's a hand up and there's somebody back there amen she said sweetly form a Southern Baptist they know they're saved 700 people are going to amen I got a yes and an amen and. In the back and everybody else are signaling. I don't even know what to say and that's because we like that they would hate to say I'm sorry why would you have to say you were saying as I said it's not humility it's bad theology that prevents you from saying I have the assurance of salvation you've read the Bible I write these things to you so that you may know that you have eternal life here because Be strong in the lot don't be a wimpy Christian. Don't be a lily livered Christian who doesn't even know whether he is saved or lost whether she is going to heaven or hell what sort of existence is that Jesus died for you so you can live with confidence today not confidence in yourself confidence in Christ but pasta I have a sinful hot I know you do that's why unique arise who does not have a sinful heart and he will give you his righteousness and now you will rejoice and you will say My hope is in the lot I am strong in the law. What are you building your faith upon the wise man or woman for that matter builds his or her faith upon the rock that rock is Christ or if you're going to be true to the story that rock is the sayings of Christ and Christ says he died for you Paul wrote to the Corinthian church and he said in 1st Corinthians 16 in verse 13 watch he stand fast in the faith you like men be strong act like men be strong here saying Here come the As a matter of fact high school about 40 minutes away from where I grew up as adopted adopted many years ago. This is interesting a key account is the motto but they took it I read from a longer sentence that said act like men be strong and they said well you know we can say act like men be strong because we have men and women in the school and so we will just say Be strong I'm not sure if they realize that the sentence they read was taken directly from the Bible. Acquit yourself like a strong person be strong here that work for the Mahdi battalion it propelled them into battle into the fierce gale of warfare they were brave they were feared they performed their traditional haka and the blood of the enemy curdled in the enemy Vane. They announced that they were there to fight that they would not be defeated they were going to win even if it cost them their lives here. That is the rallying cry for the believe a strength we needed we are not far away from the most dramatic and drastic period in the history of the world and we don't talk about that nearly as much as we should and should we talk about it we ought to talk about it in balance but we out there the sands of the allegation of time the final sands are about to pass through this is no time to buckle at the knees marches would go to the stake in the Middle Ages their wives and their children would be forced to witness these terrible burnings but their wives and children would often seeing him to come but their loved one when their loved one was giving his life can you imagine straying like that you want to see strength come on let's go to Daniel Chapter 6 and we go to see string together Daniel Chapter 6 this is a story that bless you every time you think about it it please Darius to send over the kingdom $120.00 princes which would be over the whole kingdom over these 3 presidents of whom Daniel was 1st that the princes might give accounts unto them when the king should have no judge then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes because an excellent spirit was in him and the king thought to set him over the whole realm can you imagine those 4. Then the presidents and princes sort to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom but they could find none none they could find none occasional photo for as much as he was what faithful neither was there any era of fault found in Him Envy is a terrible thing the Bible says that the high priests delivered Christ to be crucified for n.d. for envy they did this thing and here were men who ought of had more backbone in the was eating their insides out they couldn't understand and they couldn't stand that us lave from a foreign country would be preferred before them but this is what the blessing of God affords you understand and so the Bible says then these men said We shall not find any occasion against Daniel except we find it against him concerning the Law of his god because this brother is going to be faithful he is going to be true he is going to be strong no matter what so let's figure this thing out then these presidents and princes assembled together to the king and they said thus under him king. Live for ever all the presidents of the kingdom the governors the princes the councillors in the captains all of them have consulted together to establish a royal statute and to make a firm decree that whosoever shall ask a petition of any God or man for 30 days except you king shall be cast into the den of lions now you understand something about the Book of Daniel don't you Book of Daniel is a book of salvation now if I say Daniel you're going to think 70 weeks you want to think 2300 days that's Ok but for you think it's mathematics you're missing the key point. Now the key point of those mathematics is Jesus we must never forget that but if you were to read the early salvos of the Book of Daniel you would read about a gnostic peace a book they never could measure the last person on earth that you would ever think would be saved but as God looked through a young man who was so rendered to him God reached the heart of Nebuchadnezzar it was up and down and then down and down for Nebuchadnezzar but ultimately up to 7 years spent in a wilderness never came to his senses and he embraced the God of heaven Daniel is a book of salvation and you ought to say men do that furthermore bust stories in the Book of Daniel really prophecies in disguise because what you read here in Daniel Chapter 6 about envy and jealousy towards somebody who is faithful what you read here about a religious law that is pasta what you read here about a penalty of death simply prefigures what you read in the Book of Revelation times that shortly to come and you may have said in your hot How in the world can I stand then you know the the woman came to spurge and I think it was Spurgeon maybe moody but it will be splurging tonight and she came to splurge and then she said I don't believe that I have the faith necessary to be a model and without missing a beat he said My good woman I know that I don't have the faith necessary to be a model and she looked. Just a guy asked Sheryl the great man Spurgeon doesn't have faith to be a martyr what hope is there for me he answered by saying if God calls me to be a martyr he will give me the faith that I need in order to be a martyr and I believe he'll do it for you we have nothing to fear for the future nothing as long as we know God has been with us God is with us and doubtingly God will be with us read your future here in Daniel and Chapter 6 now all King is stablish the decree and signed our writing that it be not changed according to the law of the meads in the Persians which does not alter and King Darayya us was sucked in he should have spoken to Daniel and said You are the number one man what do you think of all of this but he signed the writing and the decree I wonder what we would do if that was us and then your shoes we would pray our hearts out I'm sure we go Herman So in the light. Will a curtain walk into the closet find space in the shut the door kneel down and say God you can count on me to be. Not Daniel Daniel's faith is remarkable and I wonder if we can isolate the key of this man's thing they wrote the law they announced the law it was known to Daniel but all Daniel could hear was a voice behind him saying hear cause be strong Always be strong here because Daniel now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed he knew he understood the law he understood what it meant he understood the ramifications of this decree he went into his house. And his windows being open in his chamber so was Jerusalem now he picked the right room if he had prayed facing in the direction of Babylon they might or thought that he was praying to the great Babylonian god of the temple of modern down there Daniel wasn't simply praying he was praying and letting people know he was demonstrating his faith I do not want you to be misled in any way Daniel was saying I am praying or right and I am praying to the God of a heaven his windows were open in his chamber toward Jerusalem he kneeled upon his knees not some of us we were sit down in a Lazy Boy recliner close our eyes and pray silently not Daniel on his knees the spies are watching what do you think he could be doing only one thing get your phone on record this you follow it 600 b.c. we don't have cell phones yet tell the audience to draw faster Ok remember what he's doing hard to forget there's Daniel on his knee there is not one the King Midas said he forgot not twice the king mother said maybe there are extenuating circumstances 3 times a day and he prayed and he gave thanks before he's God God is looking for people who will be modern day Daniels you know the old song dare to be a Daniel gate a stand alone and God is wondering today if there is a Daniel in the house if there is someone who when faced with the loss of everything is prepared to say I'd rather have Jesus than anything else. That was Daniel I'd rather be faithful then otherwise his 3 friends back there in Daniel Chapter 3 they said King we believe that our God is able to deliver us from out of the fiery furnace but even if he doesn't wish not going to bow down and worship that thing there is no way in the world those young men were strong strong in faith strong in their belief that God was God What part of this do you not understand when you confront a situation in your life today are you forgetting that God opened up the Red Sea Are you forgetting that God sent Ken plagues back there in Egypt you forgetting that when there was no food in a desert God blanketed the ground that was miraculous you forgetting that when there was a need of hydration God caused water to love from a rock Are you forgetting you forgetting that when God inundated the World War of the world with water. Aka had been prepared and God's people were safe and safe why would we forget the faithful gnash of God He is with us today and he will be with us then come on and say Amen tonight. God is faithful only faithful it's all he can be it's not possible for God to be unfaithful to you it shouldn't matter to you whether life goes this way all that way as long as you have purposed in your heart that God's will is paramount and as long as he is glorified that's your concern that's all the world is looking around for a demonstration of what it means to actually live and they will see that in the people of God who live for Jesus what was it that enabled Daniel to be so steadfast to have such strength to be able to live out the motto of the Mahdi battalion here cause ever be strong his life was on the line and that King would shed his blood without even thinking twice then you went home to his chamber kneeled on his knees windows were open did it 3 times a day and he prayed and he gave thanks before his God as He did a fortune in other words just like he always did Daniel was in the habit of faithfulness Daniel was in the habit of prayer not to pray would have been for Daniel like not to bury it's what he did and circumstances and threats and death the Crees made no difference to Daniel because paramount in his life was the glory of God what's paramount in your line it's one thing to go to church but really stop and think is the glory of God What is paramount to you and you must not be thinking tonight oh well listen no point me thinking about this because I am so weak here we go the strong in the Lord and in the power of His might we going back now to if the Asians and Chapter 6. Finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might you understanding me in the power of His might burst the living of a chapter 6 as put on dog whole armor of who God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil because we don't wrestle against flesh and blood we wrestle instead against principalities powers the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places we have got a fight on our hands. And the enemy is mighty yet God says take unto you the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to us stand stand therefore having your lawyers going about with. True and having on the breastplate of what you write just ness and your feet shod with the preparation of the what Doug gospel of peace above all taking the shield ob say we're with you shall be able to quench all the fiery dots of the wicked and take the helmet of what salvation and the salt of the Spirit which is the tell me word of God when you get any or all of those things from you don't come to them up you can go to your workshop and make yourself a breastplate in a sword and say I'm in good shape these are things you can only receive from God and God says to you it is a war out there and as you wade into the theater of battle you go forward in my strength and know that I am with you God says here cause always be strong you can be because you're relying on God's strength and not your own praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit and watching their own too with all perseverance and supplication for All Saints I recall there was a terrible earthquake in Turkey and maybe in the 1990 s. it was across the Sea of Marmara from a stand bull in the town of. In a town and there was a terrible earthquake buildings came down thousands I think it was of people died it was an absolute disaster and you know what they discovered they discovered that a certain man who was involved in the building industry whose companies had built many of these residential buildings he had gone on the cheap you know you can make concrete go a whole lot further if you use less rock and more sand and they found as they waded through as they trudge through as they clambered through the ruins of those buildings that the concrete that was used would crumble in their hands it would never stand up in an earthquake it was too weak because it wasn't made of the right stuff what's your fate made on. Let it be made of of absolute trust and reliance and a steadfast belief in the fact the fact now that God is God and he is able to do what he says he can do 2nd Corinthians 12 starting in verse 7 this is for this is for the weak one 0 that would be us lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations there was given me a thought in the flesh the messenger of Satan to buffet me lest I should be exalted above measure. And so Paul writes understandably for this thing I Be So the Lord 3 times that it might be upon for me and he said to me My grace is Tell Me sufficient. For my strength is made what perfect in what weakness you know don't you that God cannot even save the strong the healthy you got no need for a doctor and so if tonight you can find even an iota of weakness within yourself then you are the person that God sin Jesus just say if you are to say tonight I'm just so weak I hardly know which way to go then you can know tonight God says to you his strength is made perfect in one week Miss all God to do is bring our weakness to him and it's then that we are strong the servant of the Lord said that Solomon was never stronger than when he said I am just a little child I don't know how to go out and I don't know how to come in it's when we rely on God that suddenly there is and then said Bill it is about your life you can not be taken down by sin or temptation or the devil or anything when your life and God's life blended up together and God has you by the ox whole road most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me therefore I take pleasure in Imagine that. In reproaches in necessities in persecutions in distresses for Christ's sake for when I am weak then and I stron that can you see yourself being strong under those circumstances you know the Mahdi but tell you when they ran into battle the one thing they did not have was faith in God I'm not saying they were irreligious but their motto Kiya cause did not contemplate leaning on God it contemplated drawing on every last ounce of and Reserve in a strength of giving your all of spending and being spent for us it's ever so slightly different we are coming into a warfare that we cannot possibly win and God said You can be as weak as you want but when you are united to the strong with the strength of divinity it is then that you are truly strong Josh that pray to pray and 2nd Chronicles 20 and he gone we're going to get we're going to be done here we cannot win here but our eyes are upon you and by the time things were over the enemy armies had turned on each other and all Joshua that his men had to do was wander through the. Graveyard of bodies and take the spoil all they had to. God won the battle for them when we lean on God as weak as we might the god will win the battle for us a mother wrote to me literally just a couple of days ago and she said I heard a sermon you preach you said that God provided a job for your father in law when your father lost his job owing to his faith she said My son lost his job or his place and he's been without work ever since you can feel her pain can you know on my advice to her was he a car the strong. I wrote to her and I said it seems to me that you have concluded concluded already that God is the nation that God has done he's not done I can't explain to anybody why somebody goes without a job for a day or week or month or year or 2 years but there is somebody in heaven who knows and you can afford to hang in with God and know that he is still behind you still with you yeah there really still in you you don't want to give up on God why would you give up why would you give up why would you walk away why would you haste and see that the Lord is good why would you drink from the well of celebration Why would you why would you believe in God and rejoice in God and ride on the high places of the earth and then one day say I'm done I'm giving up I'm walking away oh god no be strong in the Lord and if you don't feel like you've got strength just tell God I'm weak take me make me all do your thing in my life God is looking for a people who will stand who will stand who won't see problems in the church and get their nose so out of joint that they walk away in a huff look for another not a version of the denomination and say well I'll go there because they are your Somehow not sure how they can be pure when after all they left but that's how some people think I'm going to stay at home I'm going to have a church in my house because the people at church they're too hypocritical to place this hey let me ask you what your children see when we're not around I'm telling you what they see they see a faithless hypocrite your knowledge perfect as you think ya don't wander off don't get so discouraged that you're leaving to walk out the door hang in there hang on to God here cause be strong in the Lord don't let the devil drag you down. Went to visit a man who was dying really died he had been a. Key member of a congregation where I was the pastor called me up he said Past No you're in town would you come around and anoint me yes of course so I went in the went in the head elder was there and his gold was there and my wife was there and I thought how you do and I'm Ok are you feeling alright is it all that matters to me is that my sins are forgiven and that I'm ready to meet Jesus how about that now that strength Oh no no don't get me wrong I'm not saying if you're terminally ill that you can have a bad day or a bad moment I'm sure my friend had plenty of the a friend no matter what's happening to God is still God God is still faithful you don't want to give up you don't want to walk out you don't want to backslide you don't want to turn away here cause be strong and if you weak be like Paul it's when I am weak that I'm strong because I believe in a strong God a good God a great God a mighty God a God who is able come on and say man he's able I don't know what you're facing tonight but I do know that if you're facing an inner strength of God you are going to be Ok because God will see you through he will he was with you once he's still with you he never left you even when you left it's like the story of the Prodigal Son it was the whole you know the people at the prodigal son story or the prodigal son wandered off and God just waited back on the family farm hoping he would come home if that's God. I don't want that God what you tell me is that if you're wonder of God waits just wait maybe you come back maybe you come back no no no no no you read the story the young man came to himself right. What didn't come to him selfe as an oh I've got a great idea the Holy Spirit tracked him down the Holy Spirit followed Him The Holy Spirit walked through the muck of that pigsty and propped himself down on a stock next to the young boy and said boy go home your father will accept you ah I've got an idea the Spirit of God The Spirit of God You want to from God in the Spirit of God will want to right after you pursue you he will follow you he will be right on your heels and he will plead with you to come home or train don't give up on God Now don't give up on the church now don't give up on faith now don't quit reading your Bible now God is real and he is strong no matter how weak you get you have not seen the way the Holy Spirit of God You can not gone too far you are not so bad you can't be saved Jesus died to save people like you and me and when we say Yes Lord I choose salvation your weakness and God's strength have been your Nigel and the 2 Our main one you are God's child your name is written in the heavens books Jesus is planning on coming back for you there is hope for you tonight seeing then the writer wrote that we have a great high priest that has passed into the heavens Jesus the Son of God Let us hold fast our profession because we don't have a high priest who cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities but he was in no points tempted like as we are yet without sin let us therefore come how tell me boldly to the throne of what grace that we may obtain tell me must see and Grace just help in time of ne Norman referred to the Christian walk as a battle in the modern. It can be that way I'm not telling you it's a slaughter I mean. There are days like that they're sure there are if you say No you lying because there are days like that Christ has given us no assurance that to attain perfection of character is an easy matter and Noble all around character is not inherited it does not come to us by accident a noble character is earned by individual effort don't misunderstand that through the merits and grace of Christ God gives the talents the powers of the mind we form the character listen it is formed by hard stern battles with self conflict after conflict must be rage this is this is war language that we read in. Conflict after conflict must be waged against Here read it Terry tendency we shall have to criticize ourselves closely and allow not one unfavorable trait to remain uncorrected now if I've got you good and discovered right now hold. Listen to this let no one say I cannot remember the my defective character if you come to this decision you will certainly fail of obtaining everlasting life the impossibility lies in your own will if you will not then you cannot overcome the real difficulty arises from the corruption of an unsanctified heart and an unwillingness to submit to the control of God as the will of man cooperates with the will of God It becomes omnipotent whatever is to be done at his command may be accomplished in his strength all his biddings are enabling Are you encouraged tonight. My friend God is good he's great he is strong is my he does say he is powerful and he wants to be powerful in our collective life tonight he wants to be powerful in our congregations he wants to be powerful enough families he wants to make a success out of failing marriages he wants to make a world to bring purity out of a failed corrupt heart he wants to bring victory where there has been failure let God do it is strange is made perfect in weakness Jesus is coming back soon this is no time to turn back it's time to press are on here cause ever be strong here car can you say amen tonight come on we're going to pray pray with me now our Father in heaven give us your Grace Lord that we may always be strong strong in the law in the power of his my leaning on Jesus clothed in his right just ness if only for that you take our weakness and united with your strength then we will experience bring in. Make. Your fortress make a lie if your dwelling place may come mind your mind. Clothe us in the righteousness of Jesus root out all of the sin and selfishness and gods that affect and inflict us so that when Jesus comes back we'll be found standing on the circle of the Earth saying this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us let the day comes do we pray in Jesus' name please join me in saying a man a man this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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