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Lightened With His Glory

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written




  • June 17, 2019
    7:00 PM


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Our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus we come to you thankful tonight we've been encouraged to pray so we are praying now we are that your spirit would move we are sick that because we've come to camp meeting or as we've come to can't meeting your Holy Spirit would work powerfully in our lives in our hearts we are Christians we are followers of Christ we believe that one day Jesus is going to return wake the sleeping saints and take the reading both living and dead to heaven we believe that there is an eternity stretching before us and so father tonight place a great burden in our hearts to know you love you serve you and to truly be your was blessed us now we ask you limit your word be quick how awful and sharper than a 2 edged sword we are ask you tonight in Jesus name a man about 5 miles from Union College in Lincoln Nebraska is the extreme light Laboratory at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln couple of years ago scientists at u. n. l. succeeded in doing something rare they produced a beam of light 1000000000 times brighter than the surface of the Sun which I think we can agree is bright now that flash of light lasted for only 30000000000 of a millionth of a 2nd but still. That was a bright line there was definitely some scientific utility arising out of this experiment but it's hard to get away from the fact that at the end of the day somebody created a really really really right line. You are aware that light is importance it materially affect our mood natural lighting has a calming effect poor lighting can trigger depression Sherif tone and levels plummet on dark days they increased when there is plenty of light and therefore our happiness is affected in a positive sense light profoundly affects our creativity it affects sleep cycles it affects your eyes light affects your decision making and it's hard not to be impressed by beautiful displays of light if you've seen the Eiffel Tower at night if you've seen Niagara Falls at night Christmas we lying in part because of the bright lights it would not surprise me at all if there is some way you have but you really go at Christmas time in order that you might enjoy the light displays what we do we are drawn to lights that's how it is we like light you may be surprised to know that there is a light bulb if you are from Jeddah new girl or Mississippi or Alabama someplace a lot. Multi-lingual there is a law. In Livermore California that has been burning continually for 117 years. And you say to yourself how can I get my hands on one of those lightbulbs mind to last very long at all where you cannot. Because right around 100 years ago a group of lightbulb manufacturers got together in Geneva Switzerland this cartel was called the Phoebus cartel th e d u s the fetus cartel and there were manufacturers all the manufacturers that you recognized today many of them g.e. and others and they said Gentleman and it was Gentlemen we have a problem because light bulbs last too long we want to sell more light bulbs we will not sell many more if they will last for a 100 years and so penalties were levied against anybody who produced a light bulb that lasted longer than a 1000 ounces and now you know why it's been so hard for so long to get a light bulb that lasts planned obsolescence It's a beautiful thing if you are a light bulb manufacturer not so if you burn plenty of light bulbs the Bible speaks of Light Of course it does in the beginning God created the most famous words I would say in all of literature and we know that on day one God spoke into the darkness and he said Let there be what light that was day one he spoke it into existence God provided light to the children of Israel during the plague of darkness down there in Egypt. He sent with his people a pillar of fire to provide them with light and guidance there was a 7 branched candlestick in the holy place of the sanctuary it burned and light glittered and gleamed then reflected off the golden walls in there it was beautiful inside the wars in their off the walls in there the Bible says that God lent sorry God's Word is a lamp to our feet and they want a light that's right David wrote in some 119 if you believe he wrote some 119 and I do the entrance of God's Word gives what it gives a light and it gives understanding to the people Jesus declared himself to be the light of the world you read it in John 9 in verse 5 way Jesus said as long as I am in the world I and the light of the world but then the plot thickens. When Jesus says in Matthew 5 and verse 14 you the light of the city that is set on an hill cannot be hidden Jesus tells us your purpose and mine purpose in this world is to give it like that would be to reflect light to shine and there is a part of me that I'm much like that because deep within all of us and hopefully deep deep deep deep deep there is this thought struggling for expression that we don't want to be crucified daily we don't want self to die we want time off the clock to not beyond duty but Christ's injunction does not contemplate you or myself being pot time lights but full time lights we live in a desperately die world a sinful and a wicked world and you don't have to look too far to find wickedness and sin this is a dark world filled with injustice and malice and malignancy and so God speaks to us and he says to us that in the Sindh. You are the light of the world I read where somebody with a great amount of wisdom once said that the strongest example in favor. Is a loving and lovable Christian what do you say to that Oh sure. God calls us to be loving and to be love both of you are the light of the world Jesus said not to remain light a candle and put it under a bushel but on a candlestick and it gives light to all that are in the house let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven ladies and gentlemen the world needs a line the world needs a revelation of the character of God in a world where men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous unthankful unholy post accuses fierce traitors heady highminded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God in that sort of world wait a minute wait a minute in that sort of world hold on perhaps Paul is actually saying it in that sort of sure which because he says in 2nd Timothy 3 and verse 5 that there will be people having a form of godliness but denying the power there of my goodness we need to ask ourselves a question tonight is that our us. Denying the power there of that would be the power of God's grace that would be the power of God's forgiveness that would be the power of God's presence in our lives the power of the Holy Spirit working in us both to will and to do for His good pleasure the Bible to us to speak to us in the writings of the prophet Isaiah Isaiah Chapter 60 and verse 3 says Listen to this and Gentiles shall come to die last night and to the brightness of the convincing nature of your arguments ladies and gentlemen nobody ever stood in the baptistery and testified I am here today because I lost the argument nobody ever said that of course we want to be right we want to be theologically accurate of course we do but we want to be more than simply theologically accurate gentiles will come to the light and King to the brightness of your rising shame book 42nd chapter 6 verse by the Lord have called Human Rights your snus and will hold your hand and will keep you and give you for a covenant of the people for a line. To the Gentiles Now ladies and gentlemen tonight I may just challenge you a little bit maybe not if not that's a good thing if so that's probably an even better thing. We want to make sure that we have our thinking straight on this I don't think that anybody owes you an award or a prize a medallion or a certificate because you have figured out which day of the week is the right day of the week to go to church the right day of the week to keep holy you could give someone who is biblically illiterate a Bible and they get to the 1st couple of verses of Genesis chapter 2 there are still 1187 chapters left they get just into the getting of the 2nd chapter they'll say here it is I believe I feel a new day because it's right there no prizes for figuring out the day none at all but we want to do more than simply keep the right day we want to know the right day and know the right god we want to know the right day and reflect the character of God and you might say those 2 things are not mutually exclusive and you cannot do the one without the other and I would say you're about right I would submit to you tonight it is easier to know that $2300.00 a year prophecy inside out or eat the right food or give a chick or write a check then it is to manifest the character of crimes observe the right day a man sing in the choir I am willing we need someone to help us take up the offering I'll do that sure I will love your enemies whoa wait a minute rejoice and be exceeding glad ladies and gentlemen David says we ought to meditate upon the Word of God let's meditate upon this rejoice and be exceeding glad now what makes you a Keating glad. Come on now I will put words in your mouth because you don't want to admit that what makes you exceeding glad is standing on a driving range and hitting a ball 280 in a straight line that makes something go exceeding glad and some of you made exceeding glad when you could bounce your grandbaby on your knee some of your thinking No I'm glad when I hit the golf ball straight to 290 but I understand what makes you exceeding glad if the Detroit Lions were to win the Super to get it. We need to keep this within the realms of. Actual possibility. What make you exceeding glad. Beautiful spring day and then a walk with your spouse beautiful family time Amen Ok these are things that make you exceeding glad not just glad not just turned out Ok exceeding glad not just breakfast was good Jesus said Rejoice and be exceeding glad really really glad listen when people persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake and somebody says hey that's not what I signed up boy but yes it is that's exactly what you signed up for the Bible calls that taking away the heart of stone and putting in its place of flesh you know as well as I do that biblical Christianity isn't nearly adopting a belief system you know why we have so many mean people in a midst and hateful and given to the people in the midst and I mean of a blow that but you know we've got some the reason is that some people think that being a Christian being a 7 Day Adventists is just about having the right doctrinal system. That's part of it part of it you want to be as right as you possibly can doctrinally and Biblically and theologically but Christianity is about a whole lot more you are not even approaching Christianity until God has changed your hot that Christianity it's taking the old and making it new it's taking the meaning and making it sweet it's taking the objectionable and making it agreeable and now some of us some of us are wondering about the depth or the genuineness of a Christian experience. Because we know we got the doctrines right we could recite them and teach them and give you a proof text and all of that and that's not bad but if that's all you've got and you don't have the character of Jesus you are selling yourself short you are selling the church short you are selling God short and you are robbing your neighbor of evidence of what Jesus Christ can do in a line Jesus is talking about working so powerful enough that we are not simply write you know that even a broken clock can be right twice a day Jesus wants us to reflect Him If all we have is Jesus without having Christianity if all we have is the form of godliness denying the power there of if all we have is compliance then we are legal issues we are simply a centers we don't have Jesus then there's a song that used to trouble me when I was a boy growing up attending St Paul's Catholic Church it used to bother me and if we have some form of Catholics or present Catholics here tonight then you may know the song the song in the him though was called seek the Lord Sheiko seek the Lord while He is near trust him. I am not enough but I remember much of it I remember I remember the part that I wanted to forget I'm the youngest of 5 boys or 5 gradual boys the next one up from me is 4 years older than me and I used to. Genuinely in my prayer time I would pray that God would reveal to me that either he or I were adopted and I'm not making that up because if only one or the other of us were adopted then we wouldn't be brothers yes that would be magnificent I despised him. And then I would go to church and we would sing Sikh o.c. alone and somewhere in that him there was a line that said how can we love God above and not our brother movie that bothered me that was some pretty good theology and I didn't like it I was happy going to church happy trying to figure out how to go to heaven but I did not love my brother and I was not happy knowing that I should evidently I had to do more than co-exist in his presence I had to love him not think about some of the people you have a hard time loving and now look at Jesus and ask yourself if Jesus loves him and now look at your Christian experience and ask yourself if there might be some hole that in German God did not call you in the church just to make up the numbers nor did he do that to me he called us to Himself so that in us might be demonstrated the character of God Himself and I know that that sounds like a tall order but don't let it sound too tall for you because it's not too tall for God come on and say Man growth in your church doesn't prove you're a Christian your position whatever it is on this idea or that idea doesn't prove you're Christian and by the way ladies and gentlemen tell you this your friend or your opponent's position if you're on one side of the issue clearly you are Christian and you're right but if your account of pot is on the other side of the issue for goodness sake don't let that suggest you that she all he is not a Christian I'll tell you some about Adventists we don't agree well and we don't disagree well because for us everything is a life and death everything we need to learn and not not don't read and don't read anything into my remarks that is not there. But one of the things that we would do well to is how to disagree like Christians how to be able to say you see it different to me I disagree with you but I love you anyway and I'm not going to go home and take my you dollar out and start sick and pins in it and calling pushes down on you a man you can sing and shout and preach and given do outreach and run programs in a 10 conference is none of that is the as it is given example you'll find this on You Tube People went to a restaurant or was. Somewhere in Asia I believe based on the language spoken. And for some reason the individual had or did squid Now I don't know which part of the squid you're supposed to eat no idea I grew up in a country was really a fine surrounded by the ocean if you could slow it down long enough to get a fork into it you ate it that was old but there was no way I was ever going to eat squid not in a 1000 lifetimes I did try octopus once just to be hospitable we were on a rugby to where we were in Malaysia they said octopus I guess I never try that again it was a little bit like chewing on the sole of a shoe but to call it that would have been an insult to the chute it was terrible but somebody ordered a squid and I would understand if you ordered a squid and deep fried the squid you could take an old sock and deep fry the soft batter it put a little spice on it it's going to taste fine because it has been deep fried I'm not suggesting it would be good for you but if that deep fried the squid I would get it or put it in a salad a little squishy bits with salad and. And I'm forgetting that one it's really it's really not. What it is that it's very healthy and it's in salads these days not no not kale kale but the other one it's killing me. No And you can pronounce it badly if you don't get it right. That it so if you were to take a rule is fantastic stuff so if you take some squid and add it with a a little. And keen why I just love it when someone says quinoa that's fantastic and bad I could understand but instead it was something like a bit of rice and a squid plopped right on top of it. But then where it gets interesting is the person took a look at just a Soyuz source or something and if you've seen this you know what I'm talking about and sprinkled it on the squid and bet squid started to. And each one of the 10 squid legs I guess they are called legs are they tentacles is what you call a squid they started to move added a little more the source and the thing started to move as though it was going to walk right off the table. It looked like Michael Flatley in River guns it was a spirit moving all my sprite dancing almost. How can that happen evidently had something to do with the sodium in the soil source reacting with the cells of the squid I saw another one fried fish fish one would assume they would good that being caught a couple of days before the fish came in but the I guess it was source and the tails of the fish that flapping like that I would because I would I would say I would we be casting demons out of the fish I saw that it saw size exercise the fish. The fish was dead the squid was dead but under the right circumstances it looked like it was a lot it wasn't alive it was never coming back from the did it was didn't it was going to stay dead but it looked a live and it acted alive we got shirts is like that there are Christians like that and if you think I'm wrong take it up with Jesus who wrote about that in the Book of Revelation I know your works that you have a name that you live and. You can say the right word God bless you happy 7 hate that guy name. Hey. Right yeah dry out hard horrible sermon Oh it preaches bad sermons Easy old Sorry that was New Zealand. Oh heavens Diog. You can do that we can look like we're alive and be yeah let me tell you want to live is alive is possessing the righteousness of Christ anything less than that and you did righteousness of Christ and you are alive let me explain something to you possessing the righteousness of Christ does not mean that you are above ever making a mistake does not mean that you don't have some growing to do but you come to Jesus and you claim Jesus and he is yours and you are his and you are now alive as a matter of fact not resisting drunk is walking home from the public's 2 o'clock in the morning why they're up in that I don't know he strips folds into the gotta. Soils himself and violence on himself falls asleep I mean pretty picture this is can't meeting let's really make it attractive. What's up 3 and a half hours later pounding pounding pounding pounding headache but he is something he has some words playing around inside his mind Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so and his mind goes back to his wares when his mother used to take him to Sunday school what school did I say Sunday school and I remember his mother saying I pray for you son I pray for you I know you're not living like we raise you but I pray for you God loves you and in that moment you see a sick not sick but sick and he says look at me I'm laying here in a gutter I stink. Head is throbbing I made a fool of myself last night it probably did at least I can't remember anything and he prays a prayer he says God I know you are real I remember going to church with mom and dad and my brothers and sisters and here I've been wondering for years and years and years surely the wondering must in God if you will forgive me please accept me as your child and then he says no I know better than that I know you will forgive me Lord forgive me of my sins I choose Jesus as my Lord and Savior as he saved Yes I know Yes yes so he goes home to his house goes home to his house as a bathroom drips down just leaves his clothes on the floor bathroom has a shell stumbles off into bed and cross into the bed next girlfriend. Say yes and on and in the morning she wakes him up get out of bed I have bacon and eggs for you waiting on the table is the Savior going to see another some confusion that does not speak well of you when he gave his heart to Jesus to Jesus except in the sun and the fact that he had some growing to do did it mean that Jesus lady said Oh what was I thinking what was I thinking oh no or did Jesus say your mine yes he did. What did the men begin to do and his experience with Gone began to grow. You know that that night he went to a party she said It's my small sister in law's birthday and I know you don't feel good but come to the party and he walked through their own someone shoved a beer in his hand he saved. Cosi saying but he drank one and put it down and said nah nah nah more I remember that prayer I prayed I need to really get right with God on ladies and gentlemen professing Christ as your lord and savior does not mean that you don't have growing to do you see began to grow God change them grab them change this heart now its heart is beating differently the large around you sitting in a party saying this is this is lame and this used to be my life now things are going to change and you know that before the week was over he had a conversation with his girlfriend he went back to living with his mother through cigarettes away one day after that what happens Jesus saved him now Jesus changing and changing and changing it imagine if you had to get everything right before Jesus said I save you they wouldn't be one of us tonight who could be certain in our salvation not one I thank God for the righteousness of Christ which doesn't excuse my weakness it doesn't say oh it's Ok you carry on in your sin the righteousness of Christ clothes me and Jesus dwelling in me and living his life out in me changes me and you glad about that thank God for that and Jesus stop shining out of that drunks like because when people like you don't stay for drinks anymore no no I stop drinking. Where you going you're rushing off I have a Bible study to go to you he's shining he's shining doesn't know enough about the Bible to preach but people see the change in his life and his life is testifying for Jesus man we can't even get you to argue what's wrong you used to argue and cuss and fight Not anymore I met Jesus he is changing my life ladies and gentlemen you might want to debate I'm not I'm not you not you're not in Michigan. Folks in. The next conference of. Ohio. And people in Ohio. You not hear people going to you and we might want to argue and there's certainly a time for discussion they may even be time for sanctified debate if you can pull that off and still be Christ like but what Jesus is looking to us for is to see himself in us know and what Jesus is looking for he wants you to get it straight doctrinally biblically theologically sure he does but he wants us to be straight xperience surely that we come to Jesus embrace and grow live our lives for his glory so somebody can look at you and say I see something in you that I want in my life we cannot afford to be sleep walking today the living dead today with a name that we're alive when we really did we can't afford that we are in a great controversy out here and the great issue in the great controversy is the character of God We can talk about that until the cows come home but God is calling us tonight to allow him to demonstrate his character in our life somebody ought to say I'm in. The devil is at the top of his game he'll get just any way he can and if he can get your if you are right and he can shake it theologically then he will shake you so that you don't represent Jesus but your smile and growl and spit like the devil that's what he want you to do you know I was I was on a plane once flying from Lusaka Zambia did you Hannah's book South Africa I was sitting next to a coffee thumb a he found coffee somewhere in Zambia and he made this odd statement we were talking about farming operation and so forth and he said you know what I did I only employed Jehovah's Witnesses to work for me I said Why do you do that just job as witnesses Absolutely you won't employ anyone if they're not a job as witness no way you want to fly catholic know your own employer Methodist no Anglican no and have the courage to ask if you would employ him and they are going to I said So why is it that you will only employ Jehovah's Witness He said You want to know why he said because they're honest they won't steal I know the men are not running around on their wives they're not bringing their domestic drama to work you ask them to work they'll work they'll work all the way to quitting time these people are honest I said I you just witness Oh no he said I would never be a Jehovah's Witness but I'll employ him you've heard what people say to heaven you ask him what you know about 70 Ad minutes as a vegetarian. Some of some of us are that's true what else do you know some of them it's all your schools you can construe it man my child went to school it had been a school for a couple of years that's that's good what else do you know about 77 years old community service they helped us when the flood came through we really really think a whole lot of you people that's good but then you'll meet people who would say never do business with the 7th Day Adventists some of you heard that. I've heard that one on that sheet not honest they'll get the most out of it with and try to give the last 2 year lease to you not all and you know that I know that these are the exceptions not the rule or what I'm looking forward to is meeting somebody that sang to the meeting someone one day and said them so what do you know about civil badness 0 evidence those are the nice people those people are kind they will help you oh man they don't they don't fight these are good folks all the advantages I know an uncountably in Michigan that's all anyone would say Ohio probably different probably different in Ohio would be a fantastic day if when the name 7 Day Adventists was spoken people thought about Jesus I remember being on a college campus I'll never forget this the week of prayer speaker arrived and I'd been out and he'd been on campus for 45 minutes an hour some like arrived on the campus and this man had had just gather a crowd one of those students ran off to find a friend come quick come quick you've got to meet this man he's just like Jesus was a thing to say. What a thing to say would be something if people said that about God's people frequently Oh I know the Devils I'm not naive you have us working he's going to turn people against people we understand that but man if we can begin each day saying Jesus shine now to me Jesus I'm not praying today for someone to beat in an argument I'm praying today for somebody to serve somebody to shine before I'm praying that you will bring me before the person that you want to reveal Jesus to I'm up for that if you're willing to use me it would be a new day and of course when people know that you're reliable and and sweet man they want to know what makes you that way sure though listen to your doctrinal dissertations then certainly they will now ladies and gentlemen I don't want you to think that is a bad day for the church is a great day for the church but God is calling us higher Haya higher the elements involved in the great controversy that we identified as being important years ago they're all important today and we should talk about them more and not less when I came to this church I was thrilled that I'd been led into the light of God's Would I was confident in the mission of the church and in God's leading and I am still confident you know that you see God doing the most of all things in his church can you say amen he just is Ok. I started down this road last night I'm a come back to it who's church is this only reason you should leave the church is what death that's all that's all I can think of another one what interests me is how the church is coming under attack this way and that way some of the silly little doctrinal discussions we settled the Trinity decades ago. How is it how is it that something as fundamental and basic as the Trinity is not drawing the Trinity is drawing people away ladies and gentlemen if you're getting sucked down that road don't go any further back we said a little long ago you know what it is there are some questions about that that are kind of tricky Spirit Holy Spirit Spirit of God before it's the Spirit of God rather than no no no Father Son Holy Spirit I can show you the family photo of me putting it that way when Jesus was baptized Jesus is in the water father thunders his voice Holy Spirit tunes up this tree but what's really interesting is that we've got too many people who want to make difficult things difficult what No Well let's take that complicated thing and make it simple let's accept there are 3 and the 3 are One that's all now you know why it's complicated because we are talking about God God's ways are higher above than heaven is above the earth now if you will bend away that way and you'll get hitting out the door to church because you are unhappy that we teach this all Catholic doctrine by the way if you believe Catholics are wrong about everything they believe there's a God what are you going to make of that. If you hit it out and all this in the probably nothing I can do for you because you have already decided step off the platform and step away what are you going to do go start your own denomination one of the n.t. Trinitarians doing the establishing health clinics in schools and they got an aggressive evangelism program are they sending the there is yes they sending missionaries went to your church that's all come on man this is just a deception you con a let you can get drawn away by that drawn away by that somebody comes along and says Oh to close a probation is going to happen in April. Somebody come to me and it is written partnership Buston Have you heard what the group of women a breathless Have you heard what I have a what is a prophet and you know know another one she's in South America should know is not a prophet do you know her name Nope How do you know she's not a problem because she's not do you know what she's been saying no when I don't need to why not because she's not how do you know well there's 2 ways one if she was the pastor would have told the conference President would told the union guy would have called Straight to the division who would've called the Biblical research institute and then I got this figured out it had been in the review by now. Instead it's like a secret society and is only a few chosen people who know no and there's another reason why no what's that every few years there's a new prophet and people get all excited and they start to get a pulse quickens and then that ship has sailed and it's of a well how do we get buffaloed into that because we make it easy and when somebody comes along is that the time I'm not setting a date but. You gotta love that I'm not setting a date but let me put that in English for you I'm setting a date. If you ever read anything that seems to be no more future events are no more prophetic events based on time you hear that every day we are 7th Day Adventists we don't set dates me say that again we don't set dates I've never done this but would you like to say that with me let's go we set a date there you go so the next time you see a video saying based on this time prophecy click the thing off. There's nothing in there for you full goodness sake share it because some poor impressionable soul without a lot of experience in it all my goodness and then they're going to go to the past why are you talking about this ladies and gentleman that we just make it too easy for the devil hell by playing dumb. Do you think the 28 fundamental beliefs were cooked up around a campfire one night we arrived there through years of study doesn't mean we know everything but it means we know what we know and there's never going to come a time where we get together go oh number 4 that's a wrong number $21.00. Number 28 What were we thinking but just Spirit of God is guiding his people we can trust that guidance don't decide to go in another direction then no one the Spirit of God is leading the mean we're perfect doesn't mean it's not a time that you might like to politely pull somebody aside and in the spirit of Jesus say I have a concerned brother that's Ok write a letter if you must just let it be nights let it speak of the fact that you've spent time with Jesus and for goodness sake don't get drawn away by all reason hair brained ideas that contradict the word of God now you're looking at you looking at Zechariah and someone says Well I think a and someone's I think b. and so much ice think c. Oh I get that it might even be d. you know not all of this is real simple we understand that but ladies and gentlemen please decide that you are not going to veer off because somehow you are right and 21000000 999999 other people in the church somehow all wrong. Jesus is coming back soon I am still confident I'm confident that God has called a people together and given them guidance guidance in his word prophetic guidance God has given us guidance I see God doing remarkable things I was in Melbourne Australia recently conducting actually to evangelise 6 meetings while my colleague Eric slick and he was conducting to we were busy then I was there preaching one night and the next night I'm in the foyer and a man a family comes by and the lady says has he told you Pastor No Has he told you Pastor No and here he is here and they say Tell him tell him you must tell him I said So what is a brother to an older man and he said to me you know last night during the preaching I was listening and it was so loud it was so loud your preaching was so loud I thought me oh I can't believe that loud and afterwards I said to my family weren't you surprised at how loud it was nice to know that it's the same as it was every other night he said and that's when I realized he said for 35 years I've been guests in my right ear only listening with my left ear the doctors told me the hearing in my right ear would never come back my it was ruined and he said and last night during the presentation my hearing came back and I can hear out of 2 years in that wonderful God's a miracle worker that's what he does I believe God is that work God does great things you see God working miracles of divine grace wonderful miracles I don't need to tell you this so I will when I was a teenager there was a nightclub that my friends and I used to go to was called The Lady Hamilton the lady h. because it was in the city of Hamilton and we go there and we'd listen to the music by the house band called the politicians and we just hang out with our friends and whatnot. The owner of the nightclub was a fellow named I'm going to call him Ronnie Smith and you may have heard me tell a story before but it's Ok a quote I'm running Smith and whenever Ronnie would arrive at the nightclub he would ascend the staircase with a couple of glamorous women one on each and he popped his European car out front back when people were driving fancy European cars and there would be a buzz that went through the likable Ronny Smith Ronnie Smith as in we didn't know Ronnie Smith from Adam but it was evidently he was a big deal he owned several nightclubs in the city Ronnie Smith as he will well sometime later Ronnie Smith fell on hard times and the life when I don't know where it went to Ronnie but I was in that show in the church in that town years later in the intervening time I had become a Christian and as a visiting a Vangelis I visited that city and I was going to hold some meetings and my friend David who cannot help himself and just witnesses wherever he goes David said I have a friend I would like to introduce you to he is in church today I would love him to come to the meetings please invite him sure what's his name is name is Ronnie Smith I should not problem we walk out to the foyer of the church and there's Ronnie and David says John this is Ronnie you might like to meet him. Running Smith. He look at me like he's in trouble with the law. Ronnie Smith You owe me money you said I don't have the money and he was telling the truth. I said I left behind at the Lady Hamilton like Club so much money if I could just get back $0.10 on the dollar be fine. Jonah is dressed in sweat pants and like a t. shirt in a sweater I'm sorry John have any money so so running the night club owner is now coming to church Madge and then and he. Is the guy who used to go to the nightclub I mean this is bizarre I said running out love for you to come to the meetings that. Friday night or whenever they started he had John all do my best I'd like to be there wow was I have a prying Lord wouldn't this be something Dave had known Ronnie for years and years and years Ronnie said later he went 20 years without being sober for a single day and in a moment you're going to see that more than likely was correct but David would just witness to him he would just be his friend he knew he couldn't straighten him out but he go to love them and help him no matter what so Ronnie would you come to the meetings opening night Ronnie is there he's there now he's had some Bible studies he's come to church couple of times few times and there is he's sitting right about there Ronnie is there and I'm praising the Lord you got to reach this man got to reach him all but you got to reach this one so we send out a decision caught on about the good night I would I want to give my life I want to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior Ronnie comes back sign that God He has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior Yes but you know there's about 20 knots of the meeting still left to go and we want to see Ronnie go all the way we get down to not on baptism I would like to be baptized the way the Bible teaches Yes RAHNI Smith Amen. I want to come out of Babylon wall Ronnie's made a big decision I want to become part of a church that keeps the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ yes Ronny's there we get into the water I'm standing in the baptistry about to baptize the man who owned the my club I used to tell you 20 years earlier 20 something years earlier we are less than a mile from the nightclub man I just couldn't believe it lowered Ronnie into the water the water started to bubble and steam flames came up out of it. It was a lot to wash away Ronnie went down in the water he came up put his hands above his head like this shark is like this as that we just kick the game with the Super Bowl winning field go yes praise the Lord Ronnie is in the arms of Jesus he's given his life fully to God Praise the Lord so a few years later to 3 I don't know I'm back in that church and I can't wait to see Ronnie but my wife Melissa says you've seen Ronnie something different about him well man I hope he's Ok and gone you know backwards in his experience fellowship I shoot over the Ronnie how you did a man. Ok looks at me like this put his hand as though if I still I was going to beat him just how you been man how's the low treating in. Or out I guess or I guess it was all very strange so I wasn't getting any way really with conversation I should catch up with you later I can eat my lunch they even came to me he said John I didn't tell you Ronnie now lives in a group home running our lives behind locked doors I am the only person in the world he recognizes he has dementia. To put it down to 20 years of drunkenness but maybe it had something to do with. I got a text about 2 and a half weeks ago from David John just want to let you know that Ronnie Smith passed away and I said Praise the law did not price in the world that he's dead I'm praising the road that he's going to live again he's gonna live again the nightclub owner thus scoundrel the drunk that immoral man he's going to live again because of the grace of God that's working in his church tonight can you say amen to that God taught him fall that devil could finish him off thank the Lord I am confident I am encouraged because God is still leading it is church we see the church growing numerically and thank the Lord we do you universities are being established new Centers of Influence missionaries are offering themselves to go to difficult places baptisms all across Michigan evangelistic meetings being held everywhere praise the Lord get ready people are going to be coming in a man because God is at work you can point to places where there were no church now there are churches burning brightly and I'm here to say tonight it is not enough we are not finished we are nowhere near finished there are people everywhere who are waiting to go to heaven they're just waiting for somebody to get there and show them the way that's all people everywhere and God is saying we got to go find them and bring them to him but ladies and gentlemen if we're going to be used by gone we need to be more than right about what we believe we got to be right with God and this is this this is this is what discourages some people they look at themselves I say but what a sinner I am Ok well played you are. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God And now that you've identified you're a sinner immediately look away from your sinful hard look to the shank you are in heaven where you have a savior. Jesus who is interceding for you would God's right hand Chung wrote my little children I write these things to you so that you don't sin but if anyone does sin but a person has an advocate with the father who is in Tell Me Jesus Christ the righteous there is good news tonight for the hopeless there is good news tonight for the week there is good news tonight for our stop and there's good news tonight for the Ha ha good there's good news tonight for you and for me because Jesus is in heaven according to The Book of Hebrews for us not against us he is for us and if you've ever looked in the mirror and said How can my hot and hot be changed I will tell you how Jesus can change your hot would you say. Let me ask you a question where do you see yourself in the Bible and I mean that literally show me a Bible story and say Ah there I am you might say Revelation 20 New Jerusalem has come down I see myself on the inside looking out rather than on the outside looking and I'm saying Amen that's good 1st special and shut the for himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God and the did in Christ will do what right is 1st and then we which are alive in ruling you might say that's where I see myself either alive and remain coming up from the grave either or I see myself Revelation 1412. That keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and not too many of us are prepared to say yeah that's me because it sounds like we're bragging but no no no the mystery of the Gospel is Christ in you. The hope of glory we are going to perform our way to heaven we're going to let Jesus come into our lives and change us and transform us and live in our lives so that we get to the place that when obeying Him We are simply carrying out our own impulses that's what God wants for you praise the Lord but I'm going to show you another place where God sees you in the Bible Revelation 18 and verse one listen to this and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with His glory you know what that is that is Jesus shining out of his people lighting up the world with the manifestation of the character of God and who does he want to work in you and made his people his church that's where God sees us Revelation 18 verse one cog will King in us so that the up planet is lit up with a manifestation of God's glory of God's character he can do that in you if not you then who. If not now then when for it and we got to be a little impatient about this and go to God and say some things you want to change in my life there are some things about me that are not Christ like Lord you say you can do it so do it did you know that somebody with the Holy Spirit or 31 said that the Holy Spirit awaits our dean Monde and our reception. So when did you last go to God grab hold of his throne and say I will not let you go into you bless me and I demoed on your Holy Spirit in my life when you last prayed and prayed the pussyfooting around oh by the way a little if it's not too much trouble if you could spare a little small change you're going to go to Bill Gates said Bill you got a quarter. You know the Bill Gates you ask him for a $1000000.00 He's got it why are you going to go out asking the Lord if you would in your pocket you have any spirit. Come on. A little minuscule says the principal. I got to have your Holy Spirit without you nothing my only hope is that you fill me with your self leave it to me I would drive this thing right off a cliff so you got to work in my life before my life isn't Would living. Up to me and not not for our glory not for Al Gore the Spirit of God is not a tool that you would like a hammer or a sickle the Spirit of God comes into our life and we become the tool in the hands of God to be moved this way or that way or the other way God wants to do it man he wants to do it now tonight from here on filled with His presence using you tell a like no world with His glory if you can be right about the day in the prophecy in the state of the dead and hellfire a main b. is right if you can but be right in the character of Jesus. Let people see Jesus in you it's not too tall an order it's what the Gospel does the Gospel contemplates Al complete recovery from the power of Satan this is what God does and he will do it gladly in you we got a message to take to the word imagine that message going forth as I only put it to you this way if you want to send a text message from here to say China you type it into your device and you press that little button and the message would go to the nearest cell tower where it is received that electromagnetic wave is converted to line it goes to the nearest central office where it's combined with millions and millions of other text messages and off they go some of them to get off along the way some message going to stop a day in the some most of the Las Vegas some messages will get off in the Los Angeles California but then they'll go into a fiber little strand of glass about the width of a human hair it will go across the ocean that signal will reach China your message is identified and then the reverse process happens until it is dropped into your friend's device it all took about 120th of a 2nd that's how long it takes a light to travel 6000 miles that's just your message being carried across the globe by fiber optic cable that nobody can see Alexander Graham Bell once said I heard I have a good speech produced by sunlight I've heard a ray of the sun lie and cough and sing bill believe that what the telephone accomplished with the aid of a wire the photo of would accomplish with the aid of a sunbeam with a light that was the beginning of the idea of using the lights for communication. He died almost 100 years ago but his dream has become a reality think that in the context of the church more than 20000000 and growing 5 and we have a message imagine how effective and how potent and how concentrated that message will be when it goes forth as a law I. Saw it in Revelation 18 in verse one the earth lightened is a native with his glory the message being transmitted more effectively than ever before because it goes out not just as sound not just as noise but as a light not white noise not Chata light. That's where God sees us being used by him to communicate his message his 3 angles message more effectively than ever before because we've said all right the old me's got to die is not bragging it's not saying I am spiritually Sapir you are in some way saying Lord I'm weak but I know that your strength is made perfect in weakness God Do your thing you want me to shine as lightning come on in and shine out as a light imagine for in God's people before long a going to grab this thing. In the righteousness of Christ as vessels for God to use for His glory they'll be a message that goes forth from God's people to the world it will be irresistible it will be powerful it will be strong it will speak of the character of God it will be. God's people by grace will be the light of the world what do you say tonight come on we ought to pray about this Father in heaven we thank you tonight that is week. As we. We pray tonight that you would use us grow us you know that some of us we can't see beyond ourselves because we say with a degree of accuracy we often sinful yes then we remember the David was a murderer and an adulterer Moses was a murderer and NASA did things we don't want to even recount and so evidently you can use the sinful one and we remember that the sons of fundal went on to become great workers as as as your character was seen in their lives and their message was full irresistible because it went out as a light there you all messengers were clothed in the robe of Christ's righteousness and there was a soul persecuted in the church and then there was Paul writing much of the New Testament speaking of the wonders of the grace of God and salvation by grace through faith Thank you Lord that you can do in us what we could never do it ourselves thank you for the righteousness of Christ which you give to us thank you for Growth give us grace to forget which is behind but to press on thank you that one day soon the eastern sky is going to split wide open and Jesus is going to come riding down the great cargoes of space we are going up and we are going home we pray with John who wrote Revelation even so common law of Jesus. Make us yours transform us use us to be lights in a darkened world please. We pray in Jesus' name please say with me to. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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