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Shields of Brass

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written




  • June 19, 2019
    7:00 PM


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Father in heaven in the name of Jesus we come we are grateful we are thankful for every heaven given opportunity to know and share Jesus thank you that you've called us to be witnesses lights in a dark world would you speak to us today we have come from all of many people have come from out of state to be we have comes from. Churches we have come from our homes we have come blessed but challenge and some of us are here today with our struggles and Albertans cognizant of our spiritual weakness very aware of our lack many of us we have stayed our failings in the face already today and so as we are healed Lord we pray that this place would be for all of us a theatre of your divine grace we believe there is power in your would so would you Lord today unleash that power on you know our lives hearts minds we pray be merciful to the sinful human instrument through which you have chosen to speak today I ask that the limitations of fall in humanity would not prevent you from accomplishing what you want to accomplish today bless us all now Lord we pray in Jesus' name please say with me a man please would you open your Bible to 1st kings and Chapter 10 1st Kings Chapter 10 and when you get to 1st Kings Chapter 10 you will begin with me in verse one 1st Kings Chapter 10 and verse one and then we will quickly hasten on a pace 1st Kings Chapter 10 verse one when the Queen of Sheba. Hood of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the Lord she came to prove him with questions it's interesting we don't know where she was I've been in Zimbabwe people said it was heroes and Bob where some say she was in Ethiopia someone said to me last just last week Shiva was in Yemen many people tell me the Queen of Sheba came from young men what we know for sure is that she was the Queen of Sheba and that she came to Jerusalem with a very great train with camels that bear spices and very much gold and precious stones and when she was come to Solomon she commune with Him of all that was in the 10 and she gave the king 120 talents of gold and of spices very great store and precious stone there came no more such abundance of spices as these which the Queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon and the Navy Hiram that brought gold from brought in from the Via great Plenty of all mud trees and precious stone. Verse 14 now the weight of gold that came to Solomon and one year interesting 1000000 off was $600.00 threescore and 6 talents of gold $666.00 What do you do with all that go if you were to count the like the value of that gold at today's gold price which is somewhere hovering around $1300.00 or $1400.00 per ounce $616.00 ounces in a pound of talent assuming that a talent was what we think it was somewhere in the vicinity of 70 pounds and this brother was getting want $666.00 talents of gold a year he would have had to have had his own Fort Knox. What do you do with that kind of go Well King Solomon chose to do numerous things including in verse 16 the manufacture of 200 ton gets beaten gold 60600 shekels of gold went to one talent and he mates 300 shields of beaten go 3 pounds of gold went to one Shield and The King put them in the house of the forest of 11 on there is a conservationist lurking deep within me that doesn't much like verse 18 Moreover the king made a great throne of ivory and overlaid it with the best go can you imagine this kind of wealth all that gold flooding into Jerusalem every year to the extent that Solomon decided that in order to utilize some of this gold he would simply make all an immense out of much of it and so what was this that led to Solomon being such a successful nurturant in precious metals will you to look back to 1st Kings Chapter 9 you would read where God spoke to Solomon and he said if you would be faithful I will bless you now we've got to be careful with that we don't want to make the mistake of trying to buy the favor of gold trying to trying to procure God's blessing through the giving of our means or the doing of our deeds. We don't give to get but we know that in giving we receive in fact it's the giving that we receive the most but then God is so gracious so most of all he figures that if you are responsible enough with your means to support Jesus on prophecy if you would say I will forsake a meal out we won't buy that new come this year I'll buy a 2nd hand instead that will free up money that I can put into the Lord's work if you have that kind of responsibility about you God may well say here have more money because I put that you are likely to use it in the best of ways by the way when the devil she used that we are tight fisted and closed hand and we have very shallow pockets it may well be that your material blessings are coming from the devil who knows that with more of this he may drown you and so let's be careful God promise is faithful in this and we want to be faithful it is all he is not just the 1st 10 percent not just the 1st 10 percent and whatever you are predisposed to give as offering it is all God's can you say I'm in your thoughts God's your body is God your talents God's and when and God said to Solomon and by extension to you and me if you faithful will bloom lists you Solomon was faithful Oh and then he wasn't but God and that he was but God blessed him in his faithfulness. Didn't really great wealth great blessing but God said to Solomon if you are not faithful the consequences will be significant. And we pick up the story and 1st Kings Chapter 14 and we discover that faith fullness turned into faith less. Pretty quickly 1st kings 14 and verse 20 the days which Jeroboam reigned with 2 and 20 years and he slept with his fathers and now a dab of his son reigned in his state Meanwhile on the other side of the fence. On the son of a Solomon reigned in Judah. Was 41 years old when he began to reign in the rain for 17 years in Jerusalem the city which the Lord did choose out of all the tribes of Israel to put his name there is mother's name was named she was and Emma night yes and Judah did evil in the side of the Lord and they provoked him to jealousy with their sins which they had committed above all that their fathers had done ladies and gentlemen the Bible says resist the devil and he will do what now that would resist is not a passive Would it in action would it means you have to take some initiative that means you've got to be alert it means you've got to be watchful it means you've got to be faithful It means you've got to be diligent we listen Israel went from the height of blessing to the depths of vile misery almost overnight you are going to see what happened in a span of just 5 years 5 years. We aren't to watch and then look out upon the city and say Is not this great Adventism which I have built great movements have come and gone encourage you to think about Wales you know there were great revivals in the coal mines in Wales you go back a 100 or so years maybe a little more revival go then knock on. And should she is being retrofitted and used as pubs and a houses and there are few people darkening the doors of the Church in Wales and you ought to think it was really it wasn't long ago an England was alive and pulsating and robbing with love for God and the preaching of the Gospel not now it is a very short distance between blessing and people choosing to run out from underneath that blessing the future for us is guaranteed only in Christ only as we cling to Jesus we can not afford to let our God down now somebody said The Bible doesn't need to be defended It's like a lion let it loose and it will defend itself that maybe so but your hot must be your mind must be your family must be your home must be your faith must be your church must speak its not far from faithfulness to faithless nation we're about to see this Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord verse 23 for they built them high places and images and groves on every high hill and under every green tree and there were also sort of mites in the lead and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the Lord cost out before the children of Israel can you imagine there they were in Egypt in the heathen atheistic Egypt atheistic Egypt let my people go who is the Lord Pharaoh said that sway they were but God preserve his people down there in slavery let my people go I'm not doing that oh yes I am oh no I'm not yes I am. And finally God sent a plague that got even pharaohs attention and the Red Sea opened up and they left that discussed in place behind and they were heading towards the promised land they saw the plagues come down 10 of them they knew that they had been protected from 7 of them they saw the pillar of fire they saw the pillar of cloud they saw pharaohs even his own family members and his cattle drop like flies they saw the Egyptians bodies littering the landscape off they went the she opened up they walked through thinking man only God can do this God is surely with us God said Come on now I'm going to get you down there to the promised land eventually they got to the Promised Land God said I'm going to I'm going to move in there like hornets and chase out peace people the sin is these wicked ones and no sooner had they settled in the promised land then they began to imitate the practices and the customs of the heathen friend of God God has called us to be in the world he has not called us to be of the world he has not and when Christ comes into your hot the things of the world grow strangely dim in the light of His glory in grace that's how it ought to be somebody tell me one day John my mission is to show the last people that we are just like them wait wait wait wait no no no God's mission is to show that the Christian has been saved by grace is not just like the law. And it seems to be an overnight Admittedly it was a long line but it seems to have been overnight that God's people got tangled up with that sin with the practices with the habits and the customs of the lost people that God had chased out of the Promised Land What Were They Thinking. And it came to pass in the 5th year. That she shared king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem and he took away the treasures of the house of the interesting isn't it when they left the promised land God gave Israel favor with the Egyptians and it's as though they plundered the Egyptians they took the gold and and whatnot in fact when they built the sanctuary where did that gold come from it was Egyptian goat they brought it with them out of Egypt and here they were watching any Gyptian King say I'll take that back now they lost all of that what does it indicate it means it shows us it demonstrates they had lost the blessing of God through faith lessness Gunson I bless you now he said you've made it impossible for me to bless you and by the way this is not a capricious god you see as I have changed my mind this is us putting roadblocks between us and God To the extent that God says I would if I could but you have made it so that I can not he took away the treasures of the house of the Lord in the treasures of the king's house he even took away all and he took away all the shields of gold which Solomon had made that was a good day at the office for King of Egypt millions of dollars worth of gold taken just like that those are just the shields wot about all that gold that Solomon had in Fort Knox take in just like that you know something there are times that you will substitute one thing for another you might substitute but of a Margery. You might substitute coke for 7. You might substitute coke for water a min. You might substitute Ford for Chevrolet and this could be just about the most offensive thing I could say depending on where I am but you might do something like that because at the end of the day a car is a car is a car is. You much subject to your New Balance shoes full up and your balance and you know that at the end of the day it's a matter of preference all timidly because they're all made to pretty much the same standard you might substitute you'd know what I'm talking about and I don't mean a imitation although there are some substitutes you just wouldn't want to make you wouldn't want to substitute a good home cooked meal for a night at McDonalds You wouldn't want to do that you wouldn't want what you might want on holiday abroad and you see a $20.00 imitation Rolex watch and you think to yourself I want to I could just wear that to the office next Monday morning and you buy that 20 dollar imitation Rolex watch and the kind man doesn't say anything about you getting a good deal you special friend this good price and you put on your wrist and you think is have a look at that and you wear it back to the hotel you walk through you walk through the foyer with your sleeves rolled up 22 degrees below 0 outside you put on a t. shirt so you can show off your watch although watch stops you tap it and the gloss falls off the hands fall off the paint wears off strap falls off we got somebody did something like that bag here and Kings Chapter 14 because this was not substituting Fred Meyer for a Super Wal-Mart this was a color. You read here in verse 26. He took away the traces of the house of the Lord the treasures of the king's house he took even though all away took away all the shields of gold which Solomon had made but you want to do. It says in verse $27.00 the king real boa made in their stated brazen shields shields of bras or Braun's and committed them under the hands of the chief of the God which kept the door of the king's house and it was so when the king went into the house of the Lord that the god bear their man and brought him back into the god chamber now ribose had these tokens of the blessing of God should hewas solid goat lining the walls of this beautiful building when they would take in rare how Bohem didn't want to admit to anybody that God's blessing had been removed so rather than leaving the walls bare bereft of any decoration at all he commissioned the manufacture of shields made out of brass copper essentially mixed with either tin or some other mantle copper is not gold bronze is not gold any gold medal winner at the Olympic Games you never did see you know Oshkosh is coming up and you know what's going to happen people going to be like hey I got 2 of these. One of those things you call them pins I got 2 pins here from the pot find a club from Lansing and so I've given one Lansing for a Kalamazoo Oh no wait a minute you're from overseas it's gonna take more to get your overseas pin you know how that goes You never did see after the Olympic Games had been run the athletes back there in the changing shape of the locker and said listen I'm going to go I'll give you a gold for 2 bronze when you do that gold is not bronze bronze does not denote victory it denotes 3rd that means you lost you did not win. The shields of bras demonstrated that really had lost he was a loser he didn't knock when the blessing of God was not upon him coming to my house look at my shields. More than made out of. Him and out of him and out of what do you ask anyway I remember being here 5 years ago 6 years ago seems like they have changed. There were beautiful shields of gold there once upon a time but now there are shields of bras Bohem what's going on much thinking it's hot I wish you'd not honest real bonus thinking it's hot the gold was stolen but she shocked the king of Egypt in its place not wanting to demonstrate that we have lost the placing of God we have hung shields of bras a poor imitation Rick igniting that we do not possess the blessing of God recognizing that Ribeau arms monarchy was fraudulent you know as much as he had been called to honor God and lead his people in the honor of God He was not doing that anymore she bras they were shields of failure they were a shield job shame they were shields of I don't have the genuine article and I would like you to stop and think today about what is hanging in the hall of your god what those shields made out of spiritually we can make the most baffling kinds of substitutions sometimes there are those who trade the Word of God for tradition there are those who hang up the church and embrace instead the world a godless life worshipping the world and making gods of money and things and pleasure if you were to stop and do a moral inventory yourself what the shields are made of does God have your hot there are those who choose to reject the righteousness of God and satisfy themselves with self righteousness which is no righteousness at all this is a problem see it with me in Philippians chapter 3 let's go to where our scripture reading came from Philippians and Chapter 3 The apostle Paul speaks here. Philippians chapter 3 we kick it off in verse 432. 1 Finally my brother and rejoice in the Lord to write the same things to you to me is not grievous but for you to say be where he says of dogs be wary of evil workers be wary of the concision these were people who would sneak into the church and draw people away and drag people backwards I would say to you today be ware of the dogs be ware of the concision we are marching up wood to Zion on for goodness sake don't March backwards in the direction where some would have you go for we are the circumcision which worship God in the spirit and rejoice in who Christ Jesus but notice what he say's and we have no confidence in the flesh and then he says this though I might have confidence in the flourish if any other man think that he had whereof more that he might trust in the flesh sorry if any other man thinks that he had to wear all he might trust in the flesh I more you think your works are good posi is mine a better those 5 circumcised the 8 day that's the right day of the stock of Israel that's the right nation of the tribe of Benjamin right tribe in as much as King Saul who Paul was likely named after originally King Saul came from the tribe of Benjamin these were bragging rights for the apostles should he choose them as such I was a Hebrew of the Hebrews as touching the law Pharisee concerning seal persecuting the church touching the righteousness which is in the law blameless. If you were living today he might say I kept the 787 I was part of the church that had the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus when it came to my diet I was careful when it came to how I dressed I made sure I had everything right you would always find me in Sabbath school speaking up I would always be there ready to take up the offering whenever there was something to do I would be there to do it not that day's anything wrong with any of those things but notice where Paul goes with this he says in verse 7 but what things would gain to me those I counted loss for Christ and now he explains why he is saying this nothing wrong with too many of those things although I don't think we would speak too highly of persecuting the church yet Doubtless he says in verse 8 and I count all things but loss for the excellent sea of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and do count them but Dunga some Bible say refuse I think this is stronger count them but dung that I may win who all right listen ladies and gentlemen he is talking to us about the tendency that looks somewhere within all of us to trust to our works our deeds our doings instead of trusting to Christ for righteousness now should deeds good deeds be present in a person's life yes they should not as the root of salvation however but as the fruit of salvation. And this is Paul speaking whose practice was to trust in his own good deeds and believe that he could somehow work his way to heaven and at the end of the day say I am all right with God because I and I eat right and I do this and I got the right day and I got something else and he writes this entire book essentially to disabuse people of the idea that they can trust in anything for salvation other than Christ again we've got to be very careful that we get attention right you know or a piano only ever sounds good when the tension is right and that's true of the Gospel too there's a certain tension between faith and works of course we understand they would work in how many just perfectly but you can easily via one way or 2 from the other Paul however was careful to get it right down the middle this brother was balanced he would talk about living a godly life but his hope for salvation was only in Jesus as we sang earlier on Christ the solid rock I stand my hope is built on nothing less than what Jesus' blood and righteousness Paul goes on and this is what he says that I may win Christ verse 9 and be found in him not having my own righteousness which is of the law but that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith that I may know him. And the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings being made conformable unto his Did you see where Paul goes with this he is telling us today that it is important for us to trust Sali in Jesus for our salvation there is only one way that a person can be saved we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ there is none other name given among men under heaven whereby we must be saved when we deviate from that Bible truth even in the slightest degree we tear up the Emancipation Proclamation and we declare that we are slaves slaves to ourselves slaves to our works in drudgery trying to work our way to heaven we cannot have that self is a terrorizing a coma. When we reckon that our deeds are meritorious for salvation we are in a disastrous form of spiritual bondage remember what Paul said No no no you can have a righteous is from the law he rejected that in favor of that which is through the faith of Christ though a righteous PNAS which is of God by faith there are 2 extremes that we need to avoid. Old mythology the this thing between Sicily and one other place I should tell you this but I feel a narrow body of water it was said that a sea creature inhabited one side of the body if you got too close to the rocks over here and another sea creature inhabited the other side of the little strait The one was called Scylla and one was called career and if you went too far one side or 2 thought of the other you were gotten either by civil or corrupted. And it's true feel logically as well you gotta stay away from the from the Scylla of the lazy liberalism that thing that says you know it's Ok cause Jesus did it all and all I got to do is believe in him and nothing else really matters the challenge with that is there's a great deal of truth in that it all depends on your definition but I'm talking about the people who say What do you mean what do you mean there's a problem with this glass of wine my salvation has nothing to do with wine it has to do with Jesus well as the former pastor of my local church once said it's it's all salvation you know somebody says well this isn't a matter of salvation he like to say it's all a matter of salvation because everything that flows out of your life is a reflection of where you are with Jesus you understand and so this person who says I don't care about the Sabbath of course we go out to eat on the Sabbath My question is what part of remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy are you failing to understand I just don't get that and if I'm treading on your toes I'm really glad about that because if somebody doesn't they're going to tread on your toes our whole lot hotter in Hell it's gone it's I'm not talking about being a legal us we'll get to that in a moment but you don't want to be one of those lazy folks is oh no no my hope is in Jesus and therefore how I live it is of little consequence it's of very consequence the fact of the matter is when Jesus comes into your life if he's got he's going to keep you out of the rough over here and out of the long grass over there he will because Jesus will guide you in his direction you don't want to be when he's lazy folks over here who are really at the end of the day simply wants to do what you want to do and hope you can get away with it in the. But over here we talk about the symbol of liberalism and people go oh I don't like using those labels liberal and conservative I do I think they work if you've got better labels let me know you want to stay away from Silla of lazy liberalism and also from the correct this of cranky conservatism now it's all right if you want to get around smelling like Golic I have no problem with that if you want to live your life a certain way that's fine but you must not think for a moment that because you munch on a whole cloves of garlic somehow that makes you holier than somebody else you must not think that your vision isn't somehow got you out of hell and into heaven I say that as a vegan The minute you start to think that you are better than what you used to be or you now have favor on the side of got you know you can't be one of these people who count their Aman's and feel like if they eat one too many they have offended God you know John Bunyan wrote in Pilgrim's Progress heaven is cheap enough someone later quoted that and used it in some I think very good writings Mandia some of us who want to take Heaven cheap and make it as expensive as possible I'm not happy just claiming the righteousness of Christ and growing as a happy Christian give me a feast day to keep Give me somebody to argue and give me a cross to be a no no a heavy no or a really heavy one. Now again you want to live with as much integrity before God as you can Jesus did not say if you love me maybe you'll think about keeping my commandments he said Yeah we'll because you are love me you will not be satisfied with foaling short but that in the context of being secure in yourself they should which comes to you not by works of a righteousness which we have done we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone only Jesus can save you and you got to know today Jesus can save you He will save you as you are but thank God he loves you so much he won't leave you as you. Behold I make all things new God says and he wants to do a new thing in us we just say man today. How we live our lives matches sure it does as a response to what God has done in our lives you know when you stop and think about the plan of salvation it's just too simple Jesus died we believe that and that belief is credited to us for righteousness It's that simple it just is my brother my sister don't make it any harder than it has to be the hard work was done at the cross Jesus died for you and me and now we embrace that cross of Jesus and the power of Jesus starts flowing through your life Robert McSweeney when I was about 11 years old invited me to come and spend a weekend on his dairy farm in a town surrounded by dairy farms cows and horses you can see and we went for a walk along the track to Rice I believe it was cold on the McSweeney dairy farm and Robert said I got a good idea for you why didn't you grab hold of that electric fence. And I said man I'm like I'm I live in a town but I'm not stupid I'm not and he walked over and grabbed he said look at this is no problem if you would just grab hold of the electric fence it and then you'll be able to tell everybody it's cool you held an electric fence and Robert held this thing for about 30 or 40 seconds. Walk up the electric fence I said just grab it left hand if I remember that dirty dog did not tell me that he had grabbed hold of a why that was not electrified. If felt like I'd been kicked by off. When you grab ahold of Jesus His power is going to flow through your life it will affect you it will impact you it will change you it will make you what you can never make yourself it's what happens you grab Jesus and his life starts flowing through you. Come and see my prongs he's walking around that palace feeling pleased with himself when he realizes he understands fully that the shields of bras represent unfaithfulness So ladies and gentlemen it does not take long to fall when you turn out of God's way you and I could both talk about Person after person with 7 as I would Where Are They Now where are they years later you go through the a.b.c. particularly when they're having a sale of all books and you pick it up because I remember that guy I knew him before he left the church he wrote books that people bought he went to Kent meetings and spoke he even signed books for people who admired his authorship and now only God knows what he's doing like. People everywhere said hold for shields bras is that what you're doing. I use a skating by saying well you know I go to church and hoping that that's enough you don't want to have just enough when I was in the 10th grade we had external examinations that would get you into the 11th grade or keep you in the 10th grade and I'd always been pretty much near the top of my CLOs and they made a mistake though at high school when I got into what would you call that here call it 10th grade when I went to high school they made a mistake of putting a bunch of the bright kids in the same class thinking that would spur each other on to academic achievement not realizing that we spurred each other on to academic oblivion we were just there for a good time I set down in my school certificate English class realizing that 10 or 11 years of schooling were boiled down to this one moment and if I failed this CLOs this this exam and there was a very good chance I might I would have to repeat the 5th form as what we called it back then and I looked at that paper and I thought I hope they give me extra credit but spelling my name right because I am in big trouble English was always the 1st exam I thought how hard it can be can it be I've been speaking the language all my life English it turned out was the easy one but I managed to say gate by 61 or you had to do was get 50 that's all 50 was a pos That's pretty generous isn't 861-585-7555 extension 28 was just enough to get by but you know something ladies and gentlemen salvation does not work that way. You don't do just enough to skate by there's no 505152 there is saved and there was lost because we're not saved on a gradation about brilliance we are saved on the basis of the righteousness of Christ and therefore it's either 100 percent or 0 uy the have Jesus or you don't it's one or the other there fouls sins of ways that the devil at tempts to to via a person out of the pop of what's right I mean she a tricky one with you that's academics there are some people who study themselves to the place where they think that they're smarter than dog we had been dismissed as we had a little bit of a disadvantage because we have been mandated by God to tell you what you already know our job is simply to tell you the old old story that soul back soul but that's not enough for some people very 1st evangelist It series I held preached about the 2300 days I believe that by the way I hope you do too I believe I believe man came to me after he said you know I used to believe what you just saw tonight I said used to what happened I think honestly Desmond Ford is what happened I think he did not tell me that he said well you know I studied and I found a new line on the subject and I said well you have to be a very very intelligent man I did not have the gift of diplomacy then you have to be a very intelligent man he said you know I am a physician I should know no so much more intelligent than that he said Why do you say that I say it because what I spoke on tonight was believed by James White and Smith and John Lofgren Jane Andrews and Ellen White and the General Conference president evidently you are smarter than all of them you must be an intelligent man and he said. And I said current card because you realized it was time for me to get out of there. When you get smarter than God when you get smart in the Biblical research institute when you get smart and all those people that went before us when you get smarter than the Bible commentary when you get smarter than the Bible you have made a god of your academic brilliance and if you do that the sad thing is you are not alone because it happens way too often it's sad you know. Not all gold is go some goal is not God Instead it's iron pyrite we call that falls go other people that make a god of their wealth they do so without even realizing and I'm not against wealth God absolutely isn't against wealth and if you've got wealth that's fantastic but of wealth it's got you that's a challenge it's a difficult thing man when you've got all these concerns in Cares and investments and all of that you are somebody who's wealthy and they will tell you it's got to be careful what you wish for but if God blesses you or allows these things to come pray that they don't lead you away from the pathway of God They don't have to there are many fabulously wealthy people who are very faithful to God and God bless them God bless them there are many people today who assume that because they keep the Sabbath because they haven't killed anyone because they have not committed adultery that they must be right yes. Because I went to a church school I graduated from Great Lakes Adventists Academy and then went to Andrew's somehow that qualifies me to go to heaven you know something my brother my sister there is no such thing as a cultural Christian there is just not you are either the genuine believe pressing on yielding your heart to God learning from the mistakes growing in grace or your lost it's one or the other the difference is in how smart you are how clever you are how wise you are how white you are how black you are how old you are how young you are the difference is Jesus do you have Christ does He had you pull look at what he considered what everyone would consider as his good attributes and he said I consider them to be no better than Don that's all it's for no good in terms of getting me to heaven these things he said worthless righteousness involves a lot it's not just saying the right words making the right movements doing all the right external things there's no question that righteousness is right doing I believe that not I've read it and I believe it but I think we can go a little bit further or maybe express it in these words and say that righteousness is right being because when it comes to righteousness Paul raises the Bob and he speaks about having the right shoes snus of God. Now that makes people nervous they look at themselves and they say How can I say that well I'm telling you how you can say it bullshit you just believe it if you don't want to say it don't say it but believe it you may have the righteousness of God we get nervous we say me a sinner really how how complete is this righteousness of God It's pretty complete it's complete righteousness it's perfect righteousness it's sufficient righteousness person Us me a question during a recent it is written evangelist experience they said does a person have to be perfect before they baptized what's the answer you're wrong that was easy. Ok Before a person is baptized what fundamental foundational thing must they do before baptized that person must accept Jesus right surrender got it surrender your hot and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior we agreed. All right so when you accept Jesus as he takes away your sin and He gives you his what kind of righteousness so when a person is baptized and they have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and he places in the end to his righteousness and removes this ins how would you describe that person in the sight of God Don't be afraid to use that. Would you call the person would you say that that person has grown yet to his all who are full limit now you wouldn't because they're going to develop and grow and grow and develop and sanctification is the work of a what lifetime that's right. But when you come to Christ my sister if his righteousness isn't perfect and complete and if you don't have it oh my goodness no wonder you are counting your Aman's because you don't trust that Jesus is enough for salvation he is you can be found in Him Do you think when Paul wrote Philippians that he had done all the growing that he needed to do her I don't think so Moses got this close to the promised land he was breathing air that blew over from the promised land and yet he sinned against God Now he was sorry it's a one off it was it was out of character but it demonstrates that even his head growing left to do you with me Come on don't sell God short he will grow you grow you grow you grow you and don't sell salvation short you come to Jesus you have grabbed the electric fence of faith and Jesus is running through your now and you will never be the same again and you will forget the things that are behind and you will press on you will press on and you will press on and when somebody says do you have the gift of salvation you can say yes because my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness in on Christ the solid rock I stand I'm not settling for brass man you're not getting me to say I hope today that I find Jesus I hope today that I have celebration something wrong with a person if they cannot say I have been retained by the blood of the Lamb I might not be what I'm going to be tomorrow but I thank God I'm not what I used to be yesterday Jesus has me he is growing me I'm hanging on to him and one day like Iraq Jesus and I we're going to take a walk together we're going to leave this land and walk all the way to heaven Christ will get us there. What are you relying on today my friend you can rely on and trust in Jesus he is your shield of gold yes we know it all our righteousness is are as filthy rags This is why we must have Jesus my goodness my works my holiness if it's modern it's worth nothing in the sight of God It's not that our righteousness is on a good things I mean it's better to bite your tongue than cuss no question about that it's simply that our righteousness is cannot merit favor with God at all cannot earn our salvation our best is not good enough by heaven but Christ man that's the goal right there at him and he with a great you're grandparents you're not on yours there they were in the Garden of Eden you know it's really interesting isn't it when you see pictures depicting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden they're always naked which is actually inaccurate we got to do something about that they were closed one day but with a code which robe of line. One of my kids I think it was said to me the Garden of Eden the land of strategically placed plants. At him and he wanted they do they were humans could only do one thing the light disappeared they realized they were naked they said we've got to do something about this and they want to found a fig tree and plucked off leaves and sewed to get the Government's made of figleaves the joke was on them Have you seen what happens to a fig leaf when you pull it off the tree and leave it out in the sun for a while they could not have been comfortable after about the 1st 30 minutes but what were they doing they were trying to remedy their own lack they were covering up their own the lack they were trying to do something themselves about their sin they were saying we're Ok we are clothed because we have clothed ourselves and God must. No no that won't do and what did God do he provided skins where those skins come from they came from animals something had to die so that they could be clothed someone had to die so we could be closed then when we are closed through the death of Christ we clothed in the right chestnuts of Christ Adam and Eve needed something but it was something they could not originate themselves can the Ethiopian change is skin all the leopard his spots then may you also do good that are accustomed to do evil we can not be good enough through our own efforts we cannot and when we think we can we invariably either end up miserable or lying to ourselves and other people or maybe we invent a theology to cover up our spiritual failure the solution for our own righteous state is the righteousness of Jesus how do we get it you claim it that's all you can buy you cannot pay for it you don't deserve it you cannot earn it but you can believe it Abraham believed God and God counted him for righteousness How do I know my sins are forgiven because I have confessed them I have repented and I be leave I'm not waiting for that confirmation e-mail from God I got it already it's here in the Bible if we confess he is faithful and just to forgive us and thank God to cleanse us from all unrighteousness my brother my sister are you be leaving today that Christ's death was for you you believing today that Christ's righteousness becomes your own yours so that when God sees you he sees you close in Christ's righteousness but John I don't deserve it you've got to get over that we know you don't deserve it but you can have it anyway freely. Given you by God Christianity is the most hopeful faith on the planet and Adventists ought to be the most hopeful of the hopeful we know Jesus as our personal Savior we accept His righteousness by faith we believe that we believe in what happens if I sin tomorrow lady said to me can't be baptized I said why not she said I'm worried what are you worried about I'm worried that after I'm baptized I'm going to sin I said you're worried about that she's a number you think you're going to sin she said I think I'm going to say and I said I have news for you watch that I guarantee he that you're going to say. That's why you need to be baptized are you finished growing in Iraq somehow you a large ready for translation know your growing baby Christians do what babies to grow up one day you'll be an adolescent Christian oh my goodness that forget that one day you'll be a young adult Christian. You gonna grow late you're going to grow you need to be baptized baptism is you saying I can't do this I must have Jesus so you're going to go down the water the old you we're going to bury that person and you're going to come up the 1st thing you want to do is grab Jesus don't let him go walk with Christ your trust your hope your righteousness is in Jesus that we have a High Priest in heaven Jesus the divine Son of God and he's there for us he's not there against us if you can't leave here today knowing that God has forgiven you knowing that you have the right the perfect righteousness of Christ is it can't be any other kind if you can leave here today certain that God has taken away your sins and given you the gift of eternal life don't leave it's dangerous out there just stay just stay you can just tell people that you're getting a good seat for the evening program. Don't go you can't afford to go anywhere you want to go out there without the righteousness of Christ without the security of salvation without believing that you belong to Him And Jesus belongs to you without believing in your hot that Christ's death atones for you without believing that in the judgement you have a friend who is for you and not against you without believing that you are a child of God come on those a shield of gold God wants to hang in the hole of your hot the assurance that in spite of yourself in spite of what you've done in spite of way you be God's love is rich to wards you God loves you and will save you this does not mean you are going to be lackadaisical about your experience now because when you know that Jesus died for you you will love him and you will live for Him and you will guru in him for him that we trusting in Jesus today are we not one of those shields made of God prepares for us you'd go think with me about Revelation Chapter 3 where Jesus speaks directly to you and me where he speaks to the church of Laodicea and he says starting in verse 15 I know. That neither cold nor hot and then one of the most remarkable frankly counter-intuitive things that you'll ever read in all the Bible and I don't say that as hyperbole Jesus says I wish that you were either cold or hot Now that's a stunning thing for the savior to say hot that would be all on. So cold therefore would be what. It would be all the way for Jesus and called would be dead set against Him And Jesus says I wish you were that all that if you can't be this be this. Because evidently there's a state that's worse than being all against Jesus what might that be he says so then because you are lukewarm lukewarm and neither cold nor hot spew you out of my mouth then if you don't mind me being agricultural for a moment to vomit is not a voluntary action you're not a single person who says you know I just feel like a person vomit when they it's not something you can stop when it comes it comes and Jesus is saying this isn't something I can stop spewing you out of my mouth because I have no choice he says because you say I am a rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and you don't know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked that's a disastrous state to be in but Jesus speaks to his end time church and he says that's what I see if the Book of Revelation ended right about there we would be of all people most miserable but it doesn't what does Jesus say is the remedy the 18 I counsel the to buy of me what gold tried in the fire instead of bras instead of self righteousness and sin and trying and failing Jesus says I have gold for you which someone with great wisdom once said represents faith that works by love I want you to buy gold from me Jesus says so that you may be rich and I have few white Rayment that you may be close that represents the righteousness of Christ that the shame of your nakedness does not appear annoying your eyes with ice out all of that you may see that's the gift of the Holy Spirit Jesus says as many as I love I rebuke and chasten be zealous therefore and repent Jesus is your hope that your case is not hopeless. Even though he describes us in what appears to be disastrous terms he says I have something for you go the righteousness of Christ and the Holy Spirit over to us today and just have you check in your heart and see what's hanging it is a goal there is a bronze they shields of gold that hang in the holes of your hot or are they shields up garage do something for me would you stand where you are could you do that please I would appreciate that it's going to give you a chance to stretch a little bit and there's a reason I'm asking you to stand and that's this undoubtedly there's somebody here today who realizes that their experience is not the real thing it's brush and not go. And you'd like to do something about that. People have asked me what difference does it make if I walk down to the front you know there's something powerful that happens when you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit when God calls you when you say I'm going there's something powerful you reflect on that at lunch time and you can say I've made a decision I acted on that decision God told me I heard him and I acted on that decision today there are people who want to act on that decision listen to what I'm asking you today if everything is Ok between you and God and I'm making a special request stay where you are. Unless you want to bring someone with you down to the front today. But if today you can look at it and say I have been experiencing a 3rd rate Christian experience I've been going through the motions I have not laid everything on the altar I'm inviting you to come today my good friend Scott Bennett is going to sing and as he does she says it is inviting you to accept from him the. Raymond and the powerful gift of the Holy Spirit today friend would you tell Jesus I surrender everything to you every day and I want to add that real experience of you in the balcony you want to come down this time will wait if you're in the back behind the. Is Jesus calling you I'm not asking you if you just want to make it change recommitment to Jesus today listen carefully if you've never surrendered your life to Jesus God wants you to do that right now and I invite you to if you've been walking with Jesus but you wanted far away. God is calling you back when you come back today salvation is simple you come back to Jesus and he accepts you just as you are and his spirit will work in you to make you what you could never be not because you are good. But because he is good. Friend can you respond to Christ's invitation today as Scott sings would you respond and come forth today and bring your heart to Jesus knowing that he accept you as his child. To Jesus. To. Be. Asked. Harris. To be. Soon. To be. Senate saying. Don't want you to be confused by what I'm asking you so I'm going to spell this out. We have spoken today about the necessity of having a genuine relationship with Jesus where we're not casual and careless and we're not leaning on our own selves in order to be righteous enough to go to heaven. Where we make room in our heart for Jesus to bring his righteousness and his perfection and his ability and how if you're not experiencing that today I invite you to come and by so doing you are telling Jesus that's what I want I want a genuine experience today I'm not trying to be nebulous about this what I'm saying is if you arrive here today and you know that everything between you and God is just fine. And I must you stay where you are and pray you might choose to go to somebody and say once you come down to front with me I'll take you there you can do that you'd be a blessing to somebody if you know. I'm asking you today for a bonus. You know today that you've been going through the motions of. Playing the game you might be somebody who's ensured every week but you know that your heart is not connected to the heart of God. Would you bring that home news today. And know that he unites your weakness with his strength that he makes you knew if you've never accepted Jesus this is the best opportunity you will be ever had in your entire life to do so because it's now I'm inviting you to come if you've wandered far away from God but the Spirit of God led you to can meeting he led you here today not only for the fellowship but so that you could make any churn all decisions for Jesus right now right now how was it with you today don't settle for the Brass God wants to give you the gold would you take the gold of a true relationship with Jesus from Jesus today as Scott continues to sing God invites you not to stand where you are but to come to Jesus and surrender all the him today. All to g.. Here is now. The last. Of a. Bowl. Of red Oh. Oh me. Lance just say. Oh do something for me would you would you come together again and. We're going to have. You do that. Thank you. I thought about trying here but I'm not going to be there on the ceiling if you come to Jesus and. Done that I ask you to put on a show for somebody I'm certainly not asking you to do anything for me but would you remember that we are in the midst of a great controversy. And anything less than a surrender to Jesus is just not going to get us there. No we cannot be saved by all works we just cannot. But we all of us can be must be say. Through relying on leading on and trusting in the right just the cities as my friend don't think today that you are too bad for God to say. Don't think today that you've failed so many times you know you're bound to fail again. Today I believe today that she says died for you and that he will do what you could never given ever do in yourself. Where is your hocks today. You'd have to perhaps make the most pivotal decision of your entire life particularly. If you're one of those who Jesus would say I see wretchedness and misery and poverty and blindness and nakedness. Undoubtedly there are people here today if if we were honest with ourselves we'd say that so. But we have an opportunity to do something about it today and say. May be a Christian. We will have a closing pre-op discussing us. If God is speaking. Don't wait leave today with the assurance of fools salvation that Christ's righteousness is. Say to God in this moment. I surrender. In heaven today that's that's the prayer of we surrender. Holds of us what do you see what are the shields made. Everyone. Including you. Heavenly Father would you allow us to be just go to church once a week Christians. Would you give us a vibrant relationship with you. If we could build such a thing we would build it if we could manufacture such a thing we'd have somebody manufacture it. All we can do is. And such a thing. Through faith in Jesus. Thank you Lord for the wonderful Bible truths you've given us but don't let us be lies not lies to ourselves I believe this and therefore Thank you for the wonderful biblical standards that you've given us we want to embrace a mold growing to do. What a mighty God don't let us rely on our standards. And fool ourselves into thinking that we're putting on a good enough showed a. Marriage everlasting life. Instead deal Lord connect us with yourself powerful. Make one with you and keep us. Alone if you don't do something in our lives. We certainly cannot save ourselves and so we skew to work in us to will and to do for your good pleasure. Surely Jesus is coming back soon. And we must be ready and we must be yours so let it be so. These who have come forward today have come forward. Before themselves or with somebody. The prayer will be a hot is Lord give me the go. Give me a genuine experience. We are old tired of up and down connect us to yourself. Father where we're not taking the time to pray. Arrange it in our lives give us the grace to make the right decisions work it out so we can connect with you in prayer if we be neglecting the feeding on your wood Stein a few to work that out in l.a. times so that every day we have feeding in growing and strengthening because of what you would is doing in us and where we have been too timid to believe to faith list to believe. Give us grace today to be like Abraham people of faith. To believe that Jesus died for me to believe that he quotes me in his righteousness to believe that he loves me and then. Allow temptation to grow small as salvation grows sludge. To be a great the fainter in our lives to fight back the forces of. Good Father we thank you today that Jesus is all we thank you that he isn't enough now continue to grow us. Where we see difficulties in our experience don't let us be discovered instead let us bring them to you and surrender them to you. Give us grows give us grace to grow do and continue to grow because one day soon. But a heavens will deposit as a scroll Jesus will be revealed riding down through the great cargoes of space and we will say with all of the Redeemed lo the fish is our God we have waited for him and he will save us this is the law we will rejoice in Him and be glad in his cell vacation we pray with John who wrote the book of Revelation even so come Lord Jesus Lord we leave today believing we leave today in faith we go from this place rejoice that we children of the God of heaven we thank you we love you help us to love you more we pray in Jesus day let all God's people say together a man this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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