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The Black Wall Street

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written




  • June 19, 2019
    7:00 PM


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Our Heavenly Father we come to you tonight in Jesus Name we are there as you speak to us we would not let anything get in the way of hearing your words so we have something some kind of blockage in our ears. Or just unlock all of that there's something else that getting in the way about hearing from you please remove that if we're distracted then focus us if we're worried come us we're down lift us up where ever we are whatever we are Lord shop an elf focus so that united the very least we can hear whatever it is that you have to say and I am always interested in you know this law that I can preach one thing and people will hear another but somehow it was what they were supposed to hear so that's Ok Tonight May we all hear whatever it is that we're supposed to hear guide us now we would humble ourselves before you we really could but we we bow in your presence credit you would take our hearts speak to us and mold us and shape us and say this life will go on. After these minutes here but may go on with us knowing whom we have really and trusting in your will we pray with thanks to NY in Jesus' name we. There are moments along the timeline of human history when events take place that prompt us to look deep inside our hearts or at least they should if you've ever visited Auschwitz then you will or another such place like Dr. Lawson Berger or wherever. Then you would wonder how human beings could possibly have treated other human beings so well in humanely course I could mention the Holocaust and I find this interesting I could mention the Holocaust in your hearing and you would tell us the Holocaust and that was terrible and then I could mention stripper in it. And you would say whoa whoa. What was that place and then I say it's in Bosnia and Herzegovina Streb reneges was a little town in the east of that country right over there by Serbian and you start to recognize something and then I say Don't you remember rather than kharaj which and rock I'm large and you said all those names sound familiar and I say well they should because they were responsible for the massacre of thousands and thousands of men and boys in Srebrenica a town that you have forgotten even though it was on the nightly news many nights in a row and you say oh yes oh oh yes and then you get out your phone and you Google Bosnia because you don't know where. Anyway that's this world the world in which we live we can learn much from one disaster to another and fail to remember them because they stack up so fast and we don't want to really remember them all because doing so could be traumatic you remember when a terrorist attack used to be on the front page of the news now somebody can walk into a marketplace and detonate a bomb kill themselves and 50 other people and it may or may not be reported so I would. Remember that scoundrel walked into a church and shot 9 people dead remember that or are you thinking of the school in Florida were about 15 people were shot or are you forgetting actually that in Las Vegas somebody's got to do a hotel room and started picking people up who were attending a country music concert and what was it with 50 people died was it more I don't know I honestly don't remember that I want to sound disrespectful of the dead but I just don't I remember that it was 50 people who died in the pulse nightclub I even remember its name 51 people now dead in a shooting in crime Christchurch New Zealand and the shootings don't seem to take place in the murder capitals like Washington d.c. and Newark New Jersey and Baltimore they have problems of their own it don't seem to take place on the South Side of Chicago but these mass killings take place in places like home just outside the Hobart in Tasmania Norway 70 people. I've been to Auschwitz twice no one should ever go there I've been to. Twice everyone should go there you see it and you say how my wife was there taking photographs through a glass wall a glass display case and she was taking photographs she was focusing in on the subject matter and it was then that she just stopped and her heart froze heels welled up arise and ran down his face she realized that the shoes she was photographing were children's shoes even instance shoes these were all people who ended up going up a chimney smoke because of the unthinkable things that happened not actually so much in Auschwitz but at its sister camp 1500 meters or so away. I was in a museum in Sarajevo last year we filmed a television program. There were maps and photographs and actual paraphernalia from the whole tragic business of the war and the senseless killing that took place there many people forgotten were not care for we'll forget all about the fact that somewhere between half a 1000000 and a 1000000 Rwandans were killed in the genocide there are 994 you know there are people who cannot get just 2 weeks ago a man came up to me and I said to him he said You're so many really spoke to me and I said Where are you from he said Poor Indy and I said tell me what happened and he said My family was killed who is q. Ishii everyone my mother my father my grandparents my brothers my sisters I am the only one who made it out alive there are people who cannot forget because they lived through this people who live through this are in our needs you hear stories and you wonder to yourself How could that happen but we forgot and we forgotten what happened in Chile and the Pinochet we forgot we've forgotten what happened in whatever. The same people remember Hitler often forget that Starland deeds made Hitler's deeds look amateurish and I mean no offense I'm talking about the scale of what Hitler did Starland did and did again but we forget what do you have to have in your heart to do this one remark thousands of people were killed in terrible circumstances but we forget because history keeps secrets. We likely have forgotten the sinking of the Sultan another's was an accident a tragic accident this was not ethnic ethnic cleansing This was not mass killing but we forgotten in 865 this country's civil war came to an end in. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The Sultana was a steam ship that plied the waters of the Mississippi between St Louis Missouri and New Orleans Louisiana on this particular day it had 2300 Union prisoners of war on board just released and they headed for. The boat should only have had 400 men on board you don't need me to tell you how this ends you already know don't you but I will tell you anyway at 2 o'clock in the morning of April the 27th a boiler exploded. Swept through the steamship by daybreak 1700 of the 2300 men on board. How did we not know this before now well the day before the ship sank John Wilkes Booth the man who killed Lincoln had done. He was shot. The deaths of $1700.00 men somehow escaped the attention of the nation terrible things can happen and we say to ourselves and to each other how in the world and what's really interesting is that things can happen we shouldn't forget but we might fail to remember today these things come together something we should never forget at the same time it's something. Too few people remember in many ways it's like it never even happened. And as you will do you will discover that the person you ask about this has no knowledge of it at all 19 times out of 20 in 1921. People who in most cases would have been considered decent. Law abiding upstanding citizens took in a massacre 300 people were murdered many more were injured property was destroyed on a massive scale not only houses but businesses and hotels and theaters and personal possessions and more completely destroyed and as if to rub so into the wounds of those who had been so spectacularly mistreated insurance companies refused to pay the victims of this unfathomable. It also seems that there was a concerted effort to keep help from arriving to assist the victims. $10000.00 people or so were left homeless on top of the $300.00 or so who were killed 40 or so city blocks were burned to the ground and so where did this happen it's wonder out loud maybe it was the killing fields of Cambodia maybe this was in Uganda under means awful RW maybe this was in war torn Yugoslavia certainly sounds like the sort of thing that might have happened in the old Soviet Union was it was it no no it was no no this was the largest civil disturbance in the history of the United States. In 1901 Greenwood Oklahoma Greenwood was a suburb. Was a prosperous community it had its own hospital it had many doctors including a nationally renowned surgeon it had a library in a school and 2 theaters and 2 hotels and a wide range of other businesses and services and you're not surprised because what suburb doesn't have this stuff this was 921 this was Oklahoma this was the United States and Greenwood was 100 percent black but it was prosperous so prosperous that it was referred to nationally as the Black Wall Street it was so popular a prospect prosperous that Jews who could not borrow money from a racist white people turned to the African-Americans in Greenwood and went there to borrow money because there was money in Greenwood and there was plenty of it but on Memorial Day weekend of that year 921 Greenwood's prosperity came to an awful abrupt and a very final ending Let me give you some background as to why this might have taken place at that time lynching was a common occurrence in the United States between 880 to 1968 between 882-1968 How long ago was that there's a nun not long between 882-1968 there were around 5000 non lynchings in the United States what kind of lynchings did I say known down to believe there were many more maybe even thousands more maybe that never made the record do the math. And you will discover that there is one lynching week every week for 86 years and they occur in 48 states experts agree there were undoubtedly more almost 3 quarters of the people who were lynched were black they were not all black. 25 percent lynching victims were white lynching as if you need me to explain it to you was murder carried out by a mob it was not justice justice would have been justice this was mob justice mob in justice let me correct myself it often occurred with the full cooperation of law enforcement often it did not truth be told there was frequently nothing law enforcement could do the mob would come to the jail house the courthouse the whatever house and would save the share of Hannum of a sheriff it would be too bad if we had to lynch him and you and so what could in those circumstances a sheriff do. But there were times that lynchings were carried out with the full cooperation of law enforcement officials and while of course there were many many many people who are utterly and totally repulsed by lynchings. Frequently huge crowds would gather to watch this disgraceful spectacle and often mothers and fathers would bring their sons and their daughter and I don't mind reminding you that lynching photo let me say this again that photographs of lynchings were often turned into postcards that were sent. By people who could only be described as utterly a morrow to other people just like you would send a birthday card or a postcard from the b.. In 121 in Tulsa Oklahoma white thousands lynched a young white man named Roy Belton Roy Belton had murdered a Taxi driver Yes he had and so these white thousands apprehended him they drove him a couple of miles out of town they hanged him from a tree law enforcement officials were there directing the traffic but black Tulsans specifically those that lived in Greenwood figured something else they reasoned that of white thousands were prepared to lynch a white man it was absolutely guarantee that they were prepared to lynch a black man and it was not long before their fears were realized let me tell you what happened on Monday May the 30 years 121 a 19 year old black shoeshine boy named Dick Roland entered an elevator at the Drexel building 319 South Main Street in Tulsa Now the reason Dick Rowland entered that elevator was that he needed to use a bathroom Of course he could not use the white bathrooms out there he had to use the colored bathroom and there was one up on the top of the top floor of the director building and by the way let me make a suggestion to you if you would like an interesting experience I'll just call it interesting you can replace that with an adjective of your own culture in about 45 minutes from here to university called Ferris State University. And in the library of Ferris State University there is the there is the museum a called the crow Museum of a racist memorabilia it shouldn't be eyeopening if only we remembered out history but it is it's a shocking thing and it's a walk back through the good old days of American history let's remember ladies and gentlemen there was plenty about the good old days that was not good at all there are many Americans who remember the good old days as the bad day. As the Emancipation Proclamation was signed you know the folks in Texas now they were smot you know the slaves most of them couldn't agree so if you didn't tell them they was free they didn't even know they were free and that's why in some segments of the African-American community every year there's a holiday known as what a celebration known as what Juneteenth because it was on June or was it the 19th I should remember but I don't. Really word made it to the slaves in Texas y'all are free sorry we didn't tell you but technically you've been free for 2 years. If they don't know and they can be free How's that for justice How's that for emancipation Yes the Emancipation Proclamation was signed and then you want to do a study if you forgotten and if you find it uncomfortable then you really need to do the study find out what was done in Alabama to keep black people from voting Oh my goodness find out why Dr King and all in folks marched on Selma Alabama find a find out about willingly Jackson who was shot dead by a racist cop who actually ended up serving 5 months of this 6 month prison sentence many decades not you say many decades but decades later. When we remember the history of these United States my goodness it ought to do something to us it ought to settle Nash that we are bound and determined that in no way shape or form should history ever be allowed to repeat but there was that role again in an elevator to make his way up to the top floor director Bill if I did not finish my thought what I meant to say was Jim Crow existed all the way down through the decades many decades after slaves were freed and black people were told that they had rights now like white people theoretically yes in practice. Not in many states so that Rolen enters the elevator precisely what happened is not known but on that elevator there was a 17 year old young lady named Sara page and of course she was white and she was operating the elevator went to crawl and got on the elevator she let out a shriek Oh no no she didn't shriek because he wore. It is thought in fact it is certain I believe that Sarah Paige and Dick Rowland knew each other but something evidently happened the thought is that the elevator lurch and this was some wonderful brand new Otis Elevator or shingle elevator like you get in when you go to a hotel all department stores around this was a clunky old elevator was 921 The thinking is that lurch and either he fell forward towards her and she was. Oh she stumbled and she shrieked Dick Roland Martin young but he was not stupid he knew that if a young black man gets on an elevator occupied by a young white woman and that young white woman shrieks for any reason that he had better get out of there fast. And he did he ran from that place as quickly as he could but there were witnesses they heard the shriek they saw the young black man running they put $2.00 and $2.00 together it didn't matter what 2 and 2 added up to because in their minds he was black she shrieked he was guilty of what they interviewed Sarah page and she said no I cannot testify against him be cause he did nothing to harm me her clothes were not ruffled she had not been harmed but why let the facts get in a way of a good lynching this was Oklahoma it was 1921 there was a newspaper called The Tulsa Tribune and it was just as racist as you could imagine awful things were printed on the front page of that paper. The fans of hatred the flames of I'm sorry the flames of hatred had been fan and so of course investigators police went to Greenwood where Dick Rowland lived with his grandmother and they apprehended him and they took him down to the Tulsa County courthouse you know the Tulsa Tribune had a headline on the front page that day it's aid to lynch Negro tonight that was the banner headline So what do you think was going to happen and tell us of that $92000.00 men I don't need to mention that they were white gathered outside the Tulsa County Courthouse demanding that Dick roll and would be handed over to him well to the credit of the law enforcement officials they were not of a mind to hand young Mr Roland over. And there was somebody else who were not prepared to let justice piece a bird the Greenwood made a number of them went down to the courthouse determined that Dick Rowland would not be handed over to the white mob many of them were World War One veterans imagine men who had served their country and they went down to the courthouse many of them armed with weapons. They confronted the white mob of more than 2000 in the 10 1st chant tension in the tension that ensued a shot was fired someone was hit he fell to the ground and if you will pardon the colloquialism all hell broke loose that mob decided they would teach these uppity Negroes from Greenwood a lesson and they marched to Greenwood with their weapons and their ammunition and those who didn't have guns stole them as gun shops and sporting goods stores were looted and ransacked they stole guns and they stole ammunition and they marched up to Greenwood and they were determined that they would do what they would do I've been to Greenwood we filmed it there I have stood on the streets where the houses stood I stood on the streets where the the rioting took place the massacring took place they did a thorough job these white men Greenwood was burned to the ground completely 23 black churches reduced to ashes and hospital a funeral home a school a theater doctors and lawyers offices hotels grocery stores restaurants hundreds of home completely destroying homes. In the process of their being destroyed and anything that could be taken was taken 300 greet Greenwood residents were killed for no other reason than the color of their skin not here tonight to tell you something that you should already know I'm here to ask you a question the question is what makes it possible for someone to commit a crime like that. What does it take to be a member of a community and on members of your own community people with whom although in a very limited way you interact there were men in that model whose shoes did Roland had shine there were men descending on Greenwood that night with shiny shoes. Because a Greenwood community member had shined those shoes and they were heading to Greenwood with a green would shine on their shoes determined to kill Of course there were many factors that came together contributing to people joining in that mob attack the race baiting newspaper the tells the Tribune the racism that was endemic in society at that time jealousy jealousy of the wealth of black Tulsans the Ku Klux Klan They say there were 2000 Klan members in tell us at the time but none of that can possibly serve as an excuse for what was an absolute atrocity you think people don't know the difference between right and wrong let me give you another event that happened in 1921 in 10212 Italian American immigrants work arrested for a crime which they likely did commit their names when the caller Sacco and Bartolomeo Van City it's a well known case evidently there was an explosion someone or someones died they were arrested many people believed they were not guilty but there were many people convinced that they were absolutely guilty and this was kind of split along political lines there was socialism involved and people are opposed to socialists and so on and so for these men were arrested they were sentenced to death but people rose up they said we cannot possibly allow a miscarriage of justice to take place. We cannot possibly allow on American soil injustice to be perpetrated even. Albert Einstein signed a petition appealing that these young men not be put to death and when they were executed in 192-720-0000 people came out afterwards to watch the funeral procession this was a big big deal because there were people who believed right or wrong that injustice had been so a miscarriage of justice had been carried out but 1400 miles away right around the same time 300 people were murdered in cold blood and silence was deafening there was so little said about the Greenwood massacre that children born in Tulsa at around that time or in the years that followed were raised completely oblivious to the fact that this had happened right on their back doorstep no one talked about it it was not taught in school it did not ever enter into a history curriculum people and thousands of VIP in Tulsa zip their mouths shut nothing was spoken about this it one until $995.00 more than 70 years after this devastating crime that the Oklahoma legislature created the tell us a race riot commission only then would Americans learn about what actually happened in their back more than 7 decades before so what does it take for a person to go there. You might say racism you know that is not the answer it might seem like a good answer until you realize that not every racist takes a gun and shoots somebody else. Down their home steals their positions and by the way let me say this about racism. We sing this and racism is a complicated thing but at the end of the day it's not. We sing the song when we all get to heaven on a day of rejoicing that will be if you look within your heart and you find racism there stop singing the song because you're not going it's just that simple and by the way ladies and gentlemen let me say something here racism isn't only about white people hating black people there are plenty of black racists who hate white people and let me say something to you very clearly the sin of slavery does not give a black person the right to be racist towards anyone not even slavery does because Jesus said If you are not prepared to forgive a person who wrongs you God and don't forgive you he didn't say unless of course something really bad has been perpetrated against your people there are black people who hate Latinos Latinos who hate Asians Asians who hate everyone Asians who ate this or that white folks who hate Asians people who hate hispanics or Spanish you hate this that on the other it's all racism and it's all wrong why would you hate your brother or your sister because at the end of the day we have the same Grandpa and I don't mean Adam I mean Noah you can bring it closer to our day Adams sure the Bible says that we have been we were created of one blood cut a man no matter what color he is on don't cut a man don't cut a man say that again when a surgeon cuts a patient open. What was that for Bradshaw told me to. Me when a surgeon operates on an individual in the matter what color he or she is on the outside all the same color on the inside. Is it mob mentality that drives a person to commit such an act you know that cannot be an adequate answer because in spite of being egged on by other everybody in Tulsa that night knew the difference between right and wrong in fact there were many white people who sheltered African-American kept him safe hide here you'll be safe we will protect you I don't mean there were enough white people doing that but there were there were those that did. We reflect on Greenwood in 1921 and we can be offended and we should we can be disgusted and we should we can be appalled and we should but if all we do is look back without looking within we are making an enormous mistake my brother my sister the Bible says In Jeremiah Chapter 17 and verse 9. Is d.c. full of all things and desperately wicked who can know it that's not talking about the White House not all the black or the Asian or the Hispanics only that speaking about every human Jesus said in Matthew 15 and those 19 out of the proceed evil thoughts murders adulteries fornications thefts false witness blasphemies and Paul wrote to the relation church and he said the works of the flesh manifest which these adultery fornication uncleanness less seriousness idolatry this is quite a list witchcraft hatred variance emulations wrath strife seditions heresies envying murders drunkenness reveling. And such like. He gets to the end of that list these are listen are running out of ink I keep writing every sin of the human and such lie there is more. My friend Human beings are capable of unimaginably bad behavior most people I'm certain would say somewhat piously and stop right to say oh if I were was a white man and I had been in Greenwood that night I would not have participated in what that mob did I will say to you tonight without blushing The chances are if you were white and in Greenwood that night you probably would not be ethnically would but probably would you know that among the people in Rwanda who were slaughtering their neighbors were shirts members among those were members of your church so you want to sit there tonight and tell me oh no I would be the exception to the Rue I would pray that you might be I would pray that you would rise up against that mob and say in Jesus' name no but when the heat gets turned up and people around you are acting in one way or another you mean that all of Hitler's inner circle they were all people with filthy hearts you know I don't think they were born that way and I think they were all kids on the playground who were bullying other kids you know that hit was decorated during World War One twice for bravery no one ever reported him torturing kittens or pulling the wings off butterflies know Hitler in fact had applied for admission to a prestigious art institute in Austria in Vienna Austria history would have turned out very very differently if he had been accepted and not rejected. This lurks deep within the human heart any selfish human heart any heart that is not fully surrendered to God It lurks there. The human heart is a fascinating thing. It is not only bad people who do bad thing the people who yell crucify him crucify here the night before Jesus' death we're not all by society's measure bad people it is likely that there were people in that group shouting crucify him that Jesus had himself healed it's very likely horrific crimes are not always perpetrated by horrific people 2 days before Valentine's Day 993 a young mother shopping at a mall just outside Liverpool England went into a store with a little boy James was 2 years of age and you know how a young mother watches her child like a hawk and hovers over and protects and so on and so on and so on but the devil watches. And in the moment that she was distracted the my moment that she was distracted shoot hen year old boy Louis Little James Bulger away it would not be appropriate for me to talk to you about the details of that little boy's murder in a year all killers. How in the world don't think these things can't happen don't think that your heart is not capable of going down a road that you would think under thinkable don't think that human beings today don't do the most ghastly things lynching may not happen in its common form some would argue that it still happens but by other means lynching may not happen as a phenomenon here in the United States as such but in other parts of the world in Latin America for example it's a huge issue. People say they're sick of the police not administering justice the courts not apprehending criminals and so things like this happen is this kind of a mob Pati a big gathering of young people and a girl says my cell phone has been stolen and they say he's got your cell phone and the mob says let's get him in let's fix and they beat the boat it. Cos he didn't have the cell phone this happens again and again and again and again and again. On public prosecutor in Brasilia said Brazilians are losing their capacity to feel empathy for the strangest continually slain around him you see we get worn down beaten down ground down did you know that the devil is working in your life now now the defense is maybe up and maybe he can get through but he's working on you to grind you down we see pornography and we. Because it's everywhere we see immodesty and often fail to notice it we hear about hideous crimes and instead of the really being jarring then not anymore because if there hasn't been a mass shooting in the United States recently I mean check your watch. To be one soon because these happen with being frequency we hear about injustice and we shrug that's just the way it is there is incivility in this country on a scale I speak generally that we have not seen before I speak generally and we've become accustomed to it to the point that we join in the incivility because it's fashionable and acceptable to vent your spleen against somebody particularly if they differ from you politically. What do you think happens in a world when a 17 year old girl. And I think it's Ok to call a 17 year old a boy or a girl. When a 17 year old girl is suffering from depression and she needs to find a physician in her country in the Netherlands who will sign something that says yes we should you use this young woman and she was euthanized Slane Now now you need to know some of the rest of the story she had had some arable things perpetrated upon she'd been through some very very difficult circumstances but do you end somebody's life because they're suffering depression what's wrong with us what's wrong in society when there are people openly advocating the abortion of babies that are not at 9 months and. Ladies and gentlemen I'm not making a political statement I'm making a theological statement what. Do we not understand. And I don't know why the Catholic Church is so loud about abortion in our churches so silent about the subject I don't understand that and I never will. If I shoot you one day old baby did they'll put me away for life and a physician who took the 1st do no harm and then the life of a 9 month old develop child in a fetus and people going to high 5 him and congratulating for defending a woman's right to choose where you stand on the. Stand on the other side wherever you stand on. What I'm suggesting to you what I'm stating to you is we are living in a world where the devil is d. S d sensitizing. Immorality the virtues like honesty for the sanctity of life. The devil is Di sensitizing us why he doing that. Because he's got to do something to condition and. Culture so that when the shoe drops and the world turns and says Here is a group of religious fanatics that don't deserve to live people will join in and say crucify them crucify their He's doing an outstanding job at bringing society to the precipice of the kind of hate that's going to burst forth like an Avalon. And if you think that you are immune you've heard the statistics the average child has watched witnessed x. amount of this on television by the time they want to be years old and people take money research money government money to do a study and a study says Does watching violent video games children I'll tell you what I'll save you the trouble you give that money to it is written we will do the study in fact let me do the study now man I got to study rotten Ah I have found it the Bible says but we all with a unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord being transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as by the spirit of the Lord we paraphrase that and we say that by be holding We become what they are go. I don't want to get off track here but that's why you should know it's cop and criticize about the church if all you do is behold the problems in the church you become a problem in the church because by me holding you become changed a university research department I've done your research for you right here inspired by God by be holding we become changed of course it was people's minds what sort of food do you have to be to sit and wonder. We allowing headlong towards a time of trouble such as never was you can understand the mentality the frustration that lies with the stuff I'm a striking back I'm going to get him I'm going to make him pay the courts didn't get him we're gonna get to that point kill the taxi driver let's take justice in hand that young black shoeshine boy Ok he didn't do nothing but let's get in any way. You can understand your thinking so you came out I mean that you can excuse that thinking that you can understand things I remember pumping gas I used to work at a gas station and it was a Sunday morning and there I was pumping gas and a cast screeched actually literally screeched to a halt on the forecourt like to work and another car came up on a screeched to a hope and a great big man mountain of a fellow from out of the 2nd car I don't know how the car even contained him he was a South African man he was an Afrikaner and I knew that by his accent and he came up to the 1st car shouting at the driver This was road rage before there was a thing called Road Rage The driver of the 1st car did a very dumb thing you wound down the window he didn't press the button he wound down the window the window was just big enough to accommodate the fist of the 2nd man. He let him have a man's wife scream are you doing get away the man started running up the window as fast because it stars and Tweety Bird and all that were flying all around you fall you could have killed us we have our baby in the car you could are killed our baby you get it you understand Joe you do I wonder what happened that night undoubtedly that man was a religious man more than likely he had been raised attending the Reform Church white South African I mean it's contradictory white South Africans were very religious they were all racist but even the racists were religious I wonder if that night his wife set him on the on here to run the pillows are you proud of what you did today you really need to do that he knew better he knew he shouldn't. The friends that's not an excuse when somebody rubs your fur the wrong way that's not an excuse that doesn't give you license to strike back even if that person is your wife or your husband or your pastor or fellow church member or someone who works in the conference office or someone at the Division of it or someone of the General Conference office we don't strike back we are to be made news now I know you could call tonight sermon if you wanted to an exercise in Easier said than done I understand that but Jesus said to the other she and until we are prepared to do that we are probably on prepaid for eternity someone compels you to go a mile go to they want to take your tunic let him have your coat as well there exists inside every human being the possibility for great evil. And an enemy the devil is working constantly to lead you to the place where in a moment or as the result of the cumulative effect of varying fact is you snap and do something regrettable we my brother my sister in a war here it was once a perfect world it now is not that's because the devil came down determined to get your worship determined to turn you away from the part of God he were you don't even care if you if you don't deny God opening song as you do it quietly incrementally you don't even want you to say no to God and probably never going to get you to say no to God but he might get you to say not right now god he might get you to say excuse me for a moment God he might do that. Out of heaven here to the earth wanting to put a barrier between you and God and sin is that very he was successful. The 1st 2 boys ever born one of them killed his brother it was in the 4th chapter of the Bible that we find the 1st adultery law Mick who also was a murderer it's in the 6th chapter of the Bible that the Bible says that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only tell me evil evil what evil continually We have been corrupted by sin we cannot trust ourselves history proves that if left to itself human nature is capable only of Doc do this deceitful and desperately wicked human heart will eventually choose to express itself in the most negative of fashion. You read about good people that do bed we've got them in the Bible King Solomon was good and then he wasn't in fact he was very bad. King David was a good king and then he went for a walk one night and his eyes fell upon a beautiful woman bathing herself. Ostensibly there's no sin in that sometimes you cannot help your eyes land sometimes you can sometimes you cannot but when his eyes landed where they landed he should have you know my goodness and done something to preserve the dignity of that lady who had a reasonable right to expect privacy instead he said he wishes all that back Sheba the wife of you RIAA the history those 6 words should have stopped him dead in his tracks but they did not because in that moment David's heart was not surrendered to the will of God and when your heart is not surrendered to the will of God You cannot expect much of yourself the Bible even speaks about our. Really very low nature when it says that God knows our frame and remembers that we are us that's not a criticism actually that extolling a virtue of Almighty God He knows exactly what we are any loves us anyway but we are just dust that's all what just in doing good for not much but it is a good host and you can plant something in that you can plant we thought and bribes and brambles if you want or you could plant the good seed of the Word of God and then that there is worth something because it's hosting the world of Almighty God there's another challenge that we have a human being's in our immediate digressed So I would try not to but you want to think about the story Harvey Weinstein of notorious not the right word terrible but you think no one knew what was going on we have a really high tolerance for sin when our tolerance should be. And as a society we got us superpowers. So Harvey Weinstein's in a circle clearly knew what he allegedly was doing clearly knew and then you've got all these Hollywood actresses in there saying oh had no idea Hollywood actors Oh my goodness what a shock liars people new people know we been joking about the Hollywood casting couch for years until now somebody stood up and said that's no laughing matter and we've had to say I guess you're right we shouldn't laugh about that and we shouldn't tolerate that and we shouldn't enable that and since like pornography just run rampant through society and we shrug our shoulders and we say what can we do anyway and it's a question are not naive enough to believe that hard to change by legislation but Hearts can be changed and I don't know whose heart you can change but I do know that God can change your heart we are too late in the history of the human race we are too close to heaven to be Dancing With The Devil Now I'm not talking about being a goody 2 shoes I'm talking about being a Christian someone who wants to experience only the will of God done in his life or her life so where's the solution maybe too much time spent on the problem and too little spent on the solution but you know the solution the solution is not a solution the solution is a person his name is Jesus a man came to Jesus one night under the cover of darkness Rabbi you are this and you are there and no man can do the miracles you do unless God is with you and Jesus told the nakedness what he needed to hear naked Amos You must be born again you must be born again and I hear the voice of God speaking in this place tonight saying to me and presumably to you you must be born again. And if you weren't born again today then get born again sometime real soon start your day every day by praying God let me be born again again let me be baptized with your Holy Spirit again be honest with God and tell God that unless hears occupying every recess of your heart that you are doomed to failure. Because that's all we are is doomed to failure without being filled with the Holy Spirit of Almighty God This is why we cannot as a presumed to skate by on a half baked Christian experience my brother my sister don't be half in with God. It was her who said I don't know the man and then he said I don't know the man and then he said I blankety blank bleakly bleep No the man. Who for 3 and one half years had been intimately acquainted with Jesus and yet in that moment he denied Christ. And I have trouble coming such as never was since there was a nation you can talk about the mark of the beast until you are blue in the face and you might tell me Oh I know the mark of the beast it's about a day I was saying no it's not it's about a surrender when the whole world is going one way and there are a few going this way you surrendered enough to God that when God's voice says this is the way walk in it that you are prepared to go we must be. We got to be all in with God tonight we assume is all have sinned and come short of the glory of God There is none that does good no not one we are all in a fix without the Spirit of God working powerfully in our lives you think you can become a drunk you think you can be unfaithful to the people closest to you in your lives you think you can be a thief you think you can get hooked on something yes you can as long as you are not yielded to Jesus anything can happen why does racism why does hatred exist it's a simple thing about a racist is not fully surrendered to the heart of God. Why is the divorce rate so alarmingly high and I'm not getting on you if you've been through a divorce in so many cases you're simply couldn't avoid it but the reason the rate is so high is because you don't have 2 people in a marriage whose hearts are fully surrendered to God and selfishness is going to express itself in a certain way and let me tell you something doesn't the fact that or ask you something doesn't the fact that the majority of those people in the mob in Tulsa that night the fact that they would church members who went to church every week doesn't that tell you that church isn't enough to stop a person from doing. As Biblical and as appropriate as the as the institution of church is church never saved anyone church never changed anyone's ha only Jesus does that many slave owners were devoutly religious Hitlers machinery was supported or at least unopposed by the church of his day the church in the Middle Ages perpetrated crimes against people largely Protestants that were so heinous it made what happened in the Black Wall Street look like nothing and I don't say that to sound disrespectful Church of Rome was responsible for the unjust deaths of millions of innocent people run killed Hussen Tyndall and Wycliffe and Lattimer and rebellion Cranmer and so many more did everything it could to exterminate Martin Luther it was only the hand of God that preserve Martin Luther and by the way Martin Luther had his problems and they were not insignificant you see anybody is capable of stooping low but I want to tell you tonight that God is capable of lifting us up come on and say Amen Christ will change the human heart without your heart fully yielded to Jesus you got to go in the wrong direction because water only runs downhill and the human heart can only go where it. All rode in Romans Chapter 6 in verse 16 do you not know that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey His servants you are to whom you obey whether of sin unto death or of a bt and unto righteousness earlier in the same chapter Paul urged the Roman believe is to consider themselves to be good to sin. But alive to God and refused to allow sin to reign in their lives James appeal to his readers submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you one Bush later draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you God is calling you to a radical experience where he has you and if you feel in your hot that you are bound to follow down some certain sinful pathway because of your low blood sugar or because of your upbringing because of your d.n.a. or because of somebody around you if you feel like that remember that God is able to bring you to the place where you cast down imaginations and every high thing that exultant itself against the knowledge of God and bring into captivity every thought to the a billions of Christ and you say all that suggests the aim that could never be my experience and that's a problem. Because when you say that can never happen that will never happen but when you get on your knees and you say God I will not let you go unless you press me I will never stop praying until you change me ya have to give me a new hot when you pray that Priya. Says your prayer every single time Khaled. Was God who lost the question Behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh is there anything to hug for me with tears rolling down his cheeks the father of that poor Brazilian boy who was lynched by a mob of his peers said not even an animal would do something like that to its own species so if not an animal who would do such a thing. The shocking answer is ordinary everyday people just like you and. That. People who when they get to the breaking point fail for some reason to turn to God Even your troubles in your trials they push you don't they push you but where they push you you get to choose where they push if someone has a trial or disappointment somebody gets let down by the church somebody or loses a job and they feel like God has abandoned them and they get pushed and they allow themselves to be pushed away from God Oh no that's not the right place to be pushed instead let as allow ourselves to be pushed towards God God is always God if you can see him is there if you can feel him is there will if I can see him if I can feel him what did you believe you believe in you know that God is there he is there evil challenges us. But the Bible reassures us it says in 1st John 4 and verse 4 Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world now because you're God tonight I know how big your devil is all I got to do is think about Greenwood Oklahoma 1921 and I see again what the devil can do in the lives of people who are largely considered to be good decent law abiding upstanding but God hasn't called us to be good good people don't go to heaven God has called us to the holy God has called us to be right and he said what you don't have a right just as No lot you called us to be righteous but we don't have a right just as what kind of cruel joke is this God says I have something for you. It's the right chestnuts of Christ let me put that on and if you like Joshua and Jack or I Chapter 3 will only stand and submit if you will not fight God will close you in his right just this he was a savior and then he will keep you because in day by day hour by hour and yes moment by moment your heart and God's heart are bound together knit together and your life becomes a prayer nevertheless not my will but your will be done one day society is going to be split into 2 groups the sheep and the goes those who have the seal of God and those who have the mark of the beast the say and the laws those who have surrendered to Jesus and those who have not we cannot fight more as battles today we can invite Jesus to fight today's battles right now the battle we face is common to everyone is the battle of the carnal human heart but of Jesus has your heart and mine we can live every day in the confident assurance that our lives are churned in his direction we will serve the God of heaven we will what did we hear sung earlier we will glorify the King of Kings we will glorify the land for his we end this can mean this year let our prayer be Lord not my will but your will be done let not our prayer be thank you God there are not like this or publican down here I'm doing so well they we pray like the penitent man God be merciful to us. Sinners and Jesus said that man went down to his house justified had forgiven say come on we're going to go home saved tonight can you say amen Let us pray together our Father in heaven we take hold of the hand of Jesus to. A loaded be great to me to be able to say I've done this in there I'm a fine Christian I've been in the church all of these. Be great for me to be able to say look upon righteousness. But I cannot because the Lord you and I both know the truth about my heart everyone here tonight and prayed that prayer Lord would you please. Not allow us to rely on our own imagined Raja's God don't let us be so selfish you about what we are that we fail to see what we really are we need tonight your mercy your grace and your presence in us him Taishan shakes us him cation rattles us can't cation comes after us but we thank you tonight that we have a great defender in Jesus the law here in of the tribe of Judah other we thank you tonight for our Savior we thank you for his righteousness we pray take our hearts they are your property we cannot give them. Keep them few for we cannot keep them for the save us in spite of ourselves our weak un-Christ like selves mold us fashion us raise us into a pure and holy atmosphere with a rich current of your love flows through our souls This is our Priya we pray you in Jesus name. 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