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The Second Coming

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written




  • June 22, 2019
    12:15 PM


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Father in heaven we come to you in the name of Jesus your son we are grateful that we can be here this is your place we thank you that your Spirit is present we pray Lord tonight that you would do a work of great. And the work that you would do is that you'd speak to us and move. However we need to be moved however our lives need to be adjusted however deep Saranda must be Lord would you feel us would you move upon us I would never ask that you would see in your spirit to be here because your spirit was here before you got here but we're asking that while your spirit is here we would be. And that you'd move that you'd be heard we didn't come here tonight to hear a man we came here tonight so that we might encounter a divinity So to that in we know there is power in you would we pray that the wood made flesh Jesus would be seen and who would draw us to yourself through him we pray and ask you in Jesus name please would you say with me amen and amen it was said that December 7th 1941 was a day that would live forever in one that's right it was said by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt it was on that day that 350 aircraft of the Empire of Japan attacked attacked what was then the territory of Hawaii attacking the United States all 8 u.s. Navy battleships on Battleship Row and Pearl Harbor were damaged 4 of them were sunk 3 of them were refloated and sent back into service during World War 2 still other ships were sunk 188 American aircraft were completely destroyed 1200 Americans were wounded and 2400 were killed. Japan was looking to control the Pacific Japan it invaded China Japan was looking to sweep down all the way to Australia which had been attacked several times and New Zealand which while never attacked hosted hosted without having invited hosted various u.s. ships or submarines in its waters. What tends to be forgotten and from an American perspective this is not surprising is that since Al was after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The American occupied the Philippines were attacked at that time the Philippines was essentially a colony of the United States the United States had defeated Spain in the Spanish-American War and then turned around and paid $20000000.00 as compensation for taking the Philippines it was really a pretty good deal but when Japan attacked the Philippines pretty much everything changed up until that time the Philippines had been a pretty good place to be if you were an American servicemen that was a good place to be it was a good place to live it was not for quite some time considered to be in imminent danger but of course everything changed and even the America had a presence a military presence there it was not enough to counter what was a tremendous Japanese onslaught and so on December the 24th General MacArthur moved his military command post to correct. Essentially a rock. 2.12 square mile rock out there in Manila Bay a fortress really it was referred to by Americans as the Gibraltar of the East or simply as The Rock I've been to the rock to Corregidor we went there when we filmed and it is written television program there are quite a place it's different to what it was in 1941 but the same different in as much as it's now covered in vegetation trees forest if you like different in as much as the buildings which stood there pristine in 140 or so and now destroyed the mile long barracks which was nowhere near a mile long but still pretty long it's a shell a bombed out shell other buildings the same you can walk around there to Hillary posts and you'll find holes in the ground concrete that's been blown apart you'll find scars from bombs and mortars going to fall and it's still the same Iraq much the same Iraq it's very peaceful now but those years ago it was certainly not on the island of Corregidor is a system of tunnels known as the mill into tunnels the Melinda tunnels they borrow into Hill on Corregidor and go back $500.00 or so feet a network of tunnels in the Japanese bombed out like crazy interesting early enough after the United States military evacuated after Japan moved in and when America came back to oust the Japanese it was bombed again it's a wonder there's anything of Corregidor left it was bombed with more ferocity than any other place during World War 2 with the exception of one other place and I think that might have been Gibraltar. So make up they had to get out of there it was clear that the u.s. forces weren't going to be able to hold the Philippines so he and little circle of his closest advices family got on the b. 17 and left the Philippines in food a doll when in Australia's Northern Territory from there he took a train change trains because in Australia at the time the railway didn't have one consistent gauge it was this wide in one place and this wide in another so MacArthur changed trains in a little place about 140 miles or so north and a little bit east of Adelaide and South Australia little town called to around we which I read. Appears today on most maps so it's just a little place small population now not the sort of place you'd really ever want to go except if you went to when you went to the remnants of the old railway station you'd find a low slung brick wall and on that wall you'd find a book and that clock today commemorates the speech the brief speech or statement McConnell gave while he was there they've referred to it as the speech good around the world as make up that was changing trains he had a little time to wait and a little scrum of media people approached him putting as they do microphones in front of his face and they are asked him for some kind of statement and general Macau they spoke to the media as the war raged back in the Philippines and he said this he said the president of the United States ordered me to break through the Japanese lines and proceed from Corregidor to Australia for the purpose as I understand it of organizing an American offensive against Japan the primary purpose of which is the relief of the Philippines. He said I came through. And I shall read. I came through and I shall reach the Philippines suffered immensely under that Japanese occupation terrible things happened during warfare war has a tendency to bring out the very best in some and the very worst in others thousands of servicemen both American and Filipino. Many thousands of civilians perished Manila was essentially eradicated or erased American troops retreated to the Bataan Peninsula and from there though I'm on to what is known today as Camp O'Donnell on what is referred to today as the much of death it's not called the mine should it simply because people died it's referred to as the much of death largely because of how people died death was admin a stupid randomly it was administered in judiciously it was administered cruelly mercilessly to make any sense you stop because you had diarrhea you were killed you stopped because you couldn't go on any longer you were killed you would stop because you wanted water you were killed you didn't stop you might have been killed anyway just because your captors felt like they had to do something to relieve their boredom the cruelty was almost impossible to believe but there was something that gave them hope the American the Filipino serviceman the Filipino civilians there was something that gave them hope. You see MacArthur had left their hope did not leave with macaca because MacArthur stood up one day and he faced the media and he said the president told me to get out the president told me to organize a counter-offensive the president told me to do that and so I'm doing that he said I got out of there I came through and he said I shall return MacArthur's promise was known and understood by the people waiting for a deliver they heard the report he said I came through and I shall return and so they chose to believe the come they waited they suffered they waited they anguish they waited but what fueled their hopes and their dreams with the words of MacArthur He said I shall return you know the parallels are obvious Jesus stood here on this earth in the year 31 a.d. and he spoke in a battle scarred war ravaged world when he said Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God Jesus said believe also in Me In My Father's house our watch. If it were not so he would have told you Jesus said I go to prepare a place for you and this is where it gets really good he said and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again to receive you unto myself so that where I am Jesus said there you may be also that. Promise I shall return Jesus said I will come again for the purpose of receiving you to myself he said we will be together for ever have you thought lately about that promise and it is a promise I am coming back to get you I will gather you up and take you where are her one day one day sued we are going home what do you say tonight and thank God we're going on what does that promise mean to you it ought to mean something to you because that promise is written on your rebirth city if it did we wait in and kiss a place in joyful hug for what we believe is the soup return of Jesus when Jesus comes back well what maybe you think there won't be so much competing for my time the pressures of this world won't be crowding in on me I'll be able to do what matters most and maybe I'll have the wisdom to know what matters most maybe I think finally family and friends you know this is a big world in many ways family grows in family spirit and then we look forward to Thanksgiving and we look forward to Christmas and we look forward to. A moment here and a day in a weekend there oh man I'm glad and I think you are as well that one day Jesus is going to come back and you will have all the time you need and want for the people that matter most to you want that be good when Jesus comes back there won't be any more seen the struggle will be over there be no more death they'll be no more pain they'll be no more in justice they'll be no more hardship they'll be none of that Jesus will come back no more illness Christ is going to return the words of that great old hymn say oh brother be faithful soon what soon Jesus will come for whom we have waited so long he's coming back and thank God tonight I wonder if you wouldn't mind looking at with me at some of those things that mean so much to us in the light of the 2nd coming of Jesus I have a very small list a very short list and I've not rank these in order importance but I wonder if tonight we can celebrate the fact that Jesus is coming back soon I want if we can rekindle the fire that burned or burned within us it says Jesus is coming back soon I wonder if we can remind ourselves of the blessid. Jesus is coming back soon and I wonder if we can consider tonight that the return of Jesus ought to through us because if we know God as we ought to know him we should be looking forward to the return of Jesus with nothing but absolute confidence you need to be able to say tonight when Jesus comes back I am going on when the saints go marching in oh how I hope to be in a number that will be a terrible song to sing. Friends when Jesus comes back he's coming back for you and your know it so let's consider the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ I believe tonight that their 2nd coming of Christ in Courage is us think there's threw at me for a moment it is then that the theory of faith becomes absolute reality and that gets us through it all to get us through consider what Paul wrote turn with me in your Bible on your device to 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 and will begin in about verse 14 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 and this is a book written by somebody who knew something about the hope of the return of Jesus he wrote about it again and again 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 and will pick it up in verse 14 Paul writes a fascinating few words knowing Paul writes that he which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by Jesus and shall present us with you and that takes place when at the 2nd coming of Jesus the 15 for all things are for your sakes that the abundant grace might through the Thanksgiving of many read downs to the glory of God He goes on to say for which cause we do not faint but the hour out would men perish yet the inward man is renewed what day by day now look at this for our light affliction which is but for a moment working for us a far more it seeding and eternal weight of glory while we look not of the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen for the things which are seen temporal but the things which are not seen what would you tell me. Eternal Now listen we both know this from bitter experience the temporal that can be difficult seems like every day we get another report of a poor saint of God posturing away we hear every day of another calamity another tsunami another earthquake another episode of a violent crime or terrorism or some such thing we hear about friends and family members who are ailing who are sick I called a friend of mine to be a friend of mine he having a tangle with cancer and no you just got operated on how is things going and then he gave me the news it was a whole lot worse than he or anybody else had did to anticipate man what keeps you going he encouraged me Sean my faith is strong I know that one day we are going to see Jesus as long as my life is in his hands he's introduced me to a whole new group of people to witness to I would never be able to meet these doctors in these nurses man it's as though he had ordered the thing and he was glad when it arrived nothing was taking the wind out of our sales because his hope isn't in the temper all it's in the Eternal Now listen before I go any further than I want you to think that should you get some terrible diagnosis or should a calamity approach you or something terrible take place in your life I'm not saying you need to. Welcome it like you'd welcome a beautiful sunrise bad things are called bad things because they're bad but bad things even if they come close you don't suddenly make God bad you days ago I met a young guy and I canvassed with this guy when he was a kid when I was less of a kid he was a real kid how you doing I'm doing all right what church do you go to. And go to church when you don't go to church How's your family. Oh and he told me without getting into details that his family had gone through a real tragedy and utter calamity I said So did you and God have some. Some discussions about that yes we did imagine you were mad with God Yes I am I've been in church in 5 years I said there's a reason you're here tonight and that's so that I could talk to you and tell you that God is good even the bad things happen God is good even though something disastrous has happened in your family Jesus is coming back one day he will make all things new ladies and gentlemen the truth is always that the best is yet to come Jesus is just ahead he's coming back and can be gladdened by that one day Christ returns and there will be no more death need the sorrow nor crying neither shall there be any pain because the former things passed away and we are not looking at the things which are temporal we are looking at the things which are eternal and thank God for that see what Paul wrote our light affliction which is but for how long a moment he's not making light of your affliction he is simply saying in view of eternity you know that life is short shorts James wrote your life is a vapor it appears for a moment and then it vanishes away we hear and then we are gone but thank God we're coming back because Jesus is the resurrection and the life we have hope tonight listen in the light of the return of Jesus I believe that we can let the the big things be big and the small things be small. I met a couple at an event Jewish 6 years I went church you go to we don't go to church and I thought you were church members we are. You a church members and you don't go to church you have to explain that to me I said well you know we used to go to church but the people at church were mean and we just decided we were not going to put up with that any longer and so we just stay home every week how long you've been doing that several His I said well the devil loves people like you and they said what do you mean by that I said So let me ask you you are you drinking as you get involved in alcohol no no no I could tell. You drug use you know using drugs you know of course not adultery or either of you running around your boyfriends and girlfriends Nono I said No I didn't think it's people like you that the devil loves They looked at me again I said you make his job easy he couldn't get you involved in a life of sin so he just made sure that the church grump sat down to a few weeks a set down next year a few weeks in a row and he got you out of church that way I should have grumpy people everywhere he was going to get your sooner or later you make the devil's job easy I saw them a few days later you guys doing good good pasta we were in church Sabbath let me digress for a moment I'm going to editorialize you can go to preaching if you want it's editorializing sort of ladies and gentlemen go to church. Go to church here I was listen here I was arriving in bunch much much leaving the church my church office one day a man came in and he was walking and I don't recognize and is a hollow pasta John pasta bread show something or other do I know you he said No no I want to be a long lost church members I said why is that he said I don't come to church I just stay home and watch on t.v. out church service was broadcast live on television which is a mistake to give it him 2 weeks delayed if you wanted a sermon come to church well that's how they did it you know I said wait a minute you don't come to church No I said Are you sick no no you haven't you caught you cause not broken down No I said Good he said no I'm not good I said then why don't you come to church now he started to get a little. Like a deer in the headlights I said that's not Biblical The church is a body you have and you dated yourself Man you need to be back in church he was expecting pasta bread you to hug him and stroke him and hug him and. Not to Annette come to church oh have you then stay away or no work. To your blessing by staying away friends you know there were times that Christians used to meet together risking their lives to come together and worship together and we sit on the dogs I don't go to church if it's not warmer in about 50 degree. What in the world got into you know if you are elderly you have trouble getting around riotous back pain I understand it I get it you are excluding your excuse it's alright. Vogue. But otherwise. You need to have a good excuse to everyone already Hebrews and verse 10 and verse $25.00 not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together is to frob to church how far 50 miles what you'll be there in less than an hour you could walk it if you had to stand away from church and then the parasites don't know that's that's an unfortunate word to use so then there are the. Not so good would let's be honest here you know the parasites that come along and they speak to you and they try to drag you away from the church they tell you how bad the church is the music have you seen how bad the music is now listen I like good music and I am not a fan of you know junk music in church maybe that's going to keep you away I would say I would say take it plugs or something I don't know so go to another church don't stay away oh don't you know what the doing at the General Conference my brother you gotta get over that all don't you know what the conference president said once conference always the conference President in Zimbabwe or something who said this and that's evidence that the church is going to hell ladies and gentlemen the church is God's church it is not mine it is not yours it is God's and as long as there is one open on Sabbath morning it is your privilege to be able to be there make it better pray for it sup Paul did get involved go to church what do you preach about last night I don't know but he said I should go to church Amen unkind people forget unkind people go be a kind person. Kill that unkind person with kindness be nice make a difference in that person's life small stuff the faithfulness of God big stuff Jesus is coming back God is faithful major that God is faithful you having financial losses missed financial opportunities small stuff you're not going to miss that money in heaven don't worry don't let it drag you down don't let it consume your life knowing Jesus as your personal friend that's big stuff that's really big stuff if you know Jesus you know everything I was at a 4th of July last year at a friend's house and there was a lady there I'd never met before and she just just sucked all the oxygen out of the room when she said Neil Armstrong was a close personal friend of ours you know I mean what in a world how do you I mean it's not a contest but how do you even compete with that. What do you even say back the queen waved at me once as she drove down the road oh it's good it was it was a real connection I was about 8 years old all us kids from school lined up on the main road because the Queen's motorcade was going to come she got held up we waited and waited and waited Finally we went back in and it was lunch time and I went home for lunch imagine that that was the olden days wasn't it I went home for lunch and as I was walking down the street very short walk to my to my home I turned around he can use black machines and I looked and. Queen Elizabeth and I don't think I could say she was a close personal friend I told a friend of mine a guy who hasn't been in a church for about 42 years I said to this guy this woman knew Neil Armstrong close personal friend he looked at me as it does knowing Jesus count. She's there this 4th of July. I heard you know new Neil Armstrong let me tell you about my friend Jesus they're knowing Jesus big stuff Jesus is coming back soon what are you focusing on what are you letting drag you down or build you up the devil knows you he knows your weaknesses he knows your history he knows what you're primed to he knows what gets you up and he knows what gets you down ladies and gentlemen Jesus needs to be our primary focus the Word of God Read the book read it shew on it listen to it memorize it meditate upon it be leave it get it in you get the word of God in you're going to be a whole new creation Jesus is coming back soon we got to be focusing on what we've got to be focusing on which means Point number 2 the 2nd coming of Jesus impetus to our mission is never right should Jesus is coming back soon the population of the world is somewhere around 7.7000000007.7000000000 how many people are there in the state of Michigan do you know you me a moment Michigan population 9000000 922576 it was in 2015 let's call it it's going to 10000000 people in Michigan if we do that 10000000 how many people in Michigan in church on any given Sabbath whatever that number is it's a drop in the bucket compared to the population in Michigan now understand Jesus and other sheep I have who are not of this falls under stand that understand one day the message will be had come out of who all right so we know we don't pretend that we are exclusive we don't we don't have a soul writes to the kingdom of heaven nobody is pretending that. But we have something that the world needs it's the 3 Angels' messages I want you to look around your state and ask yourself how many people have that compared to the 10000000 people who live in Michigan not very many ladies and gentlemen Jesus is coming back when Ok Which means then that the 3 angels messages must go to every last person in the Michigan conference territory soon. And what is it with focusing on. What is it that chewing up about time I don't have time to read my Bible but I've got time to social media all night long you're a binge watching programs on Netflix and if I said Obadiah you wouldn't even know there was a book and. What's going on with some of us you know what I'm saying question is where our our priorities what is the priority what's the priority in the church we seem to be able to invent things for the sole purpose of distracting ourselves we can take questions that may even be important questions and let those questions dominate everything no no no no no no let's keep things in their place prime places Christ he's coming back soon and so therefore we must be about our father's business come on the same in evangelism however you define it public evangelism personal banjo ism all kinds of creative methods of evangelism evangelism has to be our focus the church is growing praise the Lord for that not nearly as fast as the population is growing I heard a week ago that the Southern Baptist Convention says that if they were going to keep pace with population growth they would have to plant 1000 churches. There you go when just when I myself I think it was a week not even a year. Now because I don't know I knew a week ago that would have to plan a lot of churches really really a lot so while we waste time while we free time away with things that are just not important the question is what are we doing to a soul what are we doing to reach people for crying just what are we doing to support the evangelistic outreach of the church we are whatever we do we will be doing more no question about it ought to be doing more the Pew Research people say that when it comes to people in their twenty's millennial was a massive amount of them listen to this 50 percent of young millennia was either don't know if they believe in God or they don't believe in God One of the other one out of 2 people in their twenty's in the United States either don't believe in God or don't know if they believe in God or not and how you don't know that you believe in God the mission field is Amish field we just conducted an evangelist series in Beirut Lebanon to tell you more about that as the week goes by I tell you there are some parts of the world. Precious few Christians at all and that's important it's important we do something about that but don't think you got to go to Timbuktu in order to win a saw there are a lot of people on your street there in your community they way you get your hair cut their way you shop their way you take your car to get an oil change they are everywhere the return of Jesus must add impetus to our mission we have been cold Jesus said Go therefore and make disciples of all nations the reason the church exists is to reach people who don't know Christ we are not here to consult our ease we are not here to generate or accumulate more stuff our primary goal while we are all on this earth is to reach the lost with the gospel of Christ watch that good news the sinless one died for us sin is Jesus bore our burdens he takes away our sins he removes our guilt he gives us hope there was a cross erected at Calvary Jesus was nailed to that cross on that cross the savior gave his life so we might live eternally maybe I have to have once been really lost to truly appreciate it I don't think. But if you've ever been good and lost and looked in the mirror and said to yourself like this I'm going to hell then you might have had that epiphany once that said I need Jesus more than I need anything else in the. Jesus died and rose from the good went to heaven where he intercedes at the right hand of God This is the good news we can tell anyone sinner there is hope for you God will give you a new stock God will give you and you are even the baddest of the bad if God could save Manasseh if God could save Solomon when he was in over his head in immorality and sin then God can save your family member your neighbor your child your parent your colleague Jesus came into the world to seek and save that which was lost this is profoundly good news one day this old world and all of its attendant misery and problems will be clear on all things passed away all things will become new Jesus is coming back would you say man and let me say something to you Do we want unity in the church yes or no all year we want it we need it I tell you what we'll never have unity in the church while people are sitting around in the church like bumps on a log doing nothing to share Jesus with anybody else now I'm not saying that you need to be an evangelist in the in the professional evangelist sense or you need to know as much as the Bible instructor who works alongside your congregation but man can you imagine if everybody did something I heard that quote before everybody gave out in this in this territory somewhere between one and 3 glow track today that's 100000 a day we could get out imagine it imagine in a week that's that's 700008 week that's $3000000.00 a month that's $36000000.00 a year. If we did something easy easy before long you'd be given a tract the I've got this one thanks people be trading them I have the one about dead I'll give you to death for a 7 and I can make up the complete set strangers would be doing this was pasta once told me that a pulling horse does not kick you show me a church that's kicking and I will show you a church that's pulling a church where there is no unity is the same church as the church where there is no focus on mission and evangelism when we get busy doing mission when we love the last when we love each other when we get beside each other and we'll go man they'll be unity All right let's not wait for the time of trouble to experience unity how about we get on with the job God gave us to get on with and we remember tonight the return of Jesus represents the fulfillment the ultimate fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible everything we believe in as Christians adds up to the return of Jesus let's think about this time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation fulfilled when Jesus comes back mark of the beast issue resolved when Jesus comes back again and the 7 last plagues fulfilled with the return of Jesus Christ United States role and Bible prophecy will have been discharged the Latter Rain will have fallen but challenges that come to the church will have come and gone which suggests that if the 2nd coming of Jesus is going to happen soon then exciting things are going to happen soon think about what we teach death well that will all come to an end when Jesus comes back $2300.00 a year prophecy resolve fulfilled all done when Jesus comes back because judgment will have ended without the return of Jesus prophecies are in formation when Jesus comes back we will experience ultimate trends formation because of glorification thank God. Now let's think about this be remiss of us not to consider the 2nd coming of Jesus through this lens the return of Jesus speaks to us about the need for personal preparation we're going to turn in our Bibles to Titus chapter 2 and when we get to Titus Chapter 2 we will start in a predictable place Titus chapter 2 and verse 11 ladies and gentlemen we believe this we were taught this we painted on the signs out in front of our churches Jesus is coming back soon we believe in the imminent advent of Jesus and Paul wrote in Titus and he said for the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men or to all teaching us now listen teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts we should live soberly righteously and godly in this present world looking for that blessid hope and the Glorious Appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ denying ungodliness and worldly Law us ladies and gentlemen sin has got to go we ought to have a 0 tolerance policy for it and I don't just mean bad sin I'm talking about all of sins they all got to go now here's the problem we know that we know that intellectually Well I shouldn't tell you this so I will live in less than a year ago I got in a conversation with a fella he said is my book I wrote this book you know great man. I'm giving you this book well thank you I opened it up and I started flipping through the chapters and. This one chapter just it just caught my eye I didn't understand what it was what it could have been about I said What's this chapter about is you know it's in that chapter that I take on. A certain theologians you know it's interesting what did he teach where he said that you have to be perfect I said Ok what did he mean by that he said Well he taught that you had to be sinless but what does that even mean I said What did he mean by that he said well he said that you have to stop sinning and I said a kind of thought that was the whole idea and he said Oh no. Oh no I said when I became a Christian I gave up doing this and this and this and this and this I said Which one of these 5 sins should I not have quit I said Just tell me which one because maybe if I shouldn't equate it if it's something I enjoyed I'm much just take it back up again so which one he thought and then he said all our righteousness is are as filthy rags as you know no I know that let's leave that for him and that's not the question I asked a much of which sin I shouldn't I shouldn't of stopped doing because evidently stopping sinning is not what we should be doing out here he said all our righteousness is I said no no no you're pivoting I'm not going to chop that with that he started to get a little bit aggressive with me. And and I said Ok let's just make it really simple the 5th when it comes to Jesus and his faith in Jesus he ought to stop stealing a right he said oh no what do you mean he said he cannot stop seeing the ceiling I said I know what's in and of him so in yourself no one can stop anything but but Jesus is able to give this man the victory of a theft right he said no no no no no I said your devil is more powerful than your god that's no place to be and he said something else and. On then he said the thief will want to stop thieving but he won't be able to I said you're putting us right in Romans 7 that's way Paul said I want to not do stuff and I find myself doing it he described himself Oh right should man that I am he said. Will you read that book I said no probably not you might as well take that and burn it what was really interesting is that he was a pastor denying ungodliness and worldly lust ladies and gentlemen Yes I have to be careful how you express this because if you believe it wrong it makes you miserable but here's my question is Jesus able to live in you in such a way that you have a distaste for sin and a taste for righteousness he can't live in you any other way when we look for that blessing hope we are wanting to become more and more like Jesus now now this is where I got to just just kind of double back around I don't want you to think that you want to leave this place do not and never make another mistake you know even Roger Federer occasionally serves a fault you know it's because well it's because he's a human being and no one can only sort of in that that's tennis is an imperfect illustration but you get. Friend The important thing is you keep your eyes on Jesus and you grow you deny and godliness inwardly lost your purpose in your heart to let Jesus have your life and grow you and change you and transform you of any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things that want passed away all things to become what new but listen we are to prepare for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ denying sin the old man is to be put to death the Bible says so we walk in newness of life our eyes are on Jesus more of Christ less of ourselves sanctification is the work of a what lifetimes are you going to be growing and growing and growing until Jesus returns in Christ you are going to be growing friend Jesus is more powerful than sin greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world if you believe there is a sin more powerful then than you can get rid of out of your life. We can deconstruct that sentence it was grammatically terrible if you believe there is a sin so powerful you could never get it out of your life you are right if you believe there is a sin so powerful Jesus can get it out of your life you are wrong Greater is He that is in you then he not he then he that is in the was old if you don't have a save use powerful enough to straighten you up when you are crooked then you don't have a savior at all what can wash away my sin nothing according to some people nothing. According to the Bible the blood of Jesus thank God Jesus died to make me new I am not damned to be tomorrow what I used to be yesterday Jesus can grow me and restore in me his own character thank a lot for that don't sell yourself short don't you sell the Gospel short don't you sell the Holy Spirit short when Christ comes into your life changes you we have a tendency of that's Mr Brown he's a grumpy old fella but he's Ok oh that's Mr Smith she's been a deacon here forever she's a gossip don't say anything you want to hear but she's a dolling really no she's not she's a sinner and so is he and then you go to Jesus and say change me so that I'm not a gossip changed me so that I'm not a grump and when I grow up again go back to Jesus and say that's not good enough Jesus do a great work do a deeper work we must be dissatisfied with the presence of sin and ally and dissatisfied with the lack of Christ we need more of Jesus more of his spirit more of Christ more of the presence of God more of his. Wonderful story in the in a book called The Bible of Jesus going into the temple one day and did you ever wonder they all ran they they they bolted from the temple Didn't you ever wonder about that their little surprising Jesus went in there and fashioned a little whip of some kind and he walked up to the money changers table turned them over get these things change and the people ran where I grew up if you walked into a little gambling den and turned over the tables and see. If these things hands this thing you could do is run why didn't somebody punch Jesus right in the face. Because he was God in the flesh that's not a satisfactory answer but you know I get it but none I mean yes but no because he was angry No no no no no they were angry because he had a whip known if you've never had the desire of ages you need to read it if you haven't read it in a while read it again you read the chapter dealing with this and the author tells you that the people in the temple fled listen they fled from the condemnation of his presence from the condemnation of his presence they evacuated the temple because of his presence no if your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and it is if your body is the temple and Jesus comes into the temple what must happen to this and that's to flee got afraid it's got to flee when Jesus is there and it's in throned in your heart the sin must flee and it must flee Jesus is coming back soon we want to hold on to him with everything we have and say to Jesus change Mile High Naik me new Listen you're not going to get discouraged you're just going to say Lord I'm determined you have to do a work in me the challenge we have is when we try to change ourselves try to change ourselves don't start from the outside and work in don't think if I only overcome this then I can go to heaven no no no no no you've got to overcome a lot more than this very evidently your thinking must be if Jesus will take this out when Jesus comes and Jesus I surrender and Holy Spirit change my hot now you're on the right track. Don't start from the outside start from the inside Jesus come into my life and change me and don't stop changing me until you look at my face and see yourself he's coming back and we've got to be ready this is why the Bible says Examine yourselves whether you be in the faith don't have your focus in the wrong place focus on Christ if you look within you will be discouraged you see all the wrong stuff but look up and see Jesus interceding for you at the right hand of his heavenly father he loves you he died to save you he wants to change your heart you cannot be so sinful that there is no hope for you if God could save money NASA he can save you there is no doubt about it if he could save Newton the ugly all slave trader and move in his heart so that he could strike the song Amazing grace how sweet the sound then he can save you and put a new song in your heart God can do it Jesus is coming back and when he comes back he is coming back for bar Saints which keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus do we believe it tonight the only thing that's going to prevent us from being ready for the 2nd coming of Jesus is our own unwillingness to be ready that's all Jesus spoke to a bunch and scoundrels in John Chapter 5 and he said you are not willing to come to me that you might have a life you didn't say your sin is going to keep you he said what's keeping you is your unwillingness to come to me because when you come to Jesus he will take away your sin he will give you a new hot he will live in you dwell in you grew up that's what he does it's time for us to throw ourselves at the feet of Jesus and say Jesus take me make me your. Jesus transform me Jesus save me Jesus change me every day like we mean it taking time with God taking time in the word taking time to pray Lord will you grow me will you make me your own he will and they'll never be a time that Jesus says you know thanks he's coming back soon privileges to be ready now privileges to go out privileges to experience weightlessness gravity is no longer going to hold you honestly we are going up I was in Guatemala recently we were filming for it is written and we had a mission group going there shortly after our visit it was 3 weeks after Vulcan Baal Qandil for a go erupted wiped out a town wiped out a bunch of people 3 weeks after the volcano the ground was still warm you pulled a stone out of the ground the underside of the stone was still hot What happened was the volcano erupted it was it didn't throw stuff up like this into the air it sort of belch out the spiral plastic flow rock and and super heated gas it just flowed down the mountain and swallowed up the place we went there to film standing on this looked like the surface of the Moon Over there there was heavy equipment digging down to the road from the top of the ash to the road was about 25 feet was a lot of stuff we were there filming you know when there was a top of a house sticking up out of the ground in a roof over there other than that I didn't really see anything just this odd ball surface later we were in truth interviewing survivors and one man just sort of mentioned there were 15000 people in that town and afterwards I asked the translator did it mean 1500 didn't mean 1500 not the things 1000 he said well and Espanyol 1100 very different don't think he made a mistake then somebody said there were 13000 or so people living in that town I couldn't believe it. So I went to the where I was staying and I. Googled Sunday Geller's lot as before and after before it was a little city after surface of the moon the whole place had been swallowed up the government said a couple of 100 people died the people said about 1500 or 2000 people died and the reason for the disparity is because the people who ordinarily would have reported other people missing were missing that 2000 people died and that's when we spoke to Rosa Rosa volunteered with the government's emergency warning system it was her role to go around the town telling people to go I'm here the government sent me the volcano was erupting go go go in there she spoke tears started trickling down his face she said I would go into one home and say you've got to go but they would say to me we're just going to lock the door and waited out house after house after house the warning came and they decided not to move somebody ran into a church a church filled with worshipers please get out the volcano was coming they said we're going to pray we're going to pray that God will help us ignoring the fact that God was helping them that church is still full of worshipers worshippers and ash and rock where we were standing the church was just about over there about 15 feet below the surface of the ground as it now was can you imagine people seeing danger but not know when the danger came not preparing to save themselves that's what's going on in the world and tragically to some extent in the church this isn't a game this is real Jesus is coming back he's coming back for those who've made room for him in their heart. For those who have said not my will but your will be done he's coming back for those who have said Alright let's do it your way it's that easy it's that simple he's coming back the people have said if you died for me I'm prepared to live for you even though even though right now I might have a hard heart change my heart and make me a new Listen friend of Jesus would come back where would you find yourself on high ground or stuck in one of those houses as ashen rock and who knows what else comes sweeping by and through looking for that blessing. In ungodliness and worldly lasts we should live soberly right Asli In God We know God's not asking you to do what you can't do and be what you can't be but he is asking you to let Jesus do what you can do and be in your life what you can be is asking for permission to change your life and give you hope the 2nd coming of Jesus the blessing hope it's the best news you've ever known of Jesus is coming back we get to go home we get to go home and be at home for ever and ever and ever Life is just so short without the return of Jesus this would be a cruel joke you barely started living and you start dying but Jesus says I've got a better plan it's called Eternity and he offers it to you tonight and to me and he wonders if we would take it from his hand take it from his heart would you do that tonight would you say to Jesus I want that I want you to Nettie even if you can look within yourself and say I'm a hard hearted no good rich of a human being that's Ok Tell that to Jesus and ask him to give you a new heart and he will it's what he majors and it's what he does it's what he does what he's done for others he'll do for you we're going to pray tonight Jesus is coming back soon we must be ready How do you how do you become ready by taking hold of Jesus and when you take hold of him his right chestnuts becomes your own and in taking hold of him you surrender to him. You say Take my heart and keep on working till it's all yours all yours all yours can we pray that prayer tonight let's pray Father in heaven all yours all yours we want to be all yours and you've got to work with us Lord thank you thank you the Bible says that the long suffering of our God is salvation thank you for your patience anybody else would become so impatient with us so long ago we wouldn't have any hope tonight we thank you for the wonderful hope the blessing hope we thank you for no more sin and sickness we thank you that all of our hopes will be realized we thank you that will be new all New York was all yours of Father would you come into our hearts like never before forgive us cleanse us prepare us and keep on preparing us give us a dissatisfaction for anything less than our hearts filled with your presence tonight we choose Jesus we ask for grace to turn in your direction and to stay in your direction and we pray that you would do with us what we could never do in ourselves don't let us become so in Nannette with the things of the world that Jesus becomes smaller instead of bigger May we decrease and your son Jesus increase we accept from you tonight the gift of salvation we believe that we have it thank you lord that you would never let us go. Continue to grow us for your kingdom radio entirely for the return of Jesus Christ we thank you tonight and we pray looking forward to the blessing of. Jesus name we pray we said. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon later visit w w w audio verse or.


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