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02-In His Presence: Vision and Planning

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Jonathan Walter Callie Williams



  • October 12, 2019
    9:30 AM

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The richest man of your country comes to you and asks you what do you want how would you answer find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Temporary. Just within the. Hey welcome friends to this episode of inverse we are in the midst of studying the book of Nehemiah from the perspective of leadership if you joined us last week we looked at purpose and passion that developed in chapter one and here I got my teammates my friends in the studio or looking at the 1st half of chapter 2 so if you haven't already get out your Bibles and open to Nehemiah Chapter 2 Sebastian can you pray for us to start this episode yes let's pray Father in heaven we know that opening your word will have no profit if your spirit is not with us and so we pray for his presence that he would guide us into a truth that he would bring things to all remembrance that would not only bless our lives but our listeners and Lord we also pray that as we have titled this lesson in his presence. Or that we may understand the significance of your presence that should inspire us in the presence of those who are great on this earth and embolden us to inquire for the purposes of going to is our prayer in Jesus' name amen amen amen Kelly Nehemiah Chapter 2 verses one through somewhere Ok let's start and it came to pass in the month of the song in the 20th year of King Arthur's or excuse when wine was before him that I took the wine and gave it to the king now I have never been sad in his presence before therefore the king said to me why is your face sad since you are not sick this is nothing but sorrow of heart so I became dreadfully afraid and said to the king made a cane live forever why should my face not be sad when the city the place of my father's tombs lies waste and its gates are burned with fire and the king said to me what do you request so I prayed to the God of heaven and I said to the king if it pleases the king and if your servants found favor in your sight I ask that you send me to Judah to the city of my father's tombs that I may rebuild it then the king said to me the queen also sitting beside him how long will your journey be and when will you return so please the King to send me and I set him a time Furthermore I said to the king if it pleases the king let letters be given to me for the governors the region beyond the river that they must permit me to pass through till I come to Judah and a letter to the keeper of the King's Forest that he must give me Tembe or to make beams for the gates of the citadel which pertains to the temple for the city wall and for the house that I will occupy and the king granted them to me according to the good hand of my God upon me then I went to the governors in the region beyond the river and gave them the king's letters now the king has sent captains of the army and horsemen with me Ok thanks Kelly is a long passage but this is a good narrative and also you've been out there listening. Along to we don't read the Bible just for it to be read but there are some power in following along with the actual But Bible narrative. Johnson what's going on in Chapter 2 help us out well we are now a couple months after the Chapter One experience and we are now in the king's court room here we are here now. Is interacting with the King and also interacting with his God And so we are seeing Nehemias you know reaction from chapter one has continued on over these weeks and months and it's just burdening his heart and now the king Arctic circus is taking notice that something is going on in the life that is bothering him and he enquires. Shares with him even though he's scared to do it he does it and we see an interesting outcome of Arctic surface reaction to that inquiry that you know you missed a couple months I love when the Bible gives sometimes seemingly useless information it is never useless there are some theological merit to that chapter 2 verse one that says it came to pass in the month of the sun the sun not the Japanese car company but the actual Jewish month you compare that to Chapter one Verse one it came to pass in the month of kids level. Or however you want to pronounce that depending on your You're going to be told that a lot of. Thank you emails will go to Jonathan and verse by. The word anyway so we're going to talk to him and that chapter one compare those 2 and in between 4 to 5 months have chess transpired and this is not Bible trivia but this is a real live and here he's praying this awesome prayer in chapter one and 4 to 5 months things circumstances in his life are changing and they're changing in a drastic way and the crazy question is this Can God change your life in 4 to 5 months is that a reality is that something that. We expect or is it something that we pray and then we just assume that it will happen in about 20 years so that when you're looking pensive when you think about our current generation with all the devices and technology and Wireless this and wireless that you know there is literally no patients using the other side that's that's not fast enough no like for a lot of things that already a fast. Absolute out of 5 months you know and get favor in the King but in nowadays I mean people are upset that it takes you know 8 seconds for the signal to go to the satellite and come back to my phone to download the web page and I'm like all this is you know this is a slow device 8 seconds this is unacceptable and you're thinking I'm going to pray up to God right to Heaven is going to take 4 to 5 months forgot to bring this to pass and in this sense there is such a greater need for us to accept the patients that we need to have with God simply in response to our belief that he is wiser than us and that God has perfect timing for all things that come to pass It is literally a covert lack of face that I would demonstrate impatience and frustration God why haven't you done this yet and my God Or am I not and if I am God then I'm wiser than you I know all things I'm in all places and I have a complete control over the events of the universe there needs to be more trust in God and we see with Nehemiah these few months he accepted that burden he accepted that pressure that no you can't do anything about Jerusalem this week you can't do anything about Jerusalem your people this week and went week to week to week but he was still waiting on the Lord in prayer Kelly and give us an insight on this cup there are things like it was easy like just pouring Kool-Aid into the cup all the time but it was why why is that a big thing such a big thing because of the keys cut there is mean they want to give him the cup of wine and a drinks and I mean as a king people ought to kill you for different reasons and so you're very trusted person to be like I. You know I can give this to you and you trust me and they often drink themselves to make sure wasn't poisoned and things like that and so things watching him to see if he croaks over and yeah that's that nation which is why he looks at him he's like yeah that's right that's right you want to you want to talk because I was like a little kinky if there ever I'm not planning to kill your buddies but he don't hurt me right right so it's I mean there's a place of trust but there's a very like it's not like Oh we're good friends it's like I will watch you and I'll not months of the day so it's kind of scary as well at the end of chapter one he says for I was the King's Cup Barry he kind of and that prayer that way and then what is he saying through that he's kind of he's kind of sensing that through his prayer and idea is forming plan is kind of coming up like I'm praying to God and I'm confessing and I'm giving out a ration in I'm claiming your promise is you know all the sudden if you could get favor in the side of the king he explains why he's saying what he's saying at the end of his prayer which is grant him earth in the sight of this man so his 4 or 5 months he's not praying this one prayer and just you know playing video games for the 4 week for 4 months and just waiting for the career he's actually planning praying burdening a lot of rain storm brainstorming going through this so this isn't passive there's an active Yes Ok working cooperating with our prayers and I think at the same time you know when we when we pray to God and we ask him for something some kind of. Help or whatever it is often the reason that God doesn't answer immediately is because he needs us to go through the process of praying and thinking character development we might not be ready to receive the answer Who knows maybe Nehemiah had some issues to work through in his own life before he was ready for situation the situation of chapter 2 so I think it's important we embrace patients as you mentioned embrace the fact that God works with us we have to trust you but there is there is a blessing in waiting. It is obviously not just sitting around and waiting it is an act of kind of waiting let me ask you is this Are you are you more logistical minded or are you more. You know people or you're a people person in there or you what's your style of leadership succession you're doing your lips and then the other 2 are answering right away. When I think about people my day or your tertian earlier I never I like to not extrovert I would have excluded the solution I don't know what you think out there if you think that an urgent action or contact I think is over me to say we think imagine isn't every going to fill out our full truth just the wrong in just a little old me you know 50 cases of even chocolate cake so. I am 100 percent. What are you so that I'm 100 percent a person that loves tasks yes but if people are in front of me I will always defer to people so if you put me in my office on the focus on the task I don't want to call I don't want to text I prefer email asynchronous forms of communication we're not talking in real time because then I feel the pressure that oh I should ask you how you're doing I should versus it being like a Johnson Calley you the same time saying to Sebastian or them like a like a list of task and say nothing I'm out there I'm going to string back on this kicking in this but I do sometimes forget that you know people are connected to these tasks and often you because they're so used to working with the machine the computer sometimes it's easy especially when you are communicating digitally to see the other person as a machine but it's not it's a person in beings they are called on to remember I myself I guess what I'm asking you this is not just to be frivolous but there is what I'm getting from this this passage is there are some people who are logistically minded strategic thinkers they're planners they're executers and here Nehemiah uses that component in a spiritual context and sometimes there is this definition of spirituality being pray and don't plan and just hope for the best and float around and contemplate these having the things and look like some broke painting from the 1500 but here I mean he's really I mean if he has a smartphone and he's got the you know check boxes and he's thinking through a strategy but he's. Subjugating that under prayer and I think that's the balance that that we love in an alley and I had a jolly well I'm going to different direction Ok All right let's get out of their jobs and come back well this is going to say that Nehemiah here it seems anyways to us maybe God was influencing the name I doesn't know it wasn't his own idea but it seems like a name I came up with this himself like I have a burden for this I want to do something and there as he said there is this notion out there. God has to call me to do this before I can do anything and I believe that the Bible gives a case for hey there is a there's a space for you to take initiative when you see something is not in order in the work of God go I like that that gives me. You know courage to say hey I'm going to make a difference I'm not just going to sit around and wait I'm going to do something and it doesn't have to be the voice from heaven every time that tells me what to do yes especially on this point you know when you when you look at how Nehemiah responds in this in this experience of planning it tells me that for a lot of people they're afraid that I'm not going to do got what God wants me to do in God's way and it reminds me of when I was trying to start this nonprofit organization I had a lot of questions and the question was are you going to do this or are you going to do that and in that process people saying Well are you following this plan are you following that plan and immediately as I started to make decisions the questions started coming to my mind am I just doing this of my own thought or is this something that God is leading me to do and I think that's the tension that Nehemiah solves and that he results you can plan but you also got to make sure that what God is leading you to do it's also being done in his way and that lesson comes from Moses that when we come back from the break the king asks Nehemiah What do you want this is the golden question that Nehemiah asked answer how would you answer well look at it we'll come back after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to a while there join us like us our best sums up my handle again is invest 5 L.-Space Now back to the discussion with. A welcome back friends we're looking at you know my chapter 2 and we're looking at how to use your business AK human you're a logistical mind set you're planning abilities for the Cause of God And Kelly let's go to you you want to bring us to a new direction and your I don't want to leave you out left you after the break I like I like the balance of he is very logistically minded yes and he is very you know planning focused but he's also very emotionally invested in this as that's can you can see that chapter one like a god as a problems figured out k. let's all wait but I mean he's like repenting for a nation sins and like you're leading with God to move and so it's not just like I was in if you will solve it but he sees the importance of it and he has a spiritual emotional investment there yes and I think that that brings that also to just a place where he can be used more by God because it's not as big a deal to him as it is to God I think and also as he talks to the king you know you talked about like the question which is like that question but the next words right after that is so I pray to the God and restore and so he's not just like I prayed about it like it's fine right now what I'm going to say right well even as opportunity presents himself as like this Is it Ok God please guide me but I mean when he's talking to the king he's pretty bold Yes So it's not like he you know he backs down he's like Oh well God will just speak to the king I'll just sit here and look at him like he says the crazy things he asked for the very specific requests that are in my opinion a little presumptuous I see there is a balance here for a new you know my absolute one about once I want it is your. Don't plan it all you just pray and hope for the best and we talked about that and the other one is well you just rely on your human wisdom you do all the planning and you don't consult God at all or God is just a mute consultant Yes he's not or he interferes with jobs there for it wasn't his will that here in your mind does everything he can but all that he does is still subjugated to God in prayer and even in the midst of planning and answering that is also a prayer that's just it's just so beautiful or is this area that. It reminds me of you know the Kelleys point Luther at the diet it burns when he's standing there and are asking will you recant and Luther says I need a day to think about it now even though he knew his position even though he knew exactly that I'm not going to recant and I'm not going to affirm and I stand by everything that I wrote and published but that you know history tells us that he took the time because he didn't want to offend people he didn't want to lead people to reject the Gospel as he was coming to understand it because of how he defended it in The Simpsons William IOW he knows what his request is going to be to the king and he knows exactly what he's And that's why he's asking God to give him favor because he understands all the obstacles for him to obtain that from the king but yet and still he takes time to pray to exercise tact and how much could we benefit how many issues could we avoid How many plants could have succeeded how do we paused and prayed and I think you have given the universe's most bountiful resources yes available to you why would you not want that accessible to accessing your project but I need to go to verse verse 45 here I said to the king if it pleases the king and if your servant found favoring your site and then he asked these things and he's goes into this what is he asking and how did this develop immediately this is develop over time like Sebastian said he's praying to God But this isn't he didn't ask for a day like like Luther did although he does he does pray he doesn't say you can't hold on a 2nd let me go over to my. Per corner here and call my prayer friends and go down the list at least 3 from you guys this is an emergency Prayer is one of those lord i help me now and prayers and then what does he ask what is Yes well 1st he has to be able to go away and vacation time Ok Perkins woulda and that he could rebuild it so yes Charles says I just want positive but just like I love that one that he had the initial favor ready and also he's being honest now just like I was going to do it had to do something like I'm going to rebuild it so there's a reason I was always greedy here on a severe and then 4 or 5 here that's done with excellence because I can kind of been like I don't want to go rebuild something else and no it doesn't it could've stopped him it's a massive request when you think about it we read so quickly over it that he wants to go back and rebuild the walls of an entire city and the walls mean a lot I mean the wall the wall represents strength and protection and and integrity it just means so much for the city and the people of Israel and he's basically saying I want to strengthen my people in your kingdom so that we maybe one day we can break away or you know you don't know or let's even be honest from the King's perspective my most trusted adviser is going to be gone so I'm going to send you to go do a project that probably is not going to take a couple weeks so here's the king and the queen allowing themselves to become vulnerable for the sake of Nehemiah is burdening calling Yeah you're the person that I look to to make sure that my reign persists and I'm going to let that go I see knew my being here very wise you know and he knows this question may come up and he didn't. Just kind of I want to go to go. Look at I don't know how much i money he knows exactly what he needs he gives a precise and this is the level that the king is used to from his prime minister the cool thing is that I just love the wisdom but also the tact that Nehemiah has Yes So 1st to the king so that are used to go I'm not sad I'm outside. And he's picking up on the intuitive feel for the courtroom he had the Korean word for new which is the word is Korean and 10 is the sense that what's going on in verse 5 he's praying he says if it pleases the king he says this wording that's that's not demanding but it is on us and what I just think is so cool and weird is verse 6 then the king said to me pare parentheses and we wean was also sitting next to him and that's been that's that's that's that's been a question mark for a lot of the why is the queen the mention who is queen and some people haven't even say that's Queen Esther the queen that's right making a guest appearance and this. Is some I never know what I appreciate your input I do it and I wear it why does he mention that I think it shows his awareness. Yes like he knows everyone that he's talking to even though you look at the King Yes right there yeah and I mean they talk so he's not going to say anything to embarrass him but he's going to say stuff to maybe even you know beef up his you know hey King you know you got a trillion dollars really have I don't have a 1000000. Yes I can think of like the emotional side of the you know the I just it's just so cool this guy's a swath of you know like sanctified. And also it could it could have influenced the king sympathy as well you know that he's as sharing this burden why are you so sad and the king shows his compassion in the Queen is you know on the looking at her husband like oh you know he's a very compassionate and giving and so would it could also be providential that the queen is sitting with him on this particular court it all helps the king very interesting the 1st 3 he says that made a King Live Forever yes why should my face not be and then he says when the city the place of my father's tombs lies waste and its gates are burned with fire so he doesn't say and there's some tact here and he doesn't give his personal testimony or in there as he does try to witness to this guy I'm like Lord do you want to be about. Came to him back 28 I was studies though there are times for that that's right but here's he's being attacked and he can check show wises his conundrum and he says the place of my father's tombs Well he's not really there to build up his father's tombs but the place of his father's tombs it makes sense for the king's mindset saying hey this is as important to you as if it were your tombs That's how important it is for me and he's just using the King's language and getting them to understand just contextualization going to tack to his wisdom he's not lying and he's not compromising by any means just using the other person's like if you take one step back in verse 2 as the king recognizes a king and the king the him I haven't him I has. A situation into his face it's sad it says here he was dreadfully afraid so Nehemiah is very scared why because in the in the king's court see no you're not supposed to bring negativity into the atmosphere and the Kings can do whatever you want but you want to please the King you want to be happy atmosphere and in those times if the king doesn't like something he will kill you it doesn't matter so he's not in this scary situation and but because he has a firm purpose in his heart and he knows God is with him there is a holy boldness there to be willing then too as we are already talking about things and explain it to him with tact and love that word holy boldness that term that you use holy boldness and we often don't associate those 2 things with each other you sure that there is there is if you even look at in verse 2 again where it says when the King is talking to me or my he says why is your face since you are not sick that automatically tells you something about the king's relationship with Nehemiah he was very attentive How would you know that he's not sick so clearly there is there's this guy has never been sick before he's never calling for vacation days before this guy's never been sad he's been. Good Christian happy witness in the courtyard and now he's a little bit upset and the king is like oh no you're not sick I know that's not your problem and so that gives you a certain sense when tact even though we may have a close relationship with an individual Nehemiah still regards the king by his position you know we're close you know you trust me you're obviously personally invested in my welfare why are you sad I know you're not sick but I can tell this is sorrow hard I can't I'm going to play a little bit counter counterpoint with that with both of your perspectives Let's go to verse 8 so the king asked What do you need and he says I need vacation time and I need I need my passport and I need some materials to build and by the way you're going to fund those materials and I don't want those materials that you can get from some discount you know dollars or I want to from your personal verse 9 verse and it's. Going to give. This translation and a letter to the keeper of the king's for us that he must give me timber to make me beam means for the gates of the citadel which pertains the temple for the city well for the house that I walk you by I mean he's asking for you know the gold standard at Home Depot and you will. Want the most expensive stuff and I want to from your account King and want to the king's for a and when it comes and so where does he get this this and we both but I was going to say audacity but all those above when I see that audacity from it's a respectful Addis I think he's on soon with God So he he's obviously trusting God and maybe he's also thinking you know what I've already overstepped so I did say well you know go on the go go home. And so he's coming with holy boldness I think God might also be putting words into his mouth and God you know he orchestrates things and when we are in tune with him he will use us in mighty ways and I just love how God taps into our in our into our passions and dreams for his work. So Nehemiah wants to do this big thing he wants to aim high he has a he has this this vision for his people and got to say I'm going to use this guy and I'm one of direct this way in a certain way and who knows if Nehemiah was speaking himself or if God was influencing him but either way it worked. Another thing I think it just goes back to those 4 to 5 months time when like that just solidifies conviction every confidence of being like I'm so sure God is calling me and it might even be like Ok Got you might have said to God like if he asks me a question I will answer by needs you to have somebody been like Ok God brought me this far so I'm going to say everything I planted into your to your point just and he says right at the end of verse 8 according to the good hand of my God. So that lets you know what is happening me and my recognizes all these things I'm getting is the good have you made argument on that no that's that's where the I feel that Nehemiah is getting his boldness from even though he's in the presence of the King he's in the presence of the king the Lord of the universe in the hope of the study has been a blessing for you may holy boldness be in your life while you are in the presence of the King thanks for joining us hopefully you've been blessed by this episode to join us next episode here on in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation telling what is wrong with Jonathan Sebastian Baxter he could die. Just an. Investor is brought to you by the full tithe television that changes the output this and more inspired than ever so there's that interest that all. The large the Amazons also move. In verse 5 until next time this is enforced.


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