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  • October 19, 2019
    9:30 AM

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There are 2 types of people there are people people and there is project people which are you and what's the difference find out on this up a sort of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary Issues. Yes your post just within. A friends welcome to inverse we are in our 3rd episode of this topic on leadership and the book of Nehemiah I'm here with my friends here in the studio are going to look at the 2nd half of Nehemiah Chapter 2 So join us as we read before you read scripture Jonathan can you pray for us that's our heads father we just love the Bible and we're so excited this week studying the book of Nehemiah to learn about how to be a leader and Lord we just ask that you will speak to hearts as we go into the word as you always do and as you've promised give us insight and direct us and may not only we but everyone who's watching and studying with us be blessed us well as we pray in Jesus' name amen. Amen so you can let's go to Nehemiah chapter 2 verse 10 through 20. He says when somebody the horror night and Tobiah the Ammonite official heard of it they were deeply disturbed that a man can't come to seek the well being of the children of Israel so I came to Jerusalem and was there 3 days then I arose in the night and a few men with me I told no one what my God had put in my heart to do edges of them nor is there any animal with me except the one on which I rode and I went out by night through the valley gate to the serpent well and the refuse gate and view the walls of Jerusalem which were broken down and its gates which were burned with fire then I went on to the Fountain Gate and to the king's pool but there was no room for an animal under need to pass so I went up in the night by the valley and viewed the wall then I came back and entered by the Valley Gate and so returned and the officials do not know where I had gone or what I had done I had not yet told the Jews the priests the nobles the officials all the others who did the work then I said to them you see the distress that we are in how Jerusalem lies waste and its gates are burned with fire come and let us build the wall of Jerusalem that we may no longer be a reproach and I told him of the hand of my God which had been good upon me and also of the King's words which that he had spoken to me so they said Let us rise up and build then they set their hands to this good work but when Sanballat the horror night Tobiah the Ammonite official and guest of the guest of the Arab heard of it they laughed at us and despised us and said What is this thing that you are doing when you rebel against the King so I answered them and said to them the God of heaven himself will prosper us therefore we his servants will arise and build but you have no heritage or right or Memorial in Jerusalem thanks you. What's going on in the 2nd half a job to do. So. You might as the main character. On the interview yeah. Is doing his homework and he he he writes with great description of what he does to prepare for the movement of the people in the building of the wall and he goes to great detail to show like he went in there he did he discover what was going on for himself he's not hearing 2nd hand of what is taking place he's discovering for himself and so you have here the pretty much the elements of what true leadership is the is going to identify himself with the people right he's going to say Come let us build he's work with the people himself but in order for him to do that he needs to 1st of all place him selfe in a situation where he can identify with the people and then after that after he's identified with the people he will call the people to do the work and he will tell them of 2 things he will tell them of what God has done for him personally and then he would also tell him he would also tell the people what the king has done in order to prepare so he will give a spiritual component of practice if you are going ahead of us and we are going to get you all those points and then many ways less is over. Already with this. Kind of overview of where we've been so far is that Nehemiah has been just a really 1st class really top class guy in talking to the King I mean he's got tacked down he's got the wisdom thing down and he's asking all these things but now he's actually there and the question is Why doesn't he tell anyone and why is he doing why is he going at one time I guess the question is I think he doesn't want to rush anything God has bus him he's there he has help and support from the king. But he's not just like hey I'm here now let's do this he has is all mentioned he's investigating he's he's making sure he understands the situation because thus far he's only heard the rumors and descriptions from his brothers but I want to take a look at this and I want to. The issues because he can come like oh well I brought all this timber and all this rock and all the stuff that we need that's built but you know he has actually got to work so he takes a look he goes around and he wants to have a good comprehensive image of what's going on so that he can also better relate to the people that he's going to be asking to help him build this makes me think of conversations with my husband and he's an awesome guy but sometimes it's like you know you're at an interview Marilyn sites. Where you go and I mean you know or I am expressing something that happened or is that you asian that took place edited before me than done explain the situation he's got a solution and I've heard it's a guy thing you know oh no no I don't blame the problems on the entire male male gender that is relatively late for him. To have gentle Ok. But you know it's having sometimes when we listen to a problem or a situation that we always see a problem it's easy to rush to a conclusion of what the solution and but name I steps back and says I need to take it slow and investigate for myself not even word of mouth what people are saying about the situation even though he's on the ground he has to determine for himself what are the issues that are involved what what's it going to take to resolve it well I love the fact that what you mentioned is he's getting this firsthand account of the situation for himself so far I mean kind of we can we make glance over it but according to this narrative where did he get his information from up to this point his brother just this guy named after one just from a just or informal conversation now how he wants to see it for himself so he's verifying the report and it could be the maybe the report was wrong and he just has to return so there is an element of sympathy and intuition and taking it easy but there's also like let me just confirm if this fake news is fake or this real news is real and to see with his own eyes I saw those more Actually I see this more as. Nehemiah kind of preparing himself to fight in his own armor obviously he trusts a nanny because he asks and what's going on he considers he called them one of his brothers right and so I my sense from in the passages that he he's got a very good connection with them now once you and what he what is taking place in Chapter 2 is not to verify and check what is taking place in chapter one but rather to build upon what is taking place in chapter one so honey is given to him. A picture of what is going on that has created a burden for Nehemiah Nehemiah has received his purpose from chapter one God is calling me as a King's Cup there to do something what am I going to do I don't know what I'm going to do I have to kind of go and investigate for myself and I'm going to get my own mental picture and look at what it says are you it goes it goes to talk about what God is doing from what the king is doing for him these are now personal things Nehemiah is now becoming personally involved this is now becoming his personal mission and this is an important lesson for leaders we need to fight in our own armor there's a lot of issues that are going around the world today people talking about these issues these issues might be true these individuals might have great solutions for these issues that does not negate the fact that God even though he speaks corporately also speaks individually whenever we're called to address a specific item that we have responsibility for it's important for us as leaders to say well the homework has been done for me upstairs now I'm going to do no we have to we have to make sure that we are doing our own homework for the for the projects that we are called to lead and to fly in our own armor. In verse 12 where you know he's talking about he took only a few people with him and he says even know was there any animal with me except the one on which I rode highlighting the secrecy of this mission his saying he wasn't allowed thing you take too many animals and everyone every animal naming and you know it becomes this big commotion and. People know what you're up to for me it makes me think about sometimes when we when we think about leadership we think of the outward show it's. The speech that he gives the letters rise and build you know that's when we think of the to ship but leadership is what you do in private in quiet in hiding from other people it's not about showing yourself to be some awesome person but it's actually about you know taking the time to prepare and the things you do behind the scenes that actually mean. I'm just thinking maybe from a cultural perspective here these people in Jerusalem are hanging out and then they see this representative from the royal courts coming what is your natural inclination or like wow we've got to put our best foot forward and you show maybe the parts of the wall that are kind of Ok And then this is what this is what we've done thus far we're so healthy that you're here but he doesn't that is really not mentioned in the text which is pretty normal standard protocol when someone famous calms but he comes in the night when I want sleeping he's doing this assessment for himself and as you said it is very interesting that he says that there is no other animals except the one that maybe for the noise factor indeed I want to ask me we're going to transition little bit but I mentioned in my opener are you people people or are you project people are you more than a last up so that Sebastian was more sanguine and extroverted and just you know always you know socializing all the time what you guys I think kind of talked about but are you more collaring more sanguine or you are you just phlegmatic and you had this question all together I'm a very balanced in the. I would say I'm 5050 that's where I stand part of the 50 of what and what would you just say Ok I mean just real things are the math doesn't work out there so you are clearly. And melancholic in pain of this question How do you see could I vote the project you're by the probable ruin the project people ruined of yeah if you could do a project without people into. I love you. Yeah no hey we will pray for you you want to. Go. So you see you see a balance here of the amount kind of the 1st half of the past as we read he's a cleric I read the whole chapter 2 he's clear he's getting stuff done but his ultimate goal of all of these all these elements is at the end like you mentioned. Verse 17 he says I Say I said to them you see distress that we are in and I love the pronouns we he can easily see you in and he could usually use. Shame and blame and saying look you guys are idiots you guys have been doing this for how long now you are now a good thing I came along and then I can I can help you out but he places himself he says Come and let us build the wall of a Jewish and that we may no longer be your understands that this project can only be done with people and so he he does have you know I want to get this project planned out and you know here's what needs to be done but he has that he needs to be on board or he needs to have his people on board but he's not just doing this for the purpose of getting the job done he has a burden for his people I mean devils initially that you know Jerusalem my people it's a shame it's we know we need to change Does God need to intervene and so he wants everyone to understand what God is trying to do here so what we're saying is he needs the people to get the project on but also the project is needed to get the people back stored or back to where they got to go. You saying that makes me think about the way that God works with us even because God could be way more efficient without us because we totally mess things up all the time but God's purpose in you know whatever his project isn't just the project is that it's just efficiency but he's actually trying to build us as well so he involves us in his work not just to get an official. Name it. That's what you know work with that's all I have to work with. When we come back after the break secret will repent from her always work with us in our conversation on Nehemiah chapter 2. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments all feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to know that while there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again and invest Bible L.-Space Now back to the discussion with. Welcome our friends we are in chapter 2 and we're debating the difference between people people and project people on a seeker who is repenting from our ways she says that she loves people but people ruin things and that is true that is true we see day in Chapter 2 Let's go to verse 19 when Sanballat the horror night and told by the Ammonite official we saw also see them in verse 10 Central and told by a let's talk about that of about that right in the beginning of a word you mice trying to restore gossip project in Jerusalem there's News this is annoyances that occur should that occur and opposition will always arise when we're trying to do God's will and a person who doesn't expect that is naive at best you know and some such cynicism and that's a reality it's you know it being these you know ones and well it's you know I want to start something in a church and then the elders are preventing that from happening and there may be quoting Israel Ramos and. Hopefully not. Every time you know it yeah I think it's naive for us to kind of expect that the devil is going to pat us on our back and wish as well whenever we want to advance God's kids and we are in a spiritual war this is spiritual warfare and it's part of growing up there are there is going to be friction with with and is work and the experience and later on as we study the Book of Nehemiah will discover that. God is interested in the experience and the news and the process and so Siegel are saying you know people run projects the problem is I'm a person so everyone involved in the project even if I work by myself I'm going to ruin the project and so the issue is here that God has to lead us through a process that while he's restoring the wall he's also resawing his people and while he's restoring its people you restoring the person right so Nehemiah is being restored to and so the opposition that Nehemiah faces is going to teach him how to be a leader is going to teach the people how to build the wall and at the same time is going to also differentiate between who God's people are and who the opposers of God's people in that I've never thought that actually about that Nehemiah because I always thought of name as like super awesome because he's he is strategic in his planning Oh he's prayerful that all these things that we already seen up until this point but the experience that Nehemiah goes through in rebuilding the wall and rebuilding the people actually builds in him my himself as well so that when he's saying I answer them in verse 20 the God of heaven himself will prosper and he he is aware that it's not his awesomeness that's going to get what the what that needs to be done but that God will give them the prosperity that this trip into the foot of the cross even the crosses and haven't you know what happened for a couple 100 years but he's driven to the foot of heaven for ho but there is a double nuance to this and then the why do you agree with you in the opposition gets to him and where maybe I'm going to fast forward to the lead Chapter 13 Nehemiah it doesn't end up all that maybe this is too much of a sneak peek but it can go either way you can either way opposition really really hardens us or it because we can pliable to the to the grace of God Let's go to chapter 10 and Chapter 19 when you compare those 2 universes and what a sorry percent sandal at the horn and told by them. And I officially heard of it they were deeply disturbed that the man had come to seek the well being of the Church of Israel and go to verse 19 you have sample of the horn and to buy them and there's a 3rd character that's introduced in verse 19 and get the Arab heard of it and you see that there is a what people are talking and there's the growing and there's an alliance. So while Nehemiah is growing here the opposition is growing so what how do we how do we do this I freak you out that as you were planning and God's work is moving forward maybe you propose something a church in the church is excited and the opposition is also growing do you with that look at I look investment at Nehemias question Firstly pointing to God himself in the God of heaven will prosper. In the 1st response is you know God you know like we may not be able to do it but God can God is able Yes but he continues in his Therefore because God's got this because we don't have to worry about this opposition that's coming up against us therefore we his servants will arise and Bill let's focus on the mission that God has been so trusting that God has got is in control of these circumstances and these people who are coming and you know hate is gone hate but let us just focus on the mission that God has given to us and then he goes on and he says you have no heritage or right only morally in Jerusalem and my translation of it is like Ok you all stand by that to mind your own business talking about you know I really like the fact that it says here in verse 18 and I told all the hand of my God which had been good upon me and the King's words and so what he brought he was 1st to God 1st and we see here the power of your testimony you know what do you what do you do when you want to get people you know involved and what do you do in opposition arises you have to understand where you are and that God is with you I think if. I didn't have the clear understanding that God's hand was with him he might have crumbled right there because I mean these are officials they have connections everywhere Nehemiah might not even know a lot of people in Jerusalem and so he has he against all these guys yeah he has some letters from the king but apparently those 3 guys don't care about the little letters of the King so. What is he standing on he's standing on the fact that God has clearly guided him in the process and so he will refer to that he will share that story very important to share that story with the people and then he builds his his whole case on the fact that God is one amazing testimony I mean even when we read it we get excited and he's selling this to them real time and it's in their immediate context saying God's blessing us now and he just he keeps on talking verse 18 it is so they said so it's not him saying a lot of surprise news giving the testimony and using encouragement and using empowerment and until they said Let us rise up until you get this kind of you know duck goose bumps on your back of your neck and you just you want you I want to rise up with these people and with my shovel and I want to be and more and more as the in my unfolds it's going to be clearly established that the foundation of Chapter One is crucial to everything else that happens and so you know a lot of times when we when we look at what we're facing what's before us you look at statistics say more than 90 percent of the people that try to do what you're going to do are going to fail and you know the odds are against you every You're going to face opposition when you do God's will because the reality is that research that society everything stacks up against the Church of God all the time history is stacked up against the Word of God everything is stacking up against except the one thing and that is chapter one his experience with God You talk about through prayer whatever. It's an experience with God and so Nehemiah is not looking at all well as we're trying to rebuild the wall and failed he's not looking at previous experiences he's not looking at his present situation you know Sam ballot to buy a guest of these things are growing right the opposition is growing he's not focused on that what he's focused on the reality of his experience with God which by the way was founded on the promises of God the Word of God And so this is what's going to drive Nehemiah to be able to push and push and push regardless of what happens also we have a lesson here for Sam balun to buy against him and that is like Look God is going to prosper us why because my experience tells me that and he's already done that but you you know you have those words but you have no place in whatever whatever someone Jerusalem and so here we have a lesson or a word of warning to the haters because sometimes we are they there's you know in sometimes we are the haters when people come to us and they want help or they want to distance or encouragement we say no if you look at the statistics that you see in the research and so here you have a word to the haters as well like Look don't get involved in it don't be a part of the people that work against God and discouraging labors and it's important for us even if we don't agree sometimes with the approach that people are taking in their I want to change the world I want to you know do this and that sometimes we want to kill their vision because they don't have enough whatever but we need to find a way to either keep our mouths shut are encouraged to labor the labor or in ministry for God's Church does this. Kind of process all that to so we automatically identify with the Nehemiah's out there you're saying some Sometimes we're told by a times where the demos until by is out there that that is summary I got them and I am one of those I mean are you one let's we're Nehemiah we are told by a right unless we're the ones that are like come up with the idea of building the wall then we're it's easy. The temptation for me always has been if the idea is not mine then I'm going to shoot it down you know that's just the natural inclination and it happens all the time at home Judy comes up my wife comes up with an idea and I don't think so but when I come up with an idea I'm like This is the greatest idea that's ever come and she says oh you're like I. Know and and so you know we're always told Baez unless we feel like we have the Nehemiah wall. But you know most of them we're going to. Backtrack to the point before the we are certain is some balance Ok we talk about the testimony and the power and the importance of the testimony. Just by virtue of but which of the fact of sharing his testimony my becomes a leader and every single time that when we've had an experience with God and we show testimony in that context we are a leader and it just the testimony itself calls people to follow though the way that we've been going with aids or you know what I was so depressed and life was so hard and then I took up running and you know suddenly I my mood is better I mean that's a testimony about the power of exercise in your life and just by sharing that testimony you are put in a position of leadership to need someone else to adopt an exercise in their life so just by virtue of 10 sharing your testimony and the power that a test a personal testimony of a relationship with God has and the power sharing that testimony has in influence that we have a leader for with the way I see this is the for Sembilan told by They're wondering how and even God How do they fit in my in my story and really they don't fit in my story you know so I'm going to buy I had a local interest they had a vision for for Jerusalem they had something the I mean these guys come in they're ruining that plan so they've got to be out and here Nehemiah is thinking about how am. I part of God's plan and that's that's the source of his encouragement and the source of a lot of haters is how do you fit how does this fit into my life you don't fit in my life who are going to knock it down and we got to be part of got the win win Nehemiah says the hand of God was upon me he's looking at this all transcendental from the bird's eye view from God's perspective you know I think me and my also has here a certain understanding of his identity as an Israelite you know yeah he was he was an exile but he's coming back and he's bringing I think through his testimony revival to the identity of the Israelites say we are you know we are the Israelites we have a purpose to Roussillon is the City of God you know he's maybe awakening them to that fact that hey this needs to happen I think identity when we when we deal with opposition in the work of God we when we know when our identities firm in in the Word of God and then to do it for him in our understanding of God's calling for us in these last days that we're living in that will give you strength and also tact and wisdom in how you deal with opposition when you see these 2 verses especially in verse 19 sandlot the Hornet was from the north to buy a dam and I it was from the east and then they were together and slowly they create an alliance with guests in the air from the south you see them later chapters they talk to the ash the knights who are on the west and there is this growing you know Alliance a coalition all around Israel and they are called Looking for a horizontal Alliance and here in Eli's thinking Who do I connect with and the only person we can connect with is God for a vertical alliance we need that experience from Nehemiah chapter one to keep us through the hard times hopefully that's been encouragement to us an incursion personally for me thanks for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the callee word is wrong God Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes does it in bursts hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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