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Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Callie Williams



  • October 26, 2019
    9:30 AM

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On this episode of inverse we're going to read a boring Jap tour. Is it really boring and what are all the details and what do they have to do with God Find out on this up as of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on my principal contemporary issues and thought provoking. Here's your host Justin within. A friends we are in the midst of studying the book of Nehemiah we're so happy you decide to join us for this week we are in a very particular week here in chapter 3 and if you read it and we will read it after we pray it's kind of not one of those nice you know and this happened in this happened there to passages it's just kind of a list or look at a little bit deeper on how to survive these kind of these kind of shoppers so Israel can you pray for us as we read scripture Follett Heaven every time we open your word you have something to say to us and we pray that as we study that we hear your words speaking to us individually and collectively in Jesus' name we pray in. Chapter 330 verses or 2 verses long so I just want to reverse is you want. To throw the beginning just on the beginning Ok around here. Then the High Priest rose up with his brother in the priests and built the Sheep Gate they consecrated it and hung its doors they built as far as the Tower of the 100 and consecrated it then as far as the tower of Hananel next to allies ship the men of Jericho built the next of them Zakhar the son of and rebuilt also the sons of past and built the fish gate they laid beams and hung its doors with its bolts and bars and next to them their mouth the son of the son of cars made repairs next to them the son of because of his get the 4 names. Ok Ok. Here if you are like a little bit caught in those names so let's go let's take a pause and we'll get into the actual very text and the flow of the narrative but I mean there are there are some some chapters in the Bible that are are I mean I mean is it is a blasphemous to say that there they are on the. You're basically blasting Ok So there's it's not as hard Another Yeah Ok thank you so how do we survive as general principles how do we survive these chapters one thing I did even going through is look for things that are different than the others and so it's not just like this person that like the same exact thing and that's where. I just lost the geneology that's hard for me so I guess begin to get a bit of kind of hard for me but this one there's there's different details and I don't know if you go there well let's all go into detail but that's one way to look for it like there are differences that that wasn't there before us the 1st time it's been mentioned or just details that aren't the same so this requires some analytical skills and Yanna looking in comparing and using your brain tissue a bit Ok general principle of scripture studying the Bible is that no matter what happens whether we feel like we get something out of it or we don't feel we get something out of it something is happening you know the the infinite God is communicating and communing with the finite mind when I was when I was in high school I made a commitment to start serving the Bible every day and I would study the Bible and I thought like. This is not getting me anywhere like in my mind I was in the Asian ng God's going to come down and my face is going to change like Moses and people are going to be like whoa you've been with God for 15 minutes you know. And and I would read nothing I got nothing out of it I was like What in the world is this like who cares it had no significant impact. I was reading the book of Proverbs. And I actually made it a point because of that I made it a point to just start reading the book of Proverbs a proverb a day that's what my dad. You can read a proverb every day there's 31 chapters and I never felt. And I never felt any I never felt any significant you know impact but what has happened is that over time these things these in significant moments begin to bring significance to life you know like you'll go through an experience like to this very day one of the proverbs is you know that the dog returns to his vomit and I was I think I was. A young boy when I memorized that in the 4th grade and I thought it isn't for it was it was given to you I was going to miss Mrs Laughlin. Lover you know and and then I felt like there was no significant impact on my life but then you know you start going through life and you you start experiencing things you start seeing something things taking place and then this is you know this guy we coming back to doing does not a thing is like the dog returning to his vomit this is what it means and so sometimes we get discouraged when we don't have these huge moments with God where we feel like angels are singing around as in the clouds or opening in the sun is coming down but we have to understand that the experience of the overall experience of being in the habit of studying scripture is itself the experience of God is seeking to teach us in significant things bring significance that's that's that's there's something adult about that. You know it's true I mean we want the quick fix right away and some things the things that matter take time. What he said is kind of the thing that gets me through these sections. For me the phrase a little bit different but in terms of being patient with the process because some things don't make sense by themselves but then the more you read the more that you study the more context that you have to understand things in the future so maybe the 1st time around it's kind of like Ok what does that matter but then when you come back to it the 2nd time around it's like oh you know I remember I read that and this relates to what I'm reading right now so you have for instance you have the book of as right and then you have Nehemiah experience that happens in as is significant to what happens in the in Maya but you know if you're just just really name I by itself is a blessing but when you now have that extra context it adds more significance to what you're reading so being patient with the experience even though right now it may not. Seems deep or powerful or whatever but sometimes with the more contacts that you have the more to life that's Christians I think also passion plays a part into this. There are different exercises and different different topics out there in the world that are really boring but if you're very passionate about all these little details people get wrapped up in the love memorizing and getting into it and it provides the basis for even a deeper experience for example like sports is where the most instance of Nick's things I can think of but people who are really into it I mean they memorized the. A in the g.r. in the p.d.p. of all the people in whatever cars you know they memorize all the engine parts you know. What I was just which are very significant. I just want the car to go but they're like they want this engine with this you know whatever or whatever and when it comes to spiritual things not that we have to memorize all this stuff Bible trivia sake all these things play a part in the larger picture and passion gets you through some of those. If that's if that's a word is it a word Kelly. Another aspect I think too is is balancing especially I just think in my own life is balancing the discipline of like one going to read anyways but also pleading with God to give you an experience even the Monday in parts sometimes like going to power through my special this plenum read chapter and get nothing out of it but I think that yeah but like Jesus really can see the checklist isn't exactly I did it. And just go through and I think you know the prayer of you know open my eyes sort of you hold wondrous things out of your law like God has to open our eyes and sometimes it's like super obvious like John 316 very spiritual application but other times it's like that doesn't make sense but even then like God doesn't want to keep going to be like let me find the does make sense but like ask search and think about it and do research and that that added brings us. Blessing So I think there's there are 2 levels where one there are some parts of scripture where the Lord does not want us to understand he places and over and lie in your experience I don't want you to understand it right now and there's other aspects maybe a tad little bit difficult in those like Lord St try to eat wonders and pummelled through and you'll get it when you do and use a little bit of exertion or and but at the end it's a connection to the Lord and I just many times when the Scripture I'm like Lord and for me it's songs it's not proverbs Psalms is my baby for you guys it's you love it. Or you praise the Lord the 900 time you get it and I did it what's what's the structure what is the implication What's the theory here and it's just praise the Lord again and the like and there is an experience they are not discounting but you I plead and I plead and I'm rebuked that you're looking at the Son So analytically Why can't you have the same access experience as David so on that level that is a blessing it is a multi-factorial on who you are as a person it also had another thing just to add to what Kerry was saying in terms of feeding that every time that we come to Scripture asking that the Holy Spirit would be. Asking for his guidance because he is the one who has to teach us the things that we need to understand I mean that's what we do here in verse one of those actually last stop talking about it let's get into it Kelly bring us back to the text what are some things that you see and make and I sure will share Ok allow us to see all of them because there are 100 all go to verse 7 percent of every Ok so will 1st this kind of sign up even if I kind of cut off the beginning but it's basically talking about like this person about this part in this person about this part and then it's just kind of going around the perimeter so verse $71.00 of the perfumers made repairs and they fortified Jerusalem as far as the broad wall said it and also to say that perfumers that's their job they fortified part of the law. And then next to them. Disperse on a 7 foot no mind that yapper say Ok Now verse 9. And next to them are fair the son of her leader of half the district of Jerusalem made repairs x. a bit up but like that goes so fast look a see of perfumers Yes and they're working right next to people who are leaders of half of the district of Jerusalem Yes So you have someone who just sells perfume next to someone who's a leader of a district. So it's like me working next to like the mayor the governor like they were just burned same wall. But there's no dispute if you were in the so I'm Ok so jealous person I mean well. That's true so. What are you working with anyways so I just like that because there is no fanfare like and he was a leader and he condescended himself to make the wall next to it but it's just this person did this and this person did that but there's. There's no distinction between them and even going further that I know for sure this verse 1313 Ok so keeps going down and then in the inhabitants is a no are paired the Valley Gate they built it hung its doors with its vault and bars in a part a 1000 cubits of the last bars rest there if you refuse gate so as to like a 1000 cubits we don't use that so whatever moving on but if you actually look at a visual and I encourage everyone to Google like a visual of who did what part of the wall these Hannon that have to there's no end up doing about one 5th to one 4th of the entire wall by themselves but they still just get a verse that's it so unlikely Oh extra thanks to these people for pitching in and so I just love the like the quality and just the side by side most of it like we're all serving God we're all building the same wall doesn't matter what you do for your day job we are all serving the Lord Jesus and you don't get extra credit for doing more and you don't get less credit for doing less and I just I think it's able to yeah and that's Ok the wall of this wall with beautiful about is that it is the great equalizer that some of the verses that you mentioned like rotting out because that's what I noticed. But it is it is the great equalizer and there is mention in verse why some are building some are repairing You know them are not working like the nobles and other like and the nobles who don't work in verse 5 going to member that and so it's like you don't need a model you have the great equalizer from one perspective from the other perspective is you have Nehemiah is noticing what is taking place people are watching even though they might he's not going to sit down and argue with you like a nobles How can you know we're going he might not argue with you but he's noting Knoebels are working interesting. We come back and look at what is new my recordings not only clearing those who work in those who don't work but also some very interesting details when we come back here in verse. Has embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to know that while there join us like us sums up next I'll handle again and invest Bible else thinks I am now back to the discussion. Over backward Nehemiah chapter 3 and hopefully you have it open in front of you having the text from you helps with the the study of the book a bit and as Kelly was mentioning this if you actually have the visual If you have opportunity Google it we're actually going around the entire city of Jerusalem so we're looking at the fish gate and the sheep good and you know the refuse get the trash they're. Totally foreign territory but they're actually following actual geographic points around the city some other point that you guys see there. So one of the one of the main things that impacted me was that there were people that were working by the refuse you know and that to me I mean can you imagine the jobs it's like you get to work by the trash and and yet that was an important part of the of the building of the wall and in a sense I mentioned this before but in a sense this wall is the great equalizer you have the perfumers working next to the leaders you have some people that are working next to where the garbage is going to be and you have that whole but everyone is pitching in to do their job because all every single person is important every job is a born and so it is in building God's kingdom you know a lot of times we think look I want to build near the entrance the main gate you know I don't want to build near the refuse gate no one's going to be would like you know wanting to be there or I want if I'm going to do extra work I want to have at least. To be extra versus you know that was. I didn't catch and but they don't you know these people are so focused on getting the task done and it and it shows the power of what a united people can do when they set their mind to do something and when they don't care whether or not they receive credit I see the meticulous detail that Nehemiah has sometimes we think of spiritual leaders as just being like you know and Big us I'm praying for you and just kind of you know make it fuzzy but here Nehemiah has recorded this in exact detail on how many cubits of how many people and maybe just a player but counterpoint Calley saying yes everyone is equal but there are some parts there are some people who do double the work and he mentions that if you go to verse or. Next to the merriment the son of your eyes or some cause made repairs and if the machine son of better acquire the son of mish the one that Kelly can rip pronounce Let's go to verse 30 I don't purchase 30 after him and in high the sun shell in my hand in the 6 on the results repaired another section after him the son of. Repairs in front of his dwelling so you see this machine and son of a character it's a very hard name to pronounce but it's mentioned there twice and it shows that he's into detail not recording these things it's an appropriate characteristic of God's leaders to get into these seemingly pointless details but they matter it's also go to. Another group that's mentioned twice. Yes it is in verse 5 you have the tech why it's made repairs and then in verse $27.00 you have after them take away its repaired another section. What I found interesting about that was in verse 5 you have the tech wise making repairs but then nobles did not put their shoulders to Lloyd and sometimes you know when you're working and you're leaders on pulling their weight you can get discouraging but instead of getting discouraged these guys are doing extra way they were what King this section and then they go in. They who will go around and they work another section and that really struck me that they want discouraged by the lack of I guess motivation you know from their leaders that they are nobles but they continue to work faithfully even though the nobles went to and it's a good principle of leadership to not judge but you can discern diligence from from leasing this there's a pattern you see throughout this passage on some Bible verses this is they built on the other section of their dwelling is what the New King James as you see that over and over again why why didn't I sign that portion to them the wall in front of their house because I mean if the ball breaks you know if you live in a place you want to make sure the walls not going to break right there you know there's you know there's a personal investment in the wind estimate because that's where you live you don't want you thought you don't want that and that you don't want to you don't want the water break down in your house and you know if there is an enemy on the outside and you're looking for the weakest part and it's have to really go to my house I know that part of safe. There's also an aesthetic component there when they wake up every morning they want to see that wall in front of them and also I thinking and thinking that's traffic it's from a just a perspective they can just go outside and they're walking it's easy to do and this is just a lot of things we can analyze here are really cool things and the other portions that you see that I like one of the one of the 1st verses that were mentioned. Is that the priest rose up and they began to build and it says and they consecrated the wall so there's a twofold component here 1st of all the fact that the priests are working you know the priest had been set aside to do a special work and so forth and so on yet they were not excluded from the building of the wall and a lot of times as when it comes to spiritual leadership we think like in the in the in the book of Acts you know all the the Apostles all they did was study the Word and preach and that's kind of like the impression that the mundane work is unholy but this kind of goes against the. Kind of concept or that kind of mentality here the priests there working next to the rest of the people and then in addition to that it shows their unique contribution or their contribution to the wall to the building of the project in which they also not just build but they consecrate the wall and other words they make something that's Monday and they make it into a spiritual thing and you know in working for God There is no Monday even the things that seem to have no spiritual value in and of themselves can have a spiritual impact in the lives of the people who are doing them there's a book called The Liturgy of the ordinary where this lady is saying hey what was Spiritual Living is not being separate and like you know transcending you know earthly things it's just finding faith being faithful in the small things in everyday life and this these are small forms of worship so for Mom it's it's you know taking the kids up and putting their diaper on for Dad it's you know putting a nail in the not that those are gender specific but you know what I mean you know just these little little things that seem mundane and ordinary and unspiritual. We need to find that faithfulness is not just in terms of these big things only big things but also the small things and I just like faithfulness biblical faithfulness is determined by the spirit in which it work is you know you know that's what that's what holiness is holiness is not only read in the Bible but holiness is cleaning the toilet with the bride attitude you know Holiness has to do more so not with the task being done but with the person doing that. And you have that evidence here with the with the priests. Just. Like I say from the time to speak to the gender they. Come for you know in verse 12 verse 12 Thank you I was hoping and after I got up I have to. I forgot. I mean you have 1st you have the mention. Of. The 1st 9 next to them the son of her leader of the district of Jerusalem made repairs and then was 12 Shallum son of how long has the leader of the other half he and his daughters made and I mean you can't help but notice that and his daughters you know that his daughters were out there like doing this work which could be quote considered man work but they were out there and invested in the work of rebuilding the wall as well clearly is not men work women out here you need be out there and nailing some stuff to the walls and building and using your muscles and not be relegated to the kitchen and to the you you're doing yourself. But. If you say that that that and even the fact that me in my mentions that they were working because it could be that they would have what you know Will. Not mention that they would but he recognizes that the daughters were out there working as well so I think that speaks to my is concern over the contribution that every part of society can bring to the work which were given were given instructions as Christians to to be faithful in all things regardless of gender males are instructed to you know learn how to show put a button on your shirt. Change diapers learn how to cook and women are instructed to do so much harder work sometimes they use the other side is like hey I'm a woman I don't know how to do this I don't want to learn how to do this because corn and cotton are going to call you know a man who can do this and the man just comes and turns on the electrical switch. To Come on I think you're regressing So how do you. Do you really learn about of Senator direction we're going to get letters. You're going to it's going to be a very sort of. I feel so conflicts. But Ok So another aspect that really speaks to me of this chapter 3 is yes Mia Meyers he's all these things and he. But also I think it's indicative of how God really sees all things yes and God sees our efforts and God sees Yes we did a 1000 cubits of the work or preached a little bit and got appreciates those things and there are so many times that I feel like like the others like the prize last look like I want people to appreciate me but then sometimes like I just need to be like this someone see how hard I want to be like to someone see like how difficult that was for me and I still did it like no one no I don't care I don't know the case but it's like really you know I say if Jesus knows and God sees those things and so whether it's Monday in or it's you know 1000 cubits or something super spiritual Super not like God really does see those things and he blesses us and he encourages us and he appreciates it even if nobody else does their labor is not in vain Well done good and faithful service men as well this is looking at this as The Secret Life of Nehemiah this is something that is not really writing with the intent of this being read by millions and millions of people to read and so and so he's so he's kind of he's kind of you're we're getting an insight into who Nehemiah the man and and what kind of a leader he is and I find this chapter 3 to be such an awesome chapter because it shows he's an appreciative individual that he takes note of who is working he takes He's a great individual because he equalizes the wall equalizes everyone and so he's the kind of leader that doesn't care about positional leadership but it's like look we're going to have everybody working whether you're a priest whether you're a perfumer whether you're a man whether you're a woman whether you're a you're able to build a lot of the was small part portion of the law as a person who is going to just get the work done and include as many people as possible and so when you look at that you're kind of thing I think to myself Man I want to be this kind of leader you know he's not doing Nehemiah is not doing this for show. He's not trying to say hey guys on the inclusive leader look at what I did you know he's doing this for him self and we're kind of eavesdropping into his life and and pulling this out and so Nehemiah in many ways reflects who Jesus Christ is God and who we should be as leaders we should be leaders who include individuals who fine people and get get them to a place where they're motivated to do the work of God and most importantly noticing the effort that people are investing even though they're building right near their own home. And also let's zoom out from this a little bit and what are some principles as leaders that we can take away from from Nehemiah chapter 3 maybe not something very specific in one verse but in general what do we know or can we take well as Israel said this is kind of like a secret Xcel Microsoft Excel sheet that we got from his laptop so can we get one is organization can be got lead yes chaos is not you know a god is an organized God is right it is into detail got into detail and lead good leaders care about the minutiae Ok human men and leadership gets involved with the community you're not a person that's going to lead from the top down but you going to lead from within leadership everyone involved this has been a blessing of a lesson for me and I want to be a leader like as much as possible like Nehemiah who was like Christ and hopefully as the prayer for everyone here thanks for joining us we'll see you next week as we continue in our study of Nehemiah on the principles of leadership here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the callee word is wrong God Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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