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  • November 16, 2019
    9:30 AM

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Leadership is not always about using power but sometimes it's about yielding power to find out more on this episode versus. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation or my. Temporary issue. Is your post just in within. A welcome friends we are on the topic of Nehemiah and biblical leadership and we are smack in the middle of the book of Nehemiah and Chapter 5 in me wondering there are 13 chapters how are we in the middle will find out as we read this chapter how this works out and the structure of Nehemiah So Jonathan are you going to reach up for 5 for us but before we read the Bible we're going to ask prayer from seeker who came and spray a loving father with thankful that you have let us the spinal study of the book of n.a.m.i. and we pray that the things we have lent chance will mean our lives and will continue to do so so that we can be more effective leaders and leading people to Jesus and we pray that our study today would do likewise we pay these things in your name Amen Amen Amen Kelly can you give us a kind of a jumpstart into this and just kind of fly over Really briefly where we have what we've covered thus far so there's a city that needs a wall again. Like a do that really hot. Yes really hard things happen yes there's the while building Yes And now we're here Amen you know that's that's kind of stuff that's good that's good let's go to name 5 verse one and this kind of takes a different turn so Chapter 4 is a heavy chapter Yeah you know a lot of stuff is going on and then Chapter 5 This may not necessarily be chronological it may be happening simultaneously but topically it's a different train of the train of thought going on the different trial sort of 5 Verse one Jonathan please. And there was a great outcry of the people and their wives against the Jewish brethren for there were those who said we are sons and daughters are many Therefore let us get grain that we may eat and live there were also some who said we have mortgaged our lands and vineyards and houses that we might buy grain because of the famine there were also those who said we have board money for the king's tax on our lands and vineyards yet now our flesh is the flesh of our brethren our children and their children and indeed we are forcing our sons and our daughters to be slaves and some of our daughters have been brought into slavery it is not in our power to redeem them for other men have our lands and when your ignorant stuff there if you Can you paraphrase what's going on that what's the problem that's presented the problem is that within the Jewish society there are people who are the haves and the have nots and the haves are. Taking advantage of the have nots and the have the gap I guess this economic socio economic gap is growing and becoming worse and worse and worse because the less that you have the more that you need and the more that the haves those who do have exploit your need and so it's just the cycle of and they get to the point where they're like you know we have nothing else to give in order to get what we need in order to live just to live we have an Occupy Wall Street scenario and going on here. First for their borrowing money and they can't pay some of the money they borrowed and they're saying even their children into slavery there is even slavery going on within the Jewish people amongst themselves I mean this is this whole situation is an age old problem is as old as humanity and so this is nothing new within societies happens all the time it's very much happening today in different shapes and forms but why this is an issue here is because as you said this is the Jewish society and they're supposed to have a little bit of a look different set up in fact God told very clearly in you know to Moses and the people in Israel that this is not the way it is supposed to be they're supposed to be freedom they're supposed to be support for those who are weak for those who are suffering those who don't have enough even the strangest within your gates are supposed to gain a blessing from the wealth of the land and this is clearly not being played out right yet they're not supposed to be charging you know this they're charging exorbitant taxes on the borrowed monies and not just that interest rates are cheaper Oh yeah they're not supposed. To percent right across the parapet of credit cards. And to and student loans yes. Moreover within Jewish society God had even set up a system so that every 7 years and then every 50 years they were there with there was system set in place so that it would equalize society again so yes you have economic. Yes you have economic disparities but God said things in place so that among his people there would be times I guess when when you have a chance if you're really failing to make it that you can start again you know and for them to get to this point they must have been neglecting God system so the promise has been set up already that this is not an extra Hurndall thing going on these are internal dynamics so as a leader most likely these things were going on simultaneously Sonia's and e.m.i. has got to deal with the extra melodies and then on top of that he's got issues happening on the inside question what's worse outside or inside. It's a question. And so I think it is yeah because when we have the outside pressures you still have your people with you who are in the same process you know but now you have suddenly those people turning against you in a way so in your position of leadership is a very lonely one innocence let's go to verse 6 and see Nehemiah's reaction in Cali and you read from Verse 6 onwards and I became very angry when I heard their outcry and these words were very lonely indeed for some after serious thought I rebuked the nobles and rulers and said to them each of you is exactly in you sory from his brother so I called a great assembly against them and I said to them according to our ability we have redeemed arduous brother and who were sold to the nations now indeed we even sell your brother in or should they be sold to us then they were silent and found nothing to say then I said what you are doing is not good so you know walking the fear of our God because of the reproach of the nations our enemies i also with my brother and my servants and lending them money and grain please let us stop this Yusri restore now to them even this day their lands their venue years their all of groves and their houses also hundreds of the money in the grain the new wine and the oil that you have charged them so they said we were store it and will require nothing from them you will do as you say that I call the priests and required an oath from them that they would do according to this promise that I shook out the fold of my garment and said So may God shake out each man from his house and from his property who does not perform this promise even thus may he be shaken out and emptied and all the assembly said amen and praise the Lord and the people did according to this problem if you will stop there Johnson what's going on there in regular language Well it's a very interesting situation because it's now faced with something he was maybe not expecting so he came to build that wall and now suddenly you have this social economical issues that he has to deal with but the beautiful thing is he does deal with it. He doesn't say hey you know that's not why I'm here talk to the Levites talk to a priest he takes it on and takes leadership and deals with it in the right way and so he he calls an assembly he calls a gathering and he calls in those wealthy people who have been exacting those taxes and saying listen this is not right what you're doing and something has to change here and he takes an oath from there with they're actually willing to do it what are some beautiful about that is the. Here is led into I mean not that it wasn't spiritual before they were building a physical wall but now God is using the image to also bring not just physical restoration also spiritual formation into this process so near my is a tool in God's hand to slowly but surely restore order in Israel and by calling this assembly and by dealing with this issue head on he doesn't want to feel job in doing that the Lord is using him I think in a powerful when I when I see in verse women in verse 6. He says Name a Says he I became very angry and you contrast that in verse in chapter 4 where the enemies became the enemies of God's people which have to for the 7 became very angry they were angry at what God was doing but name I as anger comes out of the fact that they are not doing what God had would expect for his people to do so emotion their emotion is driven by different things but it's awesome that in verse 7 off Chapter 5 it says. After a serious thought he doesn't immediately act on this anger that he experiences like I was very angry but he doesn't go and lash out in what I call. That. He takes time apart and he pauses before let's think about how he's going to deal with the situation it is after serious thought then I went and I did x. y. and z. and it's a testament to the importance of. Election the importance of thinking and not acting out on our emotions not that even when the emotions are not wrong in and of themselves but taking the time to reflect and think about how we're going to be so this anger that he felt was based on injustice and it was based on rights or wrongs being done and he it was it was the proper reaction to feel angry and I think the original Hebrew says that he talked to him so I spent some time as like me my is this really what you know yes well I'm very angry and is having this discussion like maybe we shouldn't King internal dialogue how many times do we need to talk to ourselves a bit and talk to the Lord a lot of bit and out of it and go through that appreciate that recreate that Ok what else is going on in this election and I like verse 8 and it says and I said to them according to our ability we have redeemed our Jewish gratin who are sold to the nations now indeed will you even sell your brethren now I'm not 100 percent sure if he's talking here about what he did or if he's talking collectively because as you know it's come back from Babylon but he takes the lead and says Here listen this is the right way and we know from later on that always was very proactive in being part of the group and doing what's right and as we're going to see using his authority or yielding some of the things that are due to him so he's he's saying I will be proactive in the in the work here and and helped help the situation with their own means power whatever I have and so the 1st 10 days I also with my brother and my servants and let you know on the ingrain least stop this usury so hey I'm out of my own pockets helping these people to get out of debt helping them get other student debts and out of the out of their credit cards hey let's just do away with this high interest thing that's bring it down to 0.3 a.p.r. rather than 33 percent for nothing you know and this is not biblical. And this is a this is this is a feel Craddock society and. Not a secular society and very difficult to implement it is capitalistic money society so we don't want to mix those 2 worlds together in a peculiar laughing oh this is to do that. 2 things that stand out to me in this chapter so one is kind of going back to the very beginning of bringing up Chapter 5 in the 1st place so you are yes and you know it's something is already in place it was sin but it's like this situation is bringing more sense to light which is good in the sense of unease to be exposed to it can be changed but also bad because like it's there and so it's not you know as John the scene earlier it's not just simple like let's build let's build the wall and restore the place like no there's some deep seeded issues we've got to work and it could have been like me and I could have ignored it we could've been like this to go back to make up their mind I can't handle this but a lot of times we we want to make a lasting progress we have to address the deep issues and not just build the wall not just do the part that we came to do but to go through the painful part accent because even his reaction shows this was even more painful than being mocked by other nations because it's close to home but we have to deal with that is Nehemiah is going through a lot of junk here and I looked like he was saying that he could have gone and been a cup bear at any moment I mean there's a lot of Christological message here when we come back out of the break we're to look at what is Nehemiah do to exercise his power as a leader and what does he does what does he do to to yield his power as a biblical leader so stay with us after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching for answers by on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us are best sums up what I handle again is in 1st Bible Belt states now back to the discussion. Here Welcome back friends we are in your mind chapter 5 and I'm just getting very excited for this chapter we are in the feel logical center of. You're asking how we're going to get into that we're going to that source that we're going to seek to see what's going on in some some parts that you want to talk. About And I didn't know before when to break I want to comment on why Cally was saying was that you have these socio economic disparities that they're experiencing that when we look at Chapter 3 we one of the comments was that you have the the rulers and you know the apothecary working side by side you have people in completely still say canonically disparate positions in society working hand in hand next to each other with a wall but Chapter 5 brings out that while they're working together with the wall there and there are these back issues that are going on and so the work actually yes you're building the wall but if you don't deal with these issues like it will ultimately it will actually hinder your ability to complete the project because stuff will end up coming up so chapter 5 in this bringing this necessary of building the people and dealing with these issues it's important to deal with these issues otherwise it ultimately hinders the work and I think speaking about our contemporary you know situation there are issues in the church which yes it's important to preach the Gospel and we must focus on evangelism and their souls that are dying and this is all true and this need. To be our primary focus but if we neglect the fact that there are a socio economic disparities amongst us that can end up becoming issues in our ability to was together on the wall side by side to complete the task we need to deal with that stuff and a godly leader realizes. That. These issues are annoying sticky dirty and in some way very important but another way kind of low right I mean and I'm getting to my point is Nehemiah and any point you could have gone like look I don't need to deal with this this is just too much stress for me I have a Ph d. in royal couple. I'm just going to go back to where everything's nice and hunky dory which brings back to see who don't want to talk I think it's easier. It's we don't want to be glib in this but it's I mean it's just so powerful and I think about you know yeah like Ok I signed up like say people like I did save up to do with Peter all the time Peter was not the prophecies Peter was too much so I feel like you know that that one that one time I healed that God He never said thank you like I was on the property that's do that like that was not Ok and Jesus was a full perfect right because he and I let you know Nehemiah does have you know his duty to God He does kind of this day but like Jesus has a perfect right to be like forget all this forget all you all we're going to fight over because I care because I'm going to the nation to react that way forget this this is to not I don't I don't need to deal with this and here Nehemiah doesn't and this is a thing where biblical leadership really gets gets gets this powerful he exercises the power that's right rightfully his choose to implement how does he do that he goes in verse 12 he says we will know their response over starter over so I call the priests and the question is why did you call the priest and then he requires an oath from them that they would do according to this promise to see these are the guys. Who have done the wrong verse 13 then I shook out the fold of my Garmin says so may God shake out each man from his house and he goes he goes kind of dramatic here like literally drama drama magic dramatic dramatic and then at the end as the assembly all said amen the praise of lower than the people did according to his promise when one word what is the implementing here at how is he using his power for righteousness I think or even before before that Ok for 7 months or so I think I met Yes And then number 7 I back up to serious thought I refused the nobles and rulers yes to that too just want to add that as well because sometimes priests like you just religious people like not as people in charge Yeah she said in upper class just a tad Yes And so he provided a place of accountability being go and love that you are going to be accountability brings in the priests who are the spiritual leaders there in front of all these other people then he bring in a promise from the guys guilty and this is a promise before the priests and if you don't then he does a little dance thing in front of them that's what's going to happen to you and then the whole assembly is like amen he has within his right to to within his power to do that and he creates a system of accountability question why do we hate about countability so much why why why and there's consequences. So is he is that's what is that's what's going on is that what is going on here is creating an atmosphere shame and you know fear based So he's he's raising he's raising up the standards that have been broken and we don't have just the wall is broken there are spiritual standards have been broken down I mean there's reasons why they are way they are but instead of looking at shame he's looking Ok at a way forward this is the way to God has given us book pointing back to Moses things like that's let's get this back on track again and again he's he was he thought has gone through this physical restoration but God is using them into the eating him and then as we see the. Later on with Ezra there's going to be a lot of spiritual reformation going on as well so I think it's it's beautiful how God God leads the whole people in the in my in the direction the spiritual accountability that's being implemented so you can go Additionally I converse in verse 12 even before he does the shaking thing and calling the priests they said we will be storing it and we will require nothing from them we will do as you say so they were ready made a commitment Yes Now he's just creating a system for them to be able to follow through with that commitment so he's not pushing this forcing there's already what people are wanting to do when I was creating an extra system to facilitate it was they were wanting to do what I love that clarification. A key part of accountability being more about accountability less about the shame I think is timing and so he does you know you say you know when something's going wrong it's not completely preemptive but it's also it's not waiting until it's so terrible He's like Are you guys think same all of you for being so terrible like there's still a place that they're willing to change there's still a place that they're willing to be receptive to his blast because you don't see them being like you know you Ok well I mean they are there receptive so I think sometimes we in accountability in places of like huge leadership and small leadership we wait until it's so bad that maybe our anger gives us courage and then it does become just that and it's not about actually helping them it's about putting someone back in their place in a very demonic way anger based or is a love of. That. Johnson and here he's he's doing I call it a dance I don't mean to be frivolous in that but here he's taking the role of a prophet in the sense of what the prophets would act out what would happen and out of love and I am connecting this to what you're saying that he's like hate me God will shake you were how old like I'm shaking my garment here and that's a visual remanding speaking your mind I just love this this is. This is what a godly leader should to exercise the power for righteousness sake and that's due within his rights and he pointed in verse you look at verse 9 it says that I said What are you doing what are you sorry what you are doing is not good should you not walk in the fear of our Because of the reproach of the nations our enemies he points back to the fact listen you know we are to represent God I wouldn't want to feel him but to represent him to the nations the nations look at us and they see us how we treat each other how are they supposed to get to know about how are they supposed to see that our God is a God of love you know the so he point is backed is not just let's be fair in social justice he says you know this is so got the character yeah. Because what verse 14 in go to verse 19 are reversed 14 Moreover from the time that I was appointed to be their governor in the land of Judah from the 20th year into the 32nd year of King Arthur's versus 12 years neither I nor my brothers ate the governor's provisions but the former governors who were before me laid burdens on the people and took them from them bread and wine besides 40 seconds of silver yes even their servants bore rule over the people but I did not do so because of the fear of God Indeed I also continued the work on this wall and we did not buy any land all my servants were gathered there for the work and at my table were 150 Jews and rulers besides those who came to us from the nations round us now that which was prepared daily was one ox and 6 choice sheep also fowl were prepared for me and once every 10 days and abundance of all kinds o. wine yet in this spite of this I did not demand a governor's provisions because the bondage was heavy on this people remember me mind you are for good well according to all that I have done for this people all right so there is a counterfeit there is a kind of an opposite thing going on you from the 1st half of chapter 4 Chapter 5 the 2nd half of chapter 5 but what's going on. And here Jonathan in this and 1st 14th verse 15 well Nehemiah here looks at the situation of how it used to be he's describing how the people of Israel were ordered to Jews here in Judah were always being kind of squeezed in in what they have to do to have to provide this to Silver have to provide all these things and he's saying have this number I'm not going to do that the burden is already so heavy on these people let's let's try to finish this together unless he's investing himself he's giving from his own provision where we saw that earlier in previous chapters and he's making sure that there is no. Rulership over them where he is taking advantage I mean he he technically could ask for all these things that these benefits were right for you know he is in the title of the governor yes he had every right there's nothing about this and I don't think that withdraws he surrender That's right and I don't think that those benefits were all necessarily to enrich him they were set up because he had to provide for a certain household for people so he is he's making sacrifices he's paying out of his own account here to make sure that at least you know the bases are covered but it's not he's not going to taxes people he is he's with them he's on the same level with them when he when he in the in the previous verses when he asked the rulers the nobles to stop you know demanding usury of the people he's not asking of them anything more than he would do because he's actually doing more than he's asking of them he's not think sacrifice you know from your own pocket it just they just stop abusing him. And then you have in contrast he is actually giving sacrificially rights of his what is his due in order to help the people and that's I mean that's a picture of leadership that we don't see in a lot of places contempt you know in our contemporary He uses the power that's rightfully his for the people but he doesn't. The power that's rightfully his for his own sake is I think that the contrast of these 2 narratives going on I would say is Nehemiah he could be like doubly tempted to do this one because he's governor and 2 because he's a great governor and so it's not just by that was like when I've sacrificed so much for the people I kind of deserve just the provision so like even if I say half of them and I think we do the same thing even our spiritual lives like I mean I serve God so well I think it's Ok God What I don't understand I eat this box of donuts like this or you know to talk about it. But we do like we make so many sacrifices but then we think we earn something virus sacrificers and gives it to God Remember Me My god for this like and that's why I leave it and I keep building I'm going to keep doing what I need to do when I leave you to figure out which in reality it's a picture of Jesus you know what Jesus has done and what does this does for us is you look at his whole ministry and I would call station with someone and they were kind of perplexed about something that Jesus said and did and it's like why wouldn't he this defend himself you know like so that means that Jesus was not God It's like no you know what they're all Christ Ministry his mission was never to defend himself like he had that wasn't why he came he came for the benefit of others you know we see here this is a clear picture of the character of Jesus if you go here in Chapter 5 verse 15 at the end says because of the fear of God and in verse 18 because of the bondage of the people these are his dual motivations to serve the people fearing gone and loving the people this is a clear picture of Jesus as the ultimate biblical leader in the center of Nehemiah hopefully been blessed with the character of Jesus shining through in the book of Nehemiah it's been a blessing to me hopefully to all of you guys if you guys out there thanks so much for joining us on in verse We'll see you here next week. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the callee word is wrong God Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope t.v. that Origen to find us on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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