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Skeletons in the Closet

Tom Waters Alane Waters
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Those hidden things - we all have them and Christ wants to help us get them out and honestly deal with them and move on.


  • April 1, 2015
    7:15 PM
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Welcome to Oklahoma family retreat 2015 it's great to be here and it's great to have all of you here the place is already filling up tonight and we want to welcome those of you that are with us by live stream tonight and I'd like to 2nd Alfonso's prayer that the weather would be good because I understand a supposed to hail against the night so pray that the Lord keeps that from happening and. I'm going casual tonight because we got here safely which are very thankful for it but our luggage did not arrive not one case so when Ricky picked this up we're standing on the curb with my briefcase I said yes we're traveling light this year. Because our suitcases were all left in Atlanta always stuck in Atlanta we used to fly and say once in a while and we nicknamed it in early years we nicknamed it always stuck in Atlanta because it seemed like we did get stuck there many times but we're delighted to be here tonight and we're looking forward to talking about skeletons in the closet How do you like that title. Kind of scary a little bit maybe it drew your curiosity I can remember when my husband I we were on a plane we spent a lot of time sitting on airplanes and we were talking about this years family retreats and what we were going to do that would go along with our theme that nothing is. Very good you've already learned that right so we've all got it we can all go home because we've got it right now we all need to keep this in the forefront of our thoughts so as we were talking about different things we wanted to discuss here this is something that came a right to the forefront of our minds because this is an area that all of us deal with putting things away to out of sight out of mind to me be just kind of hide them in and hope that we can go through life and not really have to deal with them well we're going to open the closet doors tonight. That's not scary right. Now it's only scary if we don't want to deal honestly and we're here because all of us want to be honest with the Lord and with ourselves and you can decide how honest you want to be with everybody else that's here but tonight we're going to talk about these skeletons that are in the closet because we all have things that are hidden or have had things that are hidden in the closet things that we cannot talk about things that we hope no one else will find out about and in marriage things that we try to avoid and keep tucked away because talking about them and up creating problems or you know if things don't turn out well things that we don't really want to admit or that we don't wanna that we don't want to face or that we fear what will happen if. Those things are exposed or we have the fear of failure and I think all of us can identify with that the fear of failure Therefore if I just don't have to have it right in front of me I don't have to have that fear of failure but we're going to give you just a list it's not exhaustive by any means but just some of the things that we know some of you and maybe more of you than than we even realize are dealing with some of these areas things that we have dealt with in our own lives and things we're going to be sharing with you that are very vulnerable and very honest and and I say a little bit some how raw and intimidating maybe but these are some of the areas that we want you to think about because this is a very personal message so for you adults it's very individual for you children this is not excluding you at all because you children face some things too that you that you don't want to deal with that you don't want to have to admit to weaknesses or problems or avoidances So we're going to give you some ideas here but we're praying that the Holy Spirit will bring to your mind that thing that he wants you to face here this evening and face and begin a new way of dealing with it through this retreat here so some of the things that many of you may be dealing with are negative feelings negative feelings and we course the person in scripture that came to my mind was Saul King Saul he had negative feelings didn't he so when we bring the Bible character in we want you to also think where those skeletons ended up for those people Ok so where did Saul end up you know think of the story and this is why we feel it's important that we face the skeletons. Sampson did not face his last his sensual thoughts his indiscretions with women and we know where that and that it him up and we're thankful that eventually he was willing to deal with those things once his eyes were poked out and because he was made blind he eventually was made to see and he's there in Hebrews 11 isn't that good news. That's very encouraging because we can deal with these things bitterness is another area that many people struggle with if there's anybody that comes to your mind that immediately brings a negative thought and negative feelings even though the physical feelings that come with bitterness it's held this is the time God wants us to deal with those kind of feelings Herodian us had very bitter feelings and we know what that led her to do and where what that caused the life what that cost the life of John the Baptist secret sin vice self abuse these are areas that can be deeply hid in the closet fear of being exposed fear of what will happen if someone finds out and they lead inevitably all these secret sins will not always remain secret and they end up causing dysfunction in every relationship that we will have jealousy is another area it's one of those things that we don't like to have to admit that we may have but we have to open our hearts and ask God Lord in my holding a jealous attitude toward anyone Cain was jealous of his brother. Because his brother's sacrifice was accepted and his was not like the fact that his brother's was accepted it made him look bad he wanted to justify himself those jealous feelings led him to take the life of his brother in a moment of passion and anger. And this is a story and we could tell you many of the Bible stories which you well know but we often think that no I would never do anything like this but if we have these feelings in there unchecked if we have these sentiments these fought these emotions and we just massage them we justify them whatever they are they will not just be kept internally they will grow and they will manifest themselves the sin of pride which is one that every human being struggles with and inspiration tells us that spiritual pride is the most incurable of all the pride issues and pride is just a fancy term for self-love and so when it's candy coated in religion it makes it even harder Jesus had a very difficult time reaching spiritual pride on the earth when he walked here among us greed is another area that people like to protect high protein like I'm I'm generous I'm helpful I'm this I'm that but in the background in the secret they want to get more and more and more and more and more for themselves even to the point of. Doing things that will cause other people's demise that's the sin of greed. And the example of baling is another vivid example where Balan was so driven by this kind of greed and avarice covetousness wanting for himself he was willing to go to the point of talking to his donkey when his donkey talked to him How's that for being so involved in your feelings that you actually have a conversation with a donkey and think nothing of it now we think well that sounds kind of humorous and almost unbelievable but it really happened and the angel told him if it hadn't been for your donkey I would have killed you so the donkey saved his life but that shows you how far these kind of thoughts and feelings can lead us if we are unwilling to address them where they matter most in our hearts. Insecurity and addictions is another area and there may be some struggling here tonight with one or both of those areas God wants to let us know that tonight it's possible to find victory in those things. You know we think of addictions we think of you know abuse drug abuse alcohol but there's other kind of addictions there's immoral addictions there's food addictions there's device addictions there's intertainment addictions it's what captivates us what drives us what where we spend our time how we think of the decisions we make are driven by our addictions so we need to let the Lord to his Holy Spirit say here's my closet door Lord open it I'm ready for you to show me whatever it is that needs to come out and clean that that out and make me a whole person Mary is the example we have from scripture about addiction she had insecurities and addictions and we know what the power of Jesus Christ did for her don't we and that she get every one of us hope because there's nothing too hard for God No matter how low we've been what we've done who we've hurt what we've said God will change our hearts another area that's very common and yet often on addressed is insecurities and insecurities is something that often gets pushed aside or downplayed And it's interesting as I just said it's not in the notes here but there was a time in my experience and my wife knows this very well when we were back in our medical professions that it was nearly well it was very difficult for me to have face to face interactions with the doctors I could do very well with the channelers and my wife actually helped me identify this as an insecurity because I felt very comfortable talking I'm just using the contrast here. I felt very comfortable talking with people who I considered of equal or lower a state than myself but I felt very uncomfortable talking to people who I thought were better than me and my wife help me identify this insecurity in where it came from that actually came out of my freshman year in the cademy I came I came off of a farm I was a farm boy Ok which I was very happy to be a farm boy and care love living on a farm but I came into a school outside of Detroit Michigan that was not farm kids and academy and I tell you what I went through my freshman year in the cademy was devastating to my. You know myself dignity I just it was a good and I really never realized the damage it caused me until my wife helped me recognize this and it's something I had to deal with and it's something I still have to deal with various times because insecurity can be a skeleton in the closet that we need the grace of God to deal with. And there's more we're just we just gave you a few little ones to kind of whet your appetite stimulate your thinking and hopefully through the Lord opening some of those doors in your heart because there may be one more than one closet filled or there may be several skeletons in your closet but when we start looking at our lives because we really want to be ready when Jesus comes we are looking forward to that we love Him we are anticipating that great day and we recognize that we can't be comfortable just because we have an understanding of a certain belief system or because of things that we do but we want God to open up our hearts and reveal who we really are and what we really need to do to change to be more representative of him in all times in all places and I think that's why you're here too and so we looked at our lives and we recognize there's 2 basic reason why we lock these types of issues up in our closet because in the skeletons in the closet number one is we really don't want to have to give it up I mean we really kind of like those things we really can like what we're viewing or we like what how this feels or we like this so we kind of just set it aside because we don't really want to face it and I add something to that in addition to that not only is it sometimes we don't want to let it go but sometimes it's easy. To deal with the ruts we are comfortable with than to deal with the anxiety of trying to do something new that we're not comfortable with and the 2nd reason is that we have bought into the most effective deception saint has ever done has ever convinced man is that it is not possible to overcome with all bought into it we've all listened to the lies we believed it and because of that we find ourselves still stuck in the roots still hiding things still locking things away because we don't really trust that God has the power to overcome now we can say we believe that but we don't really allow it to happen in changes from within so that's the other reason we found proverbs 15 verse 3 says the eyes of the Lord are every place. Interesting thought is that the eyes of the Lord are how many places ever every place be holding the evil and the good so we need to be honest and let God have access to us he's beholding everything the evil and the good and if we say we love God and we say we want to serve him and we say we want to live forever with Him It shouldn't be a great problem erotically for God to have access if he sees the evil and the good and if he wants to access some of the evil that's stuck away in a closet something we've excused whatever it is. Today is the day of salvation this retreat is the time to let God have access to us no more excuses whatever they are however they're packaged if God says I need this I want to take this I want to I want to give you complete victory is it possible and then. So we should go way different than we came right so why are you really here I guess maybe that's another question we put on our paper why are we here are we here because we've got friends and this is our time of year we come together we can see each other and catch up on on how life has been for each other and experience some new and good times together is that why you're here you know for some of you it may be I hope it's not the only reason you're here that's a good thing nothing wrong with being here that's right that's a good reason but he runs should be the only reason some of you like to come to get inspired that way you're here want to be inspired nobody wants to be inspired I do I go to 8 of these a year and I you know. It's been a blessing that God has given us the privilege to be in this ministry because he knows that we need it and what we share with you are things that God is sharing and showing us and so we need to be encouraged inspired and to see and experience the camaraderie of finding in climbing this seemingly is impossible task that we can climb and be victorious or Jesus Christ and all along the journey there's others around us that we can encourage and help or that might be helping us in the process so we'd like to encourage all of us because every time we share we are encouraged every time it's not for you it's for us. And so we want to plant the idea in all of our minds tonight at the very beginning of this retreat that we are expecting great things from God. And the only thing he expects from us in the process is our cooperation God can do great things he wants to do great things there is nothing that's too hard for God and every time I say that I always think this thought except me saying no is that hard for God. Well it complicates it when God is God plays by fair rules doesn't he he knocks the devil doesn't you give a crack in the door of the doubly ploughs in and does whatever damage he can do God says Behold I stand at the door and knock and so the only hard thing really for God In practical terms is when we say no. I don't give you permission to have access to my heart I won't give you permission to peek inside that closet even though I know you see what's in there but I don't want to deal with it that's hard let's not make it hard for God when God longs to save us so let's let's be determined here beginning tonight that we want to god to have access to what ever he wants access to is that fair is that thank you that's fair. Ok so if that's true then we can say what David said in Psalm 139 search me in verse 23 search me oh God and know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked away in me. And lead me in the way everlasting Is that fair that we want God to do that yes that's why we're here is it comfortable sometimes no but God will do it nothing is impossible for God to do it for willing for him to do it so we want to look at the steps to deal with the skeletons and then we're going to give you some real live examples of skeletons that have been in the process of being cleaned out destroyed and new a new life being remade so the 1st step here is to admit that we have a problem. The reason why we lock them a ways because we don't really want to have to admit it we want to pretend that they're going to go away or if I don't have to see it then I don't have to deal with it right they don't go away they linger there and they usually don't linger isolated or alone and they usually start getting friends with them other areas that kind of go hand in hand and pretty soon what started to be something that seems small and insignificant begins to grow and grow and grow and we use several examples of that from negative feelings and negative thoughts to jealousy to bitterness anger and even to slay someone they grow so we don't want them to grow we must admit that we have a problem and we have to stop oh sorry I just had a very good lead time in that the idea of admitting that we have a problem one of the blessed author of blessings I was going to say one of the best things one of the best blessings. That we can experience is finding some accountability in someone we trust in this case my wife Ok Saul it's good to admit to God about the problem that god. You know brings to our mind but if you can it mid it to someone else out loud. It's nice to have the extra con ability and especially I'm not speaking have some friends across the country I'm talking about somebody in this case husband or wife that it's already affecting this relationship so it moving it not only to God acknowledging it but also being willing to share that with your wife and have the per partner accountability or share it with your parent or that's right close significant other and the other Another aspect is we need to stop blaming others. In every one of the situations that we gave the illustration of where they had the negative result and these people men and women lost eternal life they always had somebody else they could blame for the reason for their problem if it's my problem it's my problem and I need to deal with it as my problem and not start looking for ways to make my husband the scapegoat for my issue so we have to be willing to look in wordly and have accountability in our own heart and then we need to believe that if God is bringing to us if we recognize that it's there we have conviction we have to believe that it is possible to change. That sound simple it is possible to change it is possible the teach an old dog new tricks may be hard but it's possible. And if God is in the equation it will happen it's already done. So our part is simply to be willing and surrender our heart to God and even if we are not willing we can ask God to make us willing. I see this in my life. I'm comfortable with it it's who I am that's what I've always thought that's how I've always been but I know when I read your words that this part of my life does not harmonize with your character so Lord I give you permission to change my heart give me a new perspective and he will do that and I want to stand for emphasize the being willing to be made willing cause that's not a play on words because I have experienced things in my life that I did not want to deal with even though I clearly knew it was wrong but I found myself resistant and I said Lord I now willing but I want to be made willing I want you to do what you can do to change me I'm willing to be changed that's different than surrender it's a type of surrender that says I'm giving you access to me but I can't change my heart I don't even feel like changing my heart I'm totally invested in this in selfishness but I know it's wrong it's leading me the wrong way God help me to be willing to change and give this away he will do it he will do it. And now that we've we've come this far in the process in these steps we can trust that God is going to do it he's going to answer our prayer and how he does that is he's going to let us be confronted with the very thing we want to change that's how God changes our hearts because he confronts us with it says now is your opportunity to make a choice on how you want to deal with this so don't think because you pray about it you surrender it you has got to remove it from you it's just all of a sudden all these negative thoughts or whatever the issues are just going to just evaporates from you and it's never going to be a problem anymore. God is going to bring you into direct head on exposure to your issue and he's going to give you the grace and give us the grace to say I see Lord right now this is the moment you want to begin that change that I've been praying for and he will work through it with us and the quicker we cooperate and the faster we hit these things face for face on the quicker we will see his mighty power to save an important part of this too is being willing to talk about it missing that were wrong but in this process is being willing to verbalize to God and if it's affected my wife or my children or someone being willing to confess that as wrong to own it that what I did whether it was in ignorance or whether it was in old habit or however it was stubbornness I know that what I did was wrong please forgive for me there's healing in forgiveness friends we need to be forgiven we need to to own what we've done to admit what we've done to confess what we've done if it's just between us and God If it's secret sin and it has an effect to anybody else it's between us and God It has to be confessed and admitted if it's affected someone else it needs to be confessed not only to God but to the person that it's affected because we need His cleansing We need His forgiveness and that it's a part of healing and going forward in the right direction and I want to emphasize when we pray for for get to be forgiven we as Tom said we need to accept and believe that we are forgiven. Because if we don't accept that forgiveness and we really believe that God loves us and forgives us that won't go away it will hunt us and it will stay there and the devil will he knows just the right time to bring it back to the forefront of our thoughts when we're in a vulnerable position in a weak position and when those thoughts come they tumble us down all over again we get discouraged we get we feel we're never going to make it in we start becoming what the devil is trying to convince us of is that just give up it's never going to be different you're no good you're you know just forget it and just do what you want to do and that's not where God wants us I know from my own experience things that when I went through as a child that I carry guilt for 4 years it wasn't till after I was married and it began to affect our relationship that I recognize my husband help me to see because he would hear me pray baking God please forgive me honey haven't you prayed that before I know but I don't feel it you know somehow the thoughts come back the issues that the circumstances come to the forefront the Mind you feel all that junk all over again no I was forgiven when I asked for to be forgiven and when I believed it the devil has never sent since I've accepted that he's never found that avenue into my heart again. I know that my Savior loves me has forgiven me and by faith I move on and I'm no longer haunted and no longer. Distracted and no longer discouraged by the things of the past. We met a man recently when we were on our flight over to Australia and that's a long flight for those of you that have done it 15 hours and. So the person that was sitting in the 3rd seat where we were sitting was an example of someone who heard the call that we are sharing together tonight and he shared his experience with us and it was a high our full testimony. A man who is very prominent who was determined not to deal with the skeletons in the closet and how just like these bible characters that we shared the beginning how it began to play out and how it began to destroy his life and he lost everything everything I lost he said I lost my home I lost my job I lost my wife I lost my shoulder I lost everything and I found myself homeless in a car alone devastated broken with God God doesn't leave us or for sake us God does not stop pursuing us and he found God in that circumstance and was a powerful testimony of the rebuilding power and grace of God in the life of that man he just shared and shared about his love for Christ and the changes in his life and it was it was a beautiful story because. Finally when he was at the bottom or at least the bottom as far down as he ever imagine he could go it was at the bottom that he found the answers and he came back to God and God was there for him and the amazing thing about his test when he didn't come back to got to get something he came back to God because He knew that he needed God in his life and he saw the kind of person he was without God and how he had pushed God out of his life in all these areas that drove him to the destitute circumstances he was in and he said you know you know he's an attorney he works for a major firm here in the United States big business and he said you know to to come from just being able to have a toothbrush and being able to brush my teeth that was like a wow for him because he lost everything that he had but he found God in the process and all he wanted was God And when that became his focus in life God took him and God has healed not only his heart but it within just a few months place him back as an eternity in another firm and he says you know it's phenomenal he said I could have never written a script the job I have now is much different and better than what I had before because that's the awesome God we serve he takes us where we are and he brings us to where he wants us to be but we need to stay with him so that's a very dramatic example and we hope that no one here is her has had that quite that dramatic of a story but we want to contrast that with something that is so simple and almost seems insignificant and almost seem silly to bring up. But we're going to share something that will help us to see how interested God is in our entire life and changing us because some of these things that we have tucked away in the closet for years are the root issue is pride of heart it's it's there it's at the bottom of it all and that's what God really wants to root out of us is the pride of heart so I'm going to share with you an example from my life that is very humbling very vulnerable and 1st many of you will think how elementary but it was it's a real thing for me and it was just the end of last year that God said Ok I'm going to open the door I'm going to show you this in your life and I want you to deal with it and it was I'm even I'm shaking a little bit now but it was quite a deal for me. Growing up. I was never a good reader for whatever reason I wasn't the reader I think it's because I never had funny. But it was a handicap to me and I can remember as a child and maybe there's some of you who can remember early school days when we had to stand up in the classroom and we had to read out loud from the readers that I would tremble because I was a bad reader I was fearful I was in secure it was traumatizing to me and I can remember taking the books and maybe some of you read those same books they were Dick and Jane books you know this is Dick see Dick Run run run run run run I've got the books memorized because I had to do that because in class the teacher might call on me to read and I was fearful of it. I didn't know how to put words together if they had more 4 or 5 letters my mind would short circuit and I didn't know if it was you know 8 or apt or whatever I mean you know you got an e. on the end I finally learn teach my children phonics and that was a tremendous help but this is something that I carry through my early childhood as I went further education I strolled to do my best not because I was a good reader but because I learned by listening and see what the teacher taught so I was a child my husband call me the apple polisher I wasn't an apple polisher I just wanted to learn and I knew the only way I could learn was not to sit down and read the book because I was so focused on just reading words I had no concept of what I read I just read words to get them right so I would sit the very 1st chair under the teacher's nose and almost every single class so that I could learn and I did well in school and then I went on to nursing school and we were given 628-2100 pages of night every ting to do and that is where it became very traumatic for me because I didn't have good reading skills I didn't have good reading comprehension and I can remember being for hours reading and rereading and rereading and praying that I would hear that you know the teacher would explain all these things before we got a test on it and sometimes they just give you a test on what you read assuming that you were prepared for the class so this carried on in my life when we would go to church I was never the one to raise a hand to read something out loud even if it was a scripture I knew my memory it wouldn't be me who would be volunteering I can remember going to prayer meeting and counting the paragraphs when it became my turn to read from the book. And totally blocking out what other people were saying because I was wanting to read to see if I could know all the words because it was stressful for me. And I've kept this hidden for years and we were in the car together we were writing to California to pick up my mother she was busy my brother and we were doing devotions in the car and I can read fine by myself and I've grown in that silent reading I have better comprehension on I read silently but still somehow when I have to read out loud it's like it's all there again and I focus on reading the words and I don't get the meaning so I'm reading out loud in the car to my husband off the i Pad and i am butchering the words making a mess and he might be reading along and he'd say oh yeah that's the word I mean it's like his mind is naturally filled in the word that I was supposed to be reading but I was saying something different and even in our marriage I found it stressful and at the moment I shut the lid and I said I can't do this Kim this is too much for me I was so insecure and I started to find these feelings grow inside of me and you know I didn't feel like he could understand me because he has a vocabulary and he can say words he did it on the way here we looked at the same words on the side of the building and I said it one way and it made 0 sense and he said it it's like oh yeah that sounds right how did you know how to say that he'd never seen or heard the word before. His He's he's gifted this is not my gift and I became in secure because there is pressure in life too to be a certain standard to be like other people out there right and when other people are superior to you you feel inferior in you withdraw and then you start you know looking for where their weaknesses are right because we want to protect our weakness and that day in the car. Got right to the bottom of the issue my heart he said you're worried about what other people or I think of you. That's why you more read out loud. You're worried that you're going to look illiterate you're worried that you're going to look stupid that you're going to say the wrong things and he was exactly right and I started to weep that my husband was just like what's happened he said honey this is an area God wants you to deal with and I want to help you because you are smart you aren't stupid but those are the lies I big I had taken up and believed for years because I couldn't do it like other people can do it you have those same things in your life because we're not all the same you have strengths that you know shine and you've got weaknesses you protect because they don't measure up to somebody else and you don't want them to think that you aren't there you know what I mean so my husband said to me Honey I've heard you read before and you do a good job it's Ok if you miss the word I'm more interested in having you read and pay attention with what you're reading you know try to get the you know the meaning instead of just reading the words however slow that is and so in our home for worship I'm the outloud reader not every day and not every worship. But I think I'm improving. Great here thanks. But the real issue isn't reading the real issue isn't my lack of ability in reading the real issue is how it affected me how I viewed myself how I viewed others because I wasn't at their level you get the point right this is what the skillet ins are in are concepts that God wants to dig out which is to face him he wants us to know that there is nothing impossible with him nothing and even though I still may make mistakes and I will make mistakes because there's awfully big words I have no idea how to start amount or how to finish them up it's Ok it's Ok because it's not about me it's about me choosing to do what God is asking me to do. Yes And she's doing great but again I want to emphasize the point here whatever it is we're dealing with in this case my wife is viewing this completely differently now and we're working together on this and I've never felt like she's a bad reader that's been in her mind for decades but now it's come out and we can talk about it we can share I can be encouraging to her how we respond to it to somebody bringing something out of the closet. Even if it's a you know if it's a teenager or if it's a 5 year old and they hear what we're talking about tonight they want to start sharing don't shut them down Also you should be thinking thoughts like that you shouldn't do that while that shuts somebody down who's come under the conviction that I want to deal with the skeleton will you help me. That's what God wants us to do is to open our hearts up to him and to each other Ok I like this verse 7 chronical 16 verse 9 for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth now we read another verse earlier in the message looking is eyes are everywhere seeing the good in the evil this as to show himself the strong in behalf of those whose hearts are perfect towards him Ok this is not talking about perfect people here this is talking about people who are willing to open our hearts to God and say do with me as you need to do with me change me and he is looking over this congregation tonight and he says I will show myself strong for any of you whose heart turns to me tonight to deal with your skeleton in the closet. There are 2 classic examples. In the New Testament 2 men that were very similar to men that had similar weaknesses similar characters one of them was John the Beloved One of the sons of thunder the other was Judas they start out very similarly in the weaknesses that they had but one of them was willing for God to change him. And he ended up being the one who wrote the beautiful love story of our heavenly Father in Christ our Savior because by beholding that John became changed and Judas on the other hand made excuses look for ways to change the context of situations and ended up hanging himself in desperation very poignant examples of 2 very different and. To the skeletons that were in the closets and I just pray that for each one of us or whatever it is only the Lord knows maybe your wife knows maybe your husband knows maybe mom and dad know your children know about you Mom and Dad whatever it is only only those that know we don't know but God knows and God wants to make a difference in your life before you leave this place he wants to make a difference in all of us and so tonight as we close. We want to look at the words of Matthew 1926 Jesus said With man this is impossible it is impossible but with God all things are possible and so we're going to close in prayer and then we'd like you to take a few moments as the piano quietly allays meditative thoughtful moments for you to reflect maybe not on everything but what the Lord bringing to your heart. That he wants to deal with because he doesn't dump everything on us he doesn't open the door and drag everything out of the closet at once he doesn't overwhelm us he loves us with an everlasting love so as we as we kneel together and pray will follow it with a few moments of thoughtful reflection on what God is targeting for us and we want you to write that thought down on the. Pamphlet you were given because that is your key point that you're coming away from this message with tonight and each message there should be at least one key point that the Lord is calling to your heart he wants to change once and help us to grow more like him so let's kneel together as far as possible as we pray Father haven't thank you for being a tender father a loving father a father pursues us because you do love us with an everlasting love and thank you for the possibilities of change because we. We believe that with you nothing is impossible so tonight as we as we close this message Pray that you will work in each of our hearts you know what we need better than we do pray that we would not resist you but your will would be ultimately done that our lives would be transformed by grace in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe if you would like to listen to your servant leader visit. Or.


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