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This message challenges us to move outside of our narrow thinking of why "I can't" to what "God can" do in and through us if we cooperate with Him.


  • April 4, 2015
    7:15 PM
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Can you imagine this we're at the last meeting already. It's kind of hard to believe in a way isn't. But Time keeps marching on and for this last meeting tonight we want to say welcome to our it's hard to look at that light up there but welcome to our lives stream friends and viewers. And to walk home to all of you it's been a long day but it's been a blast the day hasn't it. Has even inspired. Have you been encouraged Have you been challenged. So if we. Are right here with you and the question that we ask tonight why not. Why not why not meet every supposed him possibility in the strength of Jesus Christ why not. You know I believe and I was talking to my dear wife here I believe that before we leave here and maybe for some of us between now and the next week we will have one of 2 ways of looking at this question why not we will leave here believing maybe like we've never believed before the fire god that we have professed to serve is really the God of all flesh he is really the God that can change our lives and that nothing will stand in our way as we go forward in the strength of Jesus Christ or. We will leave here already saying why now what I'll tell you why not. Because she's not going to change she's the one or he's always this way it can't meeting but when we go wrong retreats. Here we go all the way back to him meeting the tough to change names here. He he always acts this way we treat. We won't even get home before he's back in his old character that's why not. I hope that we won't go there I hope that we won't go there because our perspective. Not God's But our perspective becomes our reality. And if our perspective leaves here with we can do the impossible with God we will be able to do the impossible with God Do you believe it. But if we leave here already defeated Sometimes we'll be talking with a couple we talked to lots of couples over the last 26 years and and often times because we're creatures of habit we'll be talking and we will be thrilled to see the breakthroughs that God is doing with a couple who is willing to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ it's only sometimes it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But quite often. Near the end of communicating together with a cup all who is excited sometimes in tears with enthusiasm a desire to change one or the other or both of them will say but I don't know if I have much hope of seeing him change all. That's just like a kind of a blow to the to the whole spirit of the sphere because when that comes back in the perception of the change changes we go from hope we go from yes we can be deferred to slipping back into the old ways and we don't need to slip back into our old ways. We don't want to have a message received mean that it's just a preachy message we want this message to really reach every one of our hearts ours included that we make a decision here this evening right now why were seated or for us why we're standing because if we don't if we wait till a more convenient season we lose our motivation we forget the inspiration. And we go out of here thinking yes when we get home we'll you know get settled in the movie star you know making this difference or that difference if we don't aren't decided here what our plan is when we leave here chances are when we get to where we're going we will be no different than when we came. And then whatever we had for the last 5 days good fellowship inspiring messages delicious food hopefully good sleep and maybe a nice get away from the routine and pressures of daily life but friends it's time that we go away with more than just that don't you agree it's time that we go away with a desire a motivation a believe a conviction a drive that with God all things are possible even my own stubbornness and sometimes we don't even look at the other person sometimes we we convince ourselves that we discount do it. We're our own worst enemy. We cooperate too easily with the dapple we can do all things through Christ there is nothing too hard for him and if we are weakness with his strength then we are fully capable of becoming anyone that he wants us to be we can become anything he wants us to be we can do anything he wants us to do how do you like that that's limitless isn't it because we're with guard and with guard he takes us on that journey he promises to go all the way home with us and that's what we want and I want to just touch again on this idea of our perception because it is our perception that shapes our reality shapes our commitment that shapes our perseverance and there's an example in the Bible that most of us know very simple powerful example that talks about perception and that is the experience when Eliza. Is out there in he's surrounded by the Syrians and what does he lie she has See. All these Syrian cheeriest But what does he see he sees the angels of God insert going him and his poor servant who has his perception sees only the Chariots of the Syrian. Because the perception of the largest servant was the not perceiving with the faith that is a lie she was perceiving with and so Eliza said Lord open his eyes. Water change let's ask God to open our eyes before we leave this place. Oh God open our eyes that we might see with the eyes of faith and perceive a new reality for our Christian experience we needed we desperately needed or we are destined to plateau and that plateau begins to drop off. You want to new perception of God's reality you want them. I hope we want that we need that and God wants to give it to us so I hope that we will all be open to what God's been speaking to our hearts and that we will be willing to walk out of here with the perception of faith why not. What has God not done for us to give us the perception of faith that he can continue to do this work in us and children I hope that you're not thinking that this is just for the big people in the room isn't that or everyone who has the ability to hear in understand whether you're 3 or 4 or maybe even 2 you know what is right you know a mommy ask you to do something and that is the time that God wants to be real in your life when you don't feel like it so we're talking everybody in this room tonight not just your mommies and daddies Ok we're talking to you see here in the room you are under different current temptations than maybe your dad or your mom or your grandma or whoever it is God has a plan for every life God is the one who makes no mistakes and even though your circumstances may seem trying difficult unpleasant whatever it may be God is going to take you through that and if you go through that with God you're going to come out going to come through that out the other side and you're going to come out with joy peace and happiness that you have gone through the trials that you face with the Lord Jesus Christ how many of you here tonight know all the name Nick voyage church how many people Ok. That's pretty good I thought at least half of you would know his situation. No arms. No legs no worries. You know that no worries that comes from our Ozzie friends Ok. So how can someone was no arms and no legs have no worries. It's because of this young man mc for those of you that don't know about Nick he was born with no arms no legs a very unusual anomaly wasn't genetic. And so he faced for years the challenges physically but more so emotionally the challenges of being in audits he you know like the kind of like the circus in the old days where they had the the freak shows and things the people there had malformations Well they don't do that so much nowadays but that's what happens in the schools that's what happens with the cruelty in all the young people sometimes can be very cruel because they just say whatever they think. And when Nick was 8 years old. He went through a day and some of you you've heard his testimony he went through a day where everybody seemed to be saying things that were hurtful to him and he had done so well for so long and he finally came to the place that he said if one more person says a mean thing to me. I'm going to kill myself what why should I live. Why why should I live like this if this is the way my life is going to be and so not only is he struggling with no arms and no way Igs but he's struggling that nobody really wants to accept him. And so on his way home that day from school. A young girl called out to him and he winces thinking here it is. But she didn't say something mean to him. She told him that she liked his smile. She told him something nice about him. And you know that little girl didn't know that that changed the destiny of his life that day and I bring that part of the story out because sometimes we become so sell focused so me focused so into ourselves that we only think of how bad we are. And we aren't thinking about the impact that we're having to other people's lives it's just another perspective on this but that was it that was a turn in in that young man's life and he does some amazing things today because his perception of his reality has not limited him to what people said he could do and could not do. Well some of things a does today well he was determined he would not be confined to a wheelchair and he needs his testimony is no he his maker is with me and God makes no mistakes God had a purpose for next life like this and so this young man now in peace probably in the early thirty's by now this young man as a boy was able to learn and do things that normal children can do like write a skateboard but he doesn't have any arms he doesn't have any legs but he can sure twisted hips pretty good and he has a little flapper is he calls it like kind of a half a foot on one side was a gun merciful that's all that he needed to be able to maneuver Incredibly this young man learned to swim now that's phenomenal to me because I have 2 arms and 2 legs and I am a terrible swimmer. And then to think he could get himself out of the swimming pool you think about you're in the pool right how do you get out you swim over to the edge and you grab a hold of the bars right and you raise your fur and you put it on the step and you climb out or he can't do that or if you are strong enough you can come to the side and you can you know push on the edge and make yourself go down and jump up he has no arms but he can get himself in and out of the pool. And you can go online and listen to the story but it is it's hilarious but it is also very touching and very sobering to realize that he would not let defeat be part of his life. And that's what each of us need not to let defeat be a part of our life the only thing we want to defeat is sin anything else needs to be by the grace of God through His power we can conquer it and the most beautiful part of his story is that he had a hope and entering that someday he would be married and have a family. Now you picture this you have a body you have a trunk in the head and that's what you have can you visualize it for those of you haven't seen his picture right you've got a trunk and a head and he wants to be a married man with a family and God has given him a beautiful wife who loves him and a beautiful child. And so why are we so afraid. Why are we so limited for what God's plan is for our life. Because of God can do that was someone with no arms and no legs What can he do with your life and my life. I love this tax goes so if you to fill it with what Nick has experienced and what we can experience Jeremiah $3217.00 I even like the way that the Jeremiah puts down our Lord God you know that he didn't just say Lord God he said all along or God the whole vow has made the heaven and the earth by Di grey power. And stretched out arm gods stretched out arm and there is nothing. Too hard for the. So we all believe that there's nothing too hard for God. Then I asked the question again why not. Why not have what God wants to give us. Why not receive. Life Eternal why not open the door for Jesus when he's knocking and doesn't push the door open. We want to talk for a little while about kind of capsulize ing the 3 areas that we've discussed as a ministry team over this past few days beginning with the personal and the question is will I. And you are all with us. Asking this question will in the person will walk in my personal profession of Christianity will I really give God full access to my life will live why not you know I said to Elaine before we came over here. You know us somehow by God's grace we we've got to make this common sense. We got to make this which was to make every message press we've got to make this sole common sense that we can't none of us can miss it. Why should we say we are Christians why should we say we serve the living God why should we say Are you want to do His will why should we sell these things and then say. I don't want to have full access to my life and that's what we've been talking about in several of the messages. Making a real part of our lives when we talk to that 1st message about the skeletons in the closet why not let God open the door and clean it separate I mean why do we want to hide all this stuff why do we want to cherish all this stuff that is for our demise will we go on I will you be willing to let God do His work in our hearts and why not I mean it seems sometimes a little bit scary but once we just make that choice that it's been very clear it's our part to do right and it's very clear that we haven't o'clock our our part is to make the choice to step on the side of Christ and when we step on to his side he empowers us to do whatever it is he wants us to do to give up whatever he wants us to give up to go where ever he wants us to go to love the way he would love those around us our husband our spar wife our children our neighbor our church members why not let God have full access so all this 1st area that we're talking about on the individual personal side of this why not. If we do not make these decisions if we won't if we won't go there then it won't work in the rest of what we're going to talk about so it's that simple it won't work in the marriage we can it's not going to work in the family it's not going to work with our parenting because it starts right here. In the Hannah talked about doing all this for love whatever it is that we're doing as Christians were doing it for love we we need to have time to let God ravish us with his love. That's a very elaborate word let him raffish us with His Love that means let us be willing to allow that process to happen because he loves us with an everlasting love and he is constantly drawing us that's what he's doing constantly he's doing it right now why not let him have access to us why not take the time morning by morning day by day to enter into more and more deeply with that relationship. And I have a taste of that in my marriage I love being with this girl. And she knows that and I I just I can't get enough of her and I love that. There is nothing arduous about my wanting to be with my wife nothing arduous about it I love being with her and I do not like being apart from her. I want that. With God. But it won't happen by accident science we need to let God have access to us that means we need to make time for him to respond to his love because everything good that happens happens because of God Every response we have is a gift from God every good gift comes from God comes down from the Father of Lies with whom there is no shadow of turning we need to respond to that love and when we experience that love we respond to that love with love it's love that mood of aids us for the change that it's not a problem it's not a hassle it's not a duty it's not. A difficulty but we we change because our our hearts are touched by his love in our responses we want to love Him back with our life therefore it's not trying to say no I don't want to eat that I know in facing the temptation it's like you know I don't want there I want you Lord I want you God I do this because I love you you have given everything for me and you've asked so little for me. We should give whatever little he ask of us and give it back freely. Let's love him in response to his love and that's where Paul left us at 11 o'clock hour. With the choice the only choice that makes the most difference. There's nothing we can do to make God's love any bigger or better than it is there's nothing we can do to contribute to the transforming power of God But there's one thing we can do to make it ours and that is we make a choice and choice by choice we become transformed by grace and that impossibilities become possible with our great God and the choices we make with him and for him. So now we want to look at the areas of marriage and there was a couple of topics that we shared this past week on marriage so why not make our marriages all they can be don't you want a happy marriage let me see the hands of those of you who are married Ok And you know and if you want them to be happy keep your hands up Ok All right looks like we're all agreed right then we have a part to play in that if it's something God wants us to invest ourselves in it's a 2 way relationship and I'll never change my husband he will never change me but God's love working through him and God's love working through me and God's love working together with us together can do the impossible it can bring us in such a beautiful loving relationship so we talk 1st about the mouth functions that we have in our marriages these patterns these cycles when this goes wrong how we we have misconceptions and we have misconduct and we have mis understandings and miscommunications and we start with something small and it gets very big very ugly very fast and it causes division and it causes pain and hurt God who is to change all that he wants to say to get us right back in the beginning of the situation and he wants us to learn how to communicate through it so that it doesn't separate us so that it doesn't divide us so that doesn't cause us to go our different directions and when we are willing to cooperate with God and listen and respond to him and to our spouse it is an amazing thing that you can go through some really challenging things and they not really feel challenging or normal it's almost fun to go through them because you see how powerful our God is who's the God of the in possibility. And some of them are very fun and all. But the exciting part is and I also told my wife this I said I don't know what it is you know but I'm really excited about this. Because I'm seeing some of these things in a different you wait and I'm excited because it makes sense to be I say I love my wife and and I lover as much as I know how to lover but I'm excited that any of the patterns of malfunction that we have experienced that will come back to test us I know God wants to take us completely through them. And I'm excited about our not as some of the that's right also mentally completely victorious in the strength of Jesus Christ does excite you. Good didn't sound really excited but but it was a response. I know God is not through with any of us and he wants to make our marriage is unimaginable ie beautiful and loving and intimate and reflective of law you want there. That's something to get excited about. Cell given my wife permission right here in front of all of you this is not in the know I mean I'm giving you permission to miss the very carefully to remind me how exciting this is going to be when my self is cross. That clear it's very clear that all of you now. I hope you get permission to tell them on me if I don't do well. If I do well if you tell me to. Go on the contract or if you will I will so it's going to have all the way you hold us accountable Ok that was definitely not an alter that was spontaneous but that's how excited I was not just emotional intimacy I wasn't his I was working in our hearts it is when I want to be the people you know at next retreat which is in what 3 weeks from now I will be in the u.k. we don't want to be the same people we are here today and I want to be just more and more and more like Christ more and more in love and our marriage more and more unselfish Paul and Karen shared me in my marriage and they were talking about the only problem with our marriage is they have me in it serious problem it is a serious problem because self is there you can't take the means out I mean you can't take the human beings out we've got to get the me's out we need to put God in the me and me make us and us make us surrendered loving willing helping one another for burying one another loving one another. Yes yes for Barry is a good word. The bottom line with the Me problem that Paul and here are talking about last night the bottom line is that we are more in love with me. Fine natural self the natural to me that's the natural selfishness we when it comes down to it too many times we are more in love with me then we are we are with God. And her. Because me is who we've lived with for so long it becomes so selfish and when you bring that into the marriage you have 2 problems if you got to me and they brought that out last night in the bottom line is for us is that and on control the self. That's the me. Who says no to God when that still small voice prompts me. Who goes ahead and gets irritated that uncontrolled self and you hear all quiet it is in here everybody knows what we're talking about. That uncontrolled self stops all the progress of living happily ever after it stops what it means that the 2 shall become one it stops it I don't want to keep stopping that on the road to heaven do you. I don't want to run control of all me. Stopping the progress that God is trying to do in this marriage we can choose the possible answer with Christ and move aside from what seems impossible so so we need another well at least I'm well a go go for probably be right there with the r.k. So when we write these now take notes for us I don't have a plan Ok to say after Go ahead so when when the me over here gets very needy kids gets very meek Yeah me. Neither it's me's living over here and it shouldn't be a me so you'll have you'll say honey. You know I mean Satan getting this is. I thought of Jack right and he said that means all. You have permissions Nasmyth them yeah you have permission to say Honey yourself is stopping progress how is that going to actually give me I am who I am. I you know. It's a deal that. I need it but any idea now and I and I reciprocate that Ok Ok didn't have to because I said No I wanted to because we want to be different. What we are. Almost pleading with you to do we want more of us more that's what we're saying it Ok. More love to be all Christ more love to the we need that love we need his love we need his power we need his possibilities working in our impossibilities. Ok. Parenting and family we're going to talk a little bit about that because if we're willing to let God deal with us individually if we're willing to let him deal with us as a couple we will be willing to let him deal with us as parents right that's We we say we want our children ready for the kingdom of heaven we want to see them receive the crown of wife who then we are going to be willing to take the 3rd step and that is that we will why not no reason why not His grace is sufficient we are going to be willing. To let him have access to our parenting and our family life and I think Carolyn did a beautiful job of hitting 5 powerful points on parenting and when you think about what is going to highlight one it's usually the one that most parents don't like to hear but I really don't mind hearing it but it's just a real tough one to really do but if we address this one issue it will change powerfully the outcome in our families It'll bring so much more contentment joy happiness working together it's truly a blessing and that is the area of schedule the entire world works off the schedule and operates fairly smoothly doesn't it. We our lives are constantly influenced by our work you know our church going everything we do is operated around a schedule except our homes. And that's why we have so much crisis and conflict in the home and chaos and chaos so why not take that one point and the others as well but really say I don't want to continue living like this I don't want to continue having chaos in my home I don't want to have the contention and the frustration and the. Conflict there. We can make a change when we go home even though we have no children we still live on the schedule it doesn't matter what time we get it doesn't matter if we've flown home from Monster a we've had been the most that night half the day driving home getting home and 7 o'clock at night after leaving the day before in Australia when we go to bed the next morning we get up and we're still having breakfast and worship at our normal time. Because if we don't we find that our lives get. Turned around upside down and found you know I was just listening. To that might sound to these some of these people like that is a little bit fanatical. It doesn't mean I just want to soften that a little bit what she said is true it's more because it's a habit that we've developed but I can tell you that if we just crash that's Ok and we do occasionally have but we never crash test 730 in the true. That's true time we go to bed we're still working by 7 o'clock or 7 Certainly you are. You are too busy as I am not because because if you're tired of but it's because of the regularity because of the habits but it doesn't mean because sometimes people say to us so how long does it take you to recover from family retreat when you get home and we say well we're back up on family worship with her mother lives with us now full time we're back up having family worship right on schedule. Oh it takes me 3 or 4 days sometimes even a week to get back on schedule while we can't afford to do that because many times we go home and you know we're back out on the road again in 3 days so part of it is because we've had to have the discipline but it perfectly illustrates what Elaine saying here everything in our lives. Runs on a schedule how would you like it if you're over in Europe and you get on the train I love the European rail system because when it's 8 o'clock and the schedule says they leave in a car boom the doors go shut and the train is going if you're not on it sorry I love that because you can count on it you know how would you like it if the world were in like our homes sometimes run and you know you get to the church and well you know no Deacon showed up the Sabbath the doors are even unlocked and it's $930.00 that would be a bit shocking wouldn't it we wouldn't like that we wouldn't like going to the bank and finding out that while the hour say they're open from 8 to 5 we get there and they say sorry we all slept in today and you know the banks are not going to open for another hour because we're behind we wouldn't tolerate it and we don't want to tolerate that in our families and so schedule and regularity even though it's a subject that many people don't like we do it in every other part of life and we're thankful for it but somehow when it comes to our own families we think that's restrictive why should we have that our children needed and in our experience we started living on regularity and schedule we took care of half of our display issues and over the last 26 years the ministry we have seen family after family that when they deal with this family worship falls into place they star they have more time for God They have more time for family time they have more time to talk as a couple because they're redeeming some time rather than living in chaos. Room to bloom Oh your relationships go ahead you're going to go Ok. I thought I just did a bunch of talking there so. Relationships Hannah talked about relationships in the context of family and yes Hank Hill of that's right it was Hannah and Caleb they talked about relationships and one of the things that we really picked up and really appreciated is the honesty with which we need to deal with these relationships if we will be honest with ourselves and sometimes that's hard when we're in relationships and they talked about you know the boyfriend girlfriend thing and you know who you're getting to know and associate with Sometimes it's hard to be honest and we say all there's nothing there we're just friends you're right can you touch them you know 100 texts a day and all your other friends you text once a week something's just a little different there so we if we can't be honest with ourselves which is really the best it's good if will be honest with our parents it's good if will be honest with our God Ok That implies that we have a relationship with God and with our parents that helps facilitate the relationships that come into the family that might be a lifelong relationship and if you don't have a relationship with God and a relationship with Mom and Dad then you don't need to be in any relationship with anybody else well that is that pretty basic because if you don't know how to get along in your family you're certainly not going to be your real self in a relationship and anything that a killer relationship fascinating thing is to be somebody you are not so you need to be who you are but unearned who that person is in be happy with the person you are because you have the right relationship with God then you don't have to try to be somebody else and you don't have to try or you don't have to impress you just be yourself and be honest and if you're honest with yourself and with God and your parents then you have the greatest maturity to be in a relationship. If you don't like you be honest person who you are better to find it all a missed either the what is right then the other side because you did and I can't tell you how many people try to impress to try to be what they think their other person like the kind of phone they like do the kind of things they like now there's a certain amount of that it's give and take but when you try to change to give a certain impression you're on dangerous ground be who you are and if they don't like who you are fine God will bring you to the person who likes who you are because when you are love who you are as right. So why not in why not. Give our young people room to grow and carry on did move to great move room to loom thank you and putting it backwards here and basically the whole focus of that message was really our responsibility as parents when our children begin their totally dependent upon us by the time we finish them our parenting and they're ready to launch into life they should be fully independent of us they don't need us for anything although we still want them to be able to talk with us and things like that and bounce ideas but they can function independently they're mature enough to handle life independently they have direction for life they have a connection with God and they are saying to launch into life and it's our responsibility parents is not to you know just close our eyes and hope they hurry up and grow up or to micromanage them and have them under oath I am under every day will think our responsibility is to take this totally dependent infant and make that transition with them through through the power of God so that they can be successful as they head into life to live the life God has called them to live for him in service and we talked this morning about probabilities and we save probabilities to the end because. It really gets involved with all the decisions we make individually as a very couple and as parents and children youth young people in the family dynamics you see too many times we work off of probabilities when we don't even recognize we're working off of it and what ends up happening is that we limit our possibilities based on how we've done in the past Ok instead of saying. With Christ all things are possible and pressing on toward them are toward the prize of the high call in Christ Jesus that implies looking on the word upward instead we often and we may not even consciously realize it but we often refer to our past failures to decide whether we can be successful for the future. We can't do that we can't do that and be successful all because we have to forget those things that are behind and The Wiz cries go forward pressing on toward the mark and he will give us the impossible victories he will give us the insights the wisdom the discretion the discernment all things that we need to become successful whether it's in our individual life in our marriages in our families as they use being responsible learning proper independence all these things are not to be limited by our failure but to be achieved by our forward looking with the possibilities of God So what are we going to do. We just capsulize summarize the last 4 days and what did the question is what are we going to do what are you going to do. Are you going to leave this camp this retreat the same as you came Are you going to leave with with choices to be determined to be all that God wants you to be. This is simply a choice and that choice is ours and we've made commitments and that wasn't funny by the way that was real because we both know this is an area we still have room to grow in and I still have I mean I still have a me that exerts misses and sometimes it's surprising to see some of the insignificant things that it may surface over and I need help because sometimes we don't see who we really are but our spouse can see it so we give them permission so what are we going to do because there's no limits with God so why not let God do all he wants to do for us and so we want to encourage you tonight as we close we want to encourage you. The God isn't asking us to do everything before we leave turning or by the time we get home God is only asking us to use our power of choice that great. Power of choice that he's given to us to make the choice to say Lord I am willing to do whatever you ask me to do I am willing in the end all of us have have had thoughts brought to us all of us have had convictions brought to us all those have had things that we were even looking for pop up in our minds that's the work of the Holy Spirit. God isn't asking us to deal with all that he's asking for us to give him permission to deal with what he thinks is the 1st priority to deal with he doesn't overwhelm us the Bible's full of examples all he does is he wants to take a step by step sanctification is the work of our life time he just wants us to be surrendered to Him and be willing to let him do in us and through us whatever he knows we need one choice at a time. So he won't overwhelm us and causing our just read. A beautiful couple of sentences here from inspiration taken from volume 2 of mind character and personality powerful volumes about dealing with the mind and emotions page 480 paragraph 3. There is no chapter in our experience too dark for him to read. Is not beautiful. There is nothing in our experience is too dark for God to see and understand in to read it's not going to say that's right nothing to argue or bear seeing if there is no perplexity to difficult for him to on or Rav all. What ever it is that God is asking us to do all of us to do. He is well able. And he will not ask us to do anything that he is not prepared to equip us to do so we can be rejoicing in that and everything he asks of us is because of love. He loves us he yearns for us to be with him for eternity. How shall we respond. This media with. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through audio and much more if you would like to know about. Or if you would like to listen to your service leave it.


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