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The Man, The Book, The Supreme Transaction

Subodh Pandit


Subodh Pandit

Physician in North Carolina



  • January 1, 2010
    10:45 AM
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we talk about the matter now let's talk about the book is the book really unique come back even if you don't compatibility out on features that come out to you that is really grooving in them a lot it's amazingly written there are seven points and that itself is written in a different generation different on different disincentives on different dynamos and these seven document and one by one different generations of Faisal of Moses Russell John appeared of approximately fourteen hundred years is not another hook and it wasn't that long to write different authors Melissa was educated leader Joshua Limited or General David LaChapelle it has been a king done and with the Prime Minister a Muslim he is meant you'll was a physician Matthew a tax collector even with the patient and follow the Jewish Rabbi Mark with a fuss no attendant is he the spectrum of different types of people different circumstances in which it was written most like traveling Jeremiah women dungeon dungeon was in a palace father wasn't that he has found the evidence is in payment of the fugitive Luke on extensive travels John and lonely exile different modes Moses as an undisputed event even as an outline King Solomon and prosperity and engagement like a grumpy dejection done in less space less than a stone book next to some that didn't know what he and several Jeremiah led BB gun bitterness eyes and solid conviction milk and exactness in detail all the status and tenderness of a father different maturity styles storytelling historical point treated online didactic bus I let the biography autobiography small prophetic parables symbolism one book written in three different continents of Asia and Africa and Europe creative language is mainly Hebrew in the Old Testament it somehow to make in the New Testament with many Greek and somehow to make the Hebrew Aramaic and Greek one is long one that goes on these therefore thank you deaf friend Desmond Mason is different and often different set of the movement brings vast continent language and yet amazing how many because as a single source single-story single handle let's just chose ten people on our friends maybe a presence of something in a minute again I learned that the chatter enough online and a scientist and a preacher and tell them to write what it was in your heart whatever you feel really impelled to write right and see whether all these tend to write the same thing with the children same topic within the geography or science or history of math so what is a topic that these individuals with ritual is one individual to write a story would be the same story kind of in the same story would it be the same need cataract that is not a single idea that can enter done by the fiction written by twenty different authors would have the same story and using the connector therefore if we see a story like that would have to conclude that it could not be fiction it was Bobby was unreal story with real clock with our real evil one-story that is not a method of making the law that has been amazing influence since the dawn of civilization notebook and in spite of much creative and development no other book in all human history has influenced by the writing of so many books as the Bible what are any bookshop Lindsay how many books from this one civilized nation has invested more by the Judeo-Christian Scripture than by any other policy of books in the world amazing preservation people are not very billed costs so much of the hosts on on on what is there to Helena was RAM and this is the only book that had professional copy has generation after generation Joseph is on it as no other manuscript had ever been present they kept tabs on every net us in the blue line and paragraph eleven the Netherlands and the buzzing was a black door and is talking to Sarah Larson photo of the three hundred and three thousand nine hundred yen effects of proper names had been transmitted with the most minute accuracy phenomenon unequaled in the history of literature it may be safely said that no other welcome antiquity had been so accurately transmitted you just look at the way it was brought to us and compare any other writing that trying to pump at those Shakespeare's writing of Shakespeare's writing but it is not the optometric depressants unstable in a dream while is twenty seven days that are at least faced databases when it's in question and most of the business can change the story itself I look at this follows of years and when they saw the Dead Sea Scrolls the book of Isaiah is exactly what it is that in your Bible today amazing survival this is the only book to be repeatedly banished and attempted to be destroyed completely begin on that no other book has been has been attacked generation after generation salt many times naturally and I then inquired another one the stop method whether that's because why why would this be beaten against and why it wouldn't survive such an onslaught in LA at least when I came to the reason why people get angry with it is the reason why it will supply if you don't like something that will not catch fire in an environment is so angry because it will not catch fire and you wanted this try again try to destroy by finding that you available you first have to take away what this protecting it from the fire that you can destroy the features must be taken away and then you can attach it the feature does that make people angry we are to its medical claims and its practical effects on people 's lives you hated for that exact reason why to survive because you can't think the story from the book you cannot take away his radical games you cannot take away its rotting effect on people 's lives and therefore it must survive no other book has been such a nice set of scrutiny that if I been subject to such a massive back at the Bible such venom and skepticism on every chapter nine no other book has been an present both student priestesses and women of all tried their hand at it they die the book still lives a classic example of this statement can is the story informed cat the French think of and philosopher APs who died and sent as I said within a harmony another that presented in this outmoded archaic obsolete idea would be wiped out from the base of his with his prediction anyway bottle was more there you looking good is the philosopher was probably going to fifty euros off of his back his house was bought by a society and it has this management printing presses that he used to print his own literature on the society happened to be the genital Bible Society that bought his house and printed Bibles by his his printing presses in his own basement amazing subjugation if you reach a hundred thousand salmon in the government New York Times bestseller while image one million then you're going to write all about it by the time you reach ten million you become famous on ten million copies of your books on the ten million twenty million and a young boy away out there what about an ancient manuscript twelve thousand to three thousand euros all of them got translated into our language is will you think led by such a book and yet look at this report of nineteen ninety eight from United Bible Society nineteen ninety instant and distributable to go distribution copying the Bible apportioned that often nineteen ninety because tightening five hundred and eighty five million life this book why not some red-hot Volvo science-fiction illustrators you can write whatever you want in on drama people 's attention why this book and ancient manuscript to while in the name distributed five hundred and eighty five million abuses in one year somebody explain that amazing consolation you have your books translated into no dorky languages behind good to know you this book that I'm setting here in an incident gagged I have written a book which is all that I've said so far in the same type of concept with me and ineligible not very nice kind of quite gratifying when somebody says can I translate your book into my language yet there's this guy who came from Mount but right now there's one from Montréal was a connection of interventionist and of course some videos from Australia said from the European atrocity of us elaborate good idea being a fairly good when you when people say this trial stated he was crossing a Monday and some other languages and when I went doing business last week I was in India talk about the same think of young people there and somebody can considerably possibly language and yet can we start translating it was of course you'll feel that there is a need with the same translation you feel that probably use its reasonable honest most other gonadal why do think so translation is an IV end of the book name become a relevant all shows books on most mysticism and entrance into forty languages I know another a Navy of the most prolific woman writer in history our name is e.g. white trusting than one hundred languages more that's impressive but you think how many languages are they according to United Nations about six thousand nine Yu-Gi-Oh decks are thousand of those languages you one million ninety five two ninety six Muslim population the rest of them in small groups here and then six thousand of them that is the weakest translation translating foundation is gone that I have about six thousand people working on translations that they eight hundred and fifty of those our translation that doing right now four hundred and fifty Elvis transitions on Neil 's wages can you imagine why this book has been entrusted in so much and yet this is the point that I want make beyond less than a generation away from witnessing the Willows Fust University concert next to me that the foundation is going we may have the Bible translated into every language on our readiness to what the language in six thousand languages which are not be submitted to come anyway while Saul a people struggling to go such a immense task like this trusted and every text every language is not the Bible is also the first major book and are transmitted in the history of his love the Old Testament Hebrew was translated into Greek by seventy scholars in Alexandria and that's went scoreless in twenty seventies cards is the first note of this it is the first major book to be translated it is at present the most translated book in about and tomorrow it will be the only book that is transmitted to all the limelight but show me another book that had this kind of characteristics and so amazing it written amazing how many amazing influence amazing preservation amazing survival amazing subcommission amazing Asian area is a book that is unique in the sense of the word therefore these two in Manhattan his book got back my credibility that is clear and convincing nothing about existence can equal this therefore I take my stand here I don't think is wrong to Dagestan you think that it is reasonable that I take a stand here initially something as well not have put it on year because it was reasonable to know what Benjamin Warfield of Princeton University said we do not follow Jesus despite reason we follow him because is the most reasonable to follow him and when you'll find a reason and you will have an experience with him a personal experience this combination off in reason and a bustling expedient is not rock on which he was to if you have either only one of them you are still shaky and that is my mission to the loud not friends that is a foundation we can build on God has given us is no evidence of that our feet and stand on no sleep that is not a nonattainment in the weather can come anywhere near this man and his book you are standing on solid ground only then can you die for a cause if you have big questions in my new con used to soften out yet also that is not for the weight of evidence is fine and strong blanketing the belt when he beat of time all right we have kind of companies in the comparison and known to that question the most innocent behind the most horrible that why okay the next so many mystery I would like to confess that he had I change my holes voice on my whole attitude I cannot know anymore have this cool calculating I did give that we had on this line yes give me the evidence one two three full makeup makeup case make an argument make a good reasonable deduction that we've done we found it now we have to ask another type of a question give me the inside story who is this what relation does he have doomed me how come that happened at the most innocent died the most horrible we both know I've written it out as goodness justice and mercy but in my book I have entitled it the supreme transaction but before we go into that I think it would be wise of good to define certain words of these definitions I'm going to give not standard by any means I'm giving them my own definition so that the picture becomes clear okay so here the definition is about righteousness what is righteousness being words we use is doing something connects the heartland was not something connected you can do something connected with a bad motive no so what makes them what the righteous and unrighteous that is one simple rock-bottom definition of righteousness you will not me it is the simplest most point that definition I found out if it is not pointed it will run the best as you can see just now unrighteousness is exactly the same unrighteousness of baptism exactly the opposite impact the first knock you all that is all goodness guns out of youth was not the already low badness comes out in the first knock you justice punishment should be equal to the crime there should be a law which is unchangeable only then can it be justice the law the punishment on the room on cannot change even one iota that is called justice something to think of a life RIN sorry I for I am not good for two dozen pink in a barbaric annual primitive but you know that is the highest form of justice and iPhoto to their outlooks on life article to the complete injustice that's why we have a law we haven't caused international economic ones of any criminal codes of countries one of trying to villages niggles equal nice even comes in if you have only a just estimate but I noticed this try every relationship on so that something known as messy but in my seat cannot destroy justice this is the foundation the law the new blog on the punishment are simply changeless somebody think of was he has somebody coming fan starting I hiked up your value night of your stuff is okay but soaking physical that was not mercy you have destroyed justice if my son broke the window of their available for Le Bon broke the window then justice requires that if I'm his dad are him one of us must go then fixed that holding up if you fix only one windowpane when you broke for left on justice unless one thing all our bar scene comes in only at one point who will pay it cannot change and justice and therefore injustice doesn't it satisfied once the ax falls mostly allow the default someone else just another Canada fire was a candidate that can but cannot stop defining it against him the finding may get used up during the justice any deal can put it just as you don't need either justice or mercy is the value please I would make and that's why one of the field groups on the move the Seventh-day Adventist judge who said you cannot open them all if you can temper everything becomes opportunity mostly can only direct the can and cannot stop it from firing and you know why do we have descriptions of Goulding Jen Zen employee gains in a life God is trying to talk to us we have lost our sense of value we think teens etc. just a diamond that is the treasure no life the truth is the greatest treasure on the is a heart-to-heart relationship with somebody else does the greatest treasure in the universe heaven is heaven not because of the bone heaven is heaven because somebody's day his name is gone the father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit that is what makes it heaven not the bold and the pearly gates God 's immediate presence is what makes a when people recognize that the mental people become friends at the Pentagon I am in a pleasant and have undergone yet again on behalf of when gone and gone get-together it is more blissful than having I would make saving the hell hell is not burning so much in burning software now the battle Dennis Calvin bluntness getting your report on the skin a broken relationship Google PR heart and that's why Heather is a block forsaken God and is not permitted learning like-minded learning that something undermining that does not have hell is this I went healing these do that and demanded each other telework and when bought anyone but when it could make the relationship and become him gone and gone break the relationship that pain is worse than had get back to that one is going to sleep in his country the consequence of sin the principle of Sinemet suddenly dies by the punishment undergoing the punishment that is five and that Harold and what you said was prominent it's going to punishment when somebody naked in the focal position that they will stick by their soonest thing that no matter what the goddesses Ilkka I let you have your way in Hebrew still it said the something on a suffering all that if you open the software something it must happen is alive in your life that will not the suffering law and so the suffering all that is acting when you are alive it is the in endings and so do you realize that the relationship between you and God is hopelessly and in the welcoming shot is something that will cost you spin it completely that is the suffering of death with Ms. lines will take up the story Thursday night apostle was seen penal and he walks with his disciples was the God of Gethsemane at the gate somewhere that he leaves nine of his disciples and he says you three come with me this is a special amenity goes into the into the garden he named the three and walks me and simply false to you watch carefully and his lips are moving and he's saying was that he has never said before and is there another way this is to painful stuff please I cannot write anymore is there no other way do I have to go to this I cannot take another step what's happening must discourage spending the phase retracing his steps toward the compare this these was with the story of course I've been at the stake and was the center is to burn at the stake that tied them to mistakenly put the wood around and then value is low usually it intuitive that doesn't come from the back and likes the item back to the porch that came with the life you called out to when you come in like a file before my face if I was scared I would haven't been here at home by the women and the children the Colosseum the bus into the role they knew what was going to happen right in the middle of editing it will then again gets rocketing and admitting minute those ravenous hungry bees would be done only across that in Canada reason I don't hold hands and sing wireless genes is not singing what is he running away from the big question is on a question when inquiring got inquiries yet openly understand Legos and Gerald Rosen 's alkaline identifiable face I understand that something was different here the usual story that we talk about the cross is that wasn't good enough hate they hated me without costs to the rulers of the Jews hated each other that was there something about religious hatred that is transmitted to a disastrous and the jewels of the Romans as he hated one and yet when Jesus came on the scene this and let's hold hands and for a combined hatred on the Ellen hate number two there was shame he enjoyed the cross despising the shame eyes I only depicted in an interview that a bus who was crucified was crucified stark naked and that was like I said to remove every last list a job in leading the person on the bus and was hung on the cross if you read Deuteronomy twenty five chapter you'll find that anybody was killed by hanging on the cross is under the coast until the heat died down most shameful and there are a high and crime role in society thrown off by God himself there was physical suffering a continental baseball cavalrymen crucifying him that a lot of descriptions of crucifixion 's off and by the time the Romans came around in the first century that perfected crucifixion you know what was in the perfecting crucifixion and perfected to the point where you have no maximum pain without passing out the whipping was just like that they were trained to do the whipping is the oldest of the whip and whip somebody and seventy and fade away with a pain in the level of fun that but these guys knew how to whip so that you will not pass out but but his instinct in him maximum pain and then hanging out on the cross your shoulders go out of joint when the thing that they now your knee has unveiled the update are new the only thing you can try to do this yourself up a little bit vacant need your love is being wasted away as you become dehydrated and binding the cars and then how do they die my supplication because his shoulders like this is squeezing off your next and little by little the lesson is often going to bring and buy the diamond a lot was gone by it is not enough often going to bring annual board meeting scream and shout that cursing God and man there's an awful death to die and human being than all of us when you look at the growth of the dying Philippe Dotzler bought my son is a little cross look at the nails look at the stock bonds with a spear in his sign we do this is what really happens whenever the singular phenomenon so it was if I is not the only one to my own heart bloggers anonymous crucified the one hundred fundamentalist Taliban that you know some authors have gone up even the Protestant Bible thrown their only Jesus is nailed talk of all anybody one male they are trying to show that Jesus suffered more because he was kneeling look in the nails and crown fawns and the spirit inside really want salvation for you and me then we have to agree that gone and Satan and I went on the Romans and the piece all got together and work out your salvation mind but it did not happen like only gone was working on salvation not Satan and the Romans upon we cannot point to the nails may be my salvation my friends the crown upon did not spin this I did not buy our salvation and walking we have to go back to the story the words in the Hebrew Scripture and the Greeks could just say before the foundation of the world so somehow alliance must go back there at least in concept what happened back there Scott is located at two comments by with me or covenant and the new covenant the old covenant you about the Holocaust of the new covenant along the debut of a sale can have these two continents actually that opportunity the primary covenant is what seems the first and second covenant is used in between so what is the private account the primary covenant is not a covenant between God and humans it is a covenant between the members of the Godhead they bought a book on the description of any class and dependable if a man should ever fall will restore man no matter what the cost a lot sounds back is the covenant that seems on any covenant when men didn't fall the human race was gone off on the on the pod one of them had to become a human that was a part of the company and that you had to come from the born head no can you help us and was going to come human indeed the site is gone is gone characteristics no you can't stop being gone what he did was named as sides his rights as well his prerogatives as God and become human but humanity had already failed if you picked up humanity as it was a name by the next moment he was given the same the good and already fallen it was corrupted now how do you know so you want me he would may assign his divinity he would take on corrupt humanity but he would deny that humanity in his life I'm named by the life the morality the wisdom of the strength that would supply that would be supplied by his father moment by moment because if he was doing a divine being he's cheating is a human reason on and he became a named as a human body that humanity that he would be corrupt the only way was to pick the corrupt humanity but united by choice and by choice keep up in the what his father who provided him with his mom Rite Aid 's wisdom and strength moment by moment that is like repeating this is what he said I cannot myself knew how much pain the final ascent median income on what I should say and what I should even speak I get tired minutes five minutes one to get up on my knees he spent whole nights what was he doing that he was chalking out the next day holding what Johnson the priest will come and write you up don't lose your temper your human new Windows your campfire keep the connection with me I protect you you will have to perform a medical your faith and waiver keep the connection with me I'm performing to you when you see five thousand people you want to Hollywood and feed them keep your connection with me great to me I will do the medical sleep nobody could just never know when a good naked jealous or hateful as long as he had a connection with the father and me on food deception of the police and liberal as he was able to make it was able to make up like that because of his connection he know what they're doing he was also kept safe by the fathers no bloody good punch and returned upon the was his company need dependable computing the reliable rock from a legal MVP you need the safety seemed that people try beginning from heaven they want to know what the law killed him people here in his ministry by Duncan Newton-John the Senate adopted on the eighth Japanese in my hour has not yet come you cannot touch me in Thursday evening when the whole team changed this is your all in the power of God for this club and I came to this hour and he was tightening in wasn't this the man who stood and looked at the demons of this bomb understands this topic right now I can run it stopped wasn't this the man who looked in the government did the name incense walk the walk it would go well for this segment is the life in the land that was life there and now he began to be sort of woman VP distressed my soul is exceeding sorrowful even to get his sweat became like great drops of blood falling to the ground you know all that bought it from an eyewitness and you know something when you're under tremendous relief and attention of a grief that is the your blood vessels can burst that was probably was revealed blood that came out what is happening here there was a paradigm shift this alliance of July open stand up and and and and making the demons begged at his feet Ms. Mason we don't want away setting up things if you want but don't send as any bends and okay are giving punishable listings he would you know under here on the coast evening listen now the violent juvenile was becoming a man but all all the difference was talk of the last of God we have to look at the sacrificial system the Lamb of God is an effective land and the second both only in the Lambert now becomes a banner obscene and on him then who knew no sin that will lead in his life in his heart but was based the sins of the whole loan from out of the lot and limiting some people think of it is like a big win committee on his hand on his shoulder on a vehicle of sin that was a no wrapped around him and I again thrown away a copy can take off his cloak the description in the record is even worse and shocking for he made him to be sin who knew no sin he was made to be seen he didn't just take your scene he became your second article relating up Ogden for the simple reason that once you become may want to do it in controlling half is cool is that we you will became sin and sin in this foregoing rebellious state and God cannot exist and so now bought has to be with it and he was delivered up because of my references delivered up to what the Roman soldiers to pilot the priest no it was delivered up to the full and final punishment all sing because now he became second who can punish in a medical mix of Malkin Sweden and Finland punish no the jurisdiction and authority that makes the law is the only jurisdiction in a party that can punish who made the all of this to him stricken smitten by it was gone who must now be seen that they hanging on the cross the whole world was competitively he accept fun I sent a cross and God now had to do with it and the punishment of that is separation from God which is called Hannah it began in Gethsemane and he knew it and that is why the picture in going because of the ground there please don't drag me away for my father now this line is being caught the delay I can't bet this is my lifeline that is a fundamental difference between Jesus and every of them want to run out for every other motto host journal and the Coliseum in the policy of the wrong the women and children on must be signed in to sustaining company strengthening presence was right there as I think of saying when God himself goes away he is the source of the song nobody can say not even the son of God can sing but God is moving away somewhere along the line 's father outside because he must convince at all this is dealing with sin not the playground and Jesus knew it and he cried on God that when I come through okay science and what's on your string it was on your assurance I told him I rise of the collective prize all along I was drunk for you that now why would you can leave one word on it would be enough then that he realized that this was the shattering of a relationship is causal seen when he realized that this was a judgment from a righteous and holy God against sin to which that can be no repeal this was trademarked one way that will return that was wrong from the Mayo Clinic parsnips and they describe as human human that humanity can and let you know I need on someone talking my God why have you forsaken me now when I needed him most where are you this is the crying when the separation has been competing abandonment has been a with a canon of justice points and that is no more seated on it somewhere else this is the cry of the soul that sinking into heaven itself in the midst of that superhuman Ivy League in one fleeting temptation the piece of the rulers with NSF top think like you feeling the sun upon the hanging there listening to Neil you come down from the cross and will be putting on a son of call didn't even know what they're asking there are scheduled for a lyric so that they would be and before that was the greatest miracle of all which is Colorado UK Austin dining that it fosters a Nasional they did not know some of your life don't know the home that is not to prove anything else because he lost us on the call for him to come down method the very fabric of aesthetic he stated that he did it voluntarily was designed for anyway his vision rejected is going to blog about all his disciples one of the disciples that betrayed him on one of the coolest kind of human United with cursing and swearing Holocene dying fall are that wasn't a single dive bar talk and hope does the prospect of dying placebo and yet he went ahead for Lindsay to give us a chance finally the cross crossroads when you come to a crossroads you have to make a choice finally the cross is one single PRC choice that's all it wants save yourself or save this world of blogging practice like you and me is that joints consider the choice on one side of Prince of heaven but the longer of the heavenly host meeting of the violent is the amount on the side of us have seen good connection cropped like you and me what was there to choose but sin like love has no movies soon without reason is no longer see all within reason he is no longer now is a treasonous expression it just goes on and so we watched that watch as he makes up his mind what to do balance if you are not evident what a joyous show that a lot of joy in the presence by the slaves the best of the ones but he makes up his mind on this line why do that he has made about them Wolf let me bruised and battered sliding down the slippery ghost trick but it led to help his name was Doctor Barnett and he said I cannot connect him there will open his heart a wondrous come solely and so great that if Obama himself now I use my name you use yours sold the sobering people got himself and that in the most brilliant demonstration of righteousness this unit of us will ever see what righteousness you first not me in the most brilliant demonstration of righteousness you don't begin when these and your first not me father is a choice then by somewhere along the dollars of the island across his father cut himself off from his son completely intercontinental of justice against sin and when his father that as I will hope of resurrection and guide with your and me on his mind not himself I asked him back sometimes and just other amazing what wondrous love is old mice will old mice so in this is love not that we know him but he said that's how he went to his gay with you and me on is my righteous loving to me and to decrease and they rose how wide event or everlasting on a riser was another one he came from the realm of the infinite even though my nudist insult would translate into infinite insult because he came from there in the smallest suffering would translate into infinite suffering the money came from there is something when anything was long and horrendous Yosemite and across translates into that much of infinite suffering enough to pay for MVC and on but first John two who said his name for our sins and opening our listenable old world by he himself had never seen you catch that and he had suffered the suffering on their jihad while Julie he himself had menacing keeping for all our sins just as when standing main thing if he would rise up and believe that using and therefore his father sent a note on call him back from the abyss of debt and in complete darkness bring him back this day have I begotten you my son I brought him back in the game but he came back with like the original on board will undermine it was a life that wasn't his own he talked of life but without a ton of defense against my spin now he cannot happen by himself he must now gathered up but shared it with pools soul and body what is the justice just as what he gone shall see the travail of his soul and be satisfied justice was satisfied and when he shares it with the other the description he might be out there his resurrection he might be the firstborn among many brethren before the event only begotten off to be men first law among many brothers and sisters while they watch me everyone more upheaval sanctifies views of God and those who are being sanctified in you and me are all one one one seventy one blood for which reason he is not ashamed to call them president and you'll be finishing up a if he is not ashamed to call us names from the slums of this as his own brothers one reason we got to be ashamed of him it is often viewed as elected he said his own words to my problem Sega then I am ascending to my father and your father that is why he is gone not because it's a typo our father is our father not because it's a ideal known as five is because the all the sons and daughters because they shed the light of his he is all a block from he is our blood related fun if this gone now and the statement with your responses is my in this one was careful to present sufficient evidence to address my cold question the intellect him a lot in sessions they left in the warmth and passion in his book random group my wandering emotions that my responses from deep within going to place my heart is not feel safe enough to hang as a dog destiny on this man whose story unfolds on as they open in this book so here it I can do not so have you gone thank you him then he questioned the boy for that one imaginatively about all that I have said from the list of sessions and always in my book is available and since I'm a one-man ministry and a lot of settlement not unit fifty bucks each it's cost many do bargaining fifty nine he wanted to hear questions that do yes yes yes yes this poor man had lost his son to torture as who had tortured him to get on in the bitterness of his soul he had cried out that there was on when my son was tortured to death the person beside him gently put his hand on him without really trying to bang out his emotions he said exactly where God was when his own son starch in Québec he knows about you that is in those suffering on that those people up there who really invented in the end the dimensions of opportunity does not know why experience nothing that you anon would ever go beyond wanting to any other space-saving and moving the and was all planned or ordered and just happened out and just allow things to happen yesterday love the cross for the crossing by a foundation remember that the individual had accepted Jesus Pilate had to send him off to the Blue Cross God which the applicant didn't even have to come to this actually for that part if they can into some unnamed planet somewhere and wipe them off embarrassing on-field that's it but I wanted you to look at anyone have been brought in the father of one who suffers more blue we can't say anything about the incident both of them actually went crucified because book one the fact is somebody had to do it and somebody had to receive it both software going vegan it was his duty as a judge on the final arbiter of justice doing an assignment to receive it because he was the lack of thought so even in the Gillett family that I haven't created him at the center of the work they would have to maybe with the bingo to want to go up to him knowing it was his best and that there was knocking them off the suffering was not across the suffering without broken relationship with his dad which was sold will not his heart muscle during that is why he died in six hours of bus and was hung on the cross died in three days seven days he died in six hours his heart was broken now you know Leatherwood brokenhearted comes from it is that you are pleasant and I'm enough of grieving again from the site in the measure that your heart can check you would die that is what happened to him that is what bought something into the matchup between God and God which is worse than hell that is what bought something not the bonds in the atmosphere across the volume and hanging around your neck if you want to the doctors didn't read it happen not want you to me I is of very good question I do not make an initial start anywhere they give you one simple example of people you deal with that can you know you once you have this whole thing in your mind you can start anywhere and finally including up to the person of Jesus you can start anywhere I don't notice friend Mariners I work in emergency rooms with something in between patients he would thought he said I want to believe in God but I simply cannot I simply cannot the people had tried to help him that was a Christian institutions only another Doctor Vanessa Ludwig the Bible and you twenty years on a good night meaning this is not I want to blame but I cannot one a minimum I think the only man I'm getting on you guys a little bit my son is going up in a high school she is asking me questions about the One Life to live godly in what can one dated out conversation he just said I love my method big numbers in significant numbers as above yes I'm a big number is big one at the end of the bar of twenty and thirty and all I said yes I said before into the bar at fifteenth and the part of two thousand and five preview one hundred and thirty five one hundred billion if you are here yesterday you don't know what I'm talking about is given those numbers hasn't seen again I filled in the numbers again is another liked it down a little slip of paper will dishonesty the paper it doesn't open before to put his pocket I just about mechanism now I'm being acted I know that he wanted that I do know it all if you want to be a witness in his people will ask you for what you want if your antenna is there if you want me to be just as in his hand if you have become an instrument in his hand then watch him do it he will bring you as an instrument of their audio dubbing them the weather as the instrument became a delight and maybe it doesn't my friends aren't you would be so happy with thing that nothing on an equal applicant I have watched people change their visas talking about APs become believers in one hour I met his booze walked in the morning and walked on previous questions is not about what I said that's impossible is because of the book and people accomplish your the cause they don't have spoken in that in that secular university neck jaw when I finished my visit you always have to note in the Philippines in one thousand WB night and I still remember when they got their subsequent amendments and informed in Oakland 's order of the central information and instantly about a block that keeps you know when he ran the second marathon back-to-back and he had been the stadium people knew the history in the making nobody else had won the marathon back-to-back at the Olympics keynote from Kenya was going to do it and as he came for the final round one hundred thousand people stood to their feet standing ovation whether clapping for the timekeeper it's time we got for the champion don't got anybody else in Glen V like it because of information from one another's blood but remember the one you for the one address that is not the one who sitting hen finding on what time you get it or even a nation that have to be organized on a joint event New Testament champion the Christian life is actually the description of a standing ovation to a champion if you are sold out on that who can be a shame to see how the title of our whole seminar fits in the book but you know there's a basis once you know the bases my friend blog and Kevin I'm a one-man mission I don't have a big office I think that one person but I'm going to meet the web with his new giant people like that that people who are coming up from all over the world I've watched it while there is writing up and dynamic people use them before the book I would especially for him I don't get what happened I made my time here is an army that's coming along you want to join is that anybody here who really wants to join the man of Hennepin gone the father wonderful loving father sent his sons of the computer and become sons and daughters of yours at what cost thank you all you totally unworthy but stupid rejoice unloaded that we are at such an immense possibility becoming your own family member thank you tedious never to be ashamed results of the house have tacked to just listen to your voice of the biggest speak for you about your message with all of us find a place first in our own hearts maybe really know that you know from bets of your thoughts are negative effect that enough of those around us thank you for the seminar time thank you for this July see tangible each one was confident all the rises in all of us you have brought us yet again is not by accident now as we go always please walk with us show us the way we must do things and speak for you so that we would never be ashamed you'll will be glorified you will be honored in our life this is not prayer Jesus name amen this means you must produce value versus what she likes generation of Christ if you'd like to learn more about you might see please visit www. received lifestyle that will or he would like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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