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Pathfinder Parade

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • June 15, 2019
    7:45 PM
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Thank you for asking me in some ways I don't feel ready because I was not a Pathfinder growing up my wife was parents here today she was a Pathfinder we have pathfinders and adventures that are granted big church but I didn't grow up in a Christian home and I did have military school 5 years old I was in military school really Blackhawks Military Academy and then again 111213 New York Military Academy so some of the good things that you learn the discipline the the rules in the code I value that but the most important part was the focus on God that you have and that's what makes all the difference in the world and so that's what I'd like to talk about a little bit with you this morning is you become like what you look at in your families and especially for the fathers and by the way Happy Father's Day to those out there it's all about focus you know there's a great chapter in the Bible Hebrews 11 the talks about the heroes of faith and then when you get to chapter 12 after reviewing the great heroes of faith like Abraham talks about Gideon and Samson and and Ray have been and then it says Since we are surrounded he was Chapter 12 by such a great cloud of witnesses let us who run the race that is set before us laying aside the sin the waits in the sin that does so easily beset us and here's the part looking unto Jesus you run the race looking unto Jesus our focus fact some Bible translations say that's more accurately translated think seeing your eyes on Jesus is like when you run the race you're running towards a goal. It's like this man who was walking one day out after a snow. And he saw some boys are on their way home from school and they began to fight with each other and he thought they just need something to keep him busy and so he said hey boys. I would like one of you like to get to $0.50 and that's all $0.15 is that are here's the deal you're going to do a race but this is a different kind of race I want you to run across that field with the fresh snow on it I'll go to the other side of the field and I count to 3 I'll say go you start running and it's not just the 1st one who gets to me it's the 1st one who gets to me who has the straightest tracks in the snow so he went to the other side of the field and he said 123 go and the boys to cover running one of the boys in the middle he was wondering how his friends were doing so he kept looking to the right at their trail in the snow and then he looked to left at their trail in the snow but every time he turned his head his trail turned Have you ever tried to ride a bicycle on a straight line while you're looking over your shoulder it's almost impossible so his tracks were crooked the other boy kept looking over his shoulder at his own tracks and every time he looked over shoulders his tracks would turn. But the boy on the far right he decided to run and he didn't look to the right he did not look to the left he did not look behind he looked at the man on the other side of the field he said My grandpa taught me when I plough a field do not look behind you but look at something at the end of the field and that boy had the straightest tracks because he was focused on the man and he won the race. How do we win the race we fix our eyes on Jesus who is the author and the finisher of our faith you know one of the great daredevils and I don't recommend you take this up as an occupation but is a guy named The great blond and he's one of the few tight rope walkers who lived and died of old age most of them didn't die of old age they fell off the rope. He was the 1st one who went across Niagara Falls. On a cable he did it several times never fell and he did it once he actually push someone across Niagara Falls in a wheel barrel one time. But someone asked him they said how is it that you don't get terrified when you get out there in the middle of the rope and you look down and you see all of the steaming boiling water from the falls and and the spray in the wind then you know that if you fall and you're certainly going to die in his will I don't look at that is that when I start out across the gorge so that I have a Silver Star that I have fixed on the other side of the rope is that I keep my eyes on the Star I don't even look at my feet as I know if I keep my eyes on the star when I put my feet down they'll be straight and that's how I get to the other side if you want to get to heaven you've got to keep your eyes fixed upon Jesus you know it's also a principle in the Bible you become like what you look at. There's a scripture in 2nd Corinthians 3 teams but we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as by the spirit of the Lord you become like what you look at especially when you're young This is bachelor and I were out camping one day we were kayaking down a river with some friends it took couple days to make this trip and. Karen and I were walking by ourselves y. and the others were packing up the camp and we came upon a baby duck Now this was a baby baby duck does a little. He had just come out of the shell but there was no mama duck no other baby he was by himself we looked around and we thought he's going to get eaten by something out here so we picked him up had to chase him a little 1st he was scared of us had to chase a mag up my hand took the baby little duck back to our camp to show everybody it was so cute as a little little bitty fur ball went. And wild duck and we all play with it that night in kind and pretty soon it started to hang around the camp with us it crawled into it someone sleeping bags stayed with them that night. The next morning when we pitched our camp we realized that we're going to paddling home we don't know what we're going to do with this baby duck so I thought we're going after say goodbye on the shore because we're going down some rough water in the river and. As we were getting entered boats a little duck comes teasin after it's beep beep beep beep and we said goodbye little duck and we paddled away it jumped in the water and started paddling after us and then it jumped up on top of our kayak and with all the poor little thing you're going to get killed in the rapids we went through the rapids and it got washed over but I didn't realize you know ducks can swim really good. It floated like a little cork right through the rapids came up the other side jumped back up on our kayak is stayed with us the whole trip and I came home. It thought it was a human because dogs go through something where they look at you and they bond you know if a baby duck when it comes out of its shell if it sees the family dog it'll think it's a dog if it comes out of its shell and sees a person it'll fall of the people around we kind of become like what we look at. Years ago after church one day Miss Bantul and I went to a friend's house and there were several guests there from church and there was one man there he looked a little bit like Elvis Presley he looked like an older version of elders Presley and we found out why while we were eating dinner he told us his story he said Yeah I'm an el of this Presley impersonator and we've thought that's interesting he's coming to administering. And he told us his story said you know I was raised in the church but when I was a young man I started listening to the wrong kind of music and I went to a concert one day and I saw Elvis Presley and he was young it was at the very beginning when he just was rocketing to stardom and I saw him get out and wiggle and gyrate in and back to me used to call him Elvis the pelvis because of the way he danced and he said I saw the girls scream and they were fainting he thought Wow he really casts a spell on the girls but I want to be like Elvis he said so I started to go to all the Elvis concerts and I would listen to all of Elvis's music and I'd listen to his songs over and over he said I dyed my hair black I got a guitar I learned to play it I'd stand in front of the mirror and I'd listen to Elvis Presley songs and I'd try to play nice and I got pretty good so whenever there was an Elvis movie I go to the movie theater early on Saturday when I should have been in church and back then you could paid 25 cents to go to movie and you didn't have to leave you could stay and watch it again and again and again he said I'd stay there all day long and watch the same bad Elvis Presley movies he wasn't a great actor. And he said he was my hero he said I idolized him I had Elvis Presley posters on my wall he said I'd try and walk and talk like Elvis Presley he said All my friends made fun of me so I did it for years he said and then Elvis died. And I started impersonating Elvis in clubs and pretty soon he said I was the 1st Elvis Presley impersonator in Las Vegas and he said I was getting paid a lot of money he said in fact that I just came back from Japan where I was paid $10000.00 to do an Elvis Presley concert he said but the sad thing is he says I'm 50 years old now says I I realize I can't do this forever he said and I don't know who I am anymore because I know I'm not Elvis and he said I sort of and sad that I left the church and I thought to myself you know he he looks like Elvis he probably could sing never did ask him to sing probably could sing very much like of us I thought what would happen to the church if all the young people instead of becoming infatuated with Elvis they became infatuated with Jesus instead of wanting to be a marvel with Vin sure they wanted to be like Jesus if that was a superhero if we would fix our eyes on Jesus there's no limit to what you can do. You know up they've got these dogs that race greyhounds They're very fast dogs and when I lived in Florida people go to the dog races they're in most states they go to horse races in Florida they go to dog races and what they do is when they open the gates and the dogs take off they've got an electric rabbit. And the dogs chase the Selectric rabbit that goes on this little rail and its goals around the track and the dog take off and they start chasing this rabbit and they're never really allowed to catch the rabbit the rabbits just there to make them run and they run after this rabbit they're never going to catch kind of sad you feel they're running as hard as they can nearly burst their hearts in their lungs trying to catch a rabbit and it's not even a real rabbit it's like a lot of people in the world are heard about a race a dog race there in Florida it had rained and the grass had not been mowed in the grass grew up a little bit tall and it was wet and when the race started all the dog took out chasing the rabbit and something happened where when the rabbit went by some wet grass on the electric rail it shocked it shorted and the bunny blew up. And all the rabbits got there and they finally caught up with the rabbit but it blew up and there was no rabbit any more. And they just kind of wandered around aimlessly those poor anorexic looking dogs and with nothing to do and you know that's what happens to most people in the world is they're chasing something they're never supposed to catch because they're fixing their eyes on the wrong goal I heard about another dog race well ride the dogs were chasing the mechanical rabbit a real rabbit took off and jumped across the track. And one of the dogs he saw the mechanical rabbit many saw the real rabbit he said I'm going after the real one and he jumped over the fence and he took off. Catch the real rabbit. What are you chasing. What is your goal. Is your goal in life to fix your eyes on Jesus what's the most important thing someone said the main thing is to keep the main thing what's the greatest thing in the world. You know there's a good quote that I think's appropriate for Father's Day That's true for every family and Christian in the book of education page 57 the greatest want of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is as true to the duty as the needle is to the pole I like that part they they've got this focus like a compass men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall the greatest want in the world is of people who will fix their eyes on Jesus they will focus and they'll not turn away living up in the hills I had a friend whose name was Bill Rome he was an old timer in Colo and he was what they get a beekeeper but he used to get wild honey he didn't have his own beehives he knew how to track bees ever heard about that he was out in the woods and he would get to be hives a day tracking bees I said How do you do that Billy said well I take a little little honey and I put it in a field where there are flowers and pretty soon one of the bees would find the honey Mrs you know to be does after he finds honey he makes a beeline back to the hive when they find a lot of honey they don't go flitting from flower to flower any Maurice's they say I got to go tell the other bees about this I just found a treasure and he says I'd watch that be taste the honey and then he'd take off and I'd watch it as far as I could watch it and I'd fix my eyes on that beat and he said Wherever I lost it I then take my little honey I'd go quarter mile when I put it down I find that be again another be he'd make a bee line he said I would track the bees until I saw where their hive was and I'd smoke them out of their hive and get the wild honey because when they found something good they went right back they made a bee line back to tell the other bees. We need to have that kind of focus on in our lives the devil wants to distract us with all these outside things but if you're going to run that race and lay aside the weight in the sin the key is keeping your eyes fixed upon Jesus you know. One of my favorite quotes was actually written in a book called Fellowship of the unashamed by Dr Bob Moore him he talked about the importance of mean a focused disciple of Jesus he said I am a disciple of Jesus Listen to this. I have holy spirit power the dye has been cast I've stepped over the line the decision has been made I'm a disciple of his I will not look back let up slow down back away or be still my past is redeem my present make sense my future is secure I'm finished and done with the living sight walk in small planning smooth knees colorless dreams tame visions Mundine talk in Cincy giving and work goals I no longer need preeminence prosperity position promotions plaudits popularity I don't have to be right tops 1st recognize praise regarded or rewarded I now live by presents I learned by faith I love my patients I live by prayer I labored by power my face is set my gate is fast my goal is heaven my road is narrow my way is rough my companions are few My guide is reliable My mission is clear I cannot be bought compromised detoured lured away turned back to looted or delayed I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice hesitate in the presence of adversity negotiate at the table of the enemy pondering the pool of popularity or meander in the maze of mediocrity I will not give up shut up let go or slow up till I preached a prayed up paid up stored up and stayed up for the cause of Christ I am of the Siple of Jesus I will go until he comes I will give until I drop I will preach until all know I will work until he stops and when he comes to get his own he will have no problems recognizing me my colors will be clear you know I think it be wonderful if every Christian had this kind of focus to keep the main thing the main thing to fix our eyes on Jesus in the Bible closes with a focus it's as even so come Lord Jesus when you learn sports. If you can play baseball or racquetball the key is a coach will say keep your eye on the ball it's very hard to hit the ball if you don't keep your eye on the ball if you're Christian you've got to keep your eye on the goal and the goal is Jesus some of you heard the story of the Harlene experience of the astronauts on Apollo 13 when one of the land on the moon but they had a mishap oxygen tank exploded nearly killed them all then they had a very difficult time trying to just get back to earth alive the mission had not planned for anything like this and there in order for that space ship to get through the atmosphere and be able to land they had to hit the earth's atmosphere at the exact right angle if they did not hit the earth's atmosphere at the precisely right angle 2 things would happen either the spaceship would burn up going through the atmosphere or it would bounce off the friction of the atmosphere and they would have been sent off to just die in space from starvation or lack of oxygen or cold so in order to get the precise measurement they needed they told Captain James Lovell him this is one of the few times that really paid that some of the astronauts were pilots very rarely did they get to do much flying up there but this was a time when they actually had to fly manually and James Lovell was told you've got 14 seconds I think in the movie it says 39 seconds he said that wasn't true we had 14 seconds 14 seconds of fuel burn in that 14 seconds you need to get the spaceship going the right direction or you're new and they tried to figure out with with no compass that would guide them in space how do we do this they finally realize from their old fashioned aviation planning if we can fix. A goal in our little window they just had a little window in the spaceship said if we can fix a goal and you keep that in the window while we burn our thrusters we can get going in the right direction so you know what the point was they fixed in the window it was their destination they said let's get Earth in the window and while we burn the thrusters we've got to keep that in the window and they manage for 14 seconds to keep the earth in the window if if they had gotten off course they would've been doomed they had to keep that focus or be lost and you know that's really true with each of us if you want to get to your goal if Heaven is your goal if Jesus is your goal then you gotta keep him fixed in the window how do we do that walking with the Lord every day having family worship. Spending time with the Lord every evening before you go to bed your personal devotions talking to the Lord and all that you do and that's what it means Jesus said I'm with you always and we need to remember that my challenge to you is keep your eyes fixed on Jesus as you run that rings Thank you God bless this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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