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Great Controversy, Part 1

Scott Moore Phillip Sizemore



  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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you are welcome we all here this is the first half of the Bible study we will go over this morning were intended to house this morning total but this power is the first half of vinyl siding on the great controversy is very evident in your life and in my life there is a controversy going on between the forces of good and the forces of evil young lady was talking to me yesterday and she said that she was studying the Bible with someone who was very eager to study Scripture and AAC asked the gentleman she was studying with you know why the devil came from and he said I don't know when the devil came from issue similar setting up my altogether and find that out and he said there my friends this is better and rank you that I was even better than I do it's in their all of our questions all of our answers are in their new and argument of Bible study very necessary for us to have a boss saith the Lord for everything that we teach people how many of you were not here yesterday at all you're not here yesterday at all locations those of you give me about three minutes over Luke twenty four and tell you why were studying the Bible in topics let's open our Bibles to live the twenty fourth chapter and as soon as I get there I will ask you to value has with me Luke chapter twenty four we will read in verse twenty five through twenty seven so let's try father in heaven what a privilege it is to be here to open your word to study mode we ask that you will teach us things today that we have not heard and of the things that we have heard father we pray that you would just again bring them to our memory so that we can contemplate in our lives we draw closer to you Jesus we thank you salvation from the knowledge that you given to us to our church we pray that you will help us to act responsibly without knowledge in your name we ask this and privacy are in Luke chapter twenty four you know the story here Jesus is walking on the road to MAS and on the road to our least two disciples walking on the road to mass and then all of a sudden Jesus appears there with them you're very familiar with restoring well as they are concerned sat there in their life is unlimited in turmoil because Jesus has been raised I don't know where he is confused about the whole situation and Jesus was walking with him says this in verse twenty five eighty seven seventy old rules and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken or not Christ to have suffered these things and say insert into his glory and the kicker here is in verse twenty seven this is Jesus secret to studying the Bible and Jesus and the Bible says here and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself so Jesus starts over here at Moses and walks all the way through the Old Testament with those two disciples on the road to Emmaus and Jesus simply pulls out references to deal with himself isn't that what it says in verse twenty seven and expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself so when Jesus have vinyl siding the only Bible that Jesus had and was of course the Old Testament had been codified into what you and I have right now and Jesus starting in the Old Testament when the very beginning walked to the books of Moses walked through all of the profits and pulls out tags and talk about the Messiah him what you and I call on a topical Bible study Jesus studying the Bible in topics I said it before I'll say it again we cannot improve on the map across in Jesus study the Bible and topics being you and I want to study the Bible and Jesus is a will study the Bible how in topics this isn't the only time that Jesus did later that evening Jesus does it again the next day later later that evening the next day to get home to laughter documents have the same day anyway here verse forty four Jesus is speaking to the eleven in the upper room and he said unto them these are the words which I spake unto you while I was yet with you that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of Moses and the prophets and in the Psalms concerning who concerning me verse forty five notice what happens when we study the Bible in topics and we pull out references that deal what it stated that is the first coming of the Messiah second coming of Jesus whatever the topic is this is what happens when we studied violin topics first forty five then opened he their understanding that I may not understand the Scriptures if you want this book of the Bible to open to office if we want our understanding to be enlightened we will study the Bible the wings Jesus did we will study the Bible in topics is clear to see that as Scripture Jesus study the Bible and topics all I told you guys this yesterday morning I'll tell again for those that were here I went to purchase a trailer pulled behind our van to carry bunch of stuff in and I was talking to the man it was selling its radar and of course there's my lifespan and he's putting the stop on the life and it needs to be there so the trailer doesn't go on while lower driving them around me and he says what is life and actually messaging a life is a form of laying in bed late Institute for evangelism we joined Lane members how to become involved in active soul winning and I see along the main things that we do is we teach people to study the Bible the way Jesus did young Jesus gave us his secret to studying the Bible and he said while I like that you want to write and tell me what that secret is noticed noting to him and now it's a highway simply went over there in his shop and will is familiar with enough with Scripture that I just described to him that God is walking in Jesus how the resume estimates to design and I think you know there's three ways that you and I can study the Bible in topics the first one is a viable guide sheet in the second one is a book called Bible readings for the home and the third best option is me coming over to your home and study reviewed by our each week and he said Howard out like a Roman Catholic setting of the Seventh-day Adventist each week I said so long as we use Jesus method of studying the Bible it looks like mass organ upon Bible through reason alone the first two options again there was interested in option three I say the Bible guide sheets or Bible readings for the home he's helping vote on insights of the first five the vital guy she's already in I have a Bible readings from home in my car and when they got over him and get him five more than what the Bible guy cheats and I'm simply giving him the same thing that you are getting it when you get a life on the edge series overview go to a Tupperware master this morning and he's putting up the PS of the presentations and we done here she can just go to come experience life .com and get so we're simply going to do exactly what Jesus did we are going to study that hot pink of the great controversy this only goes on for anyone you can send there on your screen that the purpose of this Bible study is to show that there is a cosmic conflict between God and Satan there is a cosmic battle on between God and Satan use experience that a you find yourself in situations where you say well they make gaming to much money back for change do I need to give that money back to my wife and I were an RA I know every opportunity when your breathing every every moment you have in your breathing is an opportunity to witness for the Lord Jesus we were in a store called REI and I so I can't and a lady gave me three hundred and sixty nine dollars and change in a some money for this and she gave me too much of an innocent young man I think you gave me too much money no answer I knew too much money is exactly what he receives a personal game that went to my wife said Melanie is connected and she told me possible changes in nearly them I just think this lady overpaid me about sixty dollars and she said well sitting in Matthew nine told Melanie and she's in young children she needed you excellent back to the front and until the lady is positive that you given me too much money and she says you know I can not eating too much going on asset can you please just check the receipt and see if she checked the receipt sure enough she overpaid me over reimbursement by sixty dollars and she said moving accident car I said I don't know who yes but if it weren't for the Lord Jesus Christ I wouldn't be back up here every opportunity we had is an opportunity to witness for the Lord Jesus so we can end when we witness for Jesus were actually helping the cosmic battle in someone's life Jesus said if she is little doubt he will do one he will draw all men to make it I think so I was very happy that we were on the line when a gas station I like gas stations because you are forced to look at somebody and the other side of the pump as long as you don't hide it on high well you know what a politically opposite pump from us there were two people on the pump in about fifteen feet away and I had these that I think I'm going to manage the classroom and I had two of them by lots of the much on but I took two of them out and I went over there and as I was walking over there I sent the original to read one said no and one said yes and I said when you're in along this and again the developer seen every opportunity you have when you're breathing is an opportunity to witness for the Lord Jesus who cares if somebody thinks you look silly bookings they estimate that someone has to hear the gospel in times before except Christ you may be number one but at least they are now on the second step in you maybe number fourteen and they may remember insight wife and I see that before so here we are waiting in riding the Bible study this Bible study is to show the cosmic battle between God and Satan now the sensors of this Bible study guide is a God of justice who desires the service of a genuine love and genuine loyalty we can win the battle with evil through his son Jesus Christ that's how this is centered on Jesus can you ever been struggling to get something and finally for your arms are many say Jesus I just can't do I cannot overcome Michigan Avenue this morning and videos five oh nine Jesus is waiting for United States I know I have an issue I know I can take care of it can you please take care performing now that is a menu not have to strive against it of course Jesus and you how this Bible study is divided into four different sections and again you will be on our website and these are all of the references that you want to put it onto the front or the back of your Bible and remember the reason that your marketing likeness in the front of the back of your Bible you sold it if you close your Bible during the study and you don't remember if you want visible my badness moments and you don't remember where you were using semi- sale my goodness and I said oh my goodness Jesus is really nothing good about you on the Adonis so you can't say settlement that is fine so if you close your Bible study even exciting you want to emphasize seven Lancaster Sizemore when he does one of his presentations he says and I will and if he does that and if you do that you get when you are not written down in front to back your Bible and not you feel a little uncomfortable and to find what you were so these are all the references you run a front or back of your Bible edited by evidence for it is four minus one sections three different sections the first section is the source of evil what an evil come from the second division is not for us of evil what does evil walls what is enshrined to get accomplished in the third section is the cosmic battle over you regarding frame so we'll go ahead and hop right into the site person were to talk about is the source of evil well the source of evil in avoiding talk about evil itself we're going to talk about what God may select to go to the very beginning of your Bible we are going to our first great controversy after code are marking code is GC one GC and you notice RM one two three four five six seven references to the word in the account of creation this is a little redundant when you're giving this model setting you may think yourself there is no point in me going over all seven of these if that happens you need to stop yourself and say all yes Scott told me that is a very good point in going over all seven of these because you are going to refer back to this foundation of this study in almost all of our next references so here we are when Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one and our first verse what happens in Genesis chapter one the rumor creationist absolutely wrong well in Genesis chapter one in verse ten notice what the Bible says here and God saw the light that it was a lot and God divided the light from the darkness so when God made the life God said it is one is good so was there anything wrong with allowing one they met when you're giving Bible studies is important that you ask questions that can be answered from the reference that you just read or one that you read previous to that you want to try to confuse people by answering asking them questions that you haven't given them the answer to that you wish you it when you are in school that year your professor would give you the answers before hand it knocked about a class on Adventist history and bless this near professors heart I just use one of my most favorite because it two days before we had our exams they would say okay here's the exam on arena questions through in a rapid format amusement into them as you can write down then you'll be able to be do that much better on on the test we had four of us in our little group they are classified to question one two three four and five six seven eight and since we got all the questions that he gave us the answers and all the questions prior to the exam so we can do very well on when you want to study the minor with people so when God may not send the line was one say in unison when God made also the light was good now I can hear you very good let's go to our next reference verse ten and gone cold and dry land Earth and the gathering together of the waters he called seas and God saw that he was good so when God created the life God says it is when God creates the dry land God says it's was anything wrong with the land that God created was anything wrong with the life that God created let's go to our next reference was not averse twelve and the earth brought forth grass and the earth yielding seed after his kind and the tree yielding fruit whose seed was in itself after his kind and God saw that it was long good using this pattern here when God creates something God creates that something how good when he came to light it was when he came to the dryland of the season was going when he came to abnormality or otherwise let's go to our next reference let's go to verse eighteen Mel and I mark this in my Bible what ideas I went through chapter one hundred first reference because of so many of these verses attribute referencing here when you market I just simply put at the top of my Genesis chapter one I just put it at the top and I circle the word good old way throughout Jane Genesis chapter one so when I'm given this model study I know that I'm just looking for my next circle my next circle my next surplusage you'll have circles and referencing our screen here by the way when you mark your Bible something he almost has an asset in any what we believe through the pages of your Bible to be very good idea for you to go to Walmart or Staples and get a point five lead pencil is you never have to sharpen them if you believe the discussion about that will keep you from pressing too hard because the level right and it will also enable you to write smaller than he normally would be able to run but remember don't write so small when you market model that you can see because it won't even go grocery when writing a small occupancy okay so what reference we on our resistant burst well now in verse eighteen and to rule over the day and over the night and to divide the lines from the darkness and God saw that it was good to hear Jim God puts the lights in the firmament of heaven and God says that it is good when God creates something happens he created good but that our next reference let's go down to verse twenty one and God created great whales and every living creature that moves in which the waters brought forth abundantly after their kind and every week and follow after his kind and God saw that it was good when God create something does this sound redundant just keep doing it over and over a little bit good because what you want to do it is not a smooth good because what you want to do is you launching deeply impressed in the mind that person at your humanist Bible study to that when God creates something God creates it good that's absolutely gone didn't know creating anything that wasn't good that's what you want people to understand from now this is what I would like to volunteer to come up here would like to volunteer and enjoys reading some enjoy freedom of your sister when women do right now is not a lot is teaching moments I'm going to teach you how to read when you're giving them I will sign you will assist in alleviating the linear reading is very important that you make eye contact with the people that you are reading to have you ever seen someone preaching and whether in there looking down the whole time they know if someone is gotten up and gone outside they don't know the whole churches left because they are just looking down here and to never looking up when you give a Bible study because lighting you can tell whether somebody is picking out what the Bible is laying down is if you're looking at so your name is enough guy and well Nadine has a viable and is in use and that is good all okay Fraser lowered prices are okay we are now going to verse twenty five University of where you come in the case in New York okay now nineteen when you read I want you to put your finger where you are reading so that you don't lose your place and had never read out loud and tried to to not look at the page and you look at the page in the new account and you still keep reading because you remember what was same later what you want to make good eye contact and I want to make eye contact with Bonnie and Paul in the back later him all because you will enough people that are in the and him is that Walter back there when also give Walter okay listed in verse twenty five and got a piece of the earth after his kind cattle after their kind meeting agreed that upon the earth after his kind not long it was good you wonder what word you want to put emphasis on the members and the unit will realize forty and I saw that it was good to hear and see the patient all appraisal are not listening to read crazily thank you very much training so when you're when you're rising when you're giving them how to step out of line they will forgive me for this when using a Bible study make sure that you make eye contact with people that you are studying when this past summer we had a five week course and there were several students that would read and make absolutely no eye contact so I have asked them to read during our life on the edge class and I walked out the door to the side of the front of the room I would walk around down the hall come around behind them and sit down behind them and they would still be reading and until they were finished they didn't even know it I'm one hundred income around and sat behind Internet made a deep impression on an end they only made a mistake twice because when you read because New York Post is little embarrassing but amenable when you read when you're given a Bible study you must be in gauge with the people that you're studying with and if you're just in your own little world just staring down at the page you're not given a model study which is reading out loud a person can go to the restroom go get a caffeine free Dr Pepper and sit down you know whatever and you never know some of you really make sure that you make eye contact very good job meeting thank you so the first forty five we see what word again all right now let's go to verse thirty one X references that it certainly has verse thirty one and now there's an adjective in front of this good I like this attitude here him I saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good I said God made the life he says it is good godly Thailand and the seas got says it is good I got mice the earth bring forth fruit in all this time God says it is knowing that God was the lights in the firmament of heaven and God says it is and God puts the animals in Iraq animals and everything is our moment right now okay I is only animals that vision they are not as it is not like I was back in everything eyes radiating God says it is very so did God create in the main that is not very good no sins God only created where did all of this evil come from now notice the word that I use since God created either the same if God created everything good because we are given a Bible study you believe what you are teaching don't you if you don't believe it don't take it and he only one season they come talk to me will have a deeper vinyl siding out that mostly of God can convince you in his work doing laundry something got faced and how anybody looks at all he created he created very good sign Matthew noticed when somebody gives an answer in here that is the exact answer that I'm looking for so that that person doesn't feel too embarrassed how to ask another question that will that will specifically answer the answer that will be the answer that they gaze of that person doesn't feel too embarrassed probably bears more Monday citing but the reason that I do that is because you want people to just study went to get him you and you make them feel less than smart they're not meddling in Iraq you doesn't make sense of these of God create everything that is like since God created only blue-eyed and where did all of this evil come from what let's go to our next reference rational to find out that in our next reference big evil being done by Jesus evil is Jesus is not taking any responsibility for the evil bits in this world so what do you go to Matthew chapter thirteen Matthew the thirteenth chapter on at this level I will overdrive about sometimes in chapter for me but that's rare artwork start in verse twenty four and when you read a longer passage finally when you're getting this Bible study or any Bible study maybe you get into just one person maybe it's your prayer partner and you get into one person or maybe your prayer partner and you are getting to fifteen people you want to give everyone the opportunity to read because that keeps a person engaged in that study as well now somebody is uncomfortable reading you just say he was out of his lives here if you guys would like to read which go around our circle here but if you don't read you just elbow the person next to you very gently as much right okay so here we are but since among the microphone here in making the handle uncomfortable moment that I'll just keep reading we are in Matthew thirteen verse twenty four another parable put he forth unto them saying they chain of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field what you seem to be so good to see you suppose that man is old because we want Scripture to interpret itself a member that's the secret Jesus just went through and pulled out all all this talk about himself since we want Scripture to interpret itself and find out who that man views in just a little bit but a man is so good see verse twenty five but while men slept his enemy came and sowed chairs among the wheat and went his way now let us that others will want hear from him and bring this out in a matter to Jason and I haven't thank you when I get a Bible setting I'm I'm never sitting back like this on your models classes on Bible study doesn't matter on some ice on some ice challenge on a kitchen chair I just hang my detail and write off of that is I want those people to know that this Bible study is in this yield most of communication is your body language and subject to the Bible study like this another parable put he forth unto them saying the kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man so good seed in his field but while men slept his enemy in some tares among the wheat and went his way you want to be changed in this time you want people to know that you are in the hands about what you're doing is what we are doing important is important to understand the word of God are sitting in the intervening chance when you give these Bible studies here we are verse twenty six let's emphasize something in verse twenty five while Ms. labs who came and sowed tares among the wheat using enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat what type of last season and him and so the man on the field he shall see and in who came in some tares among the wheat the enemy an enemy of his enemy verse twenty six six but when the blaze was will rock forth through their inherent tears also so the service of the householder came and sent him sir it's not now so good seeing and I feel from whence then hath it tears even those sermons are amazing there are tears along the leading verse twenty eight he said unto them and in any has done this okay the man that owned the field so what Tennessee goods seem to be in any cellular tears and debt service on the man is still vivid seats is from whence came the status and the good man's dynamics of invention said any enemy in this so the man on the field does he take any responsibility for that harassment was sobbing in the field is still each non- remember God created everything why do I he looks back and God says it is very good and here this man sows the good seed but him and me the one responsible for the tears is the enemy well who according to Scripture is the enemy let's finish reading here wilt thou be going to Alabama verse twenty nine but he says in a less while you gather up the tears you were also the wheat with them verse thirty that both grow together until the harvest and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers gather you together first the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them but gather the wheat into my barn now you and I want to meet this goal verse and chapter is all that tell us whether good so you see the enemy is so let's turn over well I'm on my longest return one page one hundred versus thirty seven to thirty nine versus thirty seven to thirty nine the disciples want to know tell us about this this parable that you told us about the weekend Saracens of Jesus is going to be there verse thirty seven he answered and said to them he is selling the good seed is the lot Son of Man who is the Son of Man Jesus is all around the New Testament Jesus is referred to as the Son of Man verse thirty eight the field is world okay so the West Midlands seen so Jesus was addressing seller and what is his field the world as seen in Jesus are good C R I continue on here the good seed are the children of the kingdom but the tears are the children of the wicked one so cool is responsible for the evil that is happening on the pairs in this field is it Jesus now it's the enemy in the Bible tells us exactly who that is in verse thirty nine the enemy that sowed them the tears is the is the devil so in this parable you have Jesus over here on this side of the great controversy that Jesus over here in Jesus so I wasn't in the world and what is he so good see you then you have the enemy over here in the enemy cells while tears into the same meal so does Jesus take any responsibility for the tears or the evil and is in this world he does not he does not because you remember when God created God created everything how good is important it was this is one for so long as you keep referring back to that did we finish reading here the harvest is the end of the world and the reverse by the Angels sitting in attendance is responsible for the wickedness of this world is Satan or the Devil Jesus only so what kind of see the CD so I'll asked this question based on what we learn already is gone responsible for evil if you believe that same note loudly those responsible for evil the enemy and the enemy according to Scripture is the devil see how to see how do that remember you got to do that so that your audience is like all yes I have the right answer okay here we are let's go to our next reference now we are glad to see the very same underlying principle is not a parable what a stroke story three nice reference this will be the reason GC and we will be a little thirteen verses ten through sixteen you will remember and I said so you won't remember this is the first time you hear the notice on the screen three GC is in a circle that the third test in the great controversy study when you're marketing your Bibles misaligned right here represents Luke thirteen ten to sixteen because you're in three G sees everybody follow that line of thought are down this reference the reference about the line is the reference that we just came from the reference below the outline is the reference that we will go to after this so here we are belittled the thirteenth chapter and verse ten Matthew Mark returning to the rise in our Bibles Matthew Mark Luke chapter thirteen we will begin reading inverse ten notice what I did we were in Matthew and I told you determine what direction to the right there are so many times when people will tell me during a Bible study or after the sermon and exercise more the same thing people say all men I'm so glad to tell us his direction to go because I never be in the finals versus if you didn't so remember you are responsible for teaching people how to study the Bible and how to study for themselves that's our goal here and in those people that learn how to study the Bible will then share what they have learned so we can just get all of this stroll down to the world and Jesus can come back to you what you want now with my friends we got to get on our comfortable seats and get into our uncomfortable zone and give my stuff and some I may ask you questions you don't know the answer to you how you take care that you don't know the answer to the Bible study that you're getting using my friend for the answer to the question using my friend I'll have an answer for that right now I'd be happy setting and next week will reunite no insight tried have an answer you have just confirmed that next week Helen was letting that person you want to do that all the rapture study program and take him again meats fish and Jesus and follow me now make you fishers of men and I will fill in the unofficially main opposition and so you are look just as ever start thirteen verse ten engine was teaching in the synagogue on the Sabbath and behold there was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity is teen years is a good time to ask a question how is this lacing and you are a team right now today okay he's missing all your life using this lady was sick of being sick and she was our you and was followed together and could in no wise lift herself up to you can imagine and you know what I'm given us while Siam very animated first slot in my studies very animated so this lady was was bent down she can raise yourself up she actually have to do something like this in Argosy because you can write herself and she said I she probably had to walk like this because she couldn't raise herself up talk to you she couldn't raise herself up I never look at a groundbreaking year for me I walked around alignment is not a main focus this lady was sent for eighteen years first well and when Jesus saw her was what happens in the Savior comes into the picture when Jesus saw her he called her to him and said and her woman you are loose from your environment to think it was music to her ears one eighteen year sentence it can also make your word and be able to be loosed from this and he laid his hands on her and immediately she was made straight and glorified God and the ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath day insight into the people there are six days in which men ought to work in them therefore come and be healed and not on the Sabbath day you know Scott Addison emphasis there you want your the people that are studying the Bible with you you want them to have a picture in their mind it has been painted by the word of God because people remember things in pictures to continuing on here messaging the Lord then answered him and said thou hypocrite does not each one of you on the Sabbath Lucius Fox or his donkey from the stall and lead him away to watering and are not this woman is is our key reference here and now on this woman being a daughter of Abraham whom Satan had bound below these eighteen years Neely was from this monolith on the Sabbath day according to Jesus the one that so the good seed coating Jesus say was responsible for the Pioneer woman for eighteen years Iran Satan the devil the enemy no one responsible for selling the tears into this world to my friends no matter where going through in our line if it's not good and who does it come from in that Jesus has counted all joy when you go through diverse trials and tribulations of starting to preaching out of the spirit impressed me to do outreach very in your member that that Jesus said in Romans chapter eight that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord 's matter what is happening in our lives God has a purpose for an God 's purposes are always doing fine let's go back to Mister Matthew Luke chapter ten so the question remains in Houston how do people get here we know they came from an enemy and anything is an example and say ten how did this enemy it down here to this field to solve the chance that's a good question is let's go to Luke chapter two and verse eighteen low ten and verse eight things you just turning one direction in Scripture thank you very much with you Carolyn Caroline all he has to imagine Caroline as I must take care of our season Winchester I evenly so you know he's the first ever vanishing that will price alone you must have heard the gospel thirteen pounds for failing to raise Lord verse eighteen in lieu of gently ten Cara last night and he and he says in verse eighteen and lived in I beheld Satan as lightning fall from where and Satan was in heaven is that true how do you know it's true as the Bible Senate Meadows you were here yesterday we learned from the Bible that the reason that they gone that God amused the happier the reason that we can trust this book is because there's only one God that can tell me and from the beginning that was his environment references here yesterday Isaiah forty six verse nine okay very nice very nice elegant mouse and you must market Nokia he said I got the whole setback therefore my mama likes of Jesus as he beheld Satan fall like one lightning from where from heaven so this is me all that create sure came from where so how did this in the me since not only created how did this enemy here in this world millions of Kerala there's a good answer to anything now you're sitting back there I know the answer to have heard this before but there are people that have never heard some of you presented like you've heard it before all are you interested I'll find out on the world down that down here on the loan value on the way you want to know how many demo got down here or how even God they do I know the particular hunting is one person I let him let's go now to our next reference while our nation reference the according our marketing marketing scheme is a young twenty eight you're absolutely right so we're going to our fifth grade controversy reference and we're going to easy heel twenty eight so returning to the last in our Bibles and you remember our first study we were in Daniel a lot your memory Daniel is easy it was just to the left of Daniel did you say no government ordinance all right before Daniel okay very nice you see I'm just watching the audience China make sure that I've got everybody connected with me here in exercising thing you're going to be when you give these final settings Ezekiel twenty eight we will begin inverse eleven everybody there are the model says in Ezekiel twenty eight and verse eleven moreover the word of the Lord came unto me Satan supposedly talking here is regarding your God the word of the Lord came unto me say so oh and don't ask God what is interesting is the word of the Lord who was the Word made flesh anyway we can get into the first well Son of Man take up a lamentation upon the king of tyrants and saying to him that saith the Lord God thou see list of some full of wisdom and perfect in beauty verse thirteen that has been in Eden the garden of God now some people when you get this model setting a safe and this is not a meta-analysis talking about a team of my friends was the king of Tyre ever in the Garden of Eden working in the garden of God he wasn't this is symbolic it's very interesting here in Ezekiel twenty eight the first part of Ezekiel starts out talking to the press of tire and diminutive verse twelve it's talking to the King of Tyre who has more power the prince of the King became so if you read this you will notice that there are lots of parallels between the prison again McCain is describing the power behind France that was the earthly room this is talking about a spiritual ruler it is the highest in Eden the garden of God every precious stone was by covering the sardius topaz the diamond in the barrel the awesome adjustment is sent by the numeral in the carbuncle nighttime rest and the gold the workmanship of thy tent written about types was prepared in the in the day that thou want Islam create continuing on here so there's being that is in the Garden of Eden was a lot created and he was inverse well this is you see along the Psalm you're full of wisdom and you are perfect in beauty verse fourteen thou art the anointed share of that covering very interesting to note that got his sanctuary language the anointing share of encounters now driver I come in here and tell us all about this when I visited regularly for a run he runs the size manager has a lot to do it anyway Oklahoma gas but they have their a life-size replica sizes replica of the Old Testament sanctuary and in the most holy place of the Old Testament sanctuary there was this box the company and there was an angel on the left-hand side of the box and Angel on the right-hand side of the box and those two angels with the Angels they can't murder the mercy seat and on top of the mercy seat which was little and I'll be part of the covenant on top of that is where the Shekinah glory with a visible presence of God dwell in so these two angels covered the presence of God and the Bible says here today king of Tyre you were in Eden the garden of God you are perfect you sealed up the sun you are wise in assessor in the union had special hikes in the drainage were created you were the anointed cherub that covers and I have studied so thou wast upon the holy mountain of God word verse fourteen again Dallas upon the holy mountain of God the house walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire notice verse fifteen thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created and then there's a very powerful four letter word here the word tell me read from when you were creating a ten year were hanged town so something happened to be until nothing something happens of the until continuing on here that was perfect in view of Jain let's see you WordPerfect verse fifteen in the ways in thy ways from the Dane and I wast created till iniquity was found in the in my friend 's iniquity iniquity you see you can see that you are right that reference down in Isaiah fifty nine versus wanted to their parallel their iniquity and soon as everything I wanted to sell it says I tell him the iniquity was found in you so this being was her effect on Intel this being had in that when he was sick and in him is that clear from Scripture actual orderlies was creating this picture straight from the word of God God created something out of the community created it going he looks back and everything in credit incentive is very good and then Jesus told us his parable about this enemy that sowed seeds in the field which is the world and who was the enemy the devil and community see all my site is a high visibility and if she harvested and get some ice of Satan earlier in some understandable as we had to make sure that everybody was on the same as at the language that was used in those verses but so here's this enemy where the world of this enemy while this enemy was created perfect on scale in twenty was found in verse sixteen by the multitude of thy seed by the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of the when violence and thou hast what's the word soon thou hast soon so this means that his become our enemy was created how her in the language of Genesis yet there was that the loan there was created good on sale in England he was found in him and he stands contain on their verse sixteen I will cash me as profane out of the mountain of God and I will destroy the old covering cherub from the midst of the stones of fire is something we can read back in Luke ten eighteen is that Jesus tells his disciples don't rejoice that the demons are subject to you and then he says behold I beheld Satan fall like lightning from heaven that was not an advance that God the father and God the son and God the Holy Spirit looked on and said ha ha him out of here it was a sad day in heaven when Lucifer fell within find out that this devil 's name prior to being devil and Satan was Lucifer in our next reference and God says here I will destroy the oak covering cherub from the midst of the stones of fire look at verse seventeen what was it that happened to that perfectly created Shara is not sure it is not something short low-fat Chevy angel whingeing tiny wings that's not a chair of a cherub is a very magnificent creature and here it is it says verse seventeen thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty thou Toronto wisdom by reason of thy brightness what was it that caused this perfect created Sharon or Angel to send what was his issue nine heart was lifted up because and I beauty my friend is it possible and this is one of those appeal moments during these Bible studies Virginia is it possible that God has given us gifts that we too are abusing every gift that the creator game to the angel was good he was an angel he says it is very good is it possible that God has given us a good give a very good gift yet we are perverting back to his parents what happened with links Barnhart was because my beauty presentencing that has corrupted by the wisdom by reason of my brightness I will taxi to the ground I will waiting for teens that they might be holding verse eighteen thou hast defiled my sanctuary by the multitude of thy lot iniquities but in equity of the high traffic therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of the inch on the validating and I will bring me to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all men that behold me this being was created perfect but he took that gift that God had given him of beauty and became proud arrogant the Bible tells us out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks the Bible tells us as a man thinks in his heart so is he this will show that was in the very presence of God is Lewis is out and becomes brown van communing with unit was found in him in the was lifted up and he comes right out because of a good gift that God had given him and my friends it would do us well to look in our lives and see you guys given us a gift that we are abusing am I missing using a talent that God has given to me continue here we have three minutes and fifteen seconds left will go to our next reference our next references found where County where sound Isaiah fourteen you're absolutely right an easy way to remember this is Ezekiel is after Isaiah arrived so Isaiah fourteen in the double fourteen eighty two Ezekiel twenty eight is a good way to remember that ever forget letters Isaiah twenty eight or Isaiah fourteen anyway were going to Isaiah fourteen versus twelve through fourteen so the reason that this devil or Satan fall like lightning from heaven is because he became prime gone and given him a good gift and every good gift and he becomes proud and arrogant and as a man thinks in his heart so is he ending out of the abundance of the heart the mouth space she just didn't get his shot I have been giving while or how smart he was a member he was the business of perfection he was following wisdom and perfect in beauty I is greater than you has God ever told you to do something you said forget it I'm doing some thing you could just say God help us first fourteen was shot anyone what reference as F-14 verse twelve listen to this language or sounds very familiar to another reference that we heard moments ago international referencing loss is likely his time of reuniting by verse twelve how thou art fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning you need a reference that we met earlier where Jesus said I beheld Satan fall like lightning from heaven but is Luke ten eighteen is absolutely wrong how now aren't fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning somewhere in Lucifer fall from heaven what part of heaven he was the anointed cherub that covers so what part of heaven and he will need help from the sanctuary very thrown room of God now some of us think I can get beheaded because I'm a good person my friends a perfect angel had to leave heaven because he became proud Americans don't ever think that we can get back to heaven because we are a good person the only way they will make it to heaven is from the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way a perfect angel faults and were fallen beings thinking we can get there just because were so go it'll never happen it's only because of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ some I appeal to you as we begin this class is that you accept the creator of the good as your Savior designer design site you design your heart principle follow yes what is going to the next part of this study some of us following of the different class leverage will bless us there you will be glorified when we have the opportunity to share with someone what we have learned here and we pray this in the name of Jesus and RI we will take a fifteen minute break here and it will come back and we will finish the rest of the static and having good so far has been very good job it must be from the Lord will this media was used by audio versus wiki license generation of Christ if you would like to learn more about you my see please visit www. CYC that will or if you'd like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse got more


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