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How Heaven's War Became Ours

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • October 4, 2019
    5:00 PM
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Sweet Jesus thank you for this privilege to pray I think you that our greatest argument is our need in Jesus I need you tonight I've not done this before and I want to do it just as the 1st time around so I just pray that you give me clarity of mind I pray that you give me sincerity of heart and that you do speak and bless us with a better understanding of the root issues in this great controversy and we ask this now in Christ Jesus name. Amen. How Heaven's war became ours now the goal for this evening is not to give you an exhaustive study on all the verses in scripture that tell you who the anti-Christian power is that's not my objective here this evening my objective is disappointing some other things the root issue on the role that the anti-Christ is playing in the big picture the great controversy there is a war being fought between Christ and Satan that's a very difficult war there are casualties in this war but there are also people right now who are playing a role for one side or the other we're going to dress the big picture with the real issue is about is my objective So listen to this this from testimonies of the church volume 6 the law that none live is to himself Satan was determined to oppose he desired to live for hoop for self it was this that incited rebuilding and where in heaven and it was man to acceptance of this principle that brought sin where to earth so the idea that no man lives to himself is the main principle on how heaven is to operate in the violation of that principle is how rebellion started in heaven and how man fell here on earth this from a book called education unselfishness what is unselfishness on the underlined tip above me right here. It's the principle of God's kingdom so unselfishness is the principle of God's kingdom and it's the principle that Satan hates and its very existence he denies what he hates unselfishness with all of his guts its very existence he denies in from the beginning of the great controversy Satan has endeavored to prove God's principles of action to be selfish and he deals in the same way with all who serve God but to disprove Satan's claim is the work of Christ and all who bear his name so the topic of selfishness vs unselfishness is actually the root issue in the great controversy and if you're aware of it it's the deal on the topic of selfishness versus unselfishness Listen to this they continue it was to give in his own life an illustration of unselfishness that Jesus came in the form of humanity will talk about this tomorrow in the morning and all who accept this principle are to be workers together with Jesus in demonstrating in the practical life one of the ways in which you are going to aid Jesus in the great controversy is by a living a life of unselfishness one of the ways in which you will be aiding Satan's case in the great controversy is by living selfishly. Shots fired. I need Jesus how much you so from the very beginning of the rebellion Satan is sought to portray God as being selfish while the same time a lowering others to live for themselves and abide by his own king a principle claiming to worship God while living by statements Kingdom principle and this is a campaign by the way that is still alive and well this didn't just happen millennia ago who knows how want to go up in heaven this is still a rampant issue today and Satan has a storefront on earth propagating this teaching in this idea. And I just said that so saying is a store front of Earth right now that's responsible not only that is living out these principles of selfishness. I'm as good as sex any more I do them Ok now there is a storefront that state is using on earth right now to propagate this teaching of selfishness that is trying to do religion with selfishness at the helm is causing a lot of problems and this apostate Christian system is called the mother of harlots and has many daughters according Revelation Chapter 17 those daughters are religious movements that bear similar traits to the mother in leading people to serve out of fear and selfishness and putting themselves in their own preferences 1st again while claiming to be religious they're also giving a theology to the world that distorts the character of God and is unselfish love so the anti Christian system is doing if you fix many things really apart from persecuting the sayings of God and causing other issues they're painting a false picture of the character of God before the world and they are uplifting selfishness while striving to know Christ She's also known for her opulence or grand display in religious matters and I mean if you've. Skipped that to for time see. But according to Revelation Chapter 891000 this anti Christian power has actually shaped the way the leaders of the known world do commerce and do life we're not going to break all this down this evening but it talks about the kings of the earth and the tradesmen and the people who drive ships that literally fall in Apostolic Christianity through the Roman Papacy is actually leading this to take place and all of this is in the context of elevating self and act the expense of others but let's take a step back in the great controversy and look at how this all began Ok so in Revelation Chapter 12 we're told in verse 7 that war broke out where in heaven. Those 2 don't really seem like they should go together war breaking out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought but they did not prevail Nor is a place found for them in heaven any longer so the great dragon was cast out that servant of old called who. The Devil and Satan and who deceives the whole world he was cast of the earth and his angels were cast out with him to go to verse 3 and it shows that statement literally took a 3rd of the angels with him in this rebellion against God And we'll see how he did this here in just a moment in his eco Chapter 28 now used it when we quote is equal 28 in the topic of the great controversy we skip down to right I think verse 12 but I want you to listen to the language here this employ because it's very similar to language that is used by the seat of the papacy regarding their authority there were old in the role they play on earth it's very similar language and it's very similar language that Satan himself uses about himself and this is what the big issue is it's very easy for us to stare at the anti-Christ and make a big deal about an institution but it's just a puppet The real issue the great controversy is what Satan is doing on Earth and used as a store front to do so you know stand a difference I mean yeah we can stare at this if you want to but that's not the real issue the real issue is what's controlling this entity and house operating and this is where we see some of the language that scary in 28 regarding the topic of selfishness the word of the Lord came to me again saying Son of man saved the prince of Tire this says the Lord God because your heart is lifted up and you say I am a God and I sit in the seat of gods in the midst of the seas yet you are a man and not a god that you set your heart as the heart of a God So they're claiming to be God but God is saying no that's not true no you are not skip down the verse 4 with your wisdom in your understanding you gain riches for yourself and gather gold and silver into your treasuries by your great wisdom in trade you've increased your riches in your heart is lifted up again because of your riches selfishness self righteousness pointing the finger at how awesome they are and they're getting very very rich in their exploits verse 6 because you set your heart as the heart of a god again and will skip some of this go down to verse will say verse 12 now. Yes. Moreover the word the Lord came to me saying Son of Man Take a bow limitation for the king attire and what we're going to start hearing are characteristics that don't just apply to the King of Tire is talking about the force of darkness within them then this is what b. is being alluded to see the chapter 28 not really the person they're talking about but who's leading him from the inside of the man behind the curtain like you see in The Wizard of Oz. This is the Lord God You are the seal of perfection full of wisdom and perfect and beauty you were in even the garden of God in every precious stone was your covering the sardine as Topaz and Diamond barrel Onyx and Jasper sapphire turquoise an emerald with gold the workmanship of your temporal Zz and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created as a created being you were the anointed chair who covers this certainly is not the king of tires the force of darkness within him speaking of Lucifer I established you you were in the holy mountain of God You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones you were perfect in your ways from the day you were created but then it says till the nic when he was found in you created perfect excellent in splendor and beauty but then iniquity was found in this being in Lucifer by the abundance of your trading in this word trading here is the word Riku which means to gossip or to sell something Satan was trading in heaven he was selling something in heaven he was selling unhealthy pictures of who God is and how he does business he was gossiping in heaven and this is what led to the rebellion that we know about of that we're living in even now but it says that you by your trading you became filled with violence in it within and you sins and therefore he was cast out of the presence of God but says your heart was lifted up because of your beauty and you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor against selfishness pride and arrogance verse skipping down the half way the 1st 18 by the iniquity of your trading again through the iniquities or through the multitude by iniquity of your trading twice is being accused here of gossiping selling something in heaven that cause a lot of problems but then it says Therefore I brought it devoured you and I turned you to ashes upon the earth inside of all who saw you when Satan will at the end be destroyed there's going to be this this this kindling from the inside and that sin and selfishness is going to lead is complete and total destruction sin is a combustible material in the presence of a holy God and He is the originator in this source and will have to deal with it the most. So Isaiah Chapter 14 picks up on the same theme of how Lucifer fell it begins in verse 12 how you were fallen from heaven a lucifer son in the morning how you were cut down to the ground you who weaken the nations but listen to how he begins to speak listen to the language that he uses for you a set in your heart I will listen to heaven I will exult my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the mountain the congregation on the farthest sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high this is dangerous link which dangerous fire statements of him wanting to go up and eventually he wants to literally sit on God's throne this is unhealthy and this process this arrogance this selfishness that lies within this this being's heart is what leads to the rebellion in heaven a 3rd of the angels follow Him and follow his lead and we're dealing with that today still things are progressive the getting worse on this planet as a result of this because the same tactics he used in heaven and he brought those tactics to earth with the so a spirit of selfishness exultation pride in being striving for advancement is a spirit that originates from who. It's from Lucifer these traits and thought processes do not come from God and will see this is one of the crowning traits of the beast powers of Revelation the ironic thing is the language that he uses about himself is very similar language is being used by a pos state room right now by people wrong about their authority their opportunities their ability to do the things that they do into decree the things they decree it's very similar language guys that's what makes it so scary right employing the same language that Lucifer used and what started the rebellion in heaven this cannot be the spirit that rules the people of God and we desperately need Jesus and His spirit of humility gentleness unselfishness and a willingness to be overlooked in unappreciated that my worth my value is not dependent upon whether like me or appreciate me or do what I think they should do my value is based soley upon Christ Jesus was so secure in who he is that he wasn't threatened by people disagreeing with him seeing things differently saying things about him because he knew who he was and where he was going we're told in John Chapter 13 having known who he was and where he was going and having loved his own who were in the world what did he do he loved him to the end how Jesus says life is a very secure man it's insecurity that leads us to be prideful to be arrogant to try to put ourselves above other people why are we trying to elevate ourselves because we don't feel that we're enough in the 1st place. We're in secure in who we are. So what was Heaven's reaction to this spirit that overtook Lucifer and the subsequent actions that he took in Luke Chapter 10 to want to turn their Luke Chapter 10 Jesus enough disciples to go and cast out demons to heal the sick right to do mighty works in the name of Jesus and they come back from this missionary journey and they're pretty stoked or they're pretty excited about what has happened this is what they say in verse 17 when the 70 returned with joy saying Lord even the demons are subject to us in your name right feeling kind of like snapping their suspenders at this stage and he said to them something very strange you would think it's a high 5 fellahs That's awesome he gives this strange response I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven but. What does that have to do with you casting out you know with us casting on demons Jesus I saw what you didn't see every single demon that they exercised is an angel that Jesus created and loves and knows by name Jesus sees the great controversy from a far different perspective than we do he's filled with unselfish love and belief in people and what he's created and this is devastating to have to be reminded of the fact that beings he created out of love have rebuild and are in a lost condition he's not happy about this he doesn't like being reminded about it he says I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven behold I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions Nover all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you but never the less do not rejoice in this of the spiritual subject to you but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven don't boast about the fact that they are. It's devastating to me I missed them. Just be happy that you are going Jesus takes a step back and helps us realize that yes we are in a war but we seem to lose sight of is the fact that in Revelation Chapter 12 The war that's alluded to there is a domestic dispute this is a family affair that happens of Revelation Chapter 12 when it says that war broke out in heaven right what preceded that war was love and harmony and that love in the heart of the Father and of Christ doesn't go away just because someone in the family has turned on him you know standing a mother doesn't cease loving a wayward child why do you think they live and think that way because they're made in the image of God you with me does that mean that Jesus indorse is a satanist doing absolutely nuts God forbid as Paul says. But there's still an understanding and a longing for this person in the heart of Jesus you know that tells me that tells me that when I reflect the spirit of Lucifer and strive for supremacy or put myself 1st or become in because of my neighbor that Jesus in the Father don't stop loving me either Amen. When I'm manifesting the spirit of Lucifer by being selfish in vias and elevating myself Jesus does not stop loving me Jesus loves me to the end he pursues me to the ends because there's still a chance for us to you with me. And if he can have fun is in his heart and a desire for things not to be as they are with Lucifer certainly he can love me in the midst of me reflecting Satan spirit but there's one more little piece of history in the Book of Job I find this fascinating because the book of Job is the 1st book written in the Bible. I know that we have genesis of the beginning of our Bible but the 1st workbook it was actually pinned by a mortal on behalf of God was the book of Joe And it's interesting that the book opens was Satan who when asked why he's at this gathering confronts God and says not only that God is selfish but the job his followers selfish to that we're talking about the fact that the big issue the great controversy is selfishness versus unselfishness it's the issue and the very 1st thing that's written in any written form for us inspired writings starts with this very theme and it's reflecting the great controversy God you are selfish and job is selfish and that's the only reason why he's following you sayings accusations are there before the entire world to see why you think you put that there because God's wanting us to understand the true battlefield that we're facing right now am I going to put myself 1st and elevate me and get mine or my going to live a life of other centered fish love as God lives and while I reflect that character to the world around me so Joe was only following you for selfish reasons not love and God you're buying is love the giving him give some favors if you take those things away no one's going to serve you Job says this but God isn't threatened by this. He's not threatened by it at all Joey ends up vindicating God to the end of the process and God more than anything vindicate himself and he doesn't he shows that he's not working through selfish principles nor does he demand things of people added selfishness God gives all free will and it's love that leads him to do so when love is what will lead his followers to reciprocate into a big only by love his love awaken will see here in a moment so the 1st book that God has recorded for Humanity gives the big picture of this conflict between good and evil unselfish love and selfishness this is the territory in which the great controversy is fought and every act of obedience or disobedience in every act of worship our birth added these 2 principles it's that important. And so listen to this at the end of time people are either going to worship God at a true love for him a what he has done in Christ or they will worship Satan at a selfish motives to save their own physical lives when stuff hits the fan and the mark of the beast crisis begins to go forward this will be the issues well I worship God unselfishly because of his love for me or will I do whatever it takes to save myself those are the only 2 options at the end of time and there's a massive battle on top of this over how to preach the message of God's truth in a way that truly reflects God's character of unselfish love and not through force of coercion and we'll break this down here listen to this this is from a commentary the life of Christ called Desire of ages the earth was dark through misapprehension of God Is that true today. 100 percent the earth is very dark through misapprehension a mis understanding of who God is that the gloomy shadows might be lightened that the world might be brought back to God Satan's deceptive power was to be broken but this could not be done by force the exercise of force is contrary to the principles of God's government he desires only the service of love and love cannot be commanded it cannot be won by force or authority God does not work this way and people who claim to serve and worship God should not be teaching preaching or leading this way either you with me they continue only by love is love awakened and to know God is to love him his character must be manifested in contrast to the character of Satan this work only one being in all the universe could do only he who knew the height and depth of the love of God could make it known and upon the world's dark I love this upon the world's dark night the Sun of Righteousness must rise with healing in his we this where this quote earlier this is why Jesus came forth to show a picture of God's unselfish love to the world in approval of Satan's claims false god is not selfish his means of how he wants people to serve him is not selfish he has always been a being who works by love so the 2 approaches shown in contrast one with another regarding force or love are laid out in Revelation Chapter 13 Revelation Chapter 14 very very clearly one is giving a clarion call to worship upon the threat of death or imprisonment the other is giving an invitation to true worship there painting a picture of God's unselfish love and inviting a response go to Revelation Chapter 13. To summarize but you would do well to just take some time to read through this relationship of 13 look at the approach employed by the beast powers. And we'll see who's really the puppet here behind the scenes Revelation Chapter 13 beginning of verse one. This is John speaking John the beloved disciple of Revelation Chapter 13 beginning of verse one then I John stood on the stand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns and on his horns 10 crowns on his head the blasphemous name now the beast I saw I was like a leopard his feet like the feet of a bear's mouth like the mouth of a lion but who gave them his power his throne and great authority the dragon Revelation Chapter 12 we've already talked about says that this dragon is the devil and Satan so everything the anti-Christ power does all the power they receive is merely reflecting the principles of Satan's kingdom there propagating Satan's doctrine Satan's perspective on how God operates all of that's what's happening Revelation Chapter 13 so this beast one of his heads into being mortally wounded that wound is healed to happen in $798.00 when the pope was taken off the throne by Bertie the French general and on behalf of Napoleon but then it says that that mortal wound was healed and heal regained his ability to influence the world state what is happening currently and all the world that Marvel didn't follow the beast so they worship who the dragon who gave authority to the beast in the worshipping. Eventually the dragon when they're worshiping the beast and they worship the beast saying who is like to be used who is able to make war with him and this he was given Mel speaking great things and blasphemies in he was given authority to continue for 42 months and then he opened his mouth and blasphemy against God to blaspheme is name his tabernacle and those who dwell in heaven and it was granted him to make war with the Saints and to overcome them and the thought he was giving them over every tribe tongue and nation and all who dwell in the earth will worship him whose names have not been written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world this is future events if anyone has an ear let me hear he who leads in the captivity shall go into captivity but he who kills with the sword must be killed or the sword here is the patience of the saints but then we have a partner in this battle an ally in this battle this moving along side the antichristian power the earth beast I represent the United States of America then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns like a lamb but then you speaks like what like a dragon he will employ measures that sound very much like the way that the dragon operates coersion force and threats of death. Says in the exercises all the authority of the 1st beast in his presence and causes he's leading a charge for all the earth and those who dwell on it to worship the 1st bees whose Deadly Wound was healed he performs great signs of the even makes fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men massive revival and he deceives those who do on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast telling those who dwell in the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived and he was granted power to give breath to this image to erect it to strengthen and to enforce it that the image of the Be should both speak in cause as many as would not work of the image of the beast to be killed he is causing all those small and great rich and poor free and slaves to receive a mark on the right hand of their foreheads and that no 1 May buy or sell except one as a mark on his name or the beast or the number of his name here's the wisdom let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for its number of it's the number of a man his number is 666. There is a lot of force a lot of coersion a lot of threats and a lot of misrepresentation in the way in which God does life in Revelation Chapter 13 This does not reflect the Gospel this does not reflect Jesus in the way in which he does life are we clear on that Revelation Chapter 14 as an interesting contrast of this in Revelation Chapter 14 when is to get down to verse will say there were 6 and we come back to some of the themes in a moment but then this is then I saw another angel flying in the midst of have been having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell in the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people God is raising at these angels represent messengers who are giving a message to the world of God's undying unselfish love for the world the everlasting Gospel has to be preached to the entire world and this is in direct response to the force coersion and badly religion being propagated to Revelation Chapter 30 Yeah. So in contrast to Revelation Chapter 13 in Bad Religion God raises up a messenger to put a stop to this to give people a chance to make intelligent decisions intelligent worship with freedom intact full liberty of conscience is available in Revelation Chapter 14 in the way in which God operates saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and springs of water so the appeal of this sermon will come back to this in a moment is to if you're going to give glory to Him that's not the impetus of the message just a follow up to the Gospel then his calling people the 2nd angels message that Babylon is fallen is fallen calling people to leave a movement that does not have potential it's going down and the 3rd evils message is warning people there are dire consequences in following the beast power and because I love you and desire your good I'm calling you out of this into something better. The thing I love about Jesus is he's always offering us something better he doesn't spend his time railing on what's bad he offers you something better in the place of it and then he says at the very end that here is the patience of the saints Here's are the people God will look like at the end of time will keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus All right so based on the council were given to desire because we should be using a Revelation 14 approach uplifting the love of God and present truth to the world but giving them freedom to make their own decisions at the end of the day not using fear not using coersion not using threats or uplifting the love of God and empowering the will to make intelligent decisions you understand that's not the way the beast power Revelation Chapter 13 works either because power force fear coersion bad pictures of God and threats that's not the way they got operates he doesn't endorse that message so he sends messengers to negate that message. This means that fear should not be the bedrock or soil through which we present truth because fear leads to selfish motivations and that isn't God's method. Fear based teaching always leads to a selfish response and remember the big issue in the great Karcher controversy is selfishness vs unselfishness and God does not do life selfishly he informs the intellect he makes an intelligent and appealing you know stirring appeal to human beings but he leaves in the make their own choice of the end of the day he doesn't use fear to coerce people so our meeting shouldn't be using fear to coerce people in our approach should neither right. But what about the text it says to fear God to be a glory to him in the 1st angels message was deal with this 1st of all the 1st angels message does not begin with this right if you were to ask most 7th Day Adventists today what's the 1st angel's message many of them would begin the answer by saying Dear God if you were to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him who is the creator the problem is has not had the 1st singles message begins it does not begin with that right no one logically would come up to a stranger on a street corner and run up to them to say God to give glory to him. That makes no sense right if they don't know who God is the response is going to be like Pharaoh who's God that I should care God is not stupid he doesn't begin the message by saying you're going to glory to Him No one will truly fear God and give glory to him until the 1st encounter of the everlasting Gospel are you with me and that's why the text reads as it reads you lit the picture of a suffering messiah before the world and the logical response the appeal the call to action from that message is to fear God If you go again are you with me. This is how God operates God supersmart 2nd of all how can you give glory to God when fear robs us of power the ability to love and be loved in a make sound decisions so good to the 17 says that it will turn their turn to sing it in the chapter one of our 7. Talks about God not giving us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind but you would do well to underline or circle this because I want to give this isn't heretical but I want to and I want to read this and say what it is I'm saying it all makes sense of this in a moment the text reads this God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love in a sound mind which tells me that fear robs us of power fear robs us of the ability to love and be loved and it robs us of a sound mind. So how on earth could you fear God me of glory to Him If fear is the way in which he operates it just doesn't make any sense you with me is the logical response and here's a really good definition for the love of God in the fear of God It's helped me a whole lot this is from the book the upward look 371.7 The love of God ever tends to the fear of God fear to offend him this is what it means to fear God to fear to offend him because you love him so it makes sense that's what God is looking for God is not looking for people to grovel beneath him and be terrified of him God Wants To Be Loved God wants to be known God wants to be worshiped intelligently and it's not possible to love God or even worship intelligently when you're living in experience of fear it's not possible which is why he doesn't operate that way Revelation 13 religion looks that way Revelation 14 does not so god appeals through the intellect and the heart according to 2nd Timothy 17 not fear because again fear robs us of power the ability to love God in others and be loved by God in others and it keeps us from being able to make sound decisions so the 3 of those messages are deeply rational and logical right God is appealing to the intellect to reason. And to the heart because he 1st communicate his undying love to us and then communicates why he's asking us to do the things he's asking and he desires the spirits from harm in deception which is why he's calling us out of the Babylonian way of thinking selfishness and why God is calling us not to take the mark of the beast God doesn't want you to be deceived as I want you to be hurt is I want you to be heart. The same spirit of selfishness and exaltation is that the bedrock of their pasta People system and seeing the raises up to counter that he uses to Kemah gods movement of other centered love right those same principles that Lucifer is speaking about himself and as a Chapter 14 is ego 28 is the very same language that fallen Papal Rome is saying about themselves and their own authority that should scare you that should concern you and the question is do I have seeds of that type of thinking in my own religious experience in my own life so we see this whole thing would follow chronologically the 1st mention we see of Babylon or the allusion to it is Nimrod in Genesis Chapter 10 you don't name means it comes from the same root word to rebuild we're already looking at the one troubling territory that's what your name is meaning eventually if through his influence what ends up happening is the Tower of Babel in Genesis Chapter 11 people refusing to believe what God has said in his word people refusing to believe the promises that God has made and they are seeking to save themselves by their own deeds are you with me. Babylon is not just what the papacy is doing at the end of time it's any religious edifice in which man is seeking to save himself the star of the show is the papacy but the real boss behind the show is Lucifer but there are elements of Babylon all around the world and people's religious experiences are you with me man seeking to save himself and to not believe what God has said in his word right those are Babylonian principles at the very root nature according Genesis indigenous 11 we see this same spirit of arrogance and never can as or in Daniel's day then we see the prophetic fulfillment of Babylon in the papacy as late in the 2nd facility as today no 7 Daniel 8 Revelation 13 in Revelation 17 and again I'm happy to supply your resources on that after the message if you'd like them but listen to this 2nd this alone is chapter 2 now we're going to start doing is looking at passages about the anti-Christ and seeing again similar language to how statement speaks about himself selfishness very selfish language 2nd this alone is to skip down the verse 3 Let no one deceive you by any means that day the day the 2nd coming will not come and lest the falling away comes 1st now is it possible to fall away from something that you were never a part of is that possible yes or no. No it's not possible to fall away from something if you were never a part of it in the 1st place so what's implied is that there was a time when they were with us something changed and they left us until a falling away comes 1st in the man of sin is revealed the son of perdition the son of perdition who opposes and exults himself above all that is cold God are those worshiped so these sit as God in the temple of God showing himself that he is God Does this sound anything like Isaiah Chapter 14 in a yes or no yet 100 percent very similar language being employed here by the anti-Christian power and what they're seeking to do what they're going to do we're warned about there's only one of the place in scripture where this phrase Son of Perdition is employed and it's found in John Chapter 17 in verse 12 and through this up on the board just to make this quick Jesus praying to the father said while I was with them in the world my disciples I kept them in your name those whom you gave me I have kept and none of them is lost except to the son of perdition that the scriptures might be fulfilled so the language that Paul employs in 2nd this alone is chapter 2 regarding the Antichrist and system is the same language that Jesus used referring to Judas Apparently there are similar characteristics between the 2 of them hated Judas wrestle with selfishness do you wrestle with envy and covetousness Do you long for positions that weren't his. You know standing where this is coming from. And again the anti Christian power isn't really the issue at the end of the day it's our my living by the principles there which Satan is enforcing and uplifting and endorsing my living in the principles that God endure says the principle of a Christian is one of unselfishness other sinter deferring and preferring another over one's self but we don't see that here in the Son of Perdition we don't see that in the n.t. Christian power Judas was chairs in a spirit that was not in harmony with God's Kingdom principle and the apostate papal system is built upon the same foundation they started with God and they deviated from the course from that course through selfishness and covetousness and this system like Judas are betraying Jesus we're not talking about individual congregants in this system let's make it abundantly clear this evening we're talking about the teachings of a system the distorted like we can't even speak for the positions of leadership I don't know that we don't know their motives what we do know is what is being taught is deeply troubling deeply troubling and sounds too similar to the way you would see it and as life you're standing there will be thousands if not millions of Catholics in heaven we're not saying anything against people who are in this movement that is not the point this evening what we are saying is God is intentionally calling people out of a movement that has dangerous philosophical underpinnings You know Stan the difference there's danger there they're using language here that Lucifer use that caused unfallen angels to fall right that caused humanity to fall and that will lead many more astray if we're not careful to make since God does not want people to be lost God does not want people to be deceived so out of his love for us his unselfish love for us he has to inform us on what's really going on in the big picture so it makes sense that's the point. All right. So when we cherish a spirit of independence stubbornness and selfishness This literally is the spirit of an anti-christ because the word many times we think it means against in the biblical sense it doesn't it means in the place of so the anti-Christian power is claiming Parag it is that only Jesus can claim they're claiming rights that only Jesus can claim so make sense claiming to be God on Earth claiming to forgive sin is claiming to be able to rearrange the way in which the Word of God should be read understood and practiced because of tradition over what the plain sting of the Word of God says right there claiming prerogative the only Jesus can have this is what's dangerous so we place our own wisdom preference and desires in the place of Christ in our hearts we're living in a spirit of anti-Christ. Are we the fulfillment of Daniel 7 Revelation 13 no there is a big player on the world on the world scene but we could be living anti-Christian principles as Christians as Bible believing cry seeking Christians we could be living anti-Christian spirit if we're not careful we see similar language regarding the spirit of selfishness in the prophetic passages about the Anti-Christ and the false prophet who they are his do that underline ones for time see but in Chapter 8 numbers 11 it says that he exultant as high as the prince of the host does that sound like as a 14 I will be like the most high Ok this is in a Christian power we're told in hell do life. In verse 25 exalt him self in his heart and he shall even rise against the Prince of hosts 825 and 26 really should temper 1311 says then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns like a lamb but he speaks like a like a dragon What how do the Dragon Speak in Isaiah 14 a whole lot of elevating language a lot of selfishness so he speaks to dragons language which is still focus and leads to self exaltation and self worship which is essentially worshipping the dragon Yeah. Relationship of 13 verse 12 this 2nd Earth beast he exercises all the authority of the 1st beast in his presence but he causes the earth and those who dwell on it to worship the 1st bees whose Deadly Wound was healed he leads others to engage in the same type of living and they too will worship the beast and in turn the dragon This is what's so dangerous guys this is why it's very very important for us as Christians living in this stage in her sister ie we need to understand what's going on right now we need to understand who the players are in this controversy and we need to make sure that we're not living a life that's in harmony with something that God can indorse does that make sense God loves us too much to let us sit here uninformed and we would do well to take time to find out what's currently happening in this world right now in the context of Bible prophecy because it's getting real it's getting really real and God in His great mercy for us laid out what's going to go down in Daniel 7 Daniel 8 Daniel 9 in Revelation 13 Revelation 14 Revelation 17 and 18 it's all their guess many other places to 2nd this alone means 2 and other places but we would do well if we don't know who the players are in earth's history right now we don't know all of what's going on now is the time. There's no better time than today we're told. All right so selfishness is itself an act of worship it's true selfishness is an act of worship it's false worship and we need to be searching her own hearts and ask is by the way if you think that I got this whole thing locked down and I'm telling you to get your act together nothing could be further from the truth the more I'm studying this the more I'm realizing I desperately need Jesus I am a selfish man who wants life to work in harmony with how I wanted to be and that's not how Jesus took life. That's not how God the Father does life and we're told that the call that God's people in a time has been get the call that God gives to His people the time is to reflect his true character of love to the world which means that I need to search my own heart to recognize my doing me right now for my reflecting God's character unselfish love you with me this is why God gives us his charge I believe revelations every 13 in verse 13 he performs miracles and signs to make even fire come down from heaven here's the point they're working miracles to get people to overlook the deceitful roots right when you see somebody getting healed it's very easy for you to overlook bad doctrine and dangerous teachings because what you see is so in a rapture and this is one of the reasons why Jesus has a Matthew chapter 24 that when people say we look he's here or look he's there do not go Jesus says don't go don't listen to the don't believe in why because he understood where things are going people will be working false miracles people will be claiming to be Jesus and it's going to get gnarly in my eyes will deceive me right reading something in a book is one thing but seeing some guy who doesn't have an arm have an arm come back out of nowhere that's that's going to move me and potentially move me in the wrong direction if I'm not rooted to what the Word of God says Are you with me we need to understand what the Word of God says for ourselves and this is why Jesus continually says in Matthew 24 Do not be deceived in a people are saying there he is or there he is do not go why because of this and it's a motions can cause us to bypass reason are you with me. Emotionalism in religion can be very dangerous because then you bypass your intellect and you get moved by things but you're not filtering does that sound right or not what does the Bible say that are not will you just get moved in the moment by emotion. And we can get ourselves in dangerous places in this is why I think God's calling us this is why God always appeals through the intellect and the heart not just the moving of emotions because God understands how we are wired how we should work in the right way aren't but in contrast to Revelation 13 in their approach God's people in his messengers were vastly different that's really bad grammar but just ignore them all right they have their father's name written in their foreheads and were told in scripture that his name is his character very Hebrew mindset that a character name are synonymous they're going to have the character of God in the very essence of who they are when it says the forehead is talking about the frontal lobe which is the very seat of personality morality spirituality they have the character of God it driving everything that they do to make sense God's character of love is driving every aspect of their life they have settled into the truth of who God is and they're living their lives accordingly so the fact it's in their foreheads means that they truly believe what God says about himself and this is what drives their decision making and they follow the lamb where every He goes no matter the cost the beast power forces people to see the mark on their forehead and on their hands and I just time to go into this stuff I wish I could but adults are going to skip some of this of the warning in the 3rd Angeles to show that selfishness leads to destruction this is the big issue in the main point that they're making and that out of God's love for those who are in danger of being led astray he gives a clarion call called a true worship that is fueled by love your 1st with this way as a faith that works by love and we'll talk about that tomorrow morning actually. All right go to Revelation Chapter 17 briefly a few things here Miss skip some of this for time's sake and then kind of land the plane. The i'm actually haven't seen the time to deal with this I will say this in Revelation Chapter 18 the call that God's people have in Revelation Chapter 18 is referred to as Bill loud cry right the loud cry some inside what the outpouring of the latter rain at this stage the message that they are given they're going to illuminate the world with the glory of God the character of God is going to be pronounced powerfully through the message of God's love in the 1st 2nd particular the 32 is message we're told the 30 message is righteous by faith in verity and Revelation Chapter 18 is basically to surrender Titian of the 3rd into this message that's all that's happening but with greater power with greater emphasis because the Spirit of God is being poured out upon his people so this is a fascinating to me the message that God is giving to the world be in a time that is the message of his love. The message of his love and the message of his ability to transform people. To make them like himself this is the message that causes Babylon to fall and revolution Chapter 18 it's the gospel this is what happened it just always goes this way the nasty gnarly teachings of the Dark Ages cannot stand the test of the gospel they can't and we see this happen right history some of it doesn't go into them Ok God just isn't calling people out of Babylon he's calling Babylon out of people for sake Satan's kingdom principle and embrace mine we're told Ok skipping this for time's sake will give you my slides you can read them later. I will say this Revelation Chapter 1000 we're told that God's people his bride has made herself ready she has successfully refused Satan's efforts to live herself and she's chosen to consecrate herself fully to Jesus and the verses 7 to 8 she's arrayed in fine linen which is the righteous acts of the saints which they're doing through the power of Christ Ok I want to close of these things because this is I think the big picture what makes this so difficult there is a war going on in this planet right now and there is a war against the gospel. There is a war against the true principles of the Gospel and it really matters guys and these on these principles I find to be very startling and troubling about what's being taught by an institution that we're not just talking about people who are in the system when I mean affirming to them we're not even speak about people in leadership we don't know their motivations but there are teachings in this system that are dangerous in troubling and here they are 1st of all the teaching of eternal torment in purgatory to teach that God a rose and toast and tortures people to the ceaseless ages of the turn of the is not an accurate picture of the heart of love God is Love and God tortures people throughout the ages of eternity cannot work in harmony one with another. Let alone the fact that there's a teaching of purgatory in the system that let's say because one of the teachings in the church is that if you're a member of the church you're saved if you're not a member of the church you're lost that's already troubling but what do you do with people who are in the movement they're on the church books but they're total apostates they're living lies out of harmony with what the church teaches here comes purgatory these people will go to this halfway house after they die of being tortured and purge of their sins and till they're good enough then they can go to heaven because again the teaching is that if you're a member the church or state that's troubling to me deeply troubling and it doesn't line up with Scripture denying the right and example of leadership in marriage depriving leadership of the marriage vows baptism by sprinkling instead of immersion there's reasons why God has given us the example of baptism by immersion you are fully buried in the death of Jesus and a rise to newness of life bad tism is an act of faith that Jesus is going to raise me from the dead. And they completely removed this teaching and he was teaching infant baptism they sprinkle infant children and sprinkling infant children 1st of all the child has no say in this and doesn't make an intelligent choice for this but that's her interests and the church but the really scary teaching is if your babies are not baptized and they die before they make a conscious decision for Christ they will burn in hell forever this is troubling guys this is very deeply troubling the idea of the veneration of saints elevating human beings to places that they should not be and idolizing and that's not good priests claiming to be able to forgive sins on earth is not good discouraging personal study of the Word of God For the latest say that the Church controls your destiny we talked about that membership says you're saved no membership says your laws focusing on a man is the head of the church and 9 the priest of all believers guys there is an assault against the gospel in these teachings This is not in harmony with the gospel of Jesus Christ that's troubling and they deny liberty of conscience. Using fear to lead people to serve God indulgences that you can pay for your sins or paper people to get out of Purgatory out of hell into heaven communion in transubstantiation literally crucifying Jesus afresh every time they bless the way for Jesus was crucified once for man theistic evolution this is a big one and a troubling one were addressed as tomorrow afternoon teaching that God creates the means of disease and death and deprivation this cannot be something that we can ascribe to as Bible believing Christians changing God's Law of Love to uphold idols removing the 2nd commandment about idolatry moving everything up one and doubling the 10th commandment don't cover your neighbor stuff don't cover your neighbor's wife wife and stuff changing the Sabbath and uplifting man traditions in place of the Bible rest the gods were Daniel talked with it tomorrow afternoon so these teachings and many more have led to a horrific picture of God in the world in the dark ages and it got so bad that events that would end up taking place as Revelation Chapter 10 of Revelation chapter 11 the beast from the bottomless pit this is Speaking of atheism and the French Revolution what led to what we know today as modern day atheism goes to war and deposes the pope if this is what God is like there is no God and eventually ruin the whole situation if you more sites are dark ages theology rendered people incapable of loving God because they were terrified of him that's not how God operates God doesn't work by fear he only works by love and it lead people to hate him one cannot truly worship when the heart is filled with fear and this is why God doesn't work this way you with me. Interestingly enough it's at the height of the darkness that God brings the gospel to Martin Luther and many other reformers but that light shines the brightest when it's needed most and this is where Adventism comes on the scene in $798.00 when the pope is taken off the throne and there is militant opposition to organized religion because the picture is so out of harmony with the true God of love it's at this stage within 50 years of this the God raises up a movement to give a true picture of who God really is how he really does life and the message is perfectly tailored to reach Muslims atheists and Catholics and Protestants alike who have unhealthy pictures of God God raised up a prophetic movement to address these issues to give a true picture of God to the world that's our call Revelation 14 in Revelation 18 that's what this movement is meant to do he's raised our movement to set the record straight so listen to this is from the great controversy a purple study of the Bible would show Protestants the real character of the papacy and would cause them to a poor and to shun it but many are so wise in their own conceit that they feel no need of humbly seeking God that they may be led into the truth although priding themselves on their enlightenment they are ignorant both of the Scriptures and of the power of God they must have some means of quieting their consciences and they seek that which is least spiritual and humiliating this is where the danger comes in if self this is what fuels my religious experience I'm going to look for the easiest way out just feel that I'm a good person I am Ok but not really deal with the real issues at hand yeah so listen to this this is a really scary life what they desire is a method for getting God which will pass as a method of remembering him and this is what's being taught by a Babylon in our harlot daughters that's very troubling in this day and age does God actually work this way. No God doesn't work this way the papacy is well adapted to meet the wants of all these is prepared to classes of mankind in bracing nearly the whole world those who would be saved by their own merits and those who would be saved in their sins here is the secret of its power. Because out with this this is the call that God has given his people Jesus says that because lawlessness will abound the love of many will grow cold we're told that sin is selfishness and so lawlessness of balloting is a life fueled with selfishness and the love of man you're going to grow cold but in response to that Jesus says that this Gus will reach the whole world as a witness what does this Gospel 1st on chapter 4 tells us that God is love and what is love we're told to love suffers long 1st in these 13 it's kind it doesn't in be doesn't boast it doesn't parade itself is not puffed up right those are those are principles that are in direct opposition to how Satan does life and how positive Christianity can do life it doesn't rejoice in it when you put a boy's rejoices in the truth it bears all things believes all things hopes all things and indoors all things but love never fails Jesus says that all men will know that you're my disciples if you have a love one for another and unselfish love for one another when my character is fully reflected in you to the world Ok so the papacy today in its role Bible prophecy was not birth in a silo it's the last stop of the train but it didn't start the train so it can be very easy for us to focus on current events and see what's going on and just stare what's happening in Rome the guys who are missing the point that's not the issue they play a key role but the language they're employing is the language of the dragon and the language of the Dragon is you do yours or you do you get yours and put you 1st. That's the language guys put yourself 1st elevating self in this we get so dangerous we need to take a step back and realize from whence it came and see if any of those same traits are in us or had influenced us do I have any of those traits in mean are we drinking the wine of Babylon maybe we don't believe in the sacraments of the veneration of saints but if we're exulting self or getting a picture of God that would lead people to reject him some of that still in our system are reprinting a picture of God to the world that intelligence this attractive and that is in harmony with how he truly does life it's a big question and in my living for me or my living for others and for Jesus. We're told in Matthew Chapter more chapter 15 of verse 23 that Jesus was offered Roman wine and he refused it why to empower his people to do the same to choose to live a life that's outward focused not inward focus Jesus can empower you to do that right for me to hear that selfishness is that repugnant and that bad scares me a little bit you know why because there's a lot of it in me but scripture promises us that he who has begun a good work in us is going to finish it Jesus can handle your selfishness guys Jesus can handle your brokenness Jesus can handle your weakness but are we willing to admit who we really are in the problems that we have. That's the issue if I can be honest with Jesus he'll supply everything I need but am I really being honest with me and am I being honest with him that's the question. Because we're told revelation or John Chapter 13 of verse one the Jesus having loved his own who were in the world he loved them to the end Jesus lived up the father's unselfish love to the very end and he has promised that he can love you to the end of Jesus can still have love in his heart for someone who rebelled and caused the rebellion I assure you guys he loves you. Jesus not only loves you Jesus likes you and he loves you to the end and he can empower us to overcome but will we lay our idols at his feet will we choose to reflect upon how we're doing life and trust him that's the question let's pray God in heaven I think you for the fact that though there is a lot of scary selfish language employed throughout Scripture through Satan and the anti-Christian power you have promised to transform a people who will live a life that completely reflects your unselfish love God We need that we need you to speak through us and to use us we recognize that there's a very unhealthy view of you in many places in the world who are claiming to serve you you don't torture people forever you don't endorse false teachings but God You need people to truly reflect you and I pray that you would use me I pray that you would use us who are here tonight and God I pray that your perfect will be carried out. We want to live up to the potential of Revelation chapter 18 of communicating your character to the world but we can't do that all wrong we recognise that we are nothing and have nothing apart from you so god cover our sins of selfishness with the blood of Jesus Phillis with your Holy Spirit we pray. We asked this now in Christ Jesus name. Him in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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