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The Gospel Will Prevail

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • October 5, 2019
    10:00 AM
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Sweet Jesus I think you for the privilege to pray I think you that you want to bless us this morning and that you want to bless us more than we have courage to ask so that Jesus I pray that you would have your way with us today that you would speak to us and that you would minister our hearts in a way in that you would do something in this room in this moment that none of us would soon forget for your glory and we asked this now in Christ Jesus name. Amen. So we're covering a series this is war how the war between Christ and Satan impacts your life directly last night we cover the topic of the Anti-Christ from a different perspective this morning will be covering the gospel from a different perspective not a heretical one a biblical one unique perspective and then the Sabbath this afternoon will become the topic of the Sabbath from a unique perspective so this morning we're talking talking about the gospel the gospel will prevail and courts are going to set the course for the theme of this weekend from testimonies the church volume 6 to 36 the law that none live is to himself Satan was determined to oppose he desired to live through herself and it was this that incited rebellion where in heaven and it was acceptance of this principle man's acceptance of this principle that brought sin to where we live to Earth is from book education unselfishness the principle of God's Kingdom is the principle that Satan hates its very existence he denies from the beginning of the great controversy Satan has endeavored to prove God's principles of action to be selfish any deals in the same way with all who serve God but to disprove Satan's claim is the work of Christ and all who bear his name. It was to give in his own life an illustration of unselfishness that Jesus came in the form of humanity and all who accept this principle are to be workers together with him and demonstrating it in the practical life so we're going to be covering some unique views that we have a 7th Day Adventists regarding the Gospel and winds that we have this I don't even know if all of us realize is there I believe that the ave message was meant to be a holistic message a message that would bless you physically emotionally and spiritually and the Gospel is meant to bring complete healing to a human being not just changing someone's bad theology but literally setting free the broken hearted setting free the captives and healing the broken hearted and smelted of a suffering messiah and a vulnerable Messiah is something I believe that we bring to the table that the world desperately needs to hear right now my friend who's fighting for his life right now who. Knew what would happen but my friend Dr Fred Bishop of had this amazing life he says suffering is what giving looks like in the presence of taking and Jesus lived a life that was filled with suffering he was a man who lived an unselfish life in the midst of a society that took in took and took in evil with 12 disciples who took and took and took It's been a very challenging quote for me in a very big blessing to me. So Jesus spent his life dispelling the lies of Satan regarding the true character of God which is one of unselfish love pray for friend which you see fighting brain cancer one would assume that a divine being would just throw their weight around and show people that they deserved to be worshipped or search that's what you would assume that maybe someone would do but that's not the approach that Jesus takes he takes a much different route than we would guess he chose the weapon of vulnerability. To humble himself and they live a life that we would not expect and to give and live for others continually for many the topic of vulnerability is one that we may view as weakness maybe grew up in cultures that trained you to think this way maybe you grew up in homes that trained you to think this way maybe even churches that trained you think this way we don't tell people are problems we keep everything bottled up we can handle it that's all a lie by the way and you can love your culture and disassociate with things are not in harmony with the Gospel that come from your culture did you know that you can still be proud to be from wherever you are from but also recognize that above all else you are a Christian you're a Bible believing Christian and if the principles that were taught to you from your culture are not in harmony with scripture some of them it's Ok to not abide by those and still be proud to be where you're from this is a big issue for many of our people if you of being unwilling to be vulnerable. But I hope we're going to see this morning is that Jesus the greatest example of how to live our life was one who lived a life of radical vulnerability we're going to pack up this morning but I will give a disclaimer this is not an invitation for you to start telling everybody all of your problems even the gory ugly stuff Ok we need to practice discretion here. There are some things that should not be shared publicly maybe only with a therapist or with Jesus right. So we don't to develop a pattern of dependence upon people either but there's a real sense in which many of our own people have refused the help that God designed for us to find in community let alone to be vulnerable with ourselves and we've gotta tell you what man the hardest person for me to be vulnerable with is me the hardest person for me to be honest with is me and I've spent the last year of my life facing just how. Parts of me are and that I desperately need Jesus but it's worth it. It's worth it a little in being vulnerable with God That's not too easy either but he already knows you know they're right he knows in all honesty you're way a leader than you think you are like. True like you're good looking people but on the inside we've got stuff and he knows it he knows far more than we know and you know the amazing thing is having loved his own who are in the world he loves you to the end he knows the depth of your depravity your brokenness your weakness and he still chooses to live you to the end Gleason $62.00 says that we should be willing to bear one another's burdens which means that somebody needs to at least confess that they have them I think one of the easiest places for us to hide from our own issues in refuse vulnerability is in the ministry. Ministry we focus on helping everybody else without truly knowing who we are or dealing with that things are crippling us and holding us back and I can tell you that from experience. But if we have faulty core beliefs and negative views of our silt it gets even worse so we spend our lives giving everybody else what we feel that we don't deserve right spiritual Codependency is rampant in Atlanta ism and Christianity in general right I feel good by helping other people feel good but I never really deal with my own stuff. Satellite to God's wanting us to live but the incarnation of Jesus Christ Jesus becoming a man is one of the most radical acts of vulnerability that has ever been known Jesus came to reveal the father's heart and a bear the father's heart to the world again God showing vulnerability and God Himself has a dramatic amount of vulnerability in taking eternal risk in sinning his son to save us right if Jesus stumbles in Word thought or deed at any point in time he will never see the light of day again he will never see the father again and the entire planet salvation is over we will all be lost that's a risk guys it's a massive risk in fact Jesus is for ever less than he was before he came to save us you know where that Jesus is forever in fleshed. And so there's a great risk that they're willing to take vulnerability literally save the world guys and so this already tells me that vulnerability is not a weakness it's a strength for you with me. But I want to do is walk through the life of Jesus in highlight his vulnerability and what I think this tells us about the gospel so the birth and childhood of Jesus Jesus was born just imagine that God of the universe is born next to farm animals because there wasn't room in the in Jesus was born to impoverished parents I don't care what Crystal a dollar tells you he was born to poor parents needing them to provide for his needs dependent upon them to provide for his needs having to be instructed by his parents in principles of righteousness that he himself ordained from eternity past imagine that one can imagine teaching Jesus the principles of righteousness as being vulnerable isn't it have it the life of Jesus Jesus chose to be bad guys knowing what that represents what preceded baptism confession or repentance to Jesus in Know Jesus be prone to be misunderstood in taking that step for our us for our behalf Yeah but he did it anyway because he knew that we needed that example Jesus had no where to lay his head someone comes up to him and says Lord I will spall you are every go and he says so. I'm actually homeless. Clearly this guy did not go to seminary her I think he would tell people that Jesus Jesus had his ministry largely bankrolled by women any idea how humiliating that is for a man in a patriarchal society yet Luke Chapter 8 tells us that many of the women were supporting Jesus and their own means and Jesus was totally secure one of the reasons why we won't be vulnerable is because we're in secure. But Jesus was perfectly secure John Chapter 13 says he know who he was and where he was going and that's why he disapproves himself and washes the feet of these fools who are arguing who will be the greatest their one of thing is the only one in the room who actually is the greatest is the one who secure enough to humble himself and serve them I digress he was really the guest of people to have a place to stay in a place to eat Jesus said that he did nothing said nothing and planned nothing on his own but relied upon his father for all of it that's radical vulnerability Listen to this one some desire of ages pates a commentary in the life of Christ page 565 the loneliness of Christ your real lonely he has separated from the heavenly courts living the life of humanity so he left people who did understand them angels and God the Father living the life of humanity amongst people who didn't understand him and his loneliness was never understood or appreciated by the disciples as it should have been and he was often grieved because his disciples did not give him that which he should have received from them Jesus was radically vulnerable but he was also living a life of desperate and painful loneliness you have that in common with your Savior. We did John chapter 4 Jesus meets a woman at the well Tom Tucker for verse 4 says that he needs to go through some area of preach on this here before more than once I think. Why would any 1st centuries you need to go through some area because there's a wounded woman there who's filled with potential and Jesus is tearing down barriers real big wants cultural barriers gender barriers spiritual barriers he's going in but Jesus when he sees this woman and she got issues right she's been married 5 times the guy she shacking up with now isn't her husband she's got problems clearly has problems that's why she's at the well at high noon when no one's going to be there to escape those problems her waterpot is or means of escape from the problems of her life but Jesus shows up and you know Jesus reaches this woman he doesn't run her down doesn't run her story down the doesn't even despairs Jacob's Well you know he does he has her to help him with his own needs he's vulnerable with her. Says I'm thirsty would you help me and she isn't there what to do with this what are you a Jew doing talking to me is Samaritan The Samaritan woman vulnerability literally tears down walls and invites people to reciprocate and also to open up about their own needs when we choose to be vulnerable and open up about the stuff that we're dealing with you know what happens there will come down to. Jesus knew this and this is why he took the 1st step the vulnerability of Jesus John Chapter 11 Jesus and the 1000 Jesus weeps publicly over the unbelief of people in he bears his heart to them oh Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are simply her hell long I wanted to gather you as a hymn gathers her chicks in her wings but you were not willing you're breaking my heart guys Jesus was willing to bear his heart to be vulnerable with the people that he was serving in ministering to John Chapter 16 opens up to the cycles and says You guys are going to leave me can you imagine being told by the guy who's disciple in you you are going to fail me and to leave me no way Jesus never tells him any way in and he says that even when you do leave me my father will be here John Chapter 17 Jesus prayed with radical vulnerability again I'm right I'm so thankful John this is the last Gospel written it's actually last book written in the Bible as the gospel of John that Revelation is the Book of John and it's written when John surveying the landscape the next generation of Christians are all going to be people who never met Jesus personally and he's thinking what do I need to tell them that they're not going to hear if I don't because John is the last living apostle at this stage and he decides to basically uplift 2 main principles the divinity of Jesus and the love of God and he includes a narrative from John Chapter 131-415-1617 that you do not find in any of the Gospels I believe it's alluded to in the book of a fusions. John was the pastor an emphasis once he got out of Patmos and I believe reading the book of knowing the story he realized we need to give the full story to people and so he gives it to us and in John Chapter 17 we get to we actually get a peek into Jesus's prayer closet. That's precious guys absolutely precious if you haven't read that in a while studying you want to learn how to pray I believe John 13 is 17 is the message for the 144000 that's a whole nother topic and John Chapter 17 Jesus is being very vulnerable with the father about what's what's on his heart what he cares about what he's concerned about what he's worried about and he's praying for the disciples with great in deep concern and we see that example in John Chapter 17 and this is all happening right in front of the disciples He was willing to be vulnerable in front of them we need to Matthew Chapter 26 Jesus humbles himself and washes the disciples feet it's found in John 11 or 13 sorry more chapter 14 as well he humbles himself and washes the disciples feet again while they're busy arguing over who is the greatest and then he tells them that I've done this to give you an example Jesus is active honorability is meant to be our example he says you'll be blessed if you do this again Jesus is not so one who's filled with insecurity so he has no problem in being vulnerable I think pride and insecurity are 2 of our biggest barriers for being vulnerable Matthew chapter 26 we get to the Garden of the sim and he Jesus asked Peter James and John to pray for him because his soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death he's struggling to read more about that here the moment he needs them he's willing to admit that he needs them any longer for their company and for their prayers fellows we wrestle with this don't we acknowledging the fact that we don't have it all together and we need people we can wrestle with this Jesus didn't wrestle with it they eventually for the father's to sin an angel to bail him out were they here in a moment to strengthen him because they don't help him and he's even vulnerable with the father asking him if there's another way and just imagine guys you're God but you're in flesh as a man and your disciple and people are running into social program right now and I've got students. It would be a little difficult for me even if someone is trying to be better at vulnerability it would be very difficult for me to fully bare my heart about the stuff that I'm dealing with and what I'm scared of what I don't want to do that God has called me to do in front of the people that I'm disciple and yet Jesus is going to be vulnerable have to do it father I don't want to do this is there any is humanity is shrinking from this responsibility we're told and Jesus is willing to be that vulnerable in front of the disciples think there's a lesson for us there all right let's see if I don't just absolutely fall apart here through desire beaches. This is what we're told and what happened during that time that time as they approach the garden the disciples had marked the change that came over their master never before had they seen him so utterly sat silent they've never seen Jesus this sad and they've never seen him this silent and as he proceeded this strange sadness deepened yet they dared not question him as to the cause and this gets me it gets to me bad because we can have these moments we see people falling apart right in front of us and just like the parable the Good Samaritan we think that's uncomfortable and we scurry to the other side is someone's naked and bleeding and we leave them we leave. Shit on me I've done it it's uncomfortable I don't know what to say so I just avoid the situation and as Jesus is wrestling with the chalice of God's wrath in the garden the disciples say that's uncomfortable let's not talk about that and then leave the poor man to suffer alone they don't even ask. They dared not ask him to the cause and his form swayed as if you were about to fall upon reaching the garden the disciples looked anxiously for his usual place of retirement that their master might rest every step that he took now was with a labored effort and he groaned aloud Jesus wails here. As if suffering under the pressure of a terrible burden twice his companion supported him or he would have fallen to the earth they had to catch him he would have fallen to the ground. Christ was now standing in a different attitude from that in which he had ever stood before and this suffering can best be described in the words of the Prophet awake oh sword against my shepherd and against the man that is my fellow say it the Lord of Hosts as the substitute insurance he for sinful man Christ was suffering under divine justice he saw what justice meant hitherto he had been intercessor for others but now he longed to have an intercessor for himself I wish somebody would pray for me he's been praying and giving and serving and living for everybody else and now he's wishing that somehow he would pray for me. And what was to be gained by this sacrifice how hopeless appeared the guilt in gratitude of a man in its hardest features Satan pressed the situation upon the Redeemer the people who claim to be above all others and temporal spiritual advantages have rejected Jesus they are seeking to destroy the foundation the center and seal the promises made to them as a peculiar people one of your own disciples who has listened to your instruction and has been among the foremost in church activities will betray you one of your most zealous followers will deny you all will for sake you this was being told to Jesus as he is hurting wishing somebody would pray for him. Christ's whole being is a whore the thought that those who mean undertaken to see those whom you love so much should unite in the plots of see this pierced his soul the conflict was terrible and its measure was the guilt of his nation of his accusers and betrayer the guilt of a world lying in wickedness the sins of men weighed heavily upon Christ in the sense of God's wrath against sin was crushing l. his life you don't get. It's the press it's where they smash oil out of an olive and Jesus is having the life force is crushed and pressed out of him and that's not even what hurts the most it's what we do it's the ingratitude it's the walk of appreciation it's the loneliness. Behold I'm contemplating the price to be paid for the human soul in his agony he clings to the cold ground as if to Brazil prevent himself from being drawn any farther from. The chilling do of night falls upon his prostrate form but he heeds it not in from his pale lips comes the bitter cry Oh my father if it be possible let this cup pass for me yet even now he adds nevertheless not as I will but as well wilt. The human heart longs for sympathy in suffering is that true this longing Christ felt to the very depths of his be. In the supreme agony of his soul he came to his disciples the yearning desire to hear some words of comfort from those who made a so often blessed and comforted in shielded in sorrow and distress the one who had always words of sympathy for them was now suffering superhuman agony and he longed to know that they were praying for him and help us and they were hurt how dark seen the malignity of sin terrible was the temptation in the heart of Jesus to let the human race bear the consequences of its own guilt while he stood innocent before caught he is strongly tempted to leave you right now if he could only know that His disciples understood and appreciated this he would be strengthened did they. So was he hope and so what God into having to do as he sins an angel from heaven the angel from the right hand of the throne of God who replaced Lucifer when he fill he decisions to earth and He cradles the head of Jesus in His bosom and speaks tender words of encouragement to him reminding him of the promises of God. You will see the Weber of your soul and be satisfied Jesus it's worth it and the disciples awaken for a moment and when they look across the grass what they see is a glowing be kowtowing Jesus in pointing to heaven. Telling him the father still have see. He still cares and this will be worth it and this is the only thing that gives Jesus strength to go forward because we're also told that he would have died in the garden had that not taken place he never would have even made it to the cross. But then comes what I believe is one of the most horrible and difficult topics to read and think about I stumbled on this a few months ago and it's been haunting me ever since I think this is one of the most difficult moments of Jesus' vulnerability at least and it relates to you and me. Jesus a message Chapter 16 says a familiar line verse 24 Then Jesus told His disciples If anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me you heard that before. It dawned on me what did it look like when he had to take a piss we're told in John Chapter 19 that he bearing his own cross went to a place called the called the place of a scroll which is called in Hebrew god Gotham but in Matthew 27 we're told now as they came out they found a man a Sirene Simon by name him they compelled to bear his cross I mean important question for you this morning does the Bible contradict itself yes or no you don't sound very convinced haven't hope does the Bible contradict itself yes or no of course not these are statements of chronology not discrepancy Jesus begins carrying it he ceases being able to carry it and someone has to step in the book or see builds. As Jesus passed from the gate of pilots court the cross which had been prepared for barabus was laid upon his bruised and bleeding shoulders 2 companions of barabus were to suffer death at the same time with Jesus and upon them also crosses were placed but the seat of yours burden was too heavy for him in his weak and suffering condition. Since the Passover supper with his disciples he had taken neither food nor drink he did agonize in the garden to Simeon conflict with satanic agencies he had endured the anguish of the betrayal and has seen his disciples for Seek Him and flee he had been taken to and this then the pilot from pilot had been sent to Herod Bisan back to pilot from insult to renewed insult from mockery to mockery twice tortured by the scourge all that night there had been scene after scene of a character to try the soul of man to the uttermost but Christ had not failed. He didn't fail he had spoken no word but that tended to glorify God All through the disc race full force of a trial he had borne himself with firmness and dignity but when after the 2nd scourging of the cross was laid upon him human nature could bear noble her and he feel fainting beneath its burden. The crowd that followed the Savior saw his weak and staggering steps but they've manifested no compassion they taunted and reviled him because he could not care he the heavy cross again the burden was laid upon him and again he fell fitting to the ground his persecutors saw that it was impossible for Jesus. To carry his burden for the. They were puzzled to find anyone who would bear the humiliating load the Jews themselves could not do this because the defilement would prevent them from keeping the Passover even of the mob that followed who would dare to stoop to bear the cross. But at this time a stranger Simon a siren in coming in from the country meets the throne he bears the here's the taunts and rabble drew the crowd he hears the words contemptuously repeated make way for the king of the Jews he stops in astonishment at the scene and as he expresses his compassion they seize him and place the cross upon his shoulders Simon had heard of Jesus His sons were believers in the seizure but he himself was not a disciple but the bearing of the cross to Calvary was a blessing to Simon and he was ever after grateful for this providence it led him to take up for himself the cross of Christ from choice and ever cheerfully stand beneath its burden but the question I asked was if Jesus tells us to be willing to take up our cross and follow him what's that going to look like. If you can a collapse it's going to be too much you're not going to be able to bear it. And you're going to need somebody else to step in and carry it for you this is the gospel guys every one of us are bearing a cross that is too much for us and until we're humble enough invulnerable enough to admit the fact that that's the truth pretty keep falling and keep falling keep falling because you love this enough to see a struggle of the way to something that we were no measurement to carry by ourselves. You were never supposed to carry this by yourself and that's the point guys Jesus voluntarily collapse under the load of the Cross that he was given to show you that you're not a loser when you collapse do you. You're not a loser. You have a Savior who is willing to come up side you and pick that thing up and carry it with you he's willing but will you be vulnerable enough and humble enough to acknowledge that fact today your ability to receive the blessings of the Gospel largely depend upon that fact when you acknowledge the fact that you have a need will you humble yourself and fall feet of Jesus will you let that wait just crush you out and fall at the feet of Jesus so if you had to go through the agonizing and humiliating effort to cure the cross you've been given only to collapse under its weight you have a Savior who understands today. And you're not a loser. And this also shows me that when I collapse into the weight has been killing me the last few months I'm not for sick and there's hope. Then Jesus ramps up the vulnerability and as he's nailed to the cross he says something that you would never expect to hear out of the mouth of God Himself. My God my God why have you for seek in me are you aware who's in the audience in the crowd when he says this pagans his persecutors the one disciple they had the guts to come back the women who followed him and his mother and Jesus is willing to exercise a radical amount of vulnerability to verbalize what he's wrestling with here and what he's tempted to believe you know that tells me if you're struggling and you're tempted to believe that God is not there for when you're hurting it's not a weakness to reach out for help people to jeer me it's not a weakness Jesus was tempted Jesus didn't sin he didn't have sinful thoughts but he gave an example of the level of temptation for your benefit and for mine. And we're glossing over the story of Jesus and refusing vulnerability because we just don't want to go there subconsciously but it's there and it's there for a reason we're told and here is chapter 2 while this had to happen therefore in all things he had to be made like his brethren the he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest and things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people for in that he himself has suffered being tempted he is able to aid those who are tempted there's a reason why Jesus suffered like you there's a reason why Jesus was tempted in all points like you so that he could comfort you when you're hurting him in a min. Guys this is the gospel you literally have a Savior who is fully and radically acquainted with every heart break with every tear with every stab of abandonment loneliness rejection bullying whatever the situation may be that you've dealt with Jesus is acquainted with all of it guys no other faith can offer you that this morning I say that unashamedly there is only one faith they can offer you a humiliated suffering and vulnerable Messiah who understands your experience who's already pave the way before you and is even willing to collapse under the weight of his cross to give you an example Jesus did this just for you to comfort you when you're struggling when you're hurting he picks up on this an elaborate even further seeing that we have a great high priest has passed through the heavens Jesus the Son of God Let us hold fast our confession but what are we tempted to do when we're hurting to let go of it Paul says Don't you dare hold fast to your confession he says for we do not have a high priests who cannot sympathize with us in our weaknesses but was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin why. So that you would therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that you may obtain mercy and find grace to help you in your time of need. Jesus suffered humiliation rejection abandonment loneliness and everything else to awaken within you a willingness that if he is going to be vulnerable maybe I should let down my walls and be vulnerable enough to admit the fact that I have a need and that Jesus is claiming to be able to supply that name he'll give you the help guys but are you coming boldly today asked the question Adam and Eve wrestled with this right in our fallen human nature it is not easy for us to admit that we have a need to be honest with ourselves even and we refuse vulnerability What do they do when they messed up they try to cover it up and that's what we do right we don't want to go there this is why many of us I believe wrestle with confession and repentance we don't want to see who we really are but guys until you actually see who you really are how are you going to even know what to ask for we're trying to live a life where the Gospel is done on our terms look I love you all read your book I'll show up on Sabbaths But let me do it my way the Bible says that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft guys it's not worth it seeking to worship God with an undivided heart is not worth it go all in guys if Jesus is willing to be this vulnerable why hold anything back your job can't give you what he can give you your aspirations in your career cannot give you what he can give you so just go in you know. We have to be vulnerable admit our need and Satan is the author of this refusal to confess. We're literally manifesting characteristics that come from Lucifer when we were refused vulnerability and were refused to look ourselves in the eye is who we truly are and yet Jesus is still knowing that is inviting you to come boldly Jesus is still inviting you to come boldly but will you tell yourself the truth that's the question opes it is. Or skip this repentance confession or reconciliation don't come natural of all and human beings they don't govern or stand this and this is why it says aroma chapter 2 verse 4 that the goodness of God leads to repentance Jesus chooses and what is the goodness of God It's the vulnerability of Jesus and when we encounter the radical vulnerability of Jesus it awakens a desire in our hearts to let the walls come down in the lead of men. Were told to flip in Chapter 2 verses $5.00 to $8.00 to let this mind be an us which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God you know he resists we who being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped what he to do he humbled himself taking the form of a bondservant in coming the likeness of men and he found himself in appearance as a man he humble himself McCain will be to the point of death even the death of the cross so when the Bible says they have a mind it within you that's like the mind of Jesus let's let's humble ourselves and then let's tell ourselves the truth let's let Jesus tell us the truth because what happens is we hear these voices in our mine these voices in our mind of what we aren't your hear those. All the shame statements you should be this you shouldn't have done that you are into this you aren't that that's not how Jesus speaks to us Jesus opens her eyes toward condition but it's directional it's a point us to Him who died for a wrong doing and who can offer us healed klyn and well identity's guys the Gospel truly can set you free emotionally psychologically spiritually and otherwise it's meant to if you let it Jesus isn't just wanting you to swap out bad theology he's wanting to heal your broken heart but when you let Him So what is the goodness of God Jesus becoming a man with needs like us in home when I'm still to the point of dying and dying the death of the cross so what did it take for him to do this as a quick recap he cried when people didn't believe in Him He relied upon people to help him with his own basic needs he needed the prayers of his friends to even make it through gets in many they failed him so Gus an angel to strengthen him he couldn't even bear the weight of his cross and needed help with that and in this crowding moment of victory he public confesses his own temptation to believe that the father wasn't with him when he needed him most but it is finished answers it all even it's this goodness of God that should lead us to repentance we caused this guys all this heartbreak all this difficulty all this pain that Jesus went through that's my fault I did this if you read all the sermons from acceptor to all would I accept or 7 they're the same formula you crucify the messiah he's talking to people who weren't even there you crucify the Messiah prophecy for told that he would come he was resurrected He's now at the right hand of the Father and we are witnesses of this fact but they didn't mince any words guys the death of Jesus is your fault that's just the truth that can make you uncomfortable that can make you frustrated but that's just the Gospel in the truth of the Gospel as it is in Jesus. My sins killed Jesus say that with me this morning my sins killed Jesus but having loved his own who were in the world he loved you to the end believing he knew it and he's still willing to pay that price for you and he's still inviting you to come boldly but will you come will you admit your need will you come so the goodness of God is the radical vulnerability of Jesus which tells me this the vulnerabilities of strength and not a weakness here with me this should tear down our walls of pride self-protection stubbornness fear in the list goes on and it should inspire us to respond with our own vulnerability repentance confession and a willingness to pursue reconciliation this will lead to love joy peace goodness gentleness self-control in the list goes on because of this thought Revelation Chapter 3 turn there would you I cheated in pretty much a text on the screen today but you need at least one text Revelation Chapter 3. Relationship or 3 there is a final church a 7th church the church is representing different portions of church history the 7 Church of the church that were in Nell it's called what church the Laodicean church and most avid to believe that Laodiceans you know like a man is going to say it but then people may be offended by it. But no one says do a preacher hit me hard so I won't do it as it is just tepid Adventists to watch too many movies and drink coffee and stuff or people who go to church on the wrong day like we think that's what Laodiceans are but I'm coming to find is the Laodicean message is a clarion call and a challenging call to every single human being in this room that you are not who you think you are emotionally psychologically spiritually and otherwise you're not who you think you are and God is going to challenge every single one of you with this message is going to come. And I'm coming to find out how Jesus dealt with me that is the topic of mental health it has been my face to face encounter with the Lucien message you know that tells me the topic of mental health is present truth. You are who you think you are guys you've got issues I got it we're believing things about ourselves that are not true we're believing things about Jesus that are not true and God is knocking on the door of our hearts as this is a Revelation Chapter 3 why what predates this or what precedes this in Revelation Chapter 3 is he says that your religious experience makes me want to vomit It's sickening to me he says but then he does something you would expect if someone tells me that my religious experience makes them want to vomit I'm assuming they're going to avoid me what does Jesus do he shows up to your house and he says Behold I stand at the door and knock and in the Greek that's in the continue to move which means that he has been knocking he is knocking now and has no intention of not knocking tomorrow or wait a minute why would someone spend that much time knocking on the door it must be because there's something of value in sight. Yes Your experience may make you want to vomit but he still values you he still loves you and even if you're not being honest with yourself on what you're believing him and keep knocking and they'll keep knocking. And keep knocking why because he wants you to be free indeed. Go to see a message is an easy pill to swallow and it's really easy to navel gazing at everybody else everybody else got problems everybody else is allowed to see him but it wasn't until I came face to face with my own issues my own brokenness my own core beliefs and I came to realize no no no no the biggest problem 70 ad is church isn't Ted Wells and Dan Jackson or whoever else you want to throw shade at it's me. The biggest problem the 7th Day Adventist Church is me and my unwillingness to tell myself the truth and my own willingness to be vulnerable nuff to confess my need and if each one of us responded to the latest the message we'd be home by now. If each one of us would actually open the door let Jesus do what he does best heal us with His love in telling us the truth that we are loved that we're his beloved and that he values us we'd be home by now guys and so I did something we're talking about vulnerability day I had to come face to face or something this summer that what I'm dealing with from my upbringing is bigger than. It's bigger than me and I can't I can't handle it and so I started seeing a therapist a Bible believing nun Fortean therapist and I tell you. I do want to give Kathy out there. But here's something that really burns my strippers I was in that rant for a moment only 5 minutes left. I have heard people mention in the context of ministry l. a White says you shouldn't tell people your problems or that one do you know that those people go to doctors do you realize how insane that statement is you tell doctors your problems you complain about your pastor to your wife we say that because we don't want to deal with their own brokenness we don't want to face how ugly we are on the inside when we say stuff like that and heaven forbid we're not telling people who are earnestly wrestling with what they're dealing with right now and are trying to seek out for help and we tell them no because she says don't tell people your problems and so what we do we leave in the suffer alone in that community Shame on you. Shame on you so anyway I started and it's been life changing absolutely changing the guy the guy's not trying to fix me all the here's the problem the legacy of messages telling you you don't understand yourself and so for you to assume that I can just pray and Jesus will fix things the problem is you know even understand what's wrong with you right and certainly you could understand the things that you're thinking that aren't true because you've gone through experiences in your childhood that are traumatic or whatever you're probably blind to what's going on and someone who's trying to help you see what's going on all he's doing is helping me see what I'm thinking and I bring those things to Jesus it's been so helpful for me guys if you're dealing with stuff don't be afraid to ask for help guys you know to lose or if you need help right vulnerability is a healthy and good thing and Jesus wants you to be well completely emotionally psychologically spiritually and physically Jesus wants you to be well do you want that when there's a God told me before and of seeing a therapist was that one of the reasons why because I want to settle down this is killing me this travel life but he said I could sell you I could but one of the reasons why you keep traveling around the country and sharing the same things with people about mental health new things is because you don't believe what you're saying that's hard and it led to a minor existential crisis of the very thing that I'm trying to champion in the message of God's love there's a wounded little boy inside of me that doesn't believe it because what happened to me as a kid and I'm having to face that and I'm having to deal with having to tell you what Jesus is healing me. Jesus is changing my life and I needed help to get there maybe you don't but I did and I'm willing to tell you because somebody is going to throw themselves under the bus and acknowledge the fact that vulnerability isn't just a blessing it's necessary here this morning. It's a blessing to be vulnerable guys it's healing it's liberating when people don't crucify you or shame you for your problems but they love in and brace you in spite of them it's healing guys and have Jesus respond in the same way it's liberating so stop bottling it up stop being too proud and insecurity to acknowledge the fact that you're broken you've got issues because there's a savior who's inviting you to come boldly this morning and then let's pray God in heaven I think you that you love us with a love that knows no bounds of having loved your own here in the world you have loved us to the in the even though our lives experience may make you want to vomit God I prayed that you would give us in response to your radical vulnerability I pray that we would reciprocate with honesty with confession in repentance and God I pray that we would interest season of healing and revival that would empower us to be that last generation that Chamberlain's the message of God's love to the world but I'm realizing that Adventism is not going to live up to its full potential we're not going to share that message when we're believing lies about ourselves and about you so God I pray that this message of present truths that there's other aspects of present truth obviously but this is an aspect of present truth that no longer needs to be avoided by this movement and God I pray that that would change and it would change immediately. Forgive our sin of stubbornness of pride of arrogance and insecurity cover the sins of the blood of Jesus fills with your Spirit Lord and set us free we pray we ask these things now in Christ Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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