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Is there a Prophet in the House

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • September 23, 2019
    7:15 PM
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I want to start tonight by talking with you about prophecy the role of profits because if you don't understand this it'll be hard to progress through a series entitled Jesus some prophecy Paul addresses in 1st Corinthians 14 the role of a prophet now in the Corinthian church there were a variety of problems one of which was chaos immorality false doctrine after we go past the Love Chapter and 1st Corinthians 13 he deals with gifts spiritual gifts he's going to deal with 2 and 1st Corinthians 141 will be speaking in tongues and one will be the gift of prophecy he says pursue love and desire spiritual gifts but especially that you may prophesied so when you look at all the gifts Paul says there is one that stands out above the rest and that is the gift of probs the now prophets role as we think is primarily to tell the future but this is not the Prophet's main role and the Bible makes this very clear as a matter of fact Jesus fulfilled 3 roles he was Prophet priest and King he wasn't killed for being king he was king he wasn't killed for being a mediator or a priest and indeed he was and is he was killed because he fulfilled the prophetic role of addressing the sins of the age and they did not want to hear the voice of a prophet especially desire the gift of prophecy for he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God for no one understands him unless there is a temper of course however in the spirit he speaks mysteries. But he who prophesies speaks edification and exploitation and comfort to men I want you to see the 3 roles of a prophet the 1st thing is the prophet edifies he builds up God's church he speaks words that bring encourage Mitt he tells the truth he lays the foundation upon which one can build a house that won't fall down in trouble as times but the next thing a prophet does is the exhorts he reminds the people between right and wrong this is why Jesus was hated by so many of the religious establishment in his day a prophet will build up a prophet will challenge you to be true spiritual integrity matters to a prophet and the last thing that a prophet does is that he will comfort men perhaps you remember the words from Handel's famous Messiah where he quotes from Isaiah comfort come for Imani people I hope that as the series progresses you'll have more and more confidence as you listen to the news and watch the world's events my hope is that you will believe as so many of the faithful through the millennium time a believe that God is an ever present help therefore we will not fear he who speaks in a tongue edifies himself but he who prophesies edifies the church now let's come down to the end of the chapter this is very important therefore if the whole church comes together in one place and all speak with tongues and there come in those who are uninformed or unbelievers will they not say that you're out of your mind imagine coming into this church and all 3 or 400 of you were speaking and tongue and no one was there to interpret someone coming in from off the streets would think what kind of chaos is going on in this house but there is something Paul wants to contrast in relationship to the gift of tongues and it's still the gift of prophecy but of all prophesies Now this was all to be done decent. The in order that's another verse farther in 1st Corinthians 14 but in the early Christian churches many participated in the dynamic of sharing from the Word of God and their prophesied which was the edify it was the exhorting and it was the comforting this role this gift for those who had it was in a very important thing in Paul's mind for converting people because if an unbeliever an uninformed person comes in he is convinced by all he is convicted by all why because the secrets of his heart are revealed now I want to pause right here we're starting a journey that's built around the understanding that Christ Himself gives his message to his servants the prophets but the role of prophecy is such that through the work of edification Annex or Taishan and comfort God actually speaks to the power of His Holy Spirit and brings to our person. A conviction and a knowledge that he is God and He knows everything about us when a number lever comes into a meeting and the Spirit of Prophecy is operative the Holy Spirit is revealing to that person that God knows the secrets of their hearts the role of the prophet and the role of prophecy is to speak clearly in the silence this might be of the listening soul but through the power of the word and the gift of the prophet of God is alive and he knows every secret about our lives he will worship and report that God is truly among you the secrets of the Hearts being revealed now you need to know there are false prophets the Book of Revelation which is one of the subjects we will look at discusses it the dragon was a rage with the woman he went off to make war with the rest of our Aust praying but there are true prophets at the end of time as well and there are not people who sit around in smoky rooms and darkly lit corners prognosticating are talking about the future so much most of that's been done by God These are ours to study but the Bible describes there will be true and false prophets in the end of time he describes a group of people that will keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus now I have explained to you that Jesus was destroyed because the integrity of his person as God is a true man is a pure living sacrifice confronted the darkness of their state their souls and their actions and habits the Bible says that Jesus was the light and he came into the world but they rejected him because they love darkness rather than line what is this testimony of Jesus should we expect that it might be a bit like in the end of time like it was in the days of Christ in the later in the in the chapter in the book John tells us what it is John had an angelic encounter he fell down at the feet of the angel to worship but he said to me See that you do not do that I am your fellow servant and of your brother who have the testimony of Jesus there's. That phrase the Bible will interpret its own terms worship God for the testimony of Jesus we should not be surprised is the spirit of what friends prophecy exactly God has an end time people whose fellowship whose teaching whose whose preaching will involve edification it will evolve exhortation and it won't solve comfort and that's what tonight's event is actually about when we look into the book though we discover that these false prophets will be active in the end as they were active throughout the history of Israel I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet hopefully by the time these meetings are over we'll have an opportunity to identify who some of these players are certainly we will and when we come farther into the experience we see that Jesus shows us how to know when we're dealing with a false prophet or a true prophet now I'm not going to go through all of those tests to this evening but I want you to know this coming to a meeting like this is a dangerous thing because either you are liable for potential manipulation and thus being taken advantage of and made greater a functionary of fear for indeed our world is a troubled place as I listen to the news even going back and forth between my house this afternoon our world is a very troubled place. This meeting tonight is not to make money it's not to heard you into some kind of allegiance to some individual or group of people this meeting tonight is an opportunity in a proclamation of truth for you if you're willing to obey what Jesus shows you to discover whether the teaching is true or false there is no such thing as a sincere individual before God who will not be sent messages of truth so they can know which way to go as a matter of fact the Bible says that you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walk in it Jesus was a shepherd and remains a shepherd he knows where his sheep are and he's appealing but the appeal cannot be understood unless one is willing to obey and say Well Pastor prove that well let me do that could we do that in the life of Jesus he had how many how many close disciples whom we call the Apostles how many friends he had 12 the night before he was crucified this is what he told them all of you will be made to stumble because of me this night for it is written I will smite the shepherd Ok this is a prophecy and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad but after I am risen again I will be go before you into Galilee but his prophecy gets even more specific Jesus said unto him speaking to Peter Verily verily I say and you that this night before the cock crow that shout deny me through rice Now this is a very personal problem see it's about Peter and the next 12 hours of his life and Peter says unto him though I should die with the I will not deny the and likewise all the 11 said the same thing now I don't know how much more direct and how much more explicit a prophecy could be this is Jesus who Peter is declared to be the Son of God. This is Jesus who's walked on the water and lifted peter out of its angry ways this is Peter who has spoken words of truth and been rebuked by a loving master who knows that he's talking to the Messiah but he will tell Jesus you are wrong you see Peter was not in a place where he was willing to accept what Christ had for him to do the will of God he didn't want him a say a Messiah who would suffer he wanted a king and he was not willing to believe about himself that he was as self-centered and disloyal as Jesus was saying he was unfortunately we know the story though all men shall be offended because of the yet I will never be offended now friends there's a promise in the Old Testament Jeremiah who dealt with false prophets who was a true prophet and suffered for it left these words for rebellious and stiff necked people. He said I know the thought speaking for God that I think to argy say at the Lorne thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end he goes on to write then you shall call upon me and you shall go and prayin to me and I will hearken unto you and you shall seek me and find me when you search for Me with all your heart these presentations are not given so that cerebral information only brain power because if we've just seen in the life of Peter brainpower is not enough to accept and receive the prophetic utterances of God one's heart must be surrendered to the Lord of the future and the Lord of the present God is speaking to each of us tonight asking us will we seek Him with all of our heart if the answer is yes and insincerity we come to know him he has a plan for our life he knows the specifics about us as we don't even understand ourselves the number of hairs on our head if he were writing the Gospels today he would talk about the genomic code that makes up every cell of our body Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves and he's asking us tonight would we follow him will humble and surrendered hearts and April 12 over 100 years ago this boats that sail was crossing the Atlantic Ocean movies have been made of it books written on it commentaries given in regards to it it crossed the Atlantic Ocean is the largest ship yet delivered to the mighty seas and is across there were over 2200 people on it unfortunately some one had been so bold as to suggest that it was a creation bomb want beyond which even disaster itself could not touch we know the story we know that on the night of April 12 as it was crossing the Atlantic Ocean it came to a moment in time having been warned every captain on the North Atlantic that night knew there were icebergs out there the message is the gone out and while the. Lights were on and the music was playing people had no clue that the Titanic had not slowed down one not now I want you to understand I know how busy you are and I understand that 12 nights in a row is an awful lot of intensity and potential invasion into one schedule but friends if there was ever a time to slow down and make a priority of seeking God this is the hour for indeed there are prophetic way marks which I will be showing you as time goes by night by night and on the Saturday mornings God is speaking to get the attention of planet Earth he desires that none should perish but that all should be able to come into an ark of safety which is a relationship with God and not be worried or afraid and thus be one of the greatest lights of witnesses in a world where men are running around in circles as they approach that night through the North Atlantic Sea It was just a bit too late that they discovered a large iceberg looming out in front of them and when all the alarms had been sounded and when the tiller had been spun they could not get the Titanic far enough out of the way of the iceberg and as it slid along the side it cut a gash 300 feet long in the ship. 2 hours and 20 minutes later as the stern was sliding into the ocean half of the light boats which were only half enough for all of the occupants on board only half of the seats in the lifeboats were filled and when the news came out the next day unfortunately only 705 people had surviving that devastating encounter with the iceberg friends this illustration of man's bravado and his his sense of jubilation as he marches on through danger without any real sober sense the Bible says Be sober be vigilant for the your adversary the devil goeth about like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour I want to assure you today we are living in an age of false and true prophets I want to assure you today the god will take his children safely through cross that spiritual Jordan to the other side to their heavenly home somebody said to me today they were praying and in their prayer they said the mansions are already there Jesus promised that there is a place for us the devil through false prophet and to deceive a bonus of our own hearts is like Peter looking to draw us into a relationship with this world where he can steal away our inheritance Dr Stephen Hawking there are many secular prophets today by the way Hawking's voice may be silenced but I want you to see what he said it is important for the human race to spread out into space for the survival of the species of life on earth is that the ever is at an ever increasing risk of being wiped out by natural disaster nuclear war a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of we won't find anywhere as nice as Earth unless we go to another star system when I get to where I'm almost in agreement with him on the last part of that friends I want to tell you a secular prophets don't have they cannot come free. I listen today by the speech of the 16 year old Scandinavian before the United Nations I'll talk more about it tomorrow night you talk about a speech 5 minutes was all she had she is a earth charting global warming warrior and I want to tell you to be 16 and make a speech like she made was something else you ought to listen to it but at the end of the day I want to assure you the secular profits which are crying out in effect at the sky is falling that the world is coming to an end they're not all wrong the only problem is they can bring you know comfort it's important for us to understand that Bible prophecy is the answer God spoke this world into existence and he can tell us where it's going remember the former things of old for I am God the Scripture say there is no other declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet behold the former things have come to pass and new things I declare before they spring forth I tell you of them Isaiah was the prophets of the Northern 10 kingdoms of Israel unfortunately they did not listen fulfill Bible prophecy verifies the truthfulness of God's word and it gives us the confidence that the future is in his hands I want to assure you that the God who got the a gyp the Israelites out of Egypt is able to get his people out of this spiritual Egypt this earthly globe that we're living on and tonight my hope is that you have confidence when this meeting is over greater confidence than when you came what does the Bible say about prophecy and what does it say about those who read it the 1st verse is a revelation or superbly important there are some who say the book cannot be understood that it's it's a closed book it's exactly the opposite of its own testimony the Revelation of Jesus Christ which Christ gave him to show his servants things which must shortly take place and he sent and signified by his angel to his servant John who bore witness. To the Word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ to all things that he saw blesses that means happy is he who reads. Who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written in it for the time is near Yes. God's prophet speak come for the the the the beast and the themes of the Book of Revelation appear somewhat discomforting in a casual read as you dig deeper into the imagery and let the old testament and new explain what that imagery means there is comfort in it Jesus is coming he can take his people home do not be afraid Chapter One I am the 1st and the last above all people Christians are not to be afraid this is God's call to us that he came and lived amongst this is a perfect sacrifice he will shepherd his people all the way through what we are not instructed to do regarding the Bible and profs in the Book of Revelation is we are not to seal the words this probs is to be understood now the Book of Daniel was sealed for many years it was a book designed for the time of the end we're going to look at it here momentarily but the message of the Book of Revelation is Jesus will come he came before he's coming back again and it's our invitation to be ready I'm coming quickly blessed it is eclipse the words of the prophecy of this book now there is another book in the Bible that paralyzed parallels the Book of Revelation that is the Book of Daniel and Jesus believed that Daniel was a prophet he actually gave a warning in the signs of the times which will look at tomorrow night he said when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place whoever reads let him understand Jesus believed that the prophetic word that preceded him by 600 years was to be understood in part by the people listening to him tomorrow night I'll explain what the desolation the Abomination of Desolation was then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains the Book of Daniel is an important key to understanding the Book of Revelation and we will study them together in unison about 2 thirds of the Book of Revelation are direct quotes from the Old Testament so we're going to find a selves there. Through much of our presentation but tonight I want to pull back the corner on the cornerstone of Bible interpretation exceptionally clear exceptionally simple and exceptionally provable through history there was a king by the name of Nabby can as Or perhaps you saw are $36.00 foot tall replica cut from one redwood tree the seed mean it's in Lansing Michigan where one of another 100 plus sites are present in the glorious good news of the Prophet prophecies of God of Jesus of the Book of Daniel and Revelation this man had a dream he was the uncontested dictator of the civilized world but he couldn't remember his dream he asked everyone to come in and explain the dream to tell him the dream and to explain it he had a whole cadre a whole group of supposedly understanding individuals who I'm sure where well paid but they said to him tell us the dream and then we'll tell you the interpretation but the king wasn't buying it he knew that it was very important and unless they could tell him the dream they'd make up an interpretation for this reason the king was angry and very serious and he gave the command to destroy all the wise men of Babel and now listen the Book of Daniel is a showdown between prophets you have God's prophets who will depend on him to understand the future and give hope and you have false prophets in this case who are being discredited because they won't participate in this in this case they can the decree went out and they began killing the wise men and they saw Daniel and his companions to kill them 2 he says and then with counsel and wisdom Daniel answered area kept in the King's guard who had gone out to kill the wise men of Babel and answered and he said the area of the king's Captain why is that a creep from the king so urgent that area made the decision known to Daniel and so Daniel when in. A very interesting privilege but you have to remember when Daniel had been examined after his training never can answer had pronounced he and his 3 friends 10 times wiser than anyone else Daniel had lived a life of respect and honor and he had privilege to come before the king and he was going to tell the king the interpretation what did he do Daniel went to his house he prayed with his friends the amazing thing is is that Daniel found an answer to his prayer the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision and Daniel bless the God of heaven I want to ask you to look at the picture and tell me could you do this if the day before the the duly appointed authority had decreed that you will die unless you have an answer for me could you go that night and put your head down on a pillow trusting that if it was God's will you would live and if not you should surrender your life in the name of a wise man. Daniel slept that night we shouldn't be surprised later on in Daniel's life we find him in other places where his faith is tested and gone but the Bible gives us the promise ask and it will be given to you seek and ye shall find knock on the door shall be open unto you tonight friends if you don't have a personal living relationship with Christ I'm inviting you to discover that he is very aligned and very very real Without that all the prophecies in the world can amount to much but once you cross the line when you begin an humble communication with God a surrender to to this God saying God I don't know who you are I've been told you're out there I'm making a journey to know you please speak to me that's completely different than arraigning God before your bar of justice and declaring that he must come off in the way you so describe if you should so come before this God spoke the world into existence in 6 days and humbly ask him to reveal Himself to you he will do for you what he did for Daniel Jesus gave us this promise and invited us to pray and he reminded us that have parents know how to be kind and and giving to the solicitous request of their children that is something they've received from the very nature of God himself than you would find himself as an old man thrown into a lion's den but you need to know something friends this was under a different monarchy Babylon had passed off the scene it was a mediocre Persian king that had inadvertently been tricked into writing a law that would put Daniel in the jaws of the line but I want to tell you as they took Daniel from his home where he prayed openly so they could all see he wasn't changing because the law had been written Daniel was not afraid as they marched into the Lion's Den And if you'd like that kind of confidence you can have it because the Book of Daniel is about the time of the end and the stories are the lifestyles in the experience of God's final generation don't be a. Frayne he comes back to the king and he says are you able to make known to me the dream which I've seen an instant turn for Taishan and Daniel answered in the presence of the king and he said the secret which the king has demanded of the wise men the astrologers in existence in the Seuss airs cannot declared to the king however Daniel says there is a God in heaven who reveal secrets and he's made known to King Emma can as are well will be in the latter days I love this picture the humble Hebrew servant of the king sliding forward to the front of his chair you oh king were watching and behold a great image this great image who Splendor was excellent stood before you and its form was awesome I don't know if you've ever had a conversation you can't remember a dream to dream you can't remember but never get an answer knew this was an important moment the God of Heaven was seeking to reach this secular pagan ruler God has the Zion reaching all he will find men in the end women in the highest the state and the lowest and everything in between God has an interest in the leaders of our nation and other nations around the globe today and there are honest and hard men and women who will respond to the truth that comes from heaven God sent a message directed never can answer so that the world could be a different and better place you a king were watching and you saw this image the image ahead was of fine gold its chest in arms of silver its belly and thighs the bronze its legs of iron its feet partly of iron and clay and never can answer is not in his head this is it what does it mean you watched while a stone was cut out without hands which struck the image in its feet and the iron in the clay and broken in pieces then the iron the clay the bronze the silver and the gold were crushed together and became like chaff from the summer threshing floor and the wind carried them away so there was no trace in them found in the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth this is the dream and have. The connector is sitting there with eyes wide open and his jaws dropping down and he is wondering to themselves who am I talking to now we will tell the interpretation of it the king the credibility factor has been established God's profits are being raised up their voices without the benefit of social media or modern mega advertising and media outlets is now going to find its way to the oil man who can push out the credibility of the Hebrews of their god like none other Remember this was a conquered people it appeared their god was weak and impotent but God is reestablishing himself what is the interpretation the interpretation was one that is not terribly hard for us to understand this image made of 4 unique metals was going to represent a different kingdom the head of gold was going to represent never Knesset or the arms of silver and the chest of silver the meads in the Persians which would conquer Bablon the belly and thighs of bronze grease which would come along in the most rapid succession 7 years conquer the meta Persian Kingdom and the legs of iron the iron monarchy of Rome and the feet of iron and clay the divided Roman Empire and what would happen to this there would be a ultimate destruction of these earthly kingdoms and God Himself what establish His kingdom in such a way that no longer would there be the sister tubes of worry and fear the pain of disease God's glory His Kingdom represented by this mountain would represent a remaking of planet Earth and a restoration of our heavenly citizenship in our right and statement in the annals of the cosmos Yes indeed the dream in the image was awesome and terrible never can answer couldn't get it out of his mind you are a king the king of kings and God has given you Kingdom and power and wherever the Children of Men dwell with the beast of the field of the birds of heaven he's given them into your hands you. Ah this head of goal but the bad news followed after you shall arise another kingdom inferior to yours friends the Bible is interpret in itself Don't miss it this is how prophecy is properly understood Scripture compared with Scripture and then another and a 3rd kingdom which shall rule over all the earth in the 4th kingdom shall be as strong as iron and as much as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything and like iron that crushes that Cain will break in pieces and crush all the others where as you saw the feet and toes partly of potter's clay and partly of iron the kingdom shall be divided yet the strength of the iron shall be in it just as you saw the iron mixed with the clay Now Peter tells us that no prophecy is a private interpretation that's because the Bible interprets these things and as we watch prophecy unfold the Scriptures confirming indeed what is going on you're this head of gold indeed Babylon was an amazing city Escalus says the Babylon was teeming with golden herad it is says that the lavishness of gold in the sanctuary of Bellmawr Duke was something to behold indeed the Hanging Gardens of Babylon wonderful beyond description indeed never can as or in his engineers had architected some of the most amazing things one of the wonders of the ancient world never can answer cuniform tablet tells some very interesting stories he intended to build Babylon up so strong it could never be conquered but I don't have as much time so I'm going to move quickly through some of these last lives babblings King that lasted just about 70 years but there was bad news the other kingdom was on its way the Medes and the Persians meta Persia was a kingdom that resided for just over 300 years unfortunately they too had a mortality of existence on October 13th $1539.00 Babel and fell. Babylon fell it is a symbol or a type in the Book of Revelation where it describes that Babylon is fallen is fallen Cyrus who was named in Scripture diverted the Euphrates River marched under the gates that cross the river found that the gates along the river were opened Cyrus is named 180 years before the event happens and he was summoned to subdue Nations before him and to loose the armor of Kings to open before him the double doors this is all prophesied in the book of Isaiah when we go beyond this we see that time is marching on and God is delivering what he knew was in the future the experience of the Cyrus Cylinder confirms the message of the Bible as Dr younker was here explaining tonight the truthfulness of the verity the accuracy of scripture the Siver cylinder this story of his conquering Babylon was contested for years but when the Cyrus Sillars Symlin there was found the Bible message was affirmed the bronze King that becomes the kingdom of Greece ruling for approximately 150 years Alexander the Great conquered the known world in 7 years unfortunately could not conquer himself drunk him self to death in a stupor died of alcohol poisoning this is why no improv is see and actually understanding the power of Christ to win over the human heart and cleanse it is still important and the 4th kingdom the kingdom of Rome this kingdom lasting longer and conquering than the known world almost actually almost 600 years. Rome was a force to be reckoned with did live arena and developing the weapons of iron warfare and indeed this was the kingdom in which Jesus lost his life but there is no 5th Empire those nations that followed Rome would be partly strong and partly divided and when we look at a map we discover that indeed 10 tribes came out of the fall of Rome 3 of them were destroyed by the Holy Roman Empire and 7 remained and today if you look at the modern map of Europe you find it more divided than ever one young person in this church not long ago said every time after World War They tried to unite Europe and put it back together it was more divided than before they started why attempt to unify the nations of Europe and why is this mentioned in the Bible that attempt has been done by many men it was done by Napoleon it was done by Charlemagne it was done by Hitler it was done by a whole host of men all of them failing 7th Day Adventist preachers during the bombing of Britain describing that Hitler would only be able to go so far for Daniel to a declare decreed that they should mingle with the seed of men but they would not cleave indeed we still hear today the voice of the European Union many voices one people even as the backdrop of the the brawl in the House of Commons in Great Britain today over breakfast it indeed friends the Bible prophecies are true and we find ourselves on the cusp of the Kingdom of the mountain of the stone cut out without hands that stone represents the kingdom of Christ destroying all of the nations and the empires of this age and while I have to go quickly through this I want you to know that God's Word is the Rock Jesus himself is described as the rock and when we build our lives on that rock we don't have to be a free. As Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount the winds can come the floods can come the earth may shake but that house will remain strong and true the dream is certain and its interpretation is sure now friends tonight I need you know Jesus made some pretty audacious claims he said I am the Way the Truth and the lie no one comes to the Father except by me and in John 8 he described himself as a being in existence before Abraham the father of at least 3 religions to me the Keller tells a story when he was at the the new social school the New School for Social Studies in New York City he tells how he was on a panel with an e. mom a leader of the Islamic faith rabbi a leader of the Jewish faith and he is a Christian he said to all those that were listening he said Christianity cannot be just another religion he said the claims that Jesus made require it to be an inferior religion or a superior religion you cannot make the claims that Jesus made without be a pompous egotistical blasphemer or else they are true. And the e. mom and the rabbi on each side of him said to Keller you're exactly right and they were all very comfortable with the truth of his statement what those in the audience the young collegiates in the audience however were very uncomfortable with this in this light no every idea is equal to every other one and Keller and the mom and the rabbi actually had to say to the audience quit violating us we are speaking to you the truth we are quite comfortable with the fact that we all believe that we have it and this statement by color was indeed a fact tonight France what I've shared with you is the cornerstone of Bible prophecy it is an explanation of world empires and a promise of a better world to come and tonight I'm appealing to you that Jesus is standing at the door and he's asking for entrance into our hearts don't be like Peter for whom the truth was spoken in your resisted it because it went against his wishes it confronted his fears it subdued his ambitions tonight I'm appealing to enter into this journey with Jesus on prophecy let him assure you that he can take you through to the end there is nothing to be afraid of when he resides in your heart that he holds not only the future but you in his hands and that he will see his people safely through to the other side and deed the journey has begun I invite you back tomorrow night for Earth Final megatrend Now as you leave tonight I want to remind you keep the cardboard deliver the plastic Be sure to go downstairs and get your children right away and my hope is that you'll slide over to the the fellowship hall and enjoy few light refreshments and we will enjoy a journey of 12 nights discovering Jesus on prophecy let us pray Lord we love you we want to know you more. Please edify and exhort and comfort as only your prophets can do and bless us now on this journey I pray in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon a little visit w w w audio verse or.


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