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Satan on Prophecy vs. Jesus on Prophecy

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • September 27, 2019
    7:15 PM
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Father we're here in your house. This is night number 5 of being together Lord and we're going to go after this for a whole nother week thank you for the Sabbath Rest this coming May we be entering into it even now as the evening hours have come and I'm praying May the spirit be here to be our teacher my way finding courage meant Lord May we find edification and exploitation and consolation in your word and in your presence so please Lord bless us all now bless me May the spirit be the prompter as I am the speaker and I pray May as we all listen May we all make a journey to truth and take courage and joy with us as we go in Jesus' name amen All right this evening Jesus on prophecy where are we going to go well tomorrow morning I mentioned we're going to be spiritual Buz prophecy in the divine right of man there's nothing that can abuse people more spiritually relationally emotionally than religion that's twisted for the benefit of a person or an institution and tomorrow I'm going to show you the greatest spiritual abuse scandal in the history of the world I'll be doing it in both services 830 and 1120 then in the evening I want to talk about the end of secrets watching and waiting we're living in an age in which the devil wants to make sure nobody's paying attention to this to the coming of Christ and he's even proffered some very destructive and deceptive doctrines to make sure that people are looking in the wrong place if you ever got on the Internet and watched. And watched that video where the person is bouncing the ball back and forth to each other I've done this in my prophecy seminars. And while they're back I tell him count how many times they're bouncing the ball back and forth and they're so intent watching them bounce the ball back and forth that they don't see the clown dancing around in the back of the screen and tell I stop the video and run it again and then they see it. This is the devil's tricky understands in a study of the human mind on Sunday night Bible prophecy in the last conspiracy there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there I'm going to show you how God is going to end every single one of them and nobody will doubt his credibility his love and his truthfulness and then on Monday night here comes the judge I'm going to show you the longest Bible time prophecy and how it points to the hour of judgment we talked about Christ 3 roles both as our sacrifice and the one who opened a way up for our relationship with God a mediator and also as a vindicating judge I'm going to show you how Christ Comey to be the sacrifice and then move into the role of mediator and then move into the role of indicator I'm going to show you in the Bible exactly that it was it was Christ came right on time and it was prophesied down to the very day and then Tuesday I'm going to talk with you about the eternal gospel because in Revelation Chapter 14 there's 3 angels flying and it says that they have the eternal gospel I want you to think about that what would the internal gospel be I thought that was when Jesus died on the cross friends and so much more I look forward to sharing with you what that is be sure to be here on each of these nights but tonight I want to talk with you about a very very serious subject tonight I want to talk with you about Satan's prophecy and prophetic role verses Jesus prophecy and prophetic role if you noticed I just had a cemetery and you see Jesus himself said this be aware of false prophets now of Jesus said it we ought to listen to it if Jesus said it it's because he knew there would be false prophets and what we don't have to be aware afraid of is the. Well you know if I was going to want to fool you and be a false prophet I'd look as much like a true one is I could and when Jesus is warning us he's reminding us that inside of the church you will actually find those that will work to move people away from a love for Christ and a simple love for God Jesus said this and he also said this in Revelation 110 the testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy God's in time people keep the commandments of God Look here friends it's right on the front of this church they keep the commandments of God and they have the testimony of Jesus Revelation $1217.00 and the Bible interprets it clearly itself in God's remnant people there will be parents and teachers and preachers who will keep the prophetic spirit alive they will not only edify teaching the truth they will exhort and reprove bringing people back to the truth and they will console with the knowledge that Jesus is our all and all but false prophets are a part of the End Time package and we are going to be seeking to be earnestly and sincerely following the truth but it deserves being looked at just a little bit because there are 2 dangers here you could accept the counterfeit false prophet could come along and I've already told you that the Bible says that they will be demons masquerading as Angel of Light. And they're going to work line wonders you don't think the profits the work line wonders to you but they will so there's a temptation that you'll be sucked into the false because we've been taught that scene is believing and the other big danger is that you'll reject the true because the message cuts across the grain of your life if you ever had a parent an active prophetic role in your life have you ever sat in a church in the preachers preach the message they say it's stepping on toes sometimes I think you feel like you're being run over by a truck the truth of the matter is God loves us too much when we read the last message to the last church in the Book of Revelation Chapter 3 says those I love I rebuke and Jason how about Peter on the night before he denied Jesus did Jesus just say oh it's no big deal well let him deny me we'll let him be taken by Satan he doesn't understand that he's about to be so afraid that he'll lie that he ever met me he declared me to be Messiah in Matthew Chapter 16 but he's going to say he's never ever hung out with me he's going to cuss and swear to prove it. No Jesus was a true prophet and he loved his followers too much to let them be easy prey and when a parent fails to fulfill this role in the life of their children one wife cannot command the respect of her husband when a teacher is not able to properly and morally instruct their charges when a pastor is too afraid that his pay might be cut I want to tell you I work for the 7th Day Adventist Church I really work for God but I work with the 7th day I miss church I pastor a big church in this denomination but when I pastor the little church even though I was still working my way up into what we might call a form of tenure but if I were to go pastor a little church right now I'd make the same amount of money I make pastor in this church this church is set up fantastically and so the little church down the road or over an Edwards burger or wherever else it is if I were to move over and start pastor in that church my paycheck wouldn't change but there are pastors out there where if they preach the truth they're afraid they might get voted out of a job my local congregation can't vote me out of my job that has to be done by my conference committee I want to tell you this church is set up fantastically but the genuine pastor does fulfill a prophetic role he does that apply he does exhort and he does console so how are we going to be able to tell the difference well that's a very important question the Bible will answer it though if there's a prophet among you I the Lord make myself known to him in a vision I'll speak to him in a dream so 2 basic ways they received their information could be in a vision or a dream and it could be that the Spirit impresses in their minds how do we know that Peter tells us prophecy never came by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved on by the Holy Spirit so you might have a divine moment where God speaks to you in a dream or a vision or you might be so immersed in a relationship with God that the spirit settles the conviction on your heart as a prophet God worked both ways. Not all of God's prophets were Bible writers make sure you're familiar with this Elijah was taken to heaven without dying but he never left us a book in the Bible and their women as well who were prophets Deborah holda and the daughters of Philip God dispense this role across the gender lines some of them left us writing some of them didn't some of them were written about there are biblical tests to a prophet what are their number one they need to be prophetically accurate in other words if they predict the future it needs to come true now Jeremiah had an interesting situation before I read this text I want to explain to you his challenge Jeremiah was up against a whole host of false prophets they all went to church in the synagogue and the temple but there was a problem they had learned that telling people what they wanted to hear was better than telling them what they didn't want to hear and what they didn't want to hear was that they had wandered so far from God that God ordained a heathen nation with a leader name never can answer we heard of him before God a day to heave a nation to come and discipline them that he the nation was going to come and what should they do according to Jeremiah they should submit themselves to the nation the false prophet said no don't do this now we can answer comes the 1st time in 606 b.c. this is when Daniel is taken off no bloodshed he surrounds the city eventually they let him in and nobody dies is my best guess this is not the moment when he destroys the city and he takes away some of the best looking young men and maybe young women and he retrains them well the Israelites have a little problem with the rebellion. Now because answer comes back about 9 years later Jeremiah still saying the same thing submit to him and every other prophet is saying no don't do that this time never can answer takes back all the tradesmen 10000 and is equal the prophet goes with him but you know. When Stephen was stoned he got in trouble for telling the Sanhedrin that they were stiff necked. Just like your fathers he said that put him over the edge but the truth of the matter is the Israelites rebuild again for 11 years and this time whenever can answer came and he surrounded the city it took a little bit longer and this time he was sick and tired of dealing with these rebel people that he had given a chance to submit to his authority but all along the way Jeremiah been Saint submit submit submit Now imagine if you're the king and you've been in rebellion over the last years and there's been a siege 14111213 months you're afraid to submit because you're going to get in trouble but near him I keep saying submit and it will go well with you he told them never can answer will rule how many times does Navigon as I have to come back and take the city before the people wake up and they say we ought to listen Jeremiah is a true prophet the sad part of the matter is is Jeremiah was thrown in a pit then he was kept in confinement basically jail there was a there was an Ethiopian eunuch name a a bed Malik a bed Malik pled on behalf of Jeremiah went to the king and said You shouldn't let those guys turn him down in that in that war now well down in the muck in the mire I'm telling you the story for a reason because the worst place to be when everything comes apart is not always jail Jeremiah was in the jail word had gotten out to never can answer that Jeremiah had been telling them to surrender all the false prophets and said No don't surrender they felt like Jeremiah was a traitor and a treasonous prophet it just turned out Jeremiah was right. And by the way never can as you came into the city yes being an enemy of the king wasn't such a bad thing at that point time except for one thing Jeremiah was not an enemy of the King and here's what I want to tell you to bolster your faith tonight. God sent a special message to Jeremiah about the bed Melich and he said you sent a message to bed Melican you tell him I've seen what you've done remember the bed Malik's the one that advocated for Jeremiah when they dropped him down in that merry pit and he said You tell a bad Melich I'm going to spare his life what did that mean to a bed Malik when those infuriated Babylonians were racing through the city killing at molesting and destroying in the blood was running in the streets friends I want to tell you when chaos breaks open on this land and around the world if your life is hidden Christ you don't have to worry because you're hidden in the fortress of the impregnable rock in a bed Melich was spared because he did justly he loved mercy he walked with God He wasn't afraid to be associated with the prophet friends I don't have time tonight and I'm using up my precious time with a lot to say but I want to tell you something one of the reasons people are kept outside of the city you go to the list in the Book of Revelation I'll do it before the series is done the 1st reason people are outside of the City of God in the end is fear. Fear is just selfishness running on steroids it's natural but perfect love casts out fear and to be afraid in perpetuity is sin it's not of it's not a sin to be afraid what David say when he wrote the Psalms he said what time I am afraid I'll trust in you they was so afraid he acted crazy before focused on King it's not it's not a sin to be afraid but it might be a sin to stay afraid on and on and on and on and on after God shows himself look at the Israelites when they came out of Egypt. How many things would God have to do to say I'm in charge of nature I can speak water out of Iraq I can make the Red Sea a dry path I can turn bitter water sweet I'll shade you by day and warm you by night with a cloud in the day and a fire by night and eventually God said. You have wicked unbelief. I couldn't do any more to show you it's going to be Ok. So friends I'm challenging you the devil with law to make people who understand the future afraid God says to be afraid he goes farther he says Don't you dare be have for he been I spoke this world into existence and I can speak your protection in your position all the way through to the end can you say men friends as for the prophet who probably sized peace there were hundreds of them when the word of the Prophet comes to pass the prophet will be known as one whom the Lord has truly sent boy you want to read an exciting part of the Bible go to Jeremiah get about into the middle of the book and look at the showdown between him and Hannah Naya the false prophet It's an awesome showdown Jeremiah was shown to be true Jonah Jonah preached never would be destroyed was it destroyed friends yes or no know why because they repented some people say they are quick not big enough to hold that then known world friends if the world would have repented or even too many to go on the ark God would not have brought the flood God loves people and that we can't get too far ahead of myself God's true prophets are accurate because God is not confused and he doesn't and problems communicating biblical faithfulness this is huge for a prophet if there arises among you a prophet and a dreamer of dreams and he gives you a sign or a wonder pause friends the prophet can do a sign or a wonder Don't miss it and the sign or the wonder comes to pass of which he spoke to you sane here's the problem he did the sign of the wonder but now he's saying let's go after other gods which you have not known and let us serve them you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams you shall walk after the Lord your God and fear him and keep His commandments and obey his voice and you shall serve him and hold him fast the Bible is our guide it doesn't matter if you can bring fire down from heaven thus saith the law it is written Jesus said that the so-called prophet is not leading a person to the Word of God you ought not to be letting him lead you. Prophets have to exalt Jesus believe it beloved Don't believe every spirit but test the spirits whether they are of God because you notice my underline there's a few false spirits that have gone out into the world is that what it says No many do you think they're less today than they used to be with so many outlets to get your attention we live in an attention economy the reason after you go look at a gentleman a new toilet a truck online and the next time you go to your email there's Toyah Chuck adds up over there is because they're watching you they're tracking everywhere you go there are more avenues to seduce and entice than there's ever been before by this you know the Spirit of God Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh that's one of the signs is it enough on its own no but it's one of the signs there commandment keeping this is important to the law and to the testimony as a reference to the Scriptures if they do not speak according to this word it's because there's no light in them it doesn't matter what they can do they must be people of the book. Physical tests interesting profits when they experience visions their eyes are open and they remain open throughout the vision check out numbers 24 it's a reference to bail I'm Betamax this and of course Balan was cast attempting to cast spells in visions prophets have no physical strength this is what Daniel lost they lay there they stand there prophets in vision Do not breathe now that's an interesting phenomena God Himself keeps them alive while he's engaging them and 6 Lee spiritual prophets have fruit in their life therefore by their fruits you will know them of course that's true for us to friends and it's some measure all of us are to fulfill a prophetic role not that we're all telling the future but there is a role of living by our lives so the gift of prophecy never takes the place of the Bible it only exults it it points people back to what they already know from the inspired messengers the dragon was enraged at the woman he went to make war with the rest of our offspring and here we are again who keep the commandments of God and they have the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy in this day and age many of the Protestant churches of America have abandoned a work of edification and exhortation and consolation Instead they've turned their churches into religious businesses and the and the members into customers and patrons and of course in a society like ours customer is king now here we are Satan I'm probably versus Jesus I'm probably see here's the 1st prophecy in the Bible actually it's the 2nd but here's the 1st false one Jesus said in the day you eat of it you shall surely die and when Jesus wasn't around the 1st false prophet the ultimate false prophet comes along in a mysterious way she had never seen a serpent stalk before. She didn't know anyone lied in the universe and he said You will not surely die she was taken back flattered drawn in. And she ate of the fruit and this is a result just as true one man sin entered the world and death through sin thus Desprez bomb him because all sinned I received it by natural inheritance I was corrected from the beginning but the result of that question in the garden has left us wondering when you die do you go to heaven do you go to hell or is there another option tonight friends I want to tell you this one topic. Brings together more lies and more deception more misunderstanding than any other Bible doctrine that exists or has ever existed from the history of man to this moment and by the time I'm done you're going to see how evil and centering this doctrine is to confuse and destroy and it's power for the future are the dead asleep is the question we need to ask did they go straight to heaven did they go straight to hell or they are a 3rd option are they still waiting for the resurrection when Jesus comes Are they in heaven are they in hell that's a big question is the soul immortal. Or is there a resurrection the Bible is clear Jesus speaks to as he says I am he who lives I was dead and behold I am alive forevermore and I have the keys of Hades and of death Jesus is in control of this topic he was a true prophet in the garden People are dying all around us Satan was is and will forever be until he's destroyed a liar what does the Bible teach about the idea of the immortal soul all right in the very beginning this is what it says God for man out of the dust of the ground breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became what a living soul that's biblical language for a person does plus the spirit equals a living soul he took the ground he put it into perfect form but it was still missing something he breathed his own life into it and people came to life so elements and breath equal a living being a living soul These words are used in similar ways they mean the same thing some people want to suggest that we have an immortal soul and it birth it was stuffed into us and it death it flies out it's either gotta go up or it's gotta go down friends it's a lie it's pagan it's not in the Bible and when we're done I hope you can see it the immortal soul does not exist in humanity it does exist and I'm going to show you where but the soul that since according to the Bible will die behold all souls are mine talking about all people I just showed you that the soul of the Father or the person is the father the soul of the Son is mine and thus all who sins chil die now we're back to the Garden of Eden just that quick but if we want to play with words and suggest somehow that Pastor runs got it wrong that the word soul doesn't represent person let's just get it this simple the Bible teaches whether you will you believe that the soul is a phrase for the living person for a being for a complete person to receive body. Breath from God or not the scriptures are clear whether you accept that definition or you go with the old one that comes from Greek mythology the soul can and will die forever desires to save his life notice the white word will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it Ok so we just used the word life who's talking here Jesus now we're going to go to the 2nd verse that's verse 25 now let's go the 1st 26 let's see if Jesus believes that the word soul means life because now he's going to change gears here we go life life rest of the verse for what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul the scriptures are like this they will often repeat and transition what Jesus is saying it won't do you any good to get all of this world but miss out on eternal life what will a man give in exchange for his soul. Only God is immortal mortal means that you can die immortal means that you can most of us came here knowing that and the Bible never uses the term immortal soul or amount tally of the source a matter of fact the only person pronounced as immortal in the Bible is Jesus and the Father and the Spirit now to the king eternal immortal there it is invisible to God who alone is wise beyond her glory forever and ever gone gave us life in the garden as a probationary moment he warned that that probation could be lost. The good news is God showed up in the garden to give it back to us that's what we talked about last night but God has it God can give it but if God doesn't give it you don't have it and this is what the devil doesn't want you to know he 1st Timothy this time he who is the blasted only potentate the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who alone who alone has immortality dwelling in unapproachable light I want to tell you the devil is pushed this life so hard that even people who don't go to church are afraid that they have an immortal soul and are going to live in hell forever and of course everybody thinks they're going to have an immoral so on they want to live in Heaven but Pagan philosophy is the originator of this concept not Jesus the Bible teaches that death is like asleep and the believer who dies is the secure look at the picture for and look at the picture he is the secure as if he were sleepy in the arms of Jesus have you ever wondered how some of those people could steer their executioner there's a book called Acts of the Apostles not the Bible book but it's a commentary on it written by a lady named Ellen White she tells how an 8067 the Apostle Paul finally was going to die she describes it as a beautiful day. And as he lays his head down on the chopping block he was a Roman citizen they couldn't crucify him she talks about how his thoughts were springing forward to the fact that the next thing he was going to see was his dear Savior not because he was going straight to heaven but that he would hear the voice of Jesus in the book of Villepin spall says I want to know you more I want to know you in your death and resurrection. Paul could face death with cheer and hope and so have many millions of others who laid down their lives in the 1st 300 years of the Christian church because they knew they were safe in the arms of Jesus but spiritual as I'm a New Age which is what we're dealing with now also teach that the soul is immortal and if you haven't watched t.v. lately listen you need to solve a crime scene just get in touch with the dead one little comfort just go see a medium or a seance we have shows that have been called Medium we have crime scenes which by the way happen to be one of the most intriguing and interesting. Cinematic productions that are out there friends don't watch this stuff it is sensitizing you or desensitizing you have or you want to say it it's making you ready to believe it when you see it and it's taking away from the confidence you have that it's all nothing but made up Behold I tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep this is Paul but we shall all be changed why is he saying sleep because he knows for the Christian he must die but he knows for the Christian its asleep and he will live again in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the Last Trumpet for the trumpet will sound and the dead in Christ will be raised incorruptible and we shall all be changed when God created Adam he did not make him with an immortal soul he gave him life and God for man of the dust of the ground breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul it took both you don't have one if you don't have both it's a little bit like well wait I'll save that death is creation in reverse now. You need to know that the word cemetery is a Greek word that means dormitory. You check me out. The word cemetery is a Greek word that means dormitory. When you go to the cemetery it's like creation in reverse the dust will return to the earth as it was and the Spirit will return to God again old pastor run don't get it right there it says oh hang on that spirit is not an immortal soul that's the breath I'm going to show that he the Old Testament word for Spirit is ruach it means breath you came here tonight with cars that all had air and their tires if they don't have air in their tires you didn't come we call those pneumatic tires that's the new test Numa spirit breath. We get God's breath into our bodies and we live without God's breath in our bodies we die why do we say they breathe their last because that's the end that's when you die the devil said that's not how it is God said Oh yes it is and we're living with it we had someone in this faith communion today that lost their loved one please be praying for them the spirit and soul are different how are they different the Spirit is the breath the soul is the whole person don't forget that God puts the breath in us but the soul requires a body and the breath to be a soul the spirit of breath or the spirit of life that goes back to God The Bible teaches that the breath in the Spirit are the same thing and while my breath is in me a job would say and the Spirit of God is in my nostrils he's repeating himself he'll praise the Lord now libel there's an element there it's not an l.e.d. It's an old fashioned one but there's no light it's a libel but you have to have power when you have power there's light you might have a body but if you don't have the breath you're not a soul and there is no such thing as a soul without a body I could have electric I could tell you there's electricity out there it doesn't make light electricity has to have. It has to have a filament and a vacuum and some glass you put the 2 together you have life when you put the body and the bread together you have life and without it there is none since the power to create life is with God His Spirit which gave life returns to Him This is what Jesus said Now is there any consciousness in death let's get a little bit clearer here some 146 his breath go it for talking about people he returned to the Earth talking about death and in that very day his thoughts perish the Bible writer who wrote this song believed that Jesus was the true prophet in Genesis 3 not Satan the living know that they will die Solomon the wisest man in the world but the dead know how much I've heard preacher say on the radio Solomon was depressed when he wrote the scriptures so I guess they're a little bit like that founder of our country who who went through and cut all the parts out of the Bible they didn't think were were actually inspired but what I read when Paul's writing to Timothy is that all Scripture is inspired by God it is profitable this verse didn't sneak in without God looking. God knew when he prophesied in the garden you'll die if you rebel you'll die if you disobey the dead know nothing also their love their hatred and their envy of Paris the whole emotional spectrum is gone why because the person's gone death is asleep until Christ comes actually 66 times in 17 books it's referred to as a sleep consider and hear me Oh Lord my God in a light my eyes lest I sleep the sleep of death this is David writing he doesn't want to die he wants to live Jesus when he was with his 12 disciples got word that Lazarus was sick what did Jesus say about Lazarus sickness he said our friend Lazarus sleeps he waited he waited long enough to let Lazarus die why because Mary and Martha. All of his disciples in the entire Christian church needed to witness that Jesus held the powers of Haiti and death and that he was also the author of Life he lingered and let Lazarus go through a difficult time so that Lazarus could be the only person well one of the few of his generation that was actually brought back from death to life Jesus cared for Lazarus he was sorry for what had happened but he stayed away on purpose why to teach a powerful lesson that he was the life and the resurrection His disciples said Lord to sleep so get well they didn't get it. And Jesus made it more clear now listen primary sources matter this is a community with. Institution of higher learning when you go to writing your research papers and doing your projects and your dissertations you want primary sources this is the same person that was in the Garden of Eden he fully God John tells us he was in the beginning he was the word nothing was made without him this is the one who told me in the day you eat of it you'll die this is the one that showed up and delivered Eve from immediate death this is the one who has given us all a new lease on life he is the primary source he is the Logos he is the word he is the Living Word and he cannot be excelled in authority and they said lar to be sleeps he gets well and what does Jesus say Jesus spoke about is death but they thought he was speaking about taking rest in sleep he told them plainly Lazarus is dead. Jesus was not only perfectly Ok with the idea of the metaphor of death for sleep Jesus is the author of it and instead of us going to sleep and never waking up which the Bible calls. The 2nd death instead of never existing again which would have been the result the natur is all the rebellion Jesus says I have the power to bring you back to life if you trust me your brother will rise again Mary and Martha found him and you know Martha a little bit like Peter seem to have more to say than should be said and Jesus said Your brother will rise again and what did she say well he's living right now he's up in heaven no she didn't say that she said I know he'll rise again when the resurrection and the last day what she didn't know was that that day for Lazarus was today it's an amazing story Jesus said I'm the resurrection and the like. He who believes in me though he may die yet he shall live Jesus could have commanded the stone to be moved by itself but he didn't and I just love this next picture I want you to get an idea I want you to look into the faces of the 2 women here we are not get. All must take up more than they bargained for Jesus did exceedingly abundantly above what they could ask for and thank and he's not done friends he's going to do more job will say if his sons are honored he does not know it once he's dead they don't know that his children are being honored if they're brought low he does not see it it's a good thing friends because some of the things to be seen on planet Earth which is break in old person's heart. How could it be heaven if down but no below You're watching the devil pickoff your children your grandchildren with addiction depression No indeed death is a bless it rest you're beyond the reach of the persecutor you're beyond the reach of disease and discouragement the dead do not praise the Lord nor any who go down into silence you have to be alive to praise Jesus could somebody say a man. And we ought to do more of it. So what about the thief on the cross. Well isn't this what the Bible says then the Lord said to Jesus Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom it was a great encouragement to Jesus his own disciples ran away wanted sold him into this terrible experience wanted denied even knew him and at 1st both of these thieves were saying bad things about him but one of them wakes up and he recognizes that even after he's maligned the Son of God there's enough compassion is hard to appeal to him this is a glorious story and he says Lord remember me and Jesus said until assuredly I say unto you today you will be with me in Paradise Now I did not read that like the comma is placed that I Are you paying attention I want you to know something the commas were not inspired when they were stuck in the Bible they were stuck in about 600 years ago and I want you to know that punctuation matters so all you English teachers take courage. And all you students pay attention that comma right there was some priest or monks best idea of where it ought to be placed but he was already corrupted with the idea that you have an immortal soul so he placed it where it made sense. The problem is it's in the wrong place and if you just moved it over a little bit and got it where it's supposed to be it would fit with all the rest of Scripture and we wouldn't have a problem would we assuredly I say unto you today I'm giving you assurance right now you condemn by Rome you're probably abandoned by your family but you're not a bad in my me I'm telling you right now you will be with me in paradise Boy I'd love to hear those words with new friends they've already been said to you how about this pardon impossible to be sent to the gulags move the period move the comma pardon impossible to be sent to the gulag as a matter of fact I had one of our church school teachers recommend this book to me I actually bought it look at where the comma is and look down here with the little guy with bow and arrows What does this mean does it mean that he eats and then he shoots and leaves got the little arrow in the target there or is it that he Eats Shoots and Leaves. It's quite a interesting little book. They do matter Jesus went to the cross on Friday he was in the 2 month Sabbath he was resurrected on Sunday and somebody showed up imagine all of the men didn't get it they didn't even think Jesus would die they were so discouraged but they the ladies at least knew they ought to be there Mary at least understood Jesus was going to die that's why she brought that perfume but you know she shows up at the tomb and the body's gone and she sees the gardener and she says. What you do. And what Jesus say woman why are you weeping Well she wants to know where the body's been put tell me where you've laid him and I'll take him away and then he speaks some words uses her name what a sweet moment Mary. She turned and she said to him Rabbani teacher and what does Jesus say don't hang on to me I've not gone to present myself to the Father. Listen friends Jesus couldn't have met the thief on Friday night in heaven because Jesus wasn't there he died like you and I die I've been crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live in the life I now live I live by faith in the Son of God Listen friends he entered into my experience he entered into yours he went beyond it because Christ died the 2nd death when he was hanging on the cross and he cried out My God my God why have you forsaken me he could not see beyond the portals of the tomb he went to the cross and he hung there Christ was feeling so alone and he thought. He was paying the ultimate price the price of no resurrection because our sins had blinded him and yet by faith hanging on to the Word of God He went all the way through with it and cried out It is finished Listen friends we have a living hope but Jesus didn't go to heaven on Friday and he didn't go on Saturday he didn't go until Sunday he went to be assured that his sacrifice have been accepted the thieves didn't go to heaven either because the let me know they'll die but the dead know nothing and we like Paul have to hope for the resurrection I'm going to but you go tell them I'm alive and I'm going to go to my father and to your God Jesus himself didn't go on Friday so what did Jesus mean well what I've just explained so why has the false prophet work so hard to teach this false doctrine I'm going to tell you why here we go number one if you have a mortal life already. It doesn't have to be given to you and no price has to be paid thus you negate the most elemental storyline of salvation the cross if you already have an immortal soul the $1.00 Jesus said to Nica Demas outside of Jerusalem is not true Jesus said For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. That whosoever believe in him might not go to eternal burning hell fire is that what it says no it says that he might not perish that means die but that he might have eternal life you don't have eternal life till it's given to you just like Adam and Eve didn't have life until it was given to them if you accept the false prophets lie you pull the rug out from underneath the most amazing sacrifice and greatest journey of love that has ever been and ever will be. In acted in the history of the universe you don't need a cross Oh yes the false prophets got an agenda I don't put too many up at once c'mon back the cross is meaningless the resurrection is a joke. If I'm a good man when I die I go up to heaven don't give me that confusing mumbo jumbo that I got to come back down at the resurrection and get a body are you kidding Heaven's real when Jesus was resurrected What did he say he said touch me he came back to life like we're going to come back to life with breath in a body. The resurrection is a joke if you go straight to heaven and all the theology izing if there is such a word all the amazing attempts to come up with a credible statement about why you need a resurrection they're confusing and convoluted and they're wrong. You come back to life at the voice of Jesus just like you came to life at the will of God on resurrections a joke. The 3rd thing which ought to get every parent into the most sober mode. Just like that thunder. I've never had a moment like that when I'm preaching. But listen to me. If you think that dead people come back to life you are a sitting duck for deception. Because the devil is going to take advantage of your grief and your loneliness and your ignorance and he's going to suck you right into a destructive board techs and take away your internal life because you'll think seen as believing Oh yes the Devil's a false prophet and he hates this doctrine because he knows if you believe it you are set up to be sucked is chewed up and spit out and miss out on a glorious glorious eternal experience the 3rd thing you need to know about this doctrine is that if people have immortal souls the 2nd coming is a farce. You don't need to be into supporting Jesus to come if the next thing is you just are your soul just flies off into heaven and you're with him right there it makes absolutely no sense to have a 2nd coming all somebody could come up with is well there are people alive on the earth and Jesus needs to come get them that's true but the Bible's exceptionally clear nobody's going to heaven ahead of anybody else with a few exceptions like Elijah in a can Moses. And the 1st fruits that Jesus took you know there were people that were resurrected when Jesus died. And he took them to heaven his 1st fruits there are a few human beings in heaven. But Peter is not there and neither is Paul there waiting. To hear the sound of Jesus like a trumpet in this earth convulse and the graves pop open and the angels come down and bring us all together the 2nd coming is a joke if you have an immortal soul I'm going to talk about this tomorrow morning the devil has a tremendous interest in making sure you have an immortal soul because if you have an immortal soul God's got to do something with you after he takes the Saints home and it turns God in the eternal torture. Oh you think about it he's worse than Satan if you have an immortal soul the 6th thing that you need to know about why Satan is pushing this because if there is such thing as an immortal soul if life is derived other than God and Satan never dies. But I'm saving my best one for last if there could be one better than the 1st the main reason Satan is pushing this thing. Is because if you believe him you make gone into a lie. And that's what he's wanted all along 7 reasons this one doctrine collects about it all the sewage of bad theological thinking throughout the ages and the strange thing is people drink it up and it saw a lie. There is a sting in death. But when Jesus resurrect this. It's because of that 1st prophecy. He said in the day you eat of it you'll die Satan came along and said You won't die but after Jesus came back down he said listen I'm going to step on the snake said but he's going to bite my heel in the process he's going to pump his venom into my veins. And I'm going to do it for you. The Stingers going to be pulled out the head of the snakes going to be shipped off. And Jesus does have the power to enact punishment on Lucifer he's the only originator and giver of life oh death. Where is the nice thing oh great where is dive victory but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord can you say amen Don't be afraid Satan was wrong Jesus was right some of us are going to die but all of us once we receive Jesus is no longer what it was before we sleep we Rast we wait and we wake at the voice of our best friend it's glorious good news the Lord himself shall descend from heaven where the shout with the voice of the archangel with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ listen they're waiting I say it's clear he tells us that the earth is going to burst open wide the tombs are going to break open but listen Jesus says we're all going to gather the exodus out of Egypt was together you know what Pharaoh said Moses un the adults can go but leave your children and Moses said we're not going without our kids and when they all went out of Egypt and they crossed that red sea they all went out together it's a type it's a symbol it shows how it's going to work the dead in Christ shall rise 1st then we who are alive and remain listen if there was any confusion friends it's the dead that are coming up 1st if anybody's in the front of the light it's the ones who pass through the portals of the tomb it's not the ones that are alive we who are alive and remain shall be caught up what's the word there to gather with them in the clouds to meet the Lord near it's a great homecoming it's the marriage supper of the lab and we're all going to be there together at the same time rejoicing in the same victory and thus we shall always be with the Lord's hands and he lost a loved one I mean I can't think of anything hardly more tragic than losing a child. Especially a baby. A spouse of course. Oh what will it be. Disease robs people have siblings and friends and parents. Artist's rendition be sure and stop in our for your look at the Nathan green painting. Somebody is not telling the truth unfortunately there's a lot of churches who either don't know or don't care I told you last night Jesus had 3 phases of ministry didn't I. He died for us he opened up a way for our relationship and he's going to vindicate us what you need to know is before Jesus takes any of us to heaven. He's going to let the angels be so sure that we're safe to bring back in they went to rebellion once already we will not go to heaven until after the judgment and even most theologians believe that the judgment is at the end so I'm not sure how they get us up there before the final vindication and by the way friends nobody's going to pay the price of the 2nd death until all the questions are answered if somebody I love is not in heaven they'll be no execution they're not sent to hell prematurely nobody's going to be suffering the separation from God which will involve a cleansing fire but will not involve eternal torment nobody until every human being is assured that God is all we always only ever told the truth and did everything he could do to read even for human being there are more reasons about why this doctrine of immortal soul is wrong then I've enunciated even in this brief 45 minutes. But I'm here to tell you today friends we ought to be digging into our words and studying and knowing that for ourselves because it is the cornerstone lie of the Bible and it will remain the cornerstone methodology of deception to the end and we ought to be able to explain to other people why it's so wrong. Synod cos God his life. We're not getting out of this thing without dealing with the lie and the truth but by God's grace Jesus dealt with the fact that none of us need lose out on eternal life die we might hear but live we have the assurance in Christ so tonight friends just look at the picture I pluck this out of Philippians of Thessalonians 416 look at the picture. What will it be. What's the point of heaven it's not a get out of jail get out of hell free card it's to be for have are with the one who suffered and died to save it is to be eternally secure without evil without the devil without fear without tears without disease without sorrow we shall be forever with the heart can you say amen. Tomorrow morning I'm going to pick up on the topic of hellfire. And I'm just going to give a little bit of the way right now there is no doctrine that is more spiritually abusive. Than the idea that you could live for 3 score intent on this earth and suffer on a divine road to Serie for the ceaseless ages. You have somebody that wonders invite them bring them I have glorious good news for you spiritual abuse prophecy and the divine right of man what is that divine right I'll tell you tomorrow morning. There is no repressed there are no refreshments tonight I hope you go away seriously thinking about what I've shared study it for yourself friends be assured of the fact that this one lie is the hinge on which eternal destinies are hanging don't go out of here tonight though and tell anybody you know who has found comfort in the idea that their grandma is in heaven please don't go out of here tonight and dump a loan on them. It would be good in some sense to think they were there it just would be sad when you think through all of the ramifications it's not true but this is night number 5 with me and I've laid the groundwork for this please don't go out of here and rush this tell somebody their loved one who was a good person is not where they think they are have divine discretion and wisdom when you do that for me let's not run him off from future sessions if you want to encourage them to watch the whole series go to the youtube channel go to Facebook and do it pick up the C.D.'s for some people this is a big hurdle to get over May you have the wisdom of heaven the discretion of love and the restraint necessary let's stand together as we pray. Father. What a mess we made you could have abandoned us except. That your love. Because your love You couldn't abandon us and wouldn't abandon us. Take away our fears Lord. Especially take away our fear of Maine and especially take away our fear of future. Oh we've had it so good in America Lord so far beyond the reach of persecution so quick to announce our rights so economically prosperous and benefited so many opportunities. Forgive us when we love this world and we've been afraid of losing what we've God help us instead Lord choose to start giving it away so the rest of the world can know who you really are. Bless us now. Thank you for interposing your own precious blood to save us thank you that by faith just by trusting you by knowing that your word is good and you are good and. That you're giving us back what we gave away and may we go out of this room deny in peace and rejoicing please bless those Lord there listening on line may they search the Scriptures may they be willing to believe what they teach no matter where it takes a. Guide us now to that end I pray and blessed us as we gather in the morning I ask in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. More sermon. W.w.w. audio or.


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