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Prophecy, Spiritual Abuse, and the Divine Right of Man

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • September 28, 2019
    12:15 PM
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Thank you Lord that we can study your word I pray help us to come with hearts that are humble I asked Lord that your spirit would be here revealing the secrets of our hearts confirming perhaps even lighting our hearts on fire like the 2 men on the road to amaze us who said did are not did not our hearts burn with innocence we walked on the way Jesus was giving them a Bible study and the power of the spirit was applying it to their lines now Lord I pray for that same spirit to be in our midst as we seek to do the same thing study your word guide us now with your presence bless all that is said and done and may we make decisions to give our lives to you and follow you the way the truth and the life in Jesus name Amen. This morning I am pressing into subject matter that puts me at odds with much of the Christian world but I need you to know that the Christian world is waking up they're changing I'm tired of this message spiritual abuse prophecy in the divine right of man last night we learned that the 1st prophet was Jesus he said in the day you eat of the fruit you will die die means die die means perish die doesn't mean transition from life on earth to life in Heaven or life and Hell I don't have time to repeat that message but when you die you're dead you don't attend your own funeral. And I want you to think about that when you die your thoughts perish the living know that they will die but the dead know nothing the Scripture says this message today is directly related to the one last night so if you weren't able to watch last last message get online and watch it but I want to talk to you about spiritual abuse for a few moments for appeared over a 1000 years the medieval church exercised the wrong kind of control over the minds of people and when they did not do what the church said they were persecuted tortured and killed this is never to happen again in the in the name of God especially in this country our civic laws declare that there is freedom of conscience and that we cannot be compelled to worship Unfortunately the Bible describes a time in our future when those laws will be turned over and once again we will see church and state unite and there will be spiritual abuse again for the freedom of conscience in the right to worship as we believe will be taken away this is the story line it repeats itself it's Lucifer's way and it will be in the future we are not to be afraid spiritual abuse was in the name of God we act in ungodly ways now I don't want to suggest that God Himself does not hold people accountable and has this soft kind of sentimentalism that isn't really love God Himself and acts punishment and sometimes it's pretty stirred but this morning I want to talk to you about man upon man and in this case I want to look at God's punishment for those who have chosen to carry on the rebellion after the victory of God is done prophecy in the divine right of man what is man's divine right when Adam and Eve chose to sin they had made themselves subject to Lucifer. They gave over the keys to the kingdom they signed off the deed and handed to Lucifer they became subjects of someone they could never understand how terrible he was but Jesus showed up in the garden and said if you would like the kingdom back I will pay the price this sacrifice represents what I will do in the future it was a lamb out of which they found coverings the blood that flowed paid the price in symbol of what can only be paid in the reality of the life of God Jesus Christ Jesus stepped in and said You are not sold into San you are not absolute slaves you are bond servants of Lucifer for you have chosen him but I will give you an opportunity to choose to go different when this nation was founded it was founded because of spiritual abuse people from all around the world but especially the old world of Europe made their way here to this country because there was protection from that kind of abuse but this morning I'm here to tell you that in the name of God The false prophet Satan himself has attempted and has been superbly successful at 14 an idea that creates an obstacle an emotional and mental obstacle between God and the people he came to say. You don't have to attend church you don't have to call yourself a Christian to know that right now in the middle of the Earth there's a fire and if you die if you're bad you'll get shot right down there and that fire is going to go on and on and on and on and on except for one thing friends I need to tell you something there is no hell fire in the middle of this or the fires of hell are not burning yet they will not burn forever and God takes no delight in the death of the wicked so that is an amazing life force foisted on the minds of men women and children and somehow without even ending up in church everybody that has a Christian background and many who don't even believe there is some kind of eternal torment and punishment waiting for people where did they get these ideas they have been energetically put forth by the enemy of our happiness just so that we have a god whom we know is holy and righteous but whom we just really can't warm up to this morning friends this is my subject matter I want to start with this question from the Book of Job he was in the midst of a trial his friends basically said he was guilty of doing some heinous wrong and God was pain in back and he said no that's not the story you read the book and you understand it so far off that at the end God tells those people in effect my servant job will pray for you job hadn't done anything wrong he was not in a tit for tat relationship with God Bad things do happen to good people in this case bad things were happening to good people precisely because he loved God and could endure it but in the midst of that dialogue he asked a very sobering question one that ought to be logically thought about can a man be more righteous than God. Can a man be more pure than his maker it is one of those rhetorical questions the obvious answer is No then why is it that we are so prone to believe that God would give us breath for threescore and 10 or maybe like Methuselah 969 years how is it we've been willing to accept the lie that says if you don't serve God here you'll burn forever in Hell it doesn't make sense if we were sitting in this room today and we could hear the cries of a torture chamber in the basement how many of us could sit here and rejoice and sing songs and be happy and laugh at the potato farmer I don't know anyone there's something about a cry for mercy there's something about it anguish scream there's something about someone in distress that God put inside of us to respond that's why people rush into burning buildings that's why people do things they do it for love there's something about human to human relating that can go very wrong and men can turn into the worst persecutors in the worst demons but there's something about people like those firemen on 911 someone asked where was God and someone said I'll tell you where God was while everybody was rushing out of the me the building the firemen were rushing into it that's what God was I want you to understand this world is a battlefield there's a great controversy going on and the devil is waging a war of ideas in this attention economy he wants people to get and to listen to his lies but a man cannot be more just than God I've been angry at some people in my life super angry but I'm not sure at my angriest moment. If I could endure to listen to them hour after hour day after day month after month year after year crying out for mercy and be unwilling to give them any what did it make me more of a themed wouldn't it make me more of the devil than I'd ever been before if I could actually sit there and endure it let alone find joy in it and yet Protestant preachers from the earlier years of this country actually wrote some of us have read Jonathan Edwards sermon sinners in the hands of an angry gone what a treatise as if somehow it isn't God Himself who is the big attraction of heaven but not that God can a man be more righteous than God fire an amazing device God sent it down to consume sacrifice this god sent it down as a image a representation of His Holiness and yes in the presence of God Holy sinners cannot endure without the buffering experience of the perfect man Jesus Christ and yet that way has been opened up and some day we will see Him face to face everything that God does is to ensure the security of the universe for eternity the big question is Can God be trusted the devil says absolutely not and God says examine me it's important for us this morning to know what the Bible says don't marvel at this this is Jesus himself for the hours coming in which all who are in the graves will hear is voice and come forth how many are going to be in the grave and hear his voice friends everybody. But they're coming up in 2 different resurrections there's 2 different categories of people Jesus said there's the we and there's the tears there's the sheep and there's the goat that's not changing up to the very end so wouldn't we expect God's going to deal with those 2 groups a bit differently those who have done good to the resurrection of life and those who have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation it's a sad thing God keeps putting this off I want to tell you something if I knew that I was responsible for ending the sin problem but the sin problem was in my children and I knew that the final punishment would be death I think I'd keep putting it off to Peter says God not slack as some men count slackness but he's long suffering if it was your loved one who you knew in the end was going to suffer an eternal consequence wouldn't you say let's give it more time let's give it more time a resurrection of life and a resurrection of condemnation 2 different resurrections one for life and unfortunately one to bring an end to life for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet call of God and the dead in Christ shall rise Hal 1st. There is a moment in time when Jesus appears in the eastern sky and a small cloud it is dark but it is rimmed with beautiful silver it is a light it is the group of angels carrying Jesus bringing him here to call us back to life that trumpets going to sound the earth is going to convulse the graves are going to break open like a change came off Peter and Silas in the prison only this is the chains of death and those graves are going to cast us out the Angels are going to be there we're going to meet the ones we've left behind we're going to be together and together with God This is it the 2nd coming of Christ it is wonderful Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with those in the clouds to meet them in the air the living are not going in front of those who passed through the portals of the tomb they are woken up and raised up and then we're all lifted up to go meet Jesus can you say Man 2 groups the saved and the last said somebody say last night in this middle aisle after the search service was over you want to know what the definition of hell as the definition of hell will be at that moment when those who have rejected Christ are standing there seen what they've missed out on friends it's not living forever that is Heaven yes it's part of it's not just that there's no disease and no sorrow and no grief and no loss. It's actually being able to be in the presence of cod perfect love perfect security the kings of the earth and the great men the rich men the commanders the mighty men every slave and every free man hid themselves in the caves in the rocks of the mountains and they said to the rocks in the mountains fall on us hide us from the face of image sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb how is it that another group is standing there saying Lo This is our God we've waited for him and he will save us you see the love of wickedness blinds the eyes if you don't love the truth you'll end up believing a lie and the the problem is or the opportunity is that today we have a chance to say Jesus I'll follow the truth I'll walk with you wherever you go and then we don't have to be afraid the Bible lists on the list of those who aren't in heaven that cowardly last night I talked about this listen it's normal to be afraid and what makes a person courageous is not the fact that he wasn't afraid. It's a fact that love overcame fear can you say man this is how it works you're going to be afraid at times but what time you are afraid turn to Jesus for the great day of His wrath has come and who is able to stand it's important for us to understand the events that Christ's coming they work like this the believers are resurrected the believers receive their immortality you are not immortal that is a Greek pagan idea only God is described as immoral in the Bible you receive your immortality as a gift Jesus gives it to you you get it when he wakes you up or when you're translated the wicked are consumed by the brightness of Christ coming they want to die they don't want to be in the presence of God The wicked dead are not resurrected at this time they remain in their graves there's nowhere for them to go if the wicked living are dine Why would it make sense to be raising the wicked dead at the same time they don't want to be with Jesus they're not going with Jesus they remain in the grave the wicked living die everyone that rejected Jesus is din. And the believers ascend to Heaven with Christ there's a 1000 year period between the resurrection of life and the resurrection of damnation I haven't talked about that yet I will in the future we call that the millennium during that 1000 years every human being who walked with Jesus is going to get to look at the books and they're going to understand 1st hand there will be no secrets every database every computer file every hardcover book you're going to go into the libraries of heaven all those deeds and all those words and all those motivations that were written down that nobody else could see everybody's going to get to see why the ones who aren't there are there and it's going to be very very sad at the end of that 1000 years Jesus is going to come down he's going to bring the holy city now and as I remember him to you the other night Christ Ministry is threefold he came as our sacrifice he opened up a way for a living relationship as our mediator and he's our vindicating judge friends as I mentioned in the meeting the other night if God wanted to condemn us he could have done it from heaven he could have written us off God comes to save his people he does not come to condemn them we're guilty already beyond our own understanding but after the 1000 years after the experience which has been decay to God's choices is done now it's time for the elements of execution to bring in and what do they do when they're resurrected and they see the new Jerusalem coming down what they do they go up on the breadth of the earth they surround the camp of the saints and the beloved city. What are they waiting to do good question the holy city dissents the wicked dead are resurrected Satan and his followers attacked the city and it is at that moment listen if you knew you had been beat the Bible says in the book of Libyans every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the honor and glory of the Father before they attack the city they will be compelled to acknowledge the government of God I have been kind fair true and merciful and after they get up off their knees compelled to declare God is just and kind then they'll try to take the city they will produce the city and fire will come down from God out of heaven and what is this word here say what will it do they will devour them there is no hell fire burning today friends when you die as we learned last night you rest in the grave the Bible refers to that is the sleep of death for $66.00 times when Lazarus died Jesus told His disciples He was asleep and they said he's asleep you'll get better and Jesus said no he's dead and I'm glad I wasn't there it sounds strange except for one thing God is going to resurrect Lazarus and show that he has power to win over the tomb glory hallelujah it's for you and me you've lost somebody you might lose somebody still but God has the power to put it all back together and comfort our broken hearts that fire coming down from heaven cleanses the earth blasted and holy is he who has part in the 1st resurrection over such the 2nd death has no power for that 1000 years between the coming of Christ and that resurrection of the wicked. During that 1000 year period the devil's on the earth with no one to tempt everyone's dead that's why the Bible says he's chained up that concept of the 2nd death is worthy of our attention Jesus takes no delight in the death of the wicked but eventually they have chosen death and death they will receive which is infinitely better than the idea of being stuck on a divine rotisserie and God just slowly turning the handle and smiling in a sly smile Yes that's what the devil wants you to believe it's the worst and heinous lie that's ever been told indeed there will be judgement the 1st death is the death that we each die as the natural result of living in a sinful world you may die I may die Jesus doesn't come soon that's the death everyone experiences but there is a death that is beyond that when Jesus hung on the cross and darkness closed in about Him Jesus thought he was actually being forever separated from his father that's what we call the 2nd death the 2nd death is an eternal death it's not an eternal torturing session it's a result of personal rebellion against God But God is good enough to say if you don't want to be with me you don't have to be with me the divine right of man has the right to choose I saw a new heaven and a new or at the 1st heaven and the 1st earth had passed away and God wipes every tear from their eyes this is Revelation chapter 21 how many chapters are left in the Bible friends one Revelation $22.00 is the end the story of the millennium is over that 1000 year period resurrected a Christ coming if your righteous sleeping in the grave of your wicked resurrected to face the record of your life after that 1000 years but I want to tell you something when the fire descends and God's people are watching it happen their hearts are being broken just like God's heart. They're not on the inside cheering for victory the victories already been what they've experienced and their hearts are in anguish as they watch god deal with a rebellion that couldn't be put down even after a confession of God legitimate goodness and rulership and when it's all done and the smoke is lingering on the face of the Newark before he recreates has a lot of people whose hearts are heavy and Jesus is walking around on the wall of the city touching with tenderness the faith the face of his dear ones and he is wiping the tears out of their eyes nobody touches your face unless they're very close to you my momma touch my face my wife touches my face and my babies touch my face was about the only people who touch my face. Jesus. Comforts us. Should be no more pain it's all over look at this picture. Especially the bottom right that chapter is in the last few years of verse history I don't even like to put it up oh man can be terrible God's going to bring it to an end God will do away with said suffering pain and physical affliction forever I love this artist's rendering of Jesus saying it's over you're done when you want to torment your worst enemy. Hope now. Johnstone once the leader of the Anglican Church not Adventists He's disavowed the doctrine of eternal torment listen to me friends there are more and more theologians who are saying this is logically and theologically inconsistent with the Scriptures and with whom we know God is Edward fudge wrote a book. Interestingly he's collected together the thoughts of many who understand this doctrine is damnable heresy the mainstream of traditional thought has long flowed down the river bed dug by platonic philosophy to give his metaphor what we think about Hell is like a canal that someone does but it wasn't dug using tools of the Bible it was dug using pagan philosophy and if you think you've got an immortal soul that can't be killed you've got to do something with it and that means create an eternal burning in hell while I'm here to tell you friends you don't have an immortal soul can you say Glory Hallelujah now you're going to get one Can you say Man Yes sir yes ma'am God is using today's theological engineers to turn the rivers course so there's a lot or it finally waters the land he homesteaded long ago yes God is making wrongs right this message today is only a small part of that John Locke was he a believer or nonbeliever of this man was in a valid atheist so bad that the Spirit of Prophecy suggests we shouldn't even read his writings but you need to read this much because whether he's a good or a bad man whether he's a believer or not he's clearly an about atheist but he sure has a good critique of some Christian doctrine by death some men understand endless torment and hell fire and I want to know how do you do that I had somebody stand in this eyelash 9 Talk to me and they declare that in their dialogues with somebody they cared about that when you read John $316.00 and it said For God so loved the world that it didn't mean everybody. How can the ordinary words not mean what the dictionary says they mean when John was recording the words of Jesus in John 316 it's not a prophecy It's not symbolic it's not metaphor it's straight up English and Jesus chose the words. So Lot wants to know when Jesus says that you'll die why did it have to turn into endless torment hellfire good question ought to be answered but it seems a strange way understanding a law which requires the plainest and directness of words that by death should be meant eternal life in misery I think he got it too bad people who espouse the name of god didn't get it Chris Osterman early church father warned of a fate to be ever burning but never burnt up the damned said Chris asa must not only be led into darkness but must be burned continually and waste away and gnashes teeth and suffer 10000 other dreadful things if precise to made this preaching popular Augustine would make it permanent but Augustine is quite an interesting fellow he said No philosophers are nearer to us Christians than the platinum just in other words those platonic philosophers from Greek are as close to us in their thinking is as any other philosopher I'm sorry Augustine they are not very close at all they taught a dualism between body and spirit that the Bible doesn't teach God said I'll make man of dust all breathed into him the breath of life and then he's a living soul God didn't whisk a living soul out of the cosmos stuff it into an individual no God gave the individual life and God can take it back. Gregory the Great if you have an immortal soul you might be able to take advantage of it for the benefit of the church create a place where you go between heaven and hell and with enough penance or enough money you can get out I had somebody not long ago tell me the story of a priest that had come by and suggested that the family might make a large donation to shorten down the time that their loved one was important purgatory that my friends is also heresy no such place exists the truth of the matter is we should lose learn to view death as Luther did a fine sweet Embry sleep which brings us relief from all the misfortunes of life and we shall be secure and without care resting sweetly gently for a brief moment as on a cell phone until the time when he shall call in awaken us together with all his dear children to eternal glory and joy indeed friends death puts us beyond the reach of Satan especially if we're suffering disease this is a divine benefit we shall sleep until he comes and knocks on the little grave and says Dr Martin get up then I shall rise in a moment be happy with him forever amen and Tyndale the language is a little bit archaic here but follow it the true faith put it the resurrection which we be warned to look for every hour the heathen philosophers deny that and they did put their souls did live forever in fact what he's saying is that the old Greek philosopher said you live on forever and ever and the Bible doesn't say that the Bible says Look for the resurrection and the pope join the spiritual doctrine of Christ in the fleshly doctrine of philosophers together things so contrary that they cannot be agreed and yet Augustine thought for sure we were a whole lot closer and because the fleshly minded pope consented under the heathen doctrine he corrupted the scripture to establish it in other words if the Scriptures got to be twisted it's Ok but the doctrine that I created will stand what could be more just John Milton. Paradise Lost said that he who sinned in the whole person in other words the body in the soul the breath which makes the soul that the whole person should die as a whole person makes sense to me the fact of the matter is is that God can take care of the sin problem he can take the light back and the body returns to dust it just so happens that the rebels and this dirty planet Earth will be cleansed by fire it is evident that the Saints and believers of the old the patriarchs and the prophets and the Apostles without exception held this doctrine the theologian. Made the statement I believe the endless torment is a hideous and unscriptural doctrine John when i'm which has been a terrible burden on the mind of the church for many centuries and a terrible blot on her presentation of the gospel I should be indeed happy if before I die I could help in sweeping it away yes indeed brother when I'm I should be happy if I could join you God is the only source of life and if one does not assume the souls indestructibility immortal soul as a governing principle the final extinction of the wicked seems as natural as night following day when Jesus said the living know they shall die but the dead know nothing when Jesus said If you have to son you have life if you don't have the son you don't have life how much clearer could it get to not follow my writings Augustine would say as holy scripture when you find in Holy Scripture anything you did not believe before believe it without doubt but in my writings you should hold nothing for certain So I'm appealing today to all theologians and Christians who inadvertently have followed down the road of pagan philosophy which was announced and proclaimed by Augustine he himself says if you examine the Scriptures and find something the Scriptures say that I don't are in contradiction to me follow the Bible friends how many here this morning want to follow the Bible Amen yes let's walk in the words the idea of an ever burning hell for trillions of years is really a pagan doctrine and it is blasphemy to a God of love so let's answer a few questions about how when does Hell occur is it burning in the center of the earth now and how long does it last and could a loving God actually and thinks. It's the strange act but it will happen last book of the Old Testament behold the day is coming burning like another and all the proud us all who do wickedly will become stubble and the day which is coming shall burn them what friends says the Lord of Hosts Malakai had no misunderstanding the fire would not go on in perpetuity but the heavens and the earth which are now preserved by the same word that's God's Word are reserved for fire until the day of judgment and prediction of a godly man how long does Hell last it lasts as long as it takes to cleanse the world of this sin God is a consuming fire but only to those who have not found themselves safe in the rock of who God is himself he's made provision to cleanse transform and protect us you should trample the wicked Malakai goes on to say for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that you do this now I want to know is there anybody in the house that has got a fireplace in their house or a wood stove would you mind raising your hand does the fire go on and on once you throw a log in and when it goes out what's left. Ashes. Ashes. After the fire's gone the wicked will be turned to ashes. They're not going to burn continually for millions and trillions of years how can a loving God destroy those he loves it is a strange act. God so loved the world. That he gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life yes indeed God's not slack a cement counts lack of us but he is hoping that more would turn a loving God doesn't bring the unsaved to heaven where there is unselfish love because they are filled with selfish hate. Would you want to be in heaven with somebody is that hey come on let's go for a 7 afternoon walk peer over the wall and watch those wicked ones burning Oh they deserve it how ridiculous. And yet that's what's been taught. The wicked shall perish sounds an awful lot like John 316 that they might have life and not perish live can come to an end God is the giver and the enemies of the Lord like the splendor of the meadow shall vanish into smoke they shall vanish away but what does it mean when it talks about everlasting destruction or eternal fire that's a fair question not with the blood of goats and calves but with his own blood he entered the most holy place once and for all having obtained an eternal redemption now let's understand this because I want to rush through it I told you that Jesus had 3 roles to play in the plan of salvation he's the lamb that takes care of the sins of the world he's our great high priest that ever lives to make intercession for us he opens the door for us have a direct relationship with the father and he's our Vindicator So you have the work of the outer court in the sanctuary you have the work of the holy place and you have the work of the most holy place the book of Hebrews will tell us that there is a sanctuary in heaven the one that the one on earth was patterned after Jesus went into the holy place to make an eternal redemption these words have their meanings the doctrines of baptisms of laying on of hands of resurrection and of death and of eternal judgment now let's think about this the results of redemption and of judgment will both be everlasting true and false is true. My redemption will have an everlasting benefit to me but the judgment against the wicked will have an everlasting element as well the question to be asked though is. Is the punishment everlasting or is the punish Shane everlasting. Sodom and Gomorra can explain the mystery cities around them in a similar similar manner 5 cities having given themselves over sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh they are set forth as an example of the suffering of vengeance of eternal fire you want to know what eternal fire is look at the life and the death the destruction the rise in the fall of the 5 cities of the plain and eternal fire is one who's the facts are results are eternal You can go to the Dead Sea you can go to the cities of the plain admire and the buoyant and Sodom and Gomorrah you can go and you can see them they're not still burning they were consumed by the fire that destroyed the wickedness that was blighting the earth that's what the fire will be like then he answered them saying a Surely I say unto you as much as you did and at least one of these you did it under me and these will go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous to an everlasting life are they going to be punished forever No but the results of their punishment will have a for ever completeness and it's everlasting punishment not everlasting punishing and that they are enemies of the cross whose end is not eternal torture it is destruction. Sad but true the Greek word for destruction is one of the strongest words in the entire Bible it means to be utterly consumed or totally destroyed it does not mean that you are kept alive just so you can be kept in pain why does the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction what is the fate of the wicked the wicked will die that's what Jesus said the wages of sin is what it doesn't say eternal punishment. The wages of sin is death the wicked will die the wicked will perish with $133.00 the wicked will be burned up Malakai For one the wicked will be other consume 30 some $37.00 in the wicked will be turned into ashes they will be according to the minor prophet Obadiah as if they had not been Jesus heart will break someone pointed out to me in the course of my time between services Jeremiah Chapter 13 look it up with me look up Jeremiah 13 I've got it right here on my phone get your Bibles out I know I'm putting all the Bible verses on the screen but it was a well pointed out scripture and I want to bring it up it's Jesus appealing to Jeremiah the prophet that the inhabitants of Jerusalem would submit and not rebel unfortunately we know as I explained over the last few nights they did not but listen to a God says and this is it the destruction of a small group of people Jeremiah 13 verse 17 it's an appeal to repentance is says but if ye will not hear it my soul shall weep in secret place for your pride and my eyes shall we pz so high and run down with tears because the Lord's flock is carried away captive friends when Jesus on the triumphal entry came up to where he could see the city of Jerusalem what did he do everybody celebrating Hosanna glory to the son of David they're throwing down their robes and they're cutting off palm fronds and throwing them down before the donkey and Jesus gets all the way up to the edge of Jerusalem where you can see across the Kidron Valley and he stops and it gets dead silent. And Jesus weeps on control them. Why because his people will reject him and reject life because he knows that 30 years from now the Romans will surround the city and little children and mothers and fathers will be slain in the streets because the rebellious route grows into a rebellious fruit and Rome like never Knesset or grew weary of it and Jesus weeps uncontrollably you tell me that our hearts are but a mere reflection of the heart of God and if he's touched with our infirmities How could we think that in time in eternity he would find joy in the perpetual suffering of a sinner his child impossible Satan himself will be totally destroyed Jesus warned that he had the power to take care of the whole package fear him who's able to destroy soul and body in hell and what about that expression unquenchable fire let's just take a moment as we come to the end and look at it if your hand causes you to sin she said cut it off it be better for you to enter into life maimed rather than having 2 hands and go into hell into that fire that shall never be quenched you say There it is passed around on fire never goes out Hold your horses there warm does not die and the fire is not quenched the sin friends the Bible addresses this and unquenchable fire is one that has no human hand put it out God started it and it will burn until it's done it doesn't mean it burns forever look at Jeremiah 17 we were just in Jeremiah 13 I will kindle of fire and its gates this is gone and I shall devour the palaces of Jerusalem and it shall not be quenched some of you have been to Jerusalem I had people in the 1st service who had lived in Jerusalem. Jerusalem's not on fire and don't let some of those theologians say oh yeah the garbage dump the Valley of Hinnom that's where the fire still burning no friends it was in a garbage dump that got started on fire in Jeremiah 17 the whole city was burned down and when the fire done its work and Israel had been rebuked and carted off as captives the fire went down this fire was a fire of destruction it was a punitive action due to the constant incessant and ongoing rebellion of the inhabitants of the city who wouldn't listen to the true prophet Jeremiah that fire went out Sodom and Gomorrah went out these fires are quenched by man Jerusalem is I don't know if I would go so far to say a peaceful city but it is not on fire god has the ability to fix and restore and when the fire cleanses planet Earth God's going to speak this world back into existence and we're going to get to stand on the walls of the New Jerusalem and watch it I want to tell you friends we weren't there in Genesis chapter one when God said and let there be light and light flooded through the cosmos but we're going to be standing on the walls of the New Jerusalem when God speaks this world back into existence and it will be the most phenomenal thing any human eye aside from the face of Christ has ever seen. What about the biblical expression of forever and ever he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone and the smoke of their torment a sense forever never and they have no rest day or night Listen friends you want to understand the bible study the Bible it will explain itself for Smoke rises up forever and ever forever in the Bible can be translated and tell the end of the age it sometimes refers to a limited time so let's talk about it back in the early days of Israel if someone really fell in love with a master that was so good now they were a bond servant they weren't chattel property they were not they were not for ever sold into slavery they were there paying off some debt but if they fell in love with the security and safety in the joy of that master's house they could go to the door this is one of the few places in the Bible where piercing the body is allowed and they'll bring to the door post and all and you'll put your ear on the door of the master's house and you'll poke a hole in your ear and you will serve that Master forever Well obviously it's until you die the one phrase forever and ever can be used to explain eternity or it can be used to explain some process until it's finished when Samuel was a little boy his mama took him to the temple that he may appear before the Lord and remain there forever Did he remain forever No he got old and he died the scriptures go on to clear this up therefore I also have led him to the Lord as long as he was as long as he lives and he shall be lent to the Lord the wicked are in the flames until the end of the age until they are totally consumed and let's tackle one more difficult thing if we could the parable of the rich man in last year's Jesus told this to get a point across it was not to teach about Hell the point of this parable is that this rich man supposedly has this list sumptuous life the poor man is begging from the rich man well the rich man dies and he finds out that there is a here after and he says to God. Sent somebody back down to my brothers and sisters to tell them they're going to have to face the judgment and the point of Jesus' parable is this they have Moses and the Prophets just like we have Jesus some prob see where we're studying and if they won't listen to The Spirit of God convicting out of the Word of God They won't listen even if somebody was resurrected from the dead if this is a literal parable then Abraham's bosom must be very very large people will be in heaven and they will be able to have conversations with those in hell and souls will have fingers and eyes in tongues this riddled with inconsistency if you try to turn it into something it's not it is not a parable teaching about the here after it's a parable teaching about the power of the Holy Spirit to impress through the Word of God The parable of the rich man and Lazarus is there to remind us we should be students of the word and then there is this verse cast them into the furnace of fire where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth for hands this is probably one of the saddest things God is ever going to face but Jesus has been there had a time my God my God he cried in anguish on the cross why have you for saken me there was a moment on that cross when Jesus thought he was paying the ultimate price for our sins he wasn't just dying as a man he was dying as a rebel carrying our sins and that kind of death the Bible verse to as a 2nd death Jesus when he cried out in agony about where his father was could not see it in faith he knew his father was good and he went forward in love but his father he understood had no pleasure in the death of the wicked turn from your wicked ways God says and listen no pleasure is God's Now let's bring this thing in for a landing maybe it could get simpler than this but I don't know how he who has the Son has what he who does not have the sun does not have life. Listen friends life is a gift from God Life is a privilege provided by the life giver Satan can't give it and Satan can't take it away you're going to live not one day shorter than God ordained for you to live in you're not going to live one day longer than you're supposed to live God is the author of Life and God is the one who has made a way for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that you and I could believe and live in now listen this church is raised up to let this world know the one of the most terrible lies in all of mankind has been promulgated with such efficiency and effectiveness that somebody has got to turn reengineer the day that the channel through which the illogical thought is flowing we have a divine right when Satan snuck into the garden and lied to our great great great pitch matriarch Eve and Jesus was watching his heart was breaking but he had given Eve a divine attribute listen to me there are some who say that God actually created some to be saved and some to be lost this is another damnable heresy that takes the character of a loving God and turns it into an evil god if he brought people onto the face of the planet only for their punishment as some kind of statement about his ability to flex is divine muscle What kind of god is he the Bible says Jesus came to save the entire world he came to save you any came to save me now hear me carefully if you try to take God's omniscience which means is all knowingness and you want to push it all the way as far as you can go then you can come up with a doctrine like predestination what it does is it robs man of this god likeness. God knows every decision you're going to make so why bother letting the great controversy play out you're just awesome Aton at the hand of a programming God but I want you to hear me you were made in the image of God which means you have an actor built of God that divine attributes is that when Satan slithered his way arse or flew into that tree and he started line to to leave as soon as she took the fruit unaided and wandered off and found Adam and Adam had a say I want Eve more than I want God Jesus comes looking for him. And in effect what he said was not so fast Satan. You've stolen you've lied you've deceived they took the bait and now you think they're yours but you didn't make them you didn't breathe life into them and while they've saw themselves do you think bondservant think Satan poking a hole in their ear your mind you chose me Jesus says I am keeping a divine endowment the whole visage of God has not been marred in the face and heart and the mind of man they can still choose insane says oh no they can't their mind Satan Jesus says I will pay the price the lamb and its blood represents me. That blood of Christ kept the door open for a divine right to be exercised by you and I God's omniscience for all of you philosophers has to bump into my God likeness to make up my own mind I don't know how you balance the 2 out. But I am absolutely confident that you cannot have an omniscient god who already knows that I'm going to hell and have an omnipotent god who is doing everything he can to stop it I don't know how you bring these 2 things together but I do know this beyond the realm of my understanding is the knowledge that I have the divine right given to me by God to choose and God is working for me to choose him put that up against predestination Why don't you if he can win by knowing the future can he not win by turning my heart yes the stubborn Rebel can say no but why would you resist such love indeed friends we are living in the most momentous times and as a church we ought to be rallying and coming together so the world can know they can decide and some of these things you've heard are flat out lies God is good there's beauty in holiness He is love. And yes he's pushing back the final retribution of the rebel hoping that he should not have to weep in secret indeed this morning you need to understand some things are mysteries but one thing is not a mystery nobody will burn in hell forever and nobody's burning now Glory Hallelujah the truth of the matter is I get to choose you get to choose God protected my choice he's not going to ride roughshod over it you can take your doctrine of predestination but you better bump it into the idea that God himself showed up with his promise of his own blood he showed up in person he's showing up again and he hasn't changed I have a living hope because Jesus has protected my right to choose and today I choose Jesus. France. Walk with him in humility study this word. Don't let the trifling things of this world rob you from knowing this get into the book give up on some of these other things that pop up on your screen the world needs to know and you need to be able to explain it you need to be able to give a reason for your faith in the last 45 minutes I've had slides and time to talk but you ought to try to internalize it yourself get yourself some colored pencils go through your Bible to mark it up so if you ever needed to explain it you wouldn't be depending on a computer or someone else's presentation but if you need that direct them to a website send them to amazing facts send them to Jesus on prophecy but today friends I want you to know something you're a child of the king and you get to choose and should you choose to not be with God forever he will respect your choice he's a good God let's pray Lord thank you for this gathering the glorious rejoicing in song the beautiful truth that brings consistency to the gospel message I'm praying Lord for those for whom this is the very 1st presentation I am asking the Lord that they would be noble students of the word and pray the prayer of proverbs that they would trust in you with all their heart lean not on in their own understanding in all their ways acknowledge you and trust you to direct their past already that this is a glorious glorious truth and the spirit is confirming it. Or it's not Lauren thank you that it is now bless us in this day may we take time to stop and think forgive us when we've had our noses in the screens and things in our ears and it's not been directing us to the most sublime and glorious deepest of thought. Now post a press together help us to draw nearer to you bring us back receive the Lord for the concert in the presentation and then we go on our way rejoicing I ask in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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