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Bible Prophecy and the Last Conspiracy

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • September 29, 2019
    7:15 PM
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Father thank you and kind of a gray Grewal night thank you thank you that we can be here and have our minds and hearts touched with you know in a sensory experience that whether it's closing our eyes and listening or whether it's looking at the beautiful color projected on to screens in the powerful messages of heaven in the word I pray Lord do more than teach if I pray touch us and I'm praying for those Lord that that we wish were watching or were here with us I pray give us that open door. To speak to those whose lives are charged with the cares of this world could be a work of the studies could just be. Something trifling but I'm praying learn touch lives touch arts renew us and revive us and bless us as we go into the Word tonight in Jesus name Amen. I can put all the rest of the nights on the screen tomorrow night one of the most amazing prophecies in Scripture hallelujah here comes the judge I'm talking about the 3 phases of Christ Ministry I'm going to talk about them again tonight but tomorrow night I'm going to show you the most amazing time prophecy in all of the Bible you wouldn't want to miss it. On Tuesday night I'm going to talk about something that most people have never thought about in Revelation Chapter 14 verse ics he says that there's 3 angels that are flying around the world at the end they have a megaphone it's a very loud voice and they are proclaiming the eternal gospel what is it we'll see on Tuesday night prophetic showdown you know there's going to come a point time in which the last battle is going to be fought. And I want to understand this battle between true and false prophets will come to an end Wednesday night going to look at prophetic showdown and then on Thursday night in Revelation Chapter 14 the 2nd of the 3 Angel says Babylon is fallen come out of her my people if you don't know what it is how could you come out of it Babylon will be destroyed the Scriptures say she'll fall in one day and great will be the fall they're off just like literal babble and fell will look at it amazing history amazing prophecy and lastly on Friday night the mark of the beast this is what everybody wants to know it doesn't matter if you're religious or not you just want to know what it is so you don't get it I wish it worked that way. Knowing what it is is only part of not getting it come and find out what that means but tonight Bible prophecy in the last conspiracy tell me what these things have in common. What they have in common don't say it out loud just think about what do they have in common what they have in common is that there's a large segment of people around the world who believe that they were all part of a conspiracy nobody really walked on the moon that was something that came out of Hollywood 50 years ago this summer. And as for the tragedy that took 3000 plus lives on September 11th that was orchestrated by our government some say to attempt to get more control and take back some of the Constitutional freedoms we haven't asked for j.f.k. all kinds of the theories have abounded in regards to his dead friends I want you to know there's something about the human mind that just naturally turns to conspiracy you want to know the truth about m.l.k. j.f.k. or of Kerry a Malcolm x. well go to somebody who thinks they've got the inside track and you can learn the latest undercover story we love a good conspiracy. But you need to know in my job I hate conspiracies it's not that I don't think they exist. Can you imagine this church has a membership of over a 1000 people especially if one fulfills a true prophetic role of edification which is teaching the truth of exploitation which is reminding people when they're wandering from it and of consolation which is the work of comfort from God When one recent renders this life imagine working with hundreds of people if if all the people you know are like all the people I know then you know all the people don't appreciate all of that all the time and you know the Bible has a lot to say about gossip and negative talking of course if you're a leader in God's church all of those admonitions mean a whole lot more to you if I worried about all the conspiracies that might be working their way out inside a group of people as large as the one I'm dealing with I would be brought to ruin but that's not the worst part about. If I started thinking about the evil things and by the way I tell my church I know more bad things about all of you than anybody else. And that's how it is with Jesus too but you know. Not that my love is like yours but my love comes from him. He loves you when the members of this church I love and I look at them through the eye glasses of Christ I don't look through them through the conspiratorial eye glasses if I did I'd be ruined I see evil instead of seeing good to understand what I'm talking about. There's something about the human heart that isn't trusting in God that is naturally very afraid and understanding what's going on behind the scenes is a way of hedging oneself against the future and who wouldn't want to do that I mean the world is becoming more insecure all the time it's unraveling not just at the edges but almost at the center you think and conspiracy theories are abounding because people lie and they don't tell the truth and they hide things and they're deceitful and it's no wonder that people don't trust each other so there's got to be a back story and if everybody's a selfish desire and then they're always looking out for themselves anyway and you can see why conspiracies sell. But I want to tell you there's going to be a group on the face of the earth at the end of the time who rise above it all they don't live duplicious lives they are not hypocritical they're pure or because Christ is in them they're sincere because Christ is in them they're truthful because Christ is in them and this communion in this community will rise up out of the ashes of a decaying culture and people will be drawn to it 1st because of the beauty of Christ that's in the fellowship and after that the teachings that explain why and I try to tell people it's better for people to taste and see that the Lord is good and for you to try to convince him that he is I didn't have to figure it out when I was a young Christian I saw. I experienced it my teachers and that church school I went to when I was thrust into it as a 13 year old didn't want to go the some friends Christian education is a sanctuary in a polluting culture a defiling culture in our age and that Christian teacher that would read me worship in the morning was a Christian through the rest of the day and I'll tell you what I fell in love with Jesus through my teacher. Christianity is powerful when it's lived out and it's repulsive when it's only proclaimed we must live what we teach or what we teach will be impotent it will have no power and the world got used to that even the Christian world and I put Christian in quote marks Yes you want to know the real dirt look for somebody who's got something negative to say that everybody else doesn't know then you'll be in the know you'll be one leg up on everybody else and you will be duped. But it doesn't work that way the big problem with conspiracy thinking is it change you to look for evil. That's what it trains you to do. It also makes you suspicious and afraid and I want you to read a quote from one of my favorite authors is since the very act of looking for evil and others develops the evil in those who look should we be surprised didn't Paul write to the Corinthians by beholding you become changed. The 3rd thing it does is it robs us of a robs God of the powerful witness. Did Daniel have a conspiracy against him yes or no absolutely. Did he go try to work the levelers levers politically and administratively to get himself out of it no he opened his window and he prayed and he knew they were watching on the street and listening and they thought they had him except for one thing God was bigger than a conspiracy can you say man. How about Joseph was there a conspiracy to destroy him you bet there was started with his brothers that it moved over to part of why. After a while he was completely forgotten about by the baker in the butler who were in prison if you were Josef you could get pretty discouraged except for one thing he kept living out the principles of his father's God who had become his God and you couldn't keep him down God can't lift him up and one day he became the prime minister of the most powerful country on the face of the planet was there a conspiracy against Jesus yes or no. Did he get all mad about it and try to try to point it out to them occasionally he did announce that he knew they were trying to kill him and the people in crowd thought he was crazy for saying it but you bet there was a conspiracy against Jesus but was it the focus of his life absolutely not. And was God able to win in the end yes it look like they won in the beginning because he was laying in a tomb after hanging on a cross but when the ground shook on Sunday morning and the angel stood at the front of the tomb and said Son of man the father calls the Jesus took up his life on his own power he said I have the power to lay it down and I have the power to take it up again and he raised up out of the tomb and I want to tell you what conspiracy or no God's going to win. But don't get stuck in him friends hit the spam button. To now that person saved them because it robs God of a powerful witness you don't have to know the latest dirt there's nothing wrong with understanding to a point I'm not suggesting here that we go on a Pollyanna journey through life but I am suggesting that while we must become acquainted with some of the evil that is in the world we never allow our focus to go there because in the end conspiracy or no God's got my life in his hands and I may go down for a while but my Bible says the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and He delights in his way though he fall he shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord upholds him with his hand I stumble Yes Jesus stumbles no and he pulls me back up and he says son Let's keep walking. John the Baptist said a man can only have what God gives him your state in life is a function of obeying the principles in the precepts of life you go outside of them you suffer you live inside of them you succeed but also God places you to do a certain role at a certain time a certain way do it well it's the preparation for the next thing the 4th thing is it eclipses faith and it steals peace sit around agitating about all the evil in the world and how it's there out to get you so what my bible says God's a shield to those who walk up rightly if you never read Dad you're not immune from suffering even at the hands of other people but you need to know something focusing on conspiracies robs you of a strengthening faith someday the conspiracies are going to come out in the open and you're going to need that thing and lastly it reinforces legalism why because nobody's looking out for me so have to do it myself in the way I do it is to know more than everybody else and I'm going to be a step ahead the same friends. We're going to the kingdom trusting in the shepherding care of Jesus Christ not how much we can know about what's going down before everybody else knows it's going down conspiracies leave you fearful and afraid with nothing you can do about it so is their conspiracy you think it work they're trying to hold you down they may be. But you know what in the right time in the right way God exalts in the way he wants to exalt it's a form of self-preservation in the end how many of you have read this book this predates me. Well maybe you read this one. That was my introduction and maybe you can appreciate this one. Do you remember need. He hated the missionaries and where did they had the missionaries build their house on the enchanted wicked cursed grass. That's the best place in the world for a missionary to build their house he'd The missionary didn't know it. But everybody in the village knew the missionaries house was on that Wicca ground was it a conspiracy you bet it was if you haven't read the book friends get it the only bad news I have is it go to Amazon Amazon to buy it even a paperback version is $20.00 and a new version is $47.00. Go down to our a.b.c. I bet you can get it for less. This is what the Bible says like a fleeting sparrow like a fly and swallow so a curse without a cause shall not alight listen you can walk through the darkest You can walk through the darkness valley with Jesus they can curse you all they want but when less God allows it to land on you you're walking in the light just like Jesus said When a man's way pleases the Lord he makes even his enemies to be at peace with them France one of the things about the end times is that while men's hearts are failing them of fear even when we're being persecuted we have peace and we're not afraid and it's a sign of perdition to those who are seeking our life and well being Think about it we've got to look up we've got to look at Jesus we can't be following too much of this stuff to God really say God no loose Here's the 1st conspiracy he's hiding something from me. Was he. Well yes and no. Because surely enough. He never wanted them to face and to feel. And understand what evil was. But the devil slick and he knows come now and God says let us reason together though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow though they're red like crimson they shall be as well you were given a mind like gods and while it retains only a portion of its intellectual horsepower God still has always resorted to the same thing he says it's the truth that sets you free when you sit down and you reason with God if you're an honest person you say God I don't deserve it just like the songs we heard about tonight why would God take any intention of us we were his enemies and yet God gives us invitation I'm willing to sit down and reason by way oh God we learned is in the sanctuary who is so great a god as you and tonight I want to remind you of 3 things as I launch into this topic because these 3 things are the main pillars upon which the plan of salvation is built in the outer court we have the ministry of Jesus is the sacrifice in the holy place we have the ministry of Jesus building and opening up a relationship with the holy God who sits in the most holy place and some day like on the day of atonement in the experience of the Hebrew family God on that one day would indicate his people and their and their God him self and the sins would be cleansed from the sanctuary and this little us this little sandbox story of salvation has become the main pillar upon which we can understand what God is doing a different phases of verse history so Jesus is the lamb he's the sacrifice and Jesus is the mediator he's the priest our High Priest and Jesus is the judge Lamb of God John the Baptist said Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world Paul writes in The Book of Hebrews that he ever lives to make intercession for us and we understand that some day he's going to proclaim those who are holy let them be holy still and those that are. Filthy let them be filthy still 3 phases of God's ministry to redeem the planet and exonerate his own name Yes You see it's very important sacrifice mediation and vindication we've seen this before I wanted to be drilled into your mind you could explain this to a child and they could understand so Jesus as you look at the elements of the sanctuary opens the door by his sacrifice from the outer court at the altar of sacrifice into the place where the showbread the lamp and the incense and finally on the day of atonement in the presence of God himself this is what Jesus said of Lucifer he's a set of the Pharisees your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do they wanted to kill him he was a murderer from the beginning and he does not stand in the truth conspiracy Yes Jesus is confronting it here he knows they want to kill him because there is no truth in him when he speaks a lie he speaks from his own resources one version says he speaks his native tongue for he's a liar and the father of lies I don't know that Satan could ever utter a true statement he's twisted the facts such he thinks he's right and doesn't understand he's wrong and he lies continually the god's the obs that he cannot lie and the author of Hebrews will say it's impossible for God to live ever gone to the state fair and they have a tent and they ask you was it impossible for God to do this makes it on the list but this is what John says the message which we've heard from him a declare to you that God is light and in him is how much darkness none no darkness at all and tonight I want to understand God has nothing to hide and that's my subject matter everything God does is to ensure security for now and for eternity so let's see Abraham's encounter with God. He was visited once Abraham was and he looked down toward Sodom and Abraham went with them and he said on the way shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I'm going to do I want you to understand the scenario Lott has gone down to live in Sodom and Gomorrah God Himself is coming to visit Abraham he's going to tell Abraham he's going to destroy the cities of the plain and the conversation is an interesting one seen that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation and all the nations of the year shall be blessed in him and the men turn their faces from fence and they went to Sodom but Abraham stood yet before the Lord and Abraham drew near and he said will you destroy the writes this with the wicked it's an earnest question his nephew and all of us his nephews children are down there he knows everybody and Saddam isn't bad but God said the wickedness is risen up it's like in the days of Noah and it's time for me to do something about it we've gone past the point of redemption and there polluting the whole general environment around which people who traverse through their city precincts come and Abraham says you will kill them all will you won't kill the good in the bad prevent you to be 50 righteous within the city well they will destroy and not spare the place for 50 writers that are there in Gaza Sure sure is and far be it from the to do this to slay the righteous with the wicked and that the righteous should be as the wicked That be far from the head he works his way all the way down from 524-232-2210. The question is Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right. The other night we asked ourselves can a man be more righteous than God Tonight we're asking Shall not the Judge of all the earth you write there's 3 phases of ministry with the one who died for us and thought it cost him eternal separation that 2nd death that's what Jesus felt when he hung on the cross and he said My God my God why have you left me he was experiencing not just dying as a human he was experiencing die the eternal death and even though he went forward in faith trusting his father he thought he was paying the eternal price with a God who paid the eternal price for all of us not do right or how about the God who is nursing all of us through our sicknesses spiritually physically mentally and socially we once tried to raise puppies when a little Shetland sheepdog her name was Sandy we had 4 puppies rags Wegg tags I know it wasn't very creative was it but it was a story from my wife's little girl hood where she had read a book rags wags tags and Obama over die one of those dogs got sick and I'm here to tell you if you're sentimental type Don't try to raise dogs for money because you feel like you're selling your children. Rags got sick and. We actually took her to one of those emergency vets which assured us of the fact that we would make no money. And you know eventually after sleeping on the kitchen floor with the puppy and nursing it through the night I. Can sell the stock. But I couldn't keep it either so we gave it away to our brother and sister in law. So the dog was still sort of in the family if a human has that much compassion for an animal that will live 10 or 12 years what does God have for billions of people made in His image. Shall not the judge of the earth do right if it was your child what would you do. This is the issue that's at hand Jesus warned us to be aware of the leaven of the fair seas which is hypocrisy for there is nothing covered that will not be revealed nor hidden that will not be known Listen friends it's all been written down there is a book of remembrance your motivations are even being recorded we think that the n.s.a. has scads and scads of data on us I want to tell you something it's nothing like heaven all of our 80 or 90 year or less years are all recorded both from the motivation that prompts the act to the act itself and what we do to make it wrong or make it right but Jesus warned us he was warning the scribes and Pharisees don't live a double life don't make a profession of this and live like this because it's all being written down and everybody's going to see it some day he goes even farther whatever you've spoken in the dark will be heard in the light and whatever you've spoken in the air in the inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops I'm just here there's some things I've done I don't want shouted from the housetops but I say to you that for every idle word men speak they will give an account in the day of judgment and you could go out of here feeling like Man I'm in trouble and you know without Jesus everybody is but with Jesus the blood of the lab purges the record and cleanses the heart and I don't have to worry because I've passed from judgment in the life of a man and this is for you too if you receive him but everything is being written down and everything's going to be looked at this is the record of scriptures don't be confused there is an absolute sense of justice and it will be dealing with facts nothing is secret that will not be revealed nor anything hidden that will not come to light. So let's get to ending the conspiracies could we let's remind ourselves there's 2 judgments don't marvel at this for the hour is coming in which those who are in the graves will hear his voice and come forward those who have done good to the resurrection of life and I'm going to tell you something tomorrow night I'm going to talk about this but Jesus says when he comes to get us his reward is with us what does that mean that means before he came to get us he had already decided there had already been a phase of the judgment because he's coming with the reward and tomorrow night I'm going explain to you another component of the judgment the angels are all satisfied with Christ decision I'm going to show you why tomorrow night they're satisfied but the scriptures are very clear Jesus comes with his reward they've already examined our lives the Bible says judgment begins in the house of God and it begins with those who make a profession and when Jesus comes to get us our fate is sealed in the blood of the Lamb. But there is another resurrection which is the resurrection of damnation 2 and though they be live or damnation one happens when Jesus comes one happens after the end of the 1000 years the scripture is exceptionally clear about this God comes down him self he doesn't pawn it off to a lesser angel he comes down to get us he wants to be there it's going to be audible visible glorious literal and God's going to raise a sup and we're going to go to heaven and the reward our lives our bodies will be changed we will be raised incorruptible and we who are alive and remain will be caught up together in the clouds the wicked are slain by the brightness of his coming the wicked in the graves remain there but those that are alive in Christ and those that have died in Christ are both brought up together in the clouds and will be with God Bless in unholy Revelation says to you who has a part in that resurrection on such the 2nd death has no power and glory hallelujah but they shall be priests of God and of Christ they shall reign with him a 1000 years I don't want you to miss this the story of the last Angel to the Laodiceans is that if we overcome we will sit on Christ throne when you sit on a throne you have power and authority you see we will be in the scope of the cosmos for all eternity we will be with Christ the judges he became one of us we became just like him we share a unique experience in time and eternity and we will not only reign with him for a 1000 years we will go rainy with Christ throughout eternity having shared the most gruesome and glorious experience that can be known. 2 groups the saved and the lost what a sad thing to think one would see Jesus who died on a cross as your enemy the events of Christ coming are like this the believers are resurrected they receive immortality the wicked are consumed the wicked dead remain in their graves and the believers ascend to heaven with Jesus but what happens after Jesus comes when all of that is done and what is the condition of the earth what happens to say and when does God make the Earth new during that 1000 years is anybody alive the word is middle in the um. 1000000 meaning 1000 and of meaning year this is a 1000 year period now some people say it happens before Jesus comes there just isn't any way. Christ is allowing us a unique experience during that 1000 years and remember part of what's being fixed are the lies the conspiratorial lies about God Himself It's been said that he's hiding something that he's the real problem moving out of the way Satan says and let me handle things and it will be like this that millennium is part of the period of time in which God Himself is examine exonerated but after Christ comes and this world is gone through the 7 plagues the brightness of Christ coming the convulsion of that call to wake the dead this world is not in such good shape the word is a Buso us or abyss this world is looking like it was before God created it the words are the same the earth was formed without form and void it was a Buso said it's going to be a terrible looking place when Jesus is all done what's good news to us will be bad news to the devil this world will be destroyed it will be looking like something none of us would want to look at Jeremiah speaking of it describes it as such I beheld the Earth and indeed it was without form and void and the heavens they had no light sounds like creation in reverse when the 1st verses in the Bible say let there be a light it appears that the world is all goes back where it started from except unfortunately in the beginning I had no blight of sin I beheld the mountains and indeed they trembled and all the hills moved back and forth I beheld indeed there was no man and all the birds of the Heavens have fled and indeed the fruitful land was a wilderness that says the Lord the Holy Land shall be desolate yet I will not make a full end of it and at that day the slain shall be from one end of the earth even to the other end of the earth we shouldn't be surprised should we say it and doesn't care he can live in a wreck. He's certainly not going to give a respectful treatment to a body that's made in honor and replication of Christ and some merit the dead people will be laying all over the face of the planet it's a gruesome thought I don't even like to say it but Jeremiah says it and it's true that shall not be lamented or gather to bury the should become refuse on the ground so let's go to that actual chapter in the Bible that talks about it the millennium I saw an angel coming down from heaven having a key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand he laid hold of the dragon the serpent of old who is the Devil Satan and he bound him for a 1000 years what is that binding What are these chains God tells us he's reserved a moment for Satan and his angels and that they will be delivered into chains of darkness to be reserved for judgment God's people have been vindicated but Satan is on the earth is he in a literal chain or is it simply the fact that he has shown himself to all of the inhabitants of the universe including the holy angels as one totally unfit to associate with no one will have anything to do with them the smarting from my own personal devotional life I read the 1st few chapters of The Book of Job very interesting read you read about it in appears that there is some kind of Senate in heaven. And Satan gets to represent or did get to represent this planet and he came to that Senate and God said where you come from and he said from roaming back and forth on the on planet earth and he said if you considered my servant job you need to understand something for a 1000 years Satan is going to be all tied up with a set of circumstances mainly because his mask has been torn off and everybody see him for who he is at the cross the holy angel said that's enough we don't need to see anymore we now understand God revealed the plan of salvation in the story of his people Paul writes in The Book of iffy Jeames that this little world is a theater the angels have been watching and we are the actors the main deliver the only deliver is Jesus but he calls us into a journey of deliverance as well but after the whole story is told and the not long dark night of sin is closed for God's people there will be a longer dark night for Satan nobody has anything to do with them they're not literal change they're the result of these choices and by the way friends if you've ever gotten yourself into an addiction or made a bad decision and you know that those are the chains that God most galling to where Satan by God's design is exiled to planet Earth which is not a pretty place to be and I'm afraid that picture in this one is just a little bit too nice because for the sake of you looking at the ever been in a cave where there's no light. So little boy we used to go over to Hannibal Missouri and we go in the Mark Twain cave and they get us down in the barrels of the earth and they turn the lights off and I could have had my hand right here and not seen the bible says the sun isn't going to shine this is the only thing he has to look forward to which is the judgment that's coming at the end of the 1000 years but it's not because God is exceptionally desirous to make him suffer something's going on in Heaven Is there anyone alive on earth well only the evil angels and Satan everybody else is dead on the face of the planet but in heaven. Something is going on the holy ones that were the saints that were resurrected and the saints that were alive they've got something to do they're not worried they're not afraid their priest a gone and they're reigning for a 1000 years but what are they doing the Bible says that God is there explaining to him what the few remaining to them what the future holds because at the end of that 1000 years there's going to be judgment but before there's execution in this judgement there's going to be investigation nobody's going to stand back and say whoa that was overkill that was too much why did God do that you see some of the people on the outside of the city are going to be people we know God forbid may our lives have a divine purpose in beauty so that nobody misses their eternal inheritance aready paid for by Christ but it's going to be people on the outside of the city when the city comes down at the end of the 1000 years we're going to see people in the crowd we know and some of them will be historical figures for which we have no emotional attachment and some of they're going to be people that we have loved and prayed for and wrestled for on our knees. You see God has to make sure the universe is secure for eternity thrones were put up we sat on them judgment was committed to us judgment God is not moving forward with the final acts of indicating his own name and executing the rebels for which there is no future hope of redemption he's not going forward until Judgment happens and that judgment is committed to you and me now listen if you don't know how to lovingly as a parent if you know how to lovingly as a teacher if you don't have a lovingly as a pastor if you don't have a lovingly as a manager if you don't know how to lovingly execute kind and fair justice now do you think you're going to make the big leap in the future listen. The Bible says when a righteous judge rules the land the people rejoice is because he's a pushover No it's because truth matters and mercy is in the main intermingled in that judgment the judgment going to be committed to them by God's grace to us it's quite a statement the books were opened it's going to be data driven it's not how much I like somebody or how much you love somebody else it's going to be about the facts the facts are that Christ can change your life the facts are God can cleanse a record the facts are that we can be safe in the arms of Jesus today and assured of vindication in the future but by this time the facts a finished during the millennium God's going to answer every single question. You're going to be able look into the lives you have a full intelligence you will have met under the tree of life with all of those that you have been. Redeemed with. But there are going to be wondering is in your mind I'm still looking for so and so it may come to the point and the time in which you realize that so and so is not there. And Jesus can say C'mere. Let's talk he's going to show us everything he ever did he's going to show us every angel that came he's going to reveal how the Holy Spirit put this impress and this conviction and this comfort into their life and though the evidence is going to be so overwhelming it's going to be like you know you've heard people say it's like drinking from a fire hydrant I'm going to tell you as we look at the data and we see what God has done to save it's going to be like standing at the base of Niagara Falls and you're going to realize everything that could have been done was done Hudden it isn't going to change the fact that your heart aches and that your sadness. But the issues of judgment mingled with mercy will be complete you will know God is love. Every question about his justice every concern about his loving action will be completely answered you've read over these verses before and not thought much about them Paul wants to know why nobody in the church in Corinth has enough judgment to keep their church matters from not going public could we not deal with this in private now not everything can be done that way. And not everything today is exactly as it was then but there's a point he's trying to make do you have to take it to the public judges he says Don't you know that the Saints will judge the world. Paul got it he understood these 3 phases of the sanctuary he knew Christ was the propitiation the the substitute for us who knew Jesus ever lived to make intercession and he also know that Jesus wanted to pronounce us holy and holy for eternity but he also knew some would be pronounced filthy and filthy for eternity. He goes on and he says it's not just people do you not know that you shall judge the angels all those questions you had about how did Lucifer become Satan you're going to read about it you're going to hear about it Jesus is going to go through the agonizing story with you and a few tears well up in your eyes when you hear about Christ himself pleading for Lucifer to turn back and you're going to hear the story of how close he came but then he said no to be too embarrassing too humiliating Yes friends you're going to sit on thrones you're going to open the books you're going to look into the story because God has nothing to hide. When Heaven's books are fully opened we will fully understand during the millennium the righteous are in heaven the wicked are dead on the face of the planet Satan is angels are bound because nobody of a thing to do with him there exiled earth like John was exiled to Patmos he doesn't need a literal chain God just needs to speak and it's still an earth remains desolate but after the millennium the wicked dead are resurrected they come the rest of the dead did not live again until the 1000 years were finished these are those who died as rebels who died without being willing to yield the human heart to the remaking touch of Christ on the front side of the millennium is the resurrection of life on the backside of the millennium is the resurrection of damnation that 1000 year period is for us is for us. At the end of the millennium the Christians in the Saints and the raised will descend the city comes down the wicked dead or a Satan is loosed the Last Judgment is about to be enacted Satan and his centers will be destroyed and the earth will be cleansed now when the 1000 years have expired Satan will be released from prison why because all of his wicked subjects have come back to life and he can do something with them they'll go and he will go out and deceive the nations were cheer in the 4 corners of the earth and you say deceived What's there to deceive about the deception is we can still win that's why they attack the city their numbers is the sand of the sea it appears that those inside the city are out numbered but it doesn't matter God is with them John says in chapter one I want to see all the holy city of the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven with God prepared as a bride adorned for her husband and then the announcement is let's get him. And I'm going to tell you before they do that I reminded you last night Paul says and clippings chapter 2 that every needs going to bow and every tongue is going to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the honor and the glory of the father they are looking at the city they've surrounded it it looks like they can do it and they go up and the fire comes down and the final judgment is carried out as I've described you over the last several nights it's not an eternal burning in hell fire it's enough to end the rebellion that's all it needs to be it is merciful and as quick as God can make it and it is this heart wrenching as only you could imagine those transparent walls of gold standing there either on them or in them and seen somebody on the outside realizing they could be with you on the inside them. Indeed friends the scriptures describe this as God's train Jack the Lord shall rise up as in Mount Peres and he shall be Eros this in the valley of Gibeon when you read this in Isaiah Chapter 8 God's been appealing to Israel the 10 tribes of the north and to Judah the 2 tribes of the South and you read the chapter and God says you have made a pact so that death isn't going to get you. Caught said your pact isn't going to stay and unfortunately God has given victories in pairs I'm and this victories and give me and you remember when when they were fighting there and Joshua said Son stand still over Gibeon and moon over agile on these were a mighty amazing victories God did what he said he would do unfortunately for so many of the Old Testament prophets God's people were resistant to the voice of the Holy Spirit and they ignored and rejected the counsel to turn back and repent and this is why most prophets are not received because the call is a call to repentance the God says I'm going to act it will just be I'll use that dynamic power that was once for victory it's going to have to be used to teach you a painful lesson that he may do is work his strange work and bring to act his strange act. No parent raises their children for destruction no ever at Net Not one single moment has God anticipated any delight in the death of the wicked is equal says as I live say at the Lord I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that they turn turn and live turn from your evil ways why were you die can you imagine the God who spoke the cosmos into the you into existence the ist Stratham or tell us now there is more stars than there are sand Peppe grains on the sea shore. This god when when David says and some a what is man that you're mindful of that Paul tells us that in Christ all died so in Christ all can live can you imagine Jesus pleading why why would you choose death. This. Is the best picture I've ever seen to describe the moment. God's heart breaking. You've heard that song by sailor. Speaking of that moment at the cross where it says the father turned his face away but there's more than one moment when God turns his face away. Why do you conspire against the Lord another Old Testament prophet he will make or other end of it but he has a transcendent meaning in this little minor prophet and what he tells us is the sin problem will never rise up again why because God is revealed every secret of the universe to every human being every question has been answered every page has been turned every file has been examined and nobody doubts for a 2nd that God is love. To wipe every tier away from their eyes why is god crying why those secret tears. Because like I've shared with you out of Jeremiah 13 they were God's children before they were yours. They're God's family too. Just in righteous are Die ways lowing you see friends at the end of the millennium there is something that separates us from the joy in the beauty of the environment and that is the divine touch to heal the heart ache the godlike heart ache this is why we sit on the throne God and we have experienced the same things. Events at the end of the Lenni him are not complete until Jesus wipes the tears out of our eyes a 1000 years is barely long enough to make sure we're Ok. Before God steps in and lets it come to its completion he's going to make sure we're Ok we're more than Ok. Look at it wants go away and think about it come back we'll look at it again cry on my shoulder Jesus hold us close. I know it's got to come it's just hard. Jesus says I know. We can't have this. Without having the touch of Jesus says I've completely understand. A new heaven and a new earth. Is going to need the divine touch of Jesus before it's a happy place. After we watch what we had to see. Yes it's the agony of God's heart. There's no more sand there's no more suffering and eventually there's no more sorrow. You know how it is somebody breaks up with you somebody you love gets sick somebody loses their job worst of all somebody dies it takes a while before you're Ok. Lot of days in which just wish you could hold their hand hear their voice. Jesus knows those days will be perpetually permanently done. But you have some memories. Like a scar. It's there because there was a wound. Those scars on the hands of Jesus represent pain will never fully understand but we understand it better than the angels. When it's all said and done no one will ever say. God is trying to hide something from us. Friends. These are the most sublime subjects ever to be wrestled with reflected on in meditating on by man. And the world even including some of our own churches too busy to stop and say What an awesome God we serve. I'm appealing to you. If there's a question mark that stands in your mind about who is God. Stop for a moment and. Think about what he paid to be the author of Love in a lover of all. If somebody has been thrown under the bus somebody has been run over by inconsideration. And lack of response. If love has been unrequited the one whose heart is broken the most is God's. Tonight I'm appealing to you give your heart to Christ again. There's lots of theories out there about how the prophecies end up but I'm here to tell you if you'll start with the simplest paradigm sacrifice mediator and vindicator. You'll see that no page will be left unturned as God has nothing to hide. I know there's questions I know the devil tries to make you doubt. That to know him as they love him so tomorrow morning when you wake up in the night before you go to bed kneel down by your bed and say Lord it's a mystery too big for me to fully comprehend but what I understand calls me to a new devotion. That's one of the main reasons we do these meetings we sometimes forget some of you many of you heard this message before a message like it but we forget really the great pillars of mercy and justice grace and truth that this amazing invitation to be a child of God is built on he paid the price because we couldn't do it. But he'll never run over our intelligence. Or our emotional desire to understand. Some appealing to you tonight one more time he won't be the last. May just as have everything. That is you. Let him show you more what is him. You're willing to do that tonight invites you to stand. Sometimes we hear these things and it's like oh yeah we know. We brushed right on by. All the obvious things that are involved because we didn't slow down long enough to think about what it will be like. I'm only scratched the surface to. It's probably wrong that we don't come to this Cheshire chest of understanding about how great and good you are more often. Bless us tonight Lord. Hard to be sensitive and tender may we not be afraid to love to risk to suffer. This is the journey. Of our God in our savior in our Redeemer. Thank you for pouring all of omnipotence into the journey to redeem us. All the tenderness of the patient give it to us Lord for those we're trying to reach. And bless us now as we go from this place is such an assurance that you can be trusted. Of the standard stand better now in our own lives I pray go with us Lord as we go rejoice. That there will be a day when there are no more conspiracies. And no more doubts and tell their Lord May we live by faith in the promises and get to know you better is my prayer in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audiophiles a website dedicated to spreading God's word through audio and much more if you would like more about audio verse you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. audio or.


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