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Hallelujah, Here Comes the Judge

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • September 30, 2019
    7:15 PM
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Father we've gathered here again tonight. We want to be a blast and we want to be a blessing so I'm praying tonight Lord for both I'm asking the Lord that as we go through the last 5 presentations tonight over the next 4 nights and then really Lord one more on Sabbath morning I'm praying that we would take courage and hope and that would be prepared to give a good word in due season to those that are weary. So now Lord prepare our hearts and our minds make this message clear anoint my lips and my tongue my mind and the minds and hearts of those that I'm here studying with and bless us now I pray in Jesus' name amen. So I change my subject tonight and I'm entirely the sound of the trumpet now I love to listen to a good brass band I love to hear the trumpet taking us to beautiful melodious high places and and sounding out the charge this is a fantastic thing obviously an army you know they have their bands there's a reason for that music is very powerful by the way friends every song that has Christian words is not Christian Satan is a manipulator of all things so I'm appealing to you to make sure that the music you're listening to has the sweetness and the harmony and the absence of the sound of the world and it music really matters but tonight I want to talk with you about the sound of the trumpet before I go into the sea evening's presentation I want to echo a warning from the Apostle Paul writing to the fest Loney and speaking of a lawless one who would deceive he says even him whose coming is after the working of Satan and I want you to notice this theme with all the power and signs and lying wonders I want you to understand when the world of humanism and empirical science as we know it comes to the end of its days of providing solutions. When Bible prophecy has come to the end of its course and it's time for a different level of spiritual encounter we are going to see miracles which are not necessarily from God but they are designed to deceive because we've been trained that seen is believing if you don't go away with this understanding I feel like I've failed if you go away with this understanding then you know that the Bible is the test of a prophet not his ability to form to perform signs and wonders but this is another moment when the Scripture is warning us John does it in the Book of Revelation Paul does it in his books with power and signs in line wonder spiritual power exercised to deceive but what I want you to see is that it was with all deceive a bill ness of unrighteousness him them that perish because they don't love the truth that's what the scripture goes on to say now I've been quoting this verse to you night by night and I just want to look at it with you John 717 claim that claim that before you walk through the doors of this church you would know but that I was a false prophet and a deceiver but you cando because you can compare what I am teaching what the word and you can ask for the Spirit to guide you but God is not out there dangling little prophetic delicacies for you so that you can just be intellectually amused no God is looking to reveal the truth for those who want to follow truth this is one of the reasons they resented and resisted Jesus he was the light of the world but they love darkness rather than light so they couldn't see him now I find that almost unfathomable that Jesus who is the like could come into the world it's not hard to see light when you've been in darkness unless you keep your eyes closed and turn away because it's too painful and of course that's part of the phenomena when you're in a dark spot only so much light is appreciable. But tonight friends I hope you're on a journey of learning for where ever the Holy Spirit wants to convict you but if anybody's willing to do is will there's the condition he will know of the teaching whether it's of God or whether I speak for myself now that was Jesus speaking but in effect he said test me and we're back to that inner witness that the beloved gospel writer John although he writes it in is a pistol but he writes it there and 1st John Chapter 5 you can check it out but he talks about the inner witness when John Wesley's father was dying the great founder of Methodism he was it is by father's bedside and his father said to John he said John remember the testimony of the inner witness and before we're done here tonight I'm going to remind you that it is the gift of prophecy that reveals the secrets of the heart and convict someone to go against that conviction is dangerous God knows when he sent conviction he knows when it's been resisted and someday those will be part of the record a sad part of the record so tonight friends one of the messages I want to get across and what I'm saying and doing up here is don't be afraid Jesus will never lead you anywhere that you don't want to go if you could see the end from the beginning but you can't so we have to walk by faith not by sight right now is having a visit with somebody the other day about something we needed to do and it was something that we need to do as a church. But you know God always keeps us right there on the edge of needing to walk by faith and I said you know we need to do it we don't really have quite the resources we need to do it but we're probably going to have to pray our way into a certainty that we need to do and take a step in the resources will follow by the way friends I appreciate the support you've given for this seminar will take up an offering one more time this weekend but thank you for those who were able to participate in helping care that well my slides got a little out of order but here's the rest of the 1st 2 because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved I know some people who don't love truth the truth is too painful they're afraid if they embrace the truth they're going to have to embrace some responsibility but I want to tell you something the pain of embracing it sure beats the nagging uncertainty insecurity of resisting it so listen you're in a love relationship with somebody and you've got that nagging voice in the back your ear saying you know this is not the person you're putting them before me surrendered to Jesus yes they'll be grief and they'll be sorrow there's somebody in your life you need to have a conversation with him God kept prompting you to do it and you kept resisting you don't want to ruin the relationship Listen friends eventually the relationship will be ruined anyway because if you're moving to the light and they're slowly moving to the darkness eventually there's going to be great distance between you and God prompts you to do something the Bible says He who knows to do right and do with it not to him it's sin. We're living in an age when parents are not fulfilling a prophetic role friends are not fulfilling a prophetic role nobody wants to do anything to make anybody feel bad or be the cause of a problem James Dobson used to say I'd rather tell the truth that hurts than heals than a falsehood that comforts and then kills some appealing to you and my appeal to you tonight is let the truth lead you to the high places trust Jesus now does Does anybody know what today is. Last day September right. But it's a bigger thing than that I need to tell you this morning I woke up with what I believe and I don't usually have this happen but I woke up with a thought on my mind thought about this seminar or thought about where God wanted me to take it and as I was thinking about it I I decided I'm going to change course I'm going to take us on a different journey tonight. And then I got into my staff meeting and I was visiting with one of the other pastors a retired pastor and he said Do you know what the day of the yeah it's Monday September 30 that's not what he meant he said today is Russia China. And today is the day that begins the Feast of Trumpets and what I want you to know is that this day is the beginning of the 10 days that lead up to the day of atonement and tonight I'm going to take you on a journey it's a journey that shows how God reveals the plan of salvation in the festivals and I want to start with some review you'll get tired of seeing these slides but I won't get tired of showing them to you let's read it together by way Oh God is in the sanctuary who is so great a God as our God I want you to understand that the simplest truths can be explained even if you can't prove them. And so tonight I hope you come away with a little more understanding of how God has been revealing the plan to save man not only in the sanctuary but also in the festivals. I've showed you the slide many times 3 parts to the sanctuary this is God's plan for the redemption of man and the clearing of his own name after having been accused by Satan you have the outer core where there was a sacrifice the holy place right here where there was a relationship opened up by way of the priest and the blood a perfect sacrifice and a mediator that was your connection to the God who sat enshrined in the most holy place on the mercy seat underneath was the ark of the covenant it would structure covered in gold 10 commandments Aaron's rod that butted and some manna God's perfect sustenance a statement of where of 40 lies because Moses and Aaron were question and also a statement of what God's government is based on God's throne is based on and established on his word so I want this thoroughly in your mind now this represents sacrifice Jesus was the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world this represents mediation Jesus becomes the bridge from our broken humanity to our restored a state as citizens of heaven and Jesus is the judge which means he can pronounce us not only forgiven but restored now I do want to say a few things and I'm going to highlight them I've been referring to this phase of the judgment as vindication and indeed it is God's desire to vindicate us but the one thing God will not do is call wrong right so these 10 days that marker. The day of the Feast of Trumpets which lead up to the Day of Atonement today in the Hebrew economy is the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets now that moment was a trumpet call to all of Israel to a 10 day reflective period about their lives it was a call to repentance that called to repentance was to be an honest examination it was to be a sensitivity to the spirit and the teaching of the priests from the Word of God as if my life was completely surrendered to Jesus and as we live in the sim as we are living that was a symbolic experience but we're living in the real Feast of Trumpets now because we are anticipating God's final acts in the most Ali place Jesus does these 3 roles he dies for us he creates a connection that has power to transform our lives and eventually as we have a full surrendered to him and we're honest with ourselves and he can be Lord everybody wants savior everybody wants savior not so many one Lord he taps you on the shoulder and says I'd like the to stop doing that and we want to say that wasn't God. It's kind of like that lady who quit eating donuts she made a vow she would need more donors she drove by the donut shop every day and she wasn't going to eat any more donors but as she got closer she said Lord if there's an open spot for the donut shop I'll stop it and I'll take it as a sign from you if there's no open spot when I go by the donut shop I won't stop course she went by the donut shop what do you think happened no open spot but she drove around the block 3 or 4 times and eventually there was one. This is the human heart isn't it we laugh because we can relate. Can Jesus be Lord of my life. Jesus said the way is broad that leads to destruction and many find that one he says narrow is the way and few are those who find the path to eternal life when Jesus forgives my sins this is an absolute gift the price is paid I don't have to die but it's more than a gift where blood falls on the record and covers up the writing This is now a cape of empowerment to follow him and walk as he walked this is an empowerment to be like him and I want to tell you we need his power to put our human nature down we don't have it but I tell you what we have to cooperate Paul didn't tell us to put on the full armor of God so that we could just stand there we fight in the he said Resist the devil and it's not just resistance for the kingdom it's resistance for our own soul salvation we cooperate with Jesus after we've received salvation to go on to transformation Now listen how do you think Michael Jackson got so good shooting a basketball I know I'm dating myself I didn't say Le Bron James today how do you think Michael Jackson I mean my Michael Jordan sorry. Michael Jackson might not have been so good at it but Michael Jordan was that's dating me too how do you think that Michael Jordan's got so good on the court. Yes a lot of basketball. And he had some instruction and some coaching and you know it the more he did it what happened the better he got because doing is becoming Listen I had somebody say today as we were talking about this subject this current generation says yeah but God knows my heart that's the problem the human heart is deceitful or wicked beyond all understanding you don't know what God knows it and what God is going to judge you by is not your heart is going to judge you by your actions Listen friends judging us is not going to be hard because what the heart believes is what the life acts out so when we come through this phase of ministry Jesus has not only forgiven our sins but he's opened up a door to the most omnipotent power source in all of the world and Paul will write about the resurrection power is the power we have the Overcome So Jesus is not going to accept excuses it's not to pull yourself up by the bootstraps but it's what has got architected from my day to day how am I going to live today where am I going with Jesus today and you know what Jesus will stretch you a little bit probably fairly often so when we look at the land we see Jesus when we look at the priests we see Jesus when we look at the Day of Atonement and the cleansing and the vindication of God in His people we see Jesus every phase of this is Jesus there's deliverance there's power and there's restoration Now I want to go on a journey with you and show you how these things line up with both history and future prophecy at the altar of ins sacrifice we see the cross. This is what happened Jesus came and it was the cross where he was sacrificed he wasn't sacrificed insiders when you sacrificed outside when we come to the most holy place Jesus has died. He has been resurrected he is on earth for a period of 40 days and then he tells them you wait there is now 10 days and during those 10 days they are praying together in the up room they are headed towards Pentecost and as a function of the connection when Jesus is coronated in heaven as our High Priest in heaven not just in symbolism and teaching on earth there is power release to the new church and the new family of God and you see the early church bursting out of it seems because the connection between heaven and earth has been bridged by Christ and he's now there making intercession and what he told me before he left is I'll send you the best gift you could ever be sent it will be the Holy Spirit and when we come down to the final phase the last acts before they are finished we see in the Book of Revelation and appeal to the earth and I'm going to look at this with the a little bit 3 angels declaring that something is going on before everything's done here now we're not in Heaven the final act of judgment vindication has not happened yet but these 3 angels are to be trumpeting and echoing the invitations of mercy God always sends a messenger and a message to prepare people for major worldwide salvation events which are going to affect their eternal destiny here is the message then I saw another angel fly and in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tried tongue and people saying Fear God and give glory to Him for what is come the hour of his judgment now I'm here to tell you what happened at the cross is the absolute anchor point of our hope. But when Jesus goes to heaven and becomes our mediator he takes the merits of a perfect life and a perfect sacrifice and he goes before a perfect father and now not based on faith that God could actually fix this thing and solve this thing but based on the reality Jesus has defeated Satan at the cross and he has made a way for humanity to him encounter victory and hope and power he's now in the presence of his father but before Jesus finishes a work of mediation which will come to an end this is the message God will not allow this little globe to spin out of complete control before it's done before the fruits of sand can destroy life on planet earth Jesus will transition into a new role in which he will communicate to his angels that these individuals who have received me are actually transformed and being transformed and that work in the most holy place precedes Jesus coming with his reward that's what the scripture says he comes with his reward that's because the judgment for those that are saved the vindication for those who have received Jesus not only a savior but Lord is done so this final judgment our message is what those angels are proclaiming it's an end time message it is the hour of judgment now I want to talk to you tonight about the dynamics of what's happening here my record is cleansed at the cross but some people stop their justification is their message and by the way friends I don't want anybody to get the up on me about how wonderful it is that my records clinched. There are things that I've done that I don't want anybody to know my records cleansed in heaven and by God's grace nobody will ever look at it but it's not just a cleansing of the record God restores a relationship. It's not enough that I have a record cleanse my relationship with God is where the transformation of my life takes place to know him is to love him to behold him is to become change that relationship. Is what we call sanctification the presence of Christ in my life the love the sanctifying love of Jesus in my heart actually can really tool the appetites of my mind Peter will say through the exceeding great impressions promises I can become a partaker of the divine nature of the divine nature the nature of Jesus when we don't have that relationship we can proclaim that my record was cleansed all we want but there is a transformational power if you could take people from dead to life whether it's Lazarus or the widow of named son or yourself Jesus said I have the power to lay down my life in the power to take it up when you've got that kind of power it's certainly enough power to reconfigure actually to rebirth the mind and heart of man that relationship is where that happens when you're too busy to be in that relationship friends the Devils just he's got to carried out in front of you too much to do today don't you you don't want to be with Jesus too much money to earn you don't want to be with Jesus or you like being with her don't you that's more fun than being with Jesus and then television show and that website. Or you're afraid of that aren't you you don't want to slow down and think it'll cause too much pain in reality being with Jesus to think on your life is the ultimate counsellor and heal your relationship the relationship is what was broken in Eden the relationship is what is restored by the cross but when we don't follow the 10 commandments one of which says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy which is an invitation to Relationship and When our days are too full to know God what are we saying life on planet Earth is enough how sad. And when come down to the last act all doubt is removed the final vindicating act of God angels I want you to look at this this gal this lady this daughter of mine look at her life look it over do you have any questions I know she's safe to bring back here the angels look at over the one that was with they're all alive protecting her he says yeah Jesus I watched her changing as you came more and more into the Lordship of her line this is the story line you want to know about God go to his sanctuary you want to understand the plan of salvation go to his sanctuary take some time to think about it God's way is there now I want to talk with you about the festivals but before I do what I say said this is Russia this is that 1st day of the Feast of Trumpets they would come to Jerusalem they would be there and they would expect to hear echoing from Jerusalem and then all across the country sigh the sound of the trumpet. Ramshorn. I had to find a trumpet player who could do that. And it's a lot harder than playing a trumpet Thank you Grant that was the announcement that it was time to start preparing for the most solemn feast there was now that's towards the end. I want to start with the Jewish religious calendar it starts with Passover which is the 7th month on the 14th day why does it start with Passover put your learning caps on. Why does it start with Passover don't yell it out to start thinking why Passover because Jesus liberated his people with his own blood on the Passover sounds an awful lot like the cross does it not this is where the plan of salvation began it's also enshrined in the festivals of ancient Israel on the 14th day of the 7th month the blood was put on the doorposts but Jesus transition the meaning of the Passover to a new covenant experience through his blood and his life in the unleavened bread no more lambs were going to be slain and the interesting thing is that Dr Luke tells this and I believe Luke Chapter 22 that Jesus says I won't drink this cup until I drink it with you in the New Kingdom the symbolism of what we call the type ology the ability to see greater truth in an event is clearly here Jesus takes the Passover becomes the Passover lamb and then assures us there will be an even greater deliverance not greater but there will be an ultimate deliverance from this dark night of woe in this wicked world when we get to heaven John the Revelator says one of the 1st things going to happen is that we're going to sit down at the Marriage Supper of the new the I am and he's going to serve us finally we're going to be sitting down and celebrating but it starts with Passover now they left Egypt so fast that their bread didn't get time to rise and so from the very next day forward is an experience of examining their lives this leaven represented sin and they were to get all the leaven out of their house to remind them of God's rapid deliverance and of a call to appear life. Now Jesus is the Passover lamb and Jesus lived a life without leaven when Jesus died though he laid in the tomb from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning and that leads up to the 3rd which is 1st fruits now in Old Testament Israel this feast was tied to the barley harvest the feast in the spring where about grains the feast in the fall were about fruit and they would actually move this feast if they needed to because you had to have some barley or a grain to be a part of the offering of the 1st fruits they would do a wave sheet they would wave the 1st fruits when Jesus was resurrected other people were resurrected Well on that weekend when he died people were resurrected and when he went back to heaven he took people he had rescued from the grave as 1st fruits to heaven some people think that those 24 elders in the Book of Revelation are represented by this group what I want you to see is Jesus' life is progressing through the festivals in the same way that Jesus' ministry progresses through the sanctuary so these are the spring festivals and when you go 40 days 50 days actually Jesus was here for 40 and then there were 10 more you go 50 days past the Passover and you end up at Pentecost Now look what happened Jesus lingers on the earth for 40 days he's teaching He's at a fine he's comforting his exhorting he leads but he's told him don't you leave Jerusalem he told them to do 2 things one thing he told them was the way the other thing he told them was to go but don't go and tell you wait and when Jesus goes to heaven and his ministry in the holy places inaugurated. They've been seeking God's wanting to give and the Holy Spirit comes down and there's a breaking out of power in the early church and you just can't shut them down you know listening to Pastor Michael and Pastor Andy talk up here it is pretty amazing they told us this morning of one person who had 3000 friends and wanted to invite them all to watch these these messages you know if you had to do that in the day of Pentecost you'd have to run around to 700 houses or 300 houses depending how big the family was but I want to tell you the gospel went everywhere in the 1st century with old fashioned technology like I've got something to tell you and by the way France that's probably how it's going to finish people moving from house to house with their faces lighted up with the Gospel they're going to be it's going to be seen that in a world that's full of fear and anger these people are full of light and hope this is Jesus' ministry for re deeming planet earth moving through the festivals Let's go to the fall festivals when we come to the fall festivals we come to the Feast of Trumpets that sound you heard today echoing perhaps and synagogues many places on this planet that was a Call it was an attention getter it was God's appeal begin to examine yourself because at the end of these 10 days we're going to come up to the most solemn assembly there is the only feast where the Israel lights fast friends don't fast on the Sabbath or that are Jews they don't fasten on the Sabbath the death Sabbath is a day of celebration but there was one Sabbath whether it fell on the 7th day sabbath or on one of the festival satis actually when it fell on the 7th day sabbath I'm not sure if it fasted but this was a fast day every other Sabbath is not you want to fast going fast when the Sabbath was changed from Sabbath the Sunday use fasting to destroy the joy of the day. But on the 10th day of the Feast of Trumpets the high priests would put on a simple garment. He would slay one of the goats he would take their blood which represented Jesus the whole nation was fasting and praying that indeed rebellion was not in their ranks and that the priest the high priest as their representative should not be smitten on behalf of their spiritual irresponsibility he would go in there with blood and all year long God had been saying bring the sin problem to me but as these feasts represent. A call to not only meeting my spiritual needs but telling the world that their spiritual needs have been met. God has a people at the end of time that are blowing sorry are blowing the Gospel trumpet let's put it up here this gospel trumpet is being blown these 3 angels are flying around the world they're not literal angels but they are people the word angel in Greek means messenger and in the experience of God working out the redemption of the entire race not just those lucky few who know about those blessed you God as a people who are determined to make sure the trumpet blows when we're living in the day of atonement the question I have for you tonight is how committed are you to making sure the Gospel trumpet gives a mighty sound and everybody knows there's a bombing Gilliatt there's a healing for our Sensex sauce too many of people that espouse my faith are quite comfort for silence to rain on the face of the earth this meeting here tonight is part of that gospel trumpet sound. On the day of atonement when the priest came out from the high most holy place it had been cleansed. The goat had died that goat representing Jesus who knew no sin but became sin for us he paid the price for you for mean for the entire world when he finally comes out and he's carrying the sins of the world symbolically on him now just like Jesus did for us he goes to that go that's called Azazael Sometimes it's called the scapegoat although scapegoat has the idea of not being responsible in this case this goat that he's about to put his hands on represents where the sin problem came from and rightly where it ought to be labeled in the end and when he lays his hands on that goat and he declares the sins that God had paid the price for that doesn't get the devil off the hot seat he's going to pay the price he's going not to have anything to do with salvation but he is going to be held responsible for his rebellion that goat is led by someone out into the wilderness and what we see in all this imagery is what the world looks like after Jesus comes yes indeed the trumpet sounds yes indeed God pronounces judgment and when it's all said and done this world is a wreck and while it's a wreck Satan's there and just before Satan is executed after a 1000 years of reflecting on what he's done Jesus comes back again and finally when the New Jerusalem comes down on planet Earth finally when the fire has ceased we speak and celebrate the peace but there is one festival that's left that I haven't described yet the most joyous festival in all of the Hebrew economy celebrated 5 days now everybody did not have to come to Jerusalem for the Feast of Trumpets and the day of the Tell Me. There were 3 Fees you had to come for if you were a full fledged adult male if you had gone to your bar mitzvah and you were considered a man in Israel you need to be there for Passover you needed to be there for Pentecost you did not need to be there for the Day of Atonement although the nation celebrated it or I should say went through this solemn feast but you were to be there for the Feast of Tabernacles and when I showed you that slide on Sabbath of that progression of people moving through the stars moving through the cosmos you see this Feast of Tabernacles is a feast that represents the final joy of having made it to the promised land I want you to see in the festivals the progression of the plan of salvation I want you to see in the Tabernacle the plan of salvation and I want you to understand where we are now these festivals are not obligatory on us but just because they're not obligatory doesn't mean they don't have value to us I think it be a wonderful thing I heard somebody on the radio today talk about a media fast a fast from their phone I wonder if 10 days every fall when we thought about the fact that we were living in the day of atonement if we celebrated the Feast of Trumpets if it might not do something to put a greater intentionality in a sharper spiritual focus in our lives I'm convinced it would. And I'm wondering if every fall when the Jews are celebrating the day of atonement if we had a day of fasting and we said Lord is my heart proud and lifted up against you in my humble enough to hear you talk Have I been resisting you and something Have I been failing to do what you've asked. This 10 days was a day were days of examinee one's heart and when one was afflicting one's soul on the Day of Atonement it was in effect to say God search me and know me and see if there be any wicked way in me it wasn't a day of insecurity no the Lamb had been slain and the goat had been slain the daily sacrifice on the table in the tabernacle carried on on the Day of Atonement did people make mistakes did people sin at times on the Day of Atonement indeed they did but it was not typically of intention and yet nonetheless there was a mediating sacrifice on that day that was different than the sacrifice that cleanse the temple itself. Nobody was to be without any doubt about the great love of God and I wouldn't want anybody here tonight to be without the a doubt be living with doubt in regards to the great love of God unless one is not stopping long enough to think about who is God in my life and am I fully surrendered to his leading can hand something to say about how many commitments I take to condemn something to say about how primary my commitment to the church is the one object of his supreme regard is my absence giving the trumpet a less certain sound a lesser volume you see friends as we move through the feast and as we move through the tabernacle we see the hand of God But today friends we are living while the trumpets are supposed to be blowing and we are supposed to be blowing them rush Harsha. Wonderful invitation to stop and reflect on your life now and then to move through this a little bit quickly here. I've talked about this before not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My Father in Heaven many will say to me on that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name that's what I'm doing the night or I'm telling you what I believe through biblical symbolism and biblical teaching the future holds really tonight I've just been explaining to you symbols and types they'll be plenty of preachers who don't walk through the pearly gates Lord have we not prophesied in your name cast out demons in your name and the many wonders in your name I want to tell you the Devil's right there to co-opt your religious interest especially if it gets your mind off thinking about your soul thinking about your character thinking about your journey with Jesus be busy for Jesus but just don't be slow enough and quiet enough to be there in the quiet with him and I'll declare to them I never knew you depart from me all of you who practice lawlessness the Day of Atonement a solemn because it is the last offer of salvation it's the end of the line when the angel pronounces in Revelation 21 he was holy let him be holy still he who is righteous let him be righteous still that's it it's over. The value of the cross is not completely done but its ability to take a human and transform him is finished No wonder the trumpets blow for 10 days no wonder God has such an interest and these 3 angels are described as having a megaphone now I want to come back to the gift of prophecy I started my 1st night with this and I'm bringing you back to it pursue love and desire spiritual gifts who see writing too busy writing to the preachers. Well then them too he's writing to every member of the Corinthian church get that clear before I go any farther. Every member but desire especially that you may prophesied Well let's keep going he who prophesies speaks advocation exhortation and comfort to men all of those pastors parents teachers policemen probation officers who's ever a person of authority seniors in our midst nobody's supposed to abandon this gift everybody's supposed to seek it let's keep going therefore if the whole church comes together in one place notice the words hold church and all speak with tongues and there come in those who are uninformed or nonbelievers will they not say that you're out of your mind I mean Paul is not excited about this church they have so many problems and one of them is that their worship services are chaotic and he'll say later in this chapter and verse 40 Let all things be done decently and in order that's why have somebody is going to speak in a tongue make sure somebody can interpret it or doesn't edify anybody. But if all prophecy prophesied I notice the word I hear different in the early church service there were moments like this when Pastor Paul was preaching or Apollo says some of the others but I want to tell you there were many moments when in a single house a dozen or so people would gather and everybody had something to share out of their personal experience about how God was working with them correcting them encouraging them and it was a group journey of pastoral care and I'm quite confident before Jesus comes back I'll be in jail or out of a job and it will be up all of you to make sure you're exercising the gift of prophecy. And if you don't know how to exercise it. Think back to your grandma your grandpa spiritual people I hope if they were most of them knew how to exercise the give the props they had their walk with God I have people telling me about contractors who have their bible on the dash of their truck when they have a few extra moments they read it they actually do great work their lives represent Christ they are actually giving the trumpet a certain sound but they have determined that they are to fulfill the role God gave them to do listen church the gift of prophecy is for all of us and when parents quit correcting children and when pastors quit talking about sin and when teachers are afraid to enforce the rules we've got people abandoning the gift of prophecy no wonder things are such a mess people must have this gift that's why Paul said this is the one gift you got again when he's convicted by all he's Cal to an account by all the secrets of his heart speaking to him there revealed and so falling down on his face he will worship God and a report that God is among you yes when he hears you speaking out of the depths of your walk with God and the application of the Bible in your life the gift of prophecy isn't for some little girl who was in the 3rd grade when she got hit in the face with a rock and it's not for the pastor alone although I do have a book on my shelf about Billy Graham that says a prophet with honor yes this prophetic gift is for a whole group of people but I'm afraid we've come to the place where fewer and fewer exercising and fewer and fewer are reading about the prophets should we not expect a growing cultural dysfunction. Brethren now I'm back to the beginning of the chapter if I come to you speaking with tongues What shall I profit you unless I speak you either by revelation by knowledge by proper sign or by teaching he's back to saying look let up on the tongues I want some knowledge some proper sign or some teaching but let's get to the verses I'm after even things without life whether flute or harp when they make a sound unless they make a distinction in the sounds how will it be known what is played for the trumpet if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound who will prepare for battle I want to tell you there are kids and spouses and coworkers who are marching to destruction because everybody's afraid to fulfill the gift of prophecy Now listen don't you run out there and be somebodies conscience and don't you run out there and club somebody but I'm afraid we've gone so far from that straw man of conservative religious groups in generations gone by that people are walking willy nilly and destruction and it appears everybody is Ok with it. There are stories I could tell we're going to celebrate in effect something that's wrong in our silence no wonder God's Church is suffering Paul said if there's a gift you need it's the gift of prophecy to edify which is to teach and instruct to exhort which is to point back to the truth and to console especially when someone is recognised truth and not brought a resistant stiff neck to the experience. The trumpet must make a certain sound the problem is in most churches if someone has the kindness and good discretion to you know what the Bible says that a word spoken of a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pitchers of silver some people don't have much wisdom and their words do create tons of trauma but there are so many people I know that are kind discreet Christians and if they would kindly engage somebody who they think is wandering off the path of life only to be eternally destroyed they might turn a sinner back and according to The Book of James it would be a great act. Don't be afraid Ferenc my dear mamma who might be watching right now was a good profit. And I got my mouth washed out with soap and I learned not to talk like that. And I stood with my nose against the wall and I learned to keep from taking this big ole hand and Bollen it up into a knuckle and wallop in my sister and she told me to clean my room before I went to school and I didn't and she called me home from a public school and then she made me go back I learned she meant what she said. She fulfilled a better prophetic role as I've watched for the last 30 years than many parents who I think are afraid that they won't look great basin up Listen my momma had grace she had the grace that empowered me to live above my natural self and by God's grace today I'm doing it. Don't be afraid what you ought to be afraid of is that you focus everything on you they might not like me they might go say something bad about me this was the hard part of the prophets job and it remains still and when Friedman in his book a failure of nerve says from the pastors to the from the parents to the presidents it's the one who has the emotional stamina to endure what doing lead leadership requires That's the real leader how do you get it go to Jesus. Follow his example be humble Don't rush out to fix something just look for God's providential leading but if he says I want the trumpet to make a certain sound so they at least know right from wrong you can't force them to choose which they should at least know right from wrong and what's at the end of the other side of this chasm the bridge is out don't fail to do it now let's just look real quick before I go on if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound who will prepare for what battle let's go to the next person revelation and the dragon was enraged with the woman and he went to make what war I'm here to tell you he's happy for us to sit on the sidelines and drink the world's version of veggie beer whatever you drink I surely hope you don't drink the real stuff he said the force the feed ourselves get fat and sassy and in have all these tropes all these wonderful narratives about how much God loves us all the while knowing. That God's love is a love that actually nicely tells the truth and keeps people from just fixating on themselves in a life of pleasure there's a war coming. The devil's one with plasma T.V.'s in l. e. d. T.V.'s he's pick so many people off they're addicted to video games the internet pornography alcohol cigarettes gossip. Money there will be a remnant though and they've not rejected the rebuke of a prophetic voice whether it's from a parent or a teacher or a pastor or administrator or a boss or a friend. Now I'm not unleashing all of you to go out and become. Somebody else's conscience but if you do share prophetically and it involves a little bit of exhortation don't be surprised if somebody says do you you're guilty me I'll just give you a little experience. Guilt is a spiritual symptom of the spiritual disease. If someone feels guilt they need to find out of its true guilt or false guilt some of you carry around a lot of false guilt the devil is the accuser and he's got you looking at yourself so much you know you just can't go to heaven one prophet but I like to refer to as the Spirit of Prophecy says Get your eyes off yourself and start looking at Jesus and you get a little hope back in everything. And then tell him the accuser the Jesus Christ has already paid the price you've given your life to him your name is written down the Lamb's book of life and you're planning to see Jesus face to face. But there is a war right now it's a war of I want to tell you the Book of Revelation for as much as I had to say about conspiracies last night the Book of Revelation Unmasked The Final conspiracy who is the after he's after those who keep the commandments they have a lifestyle of obedience they've surrendered their pride but this is what he really hates he really hates this because when this happens the Holy Spirit convicts people and they turn to the cross and they are saved that is the spirit of prophecy is that in your home is it in your heart can you console prophets know how to console can you teach and write your snus that's edification are you willing. This is what Paul said everybody should be after. Our lives are to be submitted to gone people want to call lives like Daniel's legal list so you mean you actually let your church talk to you about what you eat listen. The church is how I met Jesus. Yes my church talks about how I just turns out that my denomination which is this one the people live 7 or 10 years longer than everybody else I'm not down on that are you. Immediately your church talking about how you dress the Bible says the older women should talk with the younger women about dressing modestly and by the way the younger men might need to be talked to by the older men about Jesse modestly to you when you let your church talk to you about what you watch Yeah they quote the Bible it says Whatsoever things are pure and true and beautiful and noble and of good report and it just turns out I can spend a lot of time on my phone with that list. Because I know that by beholding I become changed you mean your church talks with you about how to spend your money oh yeah they do it's all God's that's what they teach and he needs more and more of it as we get close to the end because the trumpets got to keep sounding whether it's a radio station or a t.v. station or in evangelist or teacher or a preacher or a student missionary Oh yeah whether I mean or drinking or whatever I'm doing I've got set my my mind the trumpets are sounding the David tell me it is going to come to an end and everybody needs to know who Jesus is because he's still the lily of the valley he's still the Morning Star he still is fragrant as the ever was and there's so many lies going on around there that the people who understand this have got to make sure the word gets out can you say man. I beseech you by the mercies of God that you present your bodies your pocketbooks your schedule books everything as a living sacrifice you see friends we're living in the hour of judgment that's why there's a 1001 things to do. One of the reasons there's such a gangbuster economy going on Appreciate the work of those who can take some credit for it but I want to tell you something before the 10 Tribes fell there was a gangbuster going county going on in Israel and my why wasn't it a wonderful distraction from stopping I want to tell you there's opportunities for you out there there are for you all there for you with devilish design but they are from God your being here tonight is important I have 4 more messages and then one on Sabbath morning you might not have 3000 friends on Facebook but you might have 300. And we might have a 1000 or 2000 people watching we know of one site where there was 7 he really doesn't matter and ones respect except that the trumpets are to sound and they are to give a certain sound it matters because God does nothing without revealing his secrets to a servants the prophets just a little bit more this dear 7 them in his church that I love who brought me to a knowledge of Christ sometimes gets people like to kick yet because back in 844 there was a group of people long before 7 am and is started their name where Miller writes They actually had the gall the audacity to teach that in 1844 Jesus was coming back to this world and tomorrow night I'll show you the world's biggest tent at least in that day it was purchased so that everybody could get in and here they were on the newspapers the world was paying attention Josiah well of in Europe and William Miller here and many others but you know something on October 23 1844 they were the laughingstock of the world. And there are people who dared say that 7th Day Adventists them was begun on a mistake. Well I'm going to tell you something. They're partially right because what those people were teaching in 1904 those mighty spiritual giants was that the cleansing of the sanctuary where does that happen friends which apartment most holy place I've taken you through this many times they had read Daniel a 13 and 14 and they read the cleansing of the sanctuary they were good Bible students but what they thought it meant was Jesus was going to come and the fire was going to come and it was going to be cleansed what they didn't understand was that there was yet a feast of tabernacles to follow there was going to be a joyful celebration on the way to heaven and unfortunately they had not yet learned about the fact that God was going to open up all the books during the millennium so they got it just a little bit wrong but I'm going to tell you something their math and their history was spot on and tomorrow night I'm going to show it to you. Oh yes. And what the world has never taken the time to look at is in the Book of Revelation that they're told to eat the scroll that it would be sweetener mouth and bitter in their stomach and it actually describes this little stumbling point. Oh yeah. You could be a child and you could say Jesus died on the cross there's. The altar of sacrifice and Jesus is mediating for me right now he ever lives to make intercession there is the Holy Place and Jesus is going to declare some day he who is holy let him be holy still there is the work of the most holy place I'm telling you friends it's not hard to see how the prophecies should end up in general tomorrow night I'm going to show you in specific but tonight I want you to reminded. God never lets the world go without a warning because Malakai says they'll be the power of the light at the end we don't have it right now but we need to be seeking it 120 years no one talked to them about what was going to happen it's been more than 120 years 8 since 844 but you know what one day the door of the ark is going to close one day the final echo of invitation to come to Jesus is going to be done one day God is going to walk out of the sanctuary in Heaven to come get us and the plan of salvation will no longer be able to be given away to somebody else but on television the trumpet needs to give a certain sound and we are to be given to Jesus did not go to the cross for no reason and he's not unwilling to come but he doesn't want anybody lost the Lord's not slack concerning his promises some counts Latinists but he's long suffering towards us not willing to any should perish but that all should come to repentance friends across sets us free across opens a door for our relationship and across gives us the confidence that we can face the judgment with assurance and tonight I want to invite you again to examine your lives and say as Jesus had permission to reconfigure my priorities so that I collect the believe with my brothers and sisters in Christ to know these truths are giving the trump a certain sound I'm appealing to you tonight to receive Christ with that kind of lordship not just save your butt learn but strain father. We're here tonight haven't seen one more evidence that the progress of heaven is indeed marching through time not just in symbols and types but in reality. And in that strange way Lord how you awakened me the smarting me not even knowing that this was the 1st day of the Feast of Trumpets yet you awoke me with this fought on my mind tonight I've shared it Lord May the trumpet have given a certain sound and may everybody know where the battles that they all get to decide if they're running to the battle for victory or running away and self-preservation and praying tonight may we make a new commitment to Jesus the commander of the Lord's host. And may we go for with him to victory is my prayer in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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