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Hour of Judgment Part 1

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 1, 2019
    7:15 PM
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Lord thank you for this encouragement we can call it evidence for it is but the proof is really in the inner witness Lord is the function of the gift of prophecy when when your presence amongst your people reveals the secrets of our hearts speaks to only us through the word that inner witness that the beloved John wrote about I pray indeed learn help us to recognize for the inner witnesses you now your guidance on this journey tonight I pray in Jesus' name amen. All right tonight we're going to look at the longest time prophecy in the Bible I'm going to break this into 2 parts so I am changing the way we're approaching the schedule but there's a lot here I don't want to try to cram it all into one night on the 1st night of our series we went pretty quick and I heard from different ones of you it was way too quick and tonight I'd like for you to be able to digest your meal so we're going to serve it up in courses tonight is course number one I want to remind you that the magically you can understand what the major movements of God are without. Too much complexity and when this scripture is referenced in the Psalms it is easily overlooked but from the very beginning sacrifice of mediation and a judgment that is designed to vindicate us has always been in the heart and plan of God sin brought a need it brought a need for deliverance Satan knew and Adam and Eve knew that as soon as a rebel government took over people were going to die Jesus knew this so rather than to be us he collected through his creative power the ability to redeem us he who brought us into this world brought us into existence could collectively lift us out of this chosen slavery that story line of deliverance and a restored relationship and ultimately a reinstatement a a place back in Eden was a gift of Jesus promised in the garden formalized on the plains around Mt Sinai and then fulfilled in the coming of Jesus but the fulfillment is yet and ongoing so Jesus died outside of the city of Jerusalem just like the Lambs slain to make the 1st covering for Adam and Eve were slain outside the gates of Eden and once the death part was done and Jesus was the Lamb that took away the sins of the world he transitioned his ministry into heaven there's going to be no dying in heaven that part happened outside of the heavenly precincts it happened even outside of the city of Jerusalem the city of peace. But what we see happening can be simply explained through the broad strokes of the sanctuary now I want to read you something I hope you get just a little overwhelm was zero's. Over $300.00 I'm reading out of a book here entitled All the messianic prophecies of the Bible over $300.00 predictions about the Messiah are to be found in the Old Testament according to the law of compound probability the chance of their coming true is represented by a fraction whose numerator is one and whose denominator 84 followed by nearly 100 ciphers one my almost as well expect I like this metaphor and love this image one my almost expect by accident to dip up any one particular drop of the ocean as to expect so many prophetic rays to. Prophetic rays to cover by chance upon one man in one place at one time God has put especially upon these prophecies as to his son the stamp of absolute verity or truthfulness and indisputable sincerity certainty so that we may know whom we have believed mistakes in so solemn a matter our failure and God meant that none should be possible 300 prophecies about Jesus tonight I'm going to show you what might be one of the most amazing certainly by way of time but I want you to understand nothing about our salvation is happening by chance God has put the universe on pause he's maintaining it there's been an accusation against his name he's not expanding the spheres of life. But he has stopped so that until his government is secure by the illustration example of his own love and sacrifice until every question is answered in the meantime the focus is on you the focus is on those who have not been reached yet that's why it makes it so important as a church we gather we pray we care we announce we seek we serve we reach we know that Jesus after Dein ascended into Heaven to be our High Priest we shouldn't be surprised that Paul be writing the book of Hebrews I do believe Paul wrote the book some do not but Christ has not entered the holy places made with hands we're talking sanctuary language which are copies of the true so the one that Moses made and the one that Solomon made and the one that was built in the era of as are answerable which Herod remodeled and expanded 3 different temples all of those were based on a pattern that was a heavenly pattern so Jesus after fulfilling his prophetic role as the Lamb of God a sense to heaven to fulfill his role as our High Priest It is a heavenly sanctuary we saw that there was the sacrifice the mediation and the judging which was designed to vindicate us it was to be in our favor there is Deliverance through the lamb power through the relationship and restoration through the pronouncement of our. Judgment our vindication and what we can see is that this is revealed at the cross the power of the new relationship that is opened up by Jesus is revealed by the outpouring of the spirit on Pentecost and the 3 angels messages are going forward so that before the work in the most holy place ends everybody can now and everybody ought to know God has made provision so we see our record cleansed we see our relationship restored and we see a reinstatement Eden will be ours again Eden will be a part of the New Jerusalem and the world remade this is what John writes and when he and when he has come he will convict the world of sand and of righteousness and of judgment can sound just a little bit ominous but tonight I want you to see in this scripture the threefold ministry of Jesus he comes and he convicts the world of sin because they don't believe they have no hope they have nowhere to go. It's sinful to recognize that you're full of problems and the invitation of God to both forgiven cleanse is resisted John tells us that Jesus came into the world they love darkness more than light and his own did not receive Him This is sin we are naturally sinful we saw in Jesus one time rendezvous with Nick a Demas God didn't need to come into the world to see that we were sinful he did not come to condemn us every heavenly intelligence could see that from afar Jesus came down to save us so the Holy Spirit comes to convict of sin we need to understand we're diseased spiritually and those diseases spill over but he also came to do something else he came to convict the world of righteousness why because I go where to my father I want you to see the movement of Jesus it's from the cross up into the heavenly sanctuary where he's our High Priest he's going there he showed us how to live and he's giving us the power how to live but he didn't leave us this orphans he sent the Holy Spirit so Jesus is there who ever lives to make intercession for us and of judgment boy this could sound pretty bad if you point out all that you but it's judgment because the prince of this world that's a reference to Satan he's judged another words in this great kind of mercy Christ comes off the victor and the vindicating advocate and judge for all those that have rested their stay with him so yes this ongoing ministry you'll find it and reference to different parts of the Scriptures the high priest there on the Day of Atonement it was a work to make a final end of sin and of Satan we saw in the festivals the very 1st one being Passover on Nissan 14 this Passover lamb was slain when the destroying angel came through Egypt there was deliverance if you were inside a house. They had the blood on the door post why am I showing you this again because I want you to see that the feast themselves show the progression of Christ Ministry and our deliverance the unleavened bread was a function of rapid deliverance they were taken out of Egypt and their bread couldn't rise Jesus connected the leaven or the yeast with sin and this was to be a time when this feast was celebrated of examining our lives and making sure that it wasn't creeping in ways we didn't know this followed immediately on the heels of Passover and during that Passover weekend when Jesus came and was the Lamb who became slain during that week in Christ brought 1st fruits to life there were others who were resurrected on that weekend and Jesus took him back to heaven so we see now we're progressing through the spring the switcher about grains they're about Jesus the bread of life the provision for the soul the spiritual strength for who we are and then Jesus telling the disciples to wait in Jerusalem as he's inaugurated in heaven as that relationship is opened up by the merits of his blood his sacrifice sends. Well the Spirit of God comes down and power is on the the disciples in ways you never saw before they were converted at the cross 3 and a half years of walking with Jesus and they were not converted but when they beheld Jesus and a new frame of understanding broke upon them and they realized that Jesus was the suffering servant of Isaiah and that Jesus had to pay the price of our sins and they saw the depth of self centeredness in their lives arguing over who would be the greatest on the very night Jesus heart was weighed down with what was in front of him they were changed people these are the spring feast and that journey to heaven is when and how Pentecost happens God pours out His Spirit Jesus is now open the door for a direct line to God and that's what Paul said let's come boldly before the throne of grace you don't have to go through a man the only man you go through is the God man Jesus he opened the door of the deepest darkest secrets of your life as they become known to you those chapters you don't live by also know about Jesus knows about them but nobody else needs to know they can be covered by His blood this is a progression of Christ Ministry in the spring festivals the 1st segment relating to sacrifice the 2nd as a function of mediation an open door now let's go to those fall feast again the Feast of Trumpets which started yesterday appreciate a grand Lubert. Getting that ram's horn to make a few noises for us yesterday was the beginning and Feast of Trumpets for those that are celebrating 10 day invitation to prepare for the Day of Atonement Dave tell me it will come 9 days from now both of these feasts will be followed by a great celebration because when the day of atonement was over and the sin problem had been shown to be legitimately not God's but Satan's when God's people have been vindicated and when we are received by Jesus our journey home will be in anticipation of a great celebration so Feast of Trumpets it's the time to get attention judgment is on the way it is intended to be vindication but it's only vindication if you have confessed if you have put your knowledge of your sinfulness and your sins into the hands of a sin forgiving sin pardoning and sin cleansing God when that day was over 5 days later the Hebrews all men that were of. Age of accountability came to Jerusalem this was a required feast and they celebrated friends the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is what Jesus is waiting for he's looking forward to close in this chapter only one thing really stands between him closing and our celebration and that's that the world My know this was the one of the admonitions and signs Jesus told us about and that is that this gospel of the kingdom will be preached to every kingdom tribe nation and people and then the end will come so here we have the dynamic of judgement when judgment is finished and God's people have been vindicated there will be time to celebrate and what a great day it will be God always sends a message to prepares people for major world wide events which will affect their spiritual destiny and this is what the Bible says God does nothing without announcing it there is prophets now if all. So you knew it was what I've shared with you over these last several nights about God's plan of salvation in the sanctuary and then what I've shown with you about a progression of ministry through the feast wouldn't you expect that before Jesus came the 1st time and before Jesus comes back the last time God will put down some prophetic marker so the world can know time is running out deliverance is almost here it's one thing to note the magically and in general what the Bible says it's one thing to see it in symbols and types it's another thing to see it spelled out so we are not surprised that one of the last messages of the Book of Revelation is a message of the ever lasting gospel I saw another angel find in the midst of heaven having that Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people everybody deserves to know who God really is how much focus he's put into this little world how damage he desires to be able to save us this is a message the message is fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come when this message is being proclaimed judgement is already underway don't miss that point. God has a graduated investigation of what's been going on Jesus has told us that when he comes he's going to come with his reward this is a announcement so that the world might know that eventually the door on the offer of redemption is going to close now can you imagine if God was in Christ reconciling the whole world how many people does he want to save We've already saw that he doesn't want anybody to perish John $316.00 says that whosoever believes For God so loved the world the entire world nobody's on the hate list everybody's on the loveless Can you imagine what it must be for an omniscient omnipotent god to have made full provision for the entire world and no they're not all taking advantage of it but how must the field when he realizes that lot some don't even know about it. You see that's where the church comes in there's so much emphasis to day on individuality Oh I'll go to church if I feel like it oh I won't go to the meetings if I don't feel like it you see friends the church is to be an army we saw last night that it's the gift of prophecy that locks horns with the beast there's a war going on that trumpet gives a certain sound because it's a battle between light and darkness good and evil right and wrong it's absolutely imperative that your church is rallied like a Marty army moves the Church of God Brothers sisters we're treading where the saints of chart we're not divided all one body we one in faith and doctrine one in charity you see friends the church is the only one that's going to announce with trumpet like tones the great invitation to come to a god is made fall provision cleanse your record open a relationship and reinstate you as Adam and Eve were before sin entered It's absolutely important you understand where we look at the Book of Revelation that this word for enjoy will really means messenger God actually uses people to do this announcing it's your job and my job it's our job collectively and even tonight as we share this place and this time in this moment we couldn't do what we're doing here if there wasn't a team effort making it work God Zentai message is a message of judgment and everybody ought to know they ought to be able to make a decision of whether or not God is someone they could love and someone they want to spend eternity with or not so between these 2 books now I'm going to show you the most amazing timeline in all of Scripture. The final judgment revelation gives the what Daniel gives the when and the where and Jesus gives us all assurance that he wants us to be there my reward Jesus said is with me when he comes to give everyone according to his work we saw that at the coming of Christ the righteous dead or resurrected the righteous living or translated the wicked dead or slain by the brightness of his cup with the living are slain by the brightness of His coming and the wicked dead remain in the ground that means before Jesus comes there's been an investigation into whether or not we're safe to save there is a judgment that precedes the coming of Christ It's a graduated judgment the angels get to see if what God has done is fair by the way it was their home that was originally interrupted it was their home in which we rebellion and civil war broke out after we've been taken to heaven we've been told in the scripture that we're going to sit on thrones and we're going to judge with Christ what are we going to be judging will be for the wicked are destroyed at the end of the millennium we're going to be seen that God is completely fair and by the way friends I don't want to miss this point I have dealt with people before this is why why why does anybody need a 1000 years perfect intelligence God to explain these kinds of things why do we always look at the judgment through the the frame of only intelligence when will we actually let the heart be a part of this 1000 year journey it's way too much for somebody to think that the end is completely forever when somebody we love dies the Bible says don't weep don't cry don't grieve like everybody else because you know there's a there's a morning coming there's a resurrection but when that 1000 years ends in the wicked surround the city and fire comes down and consumes the wicked That's it it's over how do you get somebody ready for that we've got to look at that 1000 year period through much more than just the mind God is the author of Love it's not just a choice although that's where it starts but it's actually an emotion as well when Jesus comes his reward. Lord is with him that's because the angels of look at the books God is vindicated his people and he's coming to get them every question being answered when the Son of Man comes to the glory of his father with his angels then he will reward each according to His works Jesus says exactly the same thing and I saw the dead small and great standing before God The books were open and another book was opened which is the book of life friends when you accepted Jesus your name come rain and you say amen listen Jesus wrote your name in the book of life he's not taking it down until you absolutely resist or rebel or tell the rest of the world you want to down when you become a child and you're entered into the family of God you don't because you don't quit your status doesn't change because you make mistakes all of you to add children that have wandered off they didn't quit becoming your children because they didn't do what you taught them when they were little boys and girls friends I don't want anybody in this seminar to live and what I would call a stressed or neurotic state about their standing would God God understands what children do the one thing we don't want to do is is run exactly opposite of what God says you know there's a difference between children making mistakes and children holding their fist up to their parents their father their mother and saying I won't do what you say. 2 completely different thinks so many mistakes children make are just what children do they're growing into maturity Yes they oftentimes choose what's best for them take the biggest piece inconsiderate However you might want to say it it's a journey of becoming a loving mature adult Christianity is no different you're not in with God when you're good and out with your bad he knows that you're a child and he understands what that means the one thing he doesn't want is the high handed rebellion that mark the journey of Lucifer I won't do what you want God Now mind you there's lots of a lax a day's ical approach to relationships these days both in marriage in parenting and were gone and God is the most intense lover there is and he is looking for an undivided heart you can even create or give him that friends one of my favorite prayers comes from a book called Christ object lessons that says Lord take my heart I can't give it. It's your property keep it pure Frank can't keep it for you it's such a beautiful prayer save me in spite of myself my weak and Christ like self mold me and Fashion me and raise me up into a pure and holy atmosphere where the rich currents of your love can flow through my soul friends when I pray that prayer I've got hope my heart doesn't always go after God and I know it but I can come back to God but my name is written down in that book for I'm not given up Jacob had 12 kids have you ever read the book of Genesis not one of them was very good even Joseph was kind of what we might call a spoiled I hate to say brat but I think the other 11 or at least the other 10 were convinced he was and I want to tell you something their names. Or on the gates of the city in the New Jerusalem. That means that over the course of their life their daddy's prayers. Were heard. And after he was dead some of them even the worst you know who the 2 worst were don't you Simeon and Levi That's right friends the Levites became the preachers they became the ministers to the whole nation of Israel I want to tell you God is a miracle working God. I pray often I say Lord you gave me my children. I gave them back to you they gave themselves to you they are not saints property save them. And I'm here to tell you today God will not run over the will of anyone but I serve an omnipotent God and I know what was in the hearts and is in the hearts of different ones I don't know all but I know part of what was in the hearts of my my children and I know this every day the Holy Spirit is looking to parent them when I can't when I'm not their friends their names are written down in the book of life. God has permission to go in search of them God has permission to come into their lives in ways that others have never made that choice have tonight I'm inviting all of you give God permission to write your name down in the book of life if you're in this auditorium a night or if you're watching me online I'm inviting you tonight follow the simple steps of confessing that you have a need your soon or your last will leave it God loves you confess your sins accept the fact that he's forgiven and he's promised it's on his word. And then plan on being with him in eternity and let him show you how to live for him now while you're walking the planet this is an amazing invitation the dead were judged according to their works yes there is a book of remembrances Well friends but that's where the blood of Jesus is blotting things out for me how about for you things which were written in the books Lucifer originally created quite a problem in heaven he stood right next to God he began doubting God and he sowed the seeds of doubt he started a huge civil war he questioned whether or not God was fair God was loving God was kind of the truth of the matter is God had nothing to hide he was who he was wherever he was and as an omniscient omnipresent omnipotent God that was everywhere Lucifer himself came to the place where his view of God was so twisted that even though he stood in the presence of God He didn't even know God was anymore and you can do that to friends the other night when I was talking about conspiracies I quoted from a woman by the name of Ellen White when you look for evil you become evil the Bible says Love think it no evil 1st Corinthians 13 when you look for good you become good and you know what when you look for good you actually helped develop good in the one you're looking for Reminds me of that story the man it got on the train he was he didn't know it but he was about to sit down next to a preacher he came on with his paper bag and you could tell by how he was holding the bag there was a bottle that people used to kind of hide these things just saw them he didn't know the man sitting next to him was a preacher so he took a drink cocked his head back and took a big swig a 2nd later he turned to the preacher he said you want to drink the preacher said no I don't drink. I'm a minister. The man kind of hung his head in silence and then he turned to me said I bet you think I'm an evil man he said No I just thought you were a generous one. I want you to think about how you're looking at people friends this is how Jesus are people this is how Jesus people see people and if you don't see like I have friends I'm inviting you to invite the Holy Spirit in to show you the good when sometimes what is most evident and most present is evil the major theme of the Book of Revelations a conflict between Christ and Satan guess what if Jesus Wins You Win. If Satan wins you lose the prize is you Paul said. That we are the temple of God God wants to live in our mind God wants to shape our heart God wants the world to see the distinct did you hear that word a distinct difference between Sons of Light and sons of darkness that distinction has been fading in the in this Christian nation and people are in grave relational physical and spiritual disease in distress because of it you see France let Jesus in live a simple beautiful distinct life no you don't lie no you don't laugh at those bad jokes no you don't listen to that music no you don't just eat willy nilly No you don't talk about people yes you're generous Yes you're kind yes you're truthful all of those things the difference between light and darkness is not hard to distinguish this judgment is important everything that can be done God is doing to save and everything it can be done to destroy Satan's doing it to you almost feel like he's pulled out all the stops but friends that's why the church is got to pull out all the stops and give a witness to Jesus Christ a man that's who we are where does the judgment take place Daniel tells us I watch till thrones are put in place and the Ancient of Days was seated his garment was white as snow and the hair of his head was like pure wall friends this is the same basic description of Jesus in the 1st chapters of Revelation his throne was a fiery flame its wheels a burning fire a 1000 and thousands ministered to him and 10000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated and the books were open Now listen I showed you in the introductory parts of the seminar. The 1st of all of the prophecies of Daniel Babel and me to Persia Greece Rome and a divided kingdom and a stone cut out without hands that is one of the most simplest portrayals of the future there is. Every time you come on a prophecy in the Book of Daniel you get more focus on the time of the end we call this outline prophecy so you get the basic strokes in Daniel Chapter 2 and by the time you're progressing in Daniel Chapter 7 we have beast representing the progression of kingdoms and we see more detail on the time of the end should we be surprised knowing the progression of the festivals and knowing the progression of the sanctuary that this would happen God sealed the Book of Daniel until the time of the end but the Book of Revelation he pronounced a blessing on for those who read it we are reading about the court room setting that the angels are proclaiming as the hour of judgment these books go together and it's an amazing thing when does the judgment take place well the judgment is before Christ comes at least part of it and this verse right here I'm not going to I'm not going through all of Daniel 7 and 8 tonight but I'm going to bring you down to a verse that now makes sense to you for 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed France where we at in the courtyard the holy place of the most holy place that final action of Jesus in the most holy place is when they cleanse when he cleansed the sanctuary that high priest in there taking the blood of one of the goats and touching their near the mercy see this is a moment and which this high priest representing Jesus is taking all the the ceremonially accumulated since Jesus is represented by the high priest he's been cleansing it now he's in the most holy place he's going to carry those sins out in his person and he's going to confront the one who caused the sin problem the Atonement is done by the time Jesus does this his blood has made the Atonement. But $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed now tomorrow night I'm going to do what I said I would do tonight I told you that tomorrow the tonight I would show you what was the world's biggest tent back in the middle 8 hundreds William Miller had studied this prophecy he came down to this moment he had made so many strides in understanding scripture as he compared Scripture with Scripture but he came down to this problem see he had already studied about this he saw the outline developing and he read this and he thought the earth was the sanctuary and he knew when Christ came there was going to be a cleansing. Hit the sanctuary doctrine the understanding how you had to remember the Bible had not been in the hands of the ordinary person very long theologians had basically told the masses you can't understand scripture the Protestant Reformation started to break the shackles off the freedom of man to read the word but Bibles were expensive this is the early 18th 100th you can buy a Bible today for $5.00 that wasn't the case almost 180 years ago. Men and women had not the freedom to pour over the Scriptures and they had not really thought about what Paul meant when he talked about Jesus having entered into a sanctuary not made with hands that was the model or the pattern for the one on earth these are some very simple and clear scriptures and so when when William Miller read this verse he thought this means Jesus is coming he started doing the math and he announced that Jesus would be here and $844.00 he got the attention of the world along with Josiah Lynch a preacher in your ear. They were on the newspapers I want to tell you people were. 4 s. as populated as our nation was it would have been hard for somebody not to know about the Miller right movement and the prediction that the world was coming to an end the Spirit of God was in this moment people's lives were changed they were convicted it just turned out that the cleansing of the same sure it was not Christ coming but William Miller had not yet seen this progression as Jesus is media Jesus's sacrifice Jesus as mediator and Jesus as Vindicator in a 3 fold ministry in the heavenly sanctuary and so there was great power attending this as a matter of fact the Scripture say that the heavens would be shaken and certainly for that day and age the celestial phenomena was amazing the stars falling from the sky the great dark day and the great Lisbon earthquake of 755 the world's attention was there these were unusual phenomena The only problem was on October 22 1844 Why do you think that date was in October friends Miller was on to something he at least knew that the Old Testament story line of the cleansing of the sanctuary was a fall event now this year the Day of Atonement isn't falling on October 22 it's fallen on October 9 or 10 but 16010780 years ago it was going to fall on October 20 to 844 and they gathered all around the East Coast anticipating Jesus coming but he didn't come they were the laughingstock of the world but the next morning there was a man who had spent the night in prayer and he went to see some of the believers people who had believed in the prophetic journey they had sensed the inner witness in this journey their hearts were on fire as he made his way to see some friends a thought came to him. Christ did not come on Earth what he did was he moved into the ministry of the final judgment the vindication of his own people and now the doctrine of the sanctuary was out on the table for people to look at in a different way it was a disappointment but it led to a greater understanding $2300.00 days then the sanctuary shall be cleansed understand Son of man that the vision refers to the time of the end 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed so what does this mean well we've been talking about this I'm not going to spend a lot of time here we've been over all of this Jesus is the lamb Jesus is the priest and Jesus is our vindicating judge but one thing I do want you to know before we move on is that once this doctrine was understood there were many who decided that they couldn't endure the derision in the embarrassment they weren't really engaged for the right reason and they left the message and the movement behind now friends could we get one thing perfectly clear spiritual misunderstanding on a part of a problem see does not mean there's nothing of substance in the prophetic work up to the disappointment how many prophecies did I say there are the predicted the coming of Christ over 300 and they're all examined in this book but I want to ask you a question. Where the fair's is disappointed and confused and wrong how about the disciples in the apostles was there anybody that really had it right they were looking Simeon and Anna when Jesus were born were in the temple and when Jesus is a baby was brought in the Holy Spirit said this is the one and Simeon took him up in his arms and said now that I've held him in his arms I can die for I've seen the consolation of Israel. Oh people knew the shepherds brought their storyline but I tell you what they were confused about some of the elemental components of the prophecies did that mean that the prophetic work up was wrong did that mean that the shepherds were wrong in their witnesses that mean that the wise men who came to Jerusalem were wrong even Peter James and John were looking for a king somebody to set on a throne but does that mean every part of what they were in to supporting and prophetically knew was near was wrong no and in 844 when the miller right movement went through this great disappointment they had made a colossal mistake in attributing the cleansing of the sanctuary to the coming of Christ but they came out on the other side understanding that there was another step yet before God's name could be cleared and we could be taken home he said and to me for $2300.00 days then the sanctuary shall be cleansed the Day of Atonement was an illustration of God's judgment in the heavenly sanctuary that will occur just speak for Jesus comes Gabriel was sent to Daniel help him understand the vision between Daniel 89 Daniel doesn't get an interpretation but he's praying Gabriel took the place of Lucifer he's the one in the very presence of God Gabriel make this man understand the vision so he came near where I stood and when he came I was afraid and fell on my face but he said to me understand sent a man that the vision refers to the time of the end we shouldn't be surprised Daniel Chapter 12 tells us that now when we come to prophetic literature we find a few examples that help us understand what this day means because 2300 days is like 6 and a half years but the vision cannot be about the time of the end and only be good for 6 and a half years are you following my logic Gabriel has made it clear today annual This vision is about the time of the end so one I'm about to explain to you is exactly what we're dealing with when his equal another prophet had. Prophesied against Israel and I had to say that but against Israel he was told to lay on his side and after he laid on his side for a number of days God said I've appointed a day for a year how many of you remember when the spies went out to examine the promised land how many days where they out there 40 when they came back 10 gave a bad report to gave a good report and the nation decided to not act in faith even though the Red Sea had been opened up and watered flowed out Iraq's all of the sudden a God that got him out of Egypt couldn't get him into the Promised Land. And when they complained in lamented bitterly it was a wicked unbelief God said Ok you want to go back where you're not going back but I'm going to wander in the wilderness how long a day representing a year those spies were out for the days they wandered for 40 years when we're dealing with God and His prophetic pronouncements for the future when we're looking at the attacks like this one those $2300.00 days in prophetic literature in prophetic literature not historical literature this is pointing to the future they quickly year so 23 prophetic days equals 2300 literal years we need to find the start point and the End Point now I'm going to tell you I'm going to focus for the last few minutes here on this amazing prophecy it's going to nail down the coming of Christ and it's going to nail down the final phase we shouldn't be surprised that these 2 things the spring festivals represented by his coming and opening the relationship and the fall festivals representing Jesus getting us ready and making the way for us to come home let's look at the 1st 170 weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city now this is an interesting phrase. 70 weeks is actually a phrase that can be very naturally interpreted as 70 weeks are determined or cut off for your people Daniel has this long time prophecy and God's going to show him to amazing things the 1st thing is going to show Daniel is how God is going to try to reach his own reaches people who are to reach the world so 70 weeks are going to be specifically focused on redeeming Israel 70 prophetic weeks if you have 70 weeks and they all have 7 days that leads you to 490 prophetic days or 490 years now you know the prophecies any good where you got to have a starting point and the interesting thing is that the bible is going to give us a starting point 490 years or determined for the Jewish people one does it start the Bible's very clear understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and to build Jerusalem which would been destroyed by never can as or you're going to have a certain period of time that time is going to be 7 weeks and $62.00 weeks that gets us up mathematicians to how many weeks 69 weeks so all of the prophecies going to be covered except one week right in the very beginning 483 years it's all going to be about one thing from the date to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Messiah comes the prince is going to be 69 prophetic weeks which is 483 days 483 years so the 1st part of this prophecy the 1st 490 days or years is going to be for the Jewish people especially the last 1910 years are going to be for the gentiles and I want to hit the pause button right here when you look at this this is really quite an amazing thing that people gloss over what we have here is a story line that shows us that God spent just about the same amount of time to. And to reach the world with the Jewish people as he spent trying to reach the world with the Christian church from the days of Abraham up until the days of Christ are about the same amount of years as from the special time that set aside for the church filled with the Holy Spirit to go forward so these 810 years aren't that much different in time than the almost 2000 years that God spent prior to this working especially with the Jewish people now until Messiah the Prince there shall be 7 weeks and 62 weeks there's are 69 weeks again Messiah means anointed one and the interesting thing is this prophecy predicts with exactness the day in which Christ would inaugurate his his Messiah ministry on the day he was baptized the Holy Spirit was poured out on him the dove was above and God said This is my beloved son and whom I am well pleased this prophecy pinpoints with clarity if you are a Jewish person and you kept track of how your city was destroyed and how it was rebuilt and the coming of the Messiah everyone that had been studying was somewhat aware that they were near the time when the Messiah would appear how do you think the wise men showed up in Jerusalem at the time of his birth they have been studying these oracles they've got their hands on some of these truths and they were in to subpoena time was near that star that appeared in the sky intrigued them they were impressed to follow it they were a little bit ahead of when Christ would announce himself as the Messiah of the world but they were prompted by the Spirit and they knew the general time so an 827 Jesus is baptized this is not a very difficult date to anchor down we know the Holy Spirit came down on Jesus and they know Luke tells us the exact time 15th year of the reign of Tiberius secular records confirm that this is $827.00 we shouldn't be surprised Christ is in charge he's showing up to save us the prophecies have said it and now he's here and after the $62.00 we. It's the Messiah shall be cut off now here's where the prophecy gets even more precise he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week now it's one thing to know that $483.00 days or years from the start of this prophecy Jesus will show up the Messiah but this last week is when his ministry is completely active he lived as a normal person for 30 years he was the God man then but he transitioned into an announcement and a special role as God's appointed sacrifice as God himself as savior of the world when he was baptized his ministry was under way it was a ministry to try to confirm the covenant with Abraham and his children he was going to try to make sure they would receive him as their own and take their message to the world but it didn't work it didn't work there's one week 7 days or 7 years prophetically speaking he'll confirm that covenant for many for one week but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and suffering and isn't this what happened Jesus had a ministry of 3 and a half years he was rejected by his own in the middle of that prophetic week he was cut off. From his own people I should say they were cut off from him not that they can't receive salvation individually but in the middle of that week they rejected their Messiah he did not give up on them but he did bring an end to the sacrificing at least the needful sacrificing of lambs and goats and Rams now yes those who rejected Christ kept sacrificing those things but the Christians understood Jesus had fulfilled what the symbol represented and those sacrifices no longer meant anything to them we have the cross in the middle of this last week and then we have an interesting thing Jesus leaves the final 3 and a half years of ministry to his disciples and his apostles when you look at his experience in the upper room he talks about the cabinet he says that the wine the unfermented wine nothing about Jesus was corrupted that could not have been alcoholic wine this was the pure unsullied unspoiled fruit of the grape it represents the pure life of Jesus and he gave in place of the blood of the Lamb on the doorpost he gave this emblem of the fruit of the vine and he gave this unleavened bread to represent the provision he could make for us and always especially spiritually but it was a new experience of the Passover which the Christian Church still celebrates crucified on time ministering on time bible makes this clear when the fullness of time and come God sent forth His Son The time is fulfilled Jesus said these were willy nilly phrases thrown out there this was a divine clock ticking away with the solution which was our dear Savior arriving right on time Paul says in due time at the right time Christ died for the young Gandhi. He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering Christ was baptized on time he was crucified on time and he as his apostles minister here in Jerusalem then Minister beyond but they want to go beyond until they attempted to confirm the covenant So what happens in the end there's a man by the name of Stephen 3 and a half years have gone by since Jesus was crucified Stephen is called into court it is before the Sanhedrin can begins a sermon in that sermon the trumpet gives a certain sound the prophetic gift is operative he's there to teach he takes him back over the experience of the patriarchs but there comes a point in time when he announces the rejection of the Messiah and the voice is ringing true in the prophetic voice has that certain sound and these men determined right there right then that they will take the life of Stephen and so he was stoned he was brought to an end of his prophetic gift simply for announcing that Jesus was indeed the appointed and the anointed and the crucified Savior and from that moment forward the covenant the special relationship that familial bonds between Jesus and the Jewish race were severed it was as you might say The Great Divorce. In 8034 the end of the 49 year 490 year prophecy is completed the Jewish nation rejects Jesus is a messiah rejecting the message announced by Stephen and then the Gospel goes to the world so what's left France the 70 weeks were determined for the Hebrew people but there's still 810 years left then the sanctuary shall be cleansed for 2300 evenings and mornings then shall the sanctuary be cleansed that 1st part was for the Jews but that 2nd part was for the rest of the world as a matter of fact Jesus would announce the day and the hour that his ministry would move from simply mediation into the final act of vindication for those who have put their lives in his hands that brings us up 28442300 evenings and mornings then shall the sanctuary be cleansed Jesus moves into the final phase of judgment and that judgment is to be on behalf of the saints and yet those who have not hidden their life in Christ might find themselves appropriately unsettled at the knowledge that for the last 170 years this judgment has been going on how much longer will it go I don't know but I do know this as Peter says the hours closer than when we 1st believed since 844 we've been living in God's judgment our His desires to vindicate his people but these angels are echoing exactly what Daniel predicted the hour of his judgment notice what it says has come. This this movement actually began before anyone knew how to announce it William Miller was wrong it wasn't the coming of Christ and that judgment started it wasn't even understood and by the time it's understood it's underway don't miss the verbiage friends tonight we don't have to be afraid of this judgement it's not against us if our lives are hid in Christ if we live in a surrendered lie this was a judgment that was to prepare us to go home and yet it seems like we've got a little bit country will hear God's calling us to remember that this amazing journey of sacrifice relationship restoration or mediation and then vindication The world needs to know what the real story Linus especially when you compare it against what much of what the Christian church is that teaches that if you don't follow God you're going to burn in hell forever and ever and I mean this message must get out that the Bible is absolutely accurate it's not just one over 84 with 100 zeroes it's not just dipping into the ocean expecting to get that one drop you wanted to get this is an amazing confirmation of God's omniscience and knowledge of the future his all knowingness and I want to tell you something what it shows is that God was prepared before the foundation of the earth to save us nothing's happening by accident God is looking to redeem us there is a place waiting for us he has planned for the Messiah to come he has planned for a transition of ministry on Jesus be have and his plan for you and me to be there and tonight friends I want to extend the invitation one more time we are living in the symbolic actually we're past the symbolic we're living in the actual day of judgment and in the same way that the Feast of Trumpets began yesterday and there was a call to look at your life. Doesn't Peter echo this call doesn't he say be sober be vigilant for your adversary the devil goes about like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour Listen friends this amazing blaze of economic opportunity that's a pond of the western world right now especially America it's a huge distraction it's a sideshow the devil is looking to suck a sin he's looking to seduce us into some selfish pleasure seeking sideshow because he knows he's got to pull out the stops I'm going to go just a little bit farther when they were right on the verge of the promised land and bedlam couldn't curse them what did he do he sent in the mode by women bailed p.r. and what he couldn't do by cursing he did by immorality I want you to know and the last 20 years with the access of click away to immoral content the devil has done the same thing he's out to destroy the souls of men and women we are on the verge of the promised land he knows that he's pulled out the stops but God has not left us with evidence and appeal and in the days and to live our lives in a way that says you know what. That step there is soul destroying it's destructive in its distractive I'm planning to go home I'm going to live a simple life I'm going to limit my exposure to the wickedness of this world I know that this is a solemn day for planet Earth and by the way friends it's not solemn if you know how the judgments going to turn out for you a man of your life sitting Christ but what about the rest this is tonight friends where I want my appeal to be if you do not receive Christ as your advocate as your lamb as your mediator and as your judge unpeeling to you no one to receive him but for all of you who have I'm appealing to you tonight to rededicate your life so that others could know. Our churches be strong the trumpet give us certain sound our time our money our talent could all be focused on making sure the trumpets that precede the judgment are loud and clear in the invitation to the festivities that will follow the judgment is given to all tonight friends that's my invitation Jesus came on time his final acts of vindication have begun Unfortunately for some it will not be vindication but it could be and it should be and tonight I'm inviting you to let it be for yourself and make it a determined decision to make sure your life is given away for a world who doesn't know so tonight friends we've looked at the most amazing time prophecy in all the Bible did you get it all the night no I'll go over a little bit more tomorrow night I'm going to show you some amazing things tomorrow. Let's pray Lord we're pressing on the trumpets blew for 9 nights 9 mornings 9 evenings before the Day of Atonement just so happens to be a heart that's where we are in the seminar I'm praying Lord give us strength for the last 3 months what might you do to change how we're living what might you do to change our focus what might you do to expand our understanding I don't know they are but I'm praying revive of this church revive the hearts of the people in this room and those that are watching on the internet I'm praying Lord May they know there is a God who sits in throne above the circle of the earth and his desire is to change our lives and bring us home thank you for what you've done to blossom as Lord may it not be weaponized against us to love this world but may we weaponize it to warn and invite and when this we're on. Guide us now and bless us in our fellowship bring us back again tomorrow night and help us to press on in this journey of Jesus on prophecy in my in your son's name I'm praying learned him in this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse you would like to listen to more sermon leave it at w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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